Nation By Nation (23Oct09)

16-23Oct09 -- The "dollar death" is now commonplace -- even in the diseased west media mindrape. Who'd have dared to dream it a year ago or in May2006? Well, dare to dream now! Raise the challis, toast to No West Ogre world, and let jubilation reign across the steadfast rising Freeworld. Combat west ugliness around the web. Ridicule their prolapse predicament. Celebrate their mounting homeless wretches. Mock their rising poverty and growing ghost towns. Remind them of gangster bonuses and war defeats across the globe. Pour salt in the west disease lacerations. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - War costs mean that USA insurgents pay 400 USD for a gallon of petrol, something that goes for 4 USD or better in USA. Even with the revived heroin production pulling some 50B USD/yr, USA stands no chance of making profit in this blood venture.

West spreading DU horror.

West murderer packs up used Uranium238 rods.

West nuclear assault is against YOU too -- regardless where you reside.

This is the result of the west war against the planet. West is not just THE disease but also the absolute mockery of all things human. If you can stomach more, see: uruknet's "Deceit of DU".

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Bolivia summit dumps d0llar and ushers in Sucre-only trade among the ALBA members: Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Non-baboon Caribbean, and hopefully soon Honduras.

Chavez and Morales administer last rites to the baboon money.

C H I N A China - Calls and raises comrade Obama slapping USA nylon import with a hefty 36% tariff. Yet another war west is gonna be eating soon.
- Strikes a bauxite deal with Guinea for 7B USD marking the liberation of yet another part of Africa from the harrowing west rape. Sideline: China-Africa trade has grown 10X since the west satanic attack on the world in 2001. Soon, the mighty continent will be back on its feet and ready to walk to west to settle the long running score.
- Moves on the 2007 deal with Afghanistan for copper mining the Nynak reserves, something long since eyed by the west murderer. Sideline: Production is slated to go into effect in 2011 with 320K tonnes/yr. Amusingly, USA clasped its empty hands and lamented like an old toothless hag: "we're sacrificing blood and China reaps the benefits". Another fun USA comment was: "US strategy is towards exit while China wants to stay." What joy watching USA fiends whinge their deranged prattle.
- Despite that, USA boys are climbing deep up China's arseslit trying to stave off the d0llar flush. Pentagram has invited a Chinese general for a tea; WhitewashHouse is now praising Mao; comrade Obama's bringing Beijing gifts of missile and space tech; and USA central bank recants their allegations that China manipulates currency. How the USA windbags boasted that "China needs them"!
- Bank lending up at 516B Yuan/Sep from 410 in Aug. That's UP, exact opposite of all west banks.
- China's M2 up 30%/Sep y2y, or more than expected. Note that west has long since dispensed with admitting the west hyperinflated M2.

C Z E C H Czech Rep - V Klaus still standing twixt the Lesbian Treaty burgeoning into the very Hitler's wetdream of Grand EUnuchia.

Salute, indeed! -- for as long as the impasse lasts anyway. Klaus' own governance is now plotting a prez bypass to please their west betters.

E G Y P T Egypt - Severs ties with the French Louvre bastards cuz the French won't return stolen artefacts from Luxor, which include the famed Roseta stone. From genocide, lies, and hoarding all things shinny, the west has always been THE disease. French "archeologists" (west term for thiefs) have been booted from Egypt. But UK has their loot. USA has theirs in Boston. Germs keep it in Berlin. Why just the French? And why just Egypt? Send the genocidal imperialist child-murdering artefact-thieving saxon packing from every corner of the planet!

E U EU - Twitching in growing discomfort as d0llar hits 14mo low against the EUnuchzone. Though Germs boast they can hold the screaming till 1,45, French EUnuchs are whinging about having to keep hyperinflating to keep up with the USA baboons -- as if they haven't been and in tens of trillions via the "unofficial" d0llar-euro peg. Sideline: Those who seek the absurd west econ prattle should realise that one of the key Maastricht peripeties is total market manipulation of this kind. There is no free trade. There's never been any free trade. Just west disease! There is no "loose monetary policy", "no reserve building driving exchange rates", "no bailout", "no stimulus", "no currency market". It's just a feudalistic arbitrary monopoly rule by a few select lizard wizards of the west war junta. That's all! And it just happens that it all ceased to exist in May2006. The often unspoken beauty of this is the fact that the EUnuchs, like their baboon kin, get all the benefits of super-hyperinflation without ever seeing a single pence.

F R A N C E France - Like Italy, says it's done with the Afghanistan outing. What an effective charter, this NATO.
- Sarkozy threatens Klaus with "repercussions" unless he "falls in line". Sounds like EUnuchia's already a dictatorship.
- Issues command to all French to retreat from Guinea. Let's see this spread to all west colonies.
- Very angry with Italy cuz Italy was bribing Taliban not to get attacked and so the French boys got it instead. Italy denies Taliban dealings, which is silly since USA is overtly doing just that today. West doesn't even have their script synchronised anymore.
- Perturbed farmers block Champs Elysees burning rubbish in a mass complaint over their reduced circumstances. And these are the good times, farmer boys.

G E R M A N Y Germany - The aggressive "recovery" sees job zapping rate GROW near 5%/Aug y2y, marking a 15 yr record. Factor in the disappearing wages that have shriveled 7,5% and hours worked that have shriveled over 10% and the difference twixt the employed and the unemployed vanishes. Maybe USA is right about tracking the unemployed as employed and vice versa. LOL
- Metal sector unemployment festers 6,3%/Aug y2y. Some wise econ talking head was heard to sum up: "unemployment is expected to rise through 2010". But note that rising unemployment doesn't seem to spoil the west media whore "recovery" yodeling.

I R A N Iran - 42 dead in a bombing attack in Pishin on border with Pakistan. Tehran points to the old USA/UK firm. USA vehemently denies everything.

I R A Q Iraq - See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - Policy break from USA in late 2009 can hardly fool anyone into thinking that Japan is either gonna save its skin from the wall-to-wall west prolapse or that it doesn't deserve it. Steel output shrivels 18%/Sep y2y, marking a 12th straight month in the industry prolapse.

R U S S I A Russia - Tightens the EUnuch noose with SouthStream on the bottom and NordStream along the freckly top. SouthStream also sets up Serbia as THE energy buffer for the saxonic EUnuch. Soon the EUnuch will have to bring gifts including the stolen and occupied Kosovo if it wants to keep its rump warm. Plus, the beauty is that the varied gas tap network the multi gaslines offer are more suitable for more discriminating energy diktat, especially with respect to the west EUnuchs. With NordStream and SouthStream in place, it won't take 3 days before Loondon poodles feel the draft.
- Signs 1B USD mil deal with Libya.
- Knocks out dollar from China trade. Biggest news are often brief.
- After the threat, Renault paid up 250M USD to keep the factory running a while longer.
- Dumping dollar for Iran & Venezuela trade. S Korea and S Arabia follow suit. Listen up... yes, that's the baboons and their swan funeral dirge. Everywhere one turns now, it's "dollar eulogies" even from the very west media whores that have willfully partaken in the 911 terrorism deliberately concealing the truth about the size of the west evil.

S A U D I  A R A B I A Saudi Arabia - Time for comrade Obama to fly to Riyadh and cede whatever USA's got left for the OPEC leader is planning to go off the dollar and pull the rest of the OPEC clowns with it. Bush II gifts of USA realty and sundry bank ownerships kept the Saudis faithful to the dollar albeit with voiced disdain, but the prolapse has reached such embarrassing depths now that comrade Obama will have to offer entire cities, if not states, to extend the dollar's OPEC existence. This is, of course, a non-news for OPEC's dollar fidelity changes nothing with regard to the imminent fate of west. Sideline: For those patiently awaiting the royal flush, it's far more clever to "threaten" the dollar flush than actually doing it. A simple utterance in Beijing makes the entire west jump and forced concessions granted by USA is a far safer method of dismantling the nuke-crazed criminal child-murdering viper's nest than by plunging it into a wall-to-wall devaluation chaos -- although that is quite inevitable at some point as well.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Despite the rabid west vulgarities, going ahead with showing Israel murder children in some show.
- Payments for Israeli import are coming in late and later. Import from Israel plunges 40% and TelAviv is out some 500M USD so far.

U K UK - While there are homeless on the drizzly isle, there are now 1M empty homes, just sitting there laughing at the prolapsing masses of poodles.
- Iran nuke expert gets David-Kelly'd in Australia. Apparently, sick of being alive, he happened to leap out of window 30m high. But what's the point kellying people now? It's not as if west can take on Iran, even if they manage to "sex up" the dossier and kelly those who could speak.
- The long promised Loondon "war on bonuses" has worked like charm! WankOfScotland is distributing "only" some 240K GBP to each bankster in bonuses. Thank goodness, the poodles are so levelheaded, understanding, and kind, otherwise someone could have a tizzy over the insidious ridicule that is now accompanying the west sacking.
- LloydBankGruppen needs another 25B GBP quick! Loondon gave them 5B immediately. Hopefully that will tie them over the Christmas bonuses. Sideline: Consider here that Afghan copper has cost China some 3B GBP. Compare that to the monthly west "bailouts" and marvel at the degree of the prolapse.

U S A USA - At min, 43 states continue job zappings/Sep but "unemployment" rose only in 23 of them. How so? Well, let's quote from the USA media whores comedy sketch to understand this anomaly: "...some states saw unemployment decline as workers gave up looking for work..." When you finish laughing at the pure swill west baboons are eating as "news" on daily basis, celebrate the growing lunatic dementia of the west cesspits. And these monkeys wanted to rule the planet.
- West populace is beyond cretinous today and that's why it's possible to pull a sloppy charade like 911 and tell the baboon straight in its snout like Sachs just did defending their 20B USD "bonus" round: "Public has to learn to tolerate the inequality" without even the slightest fear of repercussion. Yes, ridicule is accompanying the west sacking. Unfortunately, the baboon is such a mental excrement that it doesn't even get the mocking insults. This is a fair sample of what happens to the saxon DNA when left to inbreed for just a few generations.
- While in full "recovery" orgy, USA econ bureau admits to no job gain till at min 2017 -- as if USA had that much time.
- Ron Paul, the erstwhile flag bearer for all the disgruntled baboons figures it out: "The more troops we send, the worse it gets". Truly, this blood thirsty species suffers an amazing, never before experienced, brain drag and unusual resistance to tuition.
- Media whores and war junta are rebranding "bailouts" and "stimuluses". Apparently the novelty of this theft euphemism has worn off and the baboon demands a brainwash upgrade.
- The Fed takes over Oklahoma shopping mall. Yes, property is being confiscated right from under the baboon's rump -- an essential matter for a fun-filled bon voyage.
- Bailout theft and money printing "admitted" at 24T now, or deval of 90+%. It's immaterial to pretend to count 30T or 10T or deval of 90 or 99%. It's all the same: bon-voyage.
- 99th bank laid to rest.

Turns out the recent poverty #s were some 18% supressed. It's 47M officially -- or 1 in every 6 baboons -- "learning to tolerate the inequality". How morally uplifting and just! Also, note the freakish deformation of the west freckly child-murdering species.

- AIG gives self 200M in bonuses. Why not? It ain't their cash.
- Approves "cervical" vaccine for boys. Not a joke! They go on justifying it, not by some bizarre medical argument, but by predicting "reviving sales" which have sadly declined 5%/Q3 due to the vaccine growing unpopularity cuz it has maimed and killed. Still, it's puzzling. Yes, it's widely known that USA male baboons are genitally mutilated at birth via some crazed voodoo ritual but it's still believed that males of this species do not have cervixes, labias, or vaginas for that matter. The vaccine makers and USA drug authorities aren't however concerned with this small matter.
- Deficit 2009 is 3X of 2008, which is another record for the baboonarium. Decade deficit on track to over 9T cementing terminal insolvency.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - On a treasure hunt with Iran for....uranium. be cont'd as it all piles up.


James Wolfe said...


Another tour de force.

That deformed baby is horrific, the American use of depleted uranium both in Afghanistan and Iraq is the most despicable crime committed on a people. Iraq and Afghanistan will now forever be radiated, the cancer rates and birth defects in Iraq & Afghanistan are tragic.

There is no words that can describe the crimes the US has committed against these defenceless people.

Read this article if you can stomach it,

“Pickens says U.S. firms 'entitled' to Iraqi oil”

This epitomises the obscene and disgusting character of the West. The arrogance, grotesque sense of entitlement, barbarism, racism, hypocrisy, mendaciousness, cowardice, and absurdity of the West knows no limits. Whether it be paedophile French Minister, or war looting/thieving vermin like T Boone Pickens.

I don’t how to react to this outrage.

1) Should I be disgusted at this vile West imperialist rapist fiend?


2) Should I be happy that despite all raping, murdering, torturing, thieving, lying the US military have committed. The US has been unable to get its grubby thieving blood-drenched hands on Iraq’s oil?

Russia and China I hope helps Iraq regain its freedom, not a single drop of Iraq’s oil must given to the US.

Even Joseph Biden has said the US is in another Great Depression, if you can stomach the Pentagon funded site. lol

How the US still “functions” despite all what has happened is beyond me, the system has collapsed, yet everything seems “normal”. The US economy is like a sleepwalking cadaver, it defies comprehension.

poiuytr said...

> That deformed baby is horrific, the

Yes. There's more pics on the article but I couldn't copy them. But they're all like that. The decapitated girl haunts me and will forever with the west pack of murdering scum standing about. There's many. We've all been victims of the west terror. In varying degrees, of course, but the whole planet has been brutally tortured and at psychotic levels the last decade by the west parasitic disease.

It's imperative to draw strength from the beauty of the west cesspit terminal prolapse. Each shriek of west growing pain is the sweetest symphony ever penned. There can be no mercy now and the baboons need be ridiculed and kicked when down to return just a tiny shadow of the favour.

> There is no words that can describe the crimes the US has committed

No, there aren't! I know. I know!

> “Pickens says U.S. firms 'entitled' to Iraqi oil”

Laughable! It's as funny as them saying their spilling blood for peace in Afghanistan or that they're trying to leave while pumping tens of thousand more murder swines in... But it's great cuz this is when we must ridicule the baboons... They ain't getting Iraq or Afghanistan or even Honduras. They're getting the boot now and all this shrieking from them just highlights their desperation and psychosis.

> This epitomises the obscene and disgusting character of the West. The

Yes. The monkey isn't just satanically evil, it's also totally and completely insane. The years of inbreeding in USA and daily exposure to the brainwash has really produced an amazing new species. It sounds like it's a joke. It's not! Yanks are by far the most cretinous creatures on earth. It's not an accident. EUnuchs are approaching it now but... yanks are exceptional in their immense unmatched stupidity.

> arrogance, grotesque sense of entitlement, barbarism, racism, hypocrisy, mendaciousness, cowardice, and absurdity of the West knows no

Yes. :) I'm laughing cuz right... there just aren't enough words to even begin to describe the west sickness.

> I don’t how to react to this outrage.

Laugh at them. Remind all baboons they're losers in every country they've stepped into. Remind them of 50M yanks on food stamps, 50M in official poverty, you know simple things, one liners so they can chew through it before the sundown.

> 1) Should I be disgusted at this vile West imperialist rapist fiend?

Yes, of course. That's the natural human reaction. There cannot be a human anywhere in the universe that would not barf in total abject disgust if they looked at the DAILY crimes of the west disease.

> 2) Should I be happy that despite all raping, murdering, torturing,

Yes. ALSO! This is the weapon against the baboons. Ridicule them. Yank monkeys have a arrogance scar. Any reminder they're not the best, as they're told since birth, rips the scar wide open. Laughter and ridicule compounds the laceration. It sends the monkey through the roof. But it's tricky cuz you have to be brief and simple, nearly on dog barking level otherwise you lose the USA idiot.

> blood-drenched hands on Iraq’s oil?

I wrote an article about the defeats of west aimed at exactly lifting morality from the tarnish and rape by the west crimes. Right, everything west has done has misfired or blatantly smacked them in the face. Everything! So despite the sickening crimes, west is lacerating itself with each statement, each threat, each action. The article is just notes... I haven't been too capable in the writing dept as of late... But yes, this is important: what to do with all this? What do we do now that we know. I say celebrate west defeats for they are many and they show everywhere now.

poiuytr said...


> Russia and China I hope helps Iraq regain its freedom, not a single drop

Iraq and all Middle East nations will ultimately, when freed from west, break up. The borders are west drawn and west imposed. They have no relation to reality, only to the sick parasitic carving of the PanArabia nearly 100 yrs ago.

> Even Joseph Biden has said the US

Yes. How absolutely fun. Poverty and prolapse is west unavoidable fate. How beautiful! Absolutely! And Biden is now praising Rumanians for saying they'll take the missiles and point them against Russia. Forget the missile bit. Yes, it's deranged and psychotic but it's never gonna happen. They're out of time and their threats are laughed at now. The fun bit is that USA now has two friends left: Rumania and Poland, and either is just posturing to scam a few "bailout" bucks. That's the fun bit! Tell that to everyone you meet. Laugh at the USA axis made up of Rumania and Poland, both contributing two soldiers and 1000 EUR towards the USA wars. Biden's a psycho... It's funny! It really is like watching baboons screech and shriek. It's no more than that, any of it. Especially when comrade Obama speaks. It's patent insanity.

> How the US still “functions” despite all what has happened is

I don't think USA is functioning. It's all against debt, off print cash. It's all artificial so they can make the econ rules to a huge degree but the reality is that USA owes too much to far too strong people who don't exactly share the same views on.... well, on anything as it appears. So internally, they can keep the pretense up so long as the poverty (1 out of 6) are beaten down. But int'lly, it's NOT working, not for a long time. Cash has disappeared and is floating away now in torrents. The reason it hasn't been dumped from outside is WWIII and I think there's a political battle going on who's gonna get what in west. But west is not functioning and has no way and chance of ever functioning again. It requires currency monopoly. Without it, it has NOTHING. But so long as the baboon owns a house, car, and has a few coins to spare the west war junta isn't gonna drop it, they're gonna sack it first. And that's happening at a increasing rate.

> beyond me, the system has collapsed, yet everything seems

It's big. Look, dollar died in 6 months in 2006 as *the* currency. No one knew! No west media said a word but euro had surpassed in 6 short months after a 60+ yrs monopoly domination.

In beginning of 2008, most didn't even get what I was saying about May2006 and then I think around 2008 Feb or Mar it began showing on the plebe level. They lied, remember? They said it's subprime, then it's a derivative, bla bla bla. For a year they managed to lie about some global slowdown and rubbish like that.

It's 2009 that banks begin dying and giant firms slither to China collapsing in west.


poiuytr said...


They're saying 17% unemployment now. They've admitted to, I don't know now, 30T in printed cash, in hyperinflation now.

They're not blaming subprime anymore. They're talking revolution, mayhem, physical mayhem, and dollar collapse now.

West was *the* world rapist. In 90s, it owned the entire world! It even owned or thought so, Russia. Entire Russian energy, military, media, and banks firms, all were owned by west.

Today, Poland and Rumania are the only ones left not ashamed to be seen with the west bastards.

That's quite a change from the biggest bully on the block to the most gangrene scumbag in the meth half way house.

I think the prolapse is very very fast.... TOO FAST, in fact. Surprisingly too fast in some aspects, which means they lied even more than I allowed.

> “normal”. The US economy is like a

It depends. USA like EUnuchia is very big. I guess EU is more varied. You drive 50km and you're in another land, different yodeling, different tongues, etc... but USA is huge. All the richest folks were in USA till 3 yrs ago. It takes a bit to flush out. But it's exponential so it's gonna take off in every respect and it is taking off.

> sleepwalking cadaver, it defies comprehension.

Depends where you are. If you're in a tent, it's already prolapsed. If you're counting money to get by, a new experience for the USA baboons, then you're on the cusp of it. If you're getting a 250K USD bonus for thieving and lying well then the prolapse is no more than a # on some incomprehensible chart. And for 50M baboons it's "already" prolapsed. For 1 out 9 homes or something like that now, it's already prolapsed.

I don't know what the critical mass is for USA to implode in physical chaos of Katrina and 911. But it's moving there and exponentially for prolapse is exponential versus just revenue loss. I wonder what Panarin's book estimates the critical mass to be. It would be interesting to know his reasoning...

All we have is Germany in the 30s. It wasn't until after the zillion deval (after 1929) that nazis took over, put in hitler, and began the purges. People went shopping for a loaf of bread with life savings. They quickly fell into the line for a bit of bread making tanks and pretty uniforms. BUt it wasn't without concentration camps, very much the kind USA and EU have on standby. So... maybe it's the actual dollar deval mark that it physically changes. But it's hard to base today on past... so I don't know. It's far more putrid today and there's far more chaos in the whole system.

For example, no one is even mentioning Africa. When I do, I feel like a loon cuz no one else is even sparing a thought about the wrecked continent. But the trend is clear, just as clear as dollar dying in May2006. Who knows if it's 3 or 5 years before the stupid poodle in Manchester notices, but the trend is clear. Africa is rising. It's big, very BIG! Middle East is nothing. West is worried about Iran, can't manage Iraq. It's NOTHING in comparison to Africa. And the trend is such that it will come settle the scores. Ten years maybe.

There's so many hurdles west faces for its immense evil it has dispensed that it's got no way out, even if it took down Russia today -- which of course, will remain just their wetdream.

Anonymous said...

Two questions for Sage Poiuytr:

1. How do we explain the fact that the US has 4% of the world's population but produces 80-85% of the world's serial killers?

2. Do you think the crash of the B-2 stealth bomber last year on a runway in Guam was an accident or an act of sabotage?


poiuytr said...


1) That's a telling stat, that! In all honesty, and without any levity at all: the answer is: they're baboons.

I know sounds silly but it's totally true. The entire west populaces from Aussie, EUnuchia, and the species occupying NorthAm plains have all been brainwashed to effective cretinism. USA has outpaced everyone else in this respect also. No form of the kind of idiocy mixed with whooping arrogance that is quite the norm in USA exists ANYWHERE on the globe.

The "dummification" project has worked in USA. We must credit and thank the Rockefellers and many other loons for that.

It's this simple. They're baboons.

They're driven into total mental stupor by the daily brainwash they're forced to eat since cradle to the casket. Those who maintain a few braincells through it all eventually go insane and commit random and crazed acts of terror they picked up from Hollowwood terror training.

I know it all sounds like some over dramatisation mixed with knocks. It's not! It's serious!

USA 18 yr olds are the stupidest monkey on the planet and for decades. USA has 45M illiterate idiots today and 50M that manage to read like a 3rd grader. That's effective illiteracy of 100M or 1 in every 3 baboons. Demonstrated stupidity has been promoted in USA by design. That's why there is NO opposition within a 300M strong nation, a total statical anomaly proving patent bias in promotion, be it corporate or political or actually military.

USA people that show ability to think or form a question are systematically liquidated and shredded by the bank slavery that runs USA. A single utterance of anything not directly in line with the USA war junta means econ death if not physical death. This should be evident in the abrupt change of USA talking heads since 911, be it in the media or political zoo they have there.

USA populace has been shredded of all semblance of humanity. Serial killing is the norm for this abomination. It sounds insane, I know, but that's it.

In sum, they're baboons.

2) I don't know a thing about it. I think I've seen this question in the blog someplace before... it was probably you. What's the significance of some USA plane crash? I honestly don't know anything about it. What do you think? Do tell!

Anonymous said...


Well, the significance is that it is not just any aircraft, but a $1.2 billion piece of machinery which the Yanks claim is super-stealthy. And only twenty or so have ever been built.

poiuytr said...

Well yeah, the plane like all west murder equipment is rubbish. It's expensive. It's been shot down before. In the 90s, wasn't it? It ceased to be "stealth" BEFORE its maiden flight thanks to Vera passive radar technology that was readily proliferated despite USA rabid attacks on China then about it. It's no different than F22, an expensive failed attempt at copying 12 yr old Su. USA humvees are being blown up with "improvised" things. They've added expensive coats of armour but haven't increased their life, much like hitler with his panzer tigers armour obesity after they saw T-34 roll out in Sep41. Same criminal, same idiocy, same crimes.

All west technology is 100% rubbish and is only effective because it's used specifically against children and preferably unarmed children at that and sometimes to raze schools and hospitals.

That's a given. West tech is putrid slush. I thought the Guam event had some sabotage overtones of who knows what...maybe some coup in progress.

It's strange. It's been oddly very long since the last mil coup in USA. Some 4, 5 yrs actually.

James Wolfe said...

I can’t bare looking at that deformed child, there have been so many babies mutilated by the criminal US and their despicable use of DU. I can’t look at any of the images of suffering from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, South Ossetia, etc. I don’t have the stomach anymore.

Yes the West, the murderous arrogant imperialist West and their vile populace deserve no mercy or respect. They know what’s happening, they knew all along and did nothing. Their demise and immiseration must be celebrated, they must be ridiculed and mocked as they have done to others.

That T Boone Pickens thief, is a prime specimen of the West baboon, cretinous arrogant brute. West whether it be Iraq’s oil or Iran/Egypt’s treasures think they the West are entitled to what they steal. Thankfully despite all the West’s criminality Iraq’s oil is beyond their thieving grasp.

Americans and the West in general are obscenely stupid and deceitful. Logic, reason and common sense is lost on the average West baboon. No, the West baboon is motivated by fear and emotion. Fear, Fear and unceasing Fear is the politics that drives the West baboon. The threat of A-rabs, the treat of Russians, the treat of Chinks, the treat of uppity Africans and South Americans that won’t allow their countries to be plundered.

The disgusting West and its diseased populace are always scared of something, when in reality THEY the West who are the danger and threat to the World. The madness and arrogance of West baboon is incredulous.

Evan the facts about the number of US baboons on food stamps, unemployed, homeless, without medical insurance won’t work on pro-war pro-empire Americans. On the contrary they’ll call you “socialist” “communist” for daring to highlight those facts. Reality must not get in the way of the US/West baboons self importance and hubris.

I can’t wait for the day when the disgusting invading and raping US leaves Iraq and Afghanistan in total disgrace.

Biden is attempting to hoodwink Romania, Bulgaria and even Ukraine into joining the missile offence system against Russia. It’s a testament that Biden’s remark that the US has entered another Great Depression has not been picked up and splashed across the US media? Reality is to much for.

You’re right the US economy doesn’t function, its me once more falling victim to US propaganda, all the media outlets act normal, hiding the truth and keeping the charade going. But the music will finally stop and the curtain will rise to reveal the truth.

Both the dollar and euro as you mentioned many times before are printing money and pegged to each other.

I’ve heard the Chinese have secretly ditched their dollar holdings, US tens of thousands of Chinese front companies who’ve traded dollars for frangible assets & metals like gold, silver, copper, etc. I’ve heard the Chinese have cut their dollar holding by half by using these front companies. If this is true the Chinese have fucked to US up with the Yanks noticing, the Chinese have pulled off a Houdini in Forex Trade and Comex.

And I’ve also heard that all US real estate transaction has been frozen for two weeks from Oct 24 to Nov 6. It seems some is going to happen between those dates?

I suspect the US will close its banks for several days, and devalue its currency by 30% immediately, causing chaos just like in Argentina in Dec 2001. I’ve heard that even Americans that bought Gold will be banned from converting that Gold into another currency.

What do you think of these rumours/predictions?

Anonymous said...

Is there another country in which in full public view so few so blatantly use government for the enrichment of private interests, with a coterie of “free market” economists available to justify plunder on the grounds that “the market knows best”? A narco-state is bad enough. The US surpasses this horror with its financo-state. As one official puts it, if nothing is done “it’ll happen again.”
But nothing can be done. The crooks have the government.

Anonymous said...

UK likely to be last out of slump
Germany, France and Japan, the US, Canada and Italy are poised for growth – leaving UK in recession. Thus reports this morning's Guardian. What drugs do these people shoot into their veins daily? Hope we'll get answers to J. Wolfe's query soon.

Anonymous said...

Long live Klaus, the only man to show guts in EU at the moment.

poiuytr said...


> I can’t bare looking at that deformed child, there have been so many

Neither can I. But it's not just this. It's a decade of this now. Deliberate anti-children assault. 5M... entire nations, tens of millions of people ravaged, raped, destroyed.

And I can't stomach the west lies like obama screaming about the attack on Iraqi governance today about terrorism against civilians. USA bastards dress like locals and set off bombs, attract kids by throwing candy out of their trucks before they blow up city blocks. USA bastards rape children for fun...west courts let these vampires off, and then they whinge when they and their proxy slags get it.

And I can't stomach the west creatures droning on their rabid prattle from hell wishing for some old USA that was wholesome, with their superiority delusion still intact.

And I can't stomach what the west beast is up to now. It lays me out, in fact. I'm sick every other week, it seems. So yeah, I know what you're saying and share all the emotions.

> Yes the West, the murderous arrogant imperialist West and their vile populace deserve no mercy or respect. They know what’s happening, they

Indeed! The christianic kids of west are the ones razing cities, burying nations in DU, raping and killing families for fun. Their proud parents with ribbons on their arms filled to bursting with pride with the war crimes their beloved children are committing all over the world. The taxpayer of the west glued to the BBCNN sewage. The USA baboon trailer trash with giant striped flags over their squalor muttering threats to the people of the planet. The west institutions crammed full of stolen pillaged artefacts and those producing lies and deceit for living. The lot!

All west classes are guilty and it mustn't be forgotten especially now that the prolapse is at last squeezing the living daylights out of the west hoards of war-happy baboons.

> That T Boone Pickens thief, is a prime specimen of the West baboon,

Unbefuckinglievable, isn't it? "We're spilling blood FOR Afghanistan and China wants to reap the benefits". LOL All things west... it's the disease.

> Americans and the West in general are obscenely stupid and deceitful. Logic, reason and common sense is lost on the average West

Yes. All deranged out of shape. Beyond repair. That's why the only way to deal with this miscreant DNA creature is by ripping its scars open. No dialog now. No debate. Just ridicule where it hurts. USA bastards are particular sensitive to their superiority complex. It's essential to harp on that hangup and lacerate their scars with ridicule prods celebrating the wonderful defeats the west cesspits are suffering in every aspect, on every level, in every industry, every day now. Hence NBN.

> The threat of A-rabs, the treat of Russians, the treat of Chinks, the treat of uppity Africans and South Americans that won’t allow

All Goebbles-like pander to the innate racist bitch that exists in every west monkey. Yes. They're trying to mobilise the herds. Control by design poverty and pandering to their vampiric bloodthirst.

poiuytr said...

James, Pt2

> pro-empire Americans. On the contrary they’ll call you “socialist” “communist” for daring to highlight those facts.

Yes, it's really an experiment with DNA what's happened with particularly the USA mind, if it can be called that.

The delusion of having a USA is beyond belief. The delusion of having a "good" USA is off scale. But they're all clutching to it now more than ever for their dear life like clutching to the perverted physics of 911 so they don't have to see the truth. It's like Dracula fearing the sunlight right before the dawn breaks through.

West baboons fear the truth and will do anything to avoid it and remain in their catatonic state. They'll go to war before realising what filth they are and admit to their own pillage by their betters.

It truly is beyond understanding, but here it is in plain colours: the baboon. But since the ignorance plea cannot be used to justify the west populace support of the war crimes, stupid, brainwashed, or inbred, they're still all guilty and must be treated as the war refuse they are.

> Biden is attempting to hoodwink Romania, Bulgaria and even Ukraine

Yes. Remember... it's as though they're reading NBN. A long while ago, there was an advice to them to start marching 6M troops again to Moscow with the additional advice that they have to win this time. It was a joke obviously, only to highlight the fact that the prolapse is terminal and there's NOTHING that can be done to avert it. The only choice west has had for 3 yrs has been to go slow or go fast.

But lo and behold, the war fascist west junta took it seriously!

They're going for WWIII, it seems. THEY"RE GOING FOR WWIII. I cannot believe what I'm typing and have credited in the past the Freeworld, namely Moscow, for the delicate touch it's used in dismantling the west cesspits preventing the rash nuke oblivion from the west beast. There maybe a misread here... I don't know. Maybe it's some posturing game again of trying to maybe frighten Moscow into cooperation. Prima facia though, they're off to WWIII, encircling Russia like in 1930s by annexing Czech Rep, Poland, and arming Rumania, and Finland for the assault of 1941. It's the same countries. Same fascist families. Same nations. Same target. I cannot believe but it's happening.

They actually sat down in Warshington and figured out at last that Moscow has to fall. That's the scope of the west evil and immense never previously encountered stupidity in the whole of the universe.

But they didn't read the rest of the NBN. It clearly reminds the west freckly scum that this isn't 1940s. And even then the tide was turned in Dec 1941 with the Moscow counterstrike.

But well spotted... the west child murdering psychopath is going for total mayhem. If we can't be rulers than we'll kill everything -- is the west motto now.

It's like a guy killing a chick that told him off so that no one else could have her. Totally lunatic and diseased to the bone.

poiuytr said...

James 3

> You’re right the US economy doesn’t function, its me once more falling

I'm thinking it's gonna be mobilisation now. It's bizarre but I think that's the plan now. I cannot believe it though. There was a coup in the Pentagram. Apparently someone understood the small risk WWIII could mean. Well, we'll see... this, like everything can be played by two or three or four or more now, as Russia isn't the only armed guy on the block.

So the econ crash is gonna be different if they're trying to use it to mobilise the west, to put everyone in fatigues and march them off into a war. It's different than just devaluing and deploying armies to encircle towns and cities like in Katrina and wait till everyone dies. It could also be a mixture of the two.

Either way they'll keep the pretense up till it's no more. It's gonna be timed to an hour. In fact someone's gonna say "they'll be no devaluation" hours before there is. Something like that. Typical west.

> I’ve heard the Chinese have secretly ditched their dollar holdings, US tens of thousands of

Yes, this too... It's hard to judge by the big news. Much is said about the China near 1T dollar reserve. Yes, it's an issue, big pile of money and all that but it's the trend. There's tonnes of cash in private wallets. USA pulled cash from the world in the 70s, 80s, and 90s attracting every rich wallet in the world. That's been reversed and not just that but that's gone off the dollar. This is all behind the scenes and no one can even report on it cuz no one knows. And this is why suddenly the Saudi little prince gets, out of the blue, the NYC Sears building. It's these trends that drive it, not the governances disclosures, although they do follow the trend and the Chinese reserve like OPEC are following obediently the world's cash.

What we're seeing is fiscal world elite splitting from USA. Fancy that... USA "patriotism" peeling away from the cash elite. What war this will be. This "think USA" banter won't go too far now and we've got USA nuke-armed thugs versus the planet's rich.

Just like Japan. Imagine the behind the scenes wars to take a nation, entire nation, and turn its course 180 degrees. On the surface, we get crap like USA/JApan are talking about Okinawa deal, which says nothing really. But behind the scenes USA and Japan is at full out total politicoecon war now. It's like Swiss and USA. Total fiscal warfare raging. In fact, all west factions are crumbling and fighting now over the loot, over control, over plans probably. Maybe this is why they hastened with the Lesbian Treaty to try to reinforce the obvious EU fissures with hefty nazi fasicst dictatorship before they begin cracking. But that too is too late.

Like one more example (I'm ranting again, sorry). The news about the USA central bank taking over Oklahoma mall isn't about some mall in Oklahoma. It's about the immense behind the scenes prolapse of all banking policies. Central bank assumed the ownership titles to some private/governance enterprise. USA central bank is no more a central bank. The fact is that west banks no longer work and have stopped being banks probably in mid 2008. While west baboons think they have cash in accounts, they have nothing. That's the news here. It's the trends of it all. And the bonus "debate" in UK and all that is about the factions fighting who loots more, not about reducing someone's check from 240K GBP to 200K GBP. It's pirates going at each other now.

Houses going for 500 dollars in Detroit and not getting sold is not a news about local USA real-estate phenomenon. It's about the very terminality of the prolapse, about all USA assets being "liabilities" not "assets" now, even at relative low risks.

poiuytr said...

James 3

> I’ve heard the Chinese have cut their dollar holding by half by using

It's hard to say if it's half or whatever. It doesn't matter. I suspect it's been happening a long ago. If the holding was really the 800B... it doesn't matter. The point is that it's over, that the dollar is no more. It only exists as a baboon delusion, much like all things the baboon believes in and thinks its reality. The rest is details. That's why USA is sucking up, or actually again only a part of USA. Notice there's this overlap. I say the west isn't synched up but it's not that cuz the west, the entire west media brothel with zillions of whores are all synched up on their daily lies. So it's not a synch issue. But here this is indicative of the wars raging within the west fiscal and political structures. Imagine the blood purges that accompany that. It's mafia wars. So one USA aspect slithers up to China trying to peg dollar to it, trying to found co-markets and the other trying to take China out.

The beauty of it all is that the Freeworld isn't playing and not only that but has been steadfastly rising against the idea of even considering to play with the west beast. And more... west beast occupied territories like Japan are jumping ship.

> frozen for two weeks from Oct 24 to Nov 6. It seems some is going to happen between those dates?

This is interesting. That seems to coincide with the Panarin outlook. We'll see, that's about now, isn't it? He guessed November as some class revolt thing, didn't he? Obviously if the west is gonna have some uprising it's not gonna be "organised" but provoked by some fiscal cataclysm event, as if what's happening isn't cataclysm -- but it's gonna be some obvious event that even the baboon can understand.

> I suspect the US will close its banks for several days, and devalue its currency by 30% immediately,

Yes, there is no other way with the dollar. What was the Panarin reasoning? Anyone?

It could easily be! And that would set west on fire in hours and hunger would spread in days and panic in minutes. Everyone stops working... yeah.. it could be. I don't know if they'd do something so blunt though.

Is there a chance that even if there is a deval that the baboon won't notice? LOL See, I've come to firmly believe we're not dealing with humans, with any sort of intelligence, but total and utter mental refuse.

And unless the monkeys are physically hungry and getting snowed on, they won't get anything. Right now, the west media whores are telling them how great they are and wonderful and beautiful their world is and how the mean world wants them ground into the ground. Right now, the west is celebrating a "recovery" isn't it?

But yes, the deval is certain. You could be right. There was a story of USA banks training deval procedures and riot control.

I would suspect tiny deval, just to usher it in, maybe the intro of some other currency for the rich, to give them a way out, more hope peddling. I wouldn't think they'd go for a total prolapse overnight cuz that could spill into lots of fires.

And if they want WWIII, they don't need the fires across west just yet.

But the deval is a certainty with the hyperinflation. Good one, James. Let's watch...

poiuytr said...

James /last

> What do you think of these rumours/predictions?

While there's stuff to loot, I would think, they'll keep at it: looting via bailouts, bonuses, and plain theft, consolidating assets, hoarding it up.

But maybe this phase has run its course and is over. Time for phase II: deval, chaos, camps, deployment of troops across west. It very well could be.

The current situation isn't sustainable so they might as well get on with it while they have the element of surprise at least. By Jan/Feb, they will have lost even that. And knowing the west parasite, it loves attacking first.

But I think deval and chaos now across the west complicates their WWIII aspirations for they're not ready with that Russia's encirclement just yet.

I gotta think how the two can run concurrently cuz both seem to be happening.

I used to think after phase I (looting, consolidation and theft of assets public and private) that they'll skip the town leaving the west in total disarray ensuring no one follows them.

Now it appears they'll move to Dubai and watch the deval from a distance and try command the ultra-right militarisation of west for a giant war on Russia.

But again, all NWO plans have been grand and the west cretinism isn't limited to just the west populaces but runs rampant among the west war junta or actually is amplified among that lot so... they can plan all they want, they'll get something VERY different.

It's all getting nicely resolved or converged though. It used to be many debates on many issues. It used to be unconnected: banking subprime, Iraq, Afghan drug war, torture, election fraud, bailout... it used to be very confusing and seemingly unrelated. Now it's converged and it's at last clear that it's all the same symptom.

It's all converging to one obvious thing now: west is THE disease.

Hopefully this growing order in the deliberate chaos will help fighting the disease.

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