Nation By Nation (31Oct09)

24-31Oct09 -- How appropriate for the west "recovery" to keep lacerating the west cesspit as the dark months descend upon it enshrouding the freckly war hoards. Amazingly, but not surprisingly knowing the west disease, west is seemingly opting for the WWIII option. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - West insurgent forces driven out of Nuristan. USA abandons 2 military bases in the retreat.
- Taliban names USA Blackwater as the perpetrator of the bomb attack that killed over 100 civilians.

Peshavar attack on civilians. USA tried pinning this on Taliban in hope to spark civilian strife, a common west war crime used everywhere the west beast steps in. Taliban points out: why should Taliban attack civilians when it can attack west military.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Where are the proud Cuntberra's windbags now who, a half yr ago, were screaming "Keep China's hands off our resources"? As the west worth prolapses, Aussies sold their biggest coal mining complex to China for a 3,5B USD.
- Apparently has seen enough of the Afghan landscape and is pulling out. A bit of an exodus from comrade Obama's heroin armies there.

B A H R A I N Bahrain - Outlaws diplo relations with Israel.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Turns ex USA military base into Russian aircraft tech facility -- a beautiful sign of the times.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Talking about the Olympics, Lula refers to the west creatures as "gringos", as in "we aren't hosting the Olympics so that the gringos win the medals". Gringo, baboon... what's the diff?, so long as the Freeworld is at last collectively identifying and naming the disease -- the first essential step in curing it.

C H I N A China - Desperate USA, out of ideas, goes back to threatening China that dumping dollar would mean China's export crash. Yes, west threats are funny now. It's like someone threatening to bloodstain someone's fist if hit.
- At the same time, USA is bearing gifts. This time it's the Volvo part of Ford.
- Creates 2M more jobs than predicted for 2009. That's 11M jobs created in 2009 or the exact opposite of west. But watch the west media whores keep on prattling about some "global" downturn.
- On track to near 9% growth/2009.
- USA very angry over China's military growth. To see the rabidness of Warshington, consider that China spends 70B/yr on military while USA, with its 700+ military bases occupying the planet, spends over 600B, or near 10X.
- Reopens market to USA pig import.

C Z E C H Czech Rep - Klaus caves in and signs the Lesbian Treaty, claiming satisfaction with some added clause. The wildest of all hitler's wetdreams, Der Grand EUnuchia, hath been born. A battle for hitler's spot has begun.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Coop with Russia on mil, econ, the usuals. Consider a few yrs ago, Ecuador was a USA military base. Viva Correa's liberation!

E T H I O P I A Ethiopia - 6M starving begging for bread crumbs. Such is the fate of all west war minions.

E U EU - NATO buying Russian troop gear will buy choppers now from Russia. How does this work? West can't even mobilise correctly unlike in 1930s. Could it be that west is planning to assault Russia with Russian weaponry?

F R A N C E France - Plans to give 18 yr olds newspapers for free in a desperate effort to ensnare the generation into the state mindrape propaganda. Consider the acumen of the west NWO fiends who think that rubbish, albeit free, is gonna drive traffic away from blogs.
- Despite the raging "recovery" orgies, warns unemployment will continue rising. Quite clearly, west "recovery" has nothing whatever to do with employment or public prosperity. It refers squarely to the recovery of some of the war investment made by the west war junta to the Bush II/Blair terror tour of 2001.
- Apparently, it was a French warship that downed the Yemeni Airbus, flight IY626, on 30Jun near Comoros Islands.
- An unmistakable sign of ultra-right psychosis, the official immigrant hate-mongering is here.

G E O R G I A Georgia - More war games with USA.
- Train exploded with TNT. Tbilisi blames Abkhazia -- how else?

G E R M A N Y Germany - Deutsche wank stops floating Daimler. Sideline: Indeed, west banking has long since ceased to perform banking. Instead of loaning, they require free public cash at rates of tens of trillions annually. What do they do with the cash? They keep it! Why? They're recovering their miserably failed war investment made into Bush II/Blair 2001 attempt at the re-colonisation of the planet. So far EU and USA have recovered on the order of some 20T each (of course, heaped on the west public debt mountains). Hence the "recovery" parties. For those questioning the fact that west banks via "derivative market" worth some 500T on paper is nothing more than a war investment read up on how USA, UK banks have been exposed to invest in cluster bombs and the typical anti-children arsenal the west beast loves genociding with. Here's a link to one of the exposes: West Bank Cluster Bomb Production
- Volkswagen, the biggest car mfg EU has, saw its income erode 90%/Q3. Wunderbar! Sideline: Let's gloat over the gargantuan size of the west prolapse for a bit. Volkswagen is now bringing in some 170M (that's million) EUR per qtr. Compare that income to UK central bank printing near 30B (that's billion) GBP each MONTH. Or further, compare that to USA pumping another 700B USD down the Helmand Valley -- a half yr occurrence now. Compare that to the routine "bailout" injections of 5-10B EUR/USD to west war junta assets. And remember Volkswagen is the BIGGEST EUnuch car maker. The hopeless west situation readily emerges.
- Consumer confidence admitted to shrivel. The econ whores allow that the rising unemployment may play a role here but despite that they still went to forecast a RISE. Yes, west econ shamans are lying whores too.
- 60% doctors are refusing the USA-flu shot.
- Shipping industry not shipping. Instead they want free cash from Berlin like Hapag got 1,2B EUR. Again, note that public coffer and hyperinflation prints are in BILLIONS while west incomes are in MILLIONS.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - USA coup gang attacks Brazilian embassy with psychological torment blasting it with noise and lights. This is a classic USA torture technique used in USA concentration camps and against Noriega in 1989 when he was hiding at the Vatican embassy. Why isn't Brazil blasting USA's embassy with looped samba treats?
- Talks on restoring Zelaya collapsed.

I C E L A N D Iceland - Closes the USA McDonald's feederies.

I N D O N E S I A Indonesia - Claims a huge meteor smash on 8Oct. Sideline: "Meteor" crashes have become common since the end of 2008 when USA and Russian satellites "collided". But what mainstream media whores call "meteors" aren't meteors but satellites. Meteors don't travel at 30-50Kmph but 10X that. Meteors don't explode, make noise, or leave smoke trails.

I R A N Iran - Oil bourse launched in the beginning of 2008 opened on 26Oct offering non-dollar oil. Sideline: When Iraq broke the west currency monopoly in 1988, Bush I responded with a vicious attack predicated on a Kuwait pretext obtained for some 300M USD. This is why west's been waving fists at Tehran for years. Looks like OPEC has to follow now or lose the shirt as its dollar-based portfolio runs dry.

I R A Q Iraq - Bomb attack on governance bldgs in the Greenzone leaves 155 dead, 500 injured. The double prong attack must've gotten past all USA insurgent security checkpoints - a bit like 911 "hijackers".
- See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

I S R A E L Israel - USA rewards TelAviv with more anti-civilian missile batteries.
- Another UN report smacks Israel with illegal diamond plunder of Ivory Coast. Watch that report too get outlawed in USA.

J A P A N Japan - Sends comrade Obama eviction notice. Warshington "rejected" it.
- Comrade Obama threatens Japan from stopping being his military base against China. Sadly, the threat was unspecified otherwise we'd have more comedy. If it weren't for Romania and Bulgaria (whose strategic worth is that of Oklahoma), comrade Obama would have no friends.
- Bridgestone tyres shuts down 2 factories in Aussieland and New Zealand.
- Export shrivels 30%/Sep y2y. Shipping rubbish to USA down 34%, which is all "worse than predicted".

L E B A N O N Lebanon - Hit by 7 artillery shells from Israel.
- Hit by Israeli rockets, 27Oct, no casualties.

L I T H U A N I A Lithuania - Prez finds out about USA torture camps in Lithuania from TV. This just to show the sickness of west. And to show more of it, he said that if it's true, then they "need to apologise". Apologise for 8 yrs of concentration camps? How about a note signed by the prez's parents that he shall never do it again? Yes, west is an incurably diseased cesspit.

P E R U Peru - Battle against the west parasites rages on. People of Peru take on USA oil rapist hoping to plunder the Amazon region in courts and threaten physical removal if need be.

Peruvian uprising against the west beast continues.

Ashanika warriors take an oil rapists' vessel.

R U S S I A Russia - Keeps telling west no sanctions on Iran possible.
- Deepening mil & econ coop with India and China.
- Eying a few banks and what's left of GM on the USA's garage sale.

S A U D I  A R A B I A Saudi Arabia - Somewhat painful to west, Saudi unlinks pricing from dollars.
- Battles flare up with Yemeni Shi'ites.

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - Comrade Obama continues aid, despite USA's own report on genocide, to Rajapaksa governance that genocided Tamils and is holding 250K of them in a squalor camp incarceration. Sideline: West seeks no peace. Never has that been the case. Ever since its emergence from the Baltic marshes this miscreant has waged perpetual war on all life on this planet. Genocides are just means of resource theft and spread of its diseased rape.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Cleans 65B USD worth of trade with Russia and China off the gangrene dollar. Oddly, IMF retorted with nothing.

U K UK - Comes somewhat clean on the nationalisation of NorRock bank and tells poodles they won't see a single pence from the "bailout" for at least a decade. Well, of course not, the UK public cash has too been privitised.
- GDP unexpectedly down 4/10th%/Q3. Looks like Loondon boys need to take lessons from USA on advanced number perversion methodologies for GDP in USA has magically grown/Q3 and over 3%.
- Biggest Sep deficit EVER since the number trackings have begun. Deficit now at 15B GBP or 2X that of 2008. This trend too is echoed exactly in USA yet that doesn't stop the yank seasonal adjusters from "growing" USA econ.
- Post on strike, 23Oct.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Peeling away from the west rape. Signs a coop deal with China spurning the IMF rabid dog.
- 3 week shut down of schools, cinemas, etc to ride out the USA-flu flare up, which appears to be something new, not the H1N1 USA lab bug. 40K seem sick from it. Here's the plague tracking in realtime: flutracker. Would this be some west's bio assault on Russia or a test of some new bio strand?
- Yuscenko, west proxy, blamed by Moscow for blocking gas payments to Russia. Such political finesse using west agents against west interests.

U S A USA - A TV news channel clocks 50% shriveling in viewership/Oct y2y. Watch for some compulsory mandates to revive west TV mindrape or perhaps tax breaks offered to those baboons that manage the erstwhile USA norm of 8 hrs a day of TV-eating.
- Comrade Obama moves to outlaw Goldstone report on Israel's genocide of Gaza. The "funny" thing is that Goldstone, the west bastard, has left out the worst west crimes like phosphorous burning of civilians, DU assaults, DNA toxic microshrapnels, etc. It's just like Bush II 911 report leaving out WTC7 and the USA defence day off. All things west are 100% rubbish. For more on Goldstone omissions: uruknet

Not a crime for Goldstone or west.

Gaza genocide and razing is not allowed to be debated in west now.

This is neither a crime for comrade Obama, nor it's allowed to be discussed.

- GMAC mortgage bender is out of the free 13B USD cash injection and needs 5B more. Sideline: "Bailout" is a code for theft of public funds. So far USA and EU have looted west for some 20-25T each and the spree isn't abating. The war junta underwriters are simply taking their war investment in west back before the deval comes.
- Consumer confidence, like in EU, plunges. USA expert texperts say that's "unexpected".
- Admits to "possible" above 10% unemployment now. Just for a laugh. Further admits to over 8M jobs zapped in the last 2 yrs of the prolapse. Wonderful seeing baboons fill the streets and tent shanty towns.
- Foreclosure bank takeovers up 23%/Q3 or some near 1M/Q3. Nice! Florida still in the lead but Nevada and California maintain close second in the USA home prolapse races. It's 19M homes empty in USA now.
- In an attempt to raise milk price, killing 3M cows. Feeding people? Cruelty to animals? Those are all non-issues in the west. It's about profits, nothing else.
- Like UK, governance takes over public utilities and sells them. This time it's Chicago's water.
- To highlight the size of the prolapse, consider that Detroit tried auctioning away 9000 houses "priced to sell" at a 500 USD (that's five hundred per house!). To truly highlight it, consider further they only managed to sell a measly 20% of the prolapsed realty.
- Going for WWIII as the only option left: Pentagram's studying Russian; comrade Obama's missile front encircling Russia seems to be running through Moldova, Ukraine (though political battle rages on over Ukraine), Georgia, Poland, Czech Rep, Romania, probably Finland (for auld lang syne (Finland attacked Russia in 1941 along side Hitler)), Uzbekistan, Japan (if they can keep it), Afghanistan (if they can subjugate it), Greenland, and Bulgaria. Sideline: Although patently insane, accurately reflecting both the west evil and desperation, this is another one of those lofty grand NWO plans doomed to failure. For one, the creation of the Barbarossa II front requires several years, which is something the west cesspit doesn't have. And second, it's not as though Moscow hasn't noticed.
- 49 states post job losses for last month. That's another 530K newly zapped.
- The recently upped debt limit is already maxed out. In a matter of weeks comrade Obama's hyperinflation spree goes from 9T to 13T. These are TRILLIONs. Consider that 3B got China Afghan copper resources and 1B got Saudis weapons from Russia. And here USA is pissing away trillions and it hasn't even managed to slow the prolapse down.
- It's 115 banks dead now. 9 died in one day, 29Oct, which is another record.
- Capmark doesn't feel like dealing with its near 2B USD debt so it goes bankrupt. Its 43 affiliates are tumbling as well.
- Amazingly, the west whores have so far managed to avoid talking the commerical real-estate crash, which is FAR more fun than the baboon residential rubbish. Capmark bankruptcy alone means 60B in commercial realty zapped. Currently, commercial realty is some 20% empty.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Takes over USA's gold mine rapist on 27Oct. The Brisas gold reserves are henceforth to be developed by a Venezuela-Russian venture. Canadian gold miner was stripped of operating rights and is on its way out as well. Indeed, send the gringo a-packing.
- The rest of ALBA, after Venezuela, recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
- Donates some fighter jets to Ecuador and gets a few more Russian Su's. be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

Top-form poiuytr, obviously. I liked the to-the-point comment on Afghanistan. The Germany bit was highly informative and the WWIII geographical approach to the enemy (aka Russia) finally put the encirclement theory into proper perspective. For such things do we cherish blogmaster poiuytr so greatly. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Largest Banks Reported Funding Production Of Internationally Banned Weapons. The top five loan providers [crooks]were Bank of America, Citigroup , JP Morgan, Barclays and Goldman Sachs. Cluster bombs, landmines and what have you. Surely DU stuff also figures prominently on their list.

Anonymous said...

Glad you mentioned Yemen in this week's NbN, poiuytr. The situation in Yemen is one of yet another "proxy war" in which the US is (yet, again, still) supporting a tinpot dictator, because he is "our thug" with absolutely no concern for the well-being of his people.

Anonymous said...

Well done, blogmaster. A question, though. You give one version of an eventual WWIII (calling it doomed from the start, I hasten to add). What about the other version doing the rounds whereby Iran's complex nuclear programme would be the target, with Israel attacking Iranian installations? Though how superman Israel intends to attack Lebanon and Iran at the same time is beyond my ability to imagine.

Anonymous said...

Russia's £11bn UK bond bid
Vladimir Putin's deputy visits London this week as the crisis-hit country seeks Western relief. - 31 Oct 2009
Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin needs Western money to rebuild his economy. The Russian government is to announce an £11bn bond issue in London this week in an attempt to draw Western investment into its crisis-hit economy.
The Business Secretary, Peter Mandelson, will meet the Russian finance minister and deputy prime minister, Alexei Kudrin, on Thursday when the bond will be announced. It is the first such move by the Kremlin in over a decade.
The development comes despite political tensions between Britain and
Despite the clashes, British Government officials believe that the business relationship with Russia has thawed considerably since the economic crisis as Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, now needs Western money to support the ailing Russian economy. Two weeks ago, The Sunday Telegraph revealed that Gazprom was looking for tax changes in Russia to encourage Western investment in energy.

Russia down, west up in this story. What are Putin's actual goals here?

Anonymous said...

One Take on the American Economy
Those who created the crisis, who are now supposedly trying to fix it, are playing for time. Many people are realizing what the bankers and Wall Street are up too, as bubbles deflate and inflation is rising (over 6% at the moment. Zero interest rates certainly do not induce people to save, although savings have risen to more than 4% of GDP, as debt is aggressively being reduced. As long as money and credit is being increased, monetization increases and no purge of the problem takes place, the economy will continue to deteriorate.
The Illuminist’s plans to destroy America are coming unglued. Their puppet in the White House has monstrous problems. Plunging approval ratings, Cap & Trade legislation being held up in the Senate, medical reform that is going nowhere, massive deficits and a stimulus package that isn’t working. An issue the elitists did not think they would have to deal with is the question of whether Obama is a citizen or not. They thought they would be able to bamboozle the public. That question has become a cause celebre. Thus, if the President’s controllers want to dump him it will be easy. They will just make sure it is finally discovered he was born in Kenya. Then it is game over. The failure of Obama will further force the Illuminists to cut back on their plans for a new world order. They will try their best to extend the time frame. The dollar devaluation, rising unemployment that brings social problems, or a breakdown in society will be avoided at all costs. This means more and bigger injections of money and credit, more monetization, more stimulus and more subsidies. That means we definitely will have hyperinflation and a falling dollar. That means gold and silver will go higher. That could mean an abandonment of a green policy, and the failure of Cap & Trade, healthcare reform and Copenhagen. We will have to see how things develop.

Anonymous said...

Dollar Dumping
Either the US purges their financial system or no one will accept dollars. That is when monetization will finally end. Is it any wonder some nations are buying gold, particularly China. We now have a Chinese put on gold just as the US stock market once had a Greenspan put to keep it at ridiculously high levels. The Chinese are working with an element that has been suppressed since 1968. We now know that from documents released via the FOIA. We saw it in secret gold sales in 1987 via London. Then we were subject to the President’s “Working Group on Financial Markets” since 1988. The suppression of the gold price by the US and UK all those years has made gold extremely cheap. Thus the Chinese have the perfect vehicle to dump their dollars into. Every time the US Treasury knocks gold down China and others are there as buyers.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't James crept out of the woodwork to burn incense to another remarkable compilation of facts and figures? I don't understand this site at all. But I do find some of the humble bloggers wholly enchanting.

Anonymous said...

If what 07:50 has posted is right, Obama has no friends at all. Even Romania and Bulgaria will turn their backs on him when it transpires, and it will eventually, that B.O. was born in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one to get the feeling that S.Am's days of peace and revival are counted? Some fine morning, US will finally withdraw their troops from Muslim lands and sic them on their hard-working neighbours. Unless, of course, they're all cowering in Dubai already.

Anonymous said...

Till the next rage session, Anon 08:23, when everyone fades away.

Anonymous said...

China taps huge copper reserves in Afghanistan
At a former al-Qaida stronghold southeast of the Afghan capital, a state-owned Chinese company is at work on a $3 billion mine project to tap one of the world's largest unexploited copper reserves, a potential financial boon for an impoverished country mired in war.
The promise of a bright future at Aynak, however, cannot conceal the troubling reality of how business is often done in Afghanistan, according to critics of the Kabul government's decision to reject bids from competitors in the U.S., Canada and other countries.
The bidding process unfairly favored China, they allege, and epitomized the back-room deals and abuse of power that has turned Afghans against their government and undercut the U.S. military effort there.

See US tears fall! No wonder they want Karzai out of there as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

NATO forces turn to warlords - 1.11.09
WARSHINGTON - The revelation by the New York Times on Wednesday that Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, has long been on the payroll of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is only the tip of a much bigger iceberg of heavy dependence by US and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) counter-insurgency forces on Afghan warlords for security, according to a recently published report and investigations by Australian and Canadian journalists.
United States and other NATO military contingents operating in the provinces of Afghanistan's predominantly Pashtun south and east have been hiring private militias controlled by Afghan warlords, according to these sources, to provide security for their forward operating bases, other bases and to guard convoys. General Stanley McChrystal, the US's chief in Afghanistan, has acknowledged that US and NATO ties with warlords have been a cause of popular Afghan alienation from foreign military forces. But the policy is not likely to be reversed anytime soon, because US and NATO officials still have no alternative to the security services the warlords provide.

Just as they need Pakistani soldiers for protection elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

U.S. combat injuries rise sharply
Three-month total in Afghanistan surpasses 1,000 (31.10.09)
More than 1,000 American troops have been wounded in battle over the past three months in Afghanistan, accounting for one-fourth of those injured in combat since the U.S.-led invasion in 2001.
The dramatic increase in amputees and other seriously injured service members comes as October marks the deadliest month for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.
Expanded military operations, a near-doubling of the number of troops since the beginning of the year and a Taliban offensive that has included a proliferation of roadside bombings have led to the great increase in casualties. U.S. troops in Afghanistan are suffering wounds at a higher rate than those who were serving in Iraq when violence spiraled during the military "surge" two years ago. In mid-2007, 600 U.S. troops were wounded in Iraq each month out of about 150,000 troops deployed there. In Afghanistan, about 68,000 troops are currently installed, with about 350 wounded each month recently.

Shit US figures as usual, but they give some idea of the scale of battle in Afghanistan. Coupled with the posting above, one can assess the success of the AF-Pak war.

Anonymous said...

British foreign secretary arrives in Moscow “to reset” relations - 01.11.2009,
LONDON, November 1 (Itar-Tass) - British Foreign Secretary David Miliband arrives in Russia on a visit. He was invited by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
Following the five-year interval, caused by the cooling of relations between Moscow and London, the Foreign Office chief visits the Russian capital for the first time.
In the meantime, the United Kingdom came to the conclusion that it is not interested in having a low level of relations with Russia in an number of important areas, including the political dialogue, economic cooperation, orchestration of efforts in the struggle against international terrorism and crime.

Anonymous said...

What fantastic pictures poiuytr always picks out to illustrate, illuminate. I specially liked the one of the Peruvian Ashanika warriors armed to the teeth.

Anonymous said...

Defying U.N., Afghans to keep fraud-marred polling centers: In a rebuff to the United Nations, an Afghan commission named by President Hamid Karzai disclosed Thursday that centers rife with fraudulent votes during the summer's presidential election will remain open for the Nov. 7 runoff against challenger Abdullah Abdullah. And also this: U.N.'s Afghan Election Money Missing: The United Nations cannot account for tens of millions of dollars provided to the troubled Afghan election commission, according to two confidential U.N. audits and interviews with current and former senior diplomats.
Can anything be more absurd than these so-called elections?

Anonymous said...

The Afghan election: a five-star debacle, with the UN's reputation in tatters and Washington in denial over Abdullah's exit, Obama must turn this round or look like a loser
In Afghanistan's disreputable 2009 presidential election, everyone's a loser. Hamid Karzai's "victory", achieved by fraud and now by default, has left him a tarnished, diminished figure. The US administration that orchestrated the whole process still lacks the credible partner in Kabul it says is essential for success.
The UN's reputation for probity lies critically wounded in the gutter, a victim of inaction and bitter infighting among officials. Nato's mission looks even more rudderless and ill-defined than before. The cause of the Afghan people, bemused and terrorised by turns, is no further forward and may in truth have been set back.

Anonymous said...

Global Markets Could Soon Crash
The global markets are at risk of crashing when the dollar rebounds, says economist Nouriel Roubini. “In the short run what’s happening is there’s a wall of liquidity, not just in the U.S., but around the world, that is chasing assets. It’s equities, it’s commodities, it’s credit, it’s gold, it’s emerging market asset classes.” And what does that amount to? “Now we are in the mother of all carry trades, everybody is shorting the dollar, borrowing and investing in assets all over the world. People are borrowing at zero percent interest rates in the U.S. Effectively the rate of borrowing is negative, because we have the dollar falling. You have a capital gain. You are buying any assets around the world. All these assets are perfectly correlated.” If the dollar rebounds, however,
“you have to close your shorts, you have to dump assets, and you could have a market crash all over the world.”

poiuytr said...

20:33 -- west bank complex funding WMDs

Isn't it fantastic, the west baboons are in fact "bailing" out anti-children WMDs. Millions of baboons have lost dwellings now so that their pirate armies of child murderers can buy more ordnance rounds.

West is so shockingly sordid in its every fold it cannot be put into words.

But in general, that's precisely what the "derivative" market is: west elite investment into war. They had hoped to re-colonise the world with the vicious Bush II/Blair assault based on the 911 BS, re-establish market dominance, reinforce dollar monopoly, crush rising non-dollar oil like Iran, and carve China away from Iran's oil to get leverage over it. All along they believed Russia to be their slag from the 90s grabitisation. None of it has panned out, of course, thanks to the masterful Russia's self-liberation, arming the Freeworld against the west evil, and nuking the dollar monopoly in 2006.

Unfortunately, now on the very brink of west-wide deval, prolapse, and socioeconomic chaos, west doesn't feel much like abdicating. Instead it appears, limitless in its insanity, the west beast seems to itching to use nukes again.


20:38 -- Yemen

It's funny west's still using the al-CIAda nonsense. Imagine the cretins that are still eating this nonsense pouring out of the west sewage propaganda machines.


21:30 -- WWIII by slices (israel attacks Iran)

This solves nothing. Even if Iraq was magically USA and back to pre-war oil production levels; even if Afghanistan became magically all USA and was back in the heroin halcyon days; even if Iran was erased off the map; even if the entire oil theft route for the west beast was secured (Suez, Hormuz, Somali Horn, etc); even if Ukraine gas to EUnuchs were secured for decades... it still solves nothing for west.

At the end of the day, it's still prolapsed with cash no one wants and real zillions worth of debts.

Slice war is certainly the west method of colonisation but today (last 3 yrs) they must take Russia to re-establish the dollar monopoly.

Writing about marching 6M troops on Moscow again as a solution to the west predicament has been a joke, of course, but as astonishing as it is, west seems to be opting for just that today: surrounding Russia with nuke front.

All this time, since the 90s, what we're seeing is very much WWIII in its dormant phase. Either west gets its wish and kills everything on this planet or it will perish from Australia, EUnuchia, to NorthAm in a econ and subsequently geo prolapse.

poiuytr said...

7:15 -- Russian bond in UK

West calls to "patriotic" anti-muslim, anti-slavic, anti-this, anti-that calls today are pathetic today cuz they're no longer backed by cash.

West had sucked all the cash from the planet in the 70s and 80s giving all the rich bastards unlimited freedoms. In the Reaganomics, with most of world's cash on its side, and dollar monopoly, west could print cash and buy anything.

With the crush of the monopoly in 2006, cash has been leaving west and at an increasing exponential rate. The west bankers (the dozen lizard gangs knowns as USA central bank and so on) have paid the west regime in the 90s to re-establish west dominance.

This is the Bush II/Blair muslim-hatred based war on the world, the crimes of which we're all suffering. The idea was simple: bomb the world into the Stone Age, the common colonisation method for the west beast.

But it was not to be. Yank child murdering machine was stopped in Iraq by the partisan and Katusas. Dollar monopoly was crushed and the Freeworld had been polarised and has been rising: ASEAN, SouthAm, the mighty African continent battling for freedom against the white saxonic creature.

And so the cash began leaving for good. In order to move cash from one place to another, there has to be a place to move it to first. For a while there wasn't such a thing. Eventually Russian rubble became convertible sometime in 2006 or 2005 actually laying the foundation for foreign investment.

Today, both USA and UK are trying to re-attract the cash through desperate bond issues. Both have issued some 150-250B worth of bond sales but neither sold much. Not surprising since investment in west is econ suicide today.

So it appears that Russian bond issue in Loondon is a test to see if cash can be sucked out of west, increasing the west prolapse.

It's very possible that even the giant WMD-backing west bank complex that's floated by the cash of the west baboons will have to, in order to hive some of the stolen cash away, invest in Russia now.

As far as the article drivel about Russia needing west cash, well, that's all laughable nonsense.


7:50 -- comrade Obama's Kenyan

Well said there. Right, they put all these fuses in the system so they can pull it, if needs be. But in general, it makes no difference. One has to marvel at the outrageous simplicity of the west creatures.

It's just like 911. It can only impress a total cretin. 1st grader cannot be bamboozled by any of this.

Obama's clearly a fall guy, a little scapegoat. But it's amazing to me, how silly, utterly silly they are in their ways.

Look, even.... Even if one loves Bush II/Blair evil and enjoy burning children to death overseas in order to strengthen the saxon DNA strand and its imperialist psychosis... even if one is this deranged, one cannot be satisfied with the west performance.

West is losing every single imperialist battle they've taken on. West generals are simply not performing. West WMD investment is not performing. West imperialism isn't working, even if one agrees with the evil.

This is why the evil cash that floated the west monster is leaving. And this is why west patriotic calls for its imperial way are just hollow fascist-resembling barks today.

No one can be satisfied with west today. Humans must object to the war crimes and the saxon non-human child murdering swill that still waves the west flags of terror has to understand that its own leadership has failed it on every level and the trillions are never coming back to the coffers.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Soros, Carlyle, and Rothchild clan invest in Russia today.

And all this just highlights the ongoing quandary about the west which is that it's made of the most cretinous brainstem matter available perhaps in the entire universe.

poiuytr said...


8:23 -- "I don't understand this site at all. "

I don't either. :) It's your site, your commentary that makes it or not. There isn't much agreement any longer for many readers are west and as such cling on to their west roots, west ways, and deep down share the west disease of superiority with those they love to condemn prima facia. While they may rubbish the war crimes, west media lies, and bailout theft, deep down they're only angry about their decaying circumstances -- be it: non-freckly-saxon takeover of their ill-gotten lands; receiving a box of war remains; getting a "get out of this bank-owned house" letter; or pay more imperial tax for more wars notice.

The best I can figure it's important to keep highlighting the west terminal prolapse, keep driving the same points home in a perhaps desperate and pointless effort to combat the west media and political war machine.

As such west baboon prolapse is a matter to be celebrated, cherished, and jubilated, something that turns the west monkeys rumps bright red -- especially as half a million of them lose jobs every month and their life savings are being swiped in front of their war-watching snouts by their betters for more west war crimes.

But so long as there's some debate... As far as JamesW goes, he tends to take days off.


8:48 -- China's copper in Afghanistan

Isn't that great?! I think it was last NBN... there were quotes of the west baboons on this. Amazing stuff! USA was lamenting they're spending billions trying to bring peace to Afghanistan and China's ripping them off. Or one was like "we're bleeding in Afghanistan and China's reaping the benefits". Or one, even better one was showing the total demented psychosis of the west creatures: "USA is trying to leave Afghanistan and China's moved in for good".

It's fantastic how no west plan is ever working out. Someone in Warshington has figured out the common link twixt all west failures is Moscow chess playing and so they're trying to solve that one now.


12:49 -- Can anything be more absurd than these so-called (Karzai) elections?

How about the Irish alright-we-want-the-lesbian-treaty-then vote, or Merkel election behind the closed doors, or Bush II first and second election, or comrade Obama's election, or Yuscenko's orange and bananas elections, or the Obama's 15B bailout of GM so it can go bankrupt. You name it, all things west are perverted and absurd.


of course, all kind words are appreciated.... not for the sake of my bruised ego but since it points to some collective perhaps-holistic understanding regarding the common disease all people on the planet are suffering.

Anonymous said...

re 22:00

The West, as you have said, is a disease, a psychosis, and a plague as a people.

It is not just Western regimes that are plague. It's the people themselves.

They attempt to impose their Goebellsian reality on everyone else by presenting the West as the Good Guys nobly liberating and rescuing the world--through the West's genocidal war and exploitation, that is.

And of course, any opponent of the West is the bad guy somehow obstructing the West's oh-so benevolent crimes against humanity. LOL.

Truly, Western civilization and its "people" are a pathological cancer on the world.

Treat them as such, and destroy them.

poiuytr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poiuytr said...

1Nov news:

CIT bankrupt.

This is particularly fun since USA gave part ownership to some Saudi royal to keep OPEC faithful to the dying dollar about a yr ago. Then they stuffed it, like all other west elite "derivative" WMD-investing banks with tens of billions of baboon cash.

Sadly, the asset didn't make it despite the clever "debt exchange" idea in which they give USA baboons their debt in exchange for baboon's cash.

It's a small wonder then that Saudis are trying to hurriedly unhinge from the imminent dollar death.

All west gifts, be it a title to realestate, firms, or banks, are more like Trojan horses now. Accepting them is accepting liability now.

This is gonna be particularly difficult for comrade Obama's begging teams flying around the globe trying to endear someone with these horrendously toxic bribes.

poiuytr said...

Indeed, west is the disease: from the top policy makers down to the cubicle-squatting, TV eating trailer trash.

Anonymous said...

CIT files for 5th largest U.S. bankruptcy
Small business lender seeks court approval for a debt reorganization that has approval of bondholders. November 1, 2009
The 10 largest U.S. bankruptcies
From Lehman to Pacific Gas and Electric, the mighty have fallen, taking down billions and billions with them.
NEW YORK — CIT Group Inc., one of the nation's leading funders of small and medium-sized businesses, filed for the fifth largest bankruptcy by assets in U.S. history Sunday as part of a reorganization plan that has the support of an overwhelming majority of debtholders. In a statement, the company said it is asking the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York for a quick approval of the prepackaged plan. CIT said none of its operating subsidiaries would be affected by the filing, allowing them to continue operations.
"The decision to proceed with our plan of reorganization will allow CIT to continue to provide funding to our small business and middle market customers, two sectors that remain vitally important to the U.S. economy," said CIT (CIT, Fortune 500) chairman Jeffrey M. Peek. In the bankruptcy filing, CIT said it had $71 billion in assets and $64.9 billion in liabilities.
While the required percentage of debtholders approved the prepackaged bankruptcy procedure, the company said it did not receive the required support from bondholders for a $5.9 billion debt exchange offer that would have prevented the Chapter 11 filing.
CIT said it expects the reorganization to total debt by approximately $10 billion, significantly reduce its liquidity needs over the next three years, enhance its capital ratios and accelerate its return to profitability. CIT said an additional $4.5 billion in credit obtained Wednesday will allow it to meet the needs of its clients and continue day-to-day operations during the bankruptcy approval process. The company said it has also obtained an additional $1 billion in credit to provide supplemental liquidity.

Anonymous said...

A day of peace reigns. Lively, eye-opening exchanges on this site. I found poiuytr's summary of recent rigged elections most instructive. What I did miss, though, was a line to the effect that all (without exception) voting efforts are rigged to suit the purposes of those in power. In other words, it is not only the demise of the dollar (or yen, etc) we're witnessing. The demise of democracy, decadent political form that it is, preceded it by many long years.

Anonymous said...

If a pro comment may be allowed: what the west has given to the world is perfect thievery and excellent plumbing. Now let's use that to flush them down the bog.

Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez says Israeli tourists not welcomed
By: LA VOZ DE AZTLAN on: 02.11.2009
We all have heard of "the ugly American" and of the unfriendly reception US tourists receive in many countries especially in France. Well now there is "the ugly Israeli" especially in Venezuela.
Ever since the 22 day brutal and merciless bombardment of homes, schools, hospitals and mosques in Gaza by the Israeli criminal regime, many Israeli tourists are receiving the cold shoulder in countries they visit and some do not want them at all. It is no surprise that high level Israeli government and military officials do not dare set foot in certain countries for fear of being arrested but snubbing the regular Israeli citizen is a relative new phenomena.
Last week an Israeli tour group scheduled to visit Venezuela was forced to cancel its trip due to its inability to obtain visas from the Venezuelan government. According to Arutz Sheva News, a group of 13 Israelis was set to fly to Venezuela but the tour company, Echo Outdoor Touring Ltd., had to cancel because it was unable to obtain the required visas.
Soon after the Israeli government massacred over 1,400 Palestinian civilians of which over 300 were children, President Hugo Chavez kicked out the Israeli ambassador from Caracas and Israel retaliated by expelling Venezuela's ambassador to Israel. Today Israelis seeking a Venezuelan visa must apply through a consulate outside Israel.

Good man, Chavez. Never any shilly-shallying.

Anonymous said...

It is Japan we should be worrying about, not America

Japan is drifting helplessly towards a dramatic fiscal crisis. For 20 years the world's second-largest economy has been able to borrow cheaply from a captive bond market, feeding its addiction to Keynesian deficit spending – and allowing it to push public debt beyond the point of no return. - 01 Nov 2009
The rocketing cost of insuring against the bankruptcy of the Japanese state is telling us that the model has smashed into the buffers. Credit default swaps (CDS) on five-year Japanese debt have risen from 35 to 63 basis points since early September. Japan has suddenly decoupled from Germany (21), France (22), the US (22), and even Britain (47).
Regime-change in Tokyo and the arrival of Yukio Hatoyama's neophyte Democrats – raising $550bn (£333bn) to help fund their blitz on welfare and the "new social policy" – have concentrated the minds of investors at long last. "Markets are worried that Japan is going to hit a brick wall: the sums are gargantuan," said Albert Edwards, a Japan-veteran at Société Générale.
The IMF expects Japan's gross public debt to reach 218pc of gross domestic product (GDP) this year, 227pc next year, and 246pc by 2014. This has been manageable so far only because Japanese savers have been willing – or coerced – into lending for almost nothing. The yield on 10-year government bonds has been around 1.30pc this year, though they jumped to 1.42pc last week.

Got it? Got it. Hatoyama's enemies baying loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

Number Crunching
-5.9% Contraction in UK economy during current recession
+7.4% Average rise in salaries for bosses of FTSE 100 companies in last year

This is the age of the bonus and the weighty pay package for the haves!

Anonymous said...

The have-nots should eat cake, I tell you.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, west is the disease: from the top policy makers down to the cubicle-squatting, TV eating trailer trash.


Cubicle-squatting trailer park trash.

This is an accurate description of the average Ameriscum.

A nation of morbidly obsese cubicle-squatters and TV-watching cretins--who reside in one of America's posh Obamaville/tent cities.

You are certainly trenchant, my fried.

Anonymous said...

No danger for Japan, O8:36
Japan has already passed through what the US are still in. The Japanese Flu was during 1980-2000, with Bank of Japan zero interest policy and yen carry trade. Today, everything has changed. Even Japan is engaging
now in the dollar carry trade.
Nikkei performance is weaker than the Dow, but this is because Japan is an export-oriented economy, whereas the US are an import- oriented economy. This is why you cannot see from the Dow, how the US economy is really performing.

Anonymous said...

What US economy? That Ford reports a small 3Q profit? Ha, ha! No economy, but brilliant, dust-in-the-eyes throwing performances all around.

Anonymous said...

I have only just discovered NBN and must say this article covers a broad range of information. Most interesting and not included due to time is the Bankruptcy of CIT I just saw. But otherwise thoroughly comprehensive.

Anonymous said...

Hey, brilliant, a must read.

Anonymous said...

Copenhagen Agreement is a Plan for World Government
The aim is to give a new as yet unnamed U.N. body the power to directly intervene in the financial, economic, tax and environmental affairs of all the nations that sign the Copenhagen treaty.
How do we get out of this one, folks?

Anonymous said...

Russia 'simulates' nuclear attack on Poland
Russia has provoked outrage in Poland by simulating an air and sea attack on the country during military exercises.
By Matthew Day in Warsaw - 1 Nov 2009
The armed forces are said to have carried out "war games" in which nuclear missiles were fired and troops practised an amphibious landing on the country's coast. Documents obtained by Wprost, one of Poland's leading news magazines, said the exercise was carried out in conjunction with soldiers from Belarus.
Russia to move rockets to EU border if Poland hosts US missile shieldThe manoeuvres are thought to have been held in September and involved about 13,000 Russian and Belarusian troops. Poland, which has strained relations with both countries, was cast as the "potential aggressor".
The documents state the exercises, code-named "West", were officially classified as "defensive" but many of the operations appeared to have an offensive nature.
The Russian air force practised using weapons from its nuclear arsenal, while in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which neighbours Poland, Red Army forces stormed a "Polish" beach and attacked a gas pipeline. The operation also involved the simulated suppression of an uprising by a national minority in Belarus – the country has a significant Polish population which has a strained relationship with authoritarian government of Belarus.

Anonymous said...

Putin cautions EU over Ukraine's gas paying issue
MOSCOW, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) — Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warned his Swedish counterpart Fredrik Reinfeldt, rotating president of the European Union (EU), on Sunday that Ukraine might again have difficulty paying for Russian natural gas.
During a telephone conversation, Putin urged EU attention to possible problems in Ukraine's payment for Russian gas, news agencies quoted the Russian government's press office as saying.
"Thus, problems may arise in transit of Russian gas to Europe via Ukraine," said the press office.
Putin was reassured by Reinfeldt, whose country currently holds the rotating EU presidency, that he would notify the European Commission of Russia's concerns.
On Friday Putin had already held a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Yulia Tymoshenko over the issue, saying that "it seems we are again seeing problems with the payment of our energy supplies (from Ukraine)."

Anonymous said...

India is preparing for possible war with China and Pakistan - October 31
Tensions have flared between both China and India militaries along their disputed 2,175 mile-long border, with both sides alleging more frequent troop incursions in recent weeks. China is upset when the Indian prime minister recently visit the disputed region. China considers an Indian-occupied piece of it’s own Tibetan Autonomous Region, has added flames to the fire.
China of course already deeply resents the fact that the top Tibetan leader, and several hundred thousand exiled Tibetans, are allowed to reside in India.
India’s Maoist rebels are now present in 20 states and have evolved into a potent and lethal insurgency. In the last four years, the Maoists have killed more than 900 Indian security officers. Indian leaders are now preparing to deploy nearly 70,000 paramilitary officers to hunt down the guerrillas.The Maoists, however, do not want to secede or be absorbed. Their goal is to topple the system.
India’s rapid economic growth has made it an emerging global power but also deepened stark inequalities in society. Maoists accuse the government of trying to push tribal groups off their land to gain access to raw materials and have sabotaged roads, bridges and even an energy pipeline.
India is preparing the military for possible war with China and Pakistan. India and Russia have agreed two military pacts, including a 10-year deal on weapons, aircraft, and maintenance contracts potentially worth at least $5 billion, Indian defense officials said. India plans to spend $30 billion over the next five years to buy modern weapons systems and attack planes.
The agreement will certainly help as Russia needs a market and India needs a strategic reassurance to sort out relations that were going sour. India also wants to use the renewed focus on Russia as a counterweight to China, while a strong presence in South Asia could help Moscow keep an eye on China. India fears China is trying to encircle it as they jostle for resources and global influence.
China is a greater anxiety for Russia in the long run and politically it is desirable for India to strengthen relations with Russia.

Anonymous said...

Well, that gets a laugh or two out of me. India hopes to beat China when it can't even face the Pakistani armed forces? And then India expects Russian help in any forthcoming wars. India was once a favoured partner of the Russians. Then the Indians decided they preferred a few toffees from US-Israel. Of course, the country is in the hands of a white woman so what else can one expect? Usual nonsensical make-believe world they live in, those Indians.

Anonymous said...

China launches huge trade and business ties with Albania - November 1, 10:25 AMNY Economy and Politics ExaminerSahit MujaPrevious
China's Vice Premier Zhang and Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha said the two countries were facing new opportunities for further development.
The two sides are focusing on trade and economic cooperation, actively promoting cooperation in such fields as, mining, tourism and agriculture.
Berisha observed that the potential of Albania-China relations was huge, and that Albania was ready to maintain high-level exchanges, deepen economic and trade cooperation and facilitate Chinese investment in Albania.
Economic crises in the world have shown that the one who is strong, fast and works hardest will definitely emerge in the world Economy.
Albania with amazing untapped natural resources in cooperation with China an industrialized nation looking to strongly capture the European Market and setting up strategic influence in the region. Making Albania a store front for Europe to purchase China's Products will be the best investment China ever made in Europe.
In Albania, China will have amazing opportunities to trade their goods with the Balkans, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and benefit from 100s of billions of dollars Albania and Kosovo have in minerals.
According to the latest figures economic growth in Albania was around 4% this year. Albania's economic development in recent years and the state of the reforms already carried out, particularly in the banking sector.Albania has the world's best growth in tourism and investment for 2009.

Anonymous said...

The documents state the exercises, code-named "West", were officially classified as "defensive" but many of the operations appeared to have an offensive nature.

Looks like Russians have been reading Nation by Nation.

An nuclear war exercise simply entitled "West."


The only thing better would be if it were entited "Annihilate West."

The average cubicle-squatting West monkey will be eating a TOPOL nuclear warhead down its throat.

Anonymous said...

Taliban Decline US Offer Of 6 Provinces for 8 Bases
US negotiators had offered the Taliban leadership through Mullah Wakil Ahmed Mutawakkil (former Taliban foreign minister) that if they accept the presence of NATO troops in Afghanistan, they would be given the governorship of six provinces in the south and northeast." Their answer was the only one a self-respecting person could give: Thank you, but no thanks. Leave and all will be well.

Anonymous said...

The United States congratulated Hamid Karzai on his "historic" re-election as Afghan president and looks forward to working with him, the American embassy in Kabul said in a statement Monday. The statement also welcomed the decision by the country's Independent Election Commission (IEC) not to hold a run-off election this weekend after Karzai's only challenger, Abdullah Abdullah, pulled out of the contest.
Unflipping believable!

Anonymous said...

RBS to cut 3,700 UK branch jobs
Royal Bank of Scotland to cut 14% of workforce in move union denounces as 'madness'. "Prosperous" Britain having a high old time.

Anonymous said...

Has Pharma Giant Baxter International Released A Bioweapon in the Ukraine?
Whistleblower Moshe claimed that Baxter's laboratory in the Ukraine out of all places was creating this biological weapon. All of this came out in the beginning of August, which is more than 2 months before the situation that is currently unfolding. For Moshe to correctly name the country where a new epidemic would be unleashed, requires either inside information, or an incredible coincidence as anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics can confirm for himself.

Where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

re: 18:16

India has joined the USIsraeli Axis--albeit covertly.

Recently, the USA has been training its troops in India for deployment in the counter-insurgency war in Iraq.

Trained in India, to fight in Iraq

And it's an open secret that Israel is arming and training Indian troops to fight is counter-insurgency war in Kashmir.

Former U.S. president Bush calls on India to support U.S. in Afghan war

Evil minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

Quite agree, 10:18, evil minds do think alike. What India's role will be exactly in the Freeworld is a matter of some conjecture. To let it go down with the rest of the west seems an undeserved punishment for the totally innocent Indian masses.

Anonymous said...

Israeli soldiers fight just as badly as their Indian counterparts, so that boils down to the lame leading the blind. As for the "qualities" of the US military man, we'll leave the question open.

Anonymous said...

Well, India is always preparing for war somewhere or the other, just like Israel. Add to that their imperfect military skills and the two I's are perfectly matched, even if one is a giant and the other a dwarf.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy Filings to Match Divorce Filings in 2009: 1.5 Million. 35.8 Million Americans on Food Stamps - 11 Percent of the Population. Indicators of the Misery Index.
It is a sobering fact that in 2009, there will be as many people filing for bankruptcy as those filing for a divorce. We are on track to seeing an average of nearly 5,900 bankruptcy filings a day for 2009

Anonymous said...

One million homes in Britain are empty
The number of UK homes standing empty has hit one million, the highest ever level, a charity has revealed. The Empty Homes Agency reported that more than one in 20 properties have been unoccupied for six months or more, a figure described as "shocking" by homelessness charities.
"Let them stay at the Hilton, BWAH HAA HAA HAA HAA"

Anonymous said...

Britzies, stay at the Hilton!

Well, that's better than America, where people stay in some Obamaville tent city.

The AmeriNazi people getting what they deserve.

It's priceless.


Anonymous said...

Dear Americans:

Here is a video love letter for you and your precious baby-murdering stormtroopers.



Fuck The Troops II: Some People Push Back

Anonymous said...

Majority wants US air base in Japan moved - 3.11.09
TOKYO: A majority of residents in Okinawa say they want the United States to move its controversial air base off the southern Japanese island, or even out of the country entirely, according to a poll on Tuesday.
A dispute over a planned relocation of the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Base on Okinawa has clouded Japan's security ties with its most important ally ahead of a visit by US President Barack Obama to Japan on November 12-13. Seventy percent of people polled in Okinawa said Tokyo should negotiate with Washington to have the air base moved off Okinawa or outside Japan, the Mainichi Shimbun and the Ryukyu Shimpo said in the joint survey.

See, the NBN readers get it, the Japs get it, the Afghans get it. Only, alas, the West, the governing and governed alike, are as dumb as ever.

Anonymous said...

The forgotten war? Even as casualties among the invaders casually mount in Iraq and
outgoing UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei criticizes the United States for using a 'false pretext' to invade Iraq, costing 'the lives of possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians,' Nakshbandi Ezat Al Duri announces the formation of a new joint Jihad, Liberation and National Salvation Front which will include all Iraqi Resistance groups. On your way out, you Zioimperialists! Run while you still get the chance. Later, it's the casket-return for you, hastily covered up by your respective governments.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the old chap also known as the Red Fox? Great leader, man, great leader!

Anonymous said...

£4,350 per family to bail out Britain's banks
Tax liability to prop up banking system increases as Alistair Darling announces biggest bail-out in history. (DT)

Anonymous said...

"See, the NBN readers get it, the Japs get it, the Afghans get it. Only, alas, the West, the governing and governed alike, are as dumb as ever."

Aside from the racist slur about "Japs," this comment is wrong.

The Western hordes are not dumb. This is an alibi that let's these criminals off the hook.

The Western filth are pathological liars, manipulators, and predators.

They pretend not to understand this because they refuse to face who they are as a people: genociders without limit.

Anonymous said...

Just one comment: 11:01: In my book, pathological liars, manipulators and predators are not showing great intelligence in their acts. They are afflicted with stupidity first and foremost. But why one must quarrel over a term here, a term there, the blight of this site to date, I really do not understand. Genociders without limit are everything you, say plus insanely stupid.

Anonymous said...

India dumps dollars for IMF gold - is China next in line? - 3.11.09
The IMF announcement yesterday that it had sold virtually half of its planned 403.3 tonnes of gold, destined to increase its resources for lending to low-income countries, to India came as something of a surprise to the market. Not perhaps that a Central Bank had made the purchase, but the hard money had been on China to do so, not India.

Anonymous said...

Press TV - November 3, 2009
Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Jaber al-Sabah says Iran's nuclear program is peaceful and Tehran has the right to continue its nuclear program. "All countries have the right to use peaceful nuclear technology, and we believe that Iran's activities are in the area of peaceful nuclear energy, and we support such a program," IRNA quoted al-Sabah as saying in a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in Kuwait on Tuesday.
During the meeting, Mottaki and al-Sabah discussed the latest bilateral and regional issues. The Kuwaiti emir also stated that Iran's security enhances the security of the Middle East region. "We regard Iran's security as our own security," al-Sabah added.

Anonymous said...

Bank of Ireland reports huge loss - 4.11.09
Bank of Ireland has announced losses of almost 1bn euros (£895m) for the six months to the end of September. The bank has said that the total value of loans that it thinks might not be repaid will be 6.9bn euros (£6.1bn) for the period to April 2011.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell us what to make of the flu thing in the Ukraine. Is it to be taken seriously or just laughed off?

poiuytr said...

18:52 bio attack on Russia via Ukraine seems real, as real as the west USA-flu lab disease launch. Read this:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, poiuytr. Clarity reigns.

Anonymous said...

re: 21:12

If America is indeed lauching a bio-warfare terror campaign against Russia, what will Russia do?

Silently accept it, or expose the criminal nation of America for its latest crime against humanity?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever known Russia, 02:38, to drag something out in the court of public opinion? The bitter years of monstrous west propaganda warfare against the Soviet Union and afterwards have taught them their lesson. So neither will there be silent acceptance nor open denunciation. Expect rather a well-articulated, highly efficient response like the "pandemic" bomb going off in Finland or some other Scandinavian state. Vigilance is the word.

Anonymous said...

Russia and People Republic of China closer and closer - 4.11.09
Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, together with a Russian business delegation, has sealed over five billion dollars in deals with China on energy, infrastructure and space exploration. The lucrative agreements are the outcome of talks with China's leaders in Beijing Russia Today reports.
In terms of security cooperation, the two countries agreed to notify one another on any launches of ballistic missiles. Both Russia and China are permanent members of the UN Security Council and are big players when it comes to negotiations with Iran and North Korea, so talks on those issues took place on the sidelines of the major deals.
The foundation has been set as well for a future pipeline which, when built, will bring up to 70 billion cubic meters of gas a year from Russia to China.

While the RIC, Russia, India, China grouping, slumbers, Russian-Chinese cooperation remains on the alert.

Anonymous said...

German workers strike as GM to axe 10,000
Staff at General Motor's German arm will walk out in defiance of carmaker's shock U-turn on selling Vauxhall and Opel

Anonymous said...

The US financial arena has become a dangerous land of acidic minted paper posing as money, whose volumes are so gargantuan, that the corrosive effect on capital borders on total. The United States is the home of the worst economists ever to walk on the earth, who command iconic respect, yet who never properly justify their past string of failures, and past numerous chapters of baseless mythology upon which the USEconomy has been built and continues to rest. The US has adopted the Weimar financial plan, complete with high risks. The cast of foreign creditors and major trade partners have almost all begun deep commitments for a new IMF global reserve basket of currencies to temporary displace the USDollar. They have almost all begun deep commitments for international trade settlements outside the USDollar, like for crude oil. The primary adversary is clearly the Chinese, who have among other steps installed Yuan currency swap facilities worldwide. The combined effect is to knock the USDollar off its perch in global reserve currency status. The Chinese hold the spearhead to de-throne the USDollar. Behind the scenes, the Germans work steadily to remove the US and UK from their perch, clearly held by strong-arm means like with interventions in markets too numerous to name. The point is that the entire world has shown early and urgent commitment to move AWAY from the USDollar, not toward it. They do not seek safety and security in the USDollar arenas any longer. They drive the new Paradigm Shift in another direction.

Anonymous said...

George Soros Lauds Chinese Model Of Goverment –Wants Global Governance Under UN Security Council - 5.11.09
Would that be the same US Security Council that cannot govern Israel? Because of the UN Security Council cannot control a nation half the size of New Jersey, how the heck do you expect them to handle an entire planet?

Anonymous said...

Saudi airforce hits Yemen rebels after border raid - 5.11.09
Saudi Arabia has launched heavy air strikes on rebels in northern Yemen and is moving troops nearer the border after a raid into its territory by the Shi'ite insurgents, a Saudi government adviser said Thursday.
Yemen, whose president and government the US continues to prop up in this proxy war against Houthi rebels, is well on its way to becoming a failed state. The Saudis understand that destabilization in Yemen could very easily spill over into Saudi Arabia. Yemen's President Selah is surrounded by a government so corrupt its members have to screw their socks on in the morning. When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable. That is what we are seeing in Yemen.

One can only wonder how long before we see a complete collapse of this government; the question is, what will fill the void after this happens? Yemen's people, who live with a 46% poverty rate, will not take too kindly to yet another western-imposed and supported dictator who has no interest in improving their welfare, or quality of life.

Anonymous said...

President's address to the Ukrainian people on the occasion of flu epidemic in Ukraine - 5.11.09
"But now, in this moment there is no time for waiting or remonstrance.
National Security and Defense Council should become the center of decision-making.
Failure to comply with its orders will immediately result in application to the law enforcement authorities."
Sounds like they just declared martial law! Also this: Ukrainian News Agency Fraza reported that, according to informed sources, it has been confirmed: 100% Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine "Pandemic"
I wonder if the ukrainian president likes his little european/US buddies now. lol. I think the eastern block countries need to start begging to become a part of russia again.

poiuytr said...

BTW, lots of great articles!

2:38 -- bio attack on Russia and Russia's response

Like 8:27 says, Russia never ever telegraphs anything and rarely speaks on what it has done. Pulmonary plague in Ukraine or not, we've been in the very prelude of WWIII for a decade.

West attacked the world in 2001 and since then has been actively pursuing the destruction of the planet by any and all means available to the west beast short of provoking a direct missile response. It wanted to run the whole world subjugating everyone and everything.

But... as you know: the west is prolapsed economically with terminal gangrene replacing the once might dollar monopoly. West is turning into a dictatorship cuz it no longer can afford to keep the baboon zoo fed. The beast has been stopped physically in Iraq and is getting a bloodletting in Afghanistan. It's lost all leverage on China and west war financiers are reduced to slurp up to Beijing in hope to find a job there. Iran stands untouchable by the west disease today and never again will west drain Iraqi oil at pre-2003 levels. Much of Africa is rising purging west evil and striking coops with Russia and China. Saudis are steadfast shuffling off the dollar. Georgia, the west war proxy, has been physically castrated. Ukraine is being liberated from the orange west theft. SouthAm is off its knees in a large part and west influence has been reduced to Paraguay, Peru governance, Colombia, Panama, and Honduras. North Pole has been carved away from the west freckly child murderers and USA is in effect missile-surrounded. Now, comrade Obama's trying to grapple with the sudden loss of the Japan colony, its last ASEAN war foothold.

None of this is an accident.

West's 2001 assault on the world has met a brilliantly orchestrated counteroffensive. Yes, in the light of the mindstopping atrocities committed by the west beast in Gaza, Iraq, in its many concentration camps, this is a large statement to make. Yes, many are impatient about the end of the west beast but it has to be understood that west isn't just a psychotic child murdering blood thirsty monster but it's armed to teeth with nukes, HAARP, bio weapons, and all sorts of diabolical weaponry. but understand that in the 90s, west owned the entire world including Russia.

Taking it down while avoiding a WWIII is immensely difficult and may not be achieved but so far the Freeworld keeps rising and west keeps prolapsing.

If indeed the plague explosion in Ukraine is the work of the beast, there shall be repercussions but there won't be a single word printed -- anywhere, safe perhaps for NBN.

Remember recently Russia "acquiescing" west insurgents in attacking Helmand? Many were angered by Russia's sudden flip flop. It only took 3 wks to show that Russia gave west a Trojan horse, its very personal Stalingrad, the size of Afghanistan, in which west hoards of child murdering insurgents are destined to perish.

This has been the case all along. The thing the west pervert hasn't grasped is that the game can be played by two...and thanks to Russia's arming of the Freeworld, by hundreds now.

poiuytr said...

15:45 -- Soros slither to China

Take this as a sign of complete west failure -- on all levels. Even the very top war investment carlyle monsters are running now, begging China to get a desk job.

Soros bought Russia's energy for 300M USD in the early 90s. Many of the grabitisation officers wound up behind bars and Russian energy, plus everything else, has been rescued and is used to dictate to the west freckly scum today via Ukraine gaslines.

All west derivative or war investments have perished in Helmand, in Baghdad, in Falluja, in Basra and been zapped like west mighty legions.

There is no more investment possible and so even the top rats are jumping the west sinking Titanic.

Sure, recovery, via bailout thefts and consolidation of elite west war junta assets, is underway but it's bringing a mere fraction of the erstwhile 500T USD "derivative/war" market.

They wanted to own the planet and got an empty wallet and their own nations are filled with increasingly angry baboons. They wanted to rule the planet and can't even rule Iraq and Afghanistan after a decade of actively trying. They wanted to control the world's market and can't even control its own currency prolapse.

So they're reduced to slurping up to anyone who'll care to listen. Soros and comrade Obama's sudden praises of Mao, Confucius (not a joke! WhitewashHouse did celebrate Confucius as if they knew what it was) and overtures to merge the dead dollar with Yuan while bringing China gifts of firms and banks, are all silly and pathetic today. It's as silly as Kissinger and Baker begging in Moscow on their lizard scaly bellies. It's as silly as comrade Obama's begging Taliban to split Afghanistan just now and call it a truce.

The west creature, be it the one holding the reins, or just one of the freckly war-watching cubicle-squatting baboon squalor, they're all incapable of learning Mandarin, or becoming civilised in any way.

Anonymous said...

Putin attacks GM for U-turn on Opel
• Opel workers walk out in protest but relief at Vauxhall
• Carmaker scraps agreement with Magna and Sberbank - 5.11.09
The row over General Motors' decision to scrap a European sales deal supported by Russia and Germany escalated today, with Vladimir Putin accusing the car group of "scornful" behaviour.
The Russian president said his country had learned a lesson about US corporate behaviour after GM's sudden U-turn on an agreement to hive off Opel and Vauxhall to Magna of Canada and Sberbank of Russia.
"The last-minute refusal to complete the Opel deal is not harmful to our interests, but it shows that our American partners have a very original culture when dealing with counterparties," Putin told a cabinet meeting.
"We will have to take into account this style of dealing with partners in the future, though this scornful approach toward partners mainly affects the Europeans, not us. GM did not warn anyone, did not speak to anyone… despite all the agreements reached and documents signed. Well, I think it is a good lesson."
Putin on Wednesday said he thought the battle for Opel was not over, saying it was the trust overseeing Opel, not GM's board, that should decide further steps.

For once, even Putin loses his cool and lets them have it straight from the shoulder. All this will have repercussions in a none too distant future.

Anonymous said...

Wholehearted agreement, poiuytr, over the west creature's inability to learn Mandarin or become civilised. Scams and warfare, that's about the sum of their capabilities. Up the Freeworld, strike a few decisive blows.

James Wolfe said...

Even Arab traitors and turncoats are turning on their oppressors.

Twelve shot dead at US army base

Another outstanding NBN by Poiuytr, please don't be mad at me for my days off. I don't the intellect and stamina that you have. You can literally talk and type for DAYS. I can't compete with you.

The despicable West’s demise cheers me no end, when I'm depressed, disillusioned and feel defeated. Here in the UK, the British Government has spent another $50 billion on propping-up the failed Royal Bank of Scotland. The UK Gov has forked out over $200 billion so far, add this with the collapsing pound and refusal of foreigners to by debt, the UK having its worst recession EVER, 1 million vacated homes, 2 million unemployed. Hell is gonna break loose here.

GM back stabbing Germany and Russia is so typically American, after taking German state funds 1.4 billion euros, and accepting a 3.5 billion euro loan guarentee. Government Motors back stabs Merkel, despite travelling to the US and grovelling to the Congresswhores, crocodile tears about the holocaust. Obama betrays her when she arrives back home.

Merkel and Germany have been seriously sucking up to Russia, these past few months and recent years. This hasn’t gone unnoticed in Washington, that still views Germany as an occupied state to do with as it please.

I’ve read reports that the Germans have demanded their goal back from the NY Fed Res were its stored, and German delegates apparently swore at the US delegation at the G20 summit in London. Germany has according to Jim Willie been instrumental is setting up a new gold back currency and global financial system aiding the Chinese, Arabs and Russians. In designing new platforms. According to Fisk’s article the Germans are colluding in getting rid of the dollar. Just what the hell is up with Germany, whose side our the Germans on? Are they just jumping the sinking ship called “West”? Or playing both the Freeworld and the evil Anglo-American-Israeli Empire against each other?

The bio attack on Ukraine, is to be expected, the West is hell bent on destroying Russia that’s obvious for all to see. To attack Russia directly with a bio weapon like swine or bird flu would incur immediate brutal retaliation. As Ukraine is next door to Russia, and half of all Ukrainians have immediate relatives in Russia. The US has taken the cheap and cynical option.

The Russians are already aware of Western specifically designed bio weapons targeting ethnic and racial groups (A-rabs, Iranians, Russkies).

Russia bans specimen exports

Iran Accuses US of Manufacturing Genetic Weapons

Part 1

James Wolfe said...

I’ve read recent articles that BP and Royal Dutch shell have won major oil contracts in Iraq, this has depressed me greatly. Just what is happening in Iraq, or Afghanistan for that matter. The US isn’t leaving, yet at the same time their economy, the US economy has ceased to function, the $24 trillion the US has spent in the last year, has done nothing to help its economy. These grotesque Empire lives on, I’m just to damn impatient.

The stupidity of West hordes over the outrageous crime of 9/11 knows no limits. After lauding these workers, the US promptly forgets and ignores them.

Hundreds of 9/11 first responders die of cancer

Even the hired rapist mercenaries are being shafted.

Insurance companies deny compensation to Iraq contractors

The West baboon know what’s really happening they just ignore it because

1) They don’t give a damn.
2) They actually like inflicting misery on others because they feel superior.
3) To cowardly to do anything.

Putin and the free world deserves credit for defeating the West without resorting a nuclear world war, that said the game isn’t over yet. A wounded animal when trapped is when it’s most dangerous. The West is a wild and irrational vicious animal, that cannot be underestimated.

I don’t have patience and the fortitude to endure and appreciate the skill of Putin and the free world’s strategies. I need to you Poiuytr, to show me with the NBN.

Part 2

Anonymous said...

1) They don’t give a damn.
2) They actually like inflicting misery on others because they feel superior.
3) To cowardly to do anything.

I think 1 and 2 are definitely true.

As for cowardice, the West is cowardly in that they it loves to attack weak opponents (Iraq and Afghanistan) or attack others through proxies and puppets.

Anonymous said...


13 People Killed and 30 Wounded in Fort Hood Shooting

American soldier goes wacko and kills his fellow stormtroopers!

This is one of best operations since Hasan Akbar killed those US military goons at the start of the 2003 Iraq invasion.


Anonymous said...

James Wolfe, depressed, disillusioned, defeated? Yes, all that is shared by many of us on this site and elsewhere. But one thing you needn't worry about: BP and Royal Dutch Shell. If those contracts are ever honoured, then I'm a, ahem, Dutchman. Nothing will come of it, specially now that GM has backtracked on agreements signed with Russia and Germany and paved the way for many other such defaults. The unravelling of a dying empire takes time. But it is inevitable. The intrepid warriors in the Muslim world, with some backing from friends, will see to it. We are beautifully placed here to enjoy each second of the process. Patience is the supreme virtue.

Anonymous said...

13 People Killed and 30 Wounded in Fort Hood Shooting
Suspected Gunman Is Identified by ABC News as Major Nidal Malik Hasan - Nov. 5, 2009
Gunman opens fire on soldiers and civilians at the largest U.S. Army base.The suspected gunman was identified by ABC News as Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, R-Texas, told Fox News that military sources informed her that the gunman was about to be deployed to Iraq. Sources tell ABC News that this would have been his first deployment.
The shooter was killed and two other suspects, who are also soldiers, have been apprehended, Lt. Gen. Robert W. Cone said. Hasan allegedly opened fire and killed 12 people on the post before he was shot dead, bringing the total number of fatalities to 13.
The general said there were "eyewitness accounts of more than one shooter," and the others were tracked to an adjacent facility.
Cone called the attack "a terrible tragedy, stunning." He said the community was "absolutely devastated." President Obama called the Fort Hood shootings a "horrific outburst of violence." "It is difficult enough to lose" soldiers overseas, but it is "horrifying that they should lose their lives at an Army base in the U.S.," he said.
The Senate and the House of Representatives held a moment of silence this evening for the victims of the Fort Hood massacre. Texas Gov. Rick Perry ordered flags be flown at half mast until Sunday. Cone said the motive for the attack, which took place just after 1:30 p.m. CT, is unclear.

Anonymous said...

No way I'm going to feel dispirited on the day one Major Dr Nidal Malik Hasan rids the world with one masterly stroke of some of its psychotic killers.
P.S Wasn't it this Rick Perry chap who recently popped over to Jerusalem on a secret visit?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you see how well they train to kill in the US Army ? A doctor armed with 2 handguns managed to shoot 43 experienced soldiers, 12 of them to death... Now, imagine many more of that kind taking it to the streets... Do we see THE REVOLUTION in the place called America?

Anonymous said...

Dr Malik Hasan considered himself a Palestinian, in spite of lifelong white brainwash. Here are some more personal details, courtesy of US (spit, spit) media (some more of that spitting action): "He swore an oath of loyalty to the military," C.O. Grieger said. "I didn't hear anything contrary to those oaths."
But, more recently, federal agents grew suspicious. At least six months ago, Hasan came to the attention of law enforcement officials because of Internet postings about suicide bombings and other threats, including posts that equated suicide bombers to soldiers who throw themselves on a grenade to save the lives of their comrades. They had not determined for certain whether Hasan is the author of the posting, and a formal investigation had not been opened before the shooting, said law enforcement officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the case. One of the officials said late Thursday that federal search warrants were being drawn up to authorize the seizure of Hasan's computer.
Retired Army Col. Terry Lee, who said he worked with Hasan, told Fox News that Hasan had hoped President Barack Obama would pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Lee said Hasan got into frequent arguments with others in the military who supported the wars, and had tried hard to prevent his pending deployment.
Hasan attended prayers regularly when he lived outside Washington, often in his Army uniform, said Faizul Khan, a former imam at a mosque Hasan attended in Silver Spring, Md. He said Hasan was a lifelong Muslim.
Hey, hey, once a Muslim always a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Dr Nidal Hasan still alive, report lying media. 4 bullets in the body, but on life support and in no danger of immediate death. I get the feeling this is a "substitute" Dr Hasan. But time will tell.

Anonymous said...

James W's summing up above of Germany's current position was most impressive. Bravo. I say look out for a pull-out of troops by Dec 09. Also, thank you GM for showing the whole world what lying critters all USans are. Acquired and potential allies will think twice now before singing the USan anthem.

Anonymous said...

The Germans (like the Swiss) are on no side but their own. Trust a crocodile, but never trust a German (or a Swiss). But this time, willy-nilly, they have to desert the sinking ship that is the Evil E. Survival comes only at this cost.

Anonymous said...

I recently read an interesting article of a Russian military analyst (unfortunately, in Russian, and I have no time to translate it) where he described the miserable state of the US army and its inability to fight a serious enemy. Today's events are a good confirmation of that.
BTW, according to that analyst, the US Army hasn't bought a single new tank since the beginning of 1990-s, the majority of its planes are morally and physically obsolete, F-22's are not economically viable, F-35's have low flight characteristics, its fleet is very vulnerable to the sudden air and missile attack, its morale is very low etc. etc. etc. In other words, the original paper tiger.

Anonymous said...

BA slumps to record loss
Airline warns of further costs cuts as strike looms. How do you fix BA?

RBS falls to loss
Bailed-out bank stay in the red as bad debts rise.

The end is nigh for quantitative easing
Bank of England to slow rate of QE as other central banks look to end it.

Anonymous said...

Nadal Malik Hasan, Suspected Fort Hood Shooter, Was Called "Camel Jockey"

Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Harassed By Others In Military and Wanted Out, Family Said

Anonymous said...

Fort Hood shooting: Nidal Malik Hasan 'said Muslims should rise up'

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who allegedly killed 11 people before being shot and wounded by police at Fort Hood, had said Muslims should "rise up" and attack Americans in retaliation for the US war in Iraq, a former army colleague said.

Gunman Kills 12 At Fort Hood Army Base,Suspect Alive

KILLEEN, Texas (Reuters) - An Army psychiatrist opened fire with two handguns at the Fort Hood Army post on Thursday, killing 12 and wounding 31 others, Army officials said, adding the suspect was shot several times but survived.

Anonymous said...

US puts its faith in Pakistan's military
By Syed Saleem Shahzad
ISLAMABAD - Abdullah Abdullah, who this week withdrew from the presidential election runoff in Afghanistan, thereby handing victory to the incumbent, Hamid Karzai, did so under pressure from the United States, Asia Times Online has learned.
In exchange for the pullout of the non-Pashtun Abdullah, Pakistan's military has agreed to actively mediate between Washington and the Taliban over a reconciliation plan that will allow the US to exit from Afghanistan, as it is doing in Iraq, with a semblance of success. A senior Pakistani diplomat involved in backchannel negotiations on Pakistan, Afghanistan and US relations told Asia Times Online on the condition of anonymity that the deal over Abdullah, whom Islamabad considers to be pro-India, was made during the three-day visit to Pakistan last week of US Secretary of State Hitlery Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Russia spy chief: Israel arming Georgia
In a rare interview, Alexander Shlyakhturov says NATO, Ukraine, Israel arming Georgia, which may go to war again with Russia over disputed territories. Israel providing Georgia with drones, he says

Anonymous said...

Self defense, I reckon.
Looking around, here's what I gather:
Nidal Malik Hasan is his birth name.
He's been a devout Muslim all his life. Not a recent convert.
He's been in the army a long time. Worked his way up in the ranks, to Major.
He's a psychiatrist, has been working with injured vets at Walter Reid for years.
Also has a degree in biochemistry.
In the last year at Walter Reid, he'd been noted to have expressed online opinions supportive of suicide bombers. He'd also listed 'Palestinian' as nationality on a form, though he was American born. In general drawing 'official disapproval.'
His family are shocked, but note he'd become concerned over things he'd heard from soldier patients of his at Walter Reid.
He'd recently been assigned to active duty in Iraq, and was very strongly opposed to going.
He'd been trying everything he could to avoid being sent to Iraq, including offering to pay back his prior pay.
Here's what I guess from the above:
From talking to many, many injured vets, he has no illusions about the real state of affairs in Iraq.
He probably knows:
- That the US M.E. wars are for Zionist expansionism, profit, oil, and CIA drug money. Nothing to do with 'freedom', finding Bin Laden (RIP), or any of the other bullshit original justifications.
- That many of the bombing attacks on civilians and mosques are perpetrated by ZUSUK false flag teams.
- That the US death toll is far higher than reported. That many who die are secretly buried in mass graves in the desert.
- AlQaida (to the extent that it actually exists) was always a CIA cutout, ever since Mr Tim Osman (aka Osama) worked for the CIA channeling US weapons into Afghanistan to the Mujahadeen fighting the Russians.
- That the US forces have several times sacrificed significant numbers of their own troops, during 'surprising' tactical developments. Baghdad airport being an example.
- That the US routinely uses banned weapons (eg white phosphorous incendiaries), weapons that _should_ be banned (DU and DIME shells, napalm analogues, etc), and even possibly small nukes.
- That the US military tortures prisoners - including women and children.
- That US soldiers who investigate and talk about such things regularly get killed in mysterious circumstances.
He probably (and rightly) understood his reassignment would definitely result in his 'tragic death' in Iraq, and that he wasn't going to be allowed to leave the army by any means other than in coffin.
That sort of situation can make one's options very clear.

Anonymous said...

US jobless rate soars to 26-year high (10.2%)
Unemployment in USA gets worse and worse, it is now higher than it
was back in April 1983 !
And ATTENTION, please keep in mind:
The US census bureau unemployment numbers are FALSE. Since the President Clinton era they are deliberately reported TOO LOW,
as proven by ShadowStats ! The REAL US unemployment, when calculated along standard ILO rules, is about 11% higher, i.e. in reality US unemployment is now 21.3% ! Some say it's even above the 30% mark.

Anonymous said...

Fannie Mae seeking extra $US15 billion in aid after quarterly loss
The state-controlled Fannie Mae reported a net loss of $US18.9 billion ($A20.74 billion) in the third quarter on Thursday, 35 per cent smaller than a year ago but sharply higher than its $US14.8 billion ($A16.24 billion) loss in the second quarter. (6.11.09)

Anonymous said...

Venezuela sends 15000 soldiers to border with Columbia. US trying to turn Venezuela into a "terrorist-sponsoring" state, whatever that is. Never get tired, that lot, and never stop lying.

Anonymous said...

9/11, then Madrid, then 7/7, now this, all false flag stuff to work on the public and get them them to offer greater support for those unspeakable wars. Stunted US and its dwarfs trying to pass for normal-sized.

Anonymous said...

Gold reaches new record above $1,100 (6.11.09)
Gold futures barreled to a new record high above $1,100 an ounce on Friday, as news that the U.S. unemployment rate topped 10.2% in October boosted expectations the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates near zero well into next year, pressuring the dollar.

Anonymous said...

Seems the whole Fort Hood story might have been a mutiny on the part of, ehem, mutinous soldiers, striking a blow for freedom against their commanding officers. Nothing coming out of the Snakes is ever simple, only venemous.

Anonymous said...

These cases of random shooting seem to come in bursts. Now there's a report of 8 people shot in an office in Orlando of whom two at least are dead. What to make of this or the Fort Hood killings?

poiuytr said...


> please don't be mad at me for my days off. I don't the intellect and

I know the feeling. We all do, methinks. The west crimes are sapping all humans. How can the photos of murdered children not do that to all humans? No apologies needed!

> can't compete with you.

Not a competition. Remember, when you set the blog up... I didn't know what we'd do. The best I can figure it today it's a celebration of the west beast dying and NBN is no more than a collection thereof, all the little or large knells being driven into the coffin of this child murdering species from hell. The days of trying to convince the idiots that west prolapsing are gone. Even the Ron Paul and Obama-Change masturbators know that now. West prolapse is a given.

The only debate left is whether it goes on its own or in a flash of nukes. Either way, each west laceration and defeat has to be celebrated, jubilated, and spread across the planet. Especially, the snouts of the west baboons have to be doused in their own muck.

> The despicable West’s demise cheers me no end, when I'm depressed, disillusioned and feel defeated. Here in the UK, the British

Yes. It's a therapy. Group therapy. At the same time, I think in general there's been some achievement made in the area of the west propaganda destruction. West used to peddle itself as the peace-loving democracy-spreading beautiful people adorned with bouncy shiny blond hair. That's been wiped out. West is seen, as it is, even in west, as perversity on every level.

EUnuchs are about to get a hitler and EUnuch empire tax and rules. USA baboons are getting tossed from their cubicles at a rate of 200+K each month with no possible way of reverting this trend. If they don't get the bit about their perversity from NBN, they'll soon feel it.

> GM back stabbing Germany and Russia is so typically American,

Wonderful GM/Germany/USA overview! Indeed, west war juntas are all at war with one another. Just when they carved Grand EUnuchia in, they're at war with each other. LOL Always a bit late, aren't they? Had they done 911 in mid-90s, things might have gone very differently.

Germany did threaten some fiscal warfare on UK and Berlin's stupid enough to think that NordStream is gonna save them. It's all lovely! What's more enjoyable than USA v UK v Germany v French v Swiss. Let them scratch each others' eyeballs out like bubonic rats that they all are.

Swiss/USA banking war. UK slithering up to Libya's oil. France cutting deals with Iran behind USA's back. Australia selling itself like a slag to China. USA begging China and flying Mao flags. USA begging Taliban. All west lizards taking turns flying to Moscow -- begging. All are trying to leave the Stalingrad of Afghanistan now. West fiscal war bank elite setting up new axis now in hope to avoid all out fiscal warfare at the top. Classic pirates fighting over the loot scenario!


poiuytr said...

James #2

> Russia directly with a bio weapon like swine or bird flu would incur

It's like the attack on S Ossetia and Abkhazia. It's very much an attack on Russia in both cases. Perhaps, this too will result in Ukraine like parts of Georgia being wrestled out of the west talons -- if not worse for the west parasitic miscreant.

> half of all Ukrainians have immediate relatives in Russia. The US has taken the cheap and cynical option.

But... west is also cretinous. They can't figure out how to attack a country debilitated by decades of evil sanctions that's armed with nothing. West can't copy an airplane. They didn't see the Afghan Stalingrad. They can't even learn from their own past. All they can do is sloppy hits like 911, L7/7, Madrid, etc.

West can only attack children, and unarmed at that! This is fact!

Now, they're asking to go mano-a-mano with the Freeworld in the area of bio warfare? A silly wish for a cretinous monkey, isn't it?

Bio-WMDs are a complicated game -- more complicated than razing houses with bulldozers and torturing people in dungeons -- far outstripping the collective west monkey acumen. Sure, they're dabbling with it like they are with HAARP and Tesla's earthquake machines. Sure they're wetdreaming of total planet parasitic control...BUT... All they'll achieve is some accidental wipe out of their own kind.

West and bioWMDs mixes rather as well as children and matches or Bush II and non-velcro shoes.


Great article there. I love the references to "west" and "all things western". If only they'd spell it correctly with a lower-case w and added the baboon term here and there. We'd be home, JamesW. :)

And again, look at the west baboons. Their 2 yr old boys are turning into girls now from their own chemical rubbish they put in their poisoned food supply. Vaccinations are turning west kids into autistic idiots doubling the rate in ten yrs or some 12% growth now. They can't even stop it anymore. In two generations, west is all autistic. And the baboons still sit there on their rumps and ladle more BBCNN rubbish down their porkbellies.

Amazing creature, isn't it? Hope they'll keep a few for museums and zoos for people to marvel at these DNA abominations.

While this is very much a WWIII -- "either or" scenario, fancy baboons waving striped flags over their tents.


poiuytr said...

James #3

> I’ve read recent articles that BP and Royal Dutch shell have won

Not to worry here. Iraq is not west's, never will be. Either they'll keep pouring trillions in hope to mitigate the attacks on their freckly child murderers or it's Russian and Chinese's space.

> The West baboon know what’s really happening they just ignore it because

Yes. The biggest once-complainers about Bush II are now donning the west fascist uniforms cuz they've at last figured out that it's very much their rump on the line now. West is the disease -- from top down to the street baboon.

Many west scums love pointing fingers at CFR and other nonsense front acronym factions of the west disease in some deranged hope they'll be spared the prolapse. None of that! West is the disease -- from top down to the street baboon, it's all diseased diarrhea.

> Putin and the free world deserves credit for defeating the West without resorting a nuclear world war, that said the game isn’t over

Yes, so far so good. But with the bio-WMD war now, things can get out of hand rather quickly. It appears that west is going for the WWIII option. I'm still reeling from that. It's been a few weeks and I'm still shocked at realising they're actually going for Barbarossa II.

There has been coups in the west indicating some brain matter left but this is truly astonishing.

And yes, Russia saved the planet from the west "World Order" plans in 1945 and again today. But the choice to go in a flash of nukes is still down to the west psychotic bloodthirsty beast. It's a complicated process disarming the murderous psycho armed with nukes -- but it's happening and we must collectively jubilate every victory and spread the joy over the west terminal prolapse.

poiuytr said...

9:10 -- "How do you fix BA?"

LOL. Give it 20B GBP and fire another 5K baboons. How else? If west had a braincell it would have given in by now. Every single day it pretends to go on, it's gonna pay in additional pain.


9:35 & 18:52 -- Malik Hasan tale

The more stuff that comes out, the more it feels like some inside op to predicate some pre-emptive lock-up of all non-west humans. A little 911 to predicate racial terror within the west cesspits.


10:27 -- USA dealing with "terrists"

Indeed, comrade Obama's trying to strike a friendship with Taliban in a desperate attempt to keep the heroin fields and anti-Russian bases without getting his legions slaughtered. The trouble with this harebrained plan is of course Taliban itself: ulike west, it doesn't seem to "deal with terrists".


15:34 -- "The US census bureau unemployment numbers are FALSE."

Yes they are. USA tracks unemployment benefits not unemployment. West adjusts GDPs helter skelter counting the same pence several times as it trades non-profit generating industries. West substitutes cheaper items into their "price index" making the whole thing pointless. West doesn't publish M1 to avoid inflation calculation. Bush II stopped this practice in 2004 or so, so no one knows the inflation of west and we can only go from the trillions getting printed. West claims some 4-5% inflation -- totally excremental result. West "casualties" of war are around 3000 now, after a decade of warfare and attacking 8 nations. West whores would have people believe that it's 12X safer in west wars than on west motorways. The west baboons actually believe it.

All things west are perverted, sick, deranged, bile-raising, diseased, cretinous, evil, freckly, saxonic, christianic sleazy, voodoo, and disgusting. West arithmetic is no exception.


Anonymous said...

"The more stuff that comes out, the more it feels like some inside op to predicate some pre-emptive lock-up of all non-west humans. A little 911 to predicate racial terror within the west cesspits."

re: 20:20

What makes you say this? Why don't you think this a case of fragging?

James Wolfe said...

West propaganda media is beginning to sweat and scream over China.

China's military making strides in space: US general
(AFP) – 2 days ago

WASHINGTON — China's military has made dramatic progress in space over the past decade and the goals of its program remain unclear, a top American general said.

Citing Beijing's advances in space, General Kevin Chilton, head of US Strategic Command, said it was crucial to cultivate US-China military relations to better understand China's intentions.

"With regard to China's capabilities, I think anyone who's familiar with this business -- and particularly our history in this business over the years -- would have to be absolutely amazed at the advancement that China has made in such a short period of time, whether that be in their unmanned program or the manned program," Chilton told reporters in a teleconference, referring to Beijing's space program.

Is China a global partner or strategic rival of U.S.?

Anon 6/11/09 09:04

Can you please translate and post that Russian assessment of the Child rapists’ military, the US without doubt only attacks defenceless third world countries. For all America’s bravado and propaganda the US has never raised its hand against Russia/USSR or China. That speaks volumes of the character of the US imperial plunderers.

Even friends of mine who’ve been in the military, British military (Paras,Tank,RGJ2,&TA), tell me that US soldiers have zero stamina and are poorly trained. With infantry having barely 9 weeks training before being deployed.

It’s scandalous that despite all the imperialists advantages: armour, artillery, numbers, GPS, propaganda. Resistance fighters that only have AK-47s, IEDs, RPGs can keep going after 8-6 years of the most obscene and brutal occupations.

James Wolfe said...

Anon 6/11/09 06:59

Patience is indeed a virtue, but we are dealing with people’s lives here, entire nations literally being murdered and raped before our eyes for 8 years. I want this ghastly spectacle to come to an end, and end soon. Forgive me for my petulance, but I’m tired of this shit.

The Russians must know by now after the GM-Opel double cross how the US operates, lets not forget the new puppet Iraqi Government attempted to screw the Russians out of an oil deal it had with Saddam. Maliki’s clowns tried telling the Russians that Saddam's contracts were void, and Iraq was now not going to pay its debts. Russians were having none of it.


Yes lets celebrate the West’s demise and lets laugh and gloat at every desperate move the baboons make. Lets watch with amusement the West thieves scream, argue, and bitch amongst themselves in their futile attempt to rescue themselves.

The West is unravelling, the EUnchs despite their Lesbian Treaty are turning on themselves, now, the French having their egos bruised, the Germans are waging undeclared economic wars against the Brits and Swiss. The Dutch and Brits are fighting over as to who will rape Iceland the most, the Swedes are pulling their hair out at the prospect of Latvia defaulting on its debt by devaluing its currency, which it is now. The Austrians are soiling their lederhosens over the prospect of Hungarian, Ukrainian, Polish, basically East European debt implosion default.

The British and French propaganda rags are screaming blood, slandering, smearing and have attempted to topple Silvio Berlusconi, because Italy has been successfully doing deals with Russia, Libya, Turkey and the entire Mediterranean coast. Italy has now passed the UK as the 6th largest economy in the world. The French and Brits resent the uppity Eyties.

It’s all happy family in the Civilized [sic] West, lol

The old adage was wrong, there is NO HONOUR amongst thieves. The diseased West is testament to this.

James Wolfe said...

Czechs and Poles whoring themselves again by voting against the Goldstone Gaza report. Add this with the Czech government saying Israel’s barbaric assault on Gaza was defensive not offensive. Why is the Czech Republic so pro-Zionist? I know when Israel was first established Czechoslovakia were a major source of arms along with Yugoslavia. Are the elites in the Czech Republic crypto Jews?

Is there something in the Czech psyche and personality that makes them so amenable and servile to NWO interests?

The Czechs gave into the Germans both in Munich 1938 and March 1939 without firing a shot, and accepted German occupation with minimum resistance.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, too lazy to sign in)

23:45 -- USA shootout

It could be as simple as someone going mad for a bit. But it could be more. Though fragging is common, none of it gets any west media whore attention while this is smeared everywhere, especially the muslim bit. If it's not directly designed to predicate some anti-non-saxon cull then it's being used to flame the west innate racism. After all, west will need some reason soon, no matter how shabby, to start filling the camps.



> The Russians must know by now after the GM-Opel double cross how the US operates,

Russians know it from 1917 when the entire west beast attacked Russia murdering civilians and razing towns. Oddly, Czechoslovakian legions were among the very murderers of Russians. Russian know it from WWII. Russians know it from the 90s and the 21st century.

Unfortunately, west is a big beast. It's taken Russia ten years to liberate itself, another five to pull itself together and affect int'l policies. It's a huge game but I share and understand the no more patience sentiment. It's children murdered by these bastards -- daily. Yes... no words to describe the emotion.

> The Dutch and Brits are fighting over as to who will rape Iceland the most,

Yes, the pirates pirating each other. Island's funny declaring their debt dead. It's such a disease, no matter how one looks at the west cesspit. The unraveling is priceless entertainment. Unfortunately, the west baboon populace doesn't understand simple math to fully appreciate it.

They're gonna have to come up with some German-English-Franko fiend now for the hitler post. The Grand EUnuchia is so preposterous, it's in itself, if nothing else was happening, totally insane worthy of declaring the entire west a loonybin.

> Czechs and Poles whoring themselves again by voting against the Goldstone Gaza report.

Watch Goldstone apologise and take it all back next week. And yes, all these buffer states of traitors.

Though Czechs have a very laudable past of Hussite wars, against the saxonic vaticunts, that was crushed by the same lizard fascists that are in charge today. Since then Czech Rep doesn't exist. Their foreign minister is truly foreign, some Austrian (how else?).

The whole "communism" period was a fascist front scam. Not only they gave their country to hitler, they amnestied all nazis in the 50s with the west-wide nazi amnesty and re-armament of the german bastards.

So since 15th century these buffer states are no more than little west bitch enclaves with no thought of their own.

Anonymous said...

#2 (poiuytr still)

And this is why west destroyed Yugoslavia. They're quite different people and the only way west can deal with them is by destruction of them.

But like Zirinovsky told Czech idiots in the 80s, they'll never be more than German boot shiners.

Oddly, I just read a book on Czech WWII battalions formed in Russia. They made them to... and get this...(this is while Czech governance is sitting in Loondon with the Churchill butcher after handing nation and cash to hitler) murder leftists of the "liberated" Czech Rep.

They were basically put there to fight Russia and as such waited till 1943 to even join the eastern front and only to wipe out any possible leftist movements. The treason of the Czech governance was quite known then and they made armies to commit blood purges in 1945, after Russia liberated the worthless bastards to a man, to carve the nation back into the west realm.

Russia tried booting all foreign legions in WWII, especially Czechs since Czechs were murdering Russians in 1917 with the west beast, but given the gigantic war crimes of the west scum in 1941-45, they armed anyone willing to join the front on their behalf.

West is figuring today if they slap all these bastard buffer traitors together, they'll stand a chance against Russia. So I wouldn't say they're crypto anything, but right overt west arseslit-tonguing scum. I cannot even bring myself to call them whores, for that's a profession commanding respect in comparison to these worthless west excrement eating monkeys.

Anonymous said...

05 Nov 2009 - Head of military intelligence says situation 'tense'
Says NATO members, Ukraine, Israel arming Tbilisi
MOSCOW, Nov 5 - The head of Russia's powerful military intelligence agency said on Thursday that Georgia might again attack South Ossetia, the pro-Moscow region over which the two countries fought a war last year. Alexander Shlyakhturov, who in April took over command of the GRU — the Russian acronym for Russia's Chief Intelligence Agency — said the situation was strained and accused NATO of continuing to supply arms to Georgia.
"The situation with Georgia remains tense because the current Georgian authorities do not just refuse to recognise the sovereignty of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but are trying in every way to return these their jurisdiction," he said in a rare interview with state news agency ITAR-TASS.
"You have to add to this the unpredictability of attempts by the Georgian leadership, headed by (President Mikheil) Saakashvili, which may give in to temptation to use force to tame these obstinate republics as they did last year," he said. "We do not rule out such a development."
South Ossetia and Abkhazia broke away from Georgian government control in the early 1990s. Russia recognised both as independent states after last year's five-day war, when its forces repelled a Georgian attack on South Ossetia. But only two other countries, Nicaragua and Venezuela, have followed Russia's lead, and the rest of the world regards the two regions as part of Georgia.
Shlyakhturov said that "new NATO members" in Eastern Europe were arming the Georgians.

Anonymous said...

British Airways nosedives to unprecedented £292m loss
But shares soar almost 7 per cent on signs that the worst may finally be over
This is the west for you, half-mad and wholly immoral.

Anonymous said...

The Beginning of the End
Preparations have begun for the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan, as the 2011 deadline for that withdrawal draws closer.
A government official confirmed media reports that General Walter Natynczyk, the Chief of the Defence Staff, has ordered preparations to get under way that would involve the return of the thousands of troops and their equipment from the troubled country.
“A Chief of Defence Staff directive has been issued to begin planning preparations for the 2011 end of combat mission,” the official told The Globe and Mail Friday.
Parliament has mandated that the military component of the mission end in 2011, and the Conservative government has promised to honour that mandate.
Don't get fooled. This is it. They'll all pack up and leave. And though we hated every second of their presence in Afghanistan, the relief is unbounded that they've finally seen the light.

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan - It has been a long, long war, 08:50, and it's not quite over yet, though definitely in its last lap. We anti-west have suffered all along. But poiuytr and his friends, all extremely fine analysts of west scams, have one small defect: they are fixated on WWII. To describe Afghanistan as another Stalingrad, for instance, has been misleading from the start. It is simply Afghanistan III, the Afghans versus the superpower of the moment. What this site and others also fail to see is that the Muslims have laid down their lives willingly so as to bring about much-needed change in the world. It is thanks to them (and the acumen of a Putin, the fearlessness of a Chavez and the quiet stride forward of China) that the Freeworld has finally revived. No Muslims, then no Freeworld at all. In this last lap, let's save our breath for the victory sprint forward. No need for despair or fear. The wounded beast takes time to give up the ghost.

Anonymous said...

Poland denies asking US troop deployment
Fri, 06 Nov 2009
Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski
Warsaw has denied Russian media reports that Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski asked Washington to deploy US troops to protect Poland.
On Thursday, the Russian Interfax news agency quoted Sikorski as saying Poland had requesting the United States and NATO to deploy troops in Central Europe.
His comments came after media reports claimed Russia and Belarus had simulated nuclear strikes on Poland during massive war games in September.
"In this case we seem to be dealing with a deliberate manipulation," Foreign Ministry spokesman Piotr Paszkowski said on Friday, RiaNovosti reported. The Polish diplomat suggested rewinding a video recording of Sikorski's comments. Speaking at a conference on Central Europe at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, Sikorsky said Germany felt secure against the threat of a Warsaw Pact invasion during the Cold War not because of NATO's mutual defense clause, but because there were 300,000 US soldiers on its territory. Paszkowski demanded a "swift and clear" apology from the news agency, saying its reports provoked what he described as "far-reaching reactions" in Russia.

Hey, man, a new theatre of operations for US troops! And don't forget the threat over SouthAm is growing day by day.

Anonymous said...

Afghans Have Serious Doubts About US Escalation
After Eight Plus Years of Occupation, Few Relish Massive Troop Increase
by Jason Ditz, November 06, 2009
Though top officials in the Afghan and US governments continue to treat the massive escalation of the seemingly endless war as simply a matter of course, there is increasing skepticism among war-weary Afghan civilians.
“Americans are saying that with their planes they can see an egg 18 kilometers away, so why can’t they see the Taliban,” asked one Afghan pharmacist, wondering what exactly the US had accomplished in the past eight years of the conflict.
It is clear even among the most optimistic officials that the war is going poorly, and after President Obama nearly doubled the American presence in March, things only got worse.
For Gen. Stanley McChrystal, this was seen as a good reason to launch an unprecedentedly large second escalation, and he is seeking upwards of 80,000 additional troops, which would more than double the US force for the second time this year.
Throwing ever more troops at the conflict has concerned some US policy makers, but it has terrified Afghanistan’s populace, which had to cope with a record civilian death toll after the much smaller March escalation. The population was already getting sick of what has become nearly a decade of occupation, and if the US sees fit to double down yet again, it will push more of them into open revolt.
Most of them are already convinced that it is high time to negotiate with the Taliban, to try to spare the country yet more years of fighting, and while officials continue to give lip service to that strategy the US has repeatedly expressed concerns that the war isn’t going well enough for them to be in a bargaining position to get what they want out of the Taliban. If that was true this spring, it is doubly true today.
Ditz is a dithering idiot, but this time his piece is not too bad. Out of Afghanistan, folks, this very minute and may many of you disappear on that long, long journey back.

Anonymous said...

US UNEMPLOYMENT HITS 10.2 %--REALLY? My comment: Now multiply that by at least 2, if not 3, and you have a more accurate number.
Even Switzerland has unemployment figures hovering in the region of 6%.

Anonymous said...

Hamas: Only resistance can free Palestine
Sat, 07 Nov 2009
Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal has declared 'unity and resistance' as the only ways to reach the goal of a free Palestine.
During an address at a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria, Meshaal said on Friday that years of negotiations with the Zionist enemy has proved that the decades-long conflict cannot be settled through talks and that "it is time to fight for our rights".
"Any leader who wants Al-Quds, the right of return for all Palestinians and our land back as well as ending Israeli settlement expansion should know that the path towards these objectives is not through negotiations but through resistance and national unity", Meshaal told Palestinian refugees at Yarmouk Camp on the 22nd anniversary of the founding of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement.
He also called on Arab nations to accept the fact that Israel is seeking the interests of arrogant powers and is not pursuing peace and stability in the region.
The senior Hamas official also criticized the so-called US peace efforts in the region, saying that hopes of obtaining "our rights, which include regaining the land that Israel has occupied since 1967, through the mediation of the White House is an illusion" since Washington has never adopted an unbiased and fair stance towards the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

looks like the beast is itching to use its nukes again....

Anonymous said...

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