Nation By Nation (16Oct09)

8-16Oct09 -- Celebrating the wonderment and beauty of the west-wide terminal prolapse and the Freeworld's flushing the west disease down the bog where the genocidal maniac and planet rapist's always belonged. Top off your glass and jubilate the riddance of the plague. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Taliban in charge of 80% of Afghanistan. NATO thinks Taliban has 25K troops to theirs 120K west insurgents or so. That'd make the Talibanese near 5X more effective underlining the fact that west cannot fight against anyone armed and the reason why it only assaults and slakes it bloodlust on defenceless children around the world and possibly their mums, if the scourge feels extra brave.
- Pentagram asks Comrade Obama for 60K more insurgents immediately.
- Pentagram admits to 4 deaths, 16Oct.
- Comrade Obama accepts the Taliban now and instead claims to be fighting the old faithful al-CIAda in Afghanistan. Fancy changing enemies midway through wars. Only west can peddle such rubbish and only west populace can eat it up.
- Pentagram bans media from showing dead USA insurgents but maintains that "media is NOT prohibited from covering the casualties." Everything west is a 180 degree farce.

Brought to you by the latest west's peace prize laureate. Everything west is a 180 degree farce. Yes, women and children are the west beast's favourite prey.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Takes over USA's beef factory.
- Restricts foreign land ownership, requiring 10 yr residency, no border buys, and size limits. That's right, no saxon fascist swill's gonna carve a hideout in the Brazilian Amazon now.
- On track to 5% growth in 2009. That's GROWTH! Now, let the syphilitic west BBCNN media whores get back to peddling their "global" slowdown sewage.

C H I N A China - Signs a 20B EUR deal with Russia for 70B m3 of gas per year.
- Signs 3,5B EUR worth of deals with Russia and over 20 coop agreements on trade, banking, energy, resource mining, and missiles, a bit of a blow to west.
- Moves to trade in Yuans and Roubles with Russia, a bit of a blow to west.
- Clocks a 130th billionaire. Now, let the syphilitic west BBCNN media whores get back to peddling their "global" slowdown sewage.

C Z E C H Czech Rep - Prez Klaus stands alone against the Grand EUnuchia juggernaut. Poland happily ratified the madness probably missing the west human purges of 1940. Klaus is blaming some clause that could be construed as German annexation of part of Czech Republic somehow missing the overall point that the sole idea of the monstrosity is the full takeover of all 27 nations by the west parasitic butchers. Watch him get side-goosestepped on some technicality.

E U EU - CentralWank rate at 1%. While EUnuchs say it's to spur the "recovery" none can get a 1% loan for anything. The prolapsed rate is just for the EUnuch banksters to make merry with. This alone -- the never before experienced usury taking place across west -- should be enough for the west baboons to stop scratching and perchance experience a thought.
- Extends NATO to include Israel now.
- NATO begs Russia to help with Afghanistan. What a turn of events! In 2008, Russia offered to take over NATO. The west baboons laughed then. Today, they're on their bellies crawling.

F R A N C E France - Minister of "Culture" exposed self to be a pedophile admitting to "a habit of paying for sex with boys". Sarkozy finds the sickness, a true mark of west's statesmanship, "brave and talented". Just when one thought west cannot get any more barf raising.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Admits to "consumer confidence" dropping. That'd be the "recovery" then. :) Sideline: All things west are 100% rubbish. It neither has consumers nor confidence. It's just hundreds of millions anemic lobotomised monkeys pushed into servility by econ slavery. That and permanent war against civilians.
- HeidlebergPrinter lays off thousands.
- IGMetal zaps 1500 jobs and 4K slated to go by Mar2010.
- CentralWank goes overt with racism and racial hate-mongering stating "20% of populace is economically redundant and must be allowed to peter out". Peter out? That means: die, starve to death. Further it points out that "Arabs and Turks have no production function" for germans and "won't recognise anyone who lives off the state, constantly reproduces new small headscarf girls." Thumbing through Hitler's Mein Kampf, one is hard pressed to find similar racist outbursts. The CentralWank says that high birth rate could be accepted "if it applied to Eastern European jews who have 15% higher IQ than germans". One has to marvel at the true sickness filling the cesspit known as west "civilisation".

H O N D U R A S Honduras - Agreement to restore Zelaya seems underway. Looks like the west disease has failed here too.

I C E L A N D Iceland - Moves to default on EUnuch (UK and Holland) loans as "skuldatodvun" or debt-stop is being enacted. What's EUnuchs to do? Invade the lava rock and its fished out waters?

I R A N Iran - Brit museum stole the 2550 yr old Cyrus Cylinder that was loaned to the Loondon museum. The drizzly isle magpies base their welching on the deal by saying the Loondon museum scum doesn't care for Iran's election outcome. Yes, all layers of west society, even those on surface remote from the west war junta are all putrid down to the curator dusting the looted artefacts.

I R A Q Iraq - Kurdistan suspends oil deliveries down south.
- Insurgent supply transporter exploded, 10Oct.
- Humvees blown up, Central Baghada, 9Oct, Qaim, 12Oct, and Bagdhad, 12Oct.
- Patrol convoy attacked, in Anbar, 10Oct, and in Falluja, 11Oct.
- Baghdad base shelled, 9Oct.

Insurgent vehicle blown up.

Baghdad insurgent base bombed.

J A P A N Japan - USA's base sinking. New management is now talking booting USA insurgents from Okinawa.
- Suspends USA's beef.
- Begins to sidle up to China.

That's Japan. The red is USA occupied territory.

L A T V I A Latvia - Making among its last decision before prolapse whether to default now or later on EUnuchbank.

M E X I C O Mexico - Forced to nationalise electric plant and fire 41K. Such are the benefits of "coop" with USA.

M O L D O V A Moldova - Grenade explosion leaves 40 injured. Let it be known that if the west's seeking after another anti-Russian mil proxy here, Moldova is half the size of Georgia and thus even less suitable for any such purposes. But explain that to the west baboon.

N E T H E R L A N D S Netherlands - CentralWank takes over DSB bank after a run on it. Forget boards across windows, a feature seen during devals in the past. West just wipes the whole bank during a run on it. While west baboons think they have cash hived in banks, it's just another illusion of the west cesspit. There is no way the baboons can get it back now.

P E R U Peru - 100s of thousands of natives unite their struggles against the USA planet rapists who are well versed in total native genocides. “If an oil company tries to come here, we will block its path and block the rivers. We will not let them in and we will take strong action,” Jempe Wasum Kukush, a local leader, said. Another native, Tayajin Shuwi Peas, warns: “We are not scared and we will fight to the death over this.”

Paradise, isn't it? West disease wants to turn it into this:

This is Nigerian Delta, another victim of the west disease.

R U S S I A Russia - Gas coop with Bolivia. Sideline: Bolivia has 1,5T m3 reserves, 2nd biggest in SouthAm after Venezuela.
- Coop with Serbia developing Srbijagas.
- Tells west to shut up about Iran already.

S W E D E N Sweden - As if the nobel prize isn't 100% rubbish like all things wes (After all, Einstein, the unkempt jesuit shill, got one for Plank's work and both H Kissinger and S Peres got them), it should be clear even to the daft west baboons that all things west are no more than deliberate scorn, mockery, and ridicule of humanity -- as comrade Obama is decorated for his war and torture crimes against civilians.

H Chavez: "The jury explained its decision by his urge for peace without nuclear weapons, but forgot about the presence of his troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and his intention to occupy military bases in Colombia" and much more. This should be no surprise. USA awarded W Braun, the mad German butcher who killed over 50K civilians in his career, with the highest possible USA honours.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Proceeds with mil exercises with Syria while banning Israel from partaking. USA heard sputtering typical vulgarities.

U K UK - Bolsters Afghanistan occupation by sending 500 more insurgents.
- WankOfScotland, the Singapore branch, protests bonuses. Fancy that! 3 yrs of wild west-wide sacking by the west war junta and someone's at last actually noticed among the cretinous freckly west populace. Of course, they're in Singapore. Back on the drizzly sinking isle, all's well, even as the average bankster bonuses off public funds hit 500K GBP.
- Mulling raising tuition to min 5K from 3K GBP. But who's gonna brainwash the monkeys if they can't afford it?
- Loondon steals sundry public properties like the Channel link and tries garage selling them to make a quick 16B GBP. Sideline: This highlights two wonderful things. One, west has no public assets. All assets that have any worth simply belong to the west war junta. All that west baboons have a title to now is debt. Two, CentralWank is printing near 30B GBP a month, so 16B GBP, though huge, solves nothing. Driving west baboons out of their homes by reversing mortgages and credit lines to garage sell the once baboon-owned titles is the latest design in the west consolidation of assets.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Tells EUnuchs it needs more cash or it can't guarantee gas deliveries.

U S A USA - Prolapse gaining in speed, which is expectable for it's exponential. New York City is now littered with 40K homeless, all time record.
- House sale price hits 1000 USD and now 100 USD in Detroit.
- Personal bankruptcies rise 40%/y2y. Utah bankruptcies rise 63%/Q3. Eeehaaaa to that!
- 7,7% house loans delinquent, clocking a monthly 14% rise in the marvelous trend of USA baboons losing roofs over their empty skulls.
- Subprime mortgage delinquencies rise to 41%.
- Q3 saw near 1M foreclosures, that's 1 in 136 houses all over US of A belly up now. Q3 foreclosures rise 5% from Q2 -- painting the lovely exponential behaviour -- or 23% hike/08Q3(y2y). Nevada still leads with 1 in 23 houses dead but Vermont's joining in at a 130% foreclosure rise/Q3. Foreclosures are spread evenly through all caste tiers from subprime to ultra rich mansions. That's right, the west prolapse is not only west-horizontal from Cuntberra, Aviv, EUnuchia, the stolen NorthAm plateaus, and sundry occupied territories like the Malvinas, but also west-vertical spanning all social tiers: from the "commander in thief" down to the very BBCNN-eating cubicle-raised baboon.
- Congressional Budget Office at last admits to "hyperinflation" and "USA fate not being in USA hands since it owes the world 8T". But watch the west media whores spinning yarns about "deflation" as their plastic rubbish prices fall right off the shelves.
- CIT did "debt exchange" but it didn't much work so they're prepping bankruptcy, which is probably a ploy to get more free zillions in "bailouts". You ask what's "debt exchange"? Though a public stock, the machination in question is private. Sideline: It's like the west derivative market off-hand said to be worth some 500T USD (lots of zeros on lots of papers). No one in west will explain it cuz genocide investment is not public info. Yes, all things west are crooked and diseased.
- JPMorgone and Sachs post profits. Fancy posting profit from a handout. Sachs skims 20B USD for self for another "bonus" orgy round.
- Comrade Obama's easing the USA prolapse by giving 50 million of starving old yanks 250 USD. Not a joke!
- But for the war Pentagram, comrade Obama prints 656B USD so they can keep murdering for the next few months. It's unfortunate the west baboon doesn't understand numbers otherwise it too would seek no other entertainment.
- USA foreign borrowing, (at 8T) climbs to 1,4T/Q1 and near 2T/Q2, or 600% of 2008. Yes, the prolapse is exponential.
- Bank loaning dried in 2008 with 472B/Q1 dropping to mere 86B/Q2. But now, it's REVERSED and increasing with USA banks hoarding 857B/Q1 and 931B/Q2. Indeed, no word's been yet devised, other than "wank", to describe the bizarre west banks creature, which borrows permanently from the public wallet and doesn't lend a pence.
- The same goes for mortgages (type of a loan), which too dried up in 2008 crashing some 5X/2008. In 2009, they are now liquidating mortgages. That's reverse mortgage or repo of real-estate. It too is increasing exponentially with 40B repo'd/Q1 to 240B repo'd/Q2.
- Credit reversed as well! Banks have taken 95B/Q1 and 170B/Q2 in credits via sundry charges and liquidation of credit extension. It should be clear beyond any questions that the west war junta is rinsing the west baboons of their last penny while moving them into the streets -- all part of the 3 stage west prolapse plan.
- Comrade Obama promises to keep training Georgian terrorists against Russia. Someone in the luciferian Pentagram is probably still figuring that if they hit Russia from Moldova and Georgia simultaneously they might stand a chance.
- Comrade Obama mulling 23% tax hike on the still employed baboons for 2009.
- West media whores pick up new words. They are: "devaluation", "civil war", and "racial war" as d0llar slides over 10%/6 mo. And all pertain very much to USA "future".
- Comrade Obama, after being told off by China and Russia, "agrees" to postpone Iran sanctions.

The "change" comrade Obama's been put on the throne for is here. This is someplace unimportant in USA.

- West media equates "truth seeking" with "mental instability". Truth seeking? That was eons ago. Don't they know it's jubilation now?
- 10K desperate baboons apply for 90 jobs that pay 27K/yr, or barely above poverty line. Who'd ever think west was gonna prolapse like the last meth-ridden skank whore in the brothel this soon after the petrodollar zapping?
- NASA attacks the moon with missiles, 10Oct. The west beast has always money, time, and energy for destruction.
- ConocoPhillips put on garage sale for 10B USD.
- Illinois' clocking all time debt record of 3B USD. Last qtr receipts down 77M, sales tax receipts down 250M (west frivolous buying's dead too), income tax receipts down 250M. Sideline: That's in line with the simple prolapse econ model: 1) no petrodollar, no dollar; 2) no dollar, no west. The rest is just pointless prattle. Also note the beauty of the irreversibility of the prolapse. No cash, no jobs. No jobs, no tax revenue. From there it's default, bankruptcy, and geographical break up. Note also that printing cash, bailouts, and stimulus don't enter this model at all.
- Prolapsed Detroit baboons get 3K USD check from comrade Obama to "prevent homelessness". 3K? That wards it off for about -- a month. Unless "global warming" is real, this is the last winter for lots of baboons.
- Chicago clocks on 24Oct a 6th student death from crazed beatings in just this school yr. That's 1 murder every other week.
- NY state health employees are trying to fight the USA-flu jab mandate.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Takes over USA hilton's hotel and is renaming the disgusting name to something "local sounding" as H Chavez says. No stone unturned, no west asset standing. be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

"Civil war" and "Racial war" enter the vocab of the west media whores in relation to USA future.

Really. Cool. I'd love to see these articles/links. Just for kicks and giggles.

Hopefully, these Western media whores will soon be adding to their vocabulary the words "American failed state" and "Western world kicked into the dustbin of history" as well.

James Wolfe said...

Superb stuff.

The farce that is the West media never ceases to amaze me, the Dow Jones hits 10,000. Yet foreclosures/home repossessions in June-September 2009 are the worst of all time.

Now hedge funds are rushing in to buy up commodities as they see the tidal wave of hyperinflation and implosion of the US dollar is imminent.

The French paedophile Minister sums up the obscenity and hypocrisy of the West. There are people on the Times comments section JUSTIFYING paedophilia and defending this pederast, taking the opportunity to lash out at “backward Eastern cultures”, that would stone such a man. Why haven’t the French media and public not condemned and arrested him? Oh maybe because he is White, “Christian”, so he can do and say what he likes. Paedophilia and child molestation is the favourite past time for European political elites, Pym Fortuyn the right wing populist publicly admitted to having sex with Moroccan boys. White Western men are sexual predators, whether they be sodomizing children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand or Morocco. Yet the racist West media never exposes or condemns these perverts. Joerge Haider the right wing Austrian politician that was murdered by Mossad last year, was an active homosexual despite being married, his wife knew and approved of his activities. Haider would travel to Slovakia to molest 14 year olds there. The West media knew of this and kept silent. Yet the West media never ceases to denigrate slander and insult other cultures, peoples and religions. I can’t take this shit anymore. Where is the outrage from the West masses?

Barbarism, Depravity, Hypocrisy, Cowardice, Duplicity and Larceny are the hallmarks of the West.

Anonymous said...

It looks like India is joining the Anglo-American Axis of Evil....

Dangerous Crossroads: U.S. Expands Asian NATO Against China, Russia

Geo-Strategic Chessboard: War Between India and China?

Anonymous said...


How do we explain the fact that the US has 4% of the world's population but produces 80-85% of the world's serial killers?

Is there a connection?

Anonymous said...

re: 04:07

Perhaps for the same reason that it can produce things like the Balloon Boy hoax and have its media go ga-ga over it.

It's a nation of cretins.

Anonymous said...

A fondness for the HOAX.

Anonymous said...

"A fondness for the HOAX."

Like September 11th....

Anonymous said...

Question for Sage Poiuytr:

Do you think the crash of the B-2 stealth bomber last year on a runway in Guam was an accident or an act of sabotage?

Anonymous said...

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