Nation By Nation (7Oct09)

29Sep-7Oct09 -- Suffering recovery like never before, the west patient falls deeper into fiscal coma right before our eyes. The bailout medicine coupled with the growing war lacerations turns the gangrened carcass more anemic each day. West media mindrapists are now at last administering the last rights with pathetic self-eulogies and sermons aimed to re-awaken the baboon's racism and xenophobic hatreds. The ultra right worms have waited for this moment to pounce on the prolapsed Baboonarium and turn it into a WWIII juggernaut -- much like they did with Germans in the 30s. But as opposed to the west war junta camera-obsessed fiends of today, it could be said, that Hitler, at least, had a shot. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Returns fire on west-run Georgia terrorist border provocations, 1Oct.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - West admits to losses of 10 insurgents, 4Oct.
- 4Oct, Canadian murderers kill 2 teenagers on a motorbike near Kandahar who were trying to go home.
- Week of 28Sep, USA murders 9 civilians in what's considered now "blind" firing of missiles in Helmand province.

Nothing's blind about the west attacks. West targets children deliberately.

B E L G I U M Belgium - No asset of west's shall remain standing. Prolapsed Opel plant has apparently been picked up on the west garage sale and will be moving to Russia.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Says needs to develop nukes. Sideline: When Iran started making nuke power plants, west began sputtering their rabid venom. When Brazil did it, west kept its long snout shut. Let's see what west does now that Brazil wants nukes. So far, there's been no response from Warshington. Strange double standard the saxonic monkeys have, isn't it?
- Car sales up near 20%/Sep y2y. That's up! Watch the west media whores spin sickly yarns of global "slowdown" nonetheless.
- Buying 10B USD worth of IMF bonds. What a reversal of roles within the last decade. Sideline: Brazil owed cash to the west fiscal rapist like the rest of the west-raped world, when west had cash monopoly and could afford the permanent rape. In 2005, Brazil settled the loans and stopped borrowing. 4 yrs later, the prolapsed IMF has-been depends on giant loans from erstwhile clients like Brazil. From here on, the west baboon works to make interest payments to Brazil, China, Russia, and other creditors. One must credit the petrodollar's nuking of 2006 for such glaring examples of the Freeworld's liberation from the harrowing claws of the west child-murdering pervert.

C H I N A China - On track to 8,5% econ growth/2009.
- Won't be joining the latest silly west quacking about Iran sanctions.

C O L O M B I A Colombia - Does a slight about face on housing USA war troops on 7 bases. Apparently now, as per foreign ministry, Bogota only wanted USA intel, info, cash, and tech -- not USA troops. This is quite indicative of some internal, shall we say, persuasion, since this is not the deal Uribe had promised comrade Obama and for which he was decorated by Bush II with highest USA pips. Will comrade Obama now demand Uribe return the medals?
- Uribe troops attack FARC in Tolima killing 8.

E U EU - Wants to send stooges to Abkhazia and S Ossetia.
- Launches Satnav, 5X better competitor to USA's GPS.
- Report admits Georgia attacked Russia in 2008 but no EUnuchs issue apologies for lying this long.
- Admitted unemployment at 9,5% across the board. Germany boasts near 8%; Spain maintains its lead with near 19%; and Ireland clocks 12,5%.
- UK and France give 4B EUR to IMF (Germany already gave in this round.) Sideline: The long since prolapsed IMF is running some 3,4T USD "writedown" issue. Oddly, the dump of the dollar isn't gonna come from outside but from within the west completing the irony of west farce, the ultimate farce as the most farcical farces go.
- Ireland changes mind and opens arms to the birth of Grand EUnuchia, a 27-state amalgam run by a single butcher.
- EU Home Office birthed at an amazing speed, only a day after the Irish referendum goes through and technically BEFORE the Grand EUnuchia will have been ratified by the remaining Czech council.
- NATO commander favours confrontation with Russia over North Pole Russian territories. Did they really learn nothing?
- Left dies. "In times of insecurity, the right has credibility" explains this 60 yr repeating phenomena for the west saxonic viper nest. Sideline: Left and socialists, beside all non-christianical religions, are now open targets and the scapegoat for the west prolapse. This is why the last days of USA have been orchestrated to fall under leftist, non-white, muslim, and possibly non-USA born regime. Well, west has been down this road before...

Although it quacks the same, the metro-homo coif Windows7 innovative touches around its clumsy 21st century edges should not be denied.

F R A N C E France - Sarkozy on comrade Obama: "incredibly naive, grossly egotistical". The raised voices across the west cesspit are becoming a steady source of entertainment.
- Despite debt at 1,4T EUR or 86% of GDP, printing "Grand Loan" to take the edge of the 5 yr streak of deficits.
- Sidling up to Germany creating all sorts of schemes to knock UK powergrab of EU. Yes, west is all raised voices, ploys, and inner fun schemes now.
- Copying Brit mad dash away from USA to Libya for a bit of oil, Sarkozy gives 6B EUR to Kazakhstan for some oil and gas. Sideline: Indeed, west oil pumps are getting a bit rusty. The funny thing is the timing of the Grand EUnuchia. It's a bit late, isn't it? They're all at war with each other and covertly sidling up to anyone who cares to listen to their pathetic whinging.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Angry with Ahmadinejad, threatens to walk out of UN if Iran denies Germans their psychotic genocidal crimes and evil. Yes, west takes a great deal of pride and delight in their unmatched evil. It's no wonder it's so protective of its blood-soaked satanic past.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - State of emergency suspending liberties canceled, 6Oct, but the returned Zelaya and coup mongers standoff continues.

I R A N Iran - Shows EU & Israel missiles just in case the west war fiends maintain course of collision.

I R A Q Iraq - Humvee missiled, Faluja, 26Sep.
- Batira base katusa attacked, 28Sep.
- Rawat base mortar shelled, 28Sep.
- Bakkara base mortar shelled, 30Sep.
- Occupying patrol IED attacked, Diyala, 30Sep.
- USA insurgent sniper attacked, Ramadi, 1Oct.
- USA insurgent IED attacked, Rushead, 30Oct.
- Occupying HQ shelled, Dawz (sp?), 4Oct.
See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

I S R A E L Israel - Blocks entry to Al Aqsa, 4Oct. Clashes erupt.
- Shoots a boy in the back, 4Oct.
- Land theft continues unabated.

J A P A N Japan - One small step for a voter but a giant defeat for west. New management seeks big changes in the USA-occupation deal of 1945. #1 - Japan's stopped fueling USA Afghan terrorist bombing missions. #2 - Japan with 0,7T USD loan to USA, is talking continuing lending in yens only. Stopping buying USA bonds or buying them in yens means the same thing to Warshington: hyperinflation woes. #3 - Doesn't want USA warships docked there. #4 - Wants USA fighters gone. Never before, considering the truth behind Pearl Harbor , not unlike 911, has Japan been on such a collision course with its occupiers. Imagine the phone calls the poor battered comrade Obama's getting about this one.
- Prices continue the dive shriveling 2,4%/Aug y2y. Watch for the "deflation" misdiagnosis yet again.
- Car sales shrivel 3%.

M E X I C O Mexico - Drug growing in USA blamed on Mexican drug cartels. Apparently, the lucrative business has jumped the fence into Texas and Oklahoma. Note however that Oklahoma does not border Mexico.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Abbas, as effective now as Arafat in his last decade, suggests postponing action on the release of EU's report on Israel's war crimes.
- Hamas calls for removal of Abbas and everyone taking part in this crime. Don't hold your breath, Abbas has more west arsecrack to tongue before his traitor days are up.

This is white phosphorous bombing. Yes, west uses this int'l banned monstrosity routinely against unarmed civilians.

Gaza under siege.

To west, these aren't crimes. UK dumps war crime charges against Israeli commanders. USA rushes to support this vileness against the mean report finding Israel guilty of war crimes. There are no words to even begin to describe the west disease. But then again, there should be no surprise. West attacked Russia last year via Georgia and is still saying Russia started it. West claims they defeated Hitler while all along they created and aided him through 1945. West claims it wants peace but it's seeking either world enslavement or WWIII. There can be no sympathy for the freckly Sheehan-like war-mongering whores now, can there?

P O L A N D Poland - Maintains they'll get the missiles from comrade Obama after all despite the comrade's public embarrassment on the matter. West is just bonkers now and unable to navigate through its own thicket of deceit.

R U S S I A Russia - Medvedev sets comrade Obama's missile wanking straight by saying: "Obama's backtrack on Poland missile gambit is bold and constructive -- but only for USA."
- Boots Israeli diplo.
- Brings up the possibility of missile deployment in the Arctic.
- Taking over Renault-Nissan unless west pays the bill.
- Supports Serbia's case at the Hague scam court against the theft of Kosovo.

S A U D I  A R A B I A Saudi Arabia - Mulling buying Russian missile batteries.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Tells west to deal with Israel's nukes first before talking Iran. "Israel has nukes and uses phosphorous," says Erdogan and rhetorically adds: "Why isn't that on the G20 agenda?"

U K UK - Probably spurred by the west organ theft and traffic, prolapsed civilians are putting their organs on a garage sale. Brit kidney fetches some 25K-60K GBP at the moment.
- Deficit at 75B GBP.
- Mfg shrivels near 2%/Aug and is down to 49,5/Sep, increasing the marvelous trend.
- BritAir zapping some 12% of workforce, 1700 jobs. So the recovery and bailouts are working then.
- Mfg shrivels near 2%/Aug.
- Rejects war crimes charges against Israeli's commanders ordering Gaza genocide.
- Opposition feigns distress over the Irish referendum.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Despite the hasty west loans, state gas firm defaults on eurobonds unable to pay the principal of 500M EUR. The fun bit is that it's costing EUnuchs more in the quick loans than if they just paid for the gas themselves.

U S A USA - NWO G20 orgy cleverly sidesteps the dollar dump talk by issuing castrate vulgarities towards Iran.
- Comrade Obama reinvades Panama setting up 2 mil bases.
- Comrade Obama is printing 636B USD for wars. After all, Pentagram needs 7K humvees right away.
- Comrade Obama caught in another int'l embarrassment pointing out a secret nuke site in Iran where there is none. Is Obama related to Powell in any way? Or are they all pathological liars?
- Building a nuke plant in UAE. Yes, the west war junta is skipping the town, aren't they? First they sacked the baboon zoo and now they're setting up themselves a pretty little artificial island paradise upon which to retire and reminisce about their NWO defeats.
- NY state tells health workers either take the USA-flu needle or you're fired.
- At the moment, 2/3 of parents against USA-flu vaccine. Watch this magically change as the needle nears, much like in the famous Irish referendum.
- Autism doubles since 2003. That's a 12% epidemic now. Add 48M illiterate baboons and 50M that read at a 3rd grader level and you've got... well, US of A, of course. This is why 911 went unnoticed.
- Comrade Obama begs Moscow to let USA have a few jobs in the 2014 Olympics.
- Money market guarantee pronounced dead, 18Sep, meaning there is NO safe place to keep cash in USA anymore.
- WorldWank joins Panarin with a statement: "USA econ power days numbered". Only took WB 3 yrs to sort of come clean.
- Unemployment at over 17%.
- Losing 11K jobs every single day including the weekends. Admits to some 8-9M non-farm jobs lost in the prolapse while the real number is around 15M. 6M jobs are admitted to be "long term" job losses or over 27 wks. Yes, the prolapse is terminal.
- 6 job seekers to 1 opening. The hunger lines are forming.
- Admits to fiddling with unemployment #s by just magically removing 571K off the unemployment list cuz they've given up seeking jobs. In the eyes of the west statisticians, that makes them "employed" somehow. Yes, west is an incredibly perverted beast down to simple numbers.
- 1st unemployment benefits seekers rise to 55K/Aug.
- Some 260K jobs zapped/Aug.
- Some 180K jobs zapped/Sep.
- GM assembly plant shuts down in Detroit. 1100 baboons join the "employed" stat.
- GM Saturn dies. Penske chose not to pick up the garage sale item after all and so 2400 dealerships and 13K jobs are dead. Comrade Obama rushed in threatening Saturn nationalisation or ladling the toxic burden onto the public debt heap.
- On track to 600 corporate defaults in 2009. The gangrene sectors are led by auto, chem, construction, and media.
- Econ shrivels 7/10th%/H1. IMF admits to USA shriveling in 2009 but boasts a rebound in 2010. That just for fun to highlight the delusions that are still gripping the west mindrapists.
- Construction sector is screaming for a "bailout" and tax breaks as unemployment rate in the sector touches 17%. It's amazing to note the stupidity of the USA creature here. Despite the prolapse signs, construction deals, usually taking 3-4 yrs, weren't stopped producing empty real-estate and an immediate sector crash.
- Apartment vacancies rise to 8%, or a 23 yr high.
- Commercial realty as dead as the dollar. Sales crashed 73%/2008. Adding 2009 continued prolapse, it's Beethoven's "Fur Lease" till the end.
- InkStop ushers in a trend of overnight bankruptcy. 152 stores and 550 jobs zapped without warning.
- California state, the motor of USA, is prolapsed admitting to over 12% unemployment, a 70yr record.
- Los Angeles poverty climbs to 20%. Some California towns like Fresno and Modesto top 30%.
- California zaps 60K state employees.
- California 19yr old school attendance down to 30% marking the biggest drop ever anywhere.
- California hotel foreclosures TRIPLE in just the first 3 qtrs of 2009. That's a 25B USD "writedown" in the making in terms of the outstanding defaulting loans.
- 25% of USA foreclosures are Californian. Some places in California clock 70% home price shriveling prompting governance to declare "disaster areas" due to foreclosures. But Swartzenegger, the mighty leader of California, stands undaunted proclaiming in all seriousness: "California Dream has rebound". Well, saxons are good at producing slogans, no matter how deranged. They do less well in the snow and are known to piss panties just hearing about Katusas. Unfortunately, saxons are quite unfriendly with graphs otherwise they too could enjoy their prolapse.

This is dental care in US of A today. The 1500 drillings alloted were filled by 4AM by the weary proud USA crowds. The rest gets no care at all.

"Oooo-la-la," as the French would say after scooping a tasty snail. The beauty of this terminal prolapse chart above is that it makes absolutely no diff what colour line you choose. That's just details. Debating the adjustment offset is immaterial today. Everything can be seen in the marvelous exponential trend that rather takes off at 2007, the inflection point at which euro had surpassed the dollar after the May 2006 petrodollar nuking.

For those yank baboons still plaguing forums around the web with their puke-laden west media whore manure that loosely goes like this: "it's cyclical, guys", here's a simple proof that it just simply isn't. Perhaps the west media whore slogan should be upgraded to: "it's bicycles, guys".

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Coop on 10B EUR refinery in Brazil with Petrobras.
- Subsidising Cuba, to keep it yank-free, with 9B EUR. Venezuela also feeds Cuba with a friendly oil rate of 27 USD/barrel.

- H Chavez aptly terms the setting up of SouthAm and Africa coop on military, banks, and resources "the new hour". Kadafy, Africa Union lead, comments: "It's closer to visit our brothers in SouthAm. We* share same interests of liberation and revolutionary ideals." * We means: Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Libya, Sierra Leone, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Namibia, Angola, and Tanzania. If west had more time on its clock, the smarter of them may find the development rather disturbing. be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

But you forget to mention the triumphant victory that was Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid and Barack Obama's sales trip to the IOC meeting for his old hometown!

Anonymous said...

Right, then. 05:22, that was a Lula 1, Obama 0 match. As for this week's NBN's spewing of ashes and fire, it's good to see the volcano is far from being extinct. And, yes, the west is being squeezed from all sides, but over-rejoicing might still prove premature. Let's be sober in our assessments and moderate our cries of triumph. Time enough for that once the thing is done.

Anonymous said...

NBN done well and skillfully. For that many thanks. On the other hand, I have a bone to pick with it regarding the "left dies" bit under EU. There has been no left so to speak off on west territory for ages. All there's been is outrageous zionism. If one's looking for the left, one might try Central and South Am. Or, then, China and eventually Russia which is slowly returning to its roots. Left and EU = oxymoron. P.S. There are rumours that even the newly elected PM of Japan is a zionist stooge.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr has been talking about "the mighty continent of Africa" for some time now and he repeatedly promised us a piece on it which would explain all. So far nothing? NBN fun as ever.

Anonymous said...

UN Calls For New Reserve Currency
The United Nations called on Tuesday for a new global reserve currency to end dollar supremacy which has allowed the United States the "privilege" of building a huge trade deficit.

Anonymous said...

EU draws up plans to establish itself as 'world power' - 7.10.09
The European Union has drawn up secret plans to establish itself as a global power in its own right with the authority to sign international agreements on behalf of member states. According to one confidential paper, the first pilot 'embassies' are planned in New York, Kabul and Addis Ababa.
Confidential negotiations on how to implement the Lisbon Treaty have produced proposals to allow the EU to negotiate treaties and even open embassies across the world. A letter conferring a full "legal personality" for the Union has been drafted in order for a new European diplomatic service to be recognised as fully fledged negotiators by international bodies and all non-EU countries.
Surprised, anyone?

Anonymous said...

No want dollar?

America become paranoid.

America grow very angry!

America angry. America smash things like Incredible Hulk!

No make America angry.


Secret Meeting To Plan Dollar's Demise?

Anonymous said...

China calls time on dollar hegemony
You can date the end of dollar hegemony from China's decision last month to sell its first batch of sovereign bonds in Chinese yuan to foreigners. - 8.10.09
Beijing does not need to raise money abroad since it has $2 trillion (£1.26 trillion) in reserves. The sole purpose is to prepare the way for the emergence of the yuan as a full-fledged global currency.
It is this shift in China and other parts of rising Asia and Latin America that threatens dollar domination, not the pricing of oil contracts. The markets were rattled yesterday by reports – since denied – that China, France, Japan, Russia, and Gulf states were plotting to replace the Greenback as the currency for commodity sales, but it makes little difference whether crude is sold in dollars, euros, or Venetian Ducats.
What matters is where OPEC oil producers and rising export powers choose to invest their surpluses. If they cease to rotate this wealth into US Treasuries, mortgage bonds, and other US assets, the dollar must weaken over time.
In the US they have near zero rates, external deficits, and public debt sky-rocketing to 100pc of GDP, and on top of that they are printing money. It is the perfect storm for the dollar," said one analyst.
"The dollar rallied last year because we had a global liquidity crisis, but we think the rules have changed and that it will be very different this time if there is another market sell-off" he added.
The self-correcting mechanism in the global currency system has been jammed until now because China and other Asian powers have been holding down their currencies to promote exports. The Gulf oil states are mostly pegged to the dollar, for different reasons. This strategy has become untenable. It is causing them to import a US monetary policy that is too loose for their economies and likely to fuel unstable bubbles as the global economy recovers.
Beijing has been schizophrenic, grumbling about the eroding value of its estimated $1.6 trillion of reserves held in dollar assets while at the same time perpetuating the structure that causes them to accumulate US assets in the first place – that is to say, by refusing to let the yuan rise at any more than a glacial pace. For all its talk, China bought a further $25bn of US Treasuries in June and $25bn in July. The weak yuan has helped to keep China's factories open – and to preserve social order – during the economic crisis, though exports were still down 23pc in August. But this policy is on borrowed time. Reformers in Beijing are already orchestrating a profound shift in China's economy from export reliance (38pc of GDP) to domestic demand, and they know that keeping the dollar peg too long will ultimately cause them to lose export edge anyway – via the more damaging route of inflation.
For the time being, Europe is bearing the full brunt of Asia's currency policy. The dollar peg has caused the yuan to slide against the euro, even as China's trade surplus with the EU grows. It reached €169bn (£156bn) last year. This is starting to provoke protectionist rumblings in Europe, where unemployment is nearing double digits.
France's finance minister Christine Lagarde said at the G7 meeting that the euro had been pushed too high. "We need a rebalancing so that one currency doesn't take the flak for the others."
Clearly this is more than a dollar problem. It is a mismatch between the old guard – US, Europe, Japan – and the new powers that require stronger currencies to reflect their dynamism and growing wealth. The longer this goes on, the more havoc it will cause to the global economy. The new order may look like the 1920s, with four or five global currencies as regional anchors – the yuan, rupee, euro, real – and the dollar first among equals but not hegemon. The US will be better for it.

Anonymous said...

One might regard poiuytr's constant picking on Cindy Sheehan as in bad taste, to say the least. Or, then, one might be inclined to say these are no mothers, light-heartedly sending their kids off to war, and this is no state of mourning when all it results in is lucrative PR gains.

Anonymous said...

El Baradei to run for president of Egypt?
CAIRO: (8.10.09) Whether President Hosni Mubarak runs for re-election in 2011 or gives way to his son Gamal, an opposition party sees UN nuclear watchdog head Mohamed ElBaradei as a strong contender for Egypt’s top job. A prominent candidate would give an unexpected boost to the opposition in its rivalry with Mubarak’s National Democratic Party, a pillar of the Egyptian political system. But several hurdles remain, not least of which is ElBaradei’s reluctance to run. To qualify for the race, Egyptian law states that a party candidate must have led or been a senior figure of a party for at least a year, and that the party itself must have been founded at least five years before the election. Members of the liberal Wafd opposition party’s youth wing have nominated ElBaradei to head the party so that he can become a candidate. “We have formed a popular committee to support ElBaradei,” said Mohammed Salah al-Sheikh, the support committee’s coordinator.\10\07\story_7-10-2009_pg4_7

Anonymous said...

Dollar Demise is here NOW. The question of the Dollar Decline is not when, but how steep and how fast! The "Greenback" has already turned RED--as in red ink--for years. The one and only card that the USA "empire" has left to play was its Iron Fist of Militarism. But now the world can clearly see that even that "Superpower" Iron Fist is turning out to be a Paper Tiger(even with its bloated military budget surpassing the total of the rest of the world, its Invaders could not successfully occupy either Iraq nor Afghanistan, not exactly military nor economic powerhouses by any stretch of the imagination!)
The current road to Hell(for the USA empire) is paved with bushed intentions of both POTUS 43(W's) and 44(Obama's) regimes. And it was enabled by the deployment & Full Spectrum Dominance of American corporate bin-Laden media's WMDs--Weapons of Mass Deception!

poiuytr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poiuytr said...

> 9:22 -- Left dies

Not my dramatisations. NBN's just news. My drivel is, as always, separated by "Sideline".

The left dying and going vanquished is THEIR news, THEIR propaganda. Germany 1930s had a record Marxist population and the strongest left ever. The mainstream, however, doesn't very much like that. Hence the rise in ultra-right, hence the dictatorships, hence the ultra-right glorification.

> 9:38 -- Africa Files

No time, energy... you know the score.

> 10:11 -- EU

No surprise here. No surprise with the Irish fraud election. No surprise with Bliar leading the 27 crazies.

What's quite remarkable is that during the NBN's life we've seen 2 nations created, as Abkhazia and S Ossetia have been liberated from the west claws, and we're seeing the erasure of 27 of them. By the next NBN, it may be so for they're moving at an incredible speed now.

> 11:30 -- China, end of dollar

That's a good point there: the longer this talk of dollar flushing goes on, the harder it's gonna be. That's the beauty of it all. It's enough to doubt the dollar. It's enough to forecast the death of it.

Note, no real action in Beijing is needed other than a few words and the entire west idyll goes crumbling down every time. A simple dollar mutter sends west stocks burning and forcing west to react: west media whores leap into action of weaving more amusing lies; west war junta amalgamates more power and does crazy things like sending more legions down the Afghan Stalingrad. West is permanently on a reactive footing. It obeys the commands from Beijing, Moscow, SouthAm now like a well trained poodle now.

That's the power of jubilation over the west cesspit prolapsing. It makes it so.

As far as the actual dollar crash goes, the deval or replacement will be enacted by west wear junta. After all, it's west's trash, they oughtta recycle it.

> 11:50 -- Sheehan

Couldn't care any less about the silly cow. West insurgent mums are all child murdering whores. It's just that this particular one has epitomised the west disease of public adoration of murderers and zero thought for the victims.

This is precisely the west sick mindset today. All they whinge about is their prolapsed circumstances. The USA/UK whining, demonstrations, and calls to repair the capitalist nonsense are nothing but source of great entertainment. Sheehan's just a word that should sum it all up.

Anonymous said...

A Hidden $34 Billion Bank Subsidy? Study Exposes How Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Others. 7.10.09 (WRH)
A new study has calculated the tab of the “too big to fail” approach, and it amounts to a far larger taxpayer-funded subsidy than previously thought. The Center for Economic and Policy Research says the bailout has allowed “too big to fail” banks to pay significantly lower interest rates than those paid by smaller banks. According to one estimate, that’s meant a subsidy for the nation’s eighteen largest bank holding companies of $34.1 billion a year. That amount represents nearly half these companies’ combined annual profits.

Anonymous said...

This is what Civil War in America will Look Like - 7.10.09
Recently many individuals and groups have started talking about another civil war in America. These people are not just from one ideology nor are they from obscure fringe groups. State Governors and elected representatives are some of the people calling for open warfare in America. As a soldier I was sent to combat zones in Iraq and Kosovo where open civil war was happening. I am writing this because American civilians have no idea what open warfare is. Before someone makes the first move and starts something that cannot be undone I think we all need to know what life would be like in our hometowns in the event of war.
Folks, the side that starts shooting first will lose the public relations battle before the eyes of the world.
Like this author, I hope that violence can be avoided and that the USA will simply collapse the way the USSR did. But the government has been spending your tax dollars for the means to inflict pain on you, to flog you back to the slave pits, and frankly at some point they will probably want to play with their new toys. These are proven torturers after all, and as the latest DHS video proves, they see all of us as terrorists now.

Anonymous said...

Now they are hoping they can collapse in a civilised manner like the Soviet Union! Candidates for Bedlam, all. As though the Soviet Union, a country of discipline and strength, had anything in common with the United States, their false governments and their bloated luxury consumers.

Anonymous said...

So that's the latest gambit, is it, hoping for an implosion rather than an explosion? they're in for a serious disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Everyone on the dollar bandwagon now, counting their chickens before they're hatched. Well, the swirl of rumour will have the effect of hastening the incubation period.

poiuytr said...

17:51 -- beautifully summed up

The baboon's hoping now for a peaceful gentle prolapse. It's a funny animal, that.

Anonymous said...

Latvia threatens foreign banks with huge losses - Crisis-hit Baltic state proposes emergency law to slash mortgageholders' liabilities to lenders - 8.10.09
The Latvian government was struggling to avert a financial meltdown today as ministers convened emergency talks with Scandinavian banks to discuss a bold and controversial plan to slash mortgage-holders' liabilities to lenders.
The scheme could mean billions in losses for the big Swedish banks most exposed by the small Baltic state's financial and economic crisis.
Valdis Dombrovskis, the embattled Latvian prime minister, said he was confident he could get his proposal through the parliament in Riga, but was still examining the legal implications of the scheme. But the powerful Latvian central bank delivered an unusually blunt attack on the prime minister, saying that his budget and bank policies were feeding a fresh "wave of distrust" towards the small and highly vulnerable state.
Banking sources in Riga warned that the radical proposal on mortgages, which could see borrowers repaying only a fraction of their loan, would backfire, deterring foreign investment, bringing already low bank lending to a complete standstill and wrecking international confidence in Latvia.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating Latvian experiment. If successful, it could change the very nature of mortgage dealings, in Latvia itself and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that two among the most bloodthirsty countries in the world are lining up military men to run their future politics, General Dannatt in the UK and General Petraeus in the USA?

Anonymous said...

Compared to them, El Baradei in Egypt would be a cooing dove!

Anonymous said...

Two words regarding an America collapse:


This is all the more reasons that the USA must be compelled to allow UN weapons inspectors into the country and make sure that no loose nukes fall into the hands of the "terraists."

Anonymous said...

GOLD has never been higher against the U$limeback as it is today. (7.10.09)
Well GOLD has never been higher against the U$limeback as it is today. An entirely new gold price record is now set. According to some the price today is still depressed and should be around U$2200.00 if it was adjusted correctly.
As you can see from the live (at the time) prices today Gold hit a high of US$ 1048.44

Those who listened to me and held their ground against all the BS about the IMF dumping 403 tons of gold. Those who bought down at $250 to $500 when I said to are now laughing and have a bigger laugh to come as the Chinese continue to dump $limebacks for solid GOLD. Adds running on China TV are advising the people to buy and store "within China" as much GOLD as they can afford.
A quick look at ... will provide a longer term history of this market.

Anonymous said...

Gold keeps rising
Price of $1,044 is record for second consecutive day.
A real change in the market or a flash in the pan?

Anonymous said...

Remember the dollar funds America's wars. It's enemy number one to freeworld-thinking people.

Anonymous said...

Gore Vidal on USA:
"I was like everyone else when Obama was elected – optimistic. Everything we had been saying about racial integration was vindicated," he says, "but he's incompetent. He will be defeated for re-election. It's a pity because he's the first intellectual president we've had in many years, but he can't hack it. He's not up to it. He's overwhelmed. And who wouldn't be? The United States is a madhouse. The country should be put away – and we're being told to go away. Nothing makes any sense." The President "wants to be liked by everybody, and he thought all he had to do was talk reason. But remember – the Republican Party is not a political party. It's a mindset, like Hitler Youth. It's full of hatred. You're not going to get them aboard. Don't even try. The only way to handle them is to terrify them. He's too delicate for that."
"This kid [Obama] has never heard a gun fired in anger. He's absolutely bowled over by generals, who tell him lies and he believes them. He hasn't done anything. If you were faced with great problems in chemistry – to find the perfect gas, to gas a population – you won't know for a long time whether it works. You have to go by what people tell you. He's like that. He's not ready for prime time and he's getting a lot of prime time on his plate at once."
Is there any hope? "Every sign I see is doom. But then people say" 'Oh Mr Vidal, you're so negative, can't you say something nice about America? It's a wonderful country, everybody wants to live here.' Oh yes? When was the last time you saw a Norwegian with a green card who wanted to come here because of the health service? I'll pay you if you can find one."
"But there is, some good news. Afghanistan will be terminal for the American empire, yes. Which is a happy way of looking at it. We'll be out of the empire game, rapidly. But it's too late for the country and the constitution."

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust Gore Vidal on everything, great writer, though he is, perhaps America's only writer even. But above quotes all sound.

Anonymous said...

Only one cargo flown to Afghanistan via Russia
MOSCOW, Oct 7 - The United States has so far sent only one shipment of supplies through Russian airspace to its troops in Afghanistan since Moscow and Washington agreed a transit deal in July, the Kremlin said on Wednesday.
The White House had said the deal on transit of troops, supplies and weapons, which was struck when President Barack Obama visited Russia, would allow up to 4,500 flights a year and save up to $133 million a year in transit costs.
"Once in early August, such a cargo was delivered," said Kremlin spokeswoman Natalya Timakova, without elaborating on why the American side had made so few requests for flights. The deal, the first achievement towards "resetting" thorny relations between Moscow and Washington, was advertised during Obama's visit as an alternative to more dangerous routes, such as via Pakistan.
"There are no problems on our side," said Timakova. "We are open for cooperation."
Analysts have warned that airlifting major supplies through the vast territories of Russia and the central Asian ex-Soviet states could be excessively expensive. Negotiating a land transit deal could be a realistic alternative, they say.

Anonymous said...

The bit I liked in the Vidal interview with The Independent goes: The American experiment has been a "failure". It was all for nothing. Soon the country will be ranked "somewhere between Brazil and Argentina, where it belongs." The Empire will collapse militarily in Afghanistan; the nation will collapse internally when Obama is broken "by the madhouse" and the Chinese call in the country's debts. A ruined United States will then be "the Yellow Man's Burden", and "they'll have us running the coolie cars, or whatever it is they have in the way of transport,"
N.B. The racism in passing. I wonder when Vidal was last in Peking - or in Brazil or Argentina for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Global Muslim population hits 1.57 billion
The global Muslim population stands at 1.57 billion, meaning that nearly 1 in 4 people in the world practice Islam, according to a report Wednesday billed as the most comprehensive of its kind.
The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life report provides a precise number for a population whose size has long has been subject to guesswork, with estimates ranging anywhere from 1 billion to 1.8 billion.
The project, three years in the making, also presents a portrait of the Muslim world that might surprise some. For instance, Germany has more Muslims than Lebanon, China has more Muslims than Syria, Russia has more Muslims than Jordan and Libya combined, and Ethiopia has nearly as many Muslims as Afghanistan.

Please to note that above is Not about Religion, but Demographics.

Anonymous said...

Gore Vidal should stick to hanging out in his favorite homo bathhouses.

Vidal is one of these dilettantish American ex-pat writers who is soiling himself in fear and worry, because he desperately wants to save the US Evil Empire.

This is, after all, where Master Gore got his wealth and privilege from.

God forbid this parasitic American entity goes up in flames.

And like most lying liberals, Vidal supported Obama.

That should tell you all you need to know about the "dissident" Gore Vidal.

At base, all the bleating from the American baboons is so much noise and fury, good only to be laughed at.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, 13:16. What I find interesting in Vidal's statements about US is he seems to share some of the views promoted by this blog: Afghanistan = America's Stalingrad, for instance. Or the break up of the country and the imminent take over by the Chinese, etc. Perhaps he could join us here, although we're no bathhouse, on some kind of a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the occasion of the Eighth Anniversary of the American Attack on Afghanistan. - 8.10.09
On October 7 fell the day that completed the eighth anniversary of the American aerial attack on Afghanistan. This invasion occurred for clandestine colonialist motives under the pretext of the 9/11 event in New York,
flagrantly in a time that the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and its ambassador in Islamabad in a press conference had announced IEA readiness to help in a neutral investigation of this event. But the new conservatives clique in the White House, the war-mongering generals in Pentagon and the pro-Jewish lobby in USA started blaming the Islamic Emirate forthwith from the beginning. However, impartial investigation of such events to reach the depth of the issue needs time. But even they did not wait for the resolution of the extra-ordinary meeting of the Islamic Conference Organization so that it would have helped in mediation and would have offered their cooperation in this regard.
Since then until now, eight years have passed during which the American invaders and their allies of crusaders have killed, wounded and driven from homes hundreds of thousands of Afghans including children, women and old men. This sanguinary spree of killing has been continuing. All these Afghans were not involved in the event of New York. The invaders unleashed atrocities on the Afghans and other Muslim freedom-lovers in Guantananmo, Bagram and the Abu Gharib jails that have no precedence in the history.
At the beginning, they were promising, they will withdraw within three months, in their words, after eliminating the so-called terrorism. Contrarily, today eighth years from that times have passed, but they have built up hundreds of military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. They say that they will raise the level of their troops to almost 110000 troops. It is clear from this, that they have occupied Afghanistan for the execution of their expansionist plans in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Southeast Asia.
We believed from the day one, that this is not a war between democracy and the so- called terrorism but rather a war between the western colonialism and the freedom-loving nationalist and Islamist forces. In this unequal war, the one side have before them expansionism, colonialism and exploitation as their plans of objectives which they want to achieve by dent of military power through brutality and atrocities. On the other hand, the other side of the war have their objective of independence, Islamic social justice, human dignity and national identity which they want to achieve through sacrifices and the shedding of their pure blood. We believe in this war between truth and evil, the truth will surely prevail.
We call on the American rulers and their allies of the coalition once again to put an end to the game of occupying Afghanistan and killing the Afghans under unsubstantiated pretexts. The Afghans are no more ready to believe your empty slogans, nor the world would like to see the globe, plunging into instability and various problems because of your wrong policies. We announce to all the world, our aim is obtainment of independence and establishment of an Islamic system. We did not have any agenda to harm other countries including Europe nor we have such agenda today. Still if you want to turn the country of the proud and pious Afghans into a colony, then know that we have an unwavering determination and have braced for a prolonged war. Have a glance at the history, the Afghans are the people characterized by historical distinction of always sacrificing in the way of their religion and country. Today, we will not fall short of this.

Anonymous said...

U.S. oil giant ConocoPhillips selling assets to improve financial position
HOUSTON, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) — U.S. oil major ConocoPhillips said Wednesday it plans to sell 10 billion U.S. dollars of assets in the next two years and cut capital spending in 2010 in a bid to improve its financial position.
Houston-based ConocoPhillips said in a statement it would sell about 10 billion dollars of its refining, exploration and production assets over the next two years. It also plans to reduce its spending to about 11 billion in 2010, from 12.5 billion in 2009.
"This plan capitalizes on our large resource base and our strong portfolio of projects, while providing flexibility for potential changes in business conditions. We will replace reserves and grow production from a reduced, but more strategic, asset base," said Jim Mulva, chairman and chief executive officer of the company.
ConocoPhillips, the third -largest U.S. company, has been criticized by Wall Street analysts for its heavy debt load and high cost structure. The company said it hopes the asset sales would help it achieve a debt-to-capital ratio of 20 percent to 25 percent. Its debt-to-capital ratio was 34 percent as of June 30.
ConocoPhillips, like others, has been hurt by steep declines in crude oil and natural gas prices.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how come no bailout for oil major? Not enough people of importance holding shares there?

Anonymous said...

"I agree with you, 13:16. What I find interesting in Vidal's statements about US is he seems to share some of the views promoted by this blog: Afghanistan = America's Stalingrad, for instance. Or the break up of the country and the imminent take over by the Chinese, etc. Perhaps he could join us here, although we're no bathhouse, on some kind of a regular basis."

Vidal's perspectives are not the same as NBN.

Vidal is just degenating into that nationalist paranoia and bigotry that is instinctive to most pro-American baboons (i.e. the poor noble USA facing Stalingrad or China allegedly "taking over" the USA)

These are the monkey droppings of American xenophobes and populist demagogues in all but name.

If they sound familiar, refer to 1930s Germany under Herr Hitler for clarification.

Anonymous said...

Asian Central Banks Intervene as Dollar Tumbles - 8.10.09
SINGAPORE — The U.S. dollar continued to tumble against most Asian currencies Thursday, prompting a wave of foreign-exchange intervention by central banks in South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and Thailand seeking to limit damage to their export industries.
Traders said the dollar selloff is unlikely to fade soon, given the prospect for a long period of low U.S. interest rates to support a sluggish U.S. economy and increasing signs central banks in Asia will begin tightening monetary policies in the months ahead.
Surprisingly strong employment data in Australia bolstered speculation the Reserve Bank of Australia — which Tuesday became the first among Group of 20 central banks to raise rates — will deliver another increase before the end of the year. The news pushed the Australia dollar up sharply, and intensified buying of Asian currencies against the U.S. dollar.

Anonymous said...

I don´t see how people sppeak about Hitler as though they´d known him personally. Might be a question of age. I know nothing about Hitler except for what the history books tell one. And if anyone thinks historians are to trusted in any matter, they are fooling themselves. They constitute the other big group of professional liars, standing just behind the politicians and journalists on the world stage.

Anonymous said...

Petronas Announces Collaboration With Gazprom
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 (Bernama) — Petgas Trading (UK) Ltd, a UK subsidiary of Malaysian oil and gas multinational, Petronas, announced on Thursday that it has entered into a number of collaborative ventures with Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd, a UK subsidiary of the Russian gas giant, OAO Gazprom.

In a statement on Thursday, it said the collaboration initially focused on opportunities related to the recently commissioned Dragon LNG terminal in Milford Haven, South Wales, in which Petgas Trading has a 50 per cent share of the terminal's LNG re-gasification capacity.
The terminal is able to supply 6 billion cubic metres of LNG importation annually, enough to cater to approximately 5 per cent of the UK's gas consumption.
According to the statement, the venture was strengthened by Petronas' more than 20 years of experience and leadership in various aspects of the LNG business value chain and Gazprom Marketing's strong position as a leading gas trader in the UK and Northwest European gas markets.
In addition, both companies' affiliate trading entities are well positioned to deliver LNG cargo in the terminal, which will enhance the terminal's utilisation and facilitate greater diversity and security of supply to the UK market.
For Gazprom, Glboal LNG supplied two cargoes into the Dragon LNG terminal including a commissioning cargo in August and Dragon LNG's first commercial delivery in early September.
Additional LNG cargoes is now being planned through the coming winter and into 2010.

Anonymous said...

FROM POIUYTR (just not signed in cuz im a lazy bastard)

> 18:27 -- Hitler

Hitler's a west agent, created, handled, and aided through 1945 and possibly beyond by USA and UK. USA/UK built the entire German murder machine and put the agent on German throne. USA fed him everything necessary: motors, plane motors, trucks with which to haul people into camps, comm equipment from IBM and AT&T, cash from Chase, and of course fuel through 1945 from Standard Oil. The entire USA congress knew and not only signed with Roosevelt licenses allowing trading with "enemy" but even gave speeches to aid Hitler overtly. Patton in 1945 wanted to re-arm Germans and together with them attack Russia again.

Hitler's no different than Hussein, Pinochet, Saakashvili and all the famous west war proxy bitches. Arguably, Germans outperformed the rest of this blood soaked gang in evil, sickness, and diseased crimes. Well, they're saxons, aren't they?

Hitler's significance today is just the enactment of Grand EUnuchia, melding down of the 27 idiotic states into one giant monstrosity, ruled by 1 police, 1 army, and 1 leader. This is precisely Hitler's wetdream of 1930s, for which he was held in high esteem in USA even making the "man of the year" USA pervert charts. Hitler achieved the Grand EUnuchia ideal of the saxon murderer by 1940 via some warfare and with great aid from France, UK, and USA. However, Hitler's amalgam held together only till 1941 when Russia turned the tide at Moscow in Dec. From there on, the days of Hitler's Grand EUnuchia were numbered -- much like they have been today, in fact.

Today, thanks to the Irish referendum fraud, we have Hitler's wetdream for real, already functioning like the monstrous parasite it's always envisioned itself to be.

Germans significance is that of the meterstick for evil, depravity, and genocide today. Hitler's significance is that of the west proxy fiendishness. Other than that neither Hitler nor Germans are important today on any level.

That's all, seek no hidden meanings in the Hitler mentions.

Anonymous said...

Question for Poiuytr:

Have you read anything by US linguist and political author Noam Chomsky?

Well, in an email I wrote him, he writes that the chances of the US collapsing (in the near future) are "extremely remote."

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
poiuytr said...

Before anyone screams, the removed comments was my own done while not signed in.

poiuytr said...

> 3:59 -- Good Ol' Noam

There's another one. Posturing as a dissent voice, he's anything but that. I won't recall the sequence of his drivel at the moment that exposes him to be yet another either a shill or a mad simpleton but... I actually think Noam is one of those nutty 911 conspiracy theorists. When I say 911 conspiracy nutter, I, of course, mean the idiots that believe the outrageous 911 BS lies about some mean bearded hijackers armed to teeth with plastic utensils and Hollowwood magic tricks vanishing planes and turning buildings into dust and molten glow.

I know you're gonna say but Hugo Chavez waves around Noam's books.

Well, Noam talks about the dollar monopolies and he admits to war crimes that no longer concern anyone like Korea that prima facia are conflicting with the west mindrape rubbish. I cannot recall the specifics on him though. But he's a bit like Galloway.

On surface, he does well with the BBC bimbos on obvious issues like the war crimes but scratch the surface a bit and you get another Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Bill Engdahl, and the rest of the clowns who are all motivated by the same discomfort the west terminal rot is bringing them. They're all connected by the same filth: the re-establishment of their own wallet and west as the world's rapists.

All this aside, west has no KNOWN real heretics. The west media cabal has long since expunged all real dissent and allows none of it.

When in 1960 (15 yrs after Roosevelt's prez lockup dried up) USA=Hitler files came to light, the Kennedy duo, the very offspring of a nazi and a close friend of Goering's, vapourised all the dissenters and those questioning the USA Hitler ties. Some of them were USA congressmen. No amount of clout, however, can protect a heretic in west. Some were dissapeared and two were -- which is most astonishing, considering USA sells itself as a free nation -- were EXILED by Kennedy to SouthAm.

When Baron was about to confront the USA governance on the nazi butcher-run NASA Apollo rubbish, he suddenly changed his mind committing suicide with his wife. When Walters began talking about the Apollo farce, he suddenly died of a stroke unable to finish the interview. When Jennings, perhaps the biggest west CNN whore loudmouth of all times called 911 towers collapse a demolition, he suddenly got sick and succumbed to the rapid disease moments later. The rest of the ex-west media whores like Rather all vanished following 911.

When Kelly was about to confront Bliar on lying about Iraq war reasons, he suddenly decided to take a walk and stab himself several times. When Cook questioned Bliar's foreign policies, he suddenly favoured a hasty resignation. When Germany was "electing" their leader behind closed door in a tightly controlled cabal, Schroeder suddenly handed over the reins to Merkel, an ultra-ultra-right matron, and ran eastward as fast as his legs could carry him. His last words to his kin were "Beware of the Saxon". Coming from one, it's a warning that should be heeded most diligently!


poiuytr said...

> 3:59, Pt2

Or take the Ron Paul farce. Remember, the idiot yanks screaming in orgasms clinging to Ronnie boy for their dear life till he dropped their dirty rumps like west has dropped all semblance to humanity? Remember the cretinous USA population rush in mad droves to the ballot boxes and enthrone Pelosi so she can, as promised by her, take on Bush II, stop wars, and reopen 911? The second she got in, she began the sicknening Bush II's slit cleaning -- a mark of a true west statesmen today, joined the war junta, and closed all 911 files.

In short, there is no dissent in west. Just blood purges and total dictatorship. Noam is no exception. Perhaps he's wearing an attractive coat but beneath is the same old vampiric wolf.

And this is precisely why one shouldn't seek leaders and definitely not thinkers among any of the west popular sci-fi writers like C Roberts, R Fisk, and the rest of the circus.

The only way to navigate through the deliberate barrage of rubbish, war-incensing propaganda, and thickets of misinfo is by using your own judgment. NBN tries to combat the west ongoing rubbish like "deflation", "global downturn", "banking oversight", "victorious wars", "elections", "bailouts", "sense of justice", "religious supremacy", etc, but ultimately one has to look at the facts and judge solely from that. There are no leaders in west and there won't be -- cuz it's just not allowed there.

I would go as far today as to aver that if it's English, beware!

Anonymous said...


Reports of MAJOR mischief being planned for the country of Turkey.

Also, new innovation by Iranian scientist in counter-information/propagation.

More later, Inshallah.

Anonymous said...

You go on and on about west fiends with bared teeth and flying flags. OK. But why are Jewish supremacists (Chomsky is one of them) never named and placed on the same level of crime as the Saxon or the Anglo? Scapegoating in reverse, blanket pardon? Not to zap, please, just asking.

Anonymous said...

Inshallah, 06:49, Awaiting with baited breath about news from Turkey. Hope the Turks know who their realn friends are.

Anonymous said...

Russia Economic Slump Forces Putin on Capitalist Path - 9.10.09
Russia’s economic decline is forcing the country to walk the walk after more than a decade of talk about dragging the largest energy exporter away from its oil dependency and reducing the footprint of the state.
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin wants to use state asset sales to help plug next year’s budget deficit, which his government estimates at 6.8 percent of output, and use the privatization push to modernize derelict infrastructure. Last year’s 54 percent slump in oil prices, which pushed the economy into a 10.9 percent contraction in the second quarter, has forced the government to revive its commitment to renouncing its commodity reliance.
“The shock of the oil price collapse destroyed” Russia’s complacency, and “the government has a renewed desire to advance a more radical reform program,” Troika Dialog, the country’s oldest investment bank, said in a note.
Crude oil for November delivery climbed 2.8 percent to $71.51 a barrel at 19.22 p.m. in Moscow. Crude dropped more than $100 a barrel between July last year and March. The ruble gained 0.8 percent against the dollar to 29.5498, its strongest close since Dec. 30.
“We view privatization as one of the key instruments for structural reform in the real sector of the economy, improving competition and attracting investments,” Putin told a cabinet meeting on Oct. 6. The crisis had lead to a “serious increase” of the state’s presence in the economy, he said.
Russia wants to generate 70 billion rubles ($2.4 billion) next year, 10 times the original target, by selling all or part of state stakes in 450 enterprises, Economy Minister Elvira Nabiullina said at the meeting. Sales will consist mainly of airports and river and sea terminals.

Anonymous said...

General Motors' car sales surge in China which overtook the US as the world's biggest car market earlier this year and is now a key battleground for manufacturers. General Motors sold a record number of cars in China last month and sales for the first nine months of the year rose 55% to 1.3m vehicles. (9.10.09)

Anonymous said...

Prickly oil-rich nation seeks submissive, wealthy multinational for lasting relationship
This seems to be the gist of Iran’s attempt to woo foreign investors, after its deputy oil minister told reporters that it is apparently “ready” for a relationship with the private sector.
“Many companies that belong to the government now will become private very soon,” Azizollah Ramazani said yesterday at the World Gas Conference in Buenos Aires. “I think the Iranian energy sector is very interesting for foreign companies, including American companies.”
So why, when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is making threats about developing its nuclear power capabilities and accusing US spies of kidnapping an Iranian researcher in Saudi Arabia, is it also subtly wooing the oil money?
The truth is that Iran has gone out courting for a wealthy suitor because it is running out of cash. Persistent underinvestment in its oil and gas fields – with funding directed instead towards a costly nuclear programme – meant that even in the good times production was declining by between 4 and 8pc every year.
To make matters worse, during the boom years, the current government heavily plundered its Oil Stabilization Fund (OSF), once set aside as a rainy day pot, leaving its economy vulnerable to sharp falls in the oil price and lower demand during the recession. Now inflation has hit 25pc and unemployment is teetering on 20pc, more among the young. (9.10.09)

After demising the dollar, media out to get Freeworld stalwarts Russia and Iran? Venezuela will be next. Only China seems to find favour in their eyes. A pattern here?

Anonymous said...

10,000 applications for 90 factory jobs (8.10.09)
Job seekers filed 10,000 applications over three days with General Electric for 90 openings paying about $27,000 a year building washing machines, General Electric spokeswoman Kim Freeman said Thursday.

Anonymous said...

A quick read is required of two articles by Robert Fisk. He touches at the surface on a great many relevant and salient points. This story and its vast consequences will be discussed and analyzed for a full year. This is the biggest story on the USDollar in decades, sure to further develop. This is the biggest financial story since Lehman Brothers was killed, since AIG was hidden under the USGovt roof, and since Fannie Mae fraud was shoved in the USGovt basement, one year ago. To say this is not orchestrated by China is professed ignorance. They warned the US not to monetize the federal debt. We did. They warned the US not to reappoint Bernanke as USFed Chairman. We did. Next is transformation with consequences. A new important alliance has formed, which cuts out the United States and Great Britain. The drift that comes is directed toward the Third World. The great majority cannot comprehend or envision such change. Give them time. The most visible changes will come with the value of Gold & Silver, and the demoted USDollar exchange rate. The other visible changes will be to the landscape of the United States and Great Britain and the arrival of foreigners. They will be called carpetbaggers, when in fact they are creditors in receivership. We welcomed their purchase of our vast rafts of debt.
When one combines the 0% US interest rate feeder system that shreds the USDollar with leveraged machinery designed by Wall Street itself, with the US$ rejection heralded by the Saudis side by side with their numerous global customers, the conclusion is easy. That is, easy except to the biased broken bastardos who continue to crawl like cockroaches in corridors of finance on Wall Street. The conclusion is the death of the USDollar is written in stone, and a USTreasury default lies down the road. If you believe the 8-9 year timeframe cited by Fisk and denied by the Saudis, then you believe in fairy tales. This timetable is much more palatable to sell to the US/UK maestros, much less threatening in words for a total disruption with overturned tables. The timing of the transition away from the Petro-Dollar will not be 8-9 years, not in this world. The rapidly decaying financial platforms and structures will dictate a much more rapid timetable. Within a year, the Saudis with Russians and Chinese on each arm, will announce the further degradation and deterioration of the US and UK banks, if not entire financial system, dictate an accelerated timetable, more like 2-3 years. It will still seem like Chinese Water Torture into a golden barrel with silver lining, as the dollar typed water turns acidic.
By the way, the World Economic Forum Report just released their list of the most stable nations financially. They ranked the US & UK at #37 and #38. They give the maestros who manage their colossal busts far too much credit. A first hand inspection would reveal emerging ghost town suburbs and ghost town shopping malls, halted urban projects, along with legions of jobless, home foreclosure victims, and tent cities.

Anonymous said...

Apparently B.O. had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. A hoax, right? And if B.O., why not T.B. as well?

Anonymous said...

All this shrieking about US shills and their disorderly conduct. Below, I find, the lines could have tripped off poiuytr's pen (in substance, I mean, not necessarily style). Or am I wrong?
Following the dollar demise, look for disorder to come to Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf during the transition, until Russia exerts its military presence. If a misguided event occurs in the Gulf soon, a demonstration will be given. There are reasons why the US Naval Fleet is not sitting inside the Strait of Hormuz like ducks. Two of them are named Sunburn and Onyx, the advanced Russian missiles.
Russia is the quiet new player. They are often dismissed by the ignorant US legions as a broken nation, as they cite autocrat leaders, with great resources to be sure, but with such frequent breach of contract in Western property confiscation (see Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum) that partnership seems unlikely for development with the vast engineering expertise offered by Western firms. When the dust clears in the next couple years, Russia will emerge in three key respects. 1) Russia will be the military protector to both sides in the Persian Gulf, both Arab and Iranian. 2) Russia will be the major commodity super market supplier to Europe, both energy and metals. 3) Russia will surprisingly present new financial systems to shock the West, in the form of barter systems, in the form of reliable non-US/UK commodity contract systems, in the form of precious metal vault facilities.
If there is one quintessential error made by the West generally and uniformly in the geopolitical shakeup extending from the Paradigm Shift away from the USDollar, it is the perception of Russia in the next chapter. They will provide tremendous follow-through for the Chinese spearhead to unseat and de-throne the USDollar. With Chinese shiny new industry, Chinese emerging consumer class, Russian commodity supermarkets, and Russian military presence, the face of the globe will change significantly, to the surprise of the compromised and failing US/UK former titans. The main question is how peacefully the fascists pass the baton of power to the East. Watch the hidden murder of bankers for clues.

Anonymous said...

Heck, the Nobel lot just stabbed themselves and peace in the back:

Barack Obama wins Nobel peace prize
US president honoured for 'extraordinary efforts' to improve world diplomacy and co-operation (9.10.09)

Anonymous said...

We've seen how the Norwegians have evolved over the past few decades. Award not surprising therefore.

Anonymous said...

The peace prize winner will now proceed to send countless US troops to Afghanistan to finish off the job. Or, will the prize go to his head and he'll show himself suddenly worthy of peace?

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the propaganda peace Nobel for Iranian Shirin Ebadi a few years back? This one reminds me of exactly the very same thing. PR for a failing/failed cause.

Anonymous said...

The better nominees would have been Chavez and Ghaddafi.

Anonymous said...

How rubbish is rubbish? This one's rubbish all the way, and none of it harmless.

Anonymous said...

Ach! He lost Chicago, but won the Prize. See how he shoots up in the ratings. All of it with a perfectly straight face. New heights of absurdity scaled.

Anonymous said...

Forget the Obama stuff. As s.o. said, he'll never actually get his hands on that money. On the ground where it really counts, we have:

Militants torch more NATO trucks in Pakistan
09 Oct 2009 - Pakistani militants have destroyed hundreds of NATO trucks over the past months. Suspected pro-Taliban insurgents in Pakistan's troubled northwest have torched several trucks and containers taking supplies to NATO-led forces in Afghanistan. The incident took place near Pakistan's northwestern city of Peshawar. Witnesses said at least six trucks, an oil tanker and a container were totally destroyed by the blaze.
Pakistani militants have repeatedly launched attacks on NATO trucks in region.
The US military sends three quarters of supplies for its troops in Afghanistan through Pakistan. However, with militants extending the autonomy in Pakistan's tribal areas, the supply routs have increasingly become unsafe.
The attacks have prompted US officials to seek alternative routes for the supplies bound for the foreign troops in Afghanistan.

Cosying up to Russia again soon?

Anonymous said...

Remember perhaps, Gorbachov received the NPP in 1990, one year before the collapse of the Soviet Union. History up to its old trick of repetition?

poiuytr said...

all nobel peace prizes go exclusively to the biggest butchers and planet carvers. that's a given.

the sci-fi nobel awards go to the biggest voodoo artists they can find in the field.

and hollowwood back-slapping oscar sessions go to the biggest propagandists whore they can find.

all things west are total and absolute pile of worthless smear. none of it deserves even a mention.

15:45 is totally correct.

the NPP went to a man who's about to launch an attack on its own west idyll for there's no way he can manage to keep the pretense going much longer.

Anonymous said...

Got it. It´s so he doesn´t need to bomb Iran after all

Anonymous said...

Continued aggression in IRAQ …..
Continued aggression in Afghanistan …..
Continued support of genocide and apartheid in Palestine …..
Guilty of orchestrating coup in Honduras …..
There’s more……
BUT, put them all together and you have the perfect winner for the Nobel Peace Prize.
I lost all respect for the Nobel prize when Al Gore got it for trying to lie us all into accepting global government by waving global warming at us all. Now we have Obama, who thinks allowing Israel to get away with war crimes is the path to peace.

And for this they gave him a Peace Prize??????

Anonymous said...

Obama’s Predator-Drone Award

Anonymous said...

RE: 9/10/09 10:01

A bit nervous at the possible end of the American Dollar Vampire?

Get used to it.

The American slimeback has been a critical part of American exploitation the world over.

And now it might finally come to an end.

Goodbye and good riddance.

The Sword & The Dollar

Anonymous said...

RE: NATO and Russia. The Dane guy there who now heads that horror alliance said at his most recent press conference that Russia must absolutely do more to contribute to the Afghanistan destruction. Then he goes on to say, sure Georgia is an upcoming NATO member. No respect and mainly no sense of reality at all. Obama gets a Peace Prize for future activities (?). I´d have given it to Putin for his past record on peace.

Anonymous said...

Thieves together and finger pointing
Crisis Leaves Europe in Slow Lane - 9.10.09
PARIS — Two years ago, Europe was growing more rapidly than the United States, and the Old Continent finally seemed prepared to tackle longstanding economic challenges like rigid labor markets, runaway government spending and a rapidly aging population.
Worldwide trade imbalances have declined by almost half since the recession's beginning.
But as Asia and the United States emerge from the global economic crisis, Europe appears likely to be the world’s laggard, threatening a return to the dark days of “Eurosclerosis.” Leaders who once spoke optimistically of fundamental changes aimed at enhancing productivity have turned to the more prosaic tasks of protecting jobs and avoiding painful political choices.
And just when it is needed most, the political will to address Europe’s bigger economic problems seems absent, according to many experts across the region and around the world.

Noticed any signs of US recovery anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize?
We have a “peace price winning” president about to commit tens of thousands more troops to a never ending war in a country that has never been defeated. Also a 680 billion dollar "defence" budget approved by Congress the day before the Peace Prize was his to gloat over. Good, he was so honoured for the "promises" made to improve US rogue conduct in days to come, but does any sane person still believe Obama was elected to keep promises?

Anonymous said...

We hate to bring this up, but perhaps it´s the time to speak up. You wave Hitler in our faces as though it was the explanation for everything. It isn´t. Today´s world is vastly different. If we´re looking for a historical precedent, the execrable and unpunished British Empire would be closer to the mark. But colonialism never seems to be a topic brought up on this blog. Thoroughly ethnocentric, only WWII is ever mentioned as historical background to the thousand and one plagues which have befallen us.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone vomit when they heard the news of the Nobel Peace Prize award? You know, like, when you learned the news was true?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 11:09, I believe a large number of persons did just that, vomit when told Obama was the latest Peace Prize winner. But now, a day later, it hardly seems to matter that much any longer. So many horrid things happening, Obama's story seems to sink to a detail.

Anonymous said...

Well this Noble thing can hold Obama in check. We can always say
Obama Noble Prize Laureate fails to close torture prison Gaunatanamo,
Obama Noble Prize Laureate sends more troops to kill Afghanis, etc.
This way we remind the world of the GREAT HOAX.

Anonymous said...

> 8:41 -- hitler thoughts

it's astonishing how you've missed all points. hitler is not this blog's explanation for anything. it's THEIR way. if you'd been reading a bit, you'd know *they*'s chiefly UK and USA.

hitler is just a code for setting up war genocidal proxies to take on armed nations, something the west NEVER EVER does itself cuz beside west being the chief world rapist, it's also the number one coward and can only attack defenceless children.

i thought these points are made plain and obvious as the nobel war prize sessions. why the struggle?

(poiuytr, not signed in)

Anonymous said...

wonder what's mr sarkozy doing now? has he retracted his "obama's naive and egocentric" commentary now that obama's been decorated with the highest butcher award.

maybe, in general, the NPP fiasco serves some good purpose. it's so blatantly obvious that even the slow baboons among the vast west herd may now understand a bit more, that everything west is a dirty deliberate farce. not only the west war junta is committing genocides while sacking what's left of the west cesspit. they're now actively laughing in the baboon's snouts.

though very doubtful, maybe some of the baboons will now see the west for what it is: total absolute fraud. i personally doubt it however. next week, none of the baboons, even the roiled ones, will remember a thing as always.

(poiuytr, not logged in)

Anonymous said...

Hello poiuytr, internet has been buzzing with indignation over the ill-named Noble. Now that our anger has been spewed out more or less, it's time to calm down, I suppose. Sarkozy reminds me very much of Berlusconi. I don't see him retracting anything he's once said. And you can be a laureate and still be naive and egocentric. Which also nicely describes Sarkozy himself. As for the populace, they have been taught to have no memories beyond the day's events. They reinvent themselves and their world afresh as each dawn rises. Still, the NPP provided a bit of comic relief. Always that to be grateful for.

Anonymous said...

Islamabad: US Embassy Sheltering Terrorists
By: KASHIF ALI ABBASI on: 10.10.2009
ISLAMABAD: Oct 9 The Pakistan Foreign Office summoned US and Dutch diplomats after the Pakistani police arrested members of the US and Dutch embassies roaming Islamabad’s streets in unmarked cars carrying sophisticated weapons that diplomats are banned beyond military use. In the latest incident, Dutch diplomats arrested carrying such weapons were rescued by US Embassy officials. The incident has raised alarm bells in Pakistan’s diplomatic and security circles in the backdrop of growing evidence that the US Embassy and the country’s pro-government were building private armed militias without the knowledge of Pakistani security departments and intelligence agencies.

Anonymous said...

He may have won the peace prize, but what of the efficiency prize? Even their efforts to infiltrate Pakistan in all kinds of ways has become a matter of public knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Gunmen attack Pakistani army HQ in Rawalpindi
Sat, 10 Oct 2009
Pakistani security forces say they have foiled an attempt by gunmen to enter into the Pakistan' military's General Headquarters in garrison city of Rawalpindi.
The clashes has left more than ten people dead. “Four to five terrorists have been killed during the exchange of fire. The forces have taken the dead bodies of terrorists in possession”, a military official told Press TV correspondent Nasir Kazmi on Saturday.
"The number of the terrorists involved in the attack was between 10 to 12," the official said.
It is also being reported that some 15 soldiers are being held hostage by the "terrorists". "Terrorists", my foot. This is the US-NATO-Mossad set up getting their own back for what 17:35 posted above. Inefficient, 18:05? They're not doing too badly, I'd say.
At least six security forces were also killed during the clashes, our correspondent added.

Anonymous said...

October 11, 2009
Germans seek to oust Czech president Vaclav Klaus over EU treaty - 11.10.09
Revelling in the fuss he was causing, Vaclav Klaus, the president of the Czech Republic, calmly tucked into a plate of steamed shellfish on the terrace of the elegant Adriatic hotel in the Albanian seaside resort of Durres last week.
In faraway Brussels furious diplomats were calling for his impeachment and even his country’s expulsion from the European Union because of his obstinate refusal to sign the Lisbon treaty. Klaus, now the only European leader holding out against ratifying the document, made it clear he did not give a damn.
European leaders were told he was not available to take their calls. The Eurosceptic president and his wife Livia were completing a brief tour of the Balkan country where Klaus, 68, attended the launch of the Albanian edition of his controversial book, Blue Planet in Green Shackles, which argues there is no such thing as man-made global warming.
The trip had clearly been planned to coincide with the diplomatic blitz that Brussels launched after last weekend’s referendum in Ireland, which appeared to remove the final hurdle to ratification. Klaus seemed to have other ideas.
Lech Kaczynski, the Polish president, left Klaus further isolated by signing the treaty into law yesterday. “The EU remains a union of nation states, a strict union, and let it remain so,” Kaczynski said.
Calling the organisation “a successful experiment without precedent in human history”, he said it could not be closed to those who wish to join, “not only in the Balkans but also countries like Georgia”.
On Klaus’s return to Prague he dropped a political bombshell. At a press conference in his official residence the Czech leader announced that he would sign the treaty only if his government negotiated an opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which is incorporated in the treaty. He was concerned that the charter may permit retrospective property claims by the Sudeten Germans, a 3.5m-strong minority group expelled from the Czech Republic after the second world war.
“I have always considered this treaty a step in the wrong direction,” Klaus said. As he is well aware, the slightest change to the treaty, which was first proposed in 2001, would require all 27 EU member countries to agree.
His remarks were greeted with outrage in Europe. German and French diplomats, in talks with their Czech counterparts, explored two ways of removing the Klaus obstacle: impeach him or change the Czech constitution to take away his right of veto.
“If the president is obstructing the democratic process and opposing the decision of parliament as well as the will of the people, he is moving beyond the law and will need to face the consequences,” a German diplomat told The Sunday Times.

Anonymous said...

What recovery? (10.10.09)
* The world is in the midst of a serious depression that's continuing to spread
* A rise in Australian interest rates would result in a financial raid that would dramatically increase the tax burden on Australian taxpayers
* Bursting real estate bubbles and rampant debt deflation are driving economies around the world to the brink
* The Obama administration's determination to rescue the financial sector amounts to the "assisted suicide" of the US economy

Anonymous said...

The "assisted suicide" of the economy? Yes, I liked that bit a lot. Also, Vaclav Klaus's determination not to sign Lisbon without putting in a few changes. Euthanasia for EU perhaps, eh?

Anonymous said...

RE: The Prize
Apparently, the Nobel committee is suffering from the delusion that, being a minority, Obama is going to put a stop to Western hegemony over darker-skinned peoples.
The non-cynical can say that the Nobel committee is seizing on Obama’s rhetoric to lock him into the pursuit of peace instead of war. We can all hope that it works. But the more likely result is that the award has made “War is Peace” the reality.

poiuytr said...

> 16:58 -- Ill-named Nobel

Right. With Sarkozy, I'm just kidding. Who cares if they retract statements or not. It's just fun watching them *disagree* with each other. Their west leaders are all at odds now. Their tales they spin don't match. The threats they issue aren't synchronised. They're agencies producing scam awards, like west media, are all in total disarray. That's all. It just exemplified the fact that the west is crumbling, not just economically, but even now at the very top, and all the way down to the street level where racial and econ battles are beginning to explode.


> 17:35 -- terrorists in unmarked cars

Thanks for the newsclip. Well, that's the sign of Peace Prize Laureate. USA and UK troops have been routinely and now for a decade engaging in this terrorism, going as far as trying to dress like locals, setting off bombs, and trying to incite sectarian and civil wars. All terror is west made. All deceit is west made. All things diseased on this planet, perverted, sick, and disgusting are west.


> 18:05 -- efficacy award

YOu're absolutely correct. They can print medals and awards and money. West has no chance today. It either bleeds to econ death or ultimately provokes someone capable of returning fire.


> 17:05 -- EU vs Klaus

Thanks for the news. This is amazing. One man against the entire west disease. This is 1938, Munich, again. USA/UK/France/Germany forceful annexation Czech Republic. This is the very sequel.

And the German threat there of "facing consequences". How does this work even? How do Germans dictate Czech governance? Yes, Hitler's ideals are fully resurrected today.

This is interesting. I don't believe Klaus can manage to hold off the fascist west juggernaut. It's one man against the entire west disease now and his own parliament of proxy traitors. My bet he's gonna get rolled over. They'll pull some Brussel rank, find some loophole to bypass him, sign for him, or one day Klaus is gonna be taken to a light waterboarding "meeting" and magically resign thereafter with his suit still dripping.


A few questions to anyone.

1) Grand EUnuchia Programme

So Czech Rep ratifies Grand EUnuchia. Let's say Klaus gets rolled over. So what? What's the fuhrer gonna do anyway? Why are they so desperate to get it?

Is it just to draft the long planned 60K strong EUnuch army from the 27 states by one mandate? That seems like a lot of work for nothing cuz 60K army of units that speak some 20 languages is as useful as NATO. Plus, west needs 500K or ten times, which Grand EUnuchia cannot provide anyway, not even half thereof.

Is it to take over and rule with a dictator fist over all media, energy, money, brainwashing schools, etc? They've already done that.

Is it to attack someone big? Whether it's Grand EUnuchia or just the current EUnuchia it can't even take on Lebanon, much less Iran or someone actually armed.

What's the point of it? Whether Klaus signs some piece of toilet paper or not, the results are the same: total prolapse of the eastern arsecheek of the west cesspit.


Anyone seen any news, talk, or even whisper of some alleged Irish referendum fraud? Are Irish "satisfied" with the Yes or has there been some allegations challenging the official word?

Anonymous said...

Monday, 05 October 2009 David Icke Blog
Irish Referendum Outcome Is Null and Void
'Our published information that the Irish Referendum on the dictatorial Lisbon Treaty was rigged, is ACCURATE. However at the time of the Update to the report dated 2nd October (see below) we hadn’t yet obtained details of the WAY the Referendum was rigged and influenced in favour of the treacherous YES lobby. We now have this information.
This is how the Irish were ‘persuaded’ to change their minds.' Read more...

This to answer your last question, poiuytr. It was also posted on your own blog, but you all had other fish to fry. No reaction from anyone.

Anonymous said...

And, in answer to the other question, EU is desperate for anything which might lessen their helplessness. That they might be at the end of the tether is something you seem to know, but it has not become received wisdom in their heads yet. In other words, the factor of pointlessness in human affairs at play.

Anonymous said...

The snakes are trying to seduce China again
We are hearing that George Soros, Heinz (Henry) Kissinger and the other dinosaurs are trying to convince China to merge their currency with the US dollar. This would be a fatal mistake. The Chinese know they are dealing with genocidal, pathological liars. Any Chinese who accepts bribes from these snakes is a traitor to his (or her) people. They will also never be allowed to actually spend any of their bribes because it will be funny money that they are being paid with.

Anonymous said...

File this news under BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Remember, Don't Ask and Don't Tell.

"Obama Pledges to Let Homosexuals Serve Openly in US Military"

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!

The US Marine Corps today announced that it is changing its motto from "Semper Fi" to "We're Queer! We're Here!"

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, just not signed in)

> 10:00 -- Rigged referendum

Thanks so much for the news there. Good! So we have some sanity remaining in Ireland. West seems greatly beat down now. They don't even shout all that loud about ideals and lofty ideas. It's down to bread and water battles all across west now. But it's good someone said it.


> 10:33 -- EUnuchs lessening their helplessness

I agree with that in general. Yes, one fuhrer, one media, one bank, it's easier to govern the pesky 27 different tribes. But so what of it? It still solves nothing for them. It's still no energy, no cash, and no product at the end of the day. Just a heavier dictatorship top. The IQ of the west leaders really needs be questioned now. They're appearing to be as brain endowed as the masses of monkeys they rule. The cretinism of the west baboon has been so astonishing that the west junta got a bit too relaxed. Now, Libya, Kazakhstan, and Venezuela, nations unknown to west, can outfox them at every step.


> 6:28 -- the begging diplomats

This is priceless!!!!! Thanks for the news. What joy! So comrade Obama's sending his preferred beggers out to China now. Heinz went twice to Moscow only to cement the embarrassing disappointment of USA's imminent prolapse. And now they're repeating the fiasco in China... LOL This is truly priceless. USA begging envoys are back at it again.

What are they offering? Imagine hearing Kissinger: "We didn't mean to have a go at you all these years since McArthur. We wanna be buddies now. We love Red China. We're commies too." What in the world can USA say to China today to beg????? LOL I'm rolling on the floor laughing. This is more embarrassing for the baboons than begging in Russia.

And don't they get that merger of cash still means dollar prolapse? It's like merging stock. There's a ratio. Keep too much dollar in the mix and China loses Yuan. LOL Imagine listening to this one.

I can't wait for Kissinger lying prostrate before H Chavez beginning for forgiveness and cheap oil.

And this is when the Freeworld has to stand tough and work diligently not falling for any tricks, not giving an single millimetre now.

Anonymous said...

There is only one thing and one thing to remember when dealing with Imperialist America.

It is a nation of snakes, where lies, deceit, and manipulation are instinctive behaviors.

Never forget this.

Anonymous said...

"The ultra right worms have waited for this moment to pounce on the prolapsed Baboonarium and turn it into a WWIII juggernaut -- much like they did with Germans in the 30s."

Baboonarium. Ha. Ha.

God bless the United States of Baboonarium!

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