Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic documents how an offshore corporate cartel is bankrupting the US economy by design. Leaders are now declaring that world government has arrived and that the dollar will be replaced by a new global currency.

President Obama has brazenly violated Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution by seating himself at the head of United Nations' Security Council, thus becoming the first US president to chair the world body.

A scientific dictatorship is in its final stages of completion, and laws protecting basic human rights are being abolished worldwide; an iron curtain of high-tech tyranny is now descending over the planet.

A worldwide regime controlled by an unelected corporate elite is implementing a planetary carbon tax system that will dominate all human activity and establish a system of neo-feudal slavery.

The image makers have carefully packaged Obama as the world's savior; he is the Trojan Horse manufactured to pacify the people just long enough for the globalists to complete their master plan.

This film reveals the architecture of the New World Order and what the power elite have in store for humanity. More importantly it communicates how We The People can retake control of our government, turn the criminal tide and bring the tyrants to justice.



poiuytr said...

If I may, I think in general, all the famed west dissidents tend to get carried away. It's something innate to especially USA.

They'll take a kernel of truth and extrapolate it into a Hollowwood Disney planet exploding crazed nonsense.

Beside being the chief global entertainer, comrade Obama, I think, was carefully handpicked to usher in the fascist or ultra-right takeover, that's gonna be necessary to ride the inevitable prolapse.

Of course, this is echoed in EU by first collectivising it and then putting in a well trained 33rd degree lizard to man it. Different tact, same result: going ultra-right.

Obama is already being "blamed" for the disasters. He is termed socialist, nay communist. He is possibly black. And he isn't USA-born. All this was specially picked to pander to the natural innate racist and psychotic McCarthy-rape neurosis of the baboons.

USA like EU has no chance but to devalue and they'll simply blame Obama for it ALL to scapegoat the true criminals. In fact, that's his job. He's the ultimate fall guy.

And so the rage of the hungry baboon, when the deval comes is gonna get naturally focused at the same old west monsters which which they've kept the cretinous baboon in line.

This will predicate the exact political situation as in Germany when Hitler, a foreigner took over the throne and mandated dictatorship and WWII beside other insanities along the way.

And west is headed being steered exactly down the same path: blame the bolshevik, blame the non-white, blame the non-christian, blame the foreigner.

This global NWO USA-leading some total planet control is just not happening. Certainly it was their plan, like it was their plan to take Iraq, wipe out Iran, take Afghanistan, keep Russia under control, and dictate to China. Bush 1st said it clearly in 1991 on Sep 11, of all days. But this NWO thingy has vanished like west legions in Helmand. USA can't even keep Japan now and if there wasn't Rumania, USA wouldn't have a single buddy left.

So they're going for the prolapse and ultra right solution. This is why there's camps on standby.

Once the deval comes, they'll simply say, you CHOSE Obama. We told you to choose McCain but you had too much freedom and chose wrong. Your fault. But if you give us total control, we'll do our best. Or something along these lines. And Obama will be the fall guy with all his "obvious" differences.


poiuytr said...

West behaviour is so transparent, especially USA's, that even a primitive simpleton like moi can easily decode it. It's cuz the USA baboon is such a patently moronic creature, even the brainwashing, finetuned to its mental incapacity, has to be very simple and as obvious as the Obama fall guy syndrome.

But this is only a plan. West had many of those and none has worked out. NONE!

Just consider 911; a job so sloppy that it required alteration to physics to keep above water.

And very likely neither will this one. The west prolapse will occur probably from within, by some large component of west (perhaps some bankster faction buried deep in the USA central bank amalgam) when it breaks free from the increasing chaos in the system largely cuz of fear. And the change will be just as surprising to Obama as it will be to his handlers. The baboon won't suffer the same surprise for it understands nothing -- not now, not even after it'll have lost its rump in the prolapse.

Whatever the detail proceedings of the west-wide prolapse, the ultra-right solution that comrade Obama's driving home, is a non-solution, even if successful.

This isn't the 1930s and Russia is not the Russia of 1940s. Although obvious to most, west delights in committing such 1st grader errors.

It's very unlikely that west, even though it's trying its damnest, could assemble 6M troops and drive the murdering phalanx 200km deep into Russia in the first few days of crossing her border. It's in fact very unlikely that west could manage to translate the command down the NATO general zoo affecting over 20 languages without too many significant errors.

The situation for west is therefore very clear.

Prolapse into oblivion and be taken apart by the rising Freeworld. Either willingly mitigating own pain or by force. There is no other option and no amount of illuminati voodoo fairy dust and bohemian grove orgying can change this imminent and inevitable fate.

One lasting regret here: that the baboon isn't at least as cretinous as a house trained dog so that it could enjoy in full xtra-large-plasma screen its deserving award for it's evil child-murdering genocidal existence.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is the spiritual guru for all the phony American "dissidents" everywhere.

They desperately promote his demagogic patriotic nostalgia about Reclaiming-the-Good-America-of-the-Past-that's-been-taken-over-by-NWO-Cabal.

They are like Viagra spam artists in their persistence.

But don't drink the Jones-town Kool-Aid.

America has never been a "republic" to begin with. And it's ever represented freedom or democracy.

America is an empire. A rapacious land-stealing, Indian-genociding, African-slave- exploiting empire since day one:

"These wars are not just wars of the ‘right wing,’ or ‘conservative, or ‘Republican’ wars. These aren’t Bush’s wars. They are Obama’s now. More accurately, they are Amerika’s wars. And, it will take more to stop these wars, and the next war and the one after that, than marching in the streets holding signs. This shit goes back to 1492, even earlier. The crusaders, KKKolumbus, Manifest Destiny, chattle slavery, the endless imperialist wars of the last century.

In 1492, KKKolumbus sailed the ocean blue.. then he landed and killed everyone who wasn’t European. Exterminated the Taino peoples. That’s the real story.

Yesterday, it was the US genocide of South East Asia, the propping-up and financing of death squad states in Latin America, the rape and enslavement of Africa. Today it’s killing Pakistanis with unmanned drones. What will it be tomorrow?"


Anonymous said...


"The problem is bigger than Democrats and Republicans. Bigger than Bush and Obama. The problem is Amerika, and Amerikans. We can’t let Amerikans, and the Amerikan working class off the hook. Even the poorest Amerikan benefits from imperialism."


James Wolfe said...

Alex Jones distributes fantastic and informative information, but as the post above mentions, the problem isn’t just the evil NWO or the evil Zionist Bankers, as evil as they are. The average American is totally complicit in the murdering, pillaging, raping and lying the US since 9/11 and before hand.

This video sums up my exasperation. I’ve been debating, arguing and trying to inform these brainwashed people for 8 years across the internet to little avail.


Poiuytr, man you can write, you should publish books, volumes of ‘em. Your wordsmith skills are a sight to behold. Put me to shame, I can’t compete with you.

Anonymous said...

Still going strong, all of you above, I'm happy to note. By the sound of it, however, I take it that enemy number one is Alex Jones and the baboon.Not really the "handlers" of Obama, the ultimate evil in the dark. No matter, you're all making a fine job of it. Long may this site thrive.

Anonymous said...

James: (poiuyutr here, just not logged in)

Thanks for the kind words... yeah, let's do it with the book. I have been. It's a gargantuan job compiling it all and trying to figure out the books in it. But I've just recently figured the whole point of it giving it all a very succinct and very serious point, turning all this gibber into data. Without a large point it's all just like NBN, localised rants or celebrations or particular news commentary. Anyway, so having a overall point that connects it is making it easier.

Oddly enough, I thought about you cuz I did some work on this recently and specifically about your "false entitlement". I really appreciate and seek people who can say something in a few words, an ability that eludes me. And you're one of them. The way you describe the false sense of entitlement west has is fantastic, with a few words... And there's more... (I don't mean to say you only have one area you can talk about) but this particular one, I remember, cuz I learnt it from you, the way to tell that bit. Anyway, so I thought maybe we could edit each other somehow, I don't know... it's a big project. I myself am drowning in it, but find it much easier when I do it with someone, then it makes more sense.

Also, a book about the prolapse should have been written 2 yrs ago. I'm late on all of that. That's a done deal. But like I said, I found the connecting platform for all this and we all could easily contribute and it wouldn't be just ranting but actually data to support the overall point of it, which I think is very relevant to ALL and will be, probably for a few years still.


News are turning up quite quickly these days. So NBN's coming up again... unusually short gaps.

Let's talk on email.

Anonymous said...

Wall Street's Naked Swindle

To the rest of the world, the brazenness of the theft — coupled with the conspicuousness of the government's inaction — clearly demonstrates that the American capital markets are a crime in progress. To those of us who actually live here, however, the news is even worse. We're in a place we haven't been since the Depression: Our economy is so completely fucked, the rich are running out of things to steal.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I think the chief monster is the west populace. With the west war junta, the enemy of humanity is clear and obvious. They'd stand no chance if they weren't surrounded by the west masses of psychotic, racist, and deeply innately evil packs of animals.

There used to be an ignorance plea and it might have been valid at one point. In other words, many would just say, oh, but USA pretty people don't know anything so they're not guilty of the war crimes.

Well, this plea is still being promulgated and bashed about by all west nations. In fact, many "dissidents" like Alex Jones use it to explain away the seeming apathy of west.

This pleas is no longer valid however and hasn't been for 9 yrs. 911 evidence, torture concentration camp evidence, war crimes evidence, west bank looting evidence, sundry lies, assassinations, blood purges, election fraud evidence have ALL been the mainstream top news for 9 years.

Every west monkey knows the evil west is committing. As such the ignorance idea cannot be accepted.

And so we have west full of parasitic torture-happy war enablers and their christianic kids committing war crimes of gang rapes, tortures to death, child murdering sprees, and all sorts of sickness eclipsing even the hitler period.

And that's the thrust of the west ultra-right solution on, to mobilise the entire west populace of these deeply evil and religiously maniacal baboon animals to attack the globe once again.

This is why they're sacking west, for a hungry baboon is a controllable baboon. And this is why they're pumping 2 or so trillions a year now into the Pentagram military juggernaut.


And far from this site "thriving". Appreciate your kind words but this site barely plods on.

The readership was largely west-based and the prolapse is no longer just entertainment to them. Plus they don't fancy the idea of prolapsing and being reminded they're the guilty party deserving the lot.

West monkeys always look for someone to solve it for them, save their lazy arses, and slave for them. And now they're left all alone, with no leaders, no representation, and the Freeworld rising kicking them while they're down showing less and less mercy for this war parasitic creature.

And so the readership has waned seeking other sites whereby they can fingerpoint and scream their rancid evil and banter pathetic calls to some revolution to bring back the glory days of their west evil cesspits -- which is of course an endless source of fun.

(poiuytr, not logged in)

Anonymous said...


Detroit, the famous USA ghost town running over 30% unemployment, has tried garage-selling 10K homes priced to sell at a mind-bending 500 dollars, that's FIVE HUNDRED dollars for a dwelling.

But to truly illustrate the magnanimous prolapse the west baboons are enjoying, consider that they didn't manage to sell more than measly 20% of the prolapsed inventory.

No one wants the west rubbish. No one!

That's why UK didn't manage to sell bonds (or take loans from the world) and they needed near 300B GBP and that's why USA, although peddling bonds via banks and all sorts of scams now, can't raise the much needed 250B dollars via these huge bond issues.

No one wants the west rubbish! No one!

This is why the Australian hoards have caved in on selling energy resources to China, even though just a half a year ago they screamed to keep Chinese hands of all things Aussie. A few weeks went by and the idiots had a change of heart.

West is getting cheaper by the minute as the garage sales spring up and abound with all this belly-up rubbish. Today's west prices are as high as they'll ever be.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the book project with James. If it gets off the ground, give us news of it here from time to time. Thanks. Also a word on west ignorance, if I may. Do not underestimate it, please. West denizens have been dead men walking for so long now, they're incapable of taking in the most basic of a, b, c's. And so shall they remain in their ongoing collective suicide whose dire effects, alas, are also being felt by the slowly reviving dwellers of the Freeworld.

poiuytr said...

9:38 -- " the rich are running out of things to steal."

Fantastic sentence! They're running out of things to steal. Lovely! Yeah, OK, so that's the end of the "consolidation of assets" phase then. The next one is running, taking the assets, selling them, and moving. The west is gonna get dumped, deval, and maybe a few 911s to boot to make certain no one has time to question anything.

Maybe JamesW is correct about the Oct-Nov deval. It supports Panarin.

If that's the case, west won't see the end of this year, be it in the EUnuch amalgam run by the freckly saxon, the USA stolen plateaus, or the down under Aussia convict planes.

Can someone explain to me... why did Japan take so long to begin running? Didn't they read the blogs? Didn't they see the dollar monopoly wipe out in 2006? If we saw it... why didn't they?

What's OPEC waiting on? Why did Colombia turn around just now. It all seems very late for me but I realise that's the front so the effort behind such results must have been surging in these countries for ages.

But if JamesW and Panarin is correct then these nations missed the mark by a hefty margin. Japan could have avoided its sinking had they stood up to the west parasite and joined ASEAN years ago.

How could people in Tokyo paid zillions to make econ policy be so incredibly stupid and slow?

Anonymous said...

Because they are not you, poiuytr and neither are they James W. Please, please to understand, most people are born and trained to be just what you said: incredibly stupid and slow. The entire history of mankind has proved that time and time again.

Anonymous said...

October 27, 2009 - Leak forces Russia to scrap gold sale. Sale of 50 tonnes could have raised up to $1.7bn at current prices
The Russian Government has been forced to scrap plans to sell between 20 and 50 tonnes of gold this year after information about the sale was leaked to the market, it emerged today. Russia had planned to sell the gold to plug its budgetary deficit, but has had to postpone plans indefinitely due to leaked information about the sale affecting the price of gold. "Due to the leak of the information the sale in the reported period and in the reported form will not take place," said the government agent for precious metals sales.
The sale, had it gone ahead, would have been Russia's first major bullion sale since the fall of the Soviet Union. The sale of 50 tonnes would have represented as much as 1.25 per cent of annual global gold consumption and could have raised up to $1.7 billion (£1 billion) at current gold prices.

Can anyone enlighten us as to what's behind this particular story? Misdirection as usual?

Anonymous said...

I though there was supposed to some kind of financial collapse in October. It's almost November, so where is this collapse?

More doomsaying hype?

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr w/o login)

12:45 -- late action on splitting with west
In general it's just frustrating how all these nations, especially those connected to west, play cards so close to the chest, always relying (rhetorical) on the blogger to state the obvious.

That's why H Chavez is so uplifting at times cuz I can understand the man when he calls Bush II a jackass and a murderer and share the view and don't feel like I have to go and do that work for him.

But then again, I'm being harsh with Japan maybe. The opposition side did do 911 revelation and won partly cuz of it, so things are happening. They're just wrapped in this endless west media whore spin and one gets sick of untangling the trends from the mindrape. Chiefly, west doesn't use news to tell a story. They use it as propaganda platform.


12:55 -- Russia gold

It's like that again. The news in UK media on the gold sale postponement isn't about the postponing some sale but about how Russia is broke and badly needs 1,6B dollars to tie over Christmas.

As far as the actual sale, I don't know. It's poss they wanted to dump dollars, at the same time I don't see how some journalist revealing it affects it in any way.

I think all news is total garbage, deliberately misleading, reasons to spread propaganda, and conceal what's really happening. With Russia this 100% the case. Moscow doesn't inform at all, not even after they do something. After all, you don't inform the guy who wants to kill you every 50 yrs, do you?

Anonymous said...

(by poiuytr)

22:51 -- doomsday hype

JamesW on NBN below said something about USA real-estate freeze from now till Nov6 or so. Who knows though.

Whatever happens, it's not gonna be one giant event, like a UFO blocking the sun on the whole earth synchronising everyone's blight and suffering. It's dynamic. It IS happening. It will have been happening. It's 8M jobs zapped in 2 yrs in USA. For those people, it has already happened.

Even when west devalues (the first deval's gonna be tiny, barely noticeable -- it's slowly boil the frog, right.), it's not going to be THE event, the long expected day when west ceases to exist in some way.

It's gonna be painful to many but some will ride out the deval, partly cuz they have no other options. Plus, there will always be some payroll to keep the traitors tolling for the vampire in their cubicles designing prettier uniforms, better anti-children missiles, collecting the imperial tax, and snitching on dissent.

In other words, it's very individual and looking at west today, it has ceased to exist already. It's a laughable run down slag today with no military advantage and badly slipping fiscal advantage. The rest is details: be it Detroit wiped out or UK mfg sector.

I think it's already happened. I don't know what even Panarin had in mind or the rationale, but I think it's happened.

West is employing only those firms ARE governance. West tech product is only to make better mass destruction weapons and snitching. That's the only business that's funded in the entire west. Taxes in west are employing tens of millions today, probably more than they can squeeze out of the prolapsed econ of west. Tax receipts are zapped for nothing is making cash. West foreign policies are laughable and are predicated only on vulgarism and terror against unarmed people. West beggings, threats, and all the drivel in between moves no one today. In all respects, west is prolapsed and if there was a braincell they'd give in peacefully.

Some actual physical mayhem stemming from poverty is inevitable. Is it Nov or Jan, who knows, but west econ chaos is a done deal and it's just a matter of increasing to some degree where west baboons actually begin talking about it. The longer it takes, the bigger it shall be.

What that critical mass is, I don't know. Considering that baboons didn't much get 911, which is a slaughter of 3000 people per hour, I'd guess they won't get it even after USA ceases to be USA. I was wondering about Panarin's reasons cuz I think he badly overestimates USA's brainstem power having not yet fully appreciated that calling USA the long snout baboons is not a joke or an empty vulgarism but dire reality.

Anonymous said...

I've been having a closer look at the Panarin predictions and must say it's a strange hodge-podge of precisions and tantalising vagueness. And it's short on analysis as to why certain events might occur at certain times. I believe, overall, Panarin has got it right: USA on the verge of break up. But don't get disappointed if this or that part of the predictions don't seem to be borne out by facts as we know them. What we do know about what's really happening in the world can be put in a thimble with space left over for information galore.

Anonymous said...

What I fail to understand is why BRIC hangs back and hides in the shadows. Early days yet? Anyway, interesting items are emerging about an energy pact between India, Russia and China as well as joint statements to the effect that US can't just up and leave Afghanistan, statements we are all free to interpret whichever way we wish. I think the end of the Afghan war is nigh and soon we'll be getting "media" confirmation of it and not just by reading between the lines.

Anonymous said...

I see dead people ... dead Americunt peoples that is.


CNN: 24 U.S. invaders killed in Afghanistan

Anonymous said...

Afghan Resistance Forces once again manipulating the latest version of the stinger against the enemy! And the roads are theirs already, monitored and mined in a timely fashion. Remember the rout of the Soviets? This is very similar. Right, 09:25. The dead piling up as US tires to buy off the Resistance. Some hope they've got. An Afghan will take the money and turn round and kill 'em the very next day. Good times ahead for all concerned.

Anonymous said...

Napalm in Vietnam and DU for the foes of the Jews. So goes it. But the final test for the dying west will be the bomb they did not expect.

Anonymous said...

Credit crunch in eurozone
Bank lending in eurozone shrinks for first time, triggers deflation fears. (DT)

Anonymous said...

What Recovery? 937,840 Foreclosures Q3
What recovery? There were 937,840 foreclosures in Q3 in the US, according to RealtyTrac, the highest quarterly level since they starting issuing reports in 2005. (WRH)

Anonymous said...

FTSE 100 suffers
Shares dropped sharply in London amid recovery concerns in UK and US.
Good mechanisms to prop up the market, we know, but when will the next Black Tuesday really come?

Anonymous said...

EU still going strong:
'Secret plans to seize more than £4billion a year from Britain and make its citizens pay taxes direct to Europe emerged last night. The leaked proposals, seen by the Daily Express, state that Britain should lose the billions of pounds in rebate that was agreed by Margaret Thatcher 25 years ago. The plans – with a foreword by European Union Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso – would cost every British family at least £155 a year. They would also mean Brussels being given the power to dip straight into taxpayers’ pockets.

Anonymous said...

NATO versus CSTO
The dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on. Russia has been picking up the pieces in its foreign affairs since the regional alliance of Soviet days broke up and its place in the world as a counterweight to American diktat was lost. The Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) was formed in 2002, bringing together Russia, Central Asian states Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, as well as Armenia and Belarus, and has been picking up steam in the past year, despite the difficulty of dealing with unpredictable member-dictators.
It is truly a regional pact with a legitimate reason for existing, unlike NATO. It was recognised by both the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) and the UN as such in 2007, and there has been talk of it becoming the genesis of a defence arm for the SCO. NATO’s battering in Afghanistan has reduced it to asking for Russia’s — really the CSTO’s — participation in the Afghanistan operation, most obviously as the "northern corridor" transport route from Europe to Northern Afghanistan via CSTO member-states.
The CSTO is now working openly on a UN cooperation declaration similar to the one passed in September 2008 with NATO — behind UN members’ backs — to work together against terrorism, drug and arms trafficking, and as part of peacekeeping missions under UN command. In addition to the UN, the CSTO has relations with the EU and the OSCE.
There is even talk of squaring the circle between the CSTO and NATO. Says Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs, "Compared to the previous situation, when NATO did not want even to hear about the OSCE, now many officials and experts say that the CSTO can be a very useful partner." CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordiuzha is less naive: "We proposed to NATO to cooperate in several spheres, including those regarding fighting illegal drug trafficking, but NATO has its own position." Ironically, NATO’s Partnership for Peace includes all CSTO countries, so NATO has been cooperating with the CSTO by default all along, whether it likes it or not.

Any bets on who'll win this one?

Anonymous said...

In the above context, 07:09, here's Russia up to its usual mystification manoeuvres:
No S-300 missiles delivered to Iran, Russia says - Wed, 28 Oct 2009 (Press TV)
Amid bitter squabbles over Iran's quest for acquiring the advanced S-300 air defense system, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov says no such missile has so far been delivered to Iran.
In reaction to Israeli rhetoric against Tehran, Iran has opted to acquire the sophisticated S-300 defense system — which, according to Western experts, would rule out the possibility of an Israeli airstrike on Iranian nuclear sites.
While a deal has been negotiated between Tehran and Moscow over the S-300 system since 2007, neither side has so far issued an official confirmation on the delivery of the system to Iran.
When asked about the timing of the delivery of the defense system to Iran, Ivanov, who oversees the defense sector in the Russian government, told reporters, "There have been no such deliveries to date."

Anonymous said...

French Journalists Interview Cynthia McKinney and Niels Harrit (28.9.09)
This is something you have not yet seen in any US media. French independent media La Télé Libre interviews two of the most prominent 9/11 truth activists, Cynthia McKinney and Niels Harrit. To understand the context of the interview, you need to know what is happening in France right now, because 9/11 is surely becoming a hot topic.
A year ago, French comedian Jean-Marie Bigard publicly questionned the official 9/11 story on a popular TV show and said a new investigation is needed. That was enough for him to be called a revisionist by a myriad of journalists and he even received many death threats along the way. Nine months later, Bigard came back on the topic, but this time he went as far as creating 11 videos in which he uses humor to ask questions about disturbing elements of the 9/11 Commission report. He is invited on several TV shows to talk about this and each time he gets vilified by journalists. Recently, actor and director Mathieu Kassovitz also questioned the foundations of the official version of 9/11 in another TV show. He got the same treatment from the French press.
Both Mathieu Kassovitz and Jean-Marie Bigard will debate this hot topic on France 2 this October 28th (we will post a video of this show as soon as we receive it). Originally, France 2 was supposed to air a debate including two other people who also question the official story: Éric Laurent and Niels Harrit. A few days before the debate, France 2 announces that Harrit and Laurent are excluded from the debate.
One important question remains and journalists from La Télé Libre ask it: in a free society, can we question the official version of 9/11?

Where is Dieudonné in all this?

Anonymous said...

Hey O7:09, Keep an eye on rising Turkey. Standing up to the west, strengthening ties with enigmatic Russia, mocking NATO, turning its back on our favourite "country" (pigsty, more like it) Israel. Which earned it the right to see its connecting pipeline with Iraq go up in flames.
Another country worth watching is tiny, tiny Bahrain which has just outlawed any dealings with the mighty Zionists. When one thinks poiuytr has signaled out Dubai as the special hideaway of the fleeing New Worlders and their loot, Bahrain takes on a particular significance. All that glitters is definitely gold in the Muslim world.

Anonymous said...

Billionaire globalist George Soros told the Financial Times during an interview that China will supplant the United States as the leader of the new world order and that America should not resist the country’s decline as the dollar weakens, living standards drop, and a new global currency is introduced.

Soros is someone we have no time for, as a rule. But he got much above right. A big correction, however: welcome to Peking, the capital not of the "new world order" but of the united states of the rising Freeworld.

Anonymous said...

For 07:28
Comedian Dieudonne M'bala M'bala
France fines black comic for anti-Semitism
Oct. 27, 2009
PARIS — French judges ordered a far-right black comedian to pay 20,000 euros (30,000 dollars) Tuesday over an anti-Semitic stunt during a stage show in which he invited a notorious Holocaust denier onto stage.
The Paris court fined Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, a 43-year-old French stand up, 10,000 euros for his "public anti-Semitic insults" and told him to pay a further 10,000 in damages and legal fees to organisations that sued him.
He was prosecuted after he invited Robert Faurisson, an academic who has been convicted of Holocaust denial, onto stage during a Paris comedy show to receive a satirical award from an actor dressed as a Jewish deportee.
The comic admitted at the hearing that the show had been a "comedy bomb attack" but defended his right to free expression. Anti-racism and Jewish defence organisations welcomed the verdict.
Dieudonne, a former anti-racism campaigner whose father was Cameroonian, often courts controversy and this year tried to enter politics by standing for the European parliament as head of an "anti-Zionist" party.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again:
Governor declares swine flu emergency in NY
David Paterson has declared a state of emergency because of the rise in swine flu cases.
Booga booga booga booga!

Anonymous said...

New US Bases on the Black Sea - 29.10.09
The emergence of NATO bases on the Black Sea comes in addition to the military installations the West already has on the Baltic Sea and which effectively puts Russia in a bind.
In another alarming sign, cadets at the West Point military academy are now undergoing a crash course of Russian language and culture. Just like they started learning Arabic three years prior to the US-led invasion of Iraq.
Preparing to grab the Caspian oil wealth, Washington will do this leaning on its bases in Romania and Bulgaria and by stoking up instability in the Caucasus. Why? To be able send its peacekeepers there to ensure the safe transportation of Caspian oil and gas. And here the American contingent in Romania and Bulgaria may come in very handy indeed.

Anything to do with the WWIII scenario you presented recently, poiuytr?

Anonymous said...

Russia needs to open up a military base or two in Cuba with its very own "missile defense" installations there--to protect against terrorists and rogue states of of course.

Anonymous said...

Excellent suggestion, 23:19, one we'd take up at once if we were in Russia^s place. Unless, of course, they're all working hand in hand to establish world conquest through world governance. (Shudder, shudder!)

Anonymous said...

News from Aghanistan where all the action is at the moment
Taliban Take Over Afghan Province
The United States has withdrawn its troops from its four key bases in Nuristan, on the border with Pakistan, leaving the northeastern province as a safe haven for the Taliban-led insurgency to orchestrate its regional battles. But U.S. To Protect 10 Afghan Population Centers. Under the strategy officials described yesterday, the administration now is looking at protecting Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz, Herat, Jalalabad and a few other village clusters. The first of any new troops sent to Afghanistan would be assigned to secure Kandahar, the spiritual capital of the Taliban, seen as a center of gravity in pushing back insurgent advances. However, U.S. Dependence On Afghan Warlords continues which means U.S. and NATO counterinsurgency forces depend on Afghan warlords for security, according to a recently published report and investigations by Australian and Canadian journalists.

Anonymous said...

From the other theatre of operations, Pakistan:
Recently, the Pak military cut off US supplies for two days running. The result: the bombing of Pak army headquarters, hostage-taking, killings of random army officers. Military supplies were resumed. H. Clinton turned up to do her act. The result: Almost a hundred people, mostly women and kids, were bombed to kingdom come in Peshawar's Mina Bazaar. For the first time, Blackwater which has greatly infiltrated the country was openly blamed for what happened. You can bet your bottom dollar, eh, euro, I mean, that relations between US and Pakiland are entering a phase of extreme distrust and distance.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to make Hitlery Clinton made, just ask her what her hubby Bill thinks about any US foreign policy issue.

That really chaps her panties.

Anonymous said...

Too right, 08:13! But we're not really on speaking terms with Hitlery C., dreadful woman! Though the Pakis, to make her smile, did manage to discover some 9/11 passports in the areas they are mopping up at the moment. Perhaps Bill should be solicited directly for his views.

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Here, sink your teeth into this one. 4 G7 countries, GE, Japan and France plus the mighty US have given themselves a clean bill of health and declared themselves out of recession. "Recovery" in the last named is even said to have reached 3.5% in the third quarter of 09. Canada and Italy are also poised to join the *recoverers". Only Britain lags behind. Well and good. We're all recovering so smoothly that the tide is turning towards another tightening of credit across the globe. Makes any sense to any of you, all this? I get the feeling the lunatics are running the asylum.

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Rasmussen: NATO, Gulf states face same risks
NATO Secretary General seeks to convince Arabs that alliance serves their security too.
ABU DHABI (29.10) - NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday that oil-rich Gulf states faced the same risks as countries in the military alliance.
The "same risks and threats increasingly affect the security of all our nations," Rasmussen told a conference here on relations between NATO and the United Arab Emirates.
Among the threats he cited were "extremism, terrorism, trans-national crime and, the most dangerous, terrorists getting their hands on the most dangerous weapons."
"I believe the alliance matters a great deal to your security as well," WAM news agency quoted Rasmussen as saying.
"We share interest in helping countries like Afghanistan and Iraq to stand on their feet again, fostering stability in the Middle East... and preventing countries like Somalia and Sudan from slipping deeper into chaos."
"We all are seriously concerned about Iran's nuclear ambitions, and about the nuclear domino-effect they could cause in a region that is pivotal for global stability and security."
The NATO chief also pleaded for a settlement of the Middle East peace process based on the two states of "Israel and Palestine (which) should live side by side in peace and security."
Rasmussen earlier oversaw the signing of a security agreement on the exchange of information between the UAE and NATO.
The UAE and three other Gulf monarchies — Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar — are involved in the "Istanbul Initiative" aimed at strengthening cooperation between the alliance and several Arab countries.

Reproduced here in full as a model of hypocrisy and NWO shit talk. Know who protects the whites in the Gulf States? Got it in one: Pakistani troops.

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Well, here we go again:
Possible deaths from H1N1 vaccine reported in Sweden
There are reports from Sweden of possible deaths linked to the H1N1 vaccine; unconfirmed and unwelcome news which will surely complicate the very busy flu season that has descended on most of the northern hemisphere.

Anonymous said...

FBI agents assassinate Michigan Islamic leader

Leader of Muslim separatist group killed in Detroit

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks, an extremely interesting piece of news, 09:23. One leader goes, another will come to replace him. By the way, did you see the crimes he was charged with? In our book, they wouldn't even count as minor offences.

Anonymous said...

Europe is going to arm Uzbekistan, while Obama renews sanctions against Sudan. Any thoughts there?

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed, America's indefatigable *crimemakers" in Congress are girding up their loins to get Venezuela branded a "terrorism-sponsoring" State? How long can all this deadly foolishness go on?

Anonymous said...

Corporate-rigged democracies. We know US shills are usually banned on this site. But this quote from one of them seemed worthwhile to reproduce: "Most "leaders" of G-8 countries (America, France, England, etc. are essentially frontmen for corporate powers that bankrolled their position. They are above all actors.
There has been at least one exception to that G-8 rule: whatever can be said of Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin – the ex KGB boss is an authentic leader. Putin may listen to others but the man is no tinhorn and no runway actor. The king of Russia does not front for anyone. Interesting that he is considered a problem for the U.S."

Anonymous said...

US economic growth claims are fabricated on more debt spending
While the White House is celebrating a 3.5% reported growth in GDP last quarter — the first economic growth in a year — they conveniently forget the simple fact that it’s easy to fake economic growth with debt spending. This so-called “growth” was really just the result of the U.S. Treasury flooding the economy with more debt-ridden “stimulus dollars” that will drive the nation even deeper into irreversible debt. That’s not genuine economic growth, it’s just really bad economic planning.

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Blogger fatigue! Sometimes I miss those of old, informatron and King and X and Mandolin and Attila, etc. Will we ever hear their voices sounding loud and clear again? Sorry for this nostalgic outburst.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed, America's indefatigable *crimemakers" in Congress are girding up their loins to get Venezuela branded a "terrorism-sponsoring" State? How long can all this deadly foolishness go on?

American Congressional critters just love to play with their loins. It's a bad habit.

Anonymous said...

German warships industry moves to Abu Dhabi
(german-foreign-policy.com Own report) - The German ThyssenKrupp Corporation is cooperating in the production of warships with the Abu Dhabi state enterprise and has buried plans for a common European shipbuilding company. ThyssenKrupp announced it would renounce on civilian ship production to concentrate its dockyards solely on arms production. It is entering a "strategic partnership" with the Abu Dhabi Mar Co. from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Their deal seals the military alliance between Germany and the Emirates, possibly creating the opportunity for circumventing German arms exports regulations and ending efforts aimed at forging a German/French ship production - under German leadership. Paris successfully repudiated German hegemony in warship production and therefore will now be confronted with the fait accompli. If a German dominated "European solution" cannot be accomplished, Berlin will do without "Europe" and go it alone.

See, they're abandoning the sinking ship! Every man for himself now.

Anonymous said...

A real pandemic this time? Ukraine Hemorrhagic Flu or Pneumonic Plague (as in China last year). 40.000 contract serious virus, 30 reported dead. True or only a scam as usual?

Anonymous said...

Friday, 30 October 2009 - Five Deaths in Sweden After Swine Flu Jab Tip of the Iceberg
The five deaths as well as the 15 cases of hospitalisation reported in Sweden so far due to the swine flu jab are just the tip of the iceberg, Wolfgang Becker-Brüser of arznei-telegramm has said. Reports also of mass vaccinations in Quebec. All going according to plan, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Just a coincidence? Around the time the Arctic Sea went missing, there were mentions of 'the only lab making H1N1 vaccines' being in Ukraine. That's the vaccine, that was patented back in 2007 (8?), before H1N1 had appeared anywhere in the world. So what's this? Phase II? Not enough people taking the H1N1 global cull shots, so now it's necessary to release a flu with more punch?
Yeah, probably a coincidence that this 'pneumonic plague' appears just a few days after the news that H1N1 vaccination centers in Europe are practically deserted, and the great majority of the population intend to skip the shot. I wonder who'll turn out to have patented the vaccine for this one (last year)? Is it time to start shooting pharmaceutical company CEOs yet? Is it?

Anonymous said...

just visit www.kwaves.com/debt.htm and double click mouse on the graph federal goverment debt you will see SOMETHING ASTONISHING/ Debt by Obama has increased by 24 TRILLIONS. 2 US GDP in about one year!

poiuytr said...

lots of great stuff here, but my fave has to be "hitlery clinton"... yes, i'm a simpleton seeking obviousness.


8:34 -- 'out of recession' parties.

what's this about? the best i can figure it's the west war bankers (i'm putting a link into the next nbn where west banks and bombs are linked) have "recovered" much of it via the "bailout" theft and theft of public stuff.


10:15 -- uzbekistan and sudan, what's this about?

WWIII. west is encircling Russia with a missile front and is apparently ready for barbarossa II.

oddly, the choice west has had has been clear: either perish in prolapse or perish in a WWIII blast. in line with its parasitic evil, west is actually going for the latter.

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