Nation By Nation (27May09)

20-27May09 -- Who'd ever think the west prolapse could yield entertainment? But as the petty chocolate crimes of the west MP porn readers are exposed, there's much to laugh at the west baboons about. Just consider the west war junta's violent mood swings, one minute begging on knees for a new beginning and the next with fists raised high threatening a damn good nuking; the entire west media creativity running so amok that it's no longer capable of producing anything but an endless stream of oxymorons; the fiendish printing of what the lunatics call "deflationary" cash; the lack of knowledge of even rudimentary arithmetics, first chapter physics, and basic geography; and, of course, the permeating desperation as the dark abyssal chasm opens to swallow the serial child murderer whole that makes the strategically tie-wearing baboons break out in cold sweat, stammer uncontrollably, ashen and bloated with grief, and point fingers.

A U S T R I A Austria - Shootout at a temple leaves 1 dead and 15 injured, 25May. Shootout provokes demonstrations in Punjab, India.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Weapon order placed with Russia.
- Coop with Iran.

B R A Z I L Brazil - 300M deal with Turkey for 10B barrels of oil and 1,5T m3 of gas from Black Sea reserves. How did west oil vampires miss these reserves? Disgruntled USA dismisses the deal as "idle talk".

C H I N A China - BeiCon (coop with Freeworld) pumps 8B EUR into Brazil, 8B EUR into Kazakhstan, and 22B EUR into Russia for oil and gas coop. Sideline: Note the three major changes from 2006: (1) non-west int'l trade of energy resources; (2) in non-dollars; and (3) no west hydrocarbon vampire anywhere in sight.
- No deal in Prague. EUnuchs threw a bash in hope to get China drunk and bend it to its will. Of course, they forgot that besides providing comedy material they wield no leverage -- least of all over China. So there'll be no pressure on Myanmar (what UK obdurately keeps referring to as Burma) from Beijing, no condemnation of N Korea for Apr5 for fireworks, and no global warming agreement with west, the greatest eco-killer.
- Imports of aluminium and copper up 7%/month.

F R A N C E France - Strikes continue fiddling with nuke power output and downed reactors. A nation that isn't capable of responsible n-power operation probably shouldn't have n-power, non?
- Goes on with a 500 troop base in UAE (see NBN/18Mar09/France). Only a baboon could swallow that 500 troops are there to somehow help keep Hormuz open. Clearly, this "mil" base is no more than some west war junta private security to guard the west hideaway resort.

G E O R G I A Georgia - 2 arrested for coup attempt.
- Explosion at a TV station.
- Tens of thousand in Tbilisi, 26May, demanding again to get hands of Saakashvili for the prolapse and break up of the country. His scifi non-sequitur answer: "We are building a successful and unified Georgia."

G E R M A N Y Germany - Porsche with 9B EUR debt crawls to Berlin begging for free cash but Berlin plays hard to get.
- Frees a soldier who riddled a mum with 2 kids with bullets in Afghanistan. But deny Germany their holocaust and go to jail forever. Yes, west is the disease.

G R E E C E Greece - Explosions rock 3 businesses in Athens, weekend of 24May.
- State deliberately defaces Qur'an and thus succeeds in provoking a clash in which scores where hurt, 70 cars, and 10 stores damaged, 22May, Athens.
- Bilderbergs met in Astir Hotel, Vouliagmenti. What's there to meet about? Sideline: They wanted Iraq oil but got Iraq Stalingrad. They wanted Iran oil but got a bloody nose. They wanted Afghan drugs and are facing 3 rather large nations now. They wanted Caspian reserves but got booted from the whole of Central Asia. They wanted leverage on China but got China dictate listening daily for the final dollar flush. They wanted Russia -- again -- but lost Georgia and Saakashvili who now eats ties. They wanted market domination but lost all industry sectors. They wanted global monetary control but lost own banks, exchanges, and the dollar into the bargain, the very essence the west is made of. They wanted one giant mall peddling their rubbish but instead got tent cities rubbish. They wanted lots of sparkling diamonds but got overpriced rocks hanging from their wives ears. They wanted to vampire Sakhalin and Murmansk, got neither and lost the North Pole to boot. They wanted to divide and conquer and got the world united against it. They wanted continents and are now barely in charge of Abu Dhabi. They wanted to license their media mindrape across the globe but got bloggers. They wanted space but can't now even reach the orbit. They wanted profits and got foreclosures. They wanted control of the world and got riots outside of their homes. They wanted the planet but lost the entire west. Unless they're debating something sensible like the next euphemism for the west prolapse or the festive costumes for the next Bohemian Grove rave, there doesn't seem much call to meet anymore.

I R A N Iran - Tests Sejjit2 missile, 20May. No commentary from west.
- Supplies 100MWatt electricity to Pakistan for free.
- Signs Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project.

Afghanistan (H Karzai), Iran (M Ahmadinejad), and Pakistan (A Zardari) uniting their struggles, 24May, against the "foreign troops" in the area. At the moment this spells the end of west hopes for Afghan drug harvest.

I T A L Y Italy - 25 USA CIA operatives on trial for rendition (abduction with torture) continues. West is a bit slow when it comes to prosecution of own crimes, isn't it?

J A P A N Japan - Small biz gets a 3B USD cash injection to try to keep it from going extinct like big biz.
- Trail blazes the west prolapse with GDP diving over 15% in Q1 on yr2yr basis.
- Debt is now only 200% of GDP.
- Sony laying off 10K.
- Toyota idled all factories for 41 days.
- But Tokyo says it's out of the woods. But then again, Tokyo also said it wants to pre-emptively strike N Korea.

L I B Y A Libya - Deal to get wheat from Ukraine. Ukraine was envied and slated by west war thugs to be its bread supplier -- twice. So there goes another west plan.

M E X I C O Mexico - Econ shrivels over 8%/Q1.
- Ends USA-flu alert while toll rises to 75.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Despite west threats, went ahead with nuke test, 24May.
- Follows with 2 missile tests, 26May.

P O L A N D Poland - Unhappy with Germany denying holocaust in Poland where Germans murdered every third person.
- Happy to deploy USA missiles against Moscow.

R U S S I A Russia - EU gas supply via Ukraine at 23B m3 level instead of the usual 46B. The taps have closed by 50% over the last 4 months.
- Another EU gas supply "disruption" in process as Ukraine is unable to either pre-pay or stock-pile. To dig deep into thine empty wallet or to sup frigid tea. That is the question for the EUnuch Shakespeares.
- Deepening military coop with China (SCO).
- Gazprom adds Slovenia with a 15 yr supply deal.
- Nuke fuel supply deal with Jordan. Russian presence may make Jordan harder to bomb for Israel now, not to mention another non-west nation turning nuke.

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - Warns Australia not to accept any Tamil refugee civilians. Australia obeys. After all, it's just people.
- 300K civilians, after weeks of being shelled, are now herded and locked behind fences in a giant makeshift camp. If it sounds like Gaza, it's no accident.

T A I W A N Taiwan - Travel, investment, and biz-alliances with mainland (that'd be China) up, as the island doffs the west occupation manacles.
- Under west rule, the island's econ shrunk over 10%/Q1.

T U R K S  &  C A I C O S Turks And Caicos - Turns to UN to stop UK hostile takeover, suspension of constitution, and land theft. UN failed to hear the small Caribbean nation.

U K UK - Prolapsing at a sharpest pelt since 1930s. But it can still show a small Caribbean island.
- GDP clocks 2% shrinkage/Q1. That's 4% worse on yr2yr basis.
- "Stress test" results -- the poodle copy of USA (see last NBN/USA) test to see just how red is the red their banks are in -- rather not even released.
- BritishAirways boasts 400M GBP loss/yr.
- Honda subsidiary workers awarded 3% wage cut.
- Car production dives 55% in just Apr.
- London, after the last bond sale (raising loans) embarrassment, turns to banks to peddle UK bonds. A bit upside down? You bet, like everything in west. Sideline: UK banks -- which are BTW all prolapsed and floated with taxpayer's cash, and that are in the biz of printing cash -- are now seeking loans on behalf of UK. "Loans" wrangled out of UK poodles weren't enough though. People lending to banks once seemed as perverse as it could get but, of course, it gets better. This is UK, after all! The amount UK "urgently" needs is 220B GBP or beyond grasp. (To understand the degree of UK "urgent" prolapse, compare this to some long-term multi-national biz deal like a gas pipeline stretching several nations, which will run around some 5B EUR.) And of course, banks selling governance bonds proves that bank and legislation is exactly the same animal in the west. The check-and-balances branches in the west are indeed as varied as the single stub family tree of the west leadership family.
- Keeps pace with USA in unemployment, which is admitted at 7% on average, and 10% in mfg regions.
- BoE, the very bank that prints own money in hundreds of billions, and is funded by UK taxpayer, posts 1B GBP profit. This cannot be! It can only be explained with the analogue of a thief who obdurately refers to his loot as earnings.
- Sets up programme to detain those who disagree with governance in mental lock ups.

U N UN - Wants to carve 24km wide border zone twixt Georgia and Abkhazia. Beside this being another direct attack on Russia by west, at least, west at last recognises Abkhazia.
- Says USA-flu in 46 countries with 13K cases. UK is heard estimating 30K cases. Sideline: Neither guess, however, rings true since USA CDC estimates 100K cases in USA alone. This is astonishingly 2X of what USA said during last NBN. Fearing misrepresentation, let's cite NYTimes from 15May09: "The real number of swine flu cases in the United States could be “upwards of 100,000,” a top public health official estimated on Friday — far higher than the official count of 7,415 cases confirmed by laboratories." Slight anomaly there?
- Under political pressure from UK, UN agreed not to declare the disease a pandemic but like a typical mad villain seized by a sudden pang of lust for complete galaxy domination, WHO issued a simple warning: "people prepare". Sideline: Note here that it's political agenda that governs int'l health standards in the west.
- Buried under an avalanche of west seabed extension claims. Among the most entertaining is Denmark with its bizarre claim to North Pole, Russia. And among the most perverse ones is UK's Malvinas extension. Extending stolen property? Only in London.

U S A USA - 25% of Detroit schools closing down.
- 75B USD pumped into a prolapsed car mortgage lender.
- 108B USD "emergency loan" pumped into IMF. Sideline: This is funny! USA is loaning to IMF, once the chief world rape instrument, so IMF can loan to prolapsed west nations. Yes, USA senses profit off the IMF west cannibalism. More mind-boggling is perhaps the fact that this "urgent loan" managed to somehow direct 91B of it to the Pentagon to continue the Bush II/Blair murdering legacy. Although inexplicable on any level, it underscores the fact that west banks are not only west legislation but also west military.
- Obama says he cannot shut down concentration camps because he would need 80B USD to do it and he just doesn't have that at the moment. So it costs 7X more in USA to shut down a concentration camp than it costs to bankrupt GM and Chrysler. And it costs more to shut down a child-sodomy and torture camp than to run it. But didn't broke California do the exact opposite: open prisons because it's cheaper than to run them? This patently ludicrous rationale is the unmistakable trademark of the west disease.
- BankUnited is this year's 34th USA wank to die. This one leaves USA with a 5B hole.
- Housing 20% down/Q1.
- Can't agree what the real debt is. Dallas Fed now says it's 99T. Sideline: USA debt, much like all west #s such as unemployment, GDP, literacy, war casualties, election promises, news, inflation, etc are all subject to unbelievable rape and manipulation. USA likes to add "total liabilities" to this 99T number to hide the fact that the number still means unavoidable debt. Some true perverts in the west get away with citing a 250B debt by attaching the word "cash" to it. Number games aside, there isn't enough money in the entire solar system to pay off USA debt.
- Citizen A Keyter, after being stonewalled in USA, writes to Russia for help to prosecute Bush II and cabal for crimes against humanity. ( for more)
- Obama now begging China for help with Pakistan, asking for troops, war material, anything. This after he threatened Beijing with destroyers. This just for a good laugh.
- Issues 100B USD bonds and....... buys them!!!! This is the news of this NBN. Yes, a garage sale sign has now been pinned on the baboon's rump. And better! Sideline: This means that USA is now looking for foreign lenders to float USA. Unlike UK's failed attempt to raise over 200B GBP, USA just buys its own bongs. That's being one's own lender. So how could this be? Well, they're printing cash. This isn't the first hundred billion printed by west but the first time west has admitted to manufacturing money. The west mischievous tomfoolery of terming this runaway half a year of wild printing of trillions of zillions "bailout", "stimulus", or even "deflation" didn't fool China, which told USA to knock it off. Let's see how many troops Obama's gonna score from China now. If you're not crying tears of laughter, re-read it. The west has substituted raving lunacy for all its words, actions, and math and gives us a constant streak of comedy today like: "Pulling out of Iraq with Permanent Bases", "Bailout just to file bankruptcy", "Piss up orgies at the failed EUnuch prez's place to somehow swoon China", "West media celebrations of improving econ amidst mfg centres becoming ghost towns and unemployment over 15%, "Obama's 'strong dollar' boasts followed by slashing medical care to save the dollar", "Accounting responsibility meaning nations running 100% or better debt/GDP ratios", "Begging China for help after running mouth against it", "Begging Iran for help after threatening to wipe it off the face of the earth", "Begging Taliban for a new beginning after trying to genocide Afghanistan", "Begging Russia to disarm so they can attack it again", "West basic physics of spontaneously vanishing Boeings and self-melting steel structure buildings", "911, London77, Madrid bombing self-abuse", "Denmark's claim to North Pole", "UK's claim to South Pole", "Obama's vows following his attack of Pakistan and sending some 20K there, not to send anyone to war", "West nations lending to IMF so it can lend to west nations", "West populace lending to banks so banks can spend it", "West banks printing money", "West legislators reading porn and eating bonbons", "Protection of German holocaust against Jews under pain of jail while denying all other holocausts, even German ones", "Wanting new direction with Evo Morales after the unsuccessful hit", "Bailout profit", "USA shaking hands with Chavez after USA called for his assassination", "West democratic elections decided by occult cabals behind closed doors"....., and finally "Deflationary money printing". Yes, west is not only THE disease, it's the most lunatic one at that. Someone, quick, order some 700 million straightjackets.
- Announces a "sweep" on Latino/Mexican "gangs". This after opening prison gates and stopping prosecution in certain USA regions due to lack of cash. Racial war provoked by state (like in Greece) underway?
- GM gets another 4B USD, probably just a little bonus for the clever 90K job zap.
- 44 states shed jobs. California leads the prolapse.
- Building a new 2+B USD military base in Djibouti. Note: again, while jobs are lost in millions in less than half a yr, USA has no other thoughts, plans, or interests but more war. Apparently, they think they're still strong enough to take on the mighty continent of Africa.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Boots USA gold diggers Gold Reserve as contract expires for USA to plunder Orinoco reserves. Mining will continue but henceforth only under Venezuela/Russian management.
- 35 oil contractors nationalised.
- UK Wood-Group stripped of operation.
- GM sub shutting down with no date in mind to reopen.
- Nationalises steel firms and USA-funded OrinocoIron.
- 39 branches of USA oil middlemen firm taken, as Chavez continues liberating Venezuela's assets from west talons.

Venezuela (H Chavez), Bolivia (E Morales), Brazil (L Lula), Ecuador (R Correa) "radicalising revolutions now, not tomorrow". This means SouthAm on-dollar-based hydrocarbon coop happily underway. Note the conspicuous lack of the used-car salesman uniform worn by west robots. be cont'd as it all piles up.


informatron said...

poiuytr you did it again! I cant keep up with you, and I am just reading.

There are soooo many jewels here again. So hilarious and so true. One example:

"Note the conspicuous lack of the used-car salesman uniform worn by west robots."


Anonymous said...

As incendiary as ever, my own favourite being the sideline under Greece, with this priceless phrase: "They wanted lots of sparkling diamonds and got overpriced rocks hanging from their wives ears." Ugh, how very, very painful that sounds.

Anonymous said...

Informatron opened the innings and now the sixes and fours are piling up. We'll beat 'em with nine wickets to spare.

Anonymous said...

p. I want to say this, you're really getting into the swing of things, each new edition better than the one preceding. "Hilarious," said informatron. True. My best bits were the "begging" bits. One can almost see them, cap in hand and mournfully waving their empty bowls. Completely crazy.

Anonymous said...

Some might find there's a distorted sense of humour running through all this. Not quite my opinion. A gulp and a half-sob are never far away.

Anonymous said...

Look at those two marvellous pics, like the promise of a brighter future for us all. Iran's news was wholly positive. Let's just hope they don't manage to manipulate the forthcoming elections.

Anonymous said...

RE: Iran - Did anyone see the marvellous statement the Iranian Prez gave about nuclear weapons, good only for those he qualified as deficient and retarded? He went on to say bombs were anti-Islamic, a far-reaching declaration, indeed.

Anonymous said...

What he said exactly was nukes are "politically retarded" and "against the rule of Islam".

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, as you say: racial conflict. These might be provoked not only in Greece and US, as you detail above, but throughtout Europe. Different racial groups and ethnies are living side by side in so many countries these days. So forget revolution as we used to know it. On now to proper racial wars.

Anonymous said...

China Is Now in Firm Control of U.S. Debt Markets - 27.5.09
So far, in the three months of data which have been reported for this year (Jan., Feb., March), the net result was an outflow of capital from the U.S. totaling $211.4 billion.
Does this number suggest China is “trapped” into buying U.S. debt as the usual spin would have it?
The March number is slightly more instructive. This marks the beginning of the newest propaganda-offensive from the U.S. corporate media in asserting (yet again) that the U.S. economy was starting to “recover”. This was epitomized by U.S. court-jester Ben Bernanke prancing around, braying about “green shoots”.
In March, the TIC inflow into the U.S. was a paltry $23.2 billion. However, net purchases of U.S. Treasuries totaled $47.9 billion – meaning the net results for all other categories of U.S. debt was yet another outflow of $24.7 billion.
Time and tide wait for no man and neither does the 24/7 flow of news.

Anonymous said...

What a clear, carrying voice poiuytr has. At times I think it must reach as far as the other end of the planet, too. Are people waking up and paying attention?

Anonymous said...

Minimalist in structure and absolutely compelling, Poiuytr's one-line summaries shed more light than many a wordy document.

Anonymous said...

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

The Imperialist West is not dead.

In fact, it is busy as ever plotting and planning to implement their New World Order.

Only a stake through the heart of the vampire... er, I mean, "Western Civilization" will kill it.

The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy

West Plots To Supplant United Nations With Global NATO

Anonymous said...

RE: China Is Now in Firm Control of U.S. Debt Markets - 27.5.09

America's "Dollar Debt Market" has no legitimacy and is US doublespeak for American financial extortion of the world through its Fiat Dollar

Behind the popular American nativist delusions that the "USA is being controlled by China" is the reality that America and its system are parasites leeching off the world.

But then again, you know that don't you?

Anonymous said...

Eh, you're right, 01:45, We shouldn't be grinning and gloating and counting our chicks before they're hatched. Always a stupid thing to do to rejoice in advance and then to have to wipe that smile off our face. The world's become a perilous place. A sense of World War II (lite) in the air, the way we've got to know it from piles of books.
But, remember, in 06, when poiuytr began telling us about the end of the economy. Sounded attractive but far-fetched. Then, chillingly, the things poiuytr foresaw began coming to pass, one by one. That's why this time, once again, we feel compelled to pay him very serious attention. He's got serious instincts, that one. And knows how to squeeze sense out of the the apparently random, the disparate. I trust his conclusions in all sobriety.

Anonymous said...

RE: Bilderberg. Excellent account of their hopes and realisations in sideline to Greece in NBN 27/5/09.

Trouble is they seem incapable of thinking straight these days. Bogeyman Bilderberg tries hard, no doubt about it, but both their influence and their effectiveness seem to be on the wane.

Still, on certain sleepless nights they scare me stiff.

Anonymous said...

From Who Will Stand Up to America by Paul Craig Roberts (28.5.09)
North Korea is a small place. China alone could snuff it out in a few minutes. Yet the president of the U.S. thinks that nothing less than the entire world is a match for North Korea.
We are witnessing the Washington gangsters construct yet another threat like Slobodan Milosevic, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, John Walker Lindh, Yaser Hamdi, José Padilla, Sami al-Arian, Hamas, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the hapless detainees demonized by former secretary of defense Rumsfeld as "the 700 most dangerous terrorists on the face of the earth," who were tortured for six years at Gitmo only to be quietly released. Just another mistake, sorry.
The military/security complex that rules America, together with the Israel Lobby and the banksters, needs a long list of dangerous enemies to keep the taxpayers’ money flowing into its coffers.
The Homeland Security lobby is dependent on endless threats to convince Americans that they must forgo civil liberty in order to be safe and secure.
The real question: who is going to stand up to the American and Israeli governments?

The answer is of course no one or then each one of us, individually and collectively. The important thing here is that now the world has declared war on North Korea. Just what we needed. Charming, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Israel is frenziedly passing bills to outlaw speech and action. No Nakba Day commemoration for the Palestinians, crime bill today for anyone denying Israel's status as Jewish state. Expect a few more such in the near future, signs of an extremely frightened zioentity. Why?

Anonymous said...

Here we go: The latest wars along with NKorea are the phantom drug wars in Afghanistan and the int. community's contribution to peace: UN wants "flood of drugs" in Afghanistan to devalue opium. At this level of stupidity, the end is nigh.

Anonymous said...

Informatron, King, I may have the answer to the Bangla Desh war crimes puzzle. India is the disgruntled party because they were left out of the recent Pak-Iran oil-gas deal. Zioindia inflitration in BD is very deep. As for the zioentity, it's brushing up one of its own standbys: the bombings in Argentina sometime in the last decade. At this rate, we're going to have a squeaky clean world before very long.

Anonymous said...

If I may be allowed my own insignificant comment on poiuytr's production. Deadly serious and all a good laugh, a rare combination at this level of concentrated thought. My own faovurite: "They wanted Iraq oil and they got Iraq Stalingrad." Quite took my breath away.

Anonymous said...

Above the mention of UN drug-flooding in Afghanistan. Now German Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung gets into the act, begging Iran to stem the flow. Jung said Iran could have an "important influence" in fighting cross-border drug trafficking, which is a major source of revenue fuelling the Afghan insurgency.
And we are to beleive that the ziocia that is financing most of its covert operations through drug dealings is going to sit down watching.
This whole farce is to get Iran involved in binding its reources to fight a phantom war on drugs.
But is Iran really so naive as to believe all that rubbish?

Anonymous said...

There's a story doing the rounds, folks, about military suicides in Am army. Think of it like this: a convenient way of explaining the thousands of casualties the authorities so conveniently forgot to mention so far.

Anonymous said...


Let them kill themselves off, UScum invaders. In any case they done on all fronts: cooked!

Anonymous said...

Turks and Caicos

Premier Galmo Williams has called for a referendum and appealed to a United Nations special committee to help him stop the UK from taking direct control of the Caribbean nation’s affairs.

Williams, who succeeded Michael Misick, told the United Nations Second International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism conference that Britain must withdraw its threat to suspend the country’s constitution on May 31.

He urged the UN Decolonisation Committee pressure the UK government to hold the referendum or conduct a general poll to determine the wishes of the people before suspending the constitution.

He said it would be better to allow his people to determine their future in a referendum.

“The UK government has not consulted the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands on the proposed suspension of TCI"s Constitution," he said. "We are the ones in the region who know our history, our dreams and aspirations. We are the ones who have dreams for our children and grandchildren."

The UK decided to take direct control of the British dependent territory, following a recent UK-led inquiry which showed there was huge misspending of public funds under the Misick-led government.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009
Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands Galmo Williams says he is in favour of political independence from Britain, as an alternative to the suspension of the territory's constitution.

Authorities in the UK plan to restore direct rule for at least two years, following an official inquiry that found widespread corruption in the government.

Mr. Williams says that direct rule is riddled with colonialism and this is why he is pushing for independence.

The former premier Michael Misick is at the centre of the claims.

He resigned in March, over allegations that he amassed a multimillion dollar fortune since his election in 2003.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, St. Kitts and Nevis are "monitoring" the situation reagrding Turks and Caicos constitutional suspension by colonial Britain.

Anonymous said...

Independence for Turks and Caicos, most definitely, althought trusting the UN in this matter will prove tricky. As for the UScum, yes, no discussion, they are cooked. A few more months at the most and they'll be kicked out of Afghanistan and Iraq, alive or dead.

Anonymous said...

Decline of empire America

Countdown to civil unrest and armed resistance
124 days remaining

Anonymous said...

Even the imbeciles have begun understanding the "decoupling" message:

"According to IMF calculations, emerging economies will account for 100 per cent of the growth in world output in the three-year period 2008-10. And even assuming that the US and European economies return to their long-term growth paths from 2011 onwards, the IMF expects emerging markets to account for 70 per cent of global growth for the following five years.
"The second, closely related, transformation is the newfound ability of emerging economies to determine their own destinies, regardless of the success or failure of US or European economic policies. Two years ago, when the credit crunch had just started, there was much discussion in the economic commentariat about the possibility that emerging economies could decouple from the problems that seemed to be emanating from the US and British financial markets.
"While the emerging economies have not been able to insulate themselves completely from the global crisis, they have finally disproved the cliché that when America sneezes, the world catches pneumonia. They have been able to do this for a variety of reasons, all ultimately related to the growth of consumer societies within the developing world.
"Commodity-producing countries such as Brazil and South Africa have obviously benefited from China's overtaking of the US and Europe as the world's main consumer of raw materials. As long as the Chinese economy keeps growing, Brazil is assured of demand for its iron ore and soya, South Africa for its platinum and coal. Thus the success of the huge fiscal stimulus package announced by the Chinese Government in December has turned out to be much more important for these countries than similar measures in the US or EU.
"Even more important than the growth of trade with China is that many of the emerging economies, including Brazil and South Africa, have had the financial resources to implement their own independent stimulus packages.
"South Africa, for example, is one vast building site today in preparation for next year's football World Cup. Despite the economic crisis, the Government has been able to continue financing the construction of new roads and public transport networks, as well as sports grounds - and now President Zuma plans to increase substantially the public investment in housing as well.
"In Brazil the Government has also responded to the financial crisis by trying to revive growth with big programmes of public spending and tax cuts. And financial markets, which might in the past have panicked in reaction to such Keynesian policies in developing countries, have been supportive. Instead of triggering a capital flight, stimulus policies have attracted global investors to their bonds."

Anonymous said...


And don't forget that what counts as "growth" according to the ZioWest books is for the most part "financial services and bubble economies" which means zero: Consuming without producing. Only Germany has a chance of getting out of debt because it produces high quality industrial machine tools.

Anonymous said...

15:08 Can you please elaborate? Does that coincide with September 11 2009?

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:51 - Yes, true. West, with only a few notable exceptions, has remained afloat for the past thirty years or so on pure consumer growth and bubble econ tactics. And their analysts refuse to admit this and still insist it's the only way to go, for themselves and the rest of the world. What scoundrels!

Anonymous said...

A 16:54 Legitimate question that. If you check on Future Fast Forward link above, you get the daily countdown. End of Sept more like it. But if orchestrated, then Sept 11 could well be the date. USans have no sentiments, but love sentimentality.

Anonymous said...

16:54 Thanks for that enlightening link. Another gold mine. I guess it will keep me busy for a while, as I catch up. From now on, I will tread much more carefully (with eyes wide open) on this great NbN path.

Anonymous said...

(May 28 09) GM Said to Plan for June 1 Bankruptcy, Sale of Assets
General Motors Corp., the world’s largest automaker until its 77-year reign ended in 2008, plans to file for bankruptcy protection on June 1 and sell most of its assets to a new company, people familiar with the matter said.

Anonymous said...

X here, saying welcome back to all. Perhaps we'll have smooth waters ahead. I thought the bit of news below might come in handy.

Pentagon Plans New Arm to Wage Wars in Cyberspace By DAVID E. SANGER and THOM SHANKER
WASHINGTON (IHT) — With the president set to announce a civilian effort, the armed forces stepped up preparations to conduct both offensive and defensive computer warfare.

War-mad, these people are. How does one survive in such an environment?

Anonymous said...

Pipelineistan goes Iran-Pak
By Pepe Escobar - 29.5.09
The earth has been shaking for a few days now all across Pipelineistan - with massive repercussions for all the big players in the New Great Game in Eurasia. United States President Barack Obama's AfPak strategists didn't even see it coming.
A silent, reptilian war had been going on for years between the US-favored Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline and its rival, the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline, also known as the "peace pipeline". This past weekend, a winner emerged. And it's none of the above: instead, it's the 2,100-kilometer, US$7.5 billion IP (the Iran-Pakistan pipeline), with no India attached. (Please see Pakistan, Iran sign gas pipeline deal, May 27, 2009, Asia Times Online.)

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Published on Thursday, May 28, 2009 by
An Early Call for Obama's Resignation
With Democrats Like Him, Who Needs Dictators?
by Ted Rall
We expected broken promises. But the gap between the soaring expectations that accompanied Barack Obama's inauguration and his wretched performance is the broadest such chasm in recent historical memory. This guy makes Bill Clinton look like a paragon of integrity and follow-through.
From healthcare to torture to the economy to war, Obama has reneged on pledges real and implied. So timid and so owned is he that he trembles in fear of offending, of all things, the government of Turkey. Obama has officially reneged on his campaign promise to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. When a president doesn't have the 'nads to annoy the Turks, why does he bother to show up for work in the morning?
Obama is useless. Worse than that, he's dangerous. Which is why, if he has any patriotism left after the thousands of meetings he has sat through with corporate contributors, blood-sucking lobbyists and corrupt politicians, he ought to step down now--before he drags us further into the abyss.

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An Early Call for Obama's Resignation
With Democrats Like Him, Who Needs Dictators?
by Ted Rall (28.5.09)
We expected broken promises. But the gap between the soaring expectations that accompanied Barack Obama's inauguration and his wretched performance is the broadest such chasm in recent historical memory. This guy makes Bill Clinton look like a paragon of integrity and follow-through.
From healthcare to torture to the economy to war, Obama has reneged on pledges real and implied. So timid and so owned is he that he trembles in fear of offending, of all things, the government of Turkey. Obama has officially reneged on his campaign promise to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. When a president doesn't have the 'nads to annoy the Turks, why does he bother to show up for work in the morning?
Obama is useless. Worse than that, he's dangerous. Which is why, if he has any patriotism left after the thousands of meetings he has sat through with corporate contributors, blood-sucking lobbyists and corrupt politicians, he ought to step down now--before he drags us further into the abyss.

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Oops, sorry, I see this thing got posted twice. Unintentional, sorry.

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US and Russian warships line up in dispute over Georgia - Ian Traynor (The Guardian)
May 28, 2009
US and Russian warships took up positions in the Black Sea today in a risky war of nerves on opposing sides of the Georgia conflict.
With the Russians effectively controlling Georgia’s main naval base of Poti, Moscow also dispatched the Moskva missile cruiser and two smaller craft on “peacekeeping” duties at the port of Sukhumi on the coast of Abkhazia, the breakaway region that the Kremlin recognised as independent yesterday.
The Americans, wary of escalating an already fraught situation, cancelled the scheduled docking in Poti of the US Coast Guard vessel, the Dallas, and instead sent it to the southern Georgian-controlled port of Batumi, 200km (124 miles) from the Russian ships, where it delivered humanitarian aid.
“Let’s hope we don’t see any direct confrontation,” said Dmitri Peskov, the spokesman for the Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin, as the Russians challenged the US policy of using military aircraft and ships to deliver relief supplies.

In violation of every past treaty, present understanding. Carry on, boys.

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Mood-swings west war junta busy this morning with influencing/rigging two elections, Lebanon and Iran.
Two countries openly declared insolvent by shills: Spain and Ireland. Don't know why they show such restraint. That list could no doubt be much, much longer.
NKorea's refusal to budge = breath of fresh air in a world where everyone is jumping up to do west bidding.

Anonymous said...

West Plots To Supplant United Nations With Global NATO By: Rick Rozoff on: 29.05.2009
Ten years ago it first became evident to the world that moves were afoot in major Western capitals to circumvent, subvert and ultimately supplant the United Nations, as the UN could not always be counted on to act in strict accordance with the dictates of the United States and its NATO allies.
At that time in 1999 the NATO alliance was waging what would become a 78-day bombing war against Yugoslavia in flagrant contravention of the United Nations and of international law in general.
As two of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - the five permanent members being the main victorious World War II allies, with the People's Republic of China having replaced the Republic of China (Taiwan) in 1971 and with Russia as the successor state to the Soviet Union - exactly China and Russia, not being NATO members states, opposed that war and in several other instances the use of sanctions and military force against nations targeted for both by the West.
The first indication that the United Nations was marked for marginalization, selective application (and exploitation) or even de facto dissolution, however, occurred three years earlier in 1996 when the United States single-handedly browbeat the other fourteen then members of the Security Council to depose Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and replace him with Kofi Annan, who the preceding year had been appointed UN special envoy to NATO and authorized the NATO bombing in Bosnia behind the back of Boutros-Ghali.
Boutros-Ghali was deprived of the traditional second term for not authorizing NATO's bombing of Bosnian Serb targets in 1995 and for speaking the truth about the deadly Israeli bombing of a refugee camp in Qana, Lebanon in the following year when 106 civilians were killed and 116 injured.

poiuytr said...
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poiuytr said...

8:32 -- Israel enacting laws
israel can do whatever it wants. the reality is simple: jews are a minority there today despite the endless genocide and apartheid. beside its genocidal crimes against someone else's children, israel's internal apartheid racism, its silly USA-cash-wrangling, or its patently foul mouth shouldn't probably even be credited with a mention.

9:22 -- India
thanks for the insight there! as for my bit on it: i think India, being run by shifty businessman wannabees who have been entangled in USA biz for decades now, has sat on the fence too long trying to pick the winner. its gambling ways lost it a lot of momentum. a decade plus ago India and China were competitors. today, the race for Asian (possibly world) dominance is over.

10:01 -- Stalingrad
absolutely enchanted to meet someone who gets the Stalingrad thing.

Stalingrad is perverted in west -- like everything else. west sells it as some Russian self blood bath. typical west rubbish!

Stalingrad was a bear-iron trap set for the disgusting war whores. it forced the west killing juggernaut out of its Tiger tanks and go mano-a-mano against Russian snipers.

it's very much like Iraq and Afghanistan. battalion after battalion disappeared in the sink hole. then a division. then hitler pulled armies from Volga front to regroup a phalanx to strike Stalingrad "real" hard. and that was the trap. he quickly lost 600K troops with the field marshal.

Stalingrad represents a sink hole trap deliberately set up for west into which the child murdering beast has to shovel trillions and hundreds of thousands of their saxonic christianic troops until its last breath with zero chance of changing its long since written fate.

and the absolute beauty of Stalingrad -- the cherry on the cake -- is that west, 100% impervious to learning, has never figured it out and happily fell for it again.


16:30 -- decoupling

great to see Brazil finally there. Brazil, like India (maybe the size has to do with it) took its time too sitting on the fence seeing how it's gonna topple. but now they're on track. the blow is yet to be felt in west.

16:51 -- growth
growth in west means "printing billions" and profit in west means stealing more than originally planned. west is totally and completely insane.

7:07 -- "war-mad"
what a great term. being brevity challenged, i always seek poignant phrases.

8:41 -- Russia/USA over Georgia

well, we knew that NATO wasn't after games there but war, of course.

west's only hope of survival means marching on Moscow again.

but facing Russia in the Black Sea isn't it! it's got about the same chances of success, especially if it's USAns on the boats, as had that Georgia plan.

in general,
as always thanks for the words of support, of course. and thank you all for this blog being joy to read and free of all the typical personal rubbish. certainly, JamesW would be proud of his blog...btw, where is he?

Anonymous said...

Excellent comments, poiuytr, at 11:47. Agree with much of what you say, though I continue to find Roberts interesting at times. Good if you manage to get an article out as you say above. Furthermore, if you could once expand on resistance to the US as it's unfolding? A topic of burning interest. Thanks.

poiuytr said...

20:46 -- racial war
you're correct indeed. the experiment has been put to test in France several times reaching the state of martial law a few times. yes, seeding explosives via social poverty/disarray is one of their skills 100%. racial hatred line is an obvious one to exploit hence the select seeded migration into west.

some while ago, i saw the Mexico/USA thing and it just does seem to appear to continue along those very lines. no prophecy here but...

but they've had so many plans...

in general, it appears the greatest weapon against them is just knowledge of it. once a person knows, person becomes a human, even if west born. the trouble is most of west believes in the rubbish they've been whipped with all their lives.

1:45 (7:14 & 7:47) -- the war-mad psychos not dead

Right! i know. yes! this NBN has a tinge of comedy and making light of it. it's not a celebration of any kind though.

but in my defence, west is now so openly psychotic in every aspect, action, math, news, any statement that its advanced psychosis is just funny. it no longer requires analysis or merits a listen. west politicians are all pathetic stand-up hopefuls at best now.

i made nothing up! none of the Greek sideline stuff is made up or the USA stuff.

Obama did send a destroyer on China and now wants to command her troops. they sowed world domination and reaped own prolapse.

they've now admitted to printing hundreds of billions, something we knew 100% for a year now... (about half a trillion just twixt UK and USA this yr) just to stay afloat and yet they're still sinking.

but don't get me wrong, their crimes are NOT comedy! they're crimes are a reason to remind and remind endlessly that "west is the disease". laughing at their salivating snouts, vacant stares, and stuttering threats doesn't mean they're not dangerous or evil. quite the contrary.

like many understand this is the time when the disease becomes most dangerous -- as they're losing the lot.

so i agree, they're NOT done with murdering children. they're not done torturing. they're not done infecting with lab diseases. they're not done hiring proxy war whores.

and clearly that's why they're still meeting.

but in the meantime the streak of failures must be highlighted and ridiculed for it's morally uplifting to see the bully pilloried and tomatoed.

the next victim of the west vampire is very likely west populace, the very folk that created this monster and is still supporting through willful obedience, proud servility, and even nationalistic pride. who could argue that isn't just?

poiuytr said...

12:21 (8:12) -- Roberts

on the previous post there's Roberts' question on "why is USA fighting wars that have nothing to do with its security..." (i wrote an answer than now stretches 4 pages... probably an future article)

Roberts may be a heretic but he's still a USAn and it shows. and as such as delusional and brainwashed as they come.

he believes in some fairy tale about some gone "goody good" kind and peaceful USA that once was wholesome, free, and democratic. he thinks, like many, that this USA isn't what it was before.

USA and the entire west has always been evil. always! not a year exists in its entire history when it did not murder and steal.

the only thing that's different is there was no internet so he didn't know. but by now, he could have corrected his pro-USA mania but is probably too old and much too brainwashed to remedy the lobotomy.

plus Roberts separates "Americans" from the the list of "his" guilty parties. this is another delusion shared by many in the west.

but the simple fact is that those pulling the triggers, slamming someone's kid's head into a wall, sodomising children in concentration camps, shooting kids with telescope rifles, carpet phosphorous burning people, hunting civilians with missiles and night goggles, having jolly ol' time torturing prisoners, shooting wounded, etc... are all "Americans", the very salt of the earth. none of them belong to any secret society or some ultra rich cabal Roberts picks to pin all blame on. then it's "Americans" that broadcast on west TV lies 24/7 for a decade now and deliberately! it's not Bush II reading news on BBC but some bimbo tart that's perfectly morally fine with getting paid to lie for mass murderers. and it's west people that after they crawl back home from their miserable jobs that frump on their sofas and watch the TV mindrape and pay fees for it.

the most guilty party here is the collective evil of the west people, not just some gang of ILL-uminati nazi freaks.

if west people didn't want to live off someone else's blood, it wouldn't be like this but west, like Roberts, clearly believes they have some supernatural right to oil in Iraq, Africa, or North Pole and slave labour everywhere.

west believes it owns this planet and beyond.

yes, Roberts is a heretic and as such rare and something to be treasured these days... but caution is now required, he's becoming like rense, tabloid, misguided, false reasoning, etc...

this is NOT an attack on Robert's readers, just a small "sideline".

BTW, he even has the term wrong. it's not "Americans". somehow the US baboons they have a right to the continent and so they named themselves after it. they're USAns, not Americans.
their country is USA, not America. it's like brits calling themselves Europeans. all west terminology is absurd.

see, from a heretic, i would expect a little bit more than what Robert's giving these days... but that's just me.

poiuytr said...

12:21 -- resistance to USA

if i understand the question right, i have to go to French students again. they have it right: unification of struggles.

it's nearly impossible to unite neighbours. west knows this, of course and that's their game. seeding civil wars via their puppet whores put on throne through orange-election frauds.

this is Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, the whole beautiful continent of Africa. all have been deliberately ripped to shreds by west foreign policy of "conquer and divide".

they tried ripping China apart with Tibet, for example.

on the national level, they push nations against each other. they're trying to provoke Colombia/Venezuela and friends war right now for example.

and exploiting neighbours works well, cuz neighbours tend to hate one another quite naturally.

on the lower level, they seed horizontal violence keeping people in west nations fighting one another for a better job, nicer car, and utter such rubbish so none can unite and actually pose a threat. that's why their target has always been family and particularly in USA, family has never worked as a concept always running over 50% divorce rate and with vast majority of USA kids with a single parent. these is what Pentagon and west big biz slakes on.

anyway, the French students didn't call for neighbours to unify, cuz that's too hard, but for neighbours to unify their struggles.

and that's happening on the grand scale and the momentum is growing, as it should for all this moves exponentially.

Bolivia is working out their on going dispute with Chile and Ecuador. Maracaibo in Venezuela, though via complicated nationalisations is Venezuelan, not USA's land today. banks made from nations that 10 yrs ago didn't speak are replacing on continental levels west fiscal dictate via WB, IMF, BIS, or USA Treasury. Iran is cooping with South America, something that a few years back was impossible. Pakistan is now in deals with India. It's not because they like each other now and they probably never will but it's because they have a common enemy now.
Japan is perfect example with its run to South America. i wouldn't be surprised if Japan will strike some deal with China, although i'd be shocked if China forgave Japan. ASEAN, SCO, non-OPEC energy, these are all unifications of struggles against the common enemy of the planet.

west made a huge mistake. fatal one under Bush II or Blair (whoever is the top mason wizard there) they made it clear they want global dictate. had they kept mouths shut and gone only after Iraq's oil, they might not have gotten resistance.

as it was, Russia stopped them and turned Iraq into Stalingrad where west will bleed to death cuz it cannot leave ever again and never shall west drink more than nominal 15-20% of pre-war oil.

Syria is untouchable thanks to the perhaps once unlikely unification. so is Lebanon even. and on and on.

west prolapse is not an accident. it's a carefully orchestrated plan executed with utmost meticulousness. for how fuzzy the control system is, it's achieved incredibly detailed results. one day i hope to go over all steps of this and squeeze into less than 400 pgs cuz it's a fantastic story, the best perhaps on earth, certainly sweeter than a string quartet playing Air in G. one day...

or look at the dollar dump. even very rich people have united against dollar and are gambling their wealths against west's odds today.

hope to have at least mildly touched on your question.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the Global NATO plan?

Will it come to pass?

If so, should we call it the New Waffen SS?

Anonymous said...

Yes, poiuytr, indepted for the resistance to US question. As for 14:04, well-spotted. New Waffen SS sounds very nice,

Anonymous said...

Indian air force gets Awacs plane
29.05.2009 Russian airplanes with zioentity electronics. This is what India gets, what it is all this about, giving India all the trophies. Something Stinks and Real big.
India is the first country in South Asia to operate an Awacs aircraft. India has officially taken delivery of an Awacs early-warning surveillance aircraft, part of a $1bn (£600m) defence deal with Israel.
The plane, Russian-made but packed with Israeli radar, is expected to reinforce India's maritime security following the attacks on Mumbai last year.
Only a few non-Nato countries have Awacs and critics say it is a bad omen for the arms race in South Asia.
India has ordered another two AWACS as it upgrades its military capabilities.
The Ilyushin-76 - which arrived in India on Monday - gives India the capability to track hundreds of aircraft and potential threats at sea and on the ground, at considerable distances.

Anonymous said...

Banks Want Government Subsidies to Buy Assets from Themselves - 29.5.09
Allowing banks to buy their own assets under the PPIP is a terrible idea. In short, it allows a bank to sell half of its toxic loans to Treasury – at a price set by the bank. Crazy devices of a sinking, stinking banking sector.

Anonymous said...

Russia wants CSTO to be as strong as NATO
MOSCOW, May 29 (RIA Novosti) - Russia is planning to build a strong military contingent in Central Asia within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) comparable to NATO forces in Europe, a Russian business daily said on Friday.
The CSTO, a post-Soviet regional security bloc comprising Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, has already agreed to create a joint rapid-reaction force, but Russia is preparing a new, larger-scale project.
"The work is being conducted in all areas, and a number of documents have been adopted," the Kommersant newspaper quoted an unidentified source in the Foreign Ministry as saying.
"It will be a purely military structure, built to ensure security in Central Asia in case of an act of aggression," the source said.
Russia already has joint military contingents with Belarus and Armenia in the CSTO framework.
The new force will comprise large military units from five countries - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
"It will include armored and artillery units, and a naval flotilla in the Caspian Sea," CSTO press secretary Vitaly Strugovets said earlier.
The creation of a powerful military contingent in Central Asia reflects Moscow's drive to make the CSTO a pro-Russian military bloc, rivaling NATO forces in Europe.
Russia's security strategy until 2020, recently approved by President Dmitry Medvedev, envisions the CSTO as "a key mechanism to counter regional military challenges and threats."
CSTO leaders are scheduled to gather for a summit in Moscow on June 14 to sign an agreement on the creation of a joint rapid-reaction force as an interim step toward the creation of a larger military grouping.
The rapid-reaction force will include an airborne division and an air assault brigade from Russia, and an air assault brigade from Kazakhstan. The remaining members will contribute a battalion-size force each, although Uzbekistan would "delegate" its detachments to take part in operations on an ad hoc basis.
Now this is after my own heart. Not like those silly UN/NATO plans.

Anonymous said...

The Axis of Aggression getting ready for further shenanigans? The Axis of Affinity preparing to counter their every move.

Anonymous said...

Surely you would all like to know that:
Russia opposes NKorea sactions.
Taliban set fire to 10 trucks in S Afghanistan meant for the military.
Next crisis should be in currencies.
Islamic banks insulated from crisis because they do not borrow in interbank markets. No Islamic bank has failed to date, requiring substantial government bail-outs. The Islamic finance industry encompasses retail and investment banking, insurance, fund management and the issuance and trading of shariah (consistent with the principles of Islamic law) compliant securities.
Shariah prohibits the payment of interest on loans (Riba or usury), as well as investing in businesses that provide goods or services considered contrary to its principles (Haram or forbidden) such as pork, alcohol or gambling.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, poiuytr, what came over you? After the tirade, the concession! You've restored rense! You've really mellowed! Promise, we won't take a peek at the unspeakable Makow. Not only unspeakable, but unreadable as well, and our time's precious. Rense is just good for the occasional piece of hard news other sites might not carry. For views we come as always to you. Thank you very much, p.

Anonymous said...

US urges Asian allies for more help on Afghanistan - 30 May 2009
SINGAPORE: US Defence Secretary Robert Gates urged Washington's Asian allies Saturday to step up support for military and nation-rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan.
"The challenge in Afghanistan is so complex, and so untraditional, that it can only be met by all of us working in concert," he said.
"All must contribute what they can to a cause that demands the full attention of the international community — a cause that is worthy of sacrifice and in everyone's national interest," he said.
Gates thanked Australia, Japan, India, New Zealand and Singapore for various forms of support for the US-led effort to eliminate Islamist threats and bring about normalisation in Afghanistan.
"But Afghanistan needs more," Gates said.
He called for aid and expertise to rebuild infrastructure, funding for the Afghan army, expertise in government services, and support for "free, fair and credible" presidential and provincial elections.

Now somewhere there's a story embedded in this, or what do all of you think? Not only should the poor Waterloo Warriors have to contend with the horrors of US/Nato invasion, the rest of the world should overrun their country as well? All we need now are a few contingents out of Africa and we'll be sitting pretty. Enough to make anyone bang his head against every available wall, were it not for our deep held faith in the fighting fitness of the warriors.

Anonymous said...

Going ballistic, they are, the crazies in Alabama and elsewhere. And here's Empire again, like above, handing down directives to Client States. Perhaps we could open a section here: Dispatches from the Fading Emp Lot. Would fit in nicely with the In Celebration of Accelerating Prolapse section we already have.

Great Zot!
Now we "Attack" North Korea and "contain" China?
Well, they don’t call them neo-crazies for nothing.
So what would a sane man – for example, Barack Obama – do now?
Well, approach the Chinese thusly:
We realize that those Bush-Cheney-Bolton neo-crazies – by abrogating the Agreed Framework, forcing North Korea to withdraw from the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons – created a monumental nuke problem for you next door, in a country for which you suffered more than a million casualties, restoring its southern boundary at the 38th Parallel.
And it seems like everything we’ve done since has made the problem worse. So why don’t you Chinese just do whatever you think is right about your neighbor, and you’ll have our complete support.
And, by the way, if there’s anything you Chinese can do to help us put out the raging inferno we’ve started in Afghanistan and Pakistan, we would be much obliged.

That might work.

Anonymous said...

Morning Rundown

- Dollar Is Dirt, Treasuries Are Toast, AAA Is Gone - The odds on the dollar, Treasury bonds and the U.S. government’s AAA grade all heading for the dumpster are shortening.
- Price of oil posts largest rise in a decade.
- UK property market: House prices rise in May are just a blip. Mortgage rescue plan flop. Wave of failures in commercial property market expected.
- Euro-Zone Inflation Rate Falls to Zero (IHT). Fact or fantasy? Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Econ, no good this morning. NKorea and war crimes are the latest mind-wringers. We get:
1. NK puts China in a tight spot. Decades after Dandong was rocked by Korean War, Beijing is in a tight spot.
2. Gates warns NK it will not be accepted as a nuclear-armed state. Now what exactly are they proposing to do about it?. Clear of course: declare NK's test results "inconclusive". Prob solved.
3. War crimes for a change. US Petraeus says his country violated GE Conventions. How honest of him! Then war crimes charges being prepared against Sri Lanka, but half-heartedly. Fine. But the latest is preparing "Chechen war crimes" for our contemplation! No doubt after one has tried Pak crimes in Bangladesh 40 years ago, we can coax the Russians into the courtroom.
3. War is OUR Business: And since adult soldiers and mercenaries (both sexes) not enough, US govt claiming right to rectruit minors to army. Who'd be a child in US today? Better Africa by far.

poiuytr said...

14:04 -- global nato?

it's total nonsense. another west wetdream... actually it's more like a delusion of a psycho now.
UN is a west criminal. it's not HQd in USA for nothing.

UN was designed to enact USA foreign policy, which is war, theft, and genocide, on account of the members' wallets. this is NOT my twist. this is fact. just like it's a fact that USA had some dummification programme in place.

UN was designed by Dulles. Dulles is another one of those nazis. he hired some 20K Gehlan (sp?) nazis to basically create/grow CIA. and more... it's Dulles' airport that let "terrists" on the Boeings.

global NATO is nonsense, just like UN, just like NATO today, just like all west int'l orgs. all castrated and donewith.

i realise USA needs someone else's troops cuz it's out of its own having lost some 300K+, maybe more. but alas, such is life, there'll be no west NATO spanning the globe, just west nations, they're the ones to face the RoboCop tasers and batons now.

18:27 -- India
there's a huge war for India. India's been playing both sides and both Russia and USA have made gigantic concessions and presented India with gifties. it's the only nation that can check and sway Asia and they know it, try to milk it, and...


18:42 -- bank buying self debt
it's ALL 100% nonsense. don't anyone fall for any west accounting voodoo. nothing that's happening in west is part of econ. bailouts are euphemisms for grand theft, for taking west baboon cash and simply stealing it. toxicity is a euphemism for prolapsed instruments or debt that's tacked on west baboon's books. bond issue/purchase is a euphemism for loans. buying own loans means printing cash. there's nothing else.

west has always in its entire history gone for inflation, for printing cash each single time. this is no different and the printing began, that we know of for sure at the beginning of 2008. in the last 6 months, starting with Bush II, west has printed half a trillion at min. the only correct word here is hyperinflation that will make Germany 1930s look like a laughable joke.

23:10 --
IMF is in crises. it's over. the bank of west, not just bank of scotland, bank of england, or the fed (bank of USA) are prolapsed. the bank of the entire west is gone. it's selling bonds today, or seeking loans. Russia has signed up and henceforth, west owes Russia monthlies. the entire west game of fiscal slavery has been toppled and reverted against the very vampire that created it. now west populace won't be "bailing" out rich west elite, but will be stripped naked to pay for loans from abroad. from here on, the west baboon works for Russia and others that will join.


8:54 -- urging unity on Afghanistan

this is as laughable as anything west, as the "global nato" wetdream, EU own gasline, Obama borrowing and commanding Chinese troops, 50B bailout of GM that's gone bye-bye anyway, it's all nonsense!

west can urge whatever it wants to. west's diatribes merit no answer. it's all just comedy, if anything at all.

the only thing west can do is launch its nukes and reap it. that's all. or prolapse and hope it's put to sleep humanely like an old dog, not like the child murdering vampire would deserve.

poiuytr said...


oh, i know why i driveled about UN.

UN has -- get this -- cleared Sri Lanka of all war crimes, said the mass slaughter of 20K civilians was necessary, as is the camp detention of 300K. not a joke!

this oughtta prove that UN is no more than a west little slag. and thankfully, UN is a military castrate who only dares to invade unarmed people like Kosovo, Africa, etc...

Anonymous said...

poiuytr on top form today! Yes, p, we got that UN bit all right. The plan seems to be exonerate everyone of war crimes, Israel, US plus, Sri Lanka, etc. to leave only three cases left behind: Pak in BD 40 years ago, Russia in Chechnya, Iran in Argentina (a story that has been proved wrong over and over again). Just wait a bit, we'll be seeing the real war criminals are the Iraqis, Palestinians and Afghans. A proper Nuremberg-type of trial will be set up for them for having killed their invading enemies.

Anonymous said...

Putin says $5 bln transit advance payment to Ukraine "unlikely"
MOSCOW, May 29 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's prime minister said on Friday that it was unlikely that Moscow would be able to grant Ukraine $5 billion in advance payments for natural gas transits over 5-7 years and warned of rising risks of Russian gas transit disruptions.
Vladimir Putin also said in a statement on his website that the European Union appears unable to help Ukraine finance gas shipments. Ukraine transits around 80% of Russia's Europe-bound gas.
"Talks with Ukraine have indicated that there may be problems with fulfilling these financial commitments. As a consequence, there appears a risk of new disruptions in Russian gas transits to European consumers," Putin said.
In line with January agreements, Ukraine is due to make a regular payment on June 7 for Russian gas supplied for domestic consumption and to store gas in underground facilities. However, Kiev earlier said it may be unable to pay Russia for current shipments, raising concerns about a fresh dispute that may affect EU consumers.
The agreements ended a bitter price and debt dispute between the ex-Soviet republics at the turn of the year, which led to disruption in shipments to Europe.
Putin earlier said the advance payments, proposed by Ukrainian premier Yulia Tymoshenko, were possible. Putin cited Ukrainian leader Viktor Yushchenko's refusal to endorse the scheme, a recent EU-Ukraine deal to modernize the latter's pipeline network and restructure the whole transit system, and the current decline in world gas prices.
Repeating Russia's displeasure with Ukraine's pact with Brussels, Putin said: "At the moment, we cannot be sure with whom state gas monopolist Gazprom will have to deal with on gas transit contracts for Ukraine in the future."
Putin also said the EU cannot provide aid to Ukraine to help the country pay for gas supplies from Russia. He earlier proposed Europe set up a group to finance gas supplies to and via Ukraine.
"I have discussed gas supplies via Ukraine ... with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on the telephone today. Judging by the response of European leaders, the EU is unable to provide proper financial aid to Ukraine," Putin said.
"They cited the acute economic crisis and internal regulations and procedures," he said.
The premier also said part of Russia's $10 billion contribution to the IMF should be spent on resolving the supply problem. "The funds to be contributed by Russia should be used above all to help our neighbors in the CIS, including to resolve energy problems facing Ukraine."
Energy disputes between Russia and its ex-Soviet transit nations have triggered concerns in Europe about too much reliance on Russian shipments, prompting it to seek alternative suppliers. Moscow has also been accused of using energy as a political tool.

Read and rejoice. The noose is tightening.

Anonymous said...

Two US headlines which say it all.

Bankruptcy looms for GM
The company has cleared a couple of key roadblocks on the ailing automaker's route to an almost certain bankruptcy filing on Monday.

Geithner wields little leverage in China talks

Anonymous said...


For as long as but a hundred,
of us remain alive, never will
we on any condition be
brought under English [read west here] rule.
It is in truth not for glory,
nor riches, nor honours that we
are fighting, but for freedom -
for that alone, which no honest
man gives up but with life

1320, The Declaration of Arbroath, asserting Scotland's right to be an independent country.
Heartbreaking, folks. Met any Scots lately?

Anonymous said...

Surely you meant "leds", 13:41 A. But, yes, unquestionably, fighting words, a beautiful declaration intent. And the Scots were indeed excellent fighters, until the English colonised them head to foot (poiuytr might prefer a stronger word here). Present encouraging sounds, nothwithstanding, Scotland has become an integral part of the domination/devastation/damnation west clique. How they can even read the Declaration of Arborath without sinking into the ground for shame, I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

I like the the Declaration of Arbroath very much and whoever thought to post it here did well. It seems to me what applied in the 14th century applies as much today. Yesterday's declaration of intent taken out of history's cellars can become ours today. Thank you, lads.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about the hundred, Mandolin. I could see it reworded thus: "as long as but one of us remain alive". James, where are you? Are you hearing us?

Anonymous said...

The news we were waiting for all along:
New hemorrhagic virus surfaces in Africa
IRIN | A lethal, newly identified hemorrhagic virus that killed four of the five people it infected in September and October 2008 has been given the working title of “Lujo”.

Forget swine pest, forget ebola or aids, for that matter. Now we have lujo.

Anonymous said...

Re: Rense shit. See extract from article below. Shameless propaganda. But at least some news is available there. Interpretation is our own business. Like in below:
Peter Hitchens: How China Has Created a new Slave empire in Africa
I can give you no better explanation in miniature of the wicked thing that I believe is now happening in Africa.
Out of desperation, much of the continent is selling itself into a new era of corruption and virtual slavery as China seeks to buy up all the metals, minerals and oil she can lay her hands on: copper for electric and telephone cables, cobalt for mobile phones and jet engines - the basic raw materials of modern life.
It is crude rapacity, but to Africans and many of their leaders it is better than the alternative, which is slow starvation. The Congolese, for instance, risk their lives digging through mountains of mining waste looking for scraps of metal ore
It is my view that China's cynical new version of imperialism in Africa is a wicked enterprise. China offers both rulers and the ruled in Africa the simple, squalid advantages of shameless exploitation.
For the governments, there are gargantuan loans, promises of new roads, railways, hospitals and schools - in return for giving Peking a free and tax-free run at Africa's rich resources of oil, minerals and metals.

Shame on you, China, muscling in on OUR territory and OUR Slave Empire. Africa MUST remain in white hands.

Anonymous said...

Well-extracted, 16:27. Then this
Deal struck to save Opel. Magna Inc (Canadian car parts maker) will take over much of GM Europe. Bailouts and job cuts in the air.

Anonymous said...

Another little point about Opel. Magna is apparently getting financial backing from a Russian bank. So, if this deal goes through, GM Europe will have been bought up by the Russians. This in addition to the IMF bonds, poiuytr was telling us about. That's how it goes these days.

Anonymous said...

Before I miss the chance let me say there were brilliant disquisitions by poiuytr this time about Russian moves, Iraq's Stalingrad and US heretics, some of them sincere, but most never sincere enough to avoid falling into the alibi function trap. In olden days, after all, heretics were burnt at the stake, martyrs to their beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Dubai to get back gold reserves from London banks (30.5.09)
All the gold of Dubai that is held in the vaults of various banks in London is coming back to the City of Gold.
The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has opened new vaults to store the gold reserves in Dubai, currently being looked after by central banks in London.
One has to wonder what the economic policy makers in Dubai see coming, to be making that move right now. Et tu Dubai?

Anonymous said...

Iran's Bourse is free from the global crisis
By: press tv on: 30.05.2009
The head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce Mohammad Nahavandian says Iran's stock market is 'immune from the financial crises' in the world.
Nahavandian who was addressing a joint meeting of Iranian and Japanese businessmen in Tokyo on Thursday invited Japan to play a greater role in the Iranian market.
"Japanese companies can enjoy the benefits of investment in Iran's stock market after observing the necessary legal formalities," he added.
He noted that Article 44 of Iran's Constitution has paved the way for the investment of foreign companies in the country.
"If the Japanese companies fail to seize the opportunity, their Asian rivals will grasp it," Nahavandian added.
The value of bilateral trade between Iran and Japan mounted to USD 20b in 2008.
A further example of decoupling.

Anonymous said...

@ 13:41

This blog also takes The Declaration of Arbroath to heart and will carry on the fight till the last man (or woman).

Anonymous said...

Rely on us, Dear King, to go shoulder to shoulder until the last man left standing (or woman, of course). Actually, though, we expect this blog to go from strength to strength. If the technology does not let us down and Internet is not muzzled beyond our competence.

poiuytr said...

12:21 -- criminalisation of defenders
already happened. Iraqis and Afghanis were made "terrists" before west invaded them.

the west beast calls defenders of own nation "insurgents", completely ignoring the very meaning of the word. again, perverting own words with its constant rancid bias that permeates every west's thought, sentence, and even a single word.

the west beast set concentration camps and without any trials locked up the "defenders", where they torture them and hold people stolen from own nations in cages like animals for 8 years, far outpacing the German holocaust length that west is so bent on retaining intellectual property copyright on.

children of invaded nations are "criminals" in the west view and are tortured and sodomised in front of their parents by the west hoards of loathsome vampire creatures or whatever can even think up such a base and patently inhumane thoughts, much less carry them out with smiles posing for pictures for their west family albums.

i cannot... but west is THE disease, forget even lujo. west is THE disease.

i am on permanent base silenced by the lack of words to describe west. there just aren't words anymore. this isn't just a genocide. this isn't just some holocaust. this is so out of this world that indeed west is not human though they're somewhat upright standing.


13:41/15:10 -- Scotland genocide

small and irrelevant point like all my ranting.

people of the drizzly island run by a saxon bling bling lizards, reject the term "prince of wales"!

it's precisely like Caligula was termed Germanicus. it wasn't for his love affair for German. the title was bestowed upon him for murdering some required number of the Alp dwellers to get the high honours.

prince of wales is precisely the same thing. an honour dubbed on the genocidal maniacs that nearly wiped out the population of the UK islands.

all west titles are no more than celebrations of genocides.

everything about west, from its very birth is diseased through and through.

had the disease remained contained there'd be no need for this blog.

but as it is, all possible word phrasings must be mobilised by all to try explain, purvey, and expose the truth behind west "culture". all available word permutations must be tried to strip west naked of its lunatic mindrape used as a weapon pouring like fetid sewage 24/7 out of the bbcnn boxes.

Anonymous said...

Fighting words above, poiuytr. we couldn't agree more. "Forget even lujo but west is the Disease". Where's the antidote, where the cure? Anyway, we keep on the fight alongside you to the last, no let up in our energy and concentration.

Anonymous said...

"The Chinese and Russians were the laughing stock of the US and European Illuminists at the G-20 meetings concerning talk about a new world reserve currency to supplant the dollar. With China's gold reserves of about a thousand tons and Russia's five hundred tons, they are like penny ante poker players trying to get in on a thousand dollar ante game. They need five to ten thousand tons of gold reserves just to be an average player in "The Big Game," much less a leading and influential player. The rest of their foreign exchange reserves are denominated in fiat currencies, which are all practically worthless except for the euro and Swiss franc. The euro has about 5% backing of gold and the Swiss could have 25% backing if they again desired gold backing. China has about two trillion dollars worth of foreign exchange reserves, while Russia has about 400 billion dollars worth. It does not take a math genius to figure out that two trillion times nothing is still nothing. They are creditors who hold worthless bonds and notes. Big deal. Their only trump card is that they can make gold skyrocket and the dollar tank before the Illuminists are ready to take our financial system down. This is where their real leverage lies.
"The talk about yuan and rubles as part of a world currency basket is just noise, like a bunch of clanging cymbals making cacophonous sounds, because they have very little gold backing. At best, unless China and Russia add many thousands of tons of gold to their reserves to back up their currencies, the yuan and ruble will get some regional play, as a run-up to a world currency. This is just hubris to distract us from the true agenda, which is the formation of a single world currency."

Is it poiuytr ranting above or is it this US shill below? Poiuytr sounds like a model of rationality compared to this guy berating China and Russia for their hubris in opposing the "Illuminati" and the "elitists". Actually, it would be fair to say when such dastardly beings exist, then a case can be made for the entire populations of west to qualify, who more elitist and entitled after all than a west dweller? As for world govt, these populations are intimately linked with their masters.

Anonymous said...

Bits and pieces on this long weekend with people mostly half-asleep.
- The Opel-Magna deal, if it's signed, will involve Russian financing from the semi-private bank Sherbank and the construction co GAZ.
- Obama's planning a trip to Egypt, isn't he? So to welcome him Egyptians are keeping in detention some 35 Russian citizens, students for the most at Cairo's Al-Azhar university. To sweeten the pill, it is claimed that other nationalities have been arrested as well.
- Russia owns most of world's untapped natural gas, much of it located in 4 geographic regions - the South Kara Sea, the South Barents Basin, the North Barents Basin and the Alaska Platform. The names alone are magic, leave alone what such finds mean for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

One is the enemy
Diverse its many defeats.
This is the reality
So pay close attention.

Munkar & Nakir
from "Afghanistan: Caravan of the fool-saints"

Anonymous said...

MAY 29, 2009.Turkey Defies IMF Demand for Austerity
ISTANBUL — Eight months into Turkey's loan negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, signs the government doesn't want a deal are stirring a backlash from businessmen and officials determined to force economic austerity.
As Turkey's markets have rebounded, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to believe pressure to accept an IMF bailout and adopt its painful requirements is easing. "I said this global crisis would pass us by and people laughed at me," Mr. Erdogan said recently. "But the proof is there. Turkey remains a safe harbor. There is stability."
However, after five years of budget surpluses averaging 4% of gross domestic product, Turkish analysts expect a deficit reaching 7% of GDP this year, fueled by increases in spending on health care and municipalities.

Anonymous said...

The great carbon credit con: Why are we paying the Third World to poison its environment?
In the fields around the giant chemicals factory in Gujarat, Gujarat Flurochemicals (GFL) the barren soil smells of paint stripper and the water from the well makes you gag. So why has it been given tens of millions of pounds of taxpayer-funded UN ‘green reward points’, which are traded hungrily on the financial markets at huge profit?
GFL is part of a worldwide carbon-trading scheme, and again, the concept was not thought all the way through. Yes, GFL has reduced its carbon emissions to qualify for the financial benefits. But the low carbon processes they are using produce other, far deadlier pollutants that are poisoning the local farm lands and water. Because the carbon trading scheme is concerned only with carbon (and money) the holistic reality of even greater damage being done is ignored.

Anonymous said...

Ah, ha, the environment scam this time. We object to "the concept was not thought all the way through." No, that isn't the reason. Not human stupidity to blame but simply human indifference, huge amounts of it. The I'm-all-right-Jack syndrome which if the prolapse periods go according to plan should come in for quite a jolt in the not too distant future. As for the Indians themselves and what they do to their own people, there are no words harsh enough to describe our revulsion. The Chinese are proper saints in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Man's inhumanity to man, A 19:26. People don't give a damn for pain and death of other living creatures. Some of them even desire it to happen.

Anonymous said...

Pak develops second-strike N-capability: Pakistan may have developed a second-strike capability to again attain nuclear parity with India even as the United States has breathed new life into long-dormant talks in Geneva for a multi-nation treaty to cap production of bomb-making fissile material.

Anonymous said...

Whit Mon and everyone happy, I hope, including news-producers who offer us the following for our delectation:

- Swine flu hysteria to be launched again. Pandemic expected by autumn.
- Not only GM down, the dollar as well? Widening gap between short and long-term bond yields. Skip the jargon. China is apparently interested in only former.
- Russia says no to gay pride parties. US Embassy holds one such - in Iraq. Civilisation, your benefits are inestimable.
- Unemployment in US above 9% in May. Isn't that a bit on the low side for what it is?
- Quote Favourite: The depression was not divine payback for bankers [Not even cause and effect], it was an accident."

Anonymous said...

General Motors declares bankruptcy
Symbol of US industrial power seeks protection from creditors after historic collapse

And then there were nine.

Anonymous said...

Lost Air France Jet
Officials say "no hope" of finding passenger jet bound for Paris which dropped off the radar over the Atlantic near the Brazilian coast after taking off from Rio de Janeiro.

Anonymous said...

James Hello, Would you perhaps come upon this unawares?
"Every subject's duty is the king's; but every subject's soul is his own.
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers."

Anonymous said...

Dow gains 200 points - 1.6.09
Stocks rallied Monday, with the Dow gaining 200 points, as investors looked past the bankruptcy of General Motors to focus on upbeat economic reports from around the world.
(Ahem) PPT
Look carefully. The DOW has reshuffled the roster of stocks used to calculate the index. In other words, they are cherry-picking which stocks they use to produce the best results.
Today's DOW is being rigged to offset the effect of the GM bankruptcy, which closes 12 factories and lays off 20,000 auto-workers.

Anonymous said...

Mr Geithner in China said the US would move swiftly to get its debt under control.
In a speech at Beijing University at the start of his two-day visit, Mr Geithner reassured his Chinese hosts that they need not worry about the estimated $770bn (£475bn) they have invested in US treasuries, a class of US government debt. "Chinese financial assets are very safe," he said, drawing laughter from the audience. The inscrutable Chinese, eh?

Anonymous said...

Mauricio Funes, El Salvador's 1st leftist Prez takes office.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong names youngest son as North Korean successor - Kim Jong Il's youngest son, Jong Un, 26, is to be the next leader of the communist state, according to local reports.

Anonymous said...

RE: GM Decease & Econ Shenanigans
Are any of you morons that still think “we’re turning the economic corner” still spewing your deluded lies? Why don’t you yuppies go all in and put your lifesavings into the stock market. Most of us that you’ve been laughing at for years while we tried to save you will really get a good laugh when Rockefeller takes it all from you. Even after dumping billions into GM it still sank and is requiring 12 billion more (assuming that it isn’t a lie as well). Get over yourselves and learn the facts and quit automatically believing the trash you get off your T.V.. You’re supporting map makers that say the world is still flat, while astronauts are returing with proof that its round! Stupid fools!

Anonymous said...

- Mandatory flu shots for population wanted in France.
- EU forces want Ireland to say yes to Lisbon.
- The Chinese. O. ever so politely, want Geitner to show them the arithmetic.
- Iran wants additional Ghedir stealth subs to strengthen their military.
- Legal aliens presently living in the imperial nations want the world to change to something more palatable.

Anonymous said...

OK, fellows, let's go. The working week is back. Iraqwar is down for reasons of its own. Come on, show support for this blog. Not to do so would be the equivalent of an akratic act.

Anonymous said...

We've said it often enough here. Let me say it once again. As soon as that window of opportunity opened, South America passed through it to reach greener, fresher pastures. The latest to join all the other countries engaged in a vast process of reform to better the lives of their people, El Salvador. Soon there'll be five persons instead of four on the pictures posted regularly on this blog.

Anonymous said...

A thunderous zone with strong turbulence, that is how the area in which the Air France Airbus vanished is described. It could also be taken as a fitting description of our world in June 09. BTW what is an "akratic act", 08:11? No doubt something reprehensible. But we try, we really do.

Anonymous said...

01 June 2009 - Islamic Financial Lesson To World (Irish4palestine)
Hey America, you listening? Time to realise that greed is not always the answer, and just where DID Bernie Madoff put all that money?
Many analysts said that the Islamic financial system would suffer least from the financial crisis. Islam bans the interest rate, which is the basis of wealth and the source of trouble for the traditional world of money.
The interest collection ban and complicated financial tools helped Islamic banks avoid huge losses under the default on debts, which made the world financial system collapse.
“Islamic largest banks enjoy a much more stable position than the largest banks of the USA. My calculations said that the return of sales of four largest banks of the Islamic world was twice as much as those of five largest banks of the United States. The return of assets and the capital of the Islamic banks turned out to be considerably higher in comparison with US banks,” Zarina Saidova, an analyst with Finnam Investment Company told
Equality is one of the peculiar features of the Islamic economy, which makes it different from the Western style of the financial system. The Islamic economy is not based on the principle of deriving as much profit as possible. It also excludes all most popular forms of financial speculations which are so typical of the traditional system of economic relations.
Hey, all you non-profit econ believers, read and learn.

Anonymous said...

I went through the various links on this site, all of them awfully businesslike and stern. I suppose I like coming here because there's a hint of the poetic about this blog, combined with a joyous to black humour without which even living things tend to appear lifeless.

Anonymous said...

Re: Air France Disappearance. Was it wholly innocent or a new chapter in the feud with Airbus? Remember what happened to the Concorde?

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