The Decoupling Game

30.5.09 by King

Time was when the world was a biddable place. Birds of a feather, it was felt, so we all flocked together. With very few exceptions. Myanmar was one, Cuba and North Korea two others. Otherwise, we all lived in each other’s pockets until a very strange thing happened.

The west, on the flimsiest of pretexts, which they didn’t even bother to make somewhat credible, attacked one of the poorest countries on God’s earth, Afghanistan. The outrage was carried out at the time on a whole host of obscure grounds: because they could get away with it, to put to the test the premises of the vile Great Game theory or the no less vile PNAC, to try out their tremendous stash of modern armaments, out of sheer high spirits. Logic was absent from the act as was common sense. And even today no motive based on reason has suggested itself. But, then, the Americans are notoriously incapable of going beyond first consequences in their mental processes and like their own cinema industry, they indulge in wishful thinking with the ease of five-year olds. Afghanistan was of course followed by an equally horrendous attack on Iraq and both countries are even today in the midst of a merciless, endless war.

But even out of evil some good might arise and that has turned out to be the case for the Af-Iraq wars. They have bled the invaders dry, thus contributing their fair share in bringing about the present economic crisis plaguing the west. As the unraveling started, the more perspicacious of analysts spotted straight away that what was happening was not necessarily bad for the world as a whole. While the west plunged ever deeper into debt and monetary distress, other countries, they argued, the first tremors over, might benefit from the situation and improve their own financial standing. West commentators, the status-quo people, refused to take the idea, often termed decoupling, seriously. “De-coupling is a myth that has been thoroughly shattered,” intoned one of them most recently. Yet little by little the thick-skinned, too, have begun to reconsider and bow to the inevitable. Countries geographically or politically situated outside the west sphere are finding their feet and getting on with consolidating their newfound freedom to bend their economies to their own will.

Decoupling has come in all shapes and sizes, heralding changes in the global balance of power which will no doubt be of a permanent nature. Despite desperate efforts to convince us of the contrary, it is has grown obvious over time that neither Russia, the biggest country in the world nor China, the world’s most populated area has succumbed to the ills besetting their erstwhile rivals. Oil prices have been held down artificially, yet Russia has eased itself out of the initial crisis. Today, it holds the whole of Europe in its hand in terms of oil and gas. And much of the rest of the world is also willing to follow where Russia leads. China, with its usual discretion, has begun to divest itself of the shaky dollar by using the greenback to acquire vast reserves of natural resources from all parts of the world or by instituting trade with various partners in local currencies. We feel confident enough to predict that within no time now, the loss of the legendary US markets and the insatiable consumers of the west will have ceased to make much difference to the Chinese economy. It will continue to act as the powerhouse of manufactured goods at competitive prices, and these goods will be snapped up by people elsewhere with money in their pockets.

Brazil and South Africa both have resilient currencies to offer and growth economies. The long-respected axiom: when America sneezes, the world catches pneumonia has taken on a new twist, namely when America sneezes the world remains germ-free. No symptoms of swine or bird or any other exotic animal flu are to be discovered in the economies of the non-west or Freeworld countries. In China, Brazil and South Africa are assured of having a partner who will steadily absorb massive quantities of the iron ore and soya produced by the one and the platinum and coal mined by the other. Brazil is also establishing trading relations from countries round the globe, the latest to date being, surprisingly enough, Turkey with which it has just concluded an important oil deal. The growing prosperity of Venezuela and other South American countries provides an equally enlightening model of taking off and going one’s own way economically.

Similar instances of the phenomenon emerge from the Islamic world. Iran, firstly, which has begun playing a very active role in South American economic activities, adding Bolivia to its list of most recent partners. Iran has just brought off the coup of a successfully completed gas pipeline project with Pakistan. To top it all, Iran’s bourse has also been shielded from stockmarket mayhem and is faring well. Turkey has been doing well and is edging away from an IMF loan which is almost being thrust down its throat. Even the Lebanese economy is in the plus territory. Furthermore, Islamic banks in general have shown themselves insulated from the current financial crisis. Not one Muslim bank has failed during this time and applied for a government bail-out to restore its finances. The reason of course is that operating funds for these banks are deposit-based and do not result from borrowing in interbank markets. Toxic collateralized debt obligations are unknown to Shariah-observing banks since the possession of interest-bearing securities is strictly prohibited. The Islamic finance industry thus restricts itself to retail and investment banking, insurance, fund management and the issuance and trading of Shariah compliant securities. In these hard times of a surfeit of toxic assets, such sound balance sheets are refreshing indeed. Decoupling has now been taken so far that even Dubai has decided to remove its considerable gold reserves from London and lodge them henceforth on its own territory.

As for Africa, no one should think the mighty continent will be ignored in the upheaval. It, too, has begun turning its back on western interests and working more closely with the other major powers. Instead of lifestyle civil-war imposed upon them by the west, plain work and the rewards thereof now appear the desirable alternative. Soon, Chinese-built roads, hospitals and schools will dot both urban and rural areas. And renewed job opportunities will absorb unemployment.

So instead of falling by the wayside one after the other and pathetically calling the penurious IMF to the rescue as west powers had hoped, countries round the world are forging their own blueprint for survival and revival. Even a state like Pakistan, with its considerable military expenses, ongoing low-key warfare and a newly acquired crisis of internally displaced persons from the valley of Swat, has applied for IMF funds out of habit rather than any real necessity. The economy on the whole is sound and will no doubt improve over time. Pakistan has also known the good luck of harvesting bumper crops this year, which should make feeding the population that much and cutting down on food bills.

The decoupling game, as the early seers predicted, was held on schedule. The weaker side financially come out the winner, and the world can now go about its business with a lighter heart. Naturally, the west has gloomier prospects ahead of them. Willfully, west countries ignored all limits of reason and decency in their desire blindly to wage war, hoping thereby to ensure a further limitless period of unchallenged hegemony over the world and its resources. Things turned out otherwise. In fact, they turned out so badly, they have reduced the future for themselves to a negative growth path from which they will not be wandering off any time soon. The false prosperity the west had built upon for the past thirty years is at an end. The amount of western wealth destroyed over the last two years alone is beyond comprehension. Their neighbours-client states no longer look to them as to the rising sun.

To sum up all of the above in three one-syllable words, easily retained: west is toast.


poiuytr said...

thank you King! for the marvelous reminder and contribution!

where are west lies today? let's have a good laugh at the dirty west hole, shall we?

- where is the "subprime woe" nonsense today when the wheels of west fall off everything, including all its industries, banks, and currency. not long ago west blamed hurriedly signed subprime loans, remember. and west monkeys ate it all obediently up.

- where is west's boasting and screaming how China needs USA and EU? LOL are the west baboons still maintaining this lie? certainly not Obama and mates who are in China on their knees bringing to Beijing gifts of free real-estate in hope to stave off the final dollar flush -- of course, like begging Russia, all vampire's pleadings here are in vain.

- IMF? oh this is good. instead of loaning, it needs loans now. even Turkey, its last victim has spurned the west bank of criminals like a rabid dog that it is. now, west, via this instrument of erstwhile slavery around the globe, is no more than west-wide debt machine snaring west future generations into the very financial dictate they had once planned for the Freeworld.

it's tragic west baboons are so stupid they can't quite appreciate the fun of IMF selling bonds.

- where are the "global" slowdown lies today? yank baboons and UK poodles, for years, blamed their sinking into mud on some imaginary world rot. of course, the west populace ate it up, cretinous as it patently is. where is it now these lies? west industries bankrupt in west are sidling up to Brazil, China, Russia to try take part of the "GROWING" markets there.

make no mistake, west lovers, none of your culture, industry, brain, and even labour is necessary. none of it. west represents barely 10% of the planet and owns no trump cards in any respect. at least understand that, western pretty child murdering crowds. understand, you're not needed in any way.

- where is DEFLATION, west? LOL yes, your prices of crap have somewhat fallen. but that's not deflation. only true monkeys that ate the comedic 911 lies of plastic fork knives, self-melting building, and spontaneously evaporating planes could believe this one.

your prices are falling cuz they're subsidised by YOU, via bailout or the grandest theft in history of this planet. that and the fact that the industries are dying and like during any "final blow out" sale, prices of garbage tend to topple a bit.

in the meantime, west leaders that baked your mates in NYC or exploded them in London -- largely for their fun -- gave you HYPERINFLATION, at a rate of some half a trillion each qtr and rising that's certain to devalue your "wealth" by 99% shortly. LOL

- where is the power of the stimuluses and bailouts? LOL gone? yeah, you paid it, they took it, and it's GONE forever. just like USA baboons paid 8B to the guy that demolised his own building on 911. but where are the bailout promises? Opel? you little Russian bitch? GM? China bitch? Steel? Russian bitch? where is it? LOL

west, i hope you enjoyed your parasitic torturing and child murdering spree cuz it's over and the warm memories of your disgusting christianic troops sodomising children is the only thing that's gonna keep you warm henceforth.

the vileness of the west disease can only be somewhat compensated by the beauty of its wonderful and final prolapse.

Anonymous said...

X here: A beauty it is, this wonderful and final - and sudden - prolapse. A beauty and a mystery like some act of God. Yeah, King, you did well there. And poiuytr's summing up homed in on the facts like a triumphantly returning carrior pigeon. Thanks to you both. Made my day for me.

Anonymous said...

Well done, King. Bravo, p. More grist to your mill, or should that be mills? No the singular will do. It's the same place in both your pieces:
Eurozone unemployment surges to almost one in 10. Spain worst hit with jobless rate among youths reaching 36pc (Daily Telegraph).
UK van maker LDV - More than 4000 jobs at risk after Malaysian buyer fails to find finance.

Anonymous said...

Another one for the decoupling game:
Jun 02, 09 Russia hopes to get behind the wheel
When Barack Obama, US president, announced his decision to shepherd General Motors into bankruptcy on Monday, Vladimir Putin, Russian prime minister, was conducting some car industry business of his own.
If Magna and Sberbank close the Opel deal, Russian investors will control one of GM’s oldest overseas businesses, and Gaz will produce Opel-designed cars at a big new factory in its home town of Nizhny Novgorod.
Talk about economic irony, folk!

Anonymous said...

West is indeed toast, King, as it is the disease. Here, take a look at some more evidence.
- California will rush out of cash in 14 days.
- US releases secret list of nuclear sites - fasten your seat belts - accidentally. What a gorgeous deliberate leak!
- Australia feels chill as China's economic shadow grows over Australian rare-earth minerals miner Lynas, aluminium producer Rio Tinto, iron ore miner Fortescue and the world's second-largest zinc miner Oz. DG (decoupling game) in full swing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks King for article, poiuytr for detailed comment. So what next? Take the $ for instance. Gold, Silver Climb as Dollar Falls, screams one headline. But, intervenes someone, people were anticipating $ strength on Geithner's comments in China (you picked up something sensible there? I didn't.). But, says someone else, there's been a lot of talk out of Russia lately about a new global, supranational currency and that's contributing toward this latest bout of dollar weakness. Go on. Blame it on others. Forget all about the wars and the deficit in trillions.

Anonymous said...

Hey, DG-ers, I found a splendid item. GM Hummer finds Chinese buyer
The deal to sell the Hummer brand comes a day after GM filed for bankruptcy protection. Bankrupt US car giant General Motors has announced a tentative deal to sell its loss-making Hummer brand of fuel-guzzling sport utility vehicles to a Chinese company.
The deal announced on Tuesday will see the brand sold for an undisclosed sum to Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company, based in the southern Chinese province of Sichuan.
And the Chinese are even planning to produce an "environement-friendly version" of the monster. Really, the sceptre is passing from one set of hands to another.

Anonymous said...

Investing In This Market Is Financial Suicide -Since When Can The Collapse Of General Motors, Capitalism’s Global Icon, Be Considered Good News For A Market Rally? - By Matthias Chang (3/6/09) - Future Fast Forward
I only read mainstream financial newspapers for their latest double-speak and to see how markets react to such nonsense. Time after time, greedy suckers would be lured into the trap and get slaughtered by the insiders.
How can one explain mainstream media reports such as “market rallied as price of oil surges on global demand” on some days and on others “market tumbles as crude oil spikes”? Then we have yet another analysis that states, “markets surge as oil price tumbles as inflation worries take a back seat” to be contradicted a few weeks later, “market moves in tandem with crude’s upward trend”.
The inflation worries have evaporated from the radar screen! In the weeks before GM Bankruptcy, we have the following analysis:
Dow falls: "Stocks Decline On GM Bankruptcy Fears" (May 27 Forbes)
Dow falls: "Rally hopes shelved as the likelihood of bankruptcy for GM shook Wall Street" (May 28 Wall Street Journal)
But when GM filed for bankruptcy on Monday, the world cheered and the market surged!
Dow soars: "Stock Market Shrugs Off GM Filing" (June 1 Reuters) The Dow gains over 200 points!
If this is not madness, what is?
To me, this is a sure sign of market manipulation by the financial power brokers and anyone who does not have a ringside seat is going to get slaughtered as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.
When bad news can be turned into good news and start a rally, this is another indication of desperation and or worse, a grand scheme to divert attention from another more fatal financial scandal.
America is broke, bankrupt. Obama has already admitted that America has no money in the coffers. Bernanke’s FED has stated that they will print as much money as needed to purchase US treasuries to finance bankrupt USA. This year alone, US must find creditors willing enough to lend US$1.8 trillion to fund current deficits as a result of the massive bailout.
USA must also find the moneys to repay debts amounting to US$14.5 trillion and the interest due on that colossal sum. UK is in the dog house! Europe is groping in the dark.
Malaysia depends on these huge markets for her exports. These markets have collapsed. Vanished to cyberspace! We will be lucky if these markets are back to positive territory in five years, and even then, they will not be back to pre-crisis levels.
P.S. My views are my views. I don’t represent anyone. They are given without fear or favour.
Those who propagate the rumours that I influence Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad are much too kind and generous as to my intellectual capabilities. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is an intellectual giant and a former prime minister and has no need of any “advice” from me.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether that "west is toast" conclusion drawn by King, poiuytr and others here is not somewhat premature. Sure the econ is plunging. Germany's unemployment figures alone are expected to hit 5 million soon, etc. But west still wields a lot of power. So I'd be a bit more cautious with predictions of this kind.

Anonymous said...

Russian Stocks Tumble as Citigroup Calls End to 105% Rally By William Mauldin
June 3 09 — Russian stocks dropped the most worldwide as Citigroup Inc. advised investors to sell shares after the market doubled in three months.
OAO Gazprom, Russia’s biggest publicly traded company, OAO Norilsk Nickel and OAO Sberbank slumped more than 4 percent. The 30-stock Micex Index lost 4.1 percent to 1,149.79 at 2:01 p.m. in Moscow, the most in almost two weeks. The dollar- denominated MSCI Russia Index, which climbed 105 percent through yesterday since the end of February, sank 4.1 percent to 684.32.
Citigroup slashed its recommendation on Russia to “underweight” from “overweight,” telling clients to “avoid the high-flying commodity sectors” including steel and oil, as well as steering clear of banks, according to a research report. Moscow-based Troika Dialog said today investors are buying put options to protect against declines in stocks.
“Having risen more off its lows than any other emerging market, Russia no longer looks nearly as undervalued as it did a few months ago,” Andrew Howell, New York-based Citigroup strategist, wrote in the report dated June 2. “Significant macro challenges remain.”
The MSCI Russia index is valued at 10.4 times estimated earnings, compared with 4.6 in February, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The shares are still cheaper than the average in developing countries, based on a ratio of 15 times estimated profit for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.
Russian stocks, which remain the world’s second-best performing equities this year after Peru, have soared as crude and other commodities gained on signs the worst of the global economic slowdown is over. Russia’s economy faces a contraction of at least 6 percent this year, its first recession in a decade, President Dmitry Medvedev said yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Scope for hope in King's article. An end to a servitude we feared might be perpetual. The decoupling game is the start of emancipation.

Anonymous said...

Off topic - Grim Milestone: 5.000 GIs Dead in Iraq, Afghanistan War (3.6.09)
They can't be serious, can they? Alone the disability claims from returning injured are close to 1.000.000. What's your estimate? Mine would be in the region of 50.000 (Iraq).

Anonymous said...

They hoodwink us into believing anything they like. If they ever told us the truth, I swear they'd almost faint at their own temerity.

Anonymous said...

More like 25,000 dead
The Pentagon report into the shootings of Sgrena and Calipari in April 2005 was issued in a pdf file that permitted the censored sentences to be retrieved. These sentences revealed that the total number of US dead at that time was around 15,000, not 3,000. The figure now, four years later, must be about 25,000. The official numbers have always been a fantasy. The nature of warfare in Iraq, with most of the 1.5 million Iraqi dead being civilian women and children, place soldiers under great psychological strain - hence the high level of suicide and mental disorder. Many soldiers, with injuries that would have put them into graveyards in the 1960s, manage to survive only to be cripples. Being a US soldier fighting Jewish wars in order to save the dollar is a pretty contemptible fate. It is surely time for a military coup in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Stock Market Dissonance: Why the Stock Market no Longer Reflects Main Street Economics. The Dow Jones Industrial Average. (
One of the biggest bankruptcies in history occurred on June 1st yet you would not know this by looking at the stock market. In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) shot up by 220 points. If we look at total assets, this is the fourth largest bankruptcy in history. The Dow is made up of 30 companies that show a supposedly wide cross section of the American economy. The company that filed for bankruptcy was General Motors and was actually one of the 30 components. A company that dates back to 1908 and survived the Great Depression. So how can it be that a company that employs 250,000 filing for bankruptcy is actually good for the stock market and makes the DJIA rally so strongly? The easy answer is the stock market no longer reflects the economic reality on main street.
I guess I am not the only one who noticed!

Anonymous said...

Air France Received a Bomb Threat About A Paris-Bound Flight Days Before Flight 447 Crashed.
Well, well, that's an interesting development, isn't it? And as predictable as Tuesday following on Monday's heels.

Anonymous said...

5000, 50000 or more, who cares? Hopefully all soldiers occupying and waging war on the peoples of iraq, afghanistan, and pakistan are eliminated. Our sympathies should be with the victims of our heinous warfare state, not with the degenerates who murder on behalf of our fascist empire.

Anonymous said...

It would be convenient to lay all of the war blame at the feet of those making policy in Washington. Their hubris is really quite astonishing. That they could continue to press a disastrous strategy and convince themselves that success is right around the corner is indicative of a collective form of mental sickness. Can a group of people really be this clueless?
That said, some (much) of the blame belongs with the American people. Many are overtly or tacitly supporting these policies and the slaughter and destruction that has ensued. All the flag-wavers and support-the-troup automatons out there have a lot to answer for.
When our empire comes tumbling down (and it will), and what’s left of our economy turns to dust and we’re left looking like a third world nation, I’ll be one of the few telling them, “I told you so.”

Anonymous said...

Just check the records of those injured sent into Germany and then calculate the number of deaths based on the average of those injured.
The zioUS and its allies lost at least 50000 men, many were hopeful candidates with greencards who were buried in the desert and rhe dogs ate them. That's how it goes when USans are trusted.

poiuytr said...

11:24 -- west is toast is premature?

how so? please expand on that.

economically, west has nothing but unpayable debt and has lived of printing cash since 2006. today the rate has accelerated past what can be literary counted. AIG and GM alone got 250B from USA printers. add Citibank, Stanely, JPMorgan, etc...and pentagon's war and you get in excess of 1T/yr rate. the exact same goes for EUnuchs.

now, resource-wise, west commands zero wealth. it has neither gas, nor oil, nor sufficient food supply.

west's mfg product is laughable or non-existent, or both.

how do you figure west is NOT toast just yet?

west was toast in May2006 when the glorious west nuking took place with a single stroke of a pen.

militarily, west can't touch anyone armed. never has. never dared to. it's out of countries to rape. Palestine kids, parts of Africa, and Iraq are west's last victims. and Palestine is getting Russian arms now, isn't it?

if west drops a nuke someplace, it's gonna get 10 back. considering west high density, west attack of an armed nation today means suicide for all west war-happy murderers.

but i am truly interested in your view. what am i missing? what's the secret weapon west commands?

Anonymous said...

In one word perhaps, glamour, magic, the ability to make everyone believe they still remain the masters.
Then, economically, let me quote one commentator: "Green shoots are sprouting into a jungle around the world. Consider a few of the economic indicators published in the past two weeks: British house prices have risen in two of the past three months. Japan has experienced its biggest monthly increase in industrial production since the Fifties. Consumer and business sentiment are rising strongly in the United States and Britain and are even showing some signs of life in Europe. In America, where all the trouble started, unemployment claims have fallen, durable goods orders and property sales have bounced back and house prices have stabilised, although not yet in the 20 boom-bust cities sampled by the Case-Shiller index which the markets, in their wisdom, have chosen to exmphasise." And on and on. All lies?
I was glad to hear that the Russians have finally begun arming the Palestinians. And I agree nukes would devastate overpopulated west where they claim Britain has a higher density now than even Bangla Desh.
By the end of the century they are certainly toast. But to claim they are that already is perhaps wishful thinking. Give it time, is what I meant by "premature".

Anonymous said...

And what of this from this morning's Guardian?
Hopes raised over economy growth (4.6.09)
Service sector analysts claim data suggests UK growth may resume in third quarter of the year

If they start growing again, the Freeworld is toast.

Anonymous said...

And this, you non-toasters?
Rising Interest on Nations' Debts May Sap World Growth (4.6.09)
Countries worldwide are paying higher interest rates on their expanding debt, which could translate into hundreds of billions of dollars more in spending for countries like the U.S., Britain and Germany.
Will this be a sign of recovery?

Anonymous said...

Latvian debt crisis shakes Eastern Europe (4.6.09)
Latvia has become the first EU country to face a sovereign debt crisis after failing to sell a single bill at a treasury auction worth $100m (£61m), prompting fears of a fresh storm in Eastern Europe as capital flight tests currency pegs.

poiuytr said...

6:39 --

thanks for the reply. it's good to have reaffirmed then that indeed west has no secret weapon or that no data's been missed in the assessment of west's inevitable fate.

as for the "magic", west glamour and glitter is non-existent. Freeworld's politicians laugh at west threats and lies. Chinese students laugh at them. and that's only when they bother listening.

there's no bling bling left in the west.

west lies and crimes have been fully exposed, not by blogs, but by Bush II cabals. Bush II and Blair have done more for the west prolapse than any military machine could have.

the degree of "prematurity" of west prolapse squarely depends on what boat you're in -- individually.

if you're among the 5M that have lost jobs in west this yr alone, your prolapse is "post-mature".

if you're in GM, Opel, Citibank, HRE, public sector, etc, you're prolapse is quite "present".

if your house happens to be the forth that's going belly up, you can't liquidate to pay the debt. your prolapse is active and underway.

if you're employed, your taxes will have to pay for it all, including the Madoff bailout rip offs, meaning no cash to you. no retirement and no medical care. if you're employed in the west, that's all you'll ever can be till the day you're dead.

if you're in west school, then you're racking up personal debt and will join the 30% of west kids that are unemployable and basically unwanted, well except for the war machines. if you join them, your prolapse accelerates tragically.

but in general terms, west being toast is absolutely correct. west was toast in 2006 in fact. it was clear to all int'l fiscal machines as they dumped 40 yrs of dollar domination in 6 months and replaced it with euro, another flea-ridden piece of refuse.

no part of west makes cash. west is not self-sufficient in any way. and add lacerations. even if you could stop the bloodlettings, west remains hopelessly insolvent.

west has no more options but to beg, try provoke local wars, threaten, beat fists on the floor, taser old people, murder children, and keep playing the ugly petulant brat.

no wishful thinking here, just adding a few simple facts.

the article you print here is patent nonsense: UK is pumping its island with 25-30B GBP each and every single month with manufactured cash. that's hyperinflation or deval of over 80-90%. you must agree this is far from showing "signs of life". it's like pumping some poor chap on machines with tenth pint of blood while claiming signs of life cuz his eyelid did a bit of a twitch.

i don't know what the source is but it only highlights the main points here that the bling-bling, or magic as you call it, of west is no more. it's just unabashed lies.

6:52 -- growth in Q3?

again, UK is being currently inflated at a rate that's outside of the realm of all accountants' brainstems in the west. if they count new cash, freshly printed, as growth, which they have done (remember BoE posted a profit from a "bailout"), then yes, UK will have 300B GBP growth by then, but that's just more laughable insanity.

a nation that's hyperinflated cannot experience growth. it's just definitions. no number adding necessary.

again all west statements regarding its econ, wars, politics, history, social make up, everything is a pile of shallow rubbish.

the only tragedy here is that west populace is so cretinous it cannot even enjoy its own prolapse.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, excellent replies above. To the point and as someone once said, so fucking funny (though the purpose is deadly serious), they should be hung up in the fucking Louvre. Good try there Anon 06:39. The article you quote from is by utter idiot A. Kaletsky from the Tabloid Times. poiuytr says bling bling over. Hope he's right. A super bling bling occasion is coming up as Prez Zigzag opens mouth in Egypt. We, the cretins, will listen to it laughing all the way.

Anonymous said...

Most probable the dead counting by pentagon
includes only "white Caucasian" not counting Black, Hispanics, and Chinese ethnics, permanent resident holder and mercenaries since they are considered as dogs dead in Iraq!!!

Anonymous said...

Any Arab shoes of honour being got ready for the Prez?

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr is right. When Chinese students begin laughing at one, the end is nigh.

Anonymous said...

Fidel Castro rejects conditions for dialogue with U.S.
HAVANA, June 2 (Xinhua) — Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Tuesday rejected the conditions placed by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a possible "open dialogue" between Washington and Havana.
In an article entitled "The Clapping and the Silence," published by Cuban media on Tuesday, Castro described Clinton's announcement on the possible resumption of bilateral talks on migration and direct mail service as "rude and far from being diplomatic."
Clinton said in El Salvador while attending a meeting of the Organization of American States that Washington would have an "open dialogue" (with Cuba) as soon as there were "changes of human rights and movements towards democracy" in the Caribbean country.
Castro said he wondered whether it was necessary for the United States to throw the "humiliating" threat.
"What are the democracy and the human rights that the United States defends?" Castro asked.
The former Cuban leader said when Salvadorian President Mauricio Funes announced during his inauguration ceremony that his country will restore ties with Cuba, there was "a deafening clapping and shout of joy."
But when the United States mentioned it, very few people clapped, he said. In certain circumstances, people expressed their views not only by words, but also by claps and silence, Castro said.
Now here is a self-respecting leader, and one concerned with the happiness and future of his people. No wonder Chavez is so good. Fidel came first.

Anonymous said...

occasionally our p. is very hard on his fellow-men. he wants them to go rejoicing to their execution. actually - no disrespect intended - there's a religious sense underlying this attitude. only reference to god can induce a human to accept death joyfully.

Anonymous said...

Back to AF 447 (Anonymous 19:25, 3.6.09) - Did Bomb Bring Down French Airbus?
CIA and MOSSAD are telling Sarkozy to back off….he’s trying with his new strategy called “Areva” to sale nucleair technology to the U.A.E. and… Brazil. He has contact with Iran. He inaugurated last week a new military base in Abu Dhabi btw…. More info to translate on….

Anonymous said...

Sarko is also meeting today with the Iranian FM on their right to nuclear capability and expanding relations. Further, French zionists are in an uproar over the Fr Algerian comedian who mimicked a zionist settler in Gaza/W Bank as part of his act.
They got him on old trumped up charges of some sort or other, so he challenged the nation’s political community by suggesting that Left vs Right was outmoded- it should be zionist vs anti-zionist parties. He was also getting a very broad outpouring of support when he said he’d run for office on that platform.
Guess zio-Illuminati sending the goyim a ‘message’? They don't seem to have pinned it on the Muslims yet, but one never knows.

Anonymous said...

08:16 - Give the man a break.
The way we see it, Obama will side with Iran and Israel will stand alone. Obama will bring peace to the mideast by forcing Israel to surrender Jerusalem as a new international zone. Israel will be compensated by being allowed to rebuild the temple.
By the way, sensitive nuclear information was “accidentally” posted to a website by the government. It contained locations and activity of nuclear plants, including locations of weapons-grade uranium. If you live near a nuclear power plant, you may want to plan a vacation.

Anonymous said...

Hi poiuytr, thanks for Keyter link. Only, there's a spelling mistake slipped in there, an "a" instead of an "e". Hope you don't mind my pointing it out.

poiuytr said...

9:29 --
no, i don't!

i wanted west to solve and punish 911 crime in 2002 when evidence became widespread, available, and obvious.

west didn't and not only that, west still loves the tale of spontaneously evaporating boeings and self melting buildings.

i wanted west to rise and punish those who violated west-signed treaties putting the world on a permanent WWIII footing and canonising torture.

west didn't and not only that, west loves the pictures and films of torture by their grisly christianic troops. west has been torturing now longer than hitler.

i wanted west to stand up and stop the madness of attacking nation after nation, murdering children for fun, and burying nations in DU and phosphorous.

west didn't and not only that, west spread war and went as far as murdering 2000 Russians last year. west didn't care about anything until it was its own children, own wallets, and own reduced circumstances.

all i want now is everyone else to know, understand, and remember that the disease that's plagued this planet ever since the birth of the west animal from the baltic marshes has always been the west -- deliberately and with the beastliness of enjoyment of its crimes.

indeed, current and past west holocausts must not be denied now. the regrouping chance must not be risked this time around.

whether west goes for the chop all giddy, in one of its aspertame high stupors, or completely unawares like the majority of the west baboon populace makes no difference.

understand that west demise is not interesting because west is getting flushed into oblivion but only because the Freeworld is getting liberated from the parasite.

in the meantime, there is, of course, some degree of morally uplifting entertainment that can and should be drawn from the current west shrieks, lunatic acts, and vacant stares.

poiuytr said...

9:53 -- Keyter
mind it? i appreciate it! thanks for the proof-read!

Anonymous said...

German intelligence chief sees crisis boosting China - Berlin June 2, 2009
The global financial crisis is resulting in a "geopolitical metamorphosis" that is likely to boost China's standing in the world, the head of Germany's foreign intelligence service said Tuesday.
"If China recovers more quickly than other (countries), its weight will increase in the region compared to other players," Ernst Uhrlau, head of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), told the Handelsblatt daily in an interview.
"And internationally, if China becomes the motor of the (global) economic recovery, the country will ... have greater influence on the rules of the game," Uhrlau added. "We are most likely experiencing a geopolitical metamorphosis."
China has doubled its stated defence budget since 2006 and in March announced it would spend 480 billion yuan (70 billion dollars) in 2009, a 14.9-percent increase on the year before. Experts say actual spending is considerably higher. The United States, Japan and their allies have long expressed concern about China's military build-up and what they see as a lack of transparency about the intent behind the expansion.
In March a Pentagon report said China's pursuit of sophisticated weaponry was altering Asia's military balance and could be used to enforce its claims over disputed territories. In February the BND, whose job is to inform the government about security and foreign policy issues, compiled a secret report on the possible outcomes of the global downturn, the Handelsblatt said. It laid out three different scenarios: that the economy starts to recover in 2009 and the current balance of power is maintained; that China recovers more quickly and emerges stronger; and that the economy fails to recover. Supporting the second scenario is the fact that China is devoting a large part of its economic stimulus package to modernize its infrastructure but also its military, he said. "Under this scenario others would be caught in China's wake, because growth primarily comes from there. Certain inbalances in Asia would be strengthened. India for example would be affected," Uhrlau said.
Uhrlau also said that the global recession might lead to more people joining Islamic extremist groups because these organisations see the crisis as "proof that the West's supposed domination has lapsed." "This could boost recruitment for militant or Jihad groups," he said.
It's the econ, stoopid. Now even the BND chief has joined the "toaster" group, while keeping the mandatory eye on those terror Muslims. Wonder what he'll come out with once Zigzag's had his say.

Anonymous said...

Excellent additions to the links list. SouthAm is now thoroughly represented. We have Keyter. We even have Afghanistan's voice on rawa. The wake up from my slumbers blog, however, failed to respond. Any reason?

Anonymous said...

How symbolic of today's patterns
- A convoluted meaningless speech in Cairo
- NKorea drags out a long-range missile for testing
- Conspiracy theories over AF447
- Muslims keeping their own counsel as usual
- And NBN quietly mapping out our future

Anonymous said...

"Suicide" of Israeli Officer Linked to Spying Cells in Lebanon?! Most probably mossad shot him for some sort of leakage that exposed the network of the zios in Lebanon. Suicides rising in the zio army, we are also told. If fact, then following US army patterns.

Anonymous said...

"US Dollar Hegemony over China and Russia"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Thanks 13:06.
Extract from "US Dollar Hegemony over China and Russia" - Bob Chapman
"The Chinese and Russians were the laughing stock of the US and European Illuminists at the G-20 meetings concerning talk about a new world reserve currency to supplant the dollar. With China's gold reserves of about a thousand tons and Russia's five hundred tons, they are like penny ante poker players trying to get in on a thousand dollar ante game. They need five to ten thousand tons of gold reserves just to be an average player in "The Big Game," much less a leading and influential player. The rest of their foreign exchange reserves are denominated in fiat currencies, which are all practically worthless except for the euro and Swiss franc. The euro has about 5% backing of gold and the Swiss could have 25% backing if they again desired gold backing. China has about two trillion dollars worth of foreign exchange reserves, while Russia has about 400 billion dollars worth. It does not take a math genius to figure out that two trillion times nothing is still nothing. They are creditors who hold worthless bonds and notes. Big deal. Their only trump card is that they can make gold skyrocket and the dollar tank before the Illuminists are ready to take our financial system down. This is where their real leverage lies.
"The talk about yuan and rubles as part of a world currency basket is just noise, like a bunch of clanging cymbals making cacophonous sounds, because they have very little gold backing. At best, unless China and Russia add many thousands of tons of gold to their reserves to back up their currencies, the yuan and ruble will get some regional play, as a run-up to a world currency. This is just hubris to distract us from the true agenda, which is the formation of a single world currency."

Is it poiuytr ranting above or is it that US shill Bob Chapman? Poiuytr sounds like a model of rationality compared to this guy berating China and Russia for their hubris in opposing the "Illuminati" and the "elitists". Actually, it would be fair to say when such dastardly beings exist, then a case can be made for the entire populations of west to qualify, who more elitist and entitled after all than a west dweller? As for world govt, these populations are intimately linked with their masters. Sheeple were trained for that.

31/5/09 07:30 (NBN 27 May 09)

Anonymous said...

Obama can dream an Afpak dream (4.6.09) - M.K. Bhadrakumar, Asia Times Extract
"The time has come for the US to take a serious look at the idea that it should be the promoter of a natural gas pipeline project leading from Iran's gigantic, untapped South Pars fields to Pakistan and further on to India and possibly extending all the way to China's heavily populated southeastern provinces.
"As the US's direct engagement of Iran gets going after the presidential election in Iran later this month, Obama will come across the dilemma of prompting Iran to think on the "right track": how to make Iran a "stakeholder" in the region? Offering hot dogs to Iranian diplomats at garden parties on Independence Day in the sprawling American chancelleries is one way of doing it, but Iranians have sharp bazaar instincts and are unlikely to be impressed. Releasing spare parts for Iran's aging fleet of Boeing aircraft could be another way, or the opening of an Interest Section in the Iranian capital, but Persians aren't rabbits nibbling at carrots. Persians settle only for grandiloquent, sweeping conceptions.
"No doubt, the moveable feast of US-Iran engagement needs a tantalizing confidence-building measure as an "appetizer". Iran's archaic energy sector could just provide the right quarter. Iran's oil industry desperately needs technology and modernization. And income from oil is Iran's lifeline. Iran's managerial cadres and technocrats have a high opinion of American oil technology. Big Oil needs no introduction to Iran, either. The Chinese would say this is a "win-win" situation.
"Provided, of course, Big Oil moves fast. The Europeans are ahead of it, and so are the Russians. The race for Iran's South Pars promises to be a photo-finish. As a perceptive American expert put it, the signing event of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project in Tehran on May 24 by Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari "illustrates the obsolescence and, increasingly, the futility of an 'isolation' policy that tries to keep Iranian gas locked in the ground".
"Russia's Gazprom is poised to join the Iran-Pakistan project, no matter the US sanctions. "We are ready to join as soon as we receive an offer," Russia's Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky said. That offer may well be made to the Russians on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit meeting scheduled to take place in Yekaterinburg in Russia on June 15, which brings together the leaders of Iran, Pakistan and Russia (and China and India). The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline meshes with the grand idea that former Russian president Vladimir Putin (now premier) floated four years ago - a SCO "energy club".
"Gazprom executives have done their homework. According to Kommersant newspaper, Gazprom can act as a contractor for the pipeline construction work and as the operator of the pipeline even after its completion. Also, Gazprom is keen to get access to gas volumes from South Pars which it could then sell to India.
"Russia is keen that Iranian gas is diverted to the Asian market. Kommersant quoted a Russian official as saying, "This project is advantageous to Moscow since its realization would carry Iranian gas toward South Asian markets so that in the near future it would not compete with Russian gas to Europe." Moscow is enormously experienced in the gas market. It anticipates that gas demand in the Asian market is bound to go up exponentially once the current recession is over.
"In political terms, Moscow visualizes that once the US engages Iran directly in the very near future, the enforceability of US sanctions will dissipate overnight and therefore, it is necessary to strike ahead of potential Western competitors."

Anonymous said...

Obama vows 'new beginning' with Muslims
American President evokes vision of peace after smouldering years of 'suspicion and discord. By Stephen Collinson - CAIRO
US President Barack Obama on Thursday vowed to forge a "new beginning" for Islam and America in a landmark speech to the world's Muslims, evoking a vision of peace after a smouldering cycle of "suspicion and discord."
In what may be a defining moment of his presidency, Obama laid out a new blueprint for US Middle East policy, vowing to end mistrust, forge a state for Palestinians and defuse a nuclear showdown with Iran.
"So long as our relationship is defined by our differences, we will empower those who sow hatred rather than peace," said Obama, who was greeted with a standing ovation as he stepped up to the podium at Cairo University. In the university's imposing domed Great Hall, Obama said the US bond with Israel, the source of much Arab distrust of the United States, was unbreakable, and rejected "ignorant" rants by those who deny the Nazi Holocaust.
But, breaking from policies of his predecessor George W. Bush, Obama also rebuked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to halt West Bank settlement expansion and reiterated his backing for a two-state solution.
"I have come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world. This cycle of suspicion and discord must end," said Obama vowing to fight "negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear. "But that same principle must apply to Muslim perceptions of America," he said, and touched on contentious regional like democracy and women's rights.
Quoting the region's three holy books, the Koran, the Torah and the Bible, he evoked a future of "mutual interest and mutual respect, examing all sources of tension between America and the Muslim world. Specifically targeting young Muslims, Obama said "I know there are many — Muslim and non Muslim — who question whether we can forge this new beginning."
"Some are eager to stoke the flames of division, and to stand in the way of progress. Some suggest that it isn’t worth the effort — that we are fated to disagree, and civilizations are doomed to clash. "There is so much fear, so much mistrust. But if we choose to be bound by the past, we will never move forward."
Obama called on Israelis and Palestinians to revive stalled peace talks, demanding Palestinians halt violence and Israelis to ease the plight of those in the occupied territories. "Too many tears have been shed. Too much blood has been shed. America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own," Obama said, calling on both sides to live up to obligations under the stalled "roadmap" for Middle East peace.
"The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop."
The US president also renewed his offer for dialogue "without preconditions" with arch-US foe Iran, over, after a decades-long Cold War style conflict. "It will be hard to overcome decades of mistrust, but we will proceed with courage, rectitude and resolve," Obama said.
"It is clear to all concerned that when it comes to nuclear weapons, we have reached a decisive point," he said warning a regional arms race would be a "hugely dangerous path" but saying Iran had the right to nuclear peaceful power.
And in his own warning to the Muslim world, Obama said United States would "never tolerate" violence, citing the trauma of the September 11 attacks in 2001, though saying his country lost its way with harsh war on terror tactics.

Anonymous said...

What claptrap is this new beginning with muslims? The occupation of Palestine has nothing to do with Islam... 30% are Christians and they want to go back home too. Nothing to do with religion everything to do with zionism. You want to be nice Obama ? Bomb Tel-Aviv

Anonymous said...

There is always the hope that Obama is trying to re-position the US for an end to these crazy wars. There is always the hope that he wishes to negotiate from the strongest position possible. That would be sensible.
However, after years of US lies, spin, and false promises, he should understand that few will be ready to accept any American at their word. What the world needs now is for Obama to carry through his promise of complete withdrawl from Iraq. The US also needs to open direct negotiations with Taliban in Afghanistan.
It would also be nice to see the US stop its support for Arab monarchies and dictatorships. And to stop Israeli abuses against the Palestinians. Lets see US support real democracy in the region! Anything short of this will be used by the US enemies to continue the war in the name of resistance.
Its actions not words that we need to see now. I am skeptical, but with the hopeless position the US finds itself in, perhaps peace is possible.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Obama's speech this morning in Cairo had part consoling words and part lies. Mixing the two is an age old ploy to confuse the issues and perpetuate myths that do nothing to end the wars and occupations.

Anonymous said...

Not the worst of speeches ever given. We might even have lent it an ear had we felt the least trust in the person delivering it. As things stand, however, we say: Good try, Zigzag, but leave us out of the equation.

Anonymous said...

Germany Blasts 'Powers of the Fed' - 4.6.09
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a rare public rebuke of central banks, suggested the European Central Bank and its counterparts in the U.S. and Britain have gone too far in fighting the financial crisis and may be laying the groundwork for another financial blowup.
"I view with great skepticism the powers of the Fed, for example, and also how, within Europe, the Bank of England has carved out its own small line," Ms. Merkel said in a speech in Berlin. "We must return together to an independent central-bank policy and to a policy of reason, otherwise we will be in exactly the same situation in 10 years' time."
She is correct. The fault with the Federal Reserve system is that the moment it goes into operation more money is owed to the banks than is actually in existence. A falling out among thieves?

Anonymous said...

European banks in spotlight as Baltic crisis hits Sweden (Daily Telegraph - 4.6.09)
Sweden is preparing to part-nationalise banks exposed to the economic collapse in Baltic states, raising fears that a string of Western European countries could face similar fallout from rising defaults in the former Communist bloc.

Anonymous said...

Back to normal, I see. AF Flight 447 returned to the drawer, Prez BO's big show forgotten and failing banks again to the forefront. Along with unusually harsh words from charlady Merkel on the eve of US Prez's visit to her country. Perhaps the two can use their latest brooms to sweep away the cobwebs.

poiuytr said...


there appears to be some mental resistance growing -- as west prolapse becomes clear even in west mindrape media -- among some west readers here to the inevitable fate of the whole of west.

though you're physically west, with west genes, you don't need to be that! you too can stand upright and become a human.

you've had the front row seat to the west crimes for 8 yrs now. you should experience no wish to be tied to the sickness.

if you do, understand it's a pure illusion, your nationalistic feelings and beliefs in west "culture". it's just a symptom of the west mindrape and mental poison spewing from west textbooks, films, colour boxes, and politicians' gobs.

your physical whereabouts have nothing to do and neither does your birth. you too can be part of Freeworld, if you want it.

you have a mind and a heart. use it!

if you find, like any human does, west crimes reprehensible, spurn the disease like the Freeworld. spurn even your sick families and cretinous mates, if you see them prattling the 911 lies and glued to the BBCNN sewage.

you need not be a west war tool. west flags aren't your flags!

the Union Jack doesn't stand for you, your freedom, peace. it stands for perpetual world rape. it's a double cross. it stands for billions to rich bling bling elite and debt to you and your children and their children.

the old glory doesn't stand for you, if you're USAn. each star means genocide and land theft. it means billions in "bonuses" and taser to you.

understand that none of you living in the west are on their "bailout" list. you're all on their menu, like the rest of the world.

don't succumb to the nationalistic pain. it's just a symptom of the disease!

besides, it's beyond understanding why anyone hang on to the west parasitic identity for free. at least the west war junta can be respected like whores but for free?

if you disagree, fine, great, let's talk. try answering the ongoing challenge of producing one single thing done/produced by west that's laudable and was beneficial for the humankind.

if you can't answer the challenge, it's high time you realise that the belief you somehow harbour about your west links is purely imaginary, like the versions of west history, like west news, like west econ, like everything west.

when you realise this and shed your west mental manacles, you'll stand free and liberated. and you too will raise a glass to the splendid west prolapsing.

west is the disease, but you don't have to be.

your choice!

Anonymous said...

What a high sounding challenge. Well, they've turned lying into a fine art, and stealing and murdering with impunity, that's for sure. But, at the same time, can't we say: medicine (after stealing from Arab science, of course), a sense of hygiene and the sewage system that saves lives? Granted, these things were devised for their own benefit primarily, but finally the rest of humankind also profited to some degree from such "west" advances? One question remains unanswered for me: Did they start the wars because they realised the prolapse was inevitable or was it the other way round?

poiuytr said...

1:10 -- challenge/medical

i'm not saying west doesn't have scientists, or breakthroughs, or upright standing humans. not at all. i'm saying the collective output, despite individual contributions, which often are stymied, erased, or stopped like John Lennon, has been nothing but nightmare and deliberate one at that.

west medicine is atrocious like everything west.

i give you nazi (how else) medical advances in mass brain erasures that were taken up by CIA and continued to this very day.

i give you Pfizer, one of most prized possessions in west. two yrs ago there murdered and maimed -- deliberately -- children in Nigeria experimenting with drugs and west science. eventually they got pulled into trials, but west? not a word about that. Pfizer remains the very backbone of west medicine.

so does Johnson&Johnson, which during WWII through its Bayern sub, was purchasing women from nazi death camps for experiments for 200 hitler marks. i should post letters arguing with himmler about how expensive the medical subjects are arguing for a rebate.

west medicine is run by insurance bean counters, not doctors, per se, and as such favours amputations to known cures simply because of cost.

now, you may feel west medicine is alright but that's only till you're faced with one of their preferred cures or your children fall pray to it.

i give you NY orphanage 5 yrs ago. USA doctors injected into these lost powerless souls cast aside by the capitalist west beast with AIDs and attempted to cure them. the result was mass poisoning, mass AIDs spread, murders, and lifelong maimings. the story was broke by a NY doctor who visited orphanage and witnessed the mass sickness. what happened? nothing. smothered by the BBCNN war whores and forgotten by the animal baboon populace to whom murder of even own orphans means nothing.

and on and on. USA giant regions, not just individuals were subjected to a whole slew of experiments resulting in mass regional terminal diseases. look at plutonium poisoning story and how USA smothered that one.

west medicine is no more than a codeword for medical research for the west war junta elite, the very criminals that gave you 911 and stole every penny out of your pockets for their devious parties. it is LEGAL in west for governance to experiment on populace without telling anyone and of course without consent. that alone should dispel any and all beliefs that west has "medicine" and "doctors".

poiuytr said...

1:10 -- war reasons

YES! west was run in the 90s. this is a fun story.

following willing collapse of Russia, west war elite (soros holdings, carlyle which is all the big famous names like bush, blair, etc) raided and sacked Russia. for 300M they bought all Russia energy, for example, beside politics, media, etc.

this "grabitisation" is key in understanding why they felt confident launching the world terror tour.

now, by 93, USA's coffers ran dry. Reaganomics had caught up with the morons who once claimed debt is immaterial back in the 80s. (Yes, USA had maintained that debt doesn't matter. i even heard statements from the very econ tops of west that trade deficit doesn't matter. all nonsense, of course.) debt matters and tends to devalue currency and bankrupt nations if it runs rampant like in the west.

the only reason it worked...

hang on let me write an article, cuz this is way to pretty to bury into a short comment.

on the whole... yes, you're right.

west was finished! they didn't do 911 for fun. they needed a pretext for world war and attempt to reestablish their currency dominance world wide. and they thought they had Russia under controlled. so they pulled the buildings... and invaded Afghanistan and other 8 nations...

of course, they were fatally wrong about every single step of their psychopathic planet rape plan.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, may I give you the infant mortality rate, down in even the remotest parts of the world, thanks to drugs originating in the west.
may I give you TB drugs and venereal disease drugs and our indispensable antibiotics.
may I give you giant strides in surgery.
also, psychopharma which has allowed a whole population of the mentally ill to live outside of booby hatches. in the community, as they say.
true enough, even as it heals, it harms, modern medicine does, because the profit motive always pops up in every nook and cranny of west and destroys the initial ability to cure.
a non-profit west is naturally an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know is what the "Freeworld" has done for humanity over the past several hundred years? What has Africa offered the world or many Asian countries. Ditto SouthAm. Survival, of course. And otherwise? It is only now that they're all waking up somewhat to their inherent responsibilities. Mind you, nothing against the Freeworld and nothing, but nothing in favour of west. But the above question should be asked once, seems to me.

Anonymous said...

I know what west has given us over the past 100 years or so: wars galore, then depression, stress and paranoia.

Anonymous said...

Tales from the Dystropic Empire
China deal with Rio Tinto collapses (west giggles)
Tienanmen Square Protest rehashed (wailing and gnashing of teeth on part of west Mammonites)
Lots of blah blah on Obama speech (all big gun west "specialists" out on this one. Once country which preferred to watch cricket on TV rather than Obama was Pakistan
Oil tipped to soar to $85 by year's end on Chinese demand (west rubbing its hands in glee)
AF debris not found after all. The plot thickens (while west wonders which way to spin it).

Anonymous said...

One thing commendable about west, I believe, is their doing away with capital punishment. I'm not saying this was an invention of theirs. No death penalty existed among the Ancient Irish or the Red Indian nations, for instance. But at least west did fish it out from the murk of history and reapplied the principle.

Anonymous said...

So, OK, 08:14. If they were so good, why didn't they ban war?

Anonymous said...

Let's say the capital punishment ban was within their own four walls. War, on the other hand, is their means to keep the rest of the world in check. What they failed to realise was it no longer works. Another thing west is very good at is promising glittering sums of money to those in need, sums which never materialise. This trick too impresses people less and less.

poiuytr said...

7:26 -- What I'd like to know is what the "Freeworld" has done????

are you kidding?

everything you know is non-west. everything!

paper you write on, the pen you write with, the numbers and letters you write. the way you add numbers. all Freeworld! the way they figure interest, depreciation, etc. west just added 12 zeroes to it all to account for its amusing prolapse. even the concept of zero is non-west! west gave us roman numerals, the most useless crap next to the hollywood catalogue of slo-mo explosions.

optics, refraction, lenses, even camera... all non-west! but west credit itself with refraction, doesn't it? snell law, is it? yes, that's west way: erase the truth and credit some nazi.

the idea of evolution precedes west while west boasts darwin whose only contribution, to be fair, to evolution is screwing his own cousin. all that west gives us here is the proven concept for devolution.

hospitals, anatomy (unchanged to date), soap, shampoo, clean hands... all non-west!

hydrodynamics, statics, dynamics, architecture, arches, bricks, physics, gravity, all of it non-west!

turbine, windmill, filtering, destilisation, alcohol, all non-west. west gave us prohibition, kennedy booze mafias, and waterboarding. even the tea or coffee you drink precedes west.

valve, lock, pump, crystals, quartzes, glass, stained glass, rockets, explosives. west uses that quite a lot, especially on unarmed civilians.

atronomy, heliocentric idea, planets, all non-west! but west credits copernicus. gravity twixt celestial bodies! all non-west! west gave us Dark Ages and genocide-backed flat earth crap for 1500 yrs while hiding all this including the discovery of the 9 planets in what they call "SECRET LIBRARY" in the vatican.

calendar, the way west adds days precedes west by thousands of years. west thought earth was flat when 365,25 sun cycle had been known and used for 3000 yrs.

explain that!

universities... you ask about Africa... you kidding? first universities. west universities are charade teaching einstein lies, and canonising how plane fuel can melt steel. west has plundered Africa for slave labour, medical experiments, gold, diamonds, oil, everything. the bananas you eat are non-west!


poiuytr said...

7:26 -- PT2

last couple hundred years...

Tesla! gives world everything. he's used everywhere even in west's HAARP system destroying planet weather to bring about destruction of harvest. the 50Hz or 60Hz that power west dildos are Tesla. frequency analysis is non-west.

but west erased him and replaced him with einstein, the jesuit comedian or heizenberg, another filthy nazi.

everything around you, wifi, TV signal, washer machine, light, battery, electric motor, magnetic record, all Tesla. and more! much much more.

business, trade, banking, checks, all of it precedes west by thousands of years. west only gives world the concept of hyperinflation.

recent years... Russia gave the world aeronautics and space. vector engines, turbines, variable geometry, multi stage rockets, moon landing, planetary exploration, space station, all non-west. and optics... all non-west.

west doesn't even have own religion. bible is just a raped collection of ancient texts slapped together in 300AD, thus by no one that could have known jesus by some 500% margin, had that bit been real. yet west psychopaths believe it's written by "apostles". for west leaders, it's the pretext upon which to launch holy wars on the children of the Freeworld. by own admission, Bush II was told by God to invade Afghanistan.

modern chemistry is patently Russian. but west fervently denies even Mendeleev, the creator of the table that west uses to create chemical WMDs. atoms is ancient, non-west. but it's einstein that's credited with fundamental unit theory, right, by west lying standards.

the fact you ask proves the degree of the west dark ages you're still suffering.

all west gives us is psychotic torture, land and credit thefts, genocides, wars, diseases, lies that are so out of this world they require a new title, dark ages, holocaust denial, but, let's not forget, also, the very joyful moments of its entertaining and sublime doom.

poiuytr said...

8:14 & 8:41 -- capital punishment

capital punishment is tied to justice but west has no justice.

a german troop riddles a mum and her two children with bullets and walks free?

some guy prints bills at home and goes to jail in west for centuries. nations do the same, except on a trillion level, and they call it "bailout".

west locks up without trials all who so much as looked at, say, Taliban, and tortures them to death. but when obama begs Taliban to be mates with them, it's alright.

west justice is an oxymoron and thus the idea of capital punishment is very iffy. plus, USA has it and uses it. Bush II had boasted how he cleaned up the Texas death rows prior to his holy roman inauguration. so half of west uses capital punishment as official policy anyway.

look at hussein. he turns on his west masters, fails to attack Iran for them, and goes off the dollar... they ripped his head off, didn't they? that's capital punishment, isn't it?

Waco in USA. what exactly was the crime there? USA prez sentenced everyone to capital punishment there including some 20-25 children to death there without trial, evidence, etc.

did west complain? not a word. forgotten matter to all the west TV eaters.

concentrations camps all over EU and USA, and occupied lands torturing and murdering without trial today, for the last 8 yrs? that's capital punishment with insane torture extended to children thrown in.

west has no justice. west has genocidal madness. that's all! and it's proud of it. west folks are proud of the blood they spill and vampire off of. it causes them no trauma whatsoever to massacre children.

besides, Germany talking about capital punishment is absurd, it's the most disgusting sarcastic comedy on earth.

they're responsible for the mass slaughter of 55M 60 yrs ago. Germany has no standing to ever debate crimes of any kind.

and let's see... did the responsible nazis get punished, at least by wrist smacking? no, none of them! in 1956, they were all reinstated, given back pensions at officers levels, and paid damages for prosecutions. that's only those who weren't repatriated to USA where they joined the governance building cia and nasa and many other wonderful orgs.

...cont'd (apparently google doesn't like long talks here. only west leaders are allowed to drivel endlessly.)

Anonymous said...

OK, OK, we give up. You feel so strongly about west ignorance and argue so persuasively, who are we to come up with our paltry objections? For two masterpieces alone, bound straight for the Louvre, we'd accept that west is shit. We do as it is, but shit, then, in the way you define it. The two are:

"the idea of evolution precedes west while west boasts darwin whose only contribution, to be fair, to evolution is screwing his own cousin. all that west gives us here is the proven concept for devolution." A beaut, this one. And:
"let's not forget, also, the very joyful moments of its entertaining and sublime doom."
Thank you

poiuytr said...

8:14 & 8:41 -- capital punishment, PT2

...but today, EU tells you it has an honourable record in punishing war crimes. they actually stand there and say this on camera.

west has no justice. just permutations of lies and crimes.

they sentenced Pablo Escobar to death and executed him without trial in someone else's country, didn't they? that's capital punishment.

John Lennon? assassination is capital punishment.

EUnuchs may not have capital punishment per se but they've co-murdered 2M civilians in the last 8 yrs. that's 700 people every single day, weekends included for 8 yrs. that's 30 people every single hour.

every 2 minutes, west murders someone, including, of course, children and their unarmed parents. and it's been doing this constantly for 8 yrs.

in the time it took me to prattle this out, west has murdered 10 people.

west has no justice, just a serial killer perverted brainstem.

the only reason west doesn't murder psychos and serial killers is because they're gonna sic them on west baboons to quell the general west uprising when the prolapse hits. that or staffing them into their front lines.

the criminal floodgates have already opened in USA with California, the most broke of the pack, leading the way with opening prison gates and stopping crime prosecution. reason? budget apparently.

notice the pattern! west has no justice.

they pump tens of billions into Opel and GM, but are unable to close concentration camps and keep criminals off the streets.

west has no justice. west is... west is just a perversion of everything in every respect on every level.

there are no traces of justice, humanity, morality, truth, or even basic compassion in the west.

there's just rabid foam dripping from the quivering gobs of the angered west mobs who are at last realising their inevitable fiscal doom is knocking on their mortgaged up dwellings.

they're flying around the globe, dressed like tie-wearing freaks, peddling feigned human-like grimaced smiles hoping for compassion, handout, and mercy, now that they're unraveled.

they're funny that way.

so it must be repeated and repeated again lest anyone forgets that west is THE disease.

Anonymous said...

Hey you capital punishment lot, you deserved that. You weren't precise enough in your geographical location. So poiuytr made mincemeat out of you. And of me, too, no doubt, because I don't know that I blame Germany for everything bad that's ever happened. There have been others equally reprehensible and unpunished. At least the Germans got their just deserts in that 11 millon of them, civilians, pows, were murdered post WWII between 1944 and 1950. Makes up for those who got away and made themselves a new life in the sun. The Allies were super killers, too. N.B. The Soviet Union is not included among the goody-goody humanity-killing bastards.

Anonymous said...

Jobless Rate Hits 9.4% in May: Layoffs Slow
WASHINGTON -- With companies in no mood to hire, the unemployment rate jumped to 9.4 percent in May, the highest in more than 25 years. But the pace of layoffs eased, with employers cutting 345,000 jobs, the fewest since September.
The much smaller-than-expected reduction in payroll jobs, reported by the Labor Department on Friday, adds to evidence that the recession is loosening its hold on the country. It marked the fourth straight month that the pace of layoffs slowed. Still, the increase in the nation's unemployment rate from 8.9 percent in April underscores the difficulties that America's 14.5 million unemployed are having in finding new jobs.

Anonymous said...

Credit card rate racket: As Bank of England freezes interest fee at 0.5%, firms push up theirs to a record 18% By Olinka Koster
05th June 2009
Despite record low official interest rates, some banks are still charging customers 18 per cent. Credit card interest rates have reached an average of more than 18 per cent - the highest level on record.
The punishing tariff flies in the face of the Bank of England base rate which was maintained at an historic low yesterday.
Card providers have hiked charges in an attempt to cover for the growing number of customers who cannot clear their debts.
The problem is likely to worsen during the recession as unemployment soars and homes are repossessed.

Anonymous said...

Record Jobless Rate in:
US - 9.4%
Canada - 8.4% (ll-year high)
Europe - 9.2%
Ireland - 11.8%
Knowing our west, be sure all figures are manipulated.

Anonymous said...

The Hypocrisy of a 'Benevolent' Empire (4.6.09) -
'I do not have a satellite dish in my new apartment and my internet connection is a bit slow here so i watched Barack Obama’s speech to the so-called muslim world on al jazeera’s website. As he began his speech today the zionist entity was busy flying american-made f-16s in the sky above palestine in its "turning point 3″ test run for its doomsday scenario (read: its next offensive attack on its neighbors).
And zionist terrorist colonists attacked palestinian farms for the fourth day in a row as obama got ready to deliver his speech. and back in the United States, American zionists were busy figuring out a new way to scrap any possibility of Palestinian sovereignty by finding ways to give Palestinian land to Jordan and Egypt.'

Anonymous said...

Friday, June 5, 2009 - Dieudonne's anti-Zionist campaign in full swing in France
First, the big news is that the French government has not succeeded in outlawing Dieudonne's Anti-Zionist Party or the list he has presented for the upcoming European elections. Official polls put the party's estimated support at 4% which, considering who is running such polls in France, probably means that Dieudo has at least 8-10% support. That is, of course, not enough to make a difference in the European political scene, but that is more than enough to keep openly challenging the Zionist lobby in France.
In fact, Dieudo's campaign is in full swing. Check out the new posters his list has released:
"For a Europe free from censorship, communitarianism (ethnicity based politics - VS) and NATO speculators - The Antisionist List"
I would add that it is rather amazing that such a movement would be allowed to exist anywhere in the West, and even more so in France as the power of the Zionist lobby is far greater in France than it is in the USA or, should I maybe say, it is more brazen, more arrogant, more overt. The one factor which proved decisive in this case is the fact that France, like all European countries, has a multi-party political system whereas the USA has, in essence, only one party split into two vaguely competing factions. A "Dieudonne" in the USA is simply impossible as long as a third party is impossible.
Another interesting feature in the Anti-Zionist Party's campaign is the support it is getting from French rap singers.
Amazing, no? Considering the explosive tensions between the French "banlieue" (suburban-ghettos) and the government, this double endorsement of Dieudonne and his anti-Zionist platform spells out major troubles for the Zionist lobby in France.
As is well known, French banlieues are heavily Black and Maghrebian which potentially gives an ethnic character to any governmental policy towards them. It now appears that Dieudonne's movement is turning what used to be the alienation of the French youth against the establishment directly at the most powerful component of that establishment: the Zionist lobby. This could very easily repeated in the rest of Europe. I would even argue that this evolution is probably inevitable. This simple truth has now been re-discovered: Zionist is a form of racism (which UN Resolution 3379 clearly declared before being revoked); it is also a form of neo-colonialism, imperialism and it is fundementally anti-democratic.
The other interesting feature of this movement is that is clearly links the Zionist lobby, Israel and the USA into one power structure, what Dieudonne once called "The Axis of Goodness" (again using humor to ridicule and denounce). The Israeli bloodbath is perceived as much as an American or French policy as an Israeli one. This analysis is, of course, fundamentally correct.
Considering how immensely unpopular the USA has become during the Dubya years and his GWOT (Global War on Terror) the merging of the ideas of USA and Zionist in the minds of the French and, possibly, European youth is a very worrying development for the Zionist lobbies everywhere. It would not be incorrect to see all this as a case of "blowback" for what Israel did, and still does, in Gaza.
Dieudonne supporters see themselves as opponents of racism, of course, but also of imperialism, capitalism, globalisation and neo-colonialism. They see countries like Russia, Iran, Venezuela or Bolivia as potential allies. In fact, the number 2 on Diedonne's list, Alain Soral, spoke of Russia as "our future". It appears that a growing segment of the alienated French youth has evolved from the mindless rage stage (throwing stones a cops) to a much more conscious and informed opposition to the system in place and its immoral policies.

Anonymous said...

Good news above, specially meant for our informatron, off on holiday. But reflect, folks.
The ineffably verminous Dutchman Geert Wilders can get in on an anti-Islam platform (17% of the vote). The cretinous paedophile Daniel Cohn-Bendit can get in. And Dieudonné has all the forces of law and disorder ganged up against him! Ah, to be part of the "Axis of Goodness". Life would be so much simpler then. But good luck, Dieudo and companions.

Anonymous said...

Axis of Goodness Giant:

115 days remaining of countdown to civil unrest

Anonymous said...

Na, na, specially for poiuytr:
Dieudonne supporters see themselves as opponents of racism, of course, but also of imperialism, capitalism, globalisation and neo-colonialism. They see countries like Russia, Iran, Venezuela or Bolivia as potential allies. In fact, the number 2 on Diedonne's list, Alain Soral, spoke of Russia as "our future".
We agree, don't we? Poiuytr, ever thought of getting in touch with this Alain Soral?

Anonymous said...

Dissensions within the Axis of Goodness (or a falling out among thieves)
1. Zionists bright: See AF447 disappearance.
2. US Manipulation of physical gold:
"The Germans have demanded that gold bullion held in US custodial accounts be returned to their owners, with physical gold shipped back to Germany ."
I'll bet my last gold Kruggie that the Oval Office phone call to Merkel was a desperate plea to buy more time before the Germans destroy the physical gold manipulation scheme.
This together with rumblings of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Dubai scrambling to get their hands on physical gold has put the Obama Manipulation Team in major gold panic mode.

Anonymous said...

And what about Canada colony:
Saturday, 06 June 2009
Mint Can't Account for Missing Gold - In: Ottawa Citizen by Ian Macleod
'A significant quantity of gold, silver and other precious metals is unaccounted for at the Royal Canadian Mint. External auditors are investigating a discrepancy between the mint's 2008 financial accounting of its precious metals holdings and the physical stockpile at the plant on Sussex Drive in Ottawa.The mystery raises possibilities from sloppy bookkeeping to a gold heist.
Officials with the commercial Crown corporation are saying little and refuse to confirm the amount and value of the unaccounted for gold, silver and palladium.'

Anonymous said...

X here: The gold story made me go back and check up on the Chapman article link posted by informatron (4.6/13:06)
He claims China's gold reserves = 1000 tons, Russia's = 500 tons, EU's gold backing = 5% and Switzerland's = 25%.
All this make any sense to anyone?

Anonymous said...

Russia, China should dump dollar in trade - Medvedev
Fri Jun 5, 2009
MOSCOW - Russia and China should consider switching to domestic currencies in bilateral trade without going to the dollar, Russia's president Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with Kommersant daily published on Friday.
China has already entered similar agreements with Brazil and Belarus. The deal involves a currency swap agreement between the two countries. Trade turnover between Russia and China reached about $50 billion in 2008 and is set to increase.
"I think that we can think about such positions, for example the rouble against yuan," Medvedev was quoted by Kommersant as saying. Russia's own attempt to switch to the rouble in bilateral trade with Belarus has so far not been successful.
Leaders of Brazil, Russia, India and China, known by their BRIC acronym, are meeting in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg on June 16 to discuss the role of the dollar in the global financial system among other issues.
Medvedev said bilateral currency deals between trade partners ease impact of the economic crisis in an environment when many countries have difficulties tapping international capital markets.
One baby step after the other, but we're getting there, or so it would seem.

Anonymous said...

China Corners Over 90% of Market for Rare-Earth Metals
Global Research 06 giugno 2009
China has cornered 97% of the world market for rare earth metals, according to Byron King (the Times Online puts the number at 95%, and the Financial Times puts the number at "over 90%").
What are rare earth metals? Most people define them as including the following 17 metals:
Some people also include some or all of the Actinide Series elements as rare earths. The Actinides include:

As the Times Online notes:
"The weight and magnetic properties of rare-earth metals have made them important for wind turbines, essential to hybrid cars, and indispensable if the world ever hopes to covert to fully electric vehicles..."
Don Burbar, the chief executive of Avalon Rare Metals, said: "The crux of the matter is that there are now a lot of technologies that can't work without rare earths, and China is currently in effective control of the global supply. China has positioned itself to retain control, and meanwhile politicians around the world do not appreciate how the supply side of green technology works."

Anonymous said...

Iran mass produces new ground-to-air guided missile Sat, 06 Jun 2009
Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar inaugurates the production line of domestically-made supersonic ground-to-air missile system.
Mohammad-Najjar says the smart missile system, called 'Shahin' has a range of more than 40 kilometers.
He added that the system, capable of targeting fighter jets and helicopters, will promote Iran's defense capabilities against possible air attacks.
The research and production phases of the defense system, including missile, missile interceptors, hardware and software networks and launch pad have been carried out by Iranian experts, said Mohammad-Najjar on Saturday after launching the production line of the system.
Last month, Iran test-fired a new deterrent ballistic missile, the Sejjil II, with a 2000-kilometer surface-to-surface range.
The developments come as the country, which has been targeted by a series of sanctions over its independent stance, beefs up its defense amid increased Israeli threats to strike Iranian nuclear facilities.
Iran also launched a production line for manufacturing autocannons to mount on warships.
"The final range of the 40-millimetre naval autocannon, named Fath (Victory), is 12 kilometers; (more than seven miles) it shoots 300 projectiles per minute," Mohammad-Najjar said.
"It can be used against cruise missiles... It is an anti-aircraft low-altitude weapon which is mounted on warships," he said.
Iran unveiled a new domestically produced attack chopper, the Shahed (Witness) 285, capable of taking part in sea and air combat operations.

Anonymous said...

Conversation with Izzat al Duri, Number two in Saddam Hussein’s government and the ‘most wanted’ man in Iraq
“The Americans are only going to gain power over my dead body” Izzat Ibrahim al Duri
Al Nahar al Jadida (6.6.09)
In the first place I want to reassure you and to tell you that I am in Iraqi territory, among its people and the free patriots, faithful to the Ba’ath party and to the her leader, the martyr Saddam Husein, and that the U.S. Americans and the safávidas (Iranians), traitors and collaborators who have sympathized with them only will be able to rule with me dead in this territory of Iraq that the valiant gentlemen of The Qadisiya and the Mother of All the Battles have turned into a cemetery for the Americans. The Iraqi resistance led by the Ba’athists has inflicted material and human casualties on the armies of the allies that have frightened the U.S. administration, which will leave Iraq defeated and with its tail between its legs.
The political process that Iraq has experienced and is experiencing is a U.S. project executed by Iraqi hands. Iraq’s government, named by the U.S. administration, lacks all legitimacy, and has a National Assembly directing it that represents not the people of Iraq but political phantoms who contradict each other and that follows the dictates of the U.S. occupation force that has been unable to make a reality of its project to eliminate the Ba’ath Party from the political process. This adventure has been a true suicide for the U.S. administration and its fictitious Iraqi government. The Ba’ath party, more united and more hardened than ever, will return to power a year after the occupation leaves Iraq, a departure that has been decided upon by the new U.S. administration to resolve its critical situation in Iraq.
Our people have been murdered in the South at the perfidious and treasonous hands of the Shi’ite militias that had eliminated a million Sunni Iraqis in Basra, Kufa and Al Anbar before the Iraqi army took control of security. The Kurdish cities of Mosul and Kirkuk are under the control of the Israeli Mossad and the U.S. and British companies that rob the petroleum wealth of Iraq. No activity of the so-called al Qaeda or Islamic terrorism is taking place in the North of the country despite of its geographic proximity to Turkey and Afghanistan. Al Qaeda, after having been surrounded in Afghanistan and once their symbols and logistical structure are annihilated in Pakistan, will transfer its central activity to Iraq and will direct a campaign of total destruction against our people. We have documented proof of the presence of a half million foreigners in Iraqi territory under the command of international terrorism who execute the plans of the colonialists aimed at dividing the country and killing its citizens. International terrorism that has supported the USA in its goal to eliminate the patriotic Ba’athists and the freedom fighters will return to its plans in the next years to surpass the attacks of September 11. Then the USA will be forced to leave honorable Iraqi territory.

Anonymous said...

RE: The cretinous Obama speech
"Too many tears have been shed. Too much blood has been shed." Did you hear him talking about "al Qaeda", 9/11, and all of that? Forget it, Obama. Nobody believes your version of events.
Not going to Gaza, right? Going to Buchenwald.
We hear you loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

Protests against Putin sweep Russia as factories go brokeFrom Vladivostok to St Petersburg, Russians are taking to the streets in anger over job losses, unpaid wages and controls on imported cars
Luke Harding in Khabarovsk The Observer, Sunday 7 June 2009
Russian police detaining a demonstrator at an unauthorised protest against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Moscow.
Russia's prime minister, Vladimir Putin, is facing the most sustained and serious grassroots protests against his leadership for almost a decade, with demonstrations that began in the far east now spreading rapidly across provincial Russia.
Over the past five months car drivers in the towns of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, on Russia's Pacific coast, have staged a series of largely unreported rallies, following a Kremlin decision in December to raise import duties on secondhand Japanese cars. The sale and servicing of Japanese vehicles is a major business, and Putin's diktat has unleashed a wave of protests. Instead of persuading locals to buy box-like Ladas, it has stoked resentment against Moscow, some nine time zones and 3,800 miles (6,100km) away.

poiuytr said...

thanks for the assortment of news! so Russia and China's unplugging the dollar? 115 days may be too rosy cuz ASEAN will have to follow and that's dollar flush out of Asia and Africa/China, Africa/Russia trade. SouthAm's already flushed it. That would be, as they say, it.

15:55 -- China corner on metals
as far as battery cars, it's lithium and that'd be Bolivia. how coincidental that after Morales tells west to bugger off with their bid to buy Bolivia's lithium reserves, they try a hit on him.

8:37 -- Alain Soral seems like an alright bloke there. his USA raped Yugoslavia view is dead on! i wonder if Dieudonne adopts that view as well cuz then USA/UK is to blame from among the west nations. i doubt though he'd have time for NBNs, although they're supposed to be a fun quick reference guide outlining the last steps of the beast for those who enjoy it.

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