The Dollar Bubble

The Dollar Bubble

The Dollar Bubble starring Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, and others. Prepare now for the U.S. dollar collapse.

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Anonymous said...

Well, yes. Excellent video quality and perfectly informative. Hyperinflation it is and will be. But is what applies to US to be applied to the rest of the world as well?

Anonymous said...

Ending Pakistan havens vital to Afghan effort: US - 7.12.09
The United States said Sunday it was pressing Pakistan to move against Taliban and Al-Qaeda sanctuaries in its territory, saying success in Afghanistan depended on disrupting the cross-border safe havens.
Translation: The US will invade Pakistan and wreck the place to block Russia from intervening when Israel orders the US to attack Iran.
This is M. Riviero's take on it, not mine. I believe Pakistan will put US in its place whatever it takes. As for Iran, I don't see it, but if it does come about, well, there you: WWIII on our hands at long last.

Anonymous said...

Food inflation? Now that's something we know all about. And perhaps that's how they're going to get us in the end, through that food bubble.

Anonymous said...

Greek riots into their second day. Riots in Tehran as well at time of writing. And Pakistan gets its daily blasts, this time in the city of Lahore. This is among the things the west has done to us. And below on NBN there is rowing over god alone knows what. Divide and conquer, chaps, divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...

Both the Brits and the USans owned up to losing a soldier apiece on this grey December day. When, O when will the real casualty figures come out?

Anonymous said...

SOFA agreement heralds US troop and missile deployment in Poland - 7.12.09
WARSAW – The United States and Poland have drawn up an accord regulating the stationing of US troops in Poland, the defence ministry said Friday, opening the way for the deployment of US Patriot missiles.
The accord was given the final backing of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk Friday and will be signed in Warsaw next Thursday, ministry spokesman Robert Rochowicz told AFP.
“Talks on the accord to allow a US military presence in our country have been concluded with success,” he said.
The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) is a pre-requisite to setting up a US ground-to-air missile base in Poland. US officials say deployment should start in 2010.
And will Russia take this lying down as well?

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, not logged in)

12:13 -- But is what applies to US to be applied to the rest of the world as well?

No. The rest of the west, yes! West is NZ/Aussie/Britz isles and other sundry queen Gotha (her real saxonic name) thieved realty, israel, EUnuchs, stolen NorthAm plateaus, where the yank baboon disease is incidentally expanding its stolen land loot and other occupied territories like Malvinas, Japan, the slipping Taiwan, etc. All in all, around 10% of the planet.


15:40 -- Translation: The US will invade Pakistan and wreck the place to block Russia from intervening when Israel orders the US to attack Iran.

Mike "whatReallyHappened" R is downright silly with this. He's a dilligent news gatherer, that's true, but like with all west dwellers, the deeply ingrained west brainwash surfaces here and there.

Iran hasn't been attacked by west simply cuz it's been impossible and increasingly so.

Never ever in history has the west child murdering beast confronted anyone armed. West solely and squarely assaults children and their mums armed with rocks with fighter jets, night vision choppers, phosphorous, DU, tanks, and torture dungeons. West, beside being the disease, and world's chief murderer, is a patent coward.

With Iran, unless west can perform a surgical op hitting all the hundreds of strategic targets, many movable, within a few nanoseconds, there will be no force on earth to stop Iran from secondary response.

Beside reaching west targets incl USA mil hiding right across the bay, this means the severing of the west oil jugular bleeding the entire west anemic in a few days.

With Pakistan, if there is a "wreck", it's not gonna be limited to just Pakistan.

But the beauty of the May2006 dollar nuking also means that for reversal of fortunes, the west freckly beast will have to go to Moscow, not Tehran, Lahore, Kunduz, Babylon, or Kandahar.

No doubt, the continued encirclement of Russia by comrade Obama's child murdering legions as is happening at the moment in Poland means someone in the Pentagram gets it and also that the west war junta is so truly psychotic that they're actually going for it.


16:33 -- The food angle

Yes, you're probably very right though it's not just hunger itself. All WMDs (autism injections, brain eating toxins in food supply, DNA twisted food stuffs, toxins in water supply, HAARPing the baboon, gender mutation toxins, homo-making toxins, daily psychotic brainwash, fiendish daily fanatic rituals practiced in all west schools, etc) are hard at work for the west war junta to purify their freedom-loving democracies of the capitalist kind.

This highlights the true disease: the west populace, that not only it isn't objecting to any of this, but instead is clinging to its beast mother from hell for its dear life now.

Anonymous said...

NATO just attacked Russia with Bio-Weapons! …Plague Reported in Russia… - 7.12.09

An outbreak of pneumonic plague similar to that recently reported in the Ukraine and Poland has killed at least thirty people in the city of Saratow, reports Germany's Der Spiegel.
Top Russian health official Gennadi Onischenko is reported as saying the outbreak is deliberate and part of a "conspiracy." But he does not know who is behind the action.
This is part of the Spiegel report translated into English.,1518,665238,00.html
English trans: Iraqwar

Anonymous said...

Will Russia react now or won't it? Poiuytr, I'm sorry to say you were right all along in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Destabilization of Iran… a must read
By: Bulov on: 08.12.2009 [04:13 ] (17 reads)
Destabilization 2.5: Soros, the CIA, Mossad and the new media destabilization of Iran…

It's the 2009 presidential election in Iran and opposition leader Mir-Houssein Mousavi declares victory hours before the polls close, insuring that any result to the contrary will be called into question. Western media goes into overdrive, fighting with each other to see who can offer the most hyperbolic denunciation of the vote and President Ahmadenijad's apparent victory (BBC wins by publishing bald-faced lies about the supposed popular uprising which it is later forced to retract). On June 13th, 30000 "tweets" begin to flood Twitter with live updates from Iran, most written in English and provided by a handful of newly-registered users with identical profile photos. The Jerusalem Post writes a story about the Iran Twitter phenomenon a few hours after it starts (and who says Mossad isn't staying up to date with new media?). Now, YouTube is providing a "Breaking News" link at the top of every page linking to the latest footage of the Iranian protests (all shot in high def, no less). Welcome to Destabilization 2.0, the latest version of a program that the western powers have been running for decades in order to overthrow foreign, democratically elected governments that don't yield to the whims of western governments and multinational corporations.

Anonymous said...

Big Oil Behind Copenhagen Climate Scam (7.12.09)
The big irony behind top globalists descending on Copenhagen in luxury private jets and stretch limos is not just the fact that their own behavior completely contradicts their self-righteous hyperbole about CO2 emissions, but that their propaganda is vehemently supported by the very same big oil interests they accuse climate skeptics of pandering to.
Probably one of the most flagrant examples of climate cronyism to emerge from the climategate scandal were emails in which CRU scientists, the body that provides much of the foundational global warming data for the UN IPCC, discuss how they conducted meetings with Shell Oil in order to enlist them as a “strategic partner” while getting them to bankroll pro-man made global warming research.
The emails reveal that the CRU was also trying to get money from oil giants British Petroleum and Exxon-Mobil, under its former identity as Esso.
And now these very same oil giants are the most vehement in support of taxation on the "carbon footprint" scam.

Anonymous said...

Greece put on standby for debt downgrade
Fears over the solvency of Greece reached a new level on Monday night as Standard & Poors put the country's debt on notice for an imminent downgrade. 07 Dec 2009
The agency placed the country on credit watch negative, meaning it is likely to lose its A- rating within months. The country already has the lowest credit rating in the eurozone, but has come under greater scrutiny amid fears that its newly-elected government may avoid imposing significant cuts on the public finances.
The news, which coincided with a separate warning from Jean-Claude Trichet, European Central Bank president, pushed interest rates on Greek bonds to their highest levels in seven months.

Anonymous said...

When Greece goes, Portugal will follow. And, and, and...

Anonymous said...

Dear Poiuytr

Today I found a blog which has a link of Panalin's new analysis.
Unfortunately, I do not read Russian.
Would you please explain what he says and what you think about that (if possible).

It seems to me that he predicts by Feb2010 both Euro and USdollar will be almost worthless.
(Parhaps, he says, 1 USD= 0.7 ruble, 1 euro= 1.5 ruble)

Anonymous said...

In video above, the Bernanke scenes, were priceless in giving us the prototype of the robotic Chosen One. No wonder the opposite side is losing this war as well, along with all the others they started so unthinkingly.

Anonymous said...

Is Turkey the Only Real Country in Middle East? - 7.12.09
Watching Turkey’s significant foreign policy initiatives these days to cement good relations with its neighbors, I think I understand why: This is the only country in the Middle East region that acts like a normal, mature country. It has both: a democratic domestic system and an activist foreign policy, notes Rami G. Khouri.
ISTANBUL — Every time I visit Turkey I ask myself what is it that makes me marvel at the many political and economic developments that make it stand out as the most impressive country in the greater Middle East. Watching Turkey’s significant foreign policy initiatives these days to cement good relations with its neighbors, I think I understand why: This is the only country in the Middle East region that acts like a normal, mature country.
Turkey’s mix of lively domestic politics, dynamic social and cultural life, and strong and internationally expanding economy all come together through the agency of a government that actually leads by taking initiatives, but is also held accountable to the citizens through regular elections. Turkey is the only country in the Middle East region that has both a democratic domestic system and an activist foreign policy. It is refreshing to witness this phenomenon in contrast with the largely passive and often dysfunctional countries across the Middle East.
The critical elements in Turkey’s success that others might learn from strike me as three in particular: freedom of speech and association that allow domestic politics to proceed in the direction defined by a majority of the citizenry; civilian authority over the armed forces and security agencies; and, pragmatic, humble realism in coming to terms with the realities of a pluralistic society where minorities demand rights that the majority should acknowledge.

Anonymous said...

Chavez prepares Venezuela for 'US-provoked war' - 08 Dec 2009
President Hugo Chavez says Venezuela must be ready to defend itself against what he called the US and Colombia's gearing up for initiating a military conflict.
Chavez who accused Washington and Bogota of planning to stage war against his country announced that thousands of Russian missiles and rocket launchers were being received by Venezuela as the country is preparing for a possible military conflict.
"They are preparing a war against us," Chavez was quoted as saying by the Associated Press. "Preparing is one of the best ways to neutralize it."
"Thousands of missiles are arriving," Chavez said, adding Caracas's growing arsenal includes Russian-made Igla-1S surface-to-air missiles and rocket-propelled grenades.
Chavez added that Russian tanks, including T-72s, will be arriving to strengthen the country's armored divisions.

Anonymous said...

Russian Minister: Bushehr Nuke Plant Almost Ready - 7.12.09
According to the Iranian FNA news agency, Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko said on Saturday that the final stage of construction of Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant is moving forward at a good pace. Shmatko made the remark in a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
In the meeting, Shmatko briefed Putin on his recent visit to Iran, where he visited the Bushehr facility and participated in a meeting of the Russian-Iranian intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation. Russia has resisted calls for sanctions against Iran despite its disregard for UN calls to rein in its illegal nuclear program.
A sigh of relief if any of this is true.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chinese official slams Western banks
A senior Chinese official who oversees China’s largest state-owned enterprises has publicly slammed western investment banks for “maliciously” peddling complicated derivative products that caused huge losses for Chinese companies. In Beijing’s strongest criticism on the matter to date, Li Wei, vice director of the state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, singled out Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Citigroup in a critical article in the official Communist party newspaper.
A bit late, but perhaps they'll get there finally. Even the Chinese might show some sense at times.

Anonymous said...

Smart Man Chavez
The USA is a mad dog, and it is wise to be prepared. Obama said he wanted to forge a new way of doing things in Latin America, but Obama has proven himself to be liar. Zelaya and the people of Honduras were NOT prepared for Obama's 'new way'. It is wise for Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela to be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Houthis down fighter aircraft in Al-Imran (Yemen)
"By God's grace and support, a fighter plane was shot down yesterday evening (at Isha near Heyuan - Al-Imran). Meanwhile Saudis continued (14) air strikes yesterday (Razkk, Sabba, Mt Mudud, Mt Duknan, Mt Dhahr Al Humar). Intermittant rocket fire attacks contued in the evening, and Yemeni airforce conducted (3) attacks on (Sahar directorate)" - Houthi communique 8 Dec 2009
This is the second Yemeni MIG fighter downed by Houthis, and at least one Yemeni helicopter.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Sa'ada, the Houthi capital has been under siege for three months. On Monday Yemeni forces bombed the town of Saada, and attacked the city by rockets and tanks and, destroyed dozens of homes and ancient mosques. Is this a preparation to occupy the town? That's going to be a bloody mess.

Anonymous said...

The UN Copenhagen climate talks are in disarray today after developing countries reacted furiously to leaked documents that show world leaders will next week be asked to sign an agreement that hands more power to rich countries and sidelines the UN's role in all future climate change negotiations.
The document is also being interpreted by developing countries as setting unequal limits on per capita carbon emissions for developed and developing countries in 2050; meaning that people in rich countries would be permitted to emit nearly twice as much under the proposals.
The so-called Danish text, a secret draft agreement worked on by a group of individuals known as "the circle of commitment" – but understood to include the UK, US and Denmark – has only been shown to a handful of countries since it was finalised this week.
The agreement, leaked to the Guardian, is a departure from the Kyoto protocol's principle that rich nations, which have emitted the bulk of the CO2, should take on firm and binding commitments to reduce greenhouse gases, while poorer nations were not compelled to act. The draft hands effective control of climate change finance to the World Bank; would abandon the Kyoto protocol – the only legally binding treaty that the world has on emissions reductions; and would make any money to help poor countries adapt to climate change dependent on them taking a range of actions.
The document was described last night by one senior diplomat as "a very dangerous document for developing countries. It is a fundamental reworking of the UN balance of obligations. It is to be superimposed without discussion on the talks".

Anonymous said...

Moody's Downgrades Dubai Companies - 8.12.09
Ratings agency Moody's Investors Service on Tuesday downgraded the credit worthiness of a raft of Dubai government-controlled companies, citing a lack of government support over the emirate's debt obligations.
Meanwhile Fitch rating cut piles pain on troubled Greece. Fitch downgrades Greek debt to BBB+ with negative outlook

Anonymous said...

Bolivia: Revolutionary Change
By The Guardian - Editorial - 8.12.09
The Indian majority is getting back the voice denied to it for centuries. South Africa remembers Nelson Mandela, and eastern Europe the fall of the Berlin Wall. What a former herder of llamas has achieved in one of the world's poorest nations may be no less momentous.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, 08 December 2009
Venezuela Issues Arrest Warrants For 30 Bankers
'A court in Venezuela has issued arrest warrants for 30 bank executives over their alleged mismanagement of the country's financial affairs. The court order comes days after the government of President Hugo Chavez nationalized seven banks due to their 'unregulated' transactions.
“A group of irresponsible bankers, of citizens crazed by ambition, started to use the public's money, private and public money in their banks, to commit crimes,” Chavez said on Monday before the arrest orders were issued.'

poiuytr said...

7:09 re 7:08 -- Bio attack on Russia in Saratov

Safe for the spiegel germanic blip putting words in Oniscenko's mouth, there isn't much out there except the exact opposite on RIA. But it does appear that some regional panic was artificially induced.

"Onishchenko denies reports of pulmonary plague in the Saratov Region
MOSCOW, Dec. 2 - RIA Novosti. Chief state sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko, Russia calls the provocation appeared in the media about an outbreak of pneumonic plague among the population of Saratov, Saratov Region.
rest here:

No question that the west child murdering parasites are working 24/7 in their labs splicing all the agents they can get their hands on to create some giant mass bio WMD and then breaking the viles in public, but alas, bio agents in the hands of a monkey are less likely to succeed as planned than the BushII/Blair WWIII insanity launched in 2001.

In other words, two at minimum can play all games, incl that of bio warfare. Russia has been reacting all along, or rather been proactive about preemptive response for over a decade now. West defeat in Iraq; Afghanistan Stalingrad; west-wide econ prolapse; the untouchability of Venezuela, Syria, and chiefly Iran; uncertainty of India games; Japan break-off; SouthAm polarisation are all results of Russian counter-offensive.

Looks like west is down to local terrorist hits like the train explosion near St Petersburg, the ammo detonations perhaps, via their Basayev-like murder proxies. And this is not limited to Russia. If one scratches long enough at the surface of all explosions and massacres around the world, sooner or later, invariably west claws appear.

Specifically, to this Saratov story, it doesn't seem to be much beyond some west wishful thinking but who knows.


10:10 -- Dollar deval article

Dear reader,

The article, after I chewed on it for a while, doesn't say a whole lot except for the Panarin's continued prediction of dollar prolapse. By Feb, dollar will have lost 98% of value and euro some over 90% too. Panarin says that in the 1st wave of prolapse 3T USD have evaporated and in the second 15T will. The article then supports it with comrade Obama's embarrassment of his recent "carrying pictures of chairman Mao" trip to China and Asia where while revealing USA's weaknesses he achieved nothing, and also on UK having announced biggest depression since WWII after they had just gone through the "recovery" orgy.

Details? Ruble/dollar course? Who knows? I don't see how Panarin knows and quite frankly he can't. Even if he was looking over Rothchild's shoulder and had CFR's playing books. None of these plans can go as planned. The amount of brutality the west beast is stuffing behind each of its domestic and int'l policies changes nothing in this regard. At the end of the day, all west structures: be it the top war junta policy makers, the war Red-shield financiers, the "recovery" bailout mafia schemes, or the actual lowly cubicle racist populace aggregate worth and product are all subject to increasing chaos resembling the west battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. This is best seen in Detroit's laughable prolapse: aimless town meetings, 1M+ exodus, and no vacancies in mortuaries.


poiuytr said...


Yes, west is trying to combat it by hasty establishments of all sorts of ad hoc commandos like: Soros-Rothchild-Gates money pocket superstate union, west-wide bank body or west central bank, mobilised civilian troupes to beat the last of the coins out of the west baboons, new ideas requiring collective unification of all the west top criminals like the CO2 scheme etc to predicate increased taxes on the west idiots, and so on.

But none of this achieves a single thing for west other than the increased growth of THE GAP -- most fun of all econ indicators -- within their own prolapsed lands. The poverty of west masses increases unstoppably while all west assets and wealth have been craftily shifted into even fewer pockets than it's been the norm for the criminal capitalist pigsty.

Though criminal to the bone, none of this even confronts the fundamental problem of all lands west, which is the loss of its currency monopoly and the screaming inability to re-establish it.

The oil-based monopoly seems shattered henceforth but it's unclear what the next monopoly could be based on. That's why we're witnessing west desperately trying to invent "some" exclusive cause upon which to base it. That's why all west structures are behind all of the west screaming insanities and one sees GoldSacks intertwined with climategate and or west banksters behind flu scam and so on.

CO2 Copenhagen orgy with free whores is no more than an attempt by the diseased west saxonic lizards to create an exclusive global control mechanism. The USA-flu spread and transmogrification made in west labs are no more than an attempt by the diseased west saxonic lizards to create an exclusive global control mechanism. The climate warming scheme is no more than an attempt by the diseased west saxonic lizards to create an exclusive global control mechanism. Poverty creation and the DNA-perverted foods are no more than an attempt by the diseased west saxonic lizards to create an exclusive global control mechanism.

If the west achieved some global exclusivity, then they could perhaps base currency on it effectively regaining the currency monopoly status the west scum had for ages.

But it's not so simple like it once was when only the Busch/Saudi/Gotha family owned the only oil pump in the Gulf.

For example, Brazil is mulling the proposal of a O2-eating tax on namely the west eco-killer -- a project I incidentally worked on some 18 yrs ago. To be blunt, Lula should have been replaced by a Chavez-like figure a long ago but alas, none had believed that west is THE disease then.

However spun, a monopoly requires total control of the resource and that is something west simply doesn't have and given their CO2 orgies and Gore-like or Obama-like intelligence won't have.

So this means that dollar and thus west shall continue its rigor-mortis dance facing both the Himalayas of its astronomically increasing debt and the bloating herd of the angry cretinous baboon -- both the very core of NBNs jubilations.

The details of Ruble/Dollar course in 2 months are however completely beyond a crystal ball prediction, methinks.

Anonymous said...


RT's Dina Gusovsky interviews Webster Tarpley about very plausible Taliban charges that the CIA and Blackwater are behind the recent bombing atrocity in Peshawar, Pakistan. This attack is coherent with the US policy of provoking all-out civil war in Pakistan to break up that country to prevent it from serving as an energy corridor between Iran and China. The Pakistani Taliban are a proxy of the CIA. *If the government in Islamabad collapses completely, or especially if Taliban forces appear to be taking control of some of Pakistan's nuclear forces, Wall Street could also get something it would like very much: a spectacular world shock that could send the world's hot money fleeing into the supposed safe haven of the US dollar, which is otherwise near collapse.* [EMPHASIS ADDED] Inside the US, a wave of Islamophobia is being ginned up with the Fort Hood shootings, the KSM trial in New York CIty, the seizure of allegedly pro-Iranian mosques, the Zazi case, and the incendiary anti-Moslem statements of Pat Robertson, the patron of the new reactionary governor of Virginia. Obama is expected to announce another massive escalation of US forces in Afghanistan within days. If a Wall Street-CIA Operation Safe Haven is indeed at hand, it could also include a coup in Saudi Arabia, or a clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran over the civil war in Yemen. An Israeli attack on Iran, although much discussed, remains the least likely variation, with Pakistan still at the top of the US hit list.

Watch video:

Anonymous said...

Lula Wants World to Know Brazil Is Iran's Good Friend, Nukes and All
By: Renata Giraldi on: 08.12.2009 [09:56 ] (204 reads)

(2331 bytes) [c]
Lula Wants World to Know Brazil Is Iran's Good Friend, Nukes and All (8.12.09)
Brazilian diplomats believe that the administration of president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva plans to expand Brazil government's outward signs of support and solidarity to Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
According to them, last week's visit of Brazil's Foreign Minister, Celso Amorim, to the Iranian city of Isfahan to arrange Lula's visit to Teheran is just another proof of the Brazilian leader's intention.
Amorim's talks in Iran spelled out the details of Lula's trip to Tehran, which should occur on or before April 2010. The minister also spoke of the Brazilian commitment to intensify trade and technology exchange with Iran
Countering the criticism levied against Brasília, the Brazilian negotiators say the Lula administration doesn't fear that the Iran-Brazil relationship will be used as currency by the Iranians to seek new opportunities in the international political scenario.
Amorim's initiative, say these diplomats involved with the negotiations, show that Brazil is in favor of opening a dialogue with Iran. According to Lula's interlocutors, the Brazilian government wants to show it supports Iran's nuclear program including uranium enrichment, as long as used for peaceful purposes.

Anonymous said...

Great eye-opening stuff above, poiuytr, thanks. What held my interest most was the Brazilian bit as per quotation below:
"For example, Brazil is mulling the proposal of a O2-eating tax on namely the west eco-killer -- a project I incidentally worked on some 18 yrs ago. To be blunt, Lula should have been replaced by a Chavez-like figure a long ago but alas, none had believed that west is THE disease then."
Is Lula really an ambiguous, all-things-to-all-men figure? One thing for sure, though. Under him Brazil has taken tremendous strides towards claiming their rightful place in this scam-driven world.

Anonymous said...

US-Japan talks on base row stalled (9.12.09)
Japanese foreign minister says Washington-Tokyo relations ‘are somewhat shaky’
Unclear when next talks will be held
TOKYO: US-Japanese talks on resolving a festering row over an American military base have been put on hold until Tokyo clarifies its position, Japan’s foreign minister said on Tuesday. Relations between the two sides “are somewhat shaky”, Katsuya Okada told a press conference, adding that “it shouldn’t be that way”. The open question of where to relocate an Okinawa island Marine Corps airbase has soured Washington-Tokyo ties since a new centre-left government took power in Japan in September.
Unclear: Both sides have agreed to regular talks on the issue, but no new date was set after the most recent meeting on last Friday, Okada told reporters. “We don’t know when the next talks will be held,” he said, adding however that the talks “have not ended”.
The conservative Sankei daily has reported that US Ambassador John Roos, in his talks with Okada and Defence Minister Toshimi Kitazawa, “turned red with anger and raised his voice” over slow progress in resolving the dispute. Japan’s centre-left government under Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has rankled US officials by announcing a review of a 2006 pact under which the airbase would be moved from a city area to a coastal region of Okinawa. The US side is pushing for the existing plan to be implemented, saying it needs the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station to be relocated as planned.
Hatoyama has left open the possibility of moving the base off the island or even out of the country, to lighten the burden on Okinawa, which hosts more than half of the 47,000 US troops based in Japan. He has said he would like to meet US President Barack Obama at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen to discuss the issue. Former US deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage, who worked under former president George W Bush, warned in a Tokyo forum on Tuesday, “I really worry that an agreement that took 10 years to negotiate might unravel.” afp\12\09\story_9-12-2009_pg4_7

Anonymous said...

Times online - 9,12,09

Japan takes axe to GDP in 'ridiculous' revision
World's second-largest economy reveals third-quarter GDP grew by just 1.3%, compared with initial estimates of 4.8%

Markets fall on Dubai developer's losses
Traders send shares plunging for a third day as Nakheel, the Dubai World-owned property group, unveils its financial state

Anonymous said...

There has been no economic rebound, whether in Japan, the EU, the UK, or the US. Temporary growth, where it has occurred, is due to massive and unprecedented deficit spending. The world economy, focused newly on China, continues to depend on the West's ability to consume. The political tolerance for more deficits in the US is at an end, and this new-found reluctance to spend what we don't have is likely to ignite another, much more serious recession/depression. The end of west dominance in short.

poiuytr said...

8:28 -- Is Lula really an ambiguous?

Not anymore. He seems quite black and white now, with his flowery "gringo" talk. But that was relatively recent.

Smacking brits with toxic dumping, Honduras coup stance, Iran coop, Russia coop, energy reserves west lock-out, Mercosur, the "gringo" bit, n-power pursuit, all this is recent, maybe 2-3 yrs or so.

Prior to that, Brazil feels like it sat on the fence perhaps doing some math.

For example, booting of west concerns from the Amazon should have happened decades ago. West fiscal rape should have been stopped ages ago. Equivalently, eco destruction fines should have followed. Even as recent as the downing of the Brazilian passenger plane over Manaus killing ~155 by a USA jet should have been prosecuted instead of letting the yanks go home. O2 Amazon tax should have been tabled twenty yrs ago. West pedophile gangs raping homeless children in Rio should have been brought to justice and this west sordidness should have been long since exposed.

I realise it's easy to criticise in hindsite, but Chavez, for instance, seems to have been "defined" for a bit longer. Plus, it's not till recently that Brazil has managed to shed the IMF dictate.

It does appear that Lula's turn on gringos comes at a time of SouthAm facing the real prospects of Warshington war via Colombia. Maybe just maybe, had there been more defined west opposition, west would have Honduras, Panama, and Colombia. Maybe.

Under no circumstance though, take my rant as some critique. Just blithering.

In general, Brazil's behaviour is that of a giant nation. The need to unify, align, make clear statements, explicate self isn't there.

Anonymous said...

US, Russia face off at World Court over Kosovo
TOBY STERLING (AP News) - 08.12.09
The United States and Russia faced off over Kosovo at the United Nation's highest court on Tuesday, with the U.S. arguing the world should honor Kosovo's declaration of independence while Russia insisted it was still part of Serbia.
The Hague, Netherlands-based International Court of Justice, widely known as the World Court, has been asked to give its opinion on whether Kosovo's unilateral 2008 declaration of independence was legal.
The U.S. and Russia are two of 29 countries — including all five permanent members of the UN Security Council — weighing in on the matter before the court rules next year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, poiuytr. Your answer to the Lula question clarified many things obscure. Glad they've jumped onto the field at long last and are using their magic feet to dribble the ball with deadly accuracy straight where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

00:27 - RE: Pakistan
The posting's thought-provoking in more ways than one. And no doubt Pak still tops US hit list in their daydreams. Wall Street never sleeps either by day or by night. On the one hand, their ignorance matches their daydreaming. What Pak does have is a perfectly trained army, the N weapon and perhaps the only free media in the world. Destabalising, sure, but conquest as unlikely as the favourite US moon story.

Anonymous said...

This is really one to be celebrated for days to come: Bolivia the Bewitching
President Evo Morales won a stunning victory in Bolivia yesterday, taking 63% of the popular vote and guiding his party to win control of congress. Bolivia's first indigenous president has won the biggest popular mandate in recent memory, destroying three political parties that rotated the presidency between them for the last two decades. In doing this, Mr Morales has gone a long way to making the social transformation inside Bolivia irreversible. The Indian majority is getting back the voice denied to it for centuries. South Africa remembers Nelson Mandela, and eastern Europe the fall of the Berlin Wall. What a former herder of llamas has achieved in one of the world's poorest nations may be no less momentous.
Mr Morales has done this by defying the Washington consensus on development, natural gas and coca leaves. In his first term, he sent the IMF, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the US ambassador packing – all for different reasons. He renationalised the gas industry and increased royalties on hydrocarbons. The result was three years of budget surpluses and $8bn in cash reserves. He gave cash payments to school children, mothers and pensioners, giving poor families an incentive to keep children in full-time education. Curiously, Bolivia now wins praise from the IMF, which applauded the government's prudence in saving part of the windfall income from gas revenues.

Anonymous said...

Trouble in China's little Africa
By Kent Ewing (9.12.09)
HONG KONG - In order to tap into Africa's rich mineral and oil resources, China has injected billions of dollars in aid and investment into the continent while at the same time giving a free pass on despotism and human-rights abuses to nations such as Zimbabwe and Sudan. Chinese merchants and laborers are also increasingly a presence.
This has given rise to heated international debate over whether Chinese leaders are practicing a new form of colonialism and whether ordinary Africans, and not just a corrupt elite, are benefiting from China's involvement.
A subplot often overlooked in this larger story, however, is the increasing number of Africans who have come to China to ply their trade. Lured by the promise of China's prolonged economic boom, they have arrived by the thousands seeking cheap goods that they can resell back home for a profit.
The southern Chinese province of Guangdong, the country's (and much of the world's) manufacturing hub, has seen the largest influx of Africans, with most of them doing business in a single neighborhood in the provincial capital city of Guangzhou. An estimated 20,000 Africans now live in Guangzhou, with thousands more regularly streaming through the city as visitors who buy pirated DVDs and Chinese-made clothes, shoes, electronics and other products for resale back home.
That makes Africans the largest foreign population in the city - and their numbers in Guangzhou more than double those in Beijing and Shanghai combined.
African traffic to and from Guangzhou has grown to the point that, in November of 2008, Kenya Airways began the first non-stop flight from Africa to the Chinese mainland with its Nairobi to Guangzhou express. Indeed, Guangzhou has become such a haven for Africans from a variety of different countries that the Canaan Export Clothes and Trading Center in and around which they thrive is referred to by locals as "Chocolate City".
The Canaan market opened six years ago. In that time, other imitation markets, filled with African buyers bargaining with Chinese sellers, have sprouted around it, giving the impression of a Little Africa in Guangzhou.
In the name of promoting China and its communist ideology, African students have long been accepted into Chinese universities, resulting in series of racial clashes on campuses across the country in the 1980s. But this is China's first encounter with the continent's business class.
Not surprisingly, again there are problems. The racism and harassment that this new wave of Africans faces has created tensions that at times have boiled over into ugliness. In July, for example, after two Nigerians were injured, one severely, while trying to avoid an aggressive passport check by Guangzhou police, 200 of their African compatriots staged a rare protest by foreigners on Chinese soil, snarling traffic in the city for hours.

Usual west shite, interesting only because read between the lines it gives us some idea how China-Africa relations are faring. We hear a lot about Russia on this blog but tend to mention China, the super giant, only in passing.

Anonymous said...

Gold Nexus for Powerful Struggle Underway for New Global Financial World Order
Commodities / Gold & Silver (2.12.09) - Excerpts - Jim_Willie_CB (I)

Gold Desafio: Global Struggle - The gold market has become, despite little recognition by the financial press, the battlefield for global control of the financial world. To the winner go the spoils and access to the helm. To the winner goes control of global banking, dominance in commerce, and the advantage in some degree of printing money on a credit card that all nations must finance indirectly. Nevermind the military aspect. In the Untied States, the custodial control of the USDollar as global reserve currency enabled it to spawn numerous syndicates with criminal impunity, since under the USGovt aegis (if not management).
The gold market is the site of the most ominous dangerous life changing battle in recent history. My work has frequently mentioned a Paradigm Shift in progress. The shift is of power, influence, dominance, control, privilege, and direction. It also permits the writing of history itself. Since the end of World War II, the Untied States and Great Britain created an empire based primarily upon economic and financial prowess, but certainly reinforced by military strength. With the fall of Wall Street, the ruin of US banks, the insolvency of American households, and the quagmire of US foreign wars, the shift has accelerated. The parallel debacles and ruin into insolvent for Great Britain has ushered in an Anglo removal from the power circuit. The transition will not be smooth. See the endless wars, the attacks on tax havens, and the viruses.
Notice the slow fade of the Japanese, a nation having served as US Lackeys for more than a few decades. They must next join forces with the Chinese, and perhaps bow but not too much since they bring tremendous technological prowess to the table. Thousand year old enmity must yield to cooperative alliance and ventures. Regional unity will become of paramount importance in the next chapter of economic development. The Tokyo mavens are suffering from the shock of the Yen Carry Trade unwinding process. Weeks ago, my articles pointed out how the rise in the Japanese Yen would keep the pressure firmly on their economy, clearly still export driven. The USDollar crisis has its own core troubles. But they are amplified by a stronger yen currency, which is undergoing a handoff to the Dollar Carry Trade. The Yen currency continues to push higher, causing the Japanese Govt to assemble and hammer out emergency policy. Never in history has a carry trade fed off and exploited a decline in the global reserve currency. These are historic times.
The shift in power is most evident in the rapid rise in accumulated gold by the Chinese Govt. In my view this is the actual crux of the global desafio. In the Spanish language, desafio means a great struggle and battle, much akin to jihad in the Arabic language. This gold desafio is for global control. Those who control the gold control the global banking with all its trappings.

Anonymous said...

Jim Willie Excerpts (II)

The corrupted COMEX and London Bullion Market Assn are the clear battlegrounds for the gold battle. In an open manner, no longer hidden from view, the COMEX is settling gold long futures contracts with Street Tracks GLD shares. Investors in GLD shares should be horrified at shareholder contamination. Clearly, the COMEX does not have much of any gold bullion, yet it operates formally as an exchange to sell gold, and to create a market for gold price discovery. Some call this new redemption developed appropriately a silent COMEX default, and correctly so. It is the early chapter of a COMEX default, presaged last May.
The two-sided fraud deserves mention once more. In time, the Street Tracks GLD (run by State Street, with JPMorgan as custodian) will be exposed as totally corrupt. They are using GLD shares openly now to cover COMEX short futures contracts. They are likely providing GLD bullion to London to satisfy futures contract delivery demands. Evidence painted a picture after London gold delivery stresses occurred at the same time as vast deletions from the GLD bar list, which suddenly reappeared days later. That is burning the candle at both ends of the GLD itself. Eventually my expectation is for GLD shares to sell at a 40% discount to gold price as the lack of gold inventory is revealed. Then later, after lawsuits, the GLD might easily sell at 80% discount. Finally the climax could be prosecution for fraud and all investors will be given 20 cents per dollar versus gold. Who knows? Maybe it will be 30% and 60% and 40 cents per dollar. The trouble for hapless unsuspecting investors is they did not read the prospectus, which permits such misuse of GLD shares. They just might be lazy and qualified sheeple. The Wall Street crowd did effective planning. One must give a tip of the hat to their brain trust. The GLD is a tool to drain gold demand from the public and to supply it to the syndicate. It is one of the most brilliant open ploys in financial history.

Anonymous said...


On October 8th, the Jackass gave you a "TOLD YA SO" on the announced previewed end of the Petro-Dollar. The Saudis, with Chinese and Russians on their left and right arms, heralded the end of the sale of crude oil in US$ terms, with French and Japanese in tow. The Germans secretly were in charge of counseling toward the forged deal, but preferred the shadows. The new crude oil transaction settlement system will take time, but surely not to require eight years until 2018 as announced. That stated target date was intended to deflect and distract from US retaliation. The mere announcement should be regarded as a schematic diagram for architects and investors alike to follow. New systems must be constructed. Investors ahead of the curve will be the primary beneficiaries. The changes that result from the announcement itself will assure the completion date to be just 2 or 3 years, not 8 years.

In just two short months, it is time to say "TOLD YA SO" again, this time on the story that came out of the United Arab Emirates. Or should they be also called the Untied Arab Emirates, after their squabbles between city states? The Dubai World debt default and restructure has caused shock waves the world over. IT WAS FORECASTED IN AUGUST BY THE HAT TRICK LETTER. The vast construction bust has caused anticipated ripples. The threat to London banks is acute. Time will tell whether its ripples will cause sufficient damage to London and New York bankers to topple them and to force lost control in other banking functions like gold management, as my forecast indicated. It seems that worsened big London bank solvency from underwritten Dubai losses, rather than Arab USTreasury Bond dumping, will be the principal cause of any imminent breakdown, if it occurs. See the article entitled "US Bank Enemies at the Gates" from late August.

There is more of the same if anyone interested. But gist given here.

Anonymous said...

West Papua - world's largest goldmine owned by Freeport-McMoran of Louisiana USA and Rio Tinto with 10% shareholding by Aburizal Bakrie of Indonesian company Bakrie Brothers, have plundered untold amounts of gold, financed the genocide of the native Papuans, and enforced strict military control of this western half of the island of New Guinea. Read more at h ttp:// and please support the Free Papua Movement (TPN/OPM) who resist this tyranny with only bows and arrows.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Pakistan, wouldn't it be a hoot if a couple of Pakistan's nukes found itself all the way to London and Washington DC and detonated themselves there?

It would only be a case of the greatest genociders on this planet--the Britzie and American colonizers--receiving only a small and deserved taste of their own medicine.

Burn bitches burn.

Anonymous said...

11:18 - I 2nd the Burn bitches burn bit. They really deserve some kind of a punishment for their told and untold crimes.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff up there in the Willie extracts. Later on in the article, he points out that after the Dubai debacle, there was no retreat into the safe haven US dollar (something Americans apparently take for a given), but rather flight from the pound and euro. He also added that in his view Obama was hired by the syndicate to oversee the death of the dollar to be followed by a US military coup. All this running up of deficits is deliberate. Very likely.

Anonymous said...

Financial markets tumble after Fitch downgrades Greece's credit rating• Greek debt marked down from A- to BBB+ (9.12.09)
Fear for Eurozone push down single currency
Newly elected socialist government in Greece is facing an economic storm after its credit rating is downgraded.
Financial markets around the world sold off after Greece's credit rating was cut amid mounting concerns about its fiscal health.
European stock markets tumbled and the euro weakened sharply with investors becoming increasingly worried about dragging debt problems worldwide. The fallout also followed a ratings downgrade for six companies in Dubai, reinforcing fears of a global debt crisis.
The Fitch rating agency cut Greece's long-term debt to BBB+ from A minus . It marked the first time in 10 years that the country has seen its rating pushed below an A grade. The agency cited: "The weak credibility of fiscal institutions and the policy framework … exacerbated by uncertainty over the prospects for a balanced and sustained economic recovery." It said the medium-term outlook was negative.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, 09 December 2009
Ukraine to Get Swine Flu Jabs Rejected By Germans
'The German government is planning to give swine flu vaccine to the Ukraine and other countries after less than 5 % of the people took the untested jab even by the government's own somewhat inflated estimates. Only 15 % of doctors and health care workers took the jab.
Health Minister Philip Rösler has said that Ukraine could be the recipient of 2.2 million doses of the Pandemrix jab, classified as a bioweapon by EU and US regulators according to biopharma drug databases.'

Switzerland is also in the business of selling its huge superfluous (because the public refused to rush for jabs) stocks of vaccine to foreign countries.

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, if you're around, I have a question for you: why on earth do the Germans persist in their persecution of Bishop Williamson? Have they really got nothing better to do? And note I'm not even asking about their shocking presence in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Is There any Margin for Hypocrisy and Deceit?
By Fidel Castro
To accuse Hugo Chávez, the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, of inciting a war against the people of Colombia and unleash an arms race, to portray him as the mastermind and promoter of drug trafficking, and accuse him of repressing the freedom of expression, violating human rights and other similar misdeeds is a repugnant and cynical action.

The answer to that Dear Fidel is a clear no. No margin for Hypocrisy and Deceit for the west.

Anonymous said...

Rich nations accused of 'climate colonialism'
Poor countries accuse the rich of “climate colonialism” as a rift between the two sides widened at the Copenhagen summit.

Anonymous said...

"The massive build-up of sovereign debt as a result of the financial crisis and especially as a result of the severe contraction that followed the crisis, makes it all but inevitable that the final chapter of the crisis and its aftermath will involve sovereign default, perhaps dressed up as sovereign debt restructuring or even debt deferral....
From Dubai to Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan, France, the UK and the USA, the sovereign debt burdens have been at current levels during peacetime only on the way down from even higher public debt burdens incurred during wars. ("The intrinsic unimportance of Dubai World and the important wider message it conveys", William Buiter , Financial Times)
Sure, Greece can go the way of Ireland and push the country into a full-blown depression to fulfill the myth of a unified Europe. It can cut public services, slash government spending, sell state lands and resources, reduce health and education budgets, and fire a few thousand state workers. That ought to satisfy the EU deficit hawks. That ought to satisfy Brussels.
Or they can tell Trichet and the EC to "pack sand" and watch while global markets go down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Irish show how to cut (10.12.09)
Ireland unveils savage £3.6bn reforms in emergency budget.

Anonymous said...

Alistair Darling puts off spending cuts - but sends in the taxman.
Chancellor's Pre-Budget Report landed himself or his successor with a budget deficit running at more than £170 billion.
Smoke and mirrors tactics

Anonymous said...

Britain angers poor nations with plan to switch cash from health to climate
National aid budgets dedicated to reducing global poverty would be raided to establish a “climate fund” to help developing countries to adapt to climate change, under a British plan tabled yesterday in Copenhagen.
Money earmarked for education or health would be diverted into projects such as solar panels and wind farms.
The proposal has angered developing countries, which are demanding that all the money in the climate fund be additional to the 0.7 per cent of income that industrialised countries have pledged to give as overseas aid.

Anonymous said...

Another take on above:
Make no mistake. Copenhagen is mainly about a massive wealth transfer from industrialized and energy-producing nations like Canada, to developing nations who will agree to curtail emissions in exchange for having their economic growth offset with welfare from the first world. It would impose no obligations on developing countries, but would set up the clean development mechanism (CDM) by which developed countries could meet commitments by reducing emissions in developing countries, transferring capital in their direction in the process. A global cap and trade scheme.
And how do we know that a cap and trade scheme won’t do much more than transfer wealth between day traders? Because, as Lorrie Goldstein writes, that’s what it’s predecessor Kyoto was. The two major initiatives that emerged from Kyoto were the Emissions Trading Scheme, and mechanisms to generate carbon credits for industry. ETS did not, however, protect the environment or curtail carbon emissions. It merely drove up energy costs and made carbon traders rich. Lakshmi Mittal, Great Britain’s richest man, benefited from a £1-billion portfolio in carbon trading.
No, there are no good guys at Copenhagen, as Norman Spector writes in the Globe. Unlike the Kyoto protocol, and as demonstrated by Gordon Brown, this time every country seems to be on board with some global agreement on carbon. Even China is willing to get on board, provided the rest of us offset their lost development with credits to make them happy [and wealthy]. The worst part of it all is that this time around the summit appears to be largely politically driven; that is to say that politicians instead of scientists are pushing for an agreement in order to bring results to their electorate, who say they want some kind of global framework to deal with climate change.

Anonymous said...

Militaristic, corrupt America increasingly resembles a Third World state. (9.12.09)
Angry nationalism shouts down prudence. Disproportionate military spending threatens economic wellbeing. Industry has its hand so deep in the government’s purse that private enterprise is becoming public property. The currency falters, the infrastructure crumbles. And a supine media, once a watchdog of the powerful, happily licks the strongman’s hand.
If the picture looks familiar, that’s because we’ve seen it many times before, from Argentina to Chile to Russia. The U.S. is third worlding.
That statement may smack of hyperbole. It may also understate the phenomenon, for many of the countries that the United States increasingly resembles are not only Third World—they are authoritarian, even rogue.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean "even rogue"? And the time factor is also wrong. America has been a rogue state since day one. Those who do not realise this are deaf, dumb, blind and soft in the head. And probably strapped into wheelchairs as well.

Anonymous said...

Iran trebles trade with SouthAm (8.12.09)
A combination of official tours, trade exchanges and lucrative orders for hard-pressed Latin American exporters has raised Iran's profile in the region and the peak is yet to be reached, new statistics showed.
Iran's trade with Latin America trebled in 2008, reaching $2.9 billion. The trade increase was timely for Latin American exporters that suffered the effects of the 2008 financial crisis and faced heavily curtailed orders from the rest of the world.
The Latin Business Chronicle, citing International Monetary Fund statistics, said Brazil maintained its position as Iran's leading trade partner on the continent. A surprise development was the rise of Argentina as Iran's second major trade partner in Latin America. The Islamic Republic has also made significant gains in trade with Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Menawhile, its trade with Venezuela incrased by 31% to $52 million in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Why are the oligarchic elites trying so hard to push their climate change policies through right now? December 9, 2009 by Notsilvia Night
Why are the political and financial elites and their obedient servants in the their faith-, sorry scientific community pushing so madly for a final decision on a global Carbon Tax legislation at this very moment?
Why don´t they just wait until the scandal of “climate gate” has blown over?
Because those elites know they are wrong on the issue of human caused climate change.
They know that the data doesn´t support their fear-mongering, because they themselves have fudged it to support a political agenda.
They know that their lies are being revealed to the public piece by piece, faster and faster.
Most of all, they know that the planet is at the moment once again in a cooling phase as occurs every thirty or forty odd years.
Looking at the current lack of solar activity, this cooling phase might even be a more severe one than the one that ended 40 years ago, possibly as severe as during what is called the Mauder Minimum, a cooling phase lasting several decades during the 17. and 18. century.
In a couple of years their claims would no longer be tenable at all. The cooling trend would be obvious to even the most ideologically blinded environmentalist on earth… (formerly atheonews)

Anonymous said...

RE: 10/12/09 07:52

That article is pure propaganda.

The climate change conference "is mainly about a massive wealth transfer from industrialized and energy-producing nations like Canada, to developing nations who will agree to curtail emissions in exchange for having their economic growth offset with welfare from the first world"?

Unadultered and delusional Western bullshit.

The noble and democratic West is paying welfare to the Third World?


This assertion shows you the truly Goebellsian level of Western delusion.

There parasiste nations like Canada actually believe they are the "good guys" helping out the 'developing' World with (cough) welfare.

This is the same Third World that nations like Canada are currently raping and pillaging from Iraq to Afghanistan.

No doubt the person that posted this tripe is yet another Western propagandaist desperate to impose his country's increasinly out-of-touch version of reality on public debate.

In point of fact, First World parasites (like Canada, the USA, Britain, Australia, Europe, etc.) are guilty of climate colonialism, as a recently leaked document demonstrates:

"The conference was thrown into chaos on Tuesday by a leaked text, drawn up by the Danish, that proposed both industrialised and emerging countries cut carbon dioxide output in order to limit global warming.

The world’s poor claim that the draft agreement would allow people in developed countries to emit twice as much carbon per head than those in poorer countries, who have not caused the rise in emissions.

The row is showing no signs of calming down, with Tuvalu, a small island state that is in danger of being swamped if sea levels rise, walking out of talks.

Lumumba di-Aping, chief negotiator of the G77 group of nations and China, said the text robs developing countries of their “just and equitable and fair share of the atmospheric space.”

The Sudanese diplomat said the West is acting like the British Empire in the past.

“This is all based on the dominance and supremacy of developed countries. One could say the Empire has been doing this since the 16th Century, the Empire has always ruthlessly grabbed natural resources - the new resource is the global atmospheric space and carbon space.”


Copenhagen summit: rich nations guilty of 'climate colonialism'

There is no limit to the arrogance, deceit, and instinctive predatory nature of Western Civilization (sic), its "people," or its allied stooges.

The West cannot be reasoned with as humans, becuase the West is the antithesis of humanity itself.

Anonymous said...

Capitalism Deserve Scrapping! Get rid of Casino Capitalism and we'll have Peace & Prosperity; otherwise, we'll continue to languish under Perpetual Wars by a Failed State!

Anonymous said...

Video: Houthi live battle footage - Saudi invaders trapped plundered.

Report from Sa'ada (Yemen) : Video of the events of yesterday, invader Saudi army units trapped and plundered yesterday, Thursday 10/12/2009 11:43

(Speakers on max)

Meanwhile throughout the night, air bombings and missile strikes continued by Saudi forces on Yemeni lands , multiple locations.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

7:52 -- Copenhagen = wealth xfer from west to "dev'p" nations

> Make no mistake. Copenhagen is mainly about a massive wealth transfer from industrialized and energy-producing nations like Canada,

This "wealth"... would it have anything to do with burning people with phosphorous at night, burying nations in DU, torturing children in dungeons, and making 5M orphans?

You make no mistake, west is THE disease. Not just in evil acts of war but also in the collective west saxonic attack on the world ecosystem. From HAARP deliberate destruction of ionosphere, to exploding bombs on planets around us, to wiping out beautiful isles in Pacific in nuke explosions, to savaging the oceans with their oil plunder spills.

The collection of verbal nausea in 7:52 clearly exposes the mindrot excrement sloshing empty skull of the west baboon that authored such utter rubbish.

As 10:32 aptly states:
The West cannot be reasoned with as humans, becuase the West is the antithesis of humanity itself.

Anonymous said...

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