Nation By Nation (21Dec09)

11-21Dec09 -- 2009 rounds off quite nicely with this 40th issue of NBN. The 40 past celebrations of the stakes being driven through the pedophile heart of the west vampire child murdering monster have taken us to 88 nations where, beside jubilating the wonderful terminal prolapse of the genocidal saxonic DNA-perverted scourge, we've witnessed nations birthed, liberated from the west rapist talons; we've enjoyed the EUnuch comedy of the psycho creation of some hitler-wetdream lunatic amalgam; we've been entertained by the west monkey populaces getting squeezed dry by their bankster cabals; we've marveled at the patent cretinism of the west neanderthal baboon species; we've toasted west rising homelessness, sprawling tent cities, and increasingly mauled econ circumstances; we've untangled the west media whore mindrape and combated the deceit; we've laughed at the streak of west int'l embarrassments as the west car-salesmen politiCIAns criss-cross the planet groveling like little dogs for a handout; we've stood by the Freeworld watching it face the west disease from the mist of the Amazonian basin to the heat of Iraqi desert and the cavernous traps of the Afghani Stalingrad; we've tracked the growing unified front against the west beast; we've wept in terror, rage, and horror over the west monstrous crimes that define the west disease better than words ever could. This NBN, albeit somewhat special, is however no exception. Fill the glass and let's toast the west econ funeral. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Nauru joins Freeworld & NBN in recognition of this 2009-birthed nation and her twin S Ossetia.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - German war minister favours dealing with Taliban now -- as if Taliban would cut a deal with the germ genocidal fiend.
- Per own admission, USA is dumping some 30-40B USD/yr on the Pentagram child murdering commandos, or some near 5M each and every hour 24/7. But that's not the whole tale! USA Pentagram troops are a MINORITY in comrade Obama's legions. Some 70K of the comrade's total units are "contractors", which cost another some 23B USD. No matter how much of the heroin industry comrade Obama is controlling today, like all things west, the war is a losing venture. Currently, USA has some 120K murder contractors and 70K troops deployed in Afghanistan. Being out of troops, comrade Obama increased contractor legions by 40% just in Q2.
- Estimated cost thus far for the USA faction of the west monster nears 240B USD, which eats up 5 yrs of full heroin production -- if things were running smoothly for the west monster cabal.
- Comrade Obama's 30K troop escalation in reality means 30K Pentagram troops and 56K contractors or a total boost by some 86K fiends.

A U S T R A L I A Australia -

Aussies welcome the retinue of one of the west's genocidal arms.

A U S T R I A Austria - Nationalises german HypoGruppen.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Getting rid the world of capitalism is getting rid of the world's woes, says E Morales.

E Morales: "Capitalism has to go for earth to survive." Indeed, proven by 2000 yrs of perpetual genocide against all life, west and the planet simply cannot coexist.

C H I N A China - Cancels meeting with US/UK/fr/germs on Iran citing scheduling issues.

C O L O M B I A Colombia - USA's building a mil base on Venezuela border. Yes, the west beast is actually going for active WWIII encircling Venezuela and Russia.

C O N G O Congo - Human Rights Watch confirms 19K of UN occupational forces directly support Congolese mil genocide supplying them ammo, food, etc. To Sep, UN has deliberately contributed to the death of 732 proven civilians, as per UN, which means reality is the typical 20X worse.

E U EU - Prolapsed GM fails to garage sale Saab, so they're scrapping the rubbish mfg. West is now past the garage sale stage! Also, this means 3400 west monkeys out of jobs and 1100 dealerships gone.
- Bankster aid admitted at 5,3T EUR. Despite that, the EUnuch banks lend to no one pushing the EUnuch nations to issue record bonds offerings to tie over the next qtr. As such, bond issuance has increased 50%/2 yrs. That's some prolapse! Plus, drawing bonds doesn't equal cash, as UK and USA knows well now.
- Copenhagen climate orgy of the biggest fiends ever assembled on this planet ends in embarrassment as west deceit and evil is yet again exposed.

Chavez's statements like: "These maniacs in Copenhagen are voting for your future", "Copenhagen is neither democratic nor inclusive, but just an imperial dictatorship", "There's a ghost in the room called capitalism", and "Obama should return the peace prize for it was almost on the same day he got it that he sent 30K troops more to kill innocent people" brought the house down eliciting a standing ovation. Apart from this, the whole orgy of the west child murdering parasites isn't worth mentioning.

F R A N C E France - Ushers in overt governance subsidy of the west media mindrape. Gives 600M EUR to media to keep the mindrape spam printers going.
- Pumps another 35B EUR into its dying econ. Sarkozy's double forked tongue cleverly twists it as such: "It's not another stimulus but a loan to finance investment" and the snail-eating baboon pretends the jabber made sense. Yes, west populaces are that cretinous.

G E O R G I A Georgia - In pathetic petulance knocks down WWII liberation monument. What's next? Hitler and busch shrines? The ultra-right worms are out of their holes all over west.

G E R M A N Y Germany - 2010 budget features record debt, 330B EUR, which grew at a whopping 7%/yr. Terminally eroded tax base and swelling unemployment costs make the #s be the worst since WWII. Wunderbar to that!
- Sends 2K more of freckly ubermensch child murdering troops to Afganistan. May they all return safely.
- Israel comes to Berlin for another 1B EUR for WWII reparations. Looks like Berlin will have to try to peddle 321B EUR in bonds actually.

G R E E C E Greece - Banks on the brink of default. The debt to EUnuchs runs at some 300B EUR, which is 113% of GDP. This forces Athens to choose now twixt reduction of its own circumstances to revolt levels or further lacerating the Grand EUnuchia. Either way, EUnuchs fear domino effect. Can we expect mother Gotha's bailout of Greece? Hardly! Germs have already stated that Greece needs to help itself.

I R A N Iran - Bushehr operational after final tests.
- Seeking WWII reparations via UN. When will the rest of the world send in their bills to the west beast?
- Energy coop with Azerbaijan.

I R A Q Iraq - West blames Iran for taking over Iraqi oil pump. Even Iraq denied this rubbish war pretext. Pretext or not, west has never attacked an armed nation. What this shows however is the diseased west mindset which ponders war 24/7.
- What happened to Busch II's "only partners in crime get oil"? 30% of export, 40B barrels/yr, auctioned off to non-west: China, Russia, Malaysia, and Angola.

- 55km of Ceyhan-bound (Turkey) pipeline destroyed 325km N of Baghdad. Even an autistic yank baboon should see the issue with ROIs on all west ventures.

Samarra, 20Dec

Tikrit, 20Dec

Karbala, 18Dec

Hit, 13Dec

Saladin, 13Dec

- See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

Made in west. (Gaza birth defects due to toxic bombardment)

Made in west. (Agent orange remains 400X safe level today in Vietnam. McCain, USA prez hopeful and an idol, boasted about bombing Vietnam "gook" back to the stone age.)

Made in west. (Gaza 2008/2009 genocide. USA is now giving Israel 30B USD to continue the satan's work.)

- West, the self proclaimed Nobel Peace Prize peddlers, have made 5M orphans in Iraq in the 6 yrs of the cruel and beastly christianic assault on the nation. Well, they'll be adults soon, lest some dirty saxon baboon thinks there's no bill attached to these genocides.

I S R A E L Israel - Admits to carving organs out of Palestinians for the west vampire market and the vampirism goes back to the 90s.
- Expands Palestinian land theft and house razing in Jerusalem, Jabal district.

Gaza genocide is rewarded by the USA baboons with 30B USD in anti-children aid. Yes, west is THE disease.

J A P A N Japan - Hatoyama gives USA 2014 as a get out date. Silly, isn't it? And that's why Japan will prolapse right with its luciferian master.

K A Z A K H S T A N Kazakhstan - With uranium production 58% up, becomes biggest uranium producer exporting 13K tonnes/yr.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Not pleased with comrade Obama's pushing the nation into a war with Afghanistan.
- Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama murders 12 civilians in Waziristan, in 3 strikes he ordered within 24 hr period, 18Dec. This is carrying out his promise to extend civilian attacks.
- 17Dec, USA murders 17 in a missile strike.

R U S S I A Russia - Drafts UN resolution to ban nazi glorification in attempt to stem the rise of the west ultra-right fanatics. Not shockingly USA voted against it. Sideline: It should be understood that hitler=west. USA and UK supplied German murderers everything including airplane grade fuel through 1945, without which blitzkrieg would have been impossible. And yes, Roosevelt not only knew but signed the trade licenses. When the 15 yr info moratorium had expired under the Kennedy bloody-purges reign -- the direct offspring of a nazi-lover Joseph -- USA congressmen who dug into the Hitler=USA matter were exiled to SouthAm, the rest were vanished in the Kennedy/McCarthy psycho purges. Yes, all things west are diseased beyond words.
- Creating common econ space with Belarus and Kazakhstan to go into effect 2012.
- No deal with USA on nukes though START is expiring in days.
- Growth for 2009 3X that of expected level.
- Budget surplus. That's "surplus", vs the west collective record deficit.
- Confirms west climate data is made up rubbish.
- NATO crawls to Moscow begging for troops, equipment, the lot, for Afghanistan but the pathetic begging produces nothing but another grand west embarrassment. They'll be no aid from Moscow at the time. After all, there is no need for the Afghan Stalingrad is thinning the west child murdering herd at an astonishing rate.
- Energy export revenue 31% UP y2y for 2009 at some 55B EUR. Compare this to the bi-monthly average stimulus printed by the west cesspits to understand the irreversible nature of the wondrous west terminal prolapse.
- Energy coop with Vietnam.
- Tatneft posts 55% higher net profit.

It just so happens that the NBN's 40th jubilee coincides with T-32's 70th birthday . 70 yrs ago, on 19Dec 1939, the T-32 design was approved.

The legendary tank, became the chief concern for the dirty germanic swill in Dec 1941, when the tide of the west barbaric assault was turned at Moscow. The tank made an instant impression on the diseased brain of the west murdering scum the second the monkey caught a glimpse of it in Sep 41. The saxonic beast guderian made a little note in his lesbian diary: "1st time T-32 in its sharp form made its debut, the division suffered marked losses. Attack on Tula had to be postponed as a result." Later, T-32 taught the german freckly monkey to expand its simplistic musings a bit: "it is terrible but the enemy tank is better. At close range, the Russian tank climbs a hill or slips across swamps faster than we can rotate the turret. Through the thunder of rumbling and vibration, one hears the shells hit the armour. The din of explosion follows. Thank god, it's so loud that the crew is spared its cries and groans."

By 1943, the best tank of all wars was adorned with a 85mm barrel enabling it to slice through hitler's double-armoured tigers and panthers alike. The 26-tonne wonder that played an integral part in liberation of the world from the west NWO assault of 1938 remains not only a wartime legend but above all a reminder to the west beast that Russia can do more while under savage assault than west could in peace and with 5X more time.

S A U D I  A R A B I A Saudi Arabia - With Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar establishes local trade currency and a central bank in a resolute move against the dollar losses OPEC's been forced to take with the dying dollar.
- Governance obeying west masters in assaulting Yemen in attempt to carry out west's oldest trick: provoking a local pan-Arabic war.

U A E UAE - State Abu Dhabi gives Dubai 10B USD to postpone the artificial isle paradise prolapse.

U K UK - "Unexpectedly" consumer confidence shrivels in Dec from -17 to -19. What do the #s mean? They mean the poodle is out of cash and all it has left is fleas.
- Nov marks another deficit record with deficit eclipsing 20B GBP. That's 60% of GDP now.
- FlyGlobe goes belly up without stranding 4K at airports.
- Governance stops AirBrat strike forcing the prolapsed diseased carrier to keep the pretense up. It's fun seeing west governances play little car salesmen and firm wardens.
- A lady solves personal prolapse predicament by killing self and her 5 mo old kid. Such is the sign of times for west.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - IMF pulls 3,5B USD out of the prolapsing nation.
- Signs 2,4B USD deal with Iraq providing tanks, carriers, and AN32 cargo planes.

U S A USA - Broke NY state shaves 10-20% off school and health programmes plus 750M USD from cities to fund record bankster profits and bonuses. And NYC chief actually celebrates the record bankster bonuses.
- While states go broke, comrade Obama finds 30B USD to fund the genocide of Palestine and promises it to Israel for the next 10 yrs, plus he gives Israel extra 3B USD for sundry expenses, 1B of which is earmarked for Israeli civilians. This oughtta spill a rather cheerful grin across the baboon's mug, especially the homeless kind.
- If Israel aid seems like a lot, comrade Obama prints 636B USD more for his expanding wars. 128B USD is needed by Feb. These are some stunning numbers.
- Media whores learn up new blither like "cash-related civil unrest" and "USA collapse".
- Attacks Yemen with missiles and air strikes. After all he's the west symbol for "peace". Yes, all things west are this sordid.
- 6T USD evaporates from house market since the brilliant nuking of the west dollar monopoly in May 2006.
- 140 banks laid to rest in 2009.
- Citi embarrasses capitalism. It offered stock at 20% below closing value to raise some 20B USD but no one came. Doesn't Citi get west is now beyond the garage sale stage?
- Facing over 5T USD in immediate debt financing for 2010, and that's sans outlays, which push it well beyond 90T.
- No wonder that even the voodoo Moody charlatans are threatening to dump USA's "AAA" investment rating. This just for a laugh.
- 1 in 110 autistic. The mass retardation via vaccination has worked then.
- Detroit unemployment at 50%.
- Prolapsed California hopes to raise 660M USD by auctioning off near 1M m2 of commerical office real-estate. Doesn't the baboon know it's no longer garage sale?
- Commercial real-estate loses 37% in value. This ticking bomb is yet to explode in the baboon's snout.

The default on commercial realty in west is taking off as per terminal prolapse, exponentially.

- USA unemployment benefits go to 500K and extended (3 mo) to 5M. That means that 2009 saw some 10-15M baboons zapped. The only thing west knows to manufacture is poverty, genocide, and the homeless.
- Comrade Obama, while encircling Russia and Venezuela, pushing Pakistan against Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia against Yemen is busy pumping zillions into AFRICOM, a giant assault on the mighty continent.
- Bayer admits that their genetically twisted crop is out of control in USA. With a bit of luck, the baboon will soon be feasting on its own lab made diseases.
- 3rd biggest mindrape radio network goes belly up taking 224 stations with them.
- Comrade Obama is planning some medical care trick for xmess eve. If he gets his way with the "reform", this oughtta set off the grandest of all job zappings in history of mankind.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - SouthAm9 (Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia, Antigua & Barbuda, San Vincent, Grenadines, Dominica) trade currency sucre established by Chavez goes into affect in Jan2010. Adios, dollar gringos.
- USA spy drones violate Venezuela airspace. Chavez orders shootdowns henceforth.

Y E M E N Yemen - - Houthis repel another Saudi invasion attempt, 11Dec.
- So comrade Obama joins the genocide and missile attacks Yemen in attempt to accelerate the Yemen v Saudi war to set pan-Arabia ablaze like he's trying with Pakistan/Afghanistan, Colombia/Venezuela, like USA tried with Iraq/Iran or Russia/Georgia in 2008.
- Houthis surround Saudi's 107 brigade.
- In air raids, USA murders 70 civilians, 14Dec.
- The west peace prize winner showered civilians with 1011 missiles since the cruise missile assault was authorised by comrade Obama a few days ago.
- Saudis, the USA war dog, carries out 70 air strikes against Houthis in 24 hrs, 18Dec.

Saudi vehicle. be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

Sterling job above. My favourites this time: the comment on Japan and the touching hymn of praise to the T32.

Anonymous said...

"Sterling and Sweden's krona have crashed. So have the Russian rouble, the Turkish lira and a host of East European currencies. China has kept the yuan rigidly tied to the dollar since the crisis began, piggy-backing on Greenback devaluation by intervening massively in the exchange markets." (EU shill today) - But you tell a different story above. About Russia's flourishing economy. Wonder who's right.

Anonymous said...

The time has come for all nations to declare war on the USA

h ttp://

Anonymous said...

re: 8:19

American is a nation of vermin who are missing more than a chromosome or two in their DNA.

Wipe these little Americunts off this planet.

Watch and laugh as their morbidly obsese, gangsta raping, Brittney Spears cheeseburger snorting asses as they burn.

See an Americunt bitch.

Cap and kill an Americunt bitch.

Anonymous said...

See, 08:38, your wish come true:
Roadside Bomb Hits Enemy Armored
Tuesday, 22 December 2009 00:02
A roadside bomb went off targeting American occupation armored in western Tikrit City of Saladin Province. The blast occurred near al Awja district near Tikrit City damaging one enemy wheel.

Anonymous said...

Nice one...

Car salesmen


Anonymous said...

Heey cool I get to respond to my own postings.
2 out of the fist six. Who keeps scalping my blatherings on Go ahead, but please write your own, or give some acknolegement.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, not signed in)

8:12 -- Econ stuff

This is one of the chief west deceits. The west media whores threaten "global" prolapse and the west baboon cretins believe it. After all, they believe Busch II 911 lies too.

But this is key in dislodging the west evil wish that the entire world will prolapse with the western pig sty cesspit.

Details are not important. Drivel about China's interference in exchange markets is nothing but empty blather, a trademark of west cretinous rants.

China's ownership of USA's T-bills puts her in the pilot seat dictating terms to USA and USA is China's little lap dog ceding all sorts of gifties to Beijing incl USA land, the last of west's worthwhile commodities.

What's important is the overall trend very much like dollar's value isn't important but the derivative of it, the death of its monopoly, the source that gave it its value in the first place.

Both EUnuchs and USA Baboonarium are experiencing pretty much the same lacerations, same job loss rate, same stimulus/theft printing rate, same bank prolapse, same bankster recovery rates, same GDP shrivelings, and same GDP masturbations that have made west GDP now completely useless.

While the entire west cesspit from Aussia, Israel, EUnuchs, NorthAm plateaus are all shriveling at the same rates facing the permanence of the dollar monopoly death, the west child murdering beast only makes up 10% of the planet.

Despite west whore wishes, west is not needed by anyone. And thanks to the ongoing decoupling, which now has permeated even the west dog ranks like we see in Saudi/Kuwait, west prolapse is a concern only for baboons.

While west is prolapsing, Russia, Brazil, and China all post 5-10% growth rates throughout the entire west evident shriveling since 2007.

While USA and UK can't attract foreign investment if their pathetic lives depended on it, Russia foreign investment has swelled a bit on y2y base.

It's a given now: west is prolapsing, but it's key to keep reminding the west baboon populace it's just them and them alone who are getting the flush down the bog where the BBCNN eating scumbags belong.

The last concern here is west's provoking WWIII. It's clearer and clearer that the west war junta isn't accepting their fate and are working around the clock to try to explode the planet someplace before the millions of the west hungry and cretinous baboons begin the plunder of the west capitalist paradise.

Anonymous said...

re: 20:52 and US treasury bills.

The purchase of US treasury bills is essentially form of imperial tribute that other countries pay to the American Empire.

Outside the unreality of the US media or its capitalist vermin class, America in reality is a vampire nation whose way of life and economy are literally based upon extorting money from the world.

America is a nation of parasites--300 million and counting.

This is an economic reality that Western scum and its apologists all attempt to obscure--just like they obscure the fact of Western false flag terrorism and their fraudulent War of Terror.

Anonymous said...

23:02 -- West parasite

Indeed! How right you are! West lives off extorted imperial tax plundered from the planet under the permanent threat of genocide. It's known to west as "foreign investment". Blackmail mafia tricks are all honourable and laudable practice compared to west's rape.

The good thing is that this tithe is no more. The world has ended the floating of the beast. China just spoke on this very matter of no one floating USA with USA treasury investment. BTW, fancy hearing that confirmed from China, not any of the zillions of west media whores... :)

But it's not just the imperial tithe extorted, it's far worse.

The west parasite, as is clear now, lives of organs carved out of children they murder per order around the world. As evidence emerges, this practice isn't just recent but is at min 20 yrs old.

West lives off the world in every respect.

West imports everything: food, energy, human slaves, human organs, museum artefacts, art, shiny gems and rocks, drugs.

And the west beast exports: perpetual genocide, constant terrorism hits, deceit, hate mongering, design poverty, toxic waste, DNA twisted poisons, and the west baboon patent cretinism.

West is THE disease, in every respect, on every level.

Even west religion is no more than a parasitic entity that's raped everything the crusading pedophile christianic fiends have got their hands on: ancient history and sciences, continents, traditions, and even modern sciences with their big bang einsteinian pile of jesuit trash.

The fact that christianity is led by a former nazi is enough a proof.

But the poor pathetic BBC watching west ugly wretches haven't untangled 911, pearl harbour, hitler=west, loondon77, lockerbie, twa800, etc etc...

And that's why we must gather and toast the beast's imminent and unavoidable prolapse and celebrate 50% and rising unemployment of Detroit, the symbol of west's mfg rigormortis.

(poiuytr, just not signed in)

Anonymous said...

9;13. You may say that the GOYIM will rise upon us, arms in hand, if they guess what
is going on before the time comes; but in the West we have against this a maneuver
of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail - the undergrounds,
metropolitans, those subterranean corridors which, before the time comes, will be
driven under all the capitals and from whence those capitals will be blown into the air
with all their organizations and archives.

Anonymous said...

oops forgot the link for 9;13
h ttp://

Anonymous said...

Pilot, You should be pleased rather than shocked that someone found your comments good enough to post them on this site. As for acknowledgement... the whole thing is run on an anonymous basis, which is the only way we've found to co-exist with our blogmaster who's as narrow-minded and foul-mouthed as he's brilliant. Anyway, makes no odds since we are are on our way out after having unstintingly expended energy and time on this blog since it's inception. Plentiful abuse was showered upon us all the while. We thought we'd grown used to it, but alas, no. To call poor Quenzjor a "dildo German", and everyone else whatever, well that's beyond the bounds of decency. It's time to go, don't you think? James, sorry. You must have done what you promised. The zap button was no longer used. But there are more ways than one to zap your man. Poiuytr wants us back, he apologises and amends. Otherwise, no go.

Anonymous said...

6:40 -- Kindly just fuck off

Just perish! But don't come back soiling the blog with your soap drivel like that little german dildo q. Keep your word, be gone!

This blog is strictly about laughing at the dirty west psychotic species of the vilest excremental smear as it meets its doom and, of course, tracking and highlighting the west beast's ongoing crimes.


Anonymous said...

From the Alamo to this. Who'da thunk
h ttp://

Drunk Santa singing HaPee Christmas

Anonymous said...

America set another record in an ignominous category.

Safe to say, Americans lead the world in terms of obsesity and stupidity.

"Detroit students score record low on national math test"

Detroit Public Schools students posted the worst math results ever recorded in the 40-year history of a prestigious nationwide test, according to scores released today.

Quenzjor said...

A SouthAm trade currency without Argentine and Brazil?

I was disappointed as I read the list and did not find them. Do you have info as to their possible later accession?

Would be great.

Quenzjor said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, Good you´re back on the blog someway or the other. Excellent sentence above: your contemporaries shifted from German nazism to the Jewish one. Also you made the perceptive point: to meet hatred with hatred is to invite madness, alas. See what your conscience (and nerves)can allow you to do. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Can't you keep your word and stay clear, you pathetic west castrate?

Talk about news, fine. Talk about me or other christianic soap rubbish and get zapped henceforth.


Quenzjor said...

From Yavuz Özoguz, 18th December 2009, 11:08:02
[Translation from German by Quenzjor; source:]

Why is Capitalist despotism so hard to distinguish?

Dictatorship is a regime which is marked by the all but unlimited powers of a ruling group. The most insidious form of such a rule of force is such in which the population will not even guess so be such ruled.

Customarily, the average citizen envisages a dictatorship as some kind of king or sultan wielding arbitrary power over his people, after his fancies. It is always integral to the concept of dictatorship that it is not legitimized sufficiently by anyone. Sometimes, the dictator figures as pharao, simetimes even as president. In any cases, however, he seemingly rules alone. This notion of dictatorship is neither historically nor presently tenable. No human being can ever rule a big country on his own. There is always a rather widespread web of interests in place that consists of many "principalities" that support the dictator. Without these sometimes very powerful backers no dictator of this world could ever rule.

In the course of human advancement and the concomitant questioning of the legitimacy of dictators and their princes the mighty have hit upon something new. The people shall partake. By means of "free elections" they shall be given the sensation to somehow share in the political decisions and be co-responsible. They have a say in determining the next government, which will be allowed to rule only for some time after which they must face the vote once more. At this place we shall abstract from weak points in this system, such as that only a limited number of citizens take part in the elections or that politicians generally promise somethings different prior to elections than what they fulfill afterwards.

Who would deny a majority of those going to the latest federal parliamentary election have voted for the incumbent federal government? It was a free election allowing every eligible voter to take part or not, and each had a choice to opt for or against Ms. Merkel as Chancelor. One part has opted for, another against her, and one group has won. However, what both sides ignore, is that they just do not vote for and may not pick all those who "govern" them. They are allowed to choose what is known as ruling majority and opposition. These parts enact a piece in parliament whose sum-total is that all everything the government does in their view is right and flawless (barring exceptions) while the opposition regards it all as false (barring exceptions). We shall easily see by some examples that both do not hold the real power.

One centre of real power in our country is the so-called "public opinion". In this context, we inevitably remember the name of Axel Springer, even as the man is no more. Whoever moves this concern now, and whose interests are behind it, it is vastly unknown to the voting public. The educated have once heard telling that every employee in this concern must stipulate in convolute fashion within his working contract that they support USA and Israel. This, in turn, has fatal consequences for the FRG.

In this vein, conveys weapons of highest technical standards, amongst them nuclear supporting submarines built, in part, by German taxpayers' money, to Israel, although this violates their own principles to not send weapons into "areas of tension". A truly free "public opinion" would persistently investigate such matter until the scandal shines in full daylight. A "public opinion", however, that is dominated by the Springer concern will even laud the government for the breach of their principles.

[Part I; to be continued]

Quenzjor said...

Now such a violation of constitution ought to be a Godsend for the opposition to rebel against and inform the public. The more so since never before a government deemed necessary to include such formula in their coalition contract. But the opposition will keep far away from opposing this, because the "public opinion", led by the Springer concern, would guarantee they're the ones to get the scars and bruises. We have in examply in "defense minister" zu Guttenberg. He has dared to criticise the strategy of USA in Afghanistan and accepted own errors. He has conceded that the Afghan case cannot be solved militarily at a time when the US-president keeps sending ever more soldiers. The consequences are that, propelled by the "public opinion", zu Guttenberg is torn to pieces, unrelentingly, until he realigns with the doctrines of the Springer concern. After that, with pruned wings, he may continue to rule.

Nobody ever has legitimized the Springer concern! Nobody has ever elected the "makers" of "public opinion". They rule as quasi-dictators from the background. And yet the people cannot be acquitted of their share in guilt for nobody is obliged to buy the "Bild-Zeitung". [German rubbish "news-paper" for the proles, execrable stuff insulting my eyes in every supermarket; Quenzjor]

There are even much more dramatic encroachments on the democratic system from undemocratic side. Despots of modern stripes, which are left alone by the "public opinion" because there is a partnership in crime. This force is called rating agencies. They are wholly private enterprises which rate the creditworthiness even of states. Nobody has ever legitimized them to do that. But they have the power to "pressurize" entire states. Thus we recently saw the recalcitrant people of Greeks be "demoted". This means in result that the state to that people must pay higher interests for their public debt henceforth than other states in Europe. And if their government fails to meet certain "targets", dictated by the rating agencies, their fate will stay or worsen. The people in Greece can elect whoever they want, the level of interests for their public debt, and so the money their government has at hand, are not determined by their people but by the rating agencies from USA. How "secure" this regime is, we can see from the fact that two rating agencies (S&P, Moody's) command 80 %, and the three largest combined (with Fitch Ratings) 95 % of the global market - completely apart from any election!

[Part II, to be continued]

Comment Quenzjor: But the end to that is nigh. These prize mammonists will command over 100% of all Monopoly play money on this planet before the new decade gets old. Mankind will revive through much ashes.

Go to hell, you idolators!

Quenzjor said...

While countries refusing to submit 100% to the dictate of the powers that be thus are penalized with higher interests, we saw in 2009 the countries boasting the highest public debts and highest payments of interests on interests (USA, Germany, France, Britain) be awarded the best ratings. Particularly with USA, such rating is a mockery, even seen with the eyes of the capitalist fanatics. The "public opinion", however, keeps silent, never asks for the democatic legitimation of these agencies that decide over weal and woe of entire states!

In like manner we could trace the history of money, which has long since left the sovereignty of nations (in USA even since very long times). Here again the German citizen marvels why the EURO should not be governed by the state. [Quenzjor: He marvels far too less; most of those who have any grasp of the matter are intellectually subservient and morally sufficiently prostrate as to even consciously prefer this regime over its disredited alternatives.] It is relevant in this context that the EURO is not the sole possession of Germany. Just the gold reserves would be an interest as such, as part of them were stored under the third WTC tower. No German politician can tell for sure whether the German gold reserves do actually still exist (and not just on paper!), and no German politician on the executive level would dare ask why German gold must lay in the USA. "Public opinion" would see to it that he meets with an embarrassment.

The only state which has managed to completely exit this regime of force is the Islamic Republic of Iran. This, and only this, is the true reason why that state is portrayed as the worst enemy of mankind. Neither Springer nor Moodys have any say in Iran! And public debt there is so insignificant that nobody can blackmail Iran. Iran does not keep any gold reserves outside its borders and all raw materials (including uranium) originate from within. To add to the greif of capitalism, Iran offers friendly relations to all states that seek emancipation from capitalism. Quite apart from what judgment you arrive at over the human rights situation in Iran, no reasonable person would deny that the human rights situation in Saudi-Arabia is certainly much more contestable. But then, Saudi-Arabie is a servant of capitalism and the "public opinion" goes easy on its helpers! While the capitalist world empire is daily calling for subversion in Iran, western soldiers are busy safeguarding the flawlessly dictatorial regime in Saudi Arabia against its own people.

[Final part this evening or tomorrow; please, all, don't mind my bumpy language, I'm badly out of practice. Happy Christmas eve to all.]

Anonymous said...

Perfect, Quenzjor, You´ve chosen a most illuminating topic for your debut. Looking forward to reading the concluding paragraphs. And to you too may today and the days ahead bring every fulfilment.

Anonymous said...

kei & yuri say: moral people of the world unite against the universal conspiracy of the greedy, the small-minded, the tribalistic, the people who think morality is a fairy tale from a land that never existed, the offices which believe nothing can come from independent action, the false priests of intellect who would scoff at NBN's true journalism and analysis!

Anonymous said...

kei & yuri, you´re spot on. NBN is true journalism and anlysis. Long may it thrive. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Ramzan Kadirov Says the West Wants to Destroy Russia

Anonymous said...

Comment for the Day:
Morales dismisses US warning on Iran ties: “Colonial attitudes have ended, at least while I am president. Hillary Clinton is making a mistake by warning me, threatening me, lifting a yellow card,” he added. “We are now going to continue to have ties with revolutionary and anti-imperialist nations, with more greater strength.”

Anonymous said...

Castrate Media Bleating about Financial Woes:
More than $4 billion in cuts coming into effect after New Year's Day will slash salaries for 400,000 government workers while making painful reductions in benefits for such groups as widows and single mothers to the blind and disabled children. A tax targeting rich Irish nationals living overseas -- dubbed the "Bono Tax" in the Irish press -- will help restock empty coffers at home. Even Prime Minister Brian Cowen, who earns about as much as President Obama, is taking a 20 percent pay cut.
Such drastic steps have put Ireland on the front lines of a global battle against runaway government spending and exploding budget deficits in the wake of the financial crisis. The world's richest nations, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, are more indebted than at any time in at least the past 50 years.
Budget deficits in the world's industrialized nations have more than tripled during the financial crisis. Nations have injected huge amounts into bank bailouts and stimulus packages, even as tax collection has collapsed. With borrowing still soaring, the OECD projects that by 2011, wealthy nations could owe investors more than the value of their gross domestic product.

Anonymous said...

The World’s Riskiest Sovereign Debt Issuers
(24.12.09) - More of the same:
With the level of concern mounting about the increase of debt to GDP ratios in countries like Greece and Dubai, many are questioning the stability and safety factor of government debt issued by the developed and developing countries. But, what current government debt carries the highest risk of default? CMA DataVission has put together a ‘soverign risk report‘ that ranks the world’s most volatile sovereign debt issuers. The countries are ranked by their cumulative probability of default (CPD), which is a measure that quantifies the probability of a country being unable to honor its debt obligations over a given time period. So, if a country has a 20% CPD rating for its five-year credit default swaps (CDS) contracts, the market believes this debt has a two-in-ten chance of defaulting in the next five years.

Greece - CPD - 18.67%
California - CPD - 18.97%
Lithuania - CPD - 19.11%
Iceland - CPD - 24.66%
Dubai - CPD - 25.71%
Latvia - CPD - 30.47%
Pakistan - CPD - 38.11%
Argentina - CPD - 46-06%
Ukraine - CPD - 52.97%
Venezueal - 56.26%

Loved the list. Any advisor worth his salt would tell the last-named countries to default and be damned.

Quenzjor said...

[Part IV, From:, Yavuz Özoguz, translated from German by me, "Q"]

Our German federal government is democratically legitimized, true, but it lacks the power to bring the state into the kind of freedom that is the due of all populations on earth! With this in mind, we are ruled by people who are in a position to apply cures petty symptoms but never in a wholesale way, for never the submission of mankind under Capital's diktat. Capitalism is the rule of capital and will not suffer election by anyone. Insofar, true emancipation for any people will occur only as it emancipates itself from Capital. As such a liberation is impossible to happen from "above", it must ushered in from "below".

Liberation from Capital means that we all, mutually, must reinvent a humbler lifestyle. [Of course, in a mateial sense, this only applies to the rich, pampered nations of up to now. But I am sure, the author means it in a mixed, physical-cum-spiritual sense, as is the only one proper; Quenzjor] The notion to buy something on tick or via an installment plan (among the commonest ad strategies of today) we have to expunge from our mind in order to be apt for liberation. We must re-learn to live on the grounds of that which we can afford. Only then, we will escape thraldom to Capital. Those better-to-do must again take care and responsibility for those nieghbors who are worse-off. This time leading up to Christmas offers us an excellent opportunity. The feast of love and passion has suffered transmutation into a feast of consumption. It is in our hands to make it a celebration of love once more!

The constellation of calenders has occasioned that this year, in these days we do not only commemorate the passion of Christendom but also the passion of Islam. And this is a wonderful opportunity for both Christians and Muslims to mutually rise up to Capital's diktat. We'd enjoy in that way to better understand who it is that hounds both sides against one another in order to emerge as the "rejoicing Third". This common history of liberation we may - as God wills - let ourselves be preoccupied with in these coming days; to name Jesus and Imam Husain, or Mary and Zainab in one breath will certainly be exciting. Peace be with them all.

Quenzjor: I honestly hope that Mr. Özoguz will find at least some small nucleus of an multi-religious audience for his words, that may in the trying times ahead of us serve as agency of moral rebirth of my vastly corrupted homeland. A moral rebirth, in my opinion, is only possible as vastly more people as today will again learn to ask and truly care for the will of God. Just as president Ahmadinejad stresses so aptly and abidingly.

The fact that his and my notion about what makes up His will in the spiritual sense, i.e. above sheer (social) morality, are marked by some differences that can be elaborated as severe and decisive should never separate us at this place. I am against lumping together religions, merging and syncretising them - because that would be an imperial project in its own "right". But I am very much in favour of seeking what unites us in the first, second - and third place. The imperialists have exploited these intricacies of spirituality far too much already. It is beyond time to chase this filthy materialist bull out of our souls' china shop.

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, The final part sums it all, a moral rebirth if possible for humanity. But this is not going to happen until the west goes down completely, with or without WWIII proper. Only from the rubble will we be able to rise and remake the world, only from west ashes will the universe draw new meaning. Well done, Q.

Anonymous said...

re: 12:04

I'll make the issue very simple.

America and the West deserve one thing and one thing alone: to burn in Hell for all eternity.

America: you will not escape your Day of Judgement.

Your crimes, your deception, your self-rigteous hypocrisy are without limit.

But so shall your punishment be: Perdition without end.

American Apocalypse Now.

Anonymous said...

Perdition withoutn end would certainly be a well deserved sentence to hand down for western crimes.

Anonymous said...

Ramzan Kadirov Says the West Wants to Destroy Russia - Global Research, December 24, 2009
In in interview with the Daily Telegraph online newspaper, Ramzan Kadyrov, a 33-year-old former rebel turned Kremlin loyalist, said Russia should draft a new military strategy to resist the United States and other Western powers, which are stoking disorder in the north Caucasus to destroy Russia.
`Ramzan Kadyrov, a 33-year-old former rebel turned Kremlin loyalist, said that last year`s attack by Georgia, which is a US ally, on the pro-Russian rebel region of South Ossetia was part of a Western plot to seize the whole Caucasus region.
`If they get control of the Caucasus, you could say they`ll get control of virtually all of Russia, because the Caucasus is our backbone,` Kadyrov said. `The Russian government needs to work out a strategy, it needs to attack,` the Chechen president said.
`...Georgia, South Ossetia, Ukraine, all this will go on and on. It`s Russia`s private affliction. Why should we always suffer if we can eradicate this for good? We are a great power, we have everything - an army, technology. We need to attack.` Kadirov said.
The president of Chechnya accused the west of provoking last year's war in Caucasus.

Anonymous said...

China resets terms of engagement in Central Asia - 25.12.09
Nursultan Nazarbayev has a way of drawing lines in the sand. The president of Kazakhstan recently told global oil and metal majors that new laws would allow only those foreign investors that cooperate with his industrialization program to tap his nation's mineral resources.
"We will work only with those who propose projects helping diversification of the economy," he said at a December 4 investment conference in Astana, the Kazakh capital, which was attended by ArcelorMittal, Chevron, Total, ENRC and other investors. To any unwilling to collaborate, he said: "We will look for new partners, offer them favorable conditions and resources to fulfill projects."
For good measure, he added that Beijing has asked Kazakhstan - a country the size of Europe but with just 16 million people - to allow Chinese farmers to use one million hectares of Kazakh land to cultivate crops such as soya and rape seed.
This is how the Freeworld will solve it problems in future. No western interference and solutions for the betternment of mankind and not simply for the small overfed dumb, dumber, dumbest west elite.

Anonymous said...

The Credit Crisis Is Not Over - 25.12.09
The Fed and Wall Street are trying to cover-up, as they did 2-1/2 years ago what became a credit crisis. Last time they ramped up the stock market and they are attempting to do the same thing again. It is a masking of two underlying problems. They are doing what they did before, pushing up the value of shares, of companies that are on the edge of serious problems. In this process they have virtually nationalized banks and given them the funds to re-leverage in the market and take it again to today’s heights. The market has again become divorced from economic reality. They are again about to find out printing money and taxing is not going to solve the problem. On the way to the printing press and along the path of monetization the government has forgotten that they are in serious financial conditions and in the coming year will not be able to fund their deficit. The revenues are not to be had and foreigners are more and more reluctant to shoulder America’s debt. That means another credit crisis and further monetization of debt. Very simply, the US government is bankrupt. They can either default or lay the burden on future generations. The immediate answer is for government to cut spending on such trivialities, such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Allow the citizens to live in penury and poverty. These are the people who helped build America into what it is and they are to be cast aside as the Fed rescues its owners, the bankers, who deliberately caused the problem in the first place.
The deficit for fiscal 2010 should be close to $2 trillion, up from $1.4 trillion in 2009. The projection for the next ten years is at least $10 trillion. That means an increase of 150% to be serviced by 60% increase in tax revenue in a world where current receipts are off 30%. Even in better times recently tax revenues only increased by 12% during the biggest real estate and stock booms ever. We are about to find out that the muddle through theory does not work. Just for good measure we will add that unfunded liabilities increased by $9 trillion last year alone. That is ten years of deficits in just one year. Who in their right mine is going to fund and support such profligacy?

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, Oh, no. We´ve begun all over again. The latest Al Quaida FF from dead-in-the-heas US. Patience friends. Even this will pass away.

Anonymous said...

Dont´t tell me brain-dead Americunt is going to declare war on Nigeria now!

Anonymous said...

How one American baboon sees the immediate future of the scam that passes for the economy in that benighted country:
By April 1, 2010 the mortgage monetization program will be over; long-term interest rates will rise and housing prices will fall. When the Fed withdraws its support, liquidity will drain from the system, stocks will drop, and the economy will slide back into recession. Obama's second blast of fiscal stimulus--which is a mere $200 billion dollars---won't make a lick of difference.
The Obama administration and the Fed are on the same page. There will be no lifeline for the unemployed or the states. Those days are over. Now it's on to "starve the beast" and crush the middle class. Maestro Greenspan summed up the Fed's approach in a recent appearance on Meet the Press when he opined,
"I think the Fed has done an extraordinary job and it's done a huge amount (to bolster employment). There's just so much monetary policy and the central bank can do. And I think they've gone to their limits, at this particular stage."
Brace yourself for a hard landing.

Anonymous said...

Escalating War in Afghanistan Apt to Hurt
If Iraq war spending helped plunge the U.S. economy into its worst slump since the Depression, what does President Obama think his escalation of the Afghan war will do it?
Besides forcing taxpayers to cough up fresh billions to enable the Pentagon to chase down a few hundred Taliban fighters, the Afghan war is liable to continue to inflate oil prices—and this means more than the ongoing swindle of motorists at the pump.
Higher oil prices also slow the global economy, causing our trading partners to buy fewer Made-in-USA goods, thus reducing demand for our products and leading to layoffs.
Spending money on war also siphons billions of dollars from truly productive uses...

Tiens, even an American has finally woken up to the facts of warmongering. Hope for them still? Doubt it. One USan does not a nation make.

Anonymous said...

Bomb Suspect May Be Prominent Banker's Son
A prominent Nigerian banker says he's meeting with security officials because he fears his son may have been the man who allegedly tried to bomb a U.S.-bound flight.
Former bank official Alhaji Umaru Mutallab says he traveled from his home in the Nigeria's Muslim-dominated north to meet officials in Abuja, the capital. According to multiple media reports in Nigeria, Mutallab is the former chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria.
This kid just does not fit the profile of a genuine fanatical terrorist.
He comes from money, university student, bright future.
And does it make any sense that s supposed terrorist would choose to board a plane at the most Israeli-linked airport in Europe, where both ICTS and Shin Bet have control, where total body scanners are in use that should in theory detect his bomb?
In short, this kid walks right past the scanners, past ICTS, past Shin Bet, gets on a plane, has his bomb fizzle, and announces he works for Al Qaeda. No Hollywood writer could come up with a plot line that stupid.

Anonymous said...

News flash:

The Nigerian would-be terrorist has ties to ... Yemen, where the USA just to happens to be bombing and wants to escalate its attacks.

Anonymous said...\12\26\story_26-12-2009_pg1_4

5 americans arrested planning attacks on nuclear installations in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

And they are planning to help South Sudan to secede. West never sleeps by day or by night when it comes to the Muslim world. Insomnia is the worst of counsellors.

Anonymous said...

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday called European politicians "one more stupid than the other."
"These [European] politicians neither know anything about politics nor about history," Fars news agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying in a speech at at Arak mosque in Tehran.
"For example they come and say let's destroy the minarets of the mosques and they think by that they can block the flood of the Islamic movement and belief," he said at a ceremony marking an annual Shiite Muslim mourning ceremony.
"They do not understand that minarets do not make belief but it is the belief of the people that makes the minarets," Ahmadinejad added.

Quenzjor said...

@ 8:42

He couldn't be more right with that too. European politicians are the very epitome of stupidity. They want Islamic immigrants without islamic faith. This is because they are so fed and puffed up that they have turned megalomaniacs.

For it worked very well with Christianity. The free-masons and the secularized (=false-messianic) Jews turned zionists, who since some time in 19th century traceably conspire for world domination, have done so well to confuse, emasculate and finally telecommand Christian believers, who are believers for not better reason any more than because they believe to have it from the bible to always agree with the capitalist secular powers.

They thought that could do the same with Muslims. They wanted Islam sufficiently militant to use it as a weapon against communism and then in order to give enough of a chill to Christians-in-name-only to make them close their ranks for the modern crusade.

For them to eventually fail is the huge contribution the muslim world will have in the toppling of the beast. For they did something these evil powers did not reckon with: they kept on believing.

Honour to whom honour is due. You have managed to teach a lesson even to EUnuchs: the "human factor still" matters. Even in deMOCKracy.

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, I couldn´t agree more with your comments on the 08:42 posting. DeMOCKracy is a vile joke of the rabid death-bringing west. 2009 they stiil hung on and cuased untold suffering to mankind. May 2010 see them finally being ushered off the world stage.

Anonymous said...

USan Blogger´s sanity return and reality check, which applies without the least reservation to the entire west beast.
As I browsed the web to see the most recent joke of a terrorist attack - just enough not to cause property damage but just enough to scare the cringing American soccer-moms - I just stared. The conversation in the background continued - I didn't participate.
America is presently doomed. I've not even had the energy to do much blogging - since the words seem to fall on a mass of sheep intent on filling their stomachs. These are not citizens - they are consumers - oblivious to the death and destruction spread in their names.
The American citizen has become a penniless tool of credit card companies - unable to perform their duty as citizen since they cannot collect enough brain energy to grasp the mind-fuck under which they live. They live for a few moments between jobs - or rides to their children's activities, while monsters blow their still-uncollected tax money on expensive robot-drones used to kill "terrorists" - whatever they are. Ask an American what a terrorist is - you might as well ask a cinderblock.

Anonymous said...

Comments like the one above take the work out of working.
a whiff of oxygen
woohoo hear hear

Anonymous said...

The only morons here are you people. We have defeated the Taliban and are winning against al-Qeada...Just watched 60 minutes were some babe interviewed an Ex-CIA operative Henry Crumpton describes using local might to oust al Qaeda and their Taliban hosts...and we did this using only a few special operatives backed by local militias loyal to fighting a common enemy. Listen kitties if you hate america and we stand for so much whu=y not go to that shithole afganistan and meet us there? I'm sure people like mr.Crumptom and company would welcome you folks anytime anywhere...

Anonymous said...

Listen, you first-class idiot, US defeated the Taliban the way they won a victory over Vietnam. As for al Quaida, terrorist and terrorism, those are ZioUSan inventions pure and simple and of no interest to anyone but people like yourself and other baboon 60 minutes viewers. US is toast. Anon 15:05 knows it. And what´s more, so do you.

Anonymous said...

Predictions for 2010 by one all-knowing, pro-Russian soul (presented in several parts):
As I have already said, Russia came through the economic collapse relatively without major pain and exited recession in 3qtr. Russia will face further crisis in 2010, spurred by outside forces, however stability will reign again. The economy will briefly reenter recession and the government will be forced spend much of its remaining reserves to uphold the nation. Revenues will also go down, as world economic demand sinks.
However, being largely self sustaining, Russia will continue through and will continue to lower taxes and regulation on small businesses. Immigration from the EU and the US as well as companies flocking to open new facilities to escape the government strangulation of business in America and Europe and the vast areas of unrest, will pickup.
The collapse of Ukraine and the upcoming war with Georgia will present new opportunities, as well as improving ties with China and Japan. Ukraine will split and much of it will be on its way to absorption into Russia, as is Abkhazia and S.Ossessia. Georgia will be a protectorate.
War and civil war in Mexico, Venezuela and the Persian Gulf will push oil prices up even as demand continues to fall and Russia will be the only safe source on a large scale.

Anonymous said...

Predictions 2
In a word, slow strangulation. First will come the socialized medicine, followed by the cap and trade and finally the forced increase in interest rates, as no one will want to buy the debt of the world's biggest beggar who is busy murdering its own economy.
Many companies will flee the US, shifting their registrations and headquarters from America to other nations with lower levels of insane regulation and taxation. Further, the crunch will force one state after another to bankrupt. The American federal government will find itself in a situation of either letting the suffering spread, before their parliamentary elections or printing money and spending with abandon to avoid the pain around election time and off set it a bit further. Thus will start the final phase of run away inflation.
The American Marxists will face a third "radical" party of conservatives, who will threaten their One Party Two Branch monopoly and will in the end require strong security and military reactions.
Disaster in Afghanistan and renewed major unrest in Iraq will only spur the feeling of instability as additionally, Mexico's civil war will continue to spill over into America.
Strong independence movements will become mainstream in Texas, southern California, Alaska and much of the old Confederacy. Pro independence terrorism will start to appear, along side a vast upsurge of SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome) amongst the Islamic members of America. All in all беспорядок.

Anonymous said...

Predictions 3

While Mexico avoided a total collapse in 2009, it situation continued to deteriorate, non the less. In 2010, the Cartels will no longer aim to fight the government's assault upon their business interests but will take direct steps to over throw the central government. Already stealing billions in oil revenues directly from the oil pipelines, the cartels will seek to totally disrupt the last major money maker of the Mexican central authorities. Oil pipelines will be exploded, workers shot. Some time around the summer, Cartel gunmen on speed boats will start to raid Gulf of Mexico platforms, first only Mexican but steadily expanding to the US. Cruise ships, pleasure yachts and fishing ships will also come under fire and raiding.
The US will be forced to pull in its military resources from the Persian Gulf and other areas to deal with this disaster to its commerce. Inadvertently, I believe, this will off rail the Sunni Obama's war plans on Shie Iran. However, the Gulf will still be set ablaze, read more further down.
Crime and attacks will quickly spill across the open borders into America, bringing additional tensions to the USA.
South America
South American regimes will continue to go leftist and will some what consolidate. Venezuela will further bankrupt and its oil output will continue to diminish quickly, as one oil services company after another abandons the country for lack of pay. Chavez is already in arrears over $5 billion with no hope of paying it off, as oil prices will not increase. To take his people's minds off of the state of affairs, he will ratchet up the war talk with fellow Russian weapons client Columbia. This will evolve into a full fledged war. The war will start with a bang as both sides throw everything into it but will grind to a half and drag out as small infantry skirmishes and battles all up and down the jungle.

First comment: Also a brain-deader, this one. Oil prices will go up for Russia, he claims, and go down for Venezuela. Brain-Deaders of the World unite. You have nothing to lose but the mush in your brain.

Anonymous said...

Predictions 4 - The rest we´ll skip. This stupid racist has little else to offer except anti-Muslim sentiments.
The collapse will continue to accelerate and the Right wing English BNP,Defense League, UK Independence Party will gain huge moves in popularity. They will be poised to sweep election, even the snap elections that the Labour (Bolshevik)- Tori (Menshevik) two branch system will pull out of the bag at the last minute. Various feel good events and crisis will be held to push the vote to the established police state rulers. Islamics will be harnessed to attempt to intimidate the nationalists and battles will break out in the streets. Elections will go to the establishment, regardless and will be viewed by the majority of the public as stolen.
Many of the nationalists will choose a royal to rally around, perhaps Prince Harry.
There will be further fighting between the nationalists and various Scottish/Welsh independence groups who will take this chance to make their break. All in all, England will not have a jolly year.
Germany will continue developing relationships with Russia at an accelerated speed. They will actively block American drives to get Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey into the EU and will work to curtail America's growing and desperate demands for troops for NATO's boondoggles. German anger at America after the Opel fiasco will continue to grow as the Obama regime makes one blunder after another. Germany will take a very active role in pushing America out of Europe and European affairs and the bad blood will become very thick. Trade between Russia and Germany will grow faster than at any time in the past 20 years and will go a long way to keeping both economies running while others collapse. German banks will suffer from their exposure to Poland and Hungary.
Poland's economy will finally get its comeuppance. They have spent very liberally to contain the recession/depression but 2010 will be the year the easy cash finally runs out. Poland's belligerence towards Russia and its puppet status for the US will hurt it severely in economics as Germany and Russia's trade grows, leaving Poland out. Failed US support and failed bid to lead an eastern portion of the EU will undermine the Polish government. While Poland will remain relatively stable, its economy and prospects will continue to sink.
If the absolute collapse could get any worse, it will in the Baltics. Mass unemployment will worsen until only the minority has jobs. At this point there will be mass unrest and the EU/UN will begin to bring food in to feed the masses.
Lithuania will move markably towards Russia and will attempt to develop some amounts of trade and business. Russia will assist it with loans for Lithuania's new loyalty. Poland and the US/UK will work to counter this and over throw the Lithuanian government through continued instability.
Estonia and Latvia will be swept by Nazi regimes, who will blame everything on the Russian minority. Street battles will erupt, plunging both nations into chaos. EU/Russian peace keepers will be deployed to keep the two sides separate and a UN commission will be launched.
Greece will be the first European nation to default on its sovereign debt. Total economic collapse will follow and rioting will escalate past last year's. By mid summer, the government will be paralyzed and the military, backed by the Orthodox Church will seize power. Islamics will stage demonstrations that will turn bloody and there will be at least a few minor terrorist acts. A full cleansing of the Islamics and Albanians will proceed throughout Greece. Greek relations with Turkey will be on the edge of war.

Anonymous said...

Much of what this guy predicts is wishful thinking. Don´t buy it. However, the ziowest will be hit much harder than he can dream of as well as the zioentity (who is going to finance mayhem if all its sponsors are going bankrupt)? Things will be much worse due to factors beyond the existence of human mould control.

Anonymous said...

Terrorist Plane threat seems Hokey. (27.12.09)
Hokey all right. Passengers reported that Abdulmutallab was calm and lucid throughout. One flight attendant asked him what he had had in his pocket, and he replied “explosive device.”
This just gets worse and worse.
This is just flat out beyond belief.
Why would he say he had an explosive device in his pocket and why didn't the flight attendant react at that point, rather than wait until the passengers had to put the fire out?
What if what he really said was "Electronic Device" when asked what was in his pocket. Both his answer and the flight attendant's non-reaction make perfect sense then.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what poiuytr's predictions for 2010 would sound like.

Anonymous said...

The Greatest Outpouring of Money and Credit from Central Banks and Governments in History
Economics / Credit Crisis 2009 - Bob Chapman
The past two years have seen the greatest outpouring of money and credit from central banks and governments in history. In most countries interest rates cannot fall much lower being presently under 1% or close to zero. You might call this an attempt at fiat money recovery. As a result of pump priming for the past six months or more investors have returned to the same gambling and risk taking they engaged in before, the losses of which caused the world economy to come to the edge of the financial abyss. All sectors of investment are again affected by a casino mentality.
We see $12.7 trillion donated without their consent of the lender taxpayers to the top world economies, or about 20% of world GDP. These funds, a good part of which will never be retrieved, have been stuffed into the pockets of bankers, Wall Street, insurance companies and GM and AIG. 80% of the problems we have had to face were caused by these very same entities, which along with the Fed, propose to solve the problem they created. It is as if they are the only ones in the world who know best what is good for our system and for us. They as well continue to play in the giant casino as if nothing ever happened. While this transpires there are still trillions of dollars in bad debt and impaired assets on the books that have to be written off. The solution to that is to not truthfully report companies’ financial conditions.
If you can believe this, the Chairman of the Board of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the FASB that sets American accounting standards has called for the “decoupling” of bank capital rules from normal accounting standards. His proposal would encourage bank regulators to make adjustments as they determine whether banks have adequate capital while still allowing investors to see the current fair value. In order words it is ok to have two sets of books and to mark assets to model, which is marking assets to fantasy. Telling investors the truth is secondary. For almost 20 years banks have had to use GAAP for the basis for capital rules. If banks had their way there would be no rules. The FASB has been compromised and resides in the back pocket of the bankers. There you have it. Bankers are more equal than others. Their balance sheets are worthless. This should not be allowed to happen in America.
At first the G-20 nations wanted to remove monetary stimulus and now they say it is too early to do so. What they do not tell you is if they did remove trillions from their economies they would collapse. Europe, the UK and US have losses of $1.7 trillion they haven’t written off of yet. In addition, they have hundreds of billions in losses for foreclosed loans that are still flowing in, to further befoul their balance sheets. We have to laugh when central bankers talk about draining trillions from the system. If they pull liquidity the system collapses. Other than feeding money and credit into the system the bankers have no solution. Keeping them in charge is like giving a pyromaniac matches. Even if $500 billion more in stimulus is added to the system from TARP funds or from Congress, it is only going to keep growth in place until the end of next year. As a result inflation is going to soar. There is no real recovery. All we have seen is the Fed pouring trillions of dollars into the US and world economy.

Anonymous said...

09:15: the bigger picture. America now has the choice between attacking Nigeria or Yemen. Or perhaps they could even take on both countries.
We all know, don't we, that the Americunts are all powerful and, and, I have the word on the tip of my tongue. There, I've got it: in-vin-ci-ble!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the braindead Americunt is back.

Glutton for punishment, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

2010 hasn't even begun, but we have had our first major 'terrorist' distraction with some Nigerian on a Northwest Airline. WHY you ask so early?

YEAR OVER YEAR Christmas sales were dismal and the Nigerian 'terror' scam was to distract Americans from that sobering reality. Americans are no longer interested in DEBT consumption. For an economy built on debt consumption that is extremely bad news.

CNN and Fox News are busy with wall to wall propaganda coverage for the
functional illiterates as usual blocking out all the real stories that really matter.

Soon we will have the massive mass MALL/retail closures in the New Year and the implosion in commercial real estate, worsening the Depression.

The result will be a continuation of 2008, no jobs and no income with the Government seeing 'Green shoots', while the people see dry grass.

Anonymous said...

Russia launches 2,757 km oil pipeline to Asia-Pacific - 28.12.09
MOSCOW: Russia, the world's largest crude exporter, has launched a 2,757-kilometre "strategic" pipeline that will supply oil to energy-hungry China and the Asia Pacific region in its bid to reduce dependence on problematic European markets.

With eyes on the growing Asian-Pacific markets and to put an end to dependency on Western customers the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin formally inaugurated the $12.1 billion East-Siberia - Pacific Ocean Oil pipeline.

The ESPO is designed to pump up to 1.6 million barrels of crude per day from Siberia to Russia's Far East and then to China and the Asia-Pacific region.

"It is an important event for Russia. It is a strategic project, which enables to enter new markets in the Asia-Pacific region, where our presence was insufficient," Putin said pressing the button for loading the first crude on a waiting tanker at the newly built Kozmino oil terminal.

Anonymous said...

None of you idiots answered my question so I'll pose it again - if you hate america - why don't you peckerheads go to afganistan and engage the so called evil empire? I'm sure there are Green Berets and Royal Marines who would gladly meet you face to face...

Anonymous said...

Dog Poet, Smoking Mirrors blog writes; You have to think of Rothschildlandia as Cujo in full bloom, with the rest of the world locked in the car with the foam and slobber running down the windows.

Anonymous said...

The great Eagle America flew too high too fast and is now hypoxic and behaving oddly due to lack of supplemental Oxygen. Lower the altitude to restore brain function.
Strap the patient to a spine board please.

Anonymous said...

The Great American vulture is screeching, as it begins its much deserved descent into Hell.

Anonymous said...

Press TV – December 28, 2009
A poll shows that the German public now has less faith in their political system than at any other time since World War II, mainly due to the financial crisis.
The survey conducted by Bertelsmann Foundation found on Sunday that about 70 percent of those questioned did not feel that they could count on their political and business leaders, or the education system and the social welfare network.
Nearly fifty percent of respondents said they have reservations about representative democracy as a political system.
“Even the social market economy is far from being seen as positively as it once was,” opinion researcher Peter Kruse said of Germany’s system of free markets with a strong social safety net.
The loss of faith is believed to be mainly due to what Germans see as their government’s inadequate attempt to revive the slumping economy.
The poll also shows that the EUR 8.5 billion (USD12.2 billion) tax relief package passed by parliament this month has unsettled Germans at a time of record public debt.

Anonymous said...

Over 220 Million American People Armed To The Teeth And Ready To Explode
Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War?
By Chuck Baldwin
According to an obscure report in the European Union Times (, "Russian Military Analysts are reporting to Prime Minister Putin that US President Barack Obama has issued an order to his Northern Command's (USNORTHCOM) top leader, US Air Force General Gene Renuart, to 'begin immediately' increasing his military forces to 1 million troops by January 30, 2010, in what these reports warn is an expected outbreak of civil war within the United States before the end of winter.
"According to these reports, Obama has had over these past weeks 'numerous' meetings with his war council abut how best to manage the expected implosion of his Nation's banking system while at the same time attempting to keep the United States military hegemony over the World in what Russian Military Analysts state is a 'last ditch gambit' whose success is 'far from certain.'"
The Eu Times article continues by saying, "To the fears of Obama over the United States erupting into civil war once the full extent of the rape and pillaging of these peoples by their banks and government becomes known to them, grim evidence now shows the likelihood of this occurring much sooner than later."
The Times story goes on to say that there are "over 220 million American people armed to the teeth and ready to explode."
The Times article concludes by saying, "Though the coming civil war in the United States is being virtually ignored by their propaganda media, the same cannot be said of Russia, where leading Russian political analyst, Professor Igor Panarin has long warned that the economic turmoil in the United States has confirmed his long-held view that the US is heading for collapse."
Not all is rosy in the land of the GI and the F16,

Anonymous said...

There are now only 5 nations in the world left still standing without a Rothschild controlled central bank:
Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya

Anonymous said...

Russia Warns of Oil Cut-Off to Europe Over Dispute With Ukraine
December 28, 2009, By Krystof Chamonikolas
Dec. 28 — Russia warned it may cut off oil supplies to Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic because of a dispute with Ukraine over transit of the commodity, the Slovak government said.
Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko notified the European Union of the possible stoppage, the Slovak government said in a statement today, citing an official letter it received from the European Commission, the EU’s executive body.
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico called an emergency meeting of the country’s Security Council to discuss the warning. He and Economy Minister Lubomir Jahnatek will speak in a press conference later today, the statement said.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine wants Russia to pay transit fees in euros - December 28, 2009 Ukraine wants Russia to pay higher transit fees for oil pipelines passing through Ukraine to Europe. They would also like the fees paid in euros rather than those soggy old greenbacks.
EUR/USD is marginally lower in morning trade. Commodities are diverging as oil adds $0.75 to $78.80, while gold gives back earlier gains, now at $1105 from $1113 earlier. The S&P 500 is adding to recent gains, up 0.25% to 1129.
EUR/USD trades at 1.4395.

Why not? But only, if Ukraine also pays her own bills for Russian oil + gas in Euros, (and promptly !).

Anonymous said...

There is nothing new in a government lying to their people to start a war. Indeed because most people prefer living in peace to bloody and horrific death in war, any government that desires to initiate a war usually lies to their people to create the illusion that support for the war is the only possible choice they can make.

For any American happening upon this site, with Freeworld love.

Anonymous said...

The Economic Crisis Ends; the Political Crisis Begins - By Shamus Cooke - 28.12.09
First Iceland, then Ireland, now Greece. Much of Europe is mired in inescapable debt and bankrupt nations, the result of crashing banks, bank bailouts, and soaring unemployment. The U.S. and U.K. watch from a distance, knowing their turn is next.
The European corporate-elite — like their American counterparts — lavished non-stop praise on the “bold yet necessary” decision to bail out the banks; the economy was supposedly saved from “impending collapse.” But every action has an equal but opposite reaction. Bailing out the banks saved the butts of dozens of European bankers, but now millions of workers are about to experience a thundering kick in the ass.
Unbeknownst to most Europeans, the public money that financed the bank bailouts created a massive public debt problem, to be solved by massively slashing public programs that benefit workers and the poor. This amounts to a blatant transfer of billions — maybe trillions of dollars — in public wealth, away from the majority of citizens toward a parasitic crust of bankers.

Anonymous said...

Unemployment among 18 to 24-year-olds in UK has reached a record rate this month, with 18.4 per cent (757,000) out of work.

Anonymous said...

Houthis: Preparations underway for air US bases in Yemen - 29.12.09
"Informed sources revealed today that the President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered military leaders in the Mt Aswad area (outside the capital Sana'a) to hand over airfield site to U.S. military for use to attack Yemen citizens"

Anonymous said...

"Obama has formulated his new version of the Axis of Evil, composed of Afghanistan-Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen. In Yemen, a civil war pits the Saudi-backed central government against the Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi rebels, whom the US has bombed at least twice this month. The goal here is to play Iran against Saudi Arabia so as to weaken both the pro-Moscow Achmadinejad government in Iran, and also those Saudi forces that are fed up with their status as a US protectorate. The US is openly now sponsoring a regroupment of “al Qaeda” (the CIA Moslem legion) in Yemen , including by sending fighters direct from Guantanamo . The new CIA-promoted entity synthetic entity is “Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula or AQAP, a gaggle of US patsies, dupes, and fanatics which is claiming credit for the Umar Farouk incident. The US hopes to further dominate the exit from the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, while also easing pressure on the battered US dollar by jacking up the price of oil in an atmosphere of tension on the Arabian peninsula. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is now Totalitariano to the left, and Incompetano to the right. Rather than harassing travelers, she should resign or be fired along with the other corrupt, bungling, or complicit officials of the Obama administration involved in this false flag provocation."

from: "Tarpley on Russia Today: Nigerian Terrorist Patsy Yet Another CIA Ploy in US-backed Buildup of al Qaeda in Yemen Civil War"

Anonymous said...

Houthis seize full control of Saudi border post
Tue, 29 Dec 2009 - Press TV
Houthi fighters in northern Yemen say they have seized control of a Saudi military post along the border between the two countries where Saudi and Yemeni forces are waging a campaign to uproot them.
According to a report released by Hezbollah's al-Manar television network, Houthis have seized "full control of the Al-Jamrah Saudi military post" as well as weapons, communication material, military vehicles and surveillance equipment.
The report added that the northern Yemen's Shia fighters overran the Saudi post on Monday and forced soldiers to flee. The post is said to be located in close proximity to al-Khoba in Saudi Arabia's southern province of Jizan.
Meanwhile, Houthi fighters have managed to repulse Saudi forces trying to infiltrate into the rugged Sa'ada province in northern Yemen, after killing an unspecified number of Saudi soldiers.
Houthis said they pushed back Saudi troops from Shada border region in northern Yemen on the border with oil-rich Saudi-Arabia, and also set four Saudi military vehicles ablaze.
Houthi fighters also resisted a Yemeni military infiltration into Jebel Dhar al-Hamar region.

Anonymous said...

BOMBSHELL: Evidence Clearly Indicates Staged Attack on Detroit Flight

Anonymous said...

The Lap Bomber Mystery

Anonymous said...

Russia to develop offensive arms to counter US: Putin - 29.12.09
MOSCOW — Russia must develop offensive weapons systems to counter US missile defence plans, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying on Tuesday.
"To preserve the balance, we must develop offensive weapons systems, not missiles defence systems as the United States is doing," Putin was quoted as saying on a working visit to Russia's Far East.
"The problems of missile defence and offensive arms are very closely linked," Putin added, quoted by ITAR-TASS.
"By building such an umbrella over themselves our (US) partners could feel themselves fully secure and will do whatever they want, which upsets the balance."

Anonymous said...

Venezuela's Chavez accuses Colombia, US of plot
President Hugo Chavez is accusing Colombia and the United States of plotting to set up a fake rebel camp on Venezuelan soil to discredit his government.
Chavez accused Colombia of preparing what he called a "false positive" operation, saying on Monday that it's feasible the neighboring country could build a makeshift camp in a remote location, then plant corpses and guns to make it look like a rebel camp had been discovered.
Given the intense US government desire for "regime change" in Venezuela, I wouldn't put it past certain elements in the US government to do such a thing.

Anonymous said...

'The US Military is Exhausted'
'The call for over 30,000 more troops to be sent to Afghanistan is a travesty for the people of that country who have already suffered eight brutal years of occupation. It is also a harsh blow to the US soldiers facing imminent deployment.
As Barack Obama, the US president, gears up for a further escalation that will bring the total number of troops in Afghanistan to over 100,000, he faces a military force that has been exhausted and overextended by fighting two wars.
Many from within the ranks are openly declaring that they have had enough, allying with anti-war veterans and activists in calling for an end to the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with some active duty soldiers publicly refusing to deploy. This growing movement of military refusers is a voice of sanity in a country slipping deeper into unending war.'

Anonymous said...

Ziofascist YankoSaudis blindfold Houthi CHILD
another war crime.

Anonymous said...

CNN right now!

Yemen faces three pronged rebellion - Shia Houthi in north, rebellion in south, and Al-Qaida. Government very weak, faces collapse / has collapsed!

That's why the US and Saudi are involved! They are afraid it will spread...and it will!

So the truth appears to be that this collapse has been going on for sometime now, has been censored by the media, but now Xmas shopping is done, the truth begins to emerge, and the US can get openly involved!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday: Houthis take over another Saudi military base - 29.12.09
"In response to Saudi aggression on various areas in the northern governorates, we have, with God's help and support, expeled the Saudi army from the (Qamra) base and seized various military equipment, weapons, and the Saudi army ran away."
"We recall, once again, that as Saudi aggression continues to target innocent people in lands and areas of Yemen, it is our legitimate right to defend ourselves and confront the enemy until it stops."

h ttp://

Reminder: Houthis STILL control the Saudi Military outpost of Al Gabry and has repulsed several counter-attacks the latest being Sunday 27 December 2009 with 160 vehicles including tanks. This counter attack was stoped in its tracks with many tanks destroyed.

h ttp://

The Saudi pussies are taking a real beating by these Yemeni shepherds and farmers, if it wasn't for the cowardly criminal attacks on Northern Yemeni citizens by Saudi-American-Yemeni jets.

06:47: bull´s eye. The Yemeni army alone cannot control the country, the Houthis having captured some 130 Yemeni army military bases, as I reported here before, complete with arms and ammunition, and some defection of units from the Yemeni army in favour of the Houthis. Thats why Yemeni dictator, President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has called in the Saudis and Americans to bomb his own citizens. Yemen government has long lost all legitimacy and has become a government of occupation just like that of Karzie in Afghanistan, and Malki in Iraq. The Yemeni government has also cut off all government funds to Northern provincial institutions, thereby acknowledging that North Yemen is no longer part of Yemen, proper. Meanwhile, the North is under siege blockaded by the Saudi Navy on the Red Sea Northern coast, and to the South by Yemeni Forces.
Three cheers to the Houthi victory!
Long live the resistance!
Death to America, death to Israel!

Anonymous said...

Endgame 2010 - In a very, very dangerous world:
Who would have thought the poor Yemenis would be the saviours of the Muslims in their dire hour of need by pulling the carpet out from under the feet of the criminal Arab monarchies? Consider SArabia and Jordan as good as gone after these military, cild-killing adventures. Israel will get its Gaza hammering, never fear, which will mean bye, bye to Egypt as we´ve known it for the past twenty years.
The Canadians are sending trucks to Afghanistan for soldier-removal. The surge is there to protect the retreat of the USan bastards and NATO co-criminals.
Putin for once has not minced his words and is after new weaüpns to counter Russia´s one and only enemy, i.e. the blood-drenched west.
And Americans who never learn are looking to move operations to the SouthAm theatre of coming war.
And all because a few Yemeni shepherds upped and rebelled! A little courage goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

Mad Dog America! Not content with attacking Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia, the USA wants to now attack Yemen (and others).
Mad dog America wants to go down in flames.
So be it.
Après moi le déluge.

And while they are at it, a reality check sets in; too many mistakes are being made. The
clock is ticking, your time is almost out USA/IsraHell.

Anonymous said...

NATO plans base in Sevastopol

NATO ambitions for Sevastopol outlined, seems that 2017, once the lease expires, will be a year of conflict over Crimea (again... history repeats itself...). The encirclement of Russia continues by the ravening west. But Russia too has a few cards up its sleeve. Their names: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and the rest of the Freeworld.

poiuytr said...

Question on Yemen

Something went terribly awry for the west child murdering beast, as another one along the west oil rape route is thundering out of the west claws. Or did it? Did the cretinous baboon stepped into this one on his own or was west led down the exploding gauntlet like the freckly EUnuchs to the Brussels gallows? Who ensnared the baboon this time?

At first, comrade O's stepping in should Saudis fail at another invasion attempt was a joke. Now, it looks like unless Obama sends in tens of thousands of his monkeys today, which he doesn't have, backed by twice as many NATO EUnuch orangutans, Yemen liberation may not only succeed but could cross to SArabia.

Should that happen, west is going to be fighting for its very dear life defending the last of its few "green zones" around its Busch oil pumps. The 3-days-and-west-is-one-giant-parking-lot scenario becomes suddenly very real and compared to that, west defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq will seem like the glory days of the west cesspit vampire.


5:41 -- rothschild banks

Good point. Though very likely true, I'd add that the redshields didn't fare all that well in Putin's Russia. 2009 saw another failed attempt by the RobinHoods (another name for the same cabal for this west vampire loves changing names) to weasel in Russia. And neither did its right arm Carlie/SchwartzGyorgy (soros' real name) for that matter.

The west transmogrification of assets, after they had collectivised the west loot, by going someplace else isn't working all that well. I used to think that to be the foreshadowing of the last west phase before the plug is pulled, as they say, on the whole of the baboon cesspit but the phase simply hasn't materialised.

Though not disputing redshields' crazed wealth beyond all numbers or their devious planetary rape since the 666-star-adorned Frankfurt shop days in mid-18th century, their superman-like powers are largely mythical, or as mythical as is cash.

Take away cash from the Freeworld, which has always been the case, and you have culture, tradition, life. Take away cash from west, and you have heaps of steaming toxic manure sputtering knuckle-dragging herds of psychotic saxons.

May 2006 did just that; draining away the ultimate WMD the west beast has ever wielded. Without it, west, be it rothschilds, swartzes, coburgs, gothas, busches, etc are no more powerful than long-fanged vampires at the daybreak.

poiuytr said...

9:52 -- 2010 predictions

Predictions are tough -- especially when regarding future. :) Besides, I'm no Panarin...but then again, neither is he.

However, there's a few unspoken rules that hold regardless of west baboons' silly beliefs and often no more than their primal screechings.

There's neither a law that says that a nation cannot exist without econ, nor is there a time limit on either how long such a pitiful condition may last or the resulting pain and suffering of the masses. Like profit, west pain is too limited by nothing, safe for perhaps active WWIII.

Therefore, a nation or a cretinous conglomerate thereof can happily tick on while 80% of it are actively dying of poverty bearing destitute generations in tents and whose only ambition is to rummage through Himalayas of toxic rubbish while paying eco tax with their own organs; 19% are suffering somewhere twixt humiliating servility and brutal slavery in the west war junta factory; and while 1% is calling all the shots no matter how psychotic while owning absolutely everything.

The last 40 NBN celebrations have outlined as much. Though perhaps theatrical, it can no longer be argued that it sums up the outlines of the new west reality.

The beginning of 2009 ushered in a bailout spree (a code for west asset loot) across all lands west; massive debt growth; and collectivisation of west concerns which has resulted in soaring west unemployment and econ failure. 2009 winds down with Detroit's, the erstwhile west capital of mfg, unemployment at 50%; all west nations competing for immediate 350B+ mortgage just to pay the interest on the current growing debt. West cabal is now underwriting the west war junta with the cheapest cash ever today while no baboon including the many west pointless concerns can get a loan even at the greatest usury levels in history of mankind.

West banks have become wallets of the west war cabal pilfering tens of billions monthly from the west neanderthal population. West insurances have become the biggest title owners -- apart perhaps from the west gotha bling bling queen who thinks she still owns continents -- as public realty ownership becomes a thing of past.

These trends will continue in 2010 simply for there's no limit to the west "bailout" looting or west unemployment and homelessness.

Considering the west animal's brainstem power, apart from perhaps some sparse local confrontations twixt the west monkey and the west war junta robocops, west will not see any organised awakening in 2010, let alone uprising.

It's destined to merely keep on sinking into the cesspit of its own rabid offal henceforth so long as WWIII is avoided and so long as west creditors are appeased with gifts of west's lands and other sundry deed titles.

But I'd predict that the west pirate wars will grow and possibly some faction will attempt a breakup with the crazed west pathetic loser policies. As such, there could be signs of some coup soon for if there is end of west, it'll come from within, not without.

When a puppet appears in west signing a new tune, we'll know some saxon pirates are ready to doff off the retarded used car salesmen uniform and don the alpaca tunic.

But as everyone knows, a pile of excrement the size of the west child murdering miscreant cannot be polished. Not now, not ever!

And so 2010 will see more NBNs jubilating the terminal west flush down the bog where the war loving creature belongs.

Anonymous said...

Right, poiuytr, we get the general picture, thanks. Will keep an eye open for the growing wars and men in alpaca suits, whatever that might be. But one gets the feeling at times that even the west will run out of proxy places to attack after a while. So what will remain is to go after the seemingly big ones, Russia and China. Will they be rubbing their eyes and stepping out of their hibernation soon? 2010 might bring beginnings of an answer to that question. Ane 2010 NBNs will keep us on our toes as we threaten to fade away into varying states of unbreachable catatonia.

Anonymous said...

PetroChina Wins Approval for $1.8 Billion Canadian Acquisition - 30.12.09
PetroChina Co. won the approval of the Canadian government for its C$1.9 billion ($1.8 billion) bid to buy a stake in two Alberta oil-sands projects, its biggest North American acquisition.
The purchase by China’s largest oil company of a 60 percent share in Athabasca Oil Sands Corp.’s MacKay River and Dover oil- sands projects “is likely to be of net benefit to Canada,” Industry Minister Tony Clement said in a statement yesterday.
One more example of realty sell-off. Tee hee.

Anonymous said...

The West and USA will never go down without trying to take the world with them.

This includes the use of Nuclear, Biological, Chemica, Weather Modification, Space, and Cyberwar.

They are that arrogant and insane.

I look for the rise of mass-based fascist movements throughout the West and leaders that will make Hitler seem like a boy scout.

Right now, there are nascent movements from the US Teabaggers and Patriot groups to the British National Party to the various anti-immigrant/Muslim groups throughout Europe.

The only thing the Free World can do is to prepare for the storm--perhaps unsurpassed in human history--that is surely coming.

Anonymous said...

Never despair. New Year gifts from Afghanistan:

8 Americans Killed in Afghan Bomb Attack
Suicide Bomber Strikes Forward Operating Military Base in Khost, U.S. Official Says; All Victims Are Civilians

(CBS) Updated at 1:47 p.m. EST

A suicide bomb attack on a military base in Afghanistan killed eight Americans Wednesday, a U.S. official told CBS News correspondent David Martin.

All the victims were civilians, a spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan told CBS News.

The attack occurred in a makeshift gym at a forward operating military base in Khost province, reports Martin.

Anonymous said...

Resistance gifts two: 31.12.09

Canadians killed in Afghan attacks
Nearly 140 Canadian troops have been killed in Afghanistan since 2002 EPA
Fighters in Afghanistan have killed five Canadians and eight Americans in two separate attacks. Four Canadian soldiers and a journalist accompanying them as they visited community reconstruction projects were killed when their armoured vehicle was hit by a bomb in southern Kandahar province on Wednesday, the Canadian defence ministry said.

Anonymous said...

How do you people look in the mirror, supporting acid throwers how low can you people crawl? Funny you anti-war bigots never lament on the women and children slaughtered by your heros in the Taliban, hypocrites hide behind your anti-war bull shite but it's clear you support the animals aka the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

Turkey´s Welcome Voice of Support
Turkey has not only turned its back on EU antics, it has also turned into a conundrum for Israel and the US. They are critical of its apparent change but their reaction indicates that they are unsure of how to react. Barak Obama’s criticism and Avigdor Lieberman’s crude and contemptuous rejection of Turkey as a possible broker in talks with Syria can be taken with a grain of salt. Too much is involved for either the US or Israel to take actions they might later regret. Temporarily or permanently Israel may /have lost a strategic ally in the Middle East but it needs Turkish water and the oil being pumped into Turkey’s southeastern ‘energy hub’. The Medstream pipeline project – currently the subject of feasibility studies – would bring water, oil, natural gas and fibre optics to Israel from Turkey’s southeastern Mediterranean coast. In other words, while Israel has cards in its hand that it can play, it has a lot to lose by offending Turkey.
For the Palestinians, Turkey, its people and its outspoken Prime Minister have emerged as strong champions of their cause on the world stage at a time when the rest of the ‘international community’ seems to be shutting its eyes.

Anonymous said...

And never forget, friends, Yeman has oil. No wonder the rabid west is going at it, tongue hanging out.

Anonymous said...

Sputterring lickspittle vampires have siezed the bridge. Mr Spock you head for engineering and team up with Mr Scott and cut power to the replicators, if we sever their blood supply we can disorient them and gain the upper hand. I'll head for the transporter room with Lt. Uhura and prepare to beam them off the ship...

Anonymous said...

CNN / FOX keep banging on about sending in Special Forces, trainers and equipment. Are these the same Special Forces and trainers that have had such wonderful success in Afghanistan and Iraq? It's all bollocks, they haven't got a clue!

I wonder if this Yemeni "surprise" is an Iranian / Al Qaida joint effort to wrong-foot US intentions in Iran and AfPak?

The focus of the war has shifted to the Red Sea. The Horn region is a powder-keg. Muslim Eritrea has just had sanctions put on it. Sudan remains defiant. And Somalia is 'liberated' of Zionazi influence. Its all turning into a bit of a disaster for the US!

Anonymous said...

- USA ECONOMY NEEDS TO CREATE 200,000 NEW JOBS EVERY MONTH just to get the economy going - So far they have lost over 8 millions jobs and during Obama regime HE HAS FAILED TO CREATE this 2.4 millions new job (12x200k). SO PEOPLE WITHOUT WORK MUST BE OVER 20% - I.E. USA IS NO LONGER IN RECESSION BUT UNDER A SEVERE DEPRESSION.
- Three years ago I posted that derivatives were over $600 trillions. Then last year I posted the adjusted number to $ 1,140 trillions. So today is in the way to ONE QUADRILLION AND HALF at the time USA economy is shrinking and the dollar is collapsing. Imperial Europe is in no better shape either. THIS IS WHY 9-11 WAS CREATED BECAUSE THE SCAM became too evident and it was the prelude for the world war that Obama is expanding more and more.
- The trillions pumped to the banks and the zero interest rate AIN'T WORKING MAN. People are getting more poor as they will be paying for generations or pay in flesh with the new world war.
- This social-economic crisis created by the bankers worldwide has not exploded in burning banks and arresting bankers as yet. The masses are now directed to save the planet by the Club of Rome as before they were directed against the industrial by Marx but never against bankers.

Anonymous said...

BTW: Russia already has a base in Aden and China is in the process of setting up one too. Look out west fiends.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if this Yemeni "surprise" is an Iranian / Al Qaida joint effort to wrong-foot US intentions in Iran and AfPak?"

So-called "Al-Queda" does not exist in the way that the West insists.

It is nothing more than a false flag patsy group used by the USA and West for provocations and machinations.

In fact, Webster Tarpley suggests that it is the USA that is sponsoring Al-Queda (which is Arabic for "The Toilet," BTW).

Anonymous said...

13:22: True enough about that nonsense zio Al-Queda bit. But the rest of the argument put forward in 11:42 still sounds acceptable enough, that is to say Yemen is now more a defensive action on the part of the gutless west and the Muslims have finally taken the initiative and launched a military offensive à leur manière.

Anonymous said...

This is not the kind of blog where we exchange good wishes, so I´ll just say Hee, Ha, Tra la la, 2010 here we are.

Anonymous said...

Britain's debt now a 'riskier proposition' than Italy's - Telegraph 31 dicembre 2009
The yield on 10-year gilts rose briefly above the 4.1pc level in intraday trading and spent most of the day higher than the yield on benchmark Italian bonds, as fears over Britain's fiscal credibility continued to haunt markets. The news came as analysts warned that hedge funds and other "smart money" traders had been largely responsible for leading the exodus out of UK government debt.
The Treasury's cost of borrowing has risen by more than a percentage point since March, despite the Bank of England spending £200bn on gilts through its quantitative easing (QE) programme. Experts put the increase down to worries that this and future governments will either prove incapable of reducing their deficit or will resort to inflation in order to erode it. The combined effect has been to catapult UK government bond yields above those of Italy and Spain in the past few weeks alone.

Anonymous said...

The Toronto stock market ticked slightly higher Thursday afternoon as 2009 TSX trading wound down with one of the market's biggest annual gains in more than a quarter century.

Hey Taliban Lovers and all those predicting the fall of the West....check this out!!!!

The S&P/TSX composite index rose 18.5 points to 11,736 led by gains in the consumer staples and telecom sectors.

The TSX is still slightly off its best levels for the year – 11,779.73 from early this month – but investors can look back with satisfaction on a year of strong gains on the main North American indexes.

A rally that has run practically non-stop since early March is taking the TSX up about 31 per cent for 2009, which would be the best one year gain since 1983. The main index is up a stunning 54 per cent from the lows of early March amid fear that the global financial system was on the verge of collapse.

Anonymous said...

Taliban lovers, cheap and phoney gutterspeak on par with accusations of anteeee-semetism. Bor-ingg.
Markets are for sissies. Real men barter face to face and do so effectively without resorting to gunplay. Over-educated westerners are indeed nuts.

Anonymous said...

Excellent start to the year (1.1.10:
Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will use common customs tariffs starting January 1 in line with an agreement to form a customs union.
The presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed a package of deals on November 27 to create a customs union with common tariffs, paving the way for a single economic space.
The three countries are planning to introduce a common customs space in July 2010 and form a single economic space in January 2012.
The customs union will bring Russia an additional $400 billion in revenue and over $16 billion to Kazakhstan and Belarus. The union could help the countries take key positions on the global energy and grain markets.
The countries' aggregate GDP is $2 trillion, and their trade turnover is estimated at $900 billion.

Anonymous said...

Bolivia's Morales lashes out at Obama
Fri, 01 Jan 2010 - Press TV
Bolivian President Evo Morales has strongly criticized his American counterpart for failing to change Washington's policy towards Bolivia.
"When I was informed that Obama had won the elections I said: a black man isn't going to exclude an Indian, but it turned out to be the opposite," Morales said on Thursday. "That is why I say that the only thing that has changed in the United States is the color of the president. I regret that a lot," he added.
His comments came after US President Barack Obama excluded Bolivia from special trade benefits for a second consecutive year.
The US leader signed into law an agreement that grants most goods from 131 countries duty-free status for entry into the US.

Anonymous said...

NATO Fuel Tankers Attacked by Gunmen in Pakistan - (1.1.10)
On Friday Gunmen attacked two tankers which were driving through Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. The tankers were traveling to Afghanistan to supply fuel to the NATO troops stationed there... Furthermore, for the past four days, weather conditions such as snow and rain in Baluschistan have made it impossible for supplies to be continued. NB: Pak authorities have made in a point to leave all roads as they are, i.e. snowbound.

Anonymous said...

Houthis Destroy 3 Saudi Hummers
Saada Online - Information Office of Mr. Abdel Malik Al Houthi Friday 1 Jan الجمعة, 01 يناير2010
Saudi forces continue their crimes against the Yemeni people as warplanes launch air strikes on 21 different towns and villages in Saada province and the border areas and launched 370 missiles after big losses in the battlefield yesterday evening.
Houthis killed three Saudi Arabian Hummers which were part of a force that tried to infiltrate into the Saudi Jabri military base still occupied by Houthis. Houthis also still occupy another Saudi base.
Meanwhile, an attempt by Yemeni Government Forces to infiltrate at night into a farm in the area of Al Iqab - around the city of Saada - were caught in an Houthi deadly ambush, nobody escaped.

Anonymous said...

Encircling Russia
In October a U.S. armed forces publication revealed that the Pentagon will spend $110 million to modernize and expand seven new military bases in Bulgaria and Romania, across the Black Sea from Russia, where it will station initial contingents of over 4,000 troops.
In early December the U.S. signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Poland, which borders the Russian Kaliningrad territory, that "allows for the United States military to station American troops and military equipment on Polish territory." The U.S. military forces will operate Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) and Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) batteries as part of the Pentagon's global interceptor missile system.
At approximately the same time President Obama pressured Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to base missile shield components in his country. "We discussed the continuing role that we can play as NATO allies in strengthening Turkey's profile within NATO and coordinating more effectively on critical issues like missile defense," in the American leader's words.
"Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has hinted his government does not view Tehran [Iran] as a potential missile threat for Turkey at this point. But analysts say if a joint NATO missile shield is developed, such a move could force Ankara to join the mechanism."
2010 will see the first foreign troops deployed to Poland since the breakup of the Warsaw Pact in 1991 and the installation of the U.S's "stronger, swifter and smarter" (also Obama's words) interceptor missiles and radar facilities in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the South Caucasus.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder just how many countries the US has to be fighting before that fighting can be declared a "world war"!

Anonymous said...

More recent OrwellCam grabs;
Inclusion; h ttp://
Tolerance; h ttp://
Civility; h ttp://
Charity; h ttp://
Health care; h ttp://

Anonymous said...

Mucked up links. G'damn. Sorry. Disregard.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Rense com's current header photo;

poiuytr said...

Thanks for the news, especially on Yemen.


8:35 -- So what will remain is to go after the seemingly big ones, Russia and China.

Yes. That's always been THE issue here. Conquering Iraq oil, Afghan drugs, as if that was possible, still means nothing at the end of the day except further west slide down the abyss.

It's odd to see west encircle Russia. It's true the kissinger begging trips and probably proposals of splitting the world again have failed but attack on Russia? The fact alone that west is apparently still thinking it has future highlights the west's collective monkey brain.


8:37 -- China buys Canada oil

Nice continuation in the north baboonarium. Not long ago, the yank baboon screeched Canada is its resource.


8:41 -- The West and USA will never go down without trying to take the world with them.

Yes, agreement. It does seem that way. I used to think -- that's how silly I was -- that the west war junta will skip the town after they've pilfered all west's assets, set off some 911 and vanish. Now it looks, they're going for giant war and are playing with Russia. And you're right, west will keep launching and perfecting its arsenal of bio, design disease, design poverty, eco-attack WMDs.


10:01 -- And never forget, friends, Yeman has oil. No wonder the rabid west is going at it, tongue hanging out.

It's funny. The game with oil and all resources like drugs, food, etc is that the labour has to be dirt cheap. West plunders a barrel for a 1 dollar in Persian Gulf and dumps it on Loondon exchange for 7000% profit. If west sleaze develops its own pumps, they'll fill a barrel for 100, if not more, and fall flat on their dirty monkey snouts profitless.

That's why all west vampire resources are kept in perpetual war, not just since Busch II/Bliar blood reign, but always!

And things have changed in recent few years. Resource places are rising, liberating selves off the west rape, and more -- they're armed now. Iran pumps are protected. So is Bolivian lithium. Etc etc... And what has been available is getting bought out by Beijing. And the resources under west control are engulfed in wars, costing the west child murderers far more than if they were pumping it out of their disgusting shopping-mall countries.

It's lovely watching the west parasitic neanderthal getting castrated from all resources. Soon the west baboons will stare through a chainlink fence from their tent cities at the world begging for a handout.

That's why west crimes must be shown and shown and shown again as to assure absolute zero mercy to this vile smear saxonic miscreant, be it pathetically homeless sprawled all wretch-like in its Detrot (sic), Michigone or swarming like flies in germlandia begging for another fuhrer to lead them through war out of the cesspit they're drowning in.

poiuytr said...


11:34 -- about sending in Special Forces, trainers and equipment.

It's the raving comic supermensch heroes the idiotic west loons feed their freckly offspring with from morn to nigh. The mindrapists that blither out of BBCNN machines are hand picked by the murdog fiends for their unusual vileness and cretinism, which is commendable considering the incredibly tough competition in west for total stupidity.

> I wonder if this Yemeni "surprise" is an Iranian / Al Qaida joint effort to wrong-foot US intentions in Iran and AfPak?

West screams Iran, which is a 99% assurance that Iran is not involved. As for alQaida, that's just an dept of Pentagram. Bin Laden is USA's personal terrorist funded, protected, and supported by USA, sicced by the vicious west beast on Russia in 1980 via Afghanistan and on Yugoslavians in the 90s.

Still, as you say, the unraveling of Yemen and the growing threat to upset Saudi balance is a beyond nightmare level disaster for west. And indeed that makes it seem like a trap.

> is a powder-keg. Muslim Eritrea has just had sanctions put on it.

Yes. The west oil jugular is engulfed in fire. Mubarak has to go too. It's high time for Egypt to liberate self from the west rape and take Suez.

> influence. Its all turning into a bit of a disaster for the US!

I'd say. West will try to coup d'etat every country now.

poiuytr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poiuytr said...


21:45 -- One has to wonder just how many countries the US has to be fighting before that fighting can be declared a "world war"!

It is a world war, in every respect. DU bombing of Iraq kills children everywhere. Destruction of ionosphere destroys ecology everywhere. West is THE disease here, no questions, no buts.

Specifically, in 21st century, it's gotta be over 10.

West attacked: Afghanistan, Philippines, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Palestine, Turks And Caicos (reoccupation), Lebanon, Pakistan, Honduras, Panama (reoccupation), Yemen, and Russia via Gruzia.

Note though that west only murders civilians. Where there's an armed nation, it requires a proxy to sic on it like saakashvili on Russia or right now uribe on Venezuela, or as they're trying to push Pakistan against Afghanistan via false 911 attacks, etc.

It's a world war. It's always been. Every since the moment the saxonic sleeze made it out of the Baltic marshes, the global genocide has been on. In the wake of this west parasitic vampire vanished whole continents, entire civilisations, cultures, traces of which are locked in vaticunt christianic dungeons and Secret Libraries (that's what they name it!).

It's a world war and it will continue for "WEST IS THE DISEASE".

poiuytr said...

11:40 -- So far they have lost over 8 millions jobs and during Obama regime HE HAS FAILED TO CREATE this 2.4 millions new job (12x200k). SO

No contention here cuz all west # like all things are rubbish. But they admitted to some 5M on the long term support, which is 3 month. So per their own side-revelation, that's 20M carried by state in just 2009. So USA unemployment could be even higher than 20-25+% now collectively. After all, it was eclipsing 10% in the 2009Q1, but then, as is usual with the west freckly swill, the #s just magically froze, very much like USA war deaths.


Right. Yes, it's hard to calculate but yeah, it's like USA war losses are beyond 300K, not 3 or 4K that they admit to. And the important thing is that it's not reversible and in fact growing exponentially.

> Europe is in no better shape either. THIS IS WHY 9-11 WAS CREATED BECAUSE THE SCAM became too evident and it was the prelude for the

Yes. I agree. They didn't pull 911 for fun. USA went broke in mid 90s. They had to shut the USA comptroller up and in 2003 or so he made his own web site saying USA has been printing cash and piling debt. There's more I think but in general I agree.

Busch II wasn't given the throne for his IQ.

Saudis called USA to renegotiate the oil contract or going off dollar. West had failed to secure Iran's oil and China beat them out. This made China not only a runaway with USA dollar interest rate control via t-bills but also increasingly "independent" on Warshington rabid diseases. Hussein was taking Iraq off the dollar.

And so in steps the child murdering Bliar and Busch II duo. And west commits the greatest terrorist attacks in history of mankind in Loondon and NYC, writes up a list of lies to predicate an attack on all unarmed civilians on the planet in a silly hope to re-establish the west dominance over the planet.

Ten years later, the results are in.

Iran is untouchable, its oil is China's. China dictates USA sideline econ policy or else! Russia has armed SouthAm forcing the yank beast to coups, regrap Panama and try provoking, via false terror, a war twixt Venezuela and the uribe slit.
Iraq oil is beyond calculably expensive for west vanishing legions. Afghanistan has forced west to cut deals with Taliban and into a false terror provocation of war twixt it and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, west has been driven out Central Asia and Russian resources, which the freckly saxonic scum thought it owned even 5 yrs ago. And as a bonus and a sight to behold west collective econ is being laid to rest with funny dirges sung daily by the BBCNN baboon mindrape whores.

Yes, the only thing the west is gonna keep through this one is its immense neanderthal cretinism.


poiuytr said...

11:40 -- PT2

> - The trillions pumped to the banks and the zero interest rate AIN'T WORKING MAN.

I'd say here they were never meant to. They're just a hasty "recovery" of whatever the war financing cabals can still squeeze back from baboons via the sordid car-salesmen governances.

Bailout is not a some quick low interest loan to aid a plodding firm. Bailout is a code for routing all west assets into the war financiers, or rather maybe west financiers (after all west and war are synonyms).

And the bailout or recovery of war-squandered investment aka derivative market will continue and more and more cuz the west banksters aren't going anywhere whilst the baboon is.

In fact, all west municipal budgets are paying and working today for these war cabals. Even public funds like transportation and education are being routed to the pockets of those who foolishly invested in 911 and the war attack led by the Bliar and Busch II tribe.

> are now directed to save the planet by the Club of Rome as before they were directed against the industrial by Marx but never against bankers.

You're not wrong here. But the expectation is sci-fi, I fear. West hoards of the monkeys haven't untangled 911, a crime rife with so many smoking guns that an averagely stoned 4th grader gets it.

If west monkeys didn't get that an engine cannot melt, much less vapourise, by burning the fuel its meant to explode in it, they can't get derivative markets, recovery, GM scam, bonus scams, bailouts, wars, well anything, for that matter.

That's why the only way to talk to this unusually disgusting child murdering parasite is only via contempt, scorn, and ridicule. Hence NBN's celebrations of the west terminal prolapse.

poiuytr said...

Just google alone shows the incredible stupidity of the west species. The yank morons put a limit on blogging... making little BS front programmes just to predicate their mass spying sleaze rings. Pure sick cretins!

Indeed, west is an unbelievable neanderthal. All its actions, words, behavioural patterns prove it and underline that indeed WEST IS "THE" DISEASE, in every respect and on every level.

Like Evo Morales puts it: World has to get rid of its woes, capitalism.
Indeed, given west's crimal DNA makeup, the planet, possibly the solar system, and west simply cannot coexist.

May in 2010 this simple message of peace and freedom, regardless of its wording, take to the wing across the Freeworld and strengthen the resolve and liberation of the planet from the claws of this war-loving freckly christianic saxonic child-murdering whore offal or whatever this grisly west baboon refuse miscreant species has been made by.

May more and more come jubilate the west terminal prolapse with us and learn to treat all west baboons with scorn, ridicule, and utter contempt as the ubermensch species deserves.

Anonymous said...

Iran gained $5 billion on shift from US dollar
By: Press TV on: 02.01.2010
Iran has gained $5 billion through its policy of shifting away from the US currency in favour of the euro, said Central Bank Governor Mahmoud Bahmani.
Since late 2007, the Islamic Republic has received 85 per cent of its oil income in currencies other than the US dollar, English-language Press TV reported on its website.
“Iran has considerably reduced the total of US dollars in its currency basket,” said Bahmani.
Press TV said Iran began preparing for the US dollar’s replacement by the euro and other currencies in 2005, and that Tehran “expresses determination” to find a substitute for the US unit also for the remaining 15 per cent of its oil income.
Iran, the world’s fifth-largest oil exporter, is under US and UN sanctions over its disputed nuclear programme, which
Tehran says is for peaceful electricity generation but which the West suspects is aimed at developing bombs.
Press TV did not give additional detail on how and over what time period Iran has benefited from reducing the role of the US currency in its transactions.
The central bank has previously said it is diversifying its reserves away from the dollar.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called the US currency a “worthless piece of paper”.
At the 2007 Opec summit, Iran suggested oil should be priced in a basket of currencies rather than dollars, but it failed to win over other member states except Venezuela

Anonymous said...

Today marks the beginning of a new Russian empire. After a decade of discussion, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan entered a common customs union on the first day of 2010, cementing Russia’s control over two of its former Soviet satellites. Much like the creation of Europe’s customs union back in 1957, it is a beginning step to the creation of a supranational alliance, with Russia calling the shots.
In a Eurasian Economic Community (eurasec) summit on November 27 in Minsk, Belarus, the presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan agreed to create a customs union with common tariffs. eurasec, made up of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, is an organization of former Soviet Republics intent on forming stronger ties.
The customs union was set to go into effect on January 1, though the details aren’t finalized and the new regulations are set to phase in over the next year. The union will eliminate customs duties on trade between the three countries and will implement a common external tariff system on exports from the rest of the world.

Yes, well. Better late than never, what!

Anonymous said...

GOOD NEWS: More Babies are Born in Russia… babies, not baboons!
Vladimir Putin announced the news in a televised government meeting. Russia's population statistics are rising for the first time since 1995, says Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
Mr Putin said that for the past five years the number of deaths had declined, while births had risen. He said statistics to be released shortly would show life-expectancy had almost reached the age of 69. As president, Mr Putin brought in policies to stop population decline, which has been blamed on emigration, alcoholism, and poor health care.
'Symbolic amount'
"We can say with a high degree of confidence that Russia will register a growth in population for the first time since 1995," said Mr Putin at an end-of-year government meeting broadcast on state television.
His spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the total anticipated population growth in 2009 was only about 20,000 - but he said this was a "symbolic" amount.
Health Minister Tatyana Golikova said the first month of population growth in 15 years came in August this year, when the birth rate increased by 1,000. Figures published in November said Russia's population stood at 141.9 million.

Anonymous said...

Venezuela says US violating its airspace from Dutch islands of Curacao, Aruba: Venezuela's government said Thursday that U.S. military counter-drug flights from nearby Dutch islands are violating its airspace in preparation for an attack. A U.S. official denied the allegation.
In a statement, Venezuela's foreign ministry called on the international community to condemn alleged incursions into its airspace by US military drones launched from Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles.
Chavez warned foes against coup attempt: “If something like that occurs to you, our counterattack is going to be firm. I’m warning you,” Mr Chavez said.

Anonymous said...

OK, poiuytr, thanks for comments above on general news, fair. forceful and as usual finely tooled to shed new light on events which plague us day in, day out. In the name of the Freeworld, we wish you too giant strides forward towards liberation, peace and freedom.

Anonymous said...

Somali Rebels Vow to Send Forces to Yemen
Top al-Shabaab Official Announces Plan at North Mogadishu Rally - 1.1.10
Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansour, a top official in the Somali al-Shabaab militia, today announced plans for the organization to send fighters across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen to take part in jihad there.
The al-Shabaab faction is one of the more hardline of various factions vying for control of Somalia, was presenting hundreds of new recruits at a rally in northern Mogadishu, and said that Yemeni factions should “be ready for our welcome.”
The US has made clear their intentions to dramatically escalate their ongoing but heretofore covert war in Yemen, and as the nation has made enemies with its years of on-again off-again meddling in Somalia, al-Shabaab seems eager to cash in on anti-American sentiment by focusing on Yemen. This is an unusual move for the group, however, which generally does not operate outside of Somalia.

Anonymous said...

Scores died, many of them children, at a Pakistani volleyball match to mark the beginning of the New Year. This after a deadly attack in Karachi on a religious procession on Ashura Day. The US/NATO-waged war against Pakistan slowly building up to a climax. Mark my words: 2010 will prove to be the year Pakistan finally regained control over its sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen on Friday denied fresh accusations by the Venezuelan government.
Amsterdam has rejected Caracas allegations that the US was using Dutch Caribbean islands to mount military operations against Venezuela.

Never trust the Dutch. Along with UK and the Eastern European serfdoms, the most blatantly pro-war lot one can come across. The most recent re-run of 9/11 is up to them. Propaganda nonsense to get the Yemen war seen as respectable.

Anonymous said...

re: 7:55

Regarding the West collapse that people are always predicting, I'll believe it when I see it.

I hope for it. But I've seen too much disinformation being put out there.

It could be propaganda to cause people to underestimate the West.

Wasn't that Russian guy Pangarin predicting that the USA would start to collape in late 2009?

Now, it's 2010.

The West is playing possum perhaps?

Anonymous said...

"Psychics" are not alone in the "predictions" game…
Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea, the zio stooge, seems to be an "expert" in this domain. Two years ago, he predicted a number of explosions and assassinations in Lebanon and they actually took place.
And for the New Year, Geagea has "good news" for the Lebanese: an Israeli war within six months!
Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar quoted Geagea as telling Al-Jazeera TV crew that Israel will launch a fierce war against Lebanon in the upcoming six months.
According to the daily, Geagea said that the Israeli war would aim at "ending Hezbollah and its weapons."
Geagea claimed during the interview that Hezbollah is the reason of any potential war against Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

Please to note no US GIs died in Iraq in December in combat. All deaths were "suicides".

Anonymous said...

French media caught red-handed: Honduras coup protest photo presented as Iranian
The German daily Junge Welt reported that the French public national television channel "France 2" has diffused an image of a protest in Honduras against the June 2009 military coup and portrayed it as young Iranians resisting security forces during the Ashura day protests in Tehran.
You would think after the last embarrassment, the media would quit trying to fool the public!

Anonymous said...

Concern as China clamps down on rare earth exports - 2.1.10
Neodymium is one of 17 metals crucial to green technology. There’s only one snag – China produces 97% of the world’s supply. And they’re not selling.

Get ready for a Chinese crotch-bomber, followed by the invasion.

Anonymous said...

McCrystal; "we havn't won yet, but we will win."

Anonymous said...

It has sure been a marathon eh boys and girls?
WW2 was over in a quick 5 years. This GWOT whatever it is has dragged on for 9 and counting. To you all with empathy; Bless any tortured souls enduring their own private hell. Thanks to orchestrated Chaos, we are all candidates for chronic lingering depression. Not much else can be said.
Consider gambling. Winning releases hormones which make you feel better.
Know your limit play within it.

Anonymous said...

Good question 05:19, excellent advice 05:17. Thanks. Nine precious years of our lives they´ve stolen already, our enemy the ziowest. May this tenth one be the year of their utter rout. Amen.

Anonymous said...

re: 18:03

"You would think after the last embarrassment, the media would quit trying to fool the public!"

The Western media is doing what's it's designed to do: lie, manipulate, spindoctor, and deceive.

They can't help themselves.

It's is in their nature to deceive.

Anonymous said...

On this morning of Jan 3, we learn the terrorist US Brits are planning to expand killing operations in Yemen. Meanwhile destabalisation efforts are going on apace in Pakistan, Ecuador, Iran, etc. Any Muslim/SouthAm country is fair game. What next? China and Russia are busy boot-licking as they´ve been doing all along. There remains the econ weapon alone. Hope it blows them up skyhigh à la poiuytr before many days are out.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan, 08:57, is a country full of surprises, nay miracles. Remember the planned attack on Kahuta, near Islamabad where the enemies of the country supposed Pak´s budding nuclear programme was at work? Here´s the story of Kahuta in a few sentences.

The foiled Israeli plan to bomb Kahuta

Having successfully bombed and destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, Israelis were encouraged to launch a similar attack on Kahuta, a village to the east of Islamabad where Pakistan’s nascent nuclear research program was located. In collaboration with India, the Israelis made plans for this mission in early 1980s. Using satellite pictures and intelligence information provided by the CIA, they reportedly built a full-scale mock-up of Kahuta facility in the southern Negev Desert and pilots of F-16 and F-15 squadrons went through mock attack exercises.

According to the story published in London by The Asian Age citing revelations by journalists Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark in their book ‘Deception: Pakistan, the US and the Global Weapons Conspiracy’, the Israeli Air Force planned to launch an air attack on Kahuta in mid 1980s from Jamnagar airfield in Gujarat (India) and land and refuel at a base in northern India. The book claims that “in March 1984, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi signed off (on) the Israeli-led operation, bringing India, Pakistan and Israel to within a hairs breadth of a nuclear conflagration”.

Another report claims that Israel had planned to launch an air strike directly out of Israel. After midway and midair refueling, Israeli warplanes were to shoot down a commercial airline flight over the Indian Ocean that routinely flew into Islamabad early morning. The Israelis would have flown in a tight formation to appear as one large aircraft on radar screens preventing detection. Using the drowned airliner’s call sign they would have entered Islamabad’s air space, knocked out Kahuta and flown on to land in Jammu, an Indian airbase, to refuel and make an exit.

Reliable reports say that in mid 1980s this mission was actually launched one night. But the Israelis were in for a big surprise. They discovered that the Pakistan Air Force had already sounded an alert and had taken to the skies in anticipation of this attack. The Indo-Israeli mission had to be hurriedly called off.

Pakistan reminded the Israelis that Pakistan was no Iraq and that the Pakistan Air Force was no Iraqi Air Force. Using indirect channels, Pakistan is reported to have conveyed that an attack on Kahuta would force Pakistan to lay waste to Dimona, Israel’s nuclear reactor in the Negev Desert. Pakistan drew up contingency plans for a retaliatory strike on Dimona in case of any future Israeli misadventure. India was also warned that Islamabad would attack Trombay if its facilities in Kahuta were hit.

The above quoted book claims that “Prime Minister Indira Gandhi eventually aborted the operation despite protests from military planners in New Delhi and Jerusalem.”

This Indo-Israeli plan was also confirmed by a paper published by the Australian Institute for National Strategic Studies. It stated,

“Israeli interest in destroying Pakistan’s Kahuta reactor to scuttle the ‘Islamic bomb’ was blocked by India’s refusal to grant landing and refueling rights to Israeli warplanes in 1982.”

Clearly India wanted to see Kahuta gone but did not want to face retaliation against its own nuclear facilities at the hands of the Pakistan Air Force. Israel, on its part wanted this to be a joint Indo-Israeli strike so that Israel alone would not be held responsible.

The Reagan administration also showed reluctance to support the plan as any distraction on Pakistan’s part at that juncture would have hurt American interests in Afghanistan where Pakistan was engaged as key US ally against the Soviets.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan - The Propaganda Campaign

Although the two countries had to give up plans to hit Kahuta, they continued their diatribe against Pakistan’s nuclear program through an organized propaganda campaign which has been accelerated today. Israel used its clout over the American political establishment and the Western media to create hysteria. India also worked extensively to promote paranoia. Pakistan’s program was branded as unsafe, insecure and a threat to peace, although it is technically more sound, much safer and more secure than that of India and has ensured absence of war in the region.

Use of terrorists to destabilize Pakistan

The US invasion of Afghanistan provided another opening for the Indo-Israeli nexus to target Pakistan’s strategic assets. This time the strategy was to present Pakistan as an unstable state, incapable of defending itself against religious extremist insurgents, creating the specter of nuclear assets falling into their hands in Islamabad. This was achieved by creating a proxy organization – Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the Pakistan-Afghan border areas where they recruited rogue elements and spread chaos to destabilize Pakistan through terrorism. Suggestions were floated that in view of the possibility of Pakistan succumbing to extremists, its nuclear assets should be disabled, seized or forcibly taken out by the US. Alternatively, an international agency should take them over for safe keeping. ...

This is the zio plan. Reality will bring another Kahuta to light, not to worry. Bear in mind that Pakistan is the natural leader of the Muslim world. No way can Israeli US-NATO ever get their hands on this country.

Anonymous said...

Give us your tired, your poor, your hungry, so we can snoop spy experiment meddle intrude villify examine dissect process puree radiate poison and dispose of them. Lady Liberty holding the torch high to illuminate our tireless painstaking subversive work.

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Q: What if America sold the Statue of Liberty? I wonder how much one could get for it. She’s got to be feeling uncomfortable in a country that no longer wants anyone’s tired, poor, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.
A: Well, The copper alone is worth a lot of money at this point. A quick web search shows two frequently cited figures for Miss Liberty’s copper skin: one of about 60,000 pounds, the other 179,000 pounds. At three bucks a pound of copper, that’s either $180,000 or something over half a million bucks – a drop in the ocean of America’s national debt. But then the dollar isn´t worth a damn anymore.

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One USan expert on the future of the dollar:
I’m afraid the U.S. dollar is going to be totally destroyed. The consequences of that are going to make everything that’s going on now pale by comparison. I mean, as bad as the consequences of propping up all these dinosaurs like General Motors and AIG and General Electric and Goldman Sachs, among many others, might be next through direct theft from the U.S. taxpayer are, that’s nothing compared to what will happen when things get really bad, which they haven’t yet.

It’s really going to be bad when they destroy the dollar that’s when it’s really going to hit the fan. Runaway inflation is bad enough in a place like Zimbabwe, where most of the people are still living on a subsistence level. And it was bad enough in Germany in the 1920s, when most Germans were still living on farms or making things with their own hands. But in an advanced industrial society, as heavily urbanized as the U.S. is, runaway inflation is going to be unbelievably disastrous. As dim as the average American is, he’s bound to get perturbed when his quality of life nose-dives, and who knows what the social consequences of that might be.

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USan Perspective - 3.1.10 - Russia-Belarus Oil Dispute
MOSCOW — Russia and Belarus have failed to renew an agreement on crude oil export tariffs that expired on New Year’s Eve, raising the prospect that yet another otherwise unremarkable energy pricing dispute between Russia and a neighbor could unravel into a midwinter fuel shut-off on the Continent.
Just a year ago, Europeans shivered through a politically tinged dispute that went on for weeks between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas prices and transit fees.
This year, the crude oil pipeline that is the focus of disagreement is integral to exports of Siberian petroleum to Western Europe as part of the Soviet-era Druzhba pipeline system.

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Five foreign troops killed in Afghan explosions
KABUL – Four U.S. servicemembers and a British soldier were killed in two separate improvised bomb explosions in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, foreign forces said on Monday.
The four U.S. troops were the first American military casualties in Afghanistan in 2010. They were killed in an improvised explosive device (IED) strike, NATO-led forces said in a statement. A spokesman declined to give further details, saying next-of-kin were being notified.
The Taliban on Monday said that a series of explosions in Panjwai district of southern Kandahar on Sunday killed several foreign soldiers. Their report could not be verified immediately and the insurgents often inflate enemy casualty figures.

Do they now? And what about the enemy deflating the very same figures? Experience has taught us that the Taliban are more to be trusted than the USan/Nato killers.

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The US and China: One Side is Losing, the Other is Winning - 3.1.10 (Excerpts)
Asian capitalism, notably China and South Korea are competing with the US for global power. Asian global power is driven by dynamic economic growth, while the US pursues a strategy of military-driven empire building.

James Petras - One Day’s Read of the Financial Times (I)

Even a cursory read of a single issue of the Financial Times (December 28, 2009) illustrates the divergent strategies toward empire building. On page one, the lead article on the US is on its expanding military conflicts and its ‘war on terror’, entitled “Obama Demands Review of Terror List”. In contrast, there are two page-one articles on China, which describe China’s launching of the world’s fastest long-distance passenger train service and China’s decision to maintain its currency pegged to the US dollar as a mechanism to promote its robust export sector. While Obama turns the US focus on a fourth battle front (Yemen) in the ‘war on terror’ (after Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan), the Financial Times reports on the same page that a South Korean consortium has won a $20.4 billion dollar contract to develop civilian nuclear power plants for the United Arab Emirates, beating its US and European competitors.

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James Petras (II)

On page two of the FT there is a longer article elaborating on the new Chinese rail system, highlighting its superiority over the US rail service: The Chinese ultra-modern train takes passengers between two major cities, 1,100 kilometers, in less than 3 hours whereas the US Amtrack ‘Express’ takes 3 ½ hours to cover 300 kilometers between Boston and New York. While the US passenger rail system deteriorates from lack of investment and maintenance, China has spent $17 billion dollars constructing its express line. China plans to construct 18,000 kilometers of new track for its ultra-modern system by 2012, while the US will spend an equivalent amount in financing its ‘military surge’ in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as opening a new war front in Yemen.
China builds a transport system linking producers and labor markets from the interior provinces with the manufacturing centers and ports on the coast, while on page 4 the Financial Times describes how the US is welded to its policy of confronting the ‘Islamist threat’ with an endless ‘war on terror’. The decades-long wars and occupations of Moslem countries have diverted hundreds of billions of dollars of public funds to a militarist policy with no benefit to the US, while China modernizes its civilian economy. While the White House and Congress subsidize and pander to the militarist-colonial state of Israel with its insignificant resource base and market, alienating 1.5 billion Moslems (Financial Times – page 7), China’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew 10 fold over the past 26 years (FT – page 9). While the US allocated over $1.4 trillion dollars to Wall Street and the military, increasing the fiscal and current account deficits, doubling unemployment and perpetuating the recession (FT – page 12), the Chinese government releases a stimulus package directed at its domestic manufacturing and construction sectors, leading to an 8% growth in GDP, a significant reduction of unemployment and ‘re-igniting linked economies’ in Asia, Latin America and Africa (also on page 12).
While the US was spending time, resources and personnel in running ‘elections’ for its corrupt clients in Afghanistan and Iraq, and participating in pointless mediations between its intransigent Israeli partner and its impotent Palestinian client, the South Korean government backed a consortium headed by the Korea Electric Power Corporation in its successful bid on the $20.4 billion dollar nuclear power deal, opening the way for other billion-dollar contracts in the region (FT – page 13).
While the US was spending over $60 billion dollars on internal policing and multiplying the number and size of its ‘homeland’ security agencies in pursuit of potential ‘terrorists’, China was investing $25 billion dollars in ‘cementing its energy trading relations’ with Russia (FT – page 3).
The story told by the articles and headlines in a single day’s issue of the Financial Times reflects a deeper reality, one that illustrates the great divide in the world today. The Asian countries, led by China, are reaching world power status on the basis of their massive domestic and foreign investments in manufacturing, transportation, technology and mining and mineral processing. In contrast, the US is a declining world power with a deteriorating society resulting from its military-driven empire building and its financial-speculative centered economy:

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Yet another bit from the Petras article:

China invests in petroleum-rich countries; the US attacks them. China sells plates and bowls for Afghan wedding feasts; US drone aircraft bomb the celebrations. China invests in extractive industries, but, unlike European colonialists, it builds railroads, ports, airfields and provides easy credit. China does not finance and arm ethnic wars and ‘color rebellions’ like the US CIA. China self-finances its own growth, trade and transportation system; the US sinks under a multi trillion dollar debt to finance its endless wars, bail out its Wall Street banks and prop up other non-productive sectors while many millions remain without jobs.

China will grow and exercise power through the market; the US will engage in endless wars on its road to bankruptcy and internal decay. China’s diversified growth is linked to dynamic economic partners; US militarism has tied itself to narco-states, warlord regimes, the overseers of banana republics and the last and worst bona fide racist colonial regime, Israel.

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CHINESE MATHEMATICS by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
on January 1, 2010

1. The Chinese understand numbers. Very early they invented the computer - not the electronic one - but the abacus.

2. The abacus in the hands of experts can outrun the electronic calculator.

3. The ability to calculate fast contributes much to the skills in business. The brain deduces problems much faster.

4. When I was Prime Minister a Chinese expert demonstrated to me how pre-school children could be taught to mentally multiply or divide big figures almost instantaneously. They know how to use the abacus for quick calculations. When asked to add, subtract, multiply or divide, they mentally move the beads of the computer in their minds. That way they were able to almost immediately give the answers.

5. The professor told me that the children were ordinary children, It was his system of mental calculation which enabled them to perform.

6. I asked the Ministry of Education to use Prof Xu Si Zhong's method for our primary schools. I don't really know the results.

7. The Professor came to see me recently to introduce improvements he had made to his method. I must say that his new method is even better.

8. Since I am now no longer in the Government I cannot persuade the Ministry of Education to adopt his system. It strikes me that if someone were to invest a small sum of money to put up a classroom for pre-school children to be taught mathematics using this method, there might be parents interested to send their children for a few hours a week to learn. I think the children will enjoy learning mathematics and the use of the abacus.

9. I will be happy to put interested private kindergartens and primary schools in contact with Prof Xu Si Zhong.

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Mahatir again, as combative as ever:
THE WEALTH OF NATIONS (4.1.10) - Excerpts:

13. Clearly the players in the financial market are protected. They can make tons of money selling non-existent commodities but they need not deliver if they have no physical commodities.
14. And so the financial market expanded until it became much bigger than the real market. The trade in currencies for example is twenty times bigger than total world trade. Hedge funds, through mysterious investments pay as much as 30% to their investors. Pyramid schemes gave huge returns and banks calculate their earnings on the amount of money they lent out, whether the borrowers were able to pay or not.
15. There were numerous schemes which gave huge profits to the investors, far more than investments in the production of goods and services.
16. With these financial schemes the wealth of these developed countries and their rich investors appeared to grow at a high rate every year and the people appeared to have the capacity to buy unlimited amounts of imported goods. These countries were apparently the locomotives of growth for the whole world.
17. Then the balloons bursts. The sub-prime borrowers, millions of them were unable to pay the housing loans they had taken. Neither could they borrow from other banks to repay their debts. The banks became saddled with huge non-performing loans and were headed for bankruptcy. Like a house of cards, the whole financial market collapsed. The crisis that followed is common knowledge now.
18. The wealth of the West, acquired through the financial market is not real wealth. Their Per Capita and GDP figure are not based on reality. Their money also has a bloated value, guaranteed by no reserves or gold. (Their money is truly fiat money).
19. Their Governments were forced to bail out their banks and companies with trillions of dollars. It can be said that their Presidents and Prime Ministers are all responsible for the trillions of dollars lost by their countries.
20. I am waiting for a good unemployed journalist to investigate and write a book on these leaders who presided over the trillion-dollar losses by their countries.

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re: 17:58

The Statue of Liberty is a harlot.

Always has been. Always will be.

It has never represented liberty. Indeed, it's opposite.

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10:28 - Quite agree about the "harlot" bit. Could be renamed the Statue of Iniquity. Alternatively, it could simply be pulled down and sold as scrap material. Cash for Copper. A fair bargain for most comers, if the dollar were not so seedy.

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Drone crashes in E Afghanistan
KHOST, Afghanistan, Jan. 3 (Xinhua) — An unmanned plane belonging to the U.S.-led Coalition Forces on Saturday night crashed in Yusuf Khil district of Paktika province in east Afghanistan, press department of the Coalition forces in the eastern region said Sunday.
However, the press department ruled out the involvement of hostile fire in crashing the predator, stressing technical problems caused the incident.
Meantime, Taliban purported spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility, emphasizing the militants shot down the pilotless plane. But the claim was rejected by the Coalition's press department as groundless.

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Belarus's Belneftekhim company denies reports on oil supplies cessation - 4.1.10

The Belarusian Belneftekhim oil concern denied on Monday reports by some media outlets on the cessation of oil supplies from Russia.

"The information on the cessation of oil supplies is false, oil is being supplied to Belarus both for transit and processing," a Belneftekhim spokeswoman said.

She said difficulties which took place during talks between Russia and Belarus over the supply and transit of oil in 2010 did not affect the country's refineries, which, she said, "continue operating in the same regime."

The two countries failed to sign an agreement on oil supplies in 2010 before the end of 2009. Russian officials have said that until an agreement is reached, Belarus will have to pay the full duty on oil it receives.

The dispute between Russia and Belarus has raised fears in Germany and Poland that supplies may be affected, as they were during a similar dispute in 2007.

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Pakistan´s tremendous gold reserves amount to trillions of dollars. Yet another reason why the vultures can´t stay away:

h ttp://

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Vacation footage; 28 video clips of Yank'nsteins recent visit to Yemen.

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