'Collapse of America is unavoidable'

'The collapse of America is unavoidable'
09 March, 2009, 10:57
America must work on starting a new economy and not restarting the old one or it will resemble the former Soviet Union, says author and blogger Dmitry Orlov.


Anonymous said...

In his own way, Orlov is fascinating to read or listen to. One reservation: a degree of oversimplication which makes it hard to grasp by what steps exactly the final outcome will occur. But oversimplification has probably always been part of the the US disease.

Very useful links added to site. They'll come in handy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Collapse joins up with your prolapse. One glaring difference between you and Orlov, you at least show some willingness to tackle the tricky time factor. A matter of courage, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

"...hard to grasp by what steps exactly the final outcome will occur.."

It is happening as we speak:

The Five Stages of Collapse
by Dmitry Orlov


If this helps any.

And I am not saying that we must take his words as those of a guru, but like Peter Schiff on economic collapse, Dmitry was one of the first to talk about TOTAL collapse. It is food for thought.

But you must admit the USA is struggling hard to keep itself clobbered together internally by draconian laws (for example the patriot act, and the Thought Crimes act: hr 1959), FEMA prison camps for the anticipated mass civil disturbances, astronomic funding of police state structures and weapons, and the highest per capita prison population and death sentences in the world. Not to mention unprecedented money printing.

Put all that together and what do you get?


Anonymous said...

"Obama and US commander discuss military intervention in Mexico"


Anonymous said...

We respectfully wish to submit to collapse-man Orlov that he may be somewhat wrong in his analysis of coming doom. The Soviet Union disintegrated because the entire west was ranged against it. Not one friend remained it when the breakup began. America, on the other hand, can not only count on the support of the entire west, much diminished in strength though it is. Even America's natural enemies seem to have swallowed whole that indispensable-nation nonsense and seem willing to sacrifice their own interests to further the well-being of that rogue state.

poiuytr said...

to 11:34 (informatron)
right, USA doesn't necessarily have to fold and break up. that would be TOO logical and kind. USA is ready for a fascist clampdown, gap poverty, camps, forced labour system, mayhem perhaps even, and there's no indication that the west war junta elite would ever give in. the interesting thing about Russia's USA-break up stuff is that it plants the seeds of it. it's just like Russia approaching NATO a year ago with a proposal to RUN NATO for EU. EU laughed. Russia said, yeah they're gonna laugh, but eventually they'll get it. and it took the saxons only a year to realise that NATO without Russia consent, treaty, agreement simply CANNOT be. so it's a seed of USA break up...

to 13:12
i don't know what to make of Mexico drug war and Chinese troops supposedly being there and USA mobilising. it's US takeover of Mexico, or the beginning of it. but why on earth? how's running Mexico gonna save USA? that whole NAU idea... it's pointless.

to 13:24
i wouldn't see it so bleak.

USA cannot count on anyone, methinks.

let's see.... who? EU?

EU incl UK is broker than it. there is no difference twixt EU/Aussie/USA/Canada/Israel/Japan... let's call it West to make it simpler. all of it is run by the same war disease and off the same pretense money that no longer exists, and all of it is in active prolapse.

EU has NOTHING to offer to anyone, safe for french snails, italian overpriced boots, German expensive cars that require all the resource first stolen from colonies. Europe has neither resources, food, nor favourable labour rate. it's lived off colonies, slave work, war its entire life. it requires perpetual war (like USA). no war, no colonies, NO EUROPE. (and i mean "winning wars" not Afghanistan or Iraq or Somalia or Sudan...)

who else? Japan? it has no resource, no econ, no land.

who else? Africa? she's not even on occasional cunnilingus terms with USA. Africa resource belong to China and Russia despite the 20 yrs of West continuous wars/genocides.

who else? Canada? well, Canada has been Bush II territory since they purged the anti-NWO leadership there in 2002 or so but how can Ottawa help when they can't even block missiles from North Pole? the only help from Canada is 10K troops to bash US baboons skulls when the mayhem comes.

who else? South Am? yeah, if USA had a brain cell they'd take Hugo up on his invite to pursue common future together, but they're incurably tyrannical and won't let go of their planet domination wetdream.

now, USA "natural" enemies comprise 90% of the planet. safe for a few remaining despotic West puppets scattered around like in Egypt, Colombia, Taiwan, the Freeworld has not only made it clear it wants no part of the USA tyranny but is well on its way to "No-USA" world. note that dollar and US military have been dumped everywhere.

the only leverage that i see USA/west command today is their unequivocal insanity and arsenal of nukes, a combination that requires delicate and measured approach. and that's precisely what has been delivered from Moscow every single day for the last 15 yrs.

Orlov's break up rhetoric is just another masterful yanking of the cushy fluffy carpet the US baboons have been resting on; another step towards pushing the US baboons into the realisation that their mounting fears are all too real and fully justified. in that it achieved its purpose. today, the idea of no USA is a fun debate topic. yesterday, the West monkey didn't even have the no-USA thought in its simplistic lexicon.

Anonymous said...

to Poiutyr:

There are no "Chinese troops" in Mexico. That meme is promoted by American Right Wingers (aka fascists) and NWO paranoiacs who are attempting to portray the U$A as "threatened by the Commies." This is the "Red Dawn" syndrome and indicative of the increasing delusional national fascist mentality of Americans.

Whip up jingoistic nationalism against a foreign "bogeyman" in order to keep the country togther and unify it. This is was a fave tactic of the Nazis ... and the Americans.

Please don't uncritically repeat this propaganda.

And America is planning to intervene in Mexico to crush any political rebellion resulting from the ongoing economic collapse of course.

Fighting "drug dealers" is a laughable lie/pretext ... given that the USA itself is Narcostate Numero Uno.

As always, America demonizes those who resist the US Empire or its exploitive "Washington Consensus" economics with blather about fighting terror, drugs, defending liberty, blah, blah, blah.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, informatron. You've been most informative about Orlov. We do like the man and his sense of purpose. We'll look up the Five Stages of Collapse you mentioned. And feel more enlightened for it afterwards, maybe. Thanks as well to poiuytr for his sweeping answers from which, we suppose, the main thing one gains is hope renewed that an end to all the madness is still conceivable.

And now what about that whole new set of warlike growls indiscriminately aimed in the direction of North Korea, China and Mexico?

Anonymous said...

What to Do to STOP the Globalist Takeover of America?

[Editor's Note; The author of this letter is a well known TV and film actor of the 1950s, 60s, and 70's. I won't reveal his name without his OK, but his concerns tell me that not everyone in the Hollywood disinformation ministry is bought, sold, and/or mind controlled to toil on behalf on the NWO. ...Ken]

February 5, 2009

What to Do to STOP the Globalist Takeover of America? (Feb. 6, 2009)

Subject: globalists
From: Ty
Date: Thu, February 5, 2009
To: Editor


Just a quick note. How much time in your accesment do we have before they close shop? The masses are getting nervious as they have no idea what's going on.

Ken, I feel so helpless as a retired patriot, officer, and actor, I just wanted to live my life out peacefully and be with my Lord BUT I can't, knowing my nation is under attack. They control the airways and everything else and I'm sure they read your mail. They are well prepared.

What is the proceedure or program to survive? I started the Arizona patriots years ago and everybody thought I was some kook. Just looking to secure our freedoms. I had a church their ********* ******, but ******* closed me down as I was a radical and still am.

God bless you and keep safe,



Hi Ty,

Things are moving fast now since they kicked off the phony and contrived "economic collapse" back in September 2008. Wholesale robbery of the American taxpayer to "bail out" Wall street robber barons and banksters. Right. That makes lots of sense to "save" the economy.

Now we have the Rockefeller/Obama infil-traitor proposing the equally phony "economic stimulus package" which will further bring us to our knees economically and usher in greater Big Brother impositions and kick off the Obama/Hitler Youth movement.

My guess is that things will get real bad this year and maybe lead to wide scale riots by 2010, that will bring in police state goon patrols, even if they don't pop off another major false flag operation in this country.

The wisest course is to get busy locally and organize whoever is listening into groups and plot a strategy to get your state reps to push Big Time for state sovereignty. Naturally, the governor and many in the state senate (being controlled NWO minions) will fight it, but there's a chance to push through a bona fide Sovereignty bill if enough citizens yell like crazy and get in the face of their state reps. With a state sovereignty law in place, you can then LEGALLY organize a state militia to oppose the imposition of martial law by the federal traitors-and REFUSE other dictates of Homeland Security or FEMA, etc. . It is then much EASIER to convince AND TO DEMAND that local police and local National Guard remain loyal to the state, and NOT join in with the feds, so they will fight on YOUR side when --and if-- the time comes. THEN we have a real chance to stop the snowballing towards Armageddon. We could then-state by state-start dismantling and tearning down those disgusting FEMA concentration camps

Everyone wants to lead a peaceful life and not have to face this, but doing nothing will only hasten the destruction of America. We must organize and fight on the political and court fronts while we still have these systems in place.

The entire NWO takeover plan will fall like a house of cards IF enough people get involved locally and push for state sovereignty and use court actions to slow down Big Brother impositions. Just TALKING about it is NOT going to change anything.

Regards, Ken

Anonymous said...

Had a closer look at the links on this site. Came away a bit disappointed. Alex Jones seems Obama obsessed, Engdahl ditto about the Great Game, ICH is of course above reproach, Keiser talks mainly about money, I Am The Witness had the occasional interesting item, Rense is so commercialised it might as well be mainstream. The Truth Seeker is all right. A bit firghtening, but the question must be asked: Is this all we have to guide us in our fight against the powers that be?

Anonymous said...

Most people in th elazy west don't give a damn. They're busy earning their living and eventually waiting for the sky to fall on their heads. They themselves have no desire to take part in events or even to think for themselves. I remember an Orlov talk not so long ago which attracted only a handful of people. Adversity might straighten us out and make us live up to our responsibilities. Or, then again, not.

Anonymous said...

George Galloway's Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza was a gallant act, beyond simple bla-bla which most of us seem to prefer. That's the way we should go. Act rather than just talk.

Anonymous said...

Matthias Chang, the best among economic analysts today, writes in The Federal Reserve Is Bankrupt,

When Joe Six-Packs realises that the Federal Reserve Note is not even secured by US treasuries and or the FED has real tangible assets, but its balance sheet is littered with junks and toxic waste, there will be a run on the Fed i.e. when Americans and foreigners no longer have faith in the Federal Reserve Notes as "money".

If confidence could vaporise in a second and cause a stampede in what was once considered solid security, the triple A rated bonds in the repo and money markets, the same confidence that is now reposed in the Federal Reserve Notes can likewise disappear into the memory hole.

All these years, the con was maintained by the Fed that it was solid because it has on its balance sheet over $800 billion of US treasuries i.e. its notes "were so-called backed by these treasuries". It could sell its treasuries in the repo market for cash and thereby control the money flows in the economy and vice versa.

In their subconscious mind, Americans and stupid foreign central banks and their executives (brain-washed by the Chicago School of Economics) somehow believe in the infallibility of the Fed.

Now it has been exposed that the Fed’s "assets" comprise of junk bonds and toxic wastes.

The Emperor has no clothes!

Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve may have given the ultimate epitaph: "The bright new financial system – for all its talented participants, for all its rich rewards – has failed the test of the market place."

And it is any wonder that Professor Nouriel Roubini declared:

"The process of socialising the private losses from this crisis has already moved many liabilities of the private sector onto the books of the sovereign. At some point a sovereign bank may crack, in which case the ability of the government to credibly commit to act as a backstop for the financial system – including deposit guarantees – could come unglued."

In my opinion, the Fed has already become "unglued". Whatever guarantees given to secure the indebtedness of CitiGroup and others to prevent a run on these banks are useless.

It is bankrupt!

His website: www.FutureFastForward.com

Anonymous said...

Debris of US and Russians satellites begin to fall down on Earth

11.03.2009 Source: Pravda.Ru URL: http://english.pravda.ru/science/earth/107217-debris_satellites-0

The debris of the two satellites, which collided on Earth’s orbit for the first time in the history of mankind in February of this year, begin to fall down on the planet, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the US Strategic Command, which monitors the near-Earth space.

Russia ’s Cosmos 2251 military communication satellite and US Iridium 33communication satellites collided in space February 10 at the height of over 800 kilometers above the territory of Russia ’s Krasnoyarsk region.

The fragments of the two satellites, which fall down on Earth, pose no danger at all, for they are tiny pieces of the craft – not larger than 1 centimeter. The fragment numbered as 1993-036PX will enter the Earth’s atmosphere on March 12. Fragment 1993-036KW will enter the atmosphere on March 28, and fragment 1993-036MC will follow on March 30, Spaceweather.com website says. All of them are only one centimeter in size. They will be destroyed in the atmosphere and will pose no danger to people.

The collision of the two satellites in orbit marked the first-ever collision of two undamaged satellites. All the previous incidents occurred when satellites collided with space garbage.

Russia ’s Cosmos 2251 military communication satellite was not operating for many years. It was living out its days in orbit like many other old satellites.

Cosmos 2251 satellite weighs about 800 kilos. It was used as a communication satellite for military purposes. The satellite lasts for only three years.

Iridium 33/24946 is a commercial communication craft weighing about 700 kilos. It lasts from five to eight years. There were 66 Iridium satellites in near-Earth orbit before the collision. Iridium Holdings LLC will replace the damaged satellite during the upcoming 30 days.

Three hundred and fifty five catalogue entries have been made to designate the debris of Cosmos 2251 and 159 entries – for the fragments of Iridium 33. The debris of Cosmos float in space at the heights from 198 to 1,689 kilometers. The numbers for Iridium are smaller – from 582 and 1,262 kilometers.

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poiuytr said...

to 9:12 on links
right, i think i agree. rense is a tabloid today. he only posts stuff from his gang of sycophants it seems. engdahl's a moron in my book. typical yank mindless egocentric blither. alex jones' obama raving? any obama raving is lunacy. anyway...

to ANYONE/EVERYONE: what's good links then?

to 3:05
i don't repeat the Chinese troops in Mexico thing. in fact, i did say i don't know what to make of that and left it at that. you may be right it's some "red dawn" psych-op. who knows? the whole mexico thing is pretty muddy to me. it's obvious it's not just a drug war and that USA has tunneled Mexico to death in every respect.

Anonymous said...

To answer question about "good links", two are mentioned above which might be worth something: 1. www.FutureFastForward.com and 2.
the Pravda-Ru site might add something to our hopelessly out-of-focus image of the world as well. Listing them along with the others already there might be a good idea.

As for murky Mexico, don't you see, this must be some mad think tank's idea of how to get back clout over South Am? However, it's curtains for USA the day they take the final military step. And Texas goes back where it came from.

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