Nation By Nation (1Mar)

19-1Mar09 -- Picked like dirty laundry from clothes-lines spinning the world, washed clean of the west media war-whore bias polluting their every word, every sentence, every news, broadcast, film, and song, and recycled with pizzazz of a man haunted by the west demonic presence behind every tragedy, mad dictator, eco-disaster, massacre, abuse, human and drug traffic, genocide, design-disease, war, land grab, artificial poverty, resource theft, and broken treaty for the last 2000 yrs. (Mouseover flags for nation info)

B A N G L A D E S H Bangladesh - Army mutiny started with the killing of a gen'l was ultimately squashed by tanks and gun fire that killed near 80.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Deepening ties with Russia, getting subs, jets, and choppers. Another nation liberating self from the West vampire.
- Taking land from the thieves and returning it to the natives in a land reform.

Evo Morales, inch by inch, liberates Bolivia from the West rape.

C A N A D A Canada - Very angry with Russian bombers skirting coast. Why would that be? Cuz Putin made it public he hates your sick-in-the-saxon-head slaughter of seals ritual?

C H I N A China - Makes 10B USD deal with Brazil for oil dev'p. Notice, an oil well is being dug and no West vampires in sight. Indeed, no-West world is not only possible but happily underway.
- Posts 8% GROWTH! Oh, how the world turns. The West will be very lucky if it's allowed to assemble toys in EU/US sweatshops for the Chinese market.
- BIG NEWS: USA is breaking up as planned. China got "eminent domain" from USA as payment for the debt and bribe not to dump US t-bills and thus wipe out US econ in a single market order. This means that much like OPEC is being compensated for staying on the dying dollar with US real-estate and titles to US banks and assets, China has just been given USA realty. And so as "eminent domain", which means China can do what it will with it. It appears that China's getting the US 20% foreclosure catalogue, which lands China indeed predominantly in the mfg centres of USA leaving the coasts for Russia and a few other creditors to take over shortly. It's funny how the US baboon busies self waving the striped flag and plaguing forums with pro-US propaganda maintaining the psychotic pretense it still has a nation of its own.

E U EU - Prints 20B GBP for East EU to postpone the region's inevitable prolapse. An individual bank gets twice that and every few months. Clearly, EU is a LIFO structure: last in, first out.
- Wants to prosecute Bashir, prez of Sudan, for keeping Sudanese oil Sudanese. The West has been trying to steal Sudan oil wells for decades going as far as arming Darfur causing unspeakable atrocities in the nation. But even if Sudan was guilty of "war crimes", how can the Haague be allowed to select-prosecute like this? Unless war criminals of USA, UK, and Israel are arraigned in the court, isn't it a bit difficult to take this West travesty organisation seriously.

F R A N C E France - Martinique, after 3 weeks of strikes, is on fire in the contagious world-wide revolt against the West disease.
- To frighten off 911 movement, a professor who tells the truth about the world's biggest terror attack, is made an example of as he's fired and career-destroyed. Didn't he know that truth and West don't mix?
- Natixis wank posts a 3B EUR loss for 2008.
- Paris nationalises car-part maker Valeo.
- Guadeloupe's CAE (Collective Against Exploitation) stands tough on the demands. Its spokesman, H Durimel, sums it up best: "They give plenty of cash to their banks..." After typical West brat conniptions Paris gives in to the demands but strike goes on.
- Merges two banks and takes them over. Yes, that's precisely what's meant by NWO consolidating assets.
- 5 USA concentration camp survivours freed in French court since the testimony was tortured out of them. Torture of the West beast is a matter of official record now by West's own standard. If anyone's trying to tell you it's just an opinion or it isn't really happening, refer them to this French official legal policy.
- Signs deals to build nuke power plants in Italy. Are USA and UK going to bomb France and Italy now or at least impose sanctions on these pesky more nuke stuff seeking nations?

G E O R G I A Georgia - As Abkhazia and South Ossetia get liberated from the West, Georgians are booted from the new countries.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Fully deserves the title "EU Workhorse". After all, it only shriveled 2% in 4Q08.
- Spring of discontent begins as 60K revolt against USA plundering ownership of Opel.
- USA divorce trend truly palpable as strikes begin to erupt. Not so fast, Germany! You torture with USA. You murder kids in Iraq with USA. You lie with USA -- about everything. You murder kids in Afghanistan with USA. You enjoy Israel's genocide of Palestinian kids with USA. You backed USA attack on Russia via Georgia. You struck Serbians -- AGAIN -- and stole their land with USA. So knock off the pathetic whinging now and enjoy your glorious prolapse with USA.
- Gripped by desperation, sidles up to China some more, signing 10B in deals in purchasing, cooperation, and those "can we work for you" areas.
- Unemployment at a still modest 8%.
- Makes a museum in honour of their Barbarossa child murdering troops. How nice. How about Hitler statues and Goebbles news Awards now?

G R E E C E Greece - Revolt continues as gov't workers (tax office & air traffic) join strikes (25Feb).

I C E L A N D Iceland - Turns to killing whales. Figures that the new 300 jobs that whale torpedoing will provide is somehow going to save the prolapsed West island. Looks like they're as bright as brave.

I R A N Iran - Bushehr nuke power plant online with 6000 centrifuges churning out enriched uranium fuel. So despite all the years of most obscene profanity and violent threats, the West will have to accept nuke Iran after all. This rather highlights the incredible leverage, respect, and importance the entire West commands nowadays, doesn't it?

I R A Q Iraq - Obama's pull out of Iraq in reality means 50K troops staying there PERMANENTLY. A child could tell you that's nothing to do with a "pull out". That this is just plain occupation. That's probably why USA loves killing, torturing, and maiming children, isn't it? So the little ones can't state the obvious like that 200ft wide Boeing cannot under any circumstance squeeze itself through a 16ft wide hole even if it folds its wings real tight.

I S R A E L Isreal - Expanding illegal occupation via new land-theft in West Bank.

J A P A N Japan - Gov't pension fund down near 6T JPY in 4Q08.
- Quite a telling trend emerges as output clocks 10% shriveling in Jan after a near 10% in Dec08.
- Export shrivels near 50% in Jan.
- Trade deficit hits another record of 7B GBP.
- 160K more jobs to be zapped by March.
- Japan is not a sole occurrence among the West toppling dominoes. Taiwan export down by 43%, Singapore 35%, S Korea 33%...

L A T V I A Latvia - Unrest explodes again. Barricades reappear in Riga. 10K riot as the general revolt goes on. It's gonna be funny when these Baltic states, after swallowing their pride, go crawling on their bellies back to Moscow for a bit of bread.

He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. In spite of the West evil & deeply exploitative foreign policies that have left most of the planet in ruins and 35M civilians dead just since WWII, it looks as though it's the West's turn now.

L I B Y A Libya - Prez of AU (African Union) M Kaddafy exposes Israel to be behind the savage genocide in Sudan as the weapons dealer to Darfur, region used by the West to wage war against Sudan in attempt to steal Sudan's oil.

M A D A G A S C A R Madagascar - Gov't forces retake gov't from opposition. UN readying to occupy the African island now.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Screwing around with the West provoking another missile testing. Obama flinches and swears he'll fire on it, the missile that is.

R U S S I A Russia - Dumps Ukrainian radar system replacing it with new one.
- Italy expands its sidling up to Moscow by >50B EUR deal. At least Italy understands how it's gonna roll.
- Like Somalia, Yemen invites Russian Navy. Notice that the West oil jugular is running through a very volatile if not unfriendly area from Hormuz to Aden making any large conflict a total impossibility for the West, unless, of course, it wants to go oil-dry inside 3 days. Accident? No. Just the continuation of the masterful 15 yr counter-defensive led by Moscow against the NWO vampire.
- Ukrainian heads-up on not being able to pay for gas soon heard loud and clear. The next EU-gas shut off party is scheduled for 8Mar, unless 400M is paid up.
- Buys US prolapsed coal corporation.
- Tells West to stay clear of Moldova. Didn't the West war junta learn during the Beijing Olympics that it's plain dumb using a proxy tiny like Georgia against Russia? And Moldova is half the size of Georgia. Doesn't someone in the war West have an atlas?
- Navy anchoring in Syria.

S P A I N Spain - Going ahead with investigation of Israel's war crimes in Gaza in 2002. So steal an apple and go to jail NOW but commit war crimes and it takes 7 yrs to even decide if it's worth looking into it. How can Westerners even look into the mirror without barfing in total and complete disgust with themselves?

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - A demonstration in USA in front of White House against the genocide in Sri Lanka, as Colombo strikes out against LTTE, a separatist Northwest movement.

U K UK - Palestinian activists sue UK for "flagrant" breach of int'l law by supplying Israel arms for genocide of Palestine. Record UK sales of arms to Israel as well as war crimes in Gaza are thus exposed.
- Out of cash and desperate, gov't nationalises bank assets but tries selling dead crap like post office. Westerners didn't expect the NWO war dictators to be delivering parcels for them after the assets are stolen and the West is collapsed, did they?
- Wank of Scotland loses 24B GBP so the gov't is giving 95% of the empty coffers back to the people to refill. UKian tax payers still quite obedient.
- Nationalising more wanks. Yes, NWO is consolidating assets as planned.
- In protest a man sets self on fire in front of the parliament on 27Feb.
- A diplo, after criticising Israel for Gaza genocide, couldn't have been too surprised to have been arrested and suspended.

U N UN - UNOOSA (UN of Outer Space Affairs) admits that satellites are falling down. West pawned off the recent crashes filmed in Saudi, Sweden, US/Texas, US/Washington on the stupid West populace as "meteors". Not even basic physics function in the West today. Facts like meteor speed and the fact that rocks don't explode don't give this away. Two things to note here: 1) Not even the planet's orbit was spared the dirty West rape as it littered it with its deadly war junk now threatening any part of the planet; 2) UN, a true castrate of an organisation, while completely incapable of doing its job of stopping mass child murder here on earth, has such severe delusions of grandeur it actually thinks it's in charge of space.

U S A USA (as formerly known) - The broke state of California mulls legalisation of marijuana while Obama stops marijuana raids. Looks like US governance wants the baboons stoned, not just cretinous.
- US Army buys a lot of riot gear. But which from among the drugged NorthAm herd could connect these two dots?
- Breaks records in borrowing, or as they smarm it "selling" notes. Over 100B just "sold" pushing basic deficit (that is budget sans obligations like medical care, pensions, etc) to near 2T USD.
- JP Morgan enjoyed the "bailout" billions but now is zapping 12K jobs anyway.
- 1Q09 brings a great news of US wanks losing 26B. All the zillions of printed hyperinflationary cash not working, ey? But at least some wanks like Northern Trust used the "bailout" for a multi-million private country club bash. So what if the ones that pay for it aren't invited? They don't mind.
- While Exxon, US oil giant, is awashed in record profits, Alaskan coastline destroyed in a 1989 eco-attack by Exxon, is still not compensated. Again, so what if people bathe in sewage so long as the rich bathe in cash. That's the West for ya!
- It's illegal now to film gov't buildings.
- Some 30 states proclaim sovereignty. This however being no more than lip service is best illustrated by California, which by being one of the 10th amendment independents was all too happy to indebt itself 15B USD deeper to the US central governance.
- Prints 200B USD more for wars.
- Hollowwood (sic) making 30 -- that's THIRTY -- racist anti-Iran propaganda films.
- Obama, in his "bailouts" happened to grant 1B USD to Jewish communities throughout USA. So the US baboon gives 1000 million to Jews, just like that, out of love.
- Printing 634B USD more. This time it's to supposedly "patch up" the atrocious US health system in which 50M have no way of seeing a doctor at all. Just based on the announced "bailout" and war prints, USA is running some near 40% inflation today. Devaluation of the dollar looks about 99%, which will make 911 look like a fun stroll through a pretty park with fountains when it hits, which is this year, if not before the summer.
- Torture worse under Obama's "we don't condone torture" policies.
- US House, familiar with the cash printed, wants 410B USD just for themselves. Consider this a little sideline governance "bailout".
- Fails at lifting a satellite into the orbit crashing it into the sea instead. Maybe USA should ask Iran for help on space stuff.
- Assembles force on Mexican border ready to go in and "quell" the Mexican drug wars. Is Obama about to troop-build the long awaited NAU?
- GDP down over 6%.
- Pentagon has vid tapes of US troops sodomising children prisoners in the US concentration camp. And you thought this is just Germans in the 40s. Fine people, USAns, aren't they?
- US firm charged in Colombia with complicity of murdering thousands. In Nigeria, US firm was not long ago arraigned on charges of murdering and maiming children in non-consensual medical experiments. Fine people, USAns, aren't they?

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Announces plans to do naval exercises with Russia in the Caribbean, USA backyard.
- Posts 3.8% growth. That's GROWTH, a word the West is unlikely to ever see again in relation to any of its GDP.

Hugo Chavez "couldn't care less" about meeting with Obama. be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, decoupling going strong as previously predicted. Glad you make it clear in this one that it's US/EU wars, not just poor, tired, crazy UK humped over in the partnership seat. As for USans, all they know how to do is to put on a show, however boring, however tawdry, however vulgar, the show must go on.

Anonymous said...

The powers that be and the sheeple they have enslaved all believe fervently in Daftism, the latest religion.

Anonymous said...

So that's the deal with China, eminent domain meaning realty. We were all wondering. Thanks for letting us know.

Anonymous said...

And Russia now has eminent domain over steel industry and coal industry

Anonymous said...

BP’s Russian Unit TNK-BP to Start Selling Crude Oil in Rubles

By: Paul Abelsky

BP’s Russian Unit TNK-BP to Start Selling Crude Oil in Rubles

Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) — BP Plc’s Russian unit TNK-BP will start selling crude oil in rubles as Prime Minister Vladimir Putin seeks greater control over prices for the country’s biggest export earner.

TNK-BP has agreed to start selling crude on the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange in March, the head of the exchange, Sergei Maslov, told state television today.

The country’s other major producers may do the same, Maslov said, without elaborating or identifying any other company. The bourse started trading diesel and jet fuel contacts in September.

Putin this month said Russia needs to sell oil in rubles to give the government greater control over prices for crude and refined products. Russia is the world’s largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia.

Russia plans to change its tax system to charge value-added tax on traded commodities only at the moment of the product’s delivery, Putin said at a government meeting on Feb. 26.

Reader Comment on above:

Move, Putin!!

Page: 1/1

Anonymous said...

Chinese, Russians, be careful. Don't dump your hard-earned money in the USA. Tomorrow the USans might decide foreigners out and confiscate all your assets within the country. Never trust an American. You should know that by now. King

Anonymous said...

1. The best trick for them to keep your property out of your reach, Chinese, Russians and all other nationalities, is simply not allowing you to enter the US by refusing to issue entry visas. No confiscation needed, and legally there is nothing to be done.

2. Second possibility to take away your property: You are forced to sell the assets under dirt-cheap US-Real Estate-Mafia conditions.

3. Third way to finish you off:
No authorisation to transfer funds out of the US.

Invest your money in your own countries, it will give you far better returns. King

Anonymous said...

Just wondering
by _merk_ on 01.03.2009 [16:27 ]

and just taking a random sample:

"UK - Palestinian activists sue UK for "flagrant" breach of int'l law by supplying Israel arms for genocide of Palestine. Record UK sales of arms to Israel as well as war crimes in Gaza are thus exposed."

Since this appears under "UK" .... it appears that UK alone is to blame and that, perhaps, Israel has no choice in taking all those goodies?

There's just one line for Israel, but so much material for a little criticism, no?

(Yeah, I know the source is poiuytr and am not at all surprised by his bias)

Anonymous said...

Merk'c remark definitely needs to be addressed. Have you the bias you stand accused of? In any case, that was the reason why your fellow-blogers who showered admiration on you at one point sent you to Conventry. So, poiuytr, explain. Gaza is no laughing matter.

poiuytr said...

merk, fuck off, you cunt. hows that for explanation?

poiuytr said...

FOR EVERYONE, it's cunts provocateurs like merk here that will turn this into a sign in comment section. just so you know.

poiuytr said...

merk, you piece of wretched Western excrement produced by a dirty whore, what news on israel did i miss in this particular period?

poiuytr said...

to 15:50
thanks for the article. yeah, that's precisely what killed the west in 2006.

the trouble, if there is any with this is that the west scumbags will have rouble to load into pretty soon.

Russia has to keep rouble down, much like China now, with an artificial peg to the dead dollar otherwise, yuan and rouble will go through the roof, so fast that even gold will get dumped, and the NWO west disease will simply load into that and then move into China, Russia, and so on.

but certainly, someone in Moscow knows this full well. and evidently in Beijing. the game now is to turn their near hundred trillion into paper, recyclable pile of crap.

and the west war whores know that and that's why they're paying China with real-estate and many other little favours, the same goes for OPEC and anyone else who's floating the west today.

poiuytr said...

to King

US nationalising foreign assets is theft, act of war de facto. it could happen, but it's unlikely. doesn't for example the bush cabal keep its wanta 4 or 5 trillion in swiss?

it's would be like an attack on S Ossetia and would yield the same result: further shrinkage of the west vampire.

it's possible, who knows what they'll do now, the west war junta, after they're done hoarding up the NWO west assets and sacking the west world.

that's the questions in the right margin for anyone to guess on. :)

looking at the inability of the west to touch Iran physically, my bet is that the west is pissing their pants at the thought of provoking China or Russia into any kind of a head-on fight so all they have left is underhanded subterfuge 911-like terror and killing children, the common west practice.

Anonymous said...

Eminent domain or no, we still doubt it's a good idea to huddle in a the same corner as the USA. Nothing anyone can tell us will change that view. So once again, Chinese beware and Russians equally.

poiuytr said...

to 10:12

I hear you. If USA remains intact then it's probably not a good idea to invest in it, cuz they'll just take it one day. But these are all concessions of a bankrupt nation. Chrysler bldg to Saudis, banks to Saudis, realty and tech stuff to China,... these are all concessions otherwise China would dump the tbills just to collapse USA overnight.

So USA is forced into this rather than USA is plotting on.

Look, yesterday, USA/UK had plans to carve up Iraq, Iran, N Korea, Central Asia, and take over Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, etc, and they got this plan funded by the entire West bank retinue.

Today, USA/UK are ceding own land, own titles, own people, to postpone their (legislative) collapse and are printing trillions to try compensate the bankers and stave off their wrath for a while.

Remember in the 14th century? King ran the country, bishop stood by making certain the Vatican bank loan to the royalty isn't embezzled and that the Vatican agenda is carried out via the royalty correctly. Well, it's the same thing today. Vatican is the West war bankers, the NWO leaders squatting all West nations are the kings who got the loan but failed to bring what they promised. And so the reckoning begins. And from time to time, kings would lose their heads for misappropriating Holy Roman Empire assets and not delivering on their war promises.

It's exactly the same thing today. The west legislature has failed the HRE banks. So the kings of the West are backpeddling trying to compensate the HRE bank any which way printing literary tens of trillions, something that doesn't exist in the solar system, and cannot be but devalued.

The question is about the bankers, the HRE, Vatican... what's happening there? But this is a huge debate...requiring several emails and we'll still solve nothing.

BTW, I didn't include this cuz I don't know what to make of it, but apparently there's tons of Chinese troops gathering south of USA. The Mexican drug mayhem kind of lend itself to that, doesn't it?

Once China or Russia get titles to USA, they own it and they'll protect. That's my guess, but...

Anonymous said...

Well, well, damned interesting fact that about Chinese to the south of the USA. The long awaited break up is now slowly taking shape. Also understand the Mexico "failed state" story propagated by media men.

Anonymous said...

Russia invites Iran to sell oil at Petersburg Commodity Exchange

TEHRAN, March 2 (RIA Novosti) - Russia has invited Iran to sell crude oil on the St. Petersburg Commodity Exchange, the Russian energy minister said on Monday.

"The Russian side has proposed that our Iranian partners consider the possibility of selling a part of Iran's oil at the St. Petersburg Commodity Exchange," Sergei Shmatko said.

Shmatko, who is the Russian co-chairman of a bilateral intergovernmental trade and economic commission, said the proposal was important in a situation where oil producing countries "are diversifying their trade infrastructure on the world oil market."

An Iranian source close to the negotiations told a RIA Novosti correspondent that Tehran "will closely study" the Russian proposal.

The St. Petersburg Commodity Exchange was founded by a number of oil and transport companies and large banks.

The exchange conducted its first trading session in September 2008, when a small amount of aviation and diesel fuel was sold. Full-scale trading was to have started in early 2009, but has yet to begin.

Anonymous said...

March 2, 2009 BLACK MONDAY

FTS 100 crashes to six-year low, Investor loss = £47.7 billion.

Dow Jones plummets to 12-year low. In October 2007 it was still marking over 14.000. Now it's below 7.000.

Other bourses not faring much better.

Anonymous said...

March 2, 2009 BLACK MONDAY

FTS 100 crashes to six-year low. Investor loss = £47.7 billion.

Dow Jones plummets to 12-year low. In October 2007 it marked over 14.000. Today it is below 7.000.

Other bourses not faring much better.

poiuytr said...

Black monday, black tuesday, blacker wednesday, even blacker thursday... it's all black henceforth...

but wait, not all is black in the west. the banks are in the red. LOL

Anonymous said...

How right? And what about white, another shade in the colour scheme, as in the faces of all the sheeple whose investments have been blown up sky-high?

Anonymous said...

As Prime Minister Putin's party, United Russia, gains overwhelming victory in all nine regional elections in Russia, the media, apart from building up the latest false flag stuff from Pakistan, find nothing better to do than to let out dark hints of discord between President Medvedev and Putin. And people fall for that kind of stuff? Ugh, shudder, shudder! Forget the wars and the banks, Russia and Pakistan is where the action is for now.

Anonymous said...

US protectorate in Iraq - Cost Estimate

At a time when the U.S. is bankrupt and faces a $1.75 trillion deficit, the Pentagon's gargantuan $664 billion budget (50% of total global military spending) will grow in 2009 and 2010 by another $200 billion to pay for the occupation of Iraq and Obama's expanded war in Afghanistan. Throw in another $40 billion to $50 billion for the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Who says Iraq didn't help to bankrupt the USA?

Anonymous said...

Japan Prepares to Try to Shoot Down North Korean Missile
Japanese DM Says Preparations Have Been Made to Stop Malfunctioning Rocket
Posted March 3, 2009

As Japan continues to fret over a planned test launch in North Korea, the military is preparing to deploy the “Son of Star Wars” missile defense system in case they decide to try to shoot down a North Korean rocket.

“If it is capable of reaching Japan then it goes without saying that we will react,” says Japan’s Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada, who says that preparations have been made in case the test fire malfunctions and poses a threat to Japanese territory.

Any test missile would likely be shot far above the island nation, and attempting to shoot it down is not without risks. There are serious doubts that the missile defense can actually work, and a failed attempt would likely do enormous damage to the expensive program.

The United States has also made comments in recent days suggesting that it may shoot down the test missile, though it was still pending presidential approval. North Korea insists it is only launching a communication satellite, and not a missile.

poiuytr said...

Yes, Japanese threat in the latest NBN above. Amazing, isn't it? It topples economically. It slurps up to Russia for gas. But Aso still toes the NWO war line.

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