Canonisers Of Perversion

Shinead O'Connor

This West rarely gyrating icon would cry over every sad matter that happened to heave into view. She'd go as far as shaving her head stark bald to assure her mourning gimmick was noticed by those that ate these dirges up.

Where are her tears now?

Are children slaughtered in several nation not sad enough for her?

The second Bush II and Blair traipse onto the world stage of mayhem, war, lies, and torture our dear lady of protesting everything mean suddenly forgets her crocodile tear act. Coincidence?

Mick Jagger

Things got so appalling at one point that the approx. 100 yr old Stones hit formula of keeping songs deliberately mindless or at most festooned with often flummoxing 2nd grade double-entendre was broken. In 2005, Jagger penned a Neocon song tailored for Bush II.

Actually, to be fair, Jagger's first political tune, High Wire, dates back to papa Bush reign in which Jagger's sleazy vocal laments Bush war ultimatums and the West two-faced arms dealing business. But the song's side release and self-pitying theme powered by a stock two chord change lifted from Guitar for Beginners, lesson #1 ensured no one heard it.

The 2005 song, Neocon, was different. Jagger was more precise about this vitriolic knock and it was released on a CD. The song rips into Bush II calling the USA war prez a "hypocrite" and "crock of shit". Even though in 2005 Jagger knew the West war mistake was gonna get "real pricey" he couldn't have known it was gonna cost the West everything.

But now that he knows, where's Jagger now? No further commentary on the pricey business that's toppling one West nation after another?

In 2005, the unamused USA quickly stepped on Jagger's fingers for the scathing critique of their leader and Jagger.......apologised.

He went as far as stating on TV the song was not about Bush II or anyone in the Bush II administration. Jagger's televised sad apology was Stones' second most wincing moment. The first is the Stones obedience to Bush II cabal and dropping the tune from their concert songlist.

So when did Jagger, a guy who built his empire on rebellion, go impotent and this sordidly limp? What exactly made him join the ranks of the West war establishment? Was it just a cheap publicity stunt then? Is Jagger no more than a lousy hypocrite? Is he crock of shit?

Roger Waters

Now, this guy built his entire career on his searing indictment of the Brit evil war empire ways criticising Maggie Thatcher for Malvinas assault and dedicating entire albums like Amused To Death, Final Cut, and in part the epic Wall to war acerbic vilification.

This guy sang tunes like Fletcher Memorial Home, in which he puts all the 80s war loons in a hypothetical retirement home before applying the "final solution".

But when Blair and Bush razed cities in two nations murdering over 2M and maiming some 5-6 million on a pack of WMD lies and transparent false ops like 911 and London 77, he doesn't manage a single rhyme.

When London cops hold down a kid and shoot his head off on the tube and then get promoted, Roger's violence-hating soul isn't so much as stirred.

When pictures of despicable West tortures and child beatings stun the world, Roger Waters isn't a least bit concerned. After all, he's just suddenly too busy reuniting with Pink Floyd, trying to sell more old CDs at some charity Vaudville, and accepting life achievement awards from the very same media whores that have been mind-raping everyone who's daft enough to watch.

The entire West, including his Brit nation is turned into a ravaged meth-skank economy, democracy (or any semblance thereof), due process have all become victims of the insane West war mongers and Roger is suddenly and miraculously cured of his discomfort with war.

The anti-war stuff was all just a cheap gimmick, wasn't it Roger, you wily trickster?

This alone cements the fact that the West has no soul but only insane lust for profit at any cost, even at the expense of the mass slaughter of someone else's children.


This is truly the most sordid example of the deeply sickening vileness the West pretense values are.

This singer carved himself a business niche of being a peace ambassador and a self elected world's problem solver. He made movies of himself flying around the world dauntlessly staring poverty square in the face wherever he found it.

But then the Bush II blood reign began and Bono was too busy to notice the horror. No, it's worse in this case.

He simply ignored the immense atrocities and readily sidled up to Bush II and Blair like a little lapdog that he is. Without any apparent shame, this idolised "West peace icon" publicly licked the chief West war criminals' arse slits out whenever he had the opportunity. Be warned: these sordid pictures depict scenes of the most sickening two-faced politico-entertainment whore orgies that you may need a barf bag. I did.

With the UK war criminal. Best of pals, are they?

This picture is so revolting I'm actually rendered speechless.....but without commentary it perhaps best illustrates the natural whore aspect of West DNA in all its fetid rancidness.

So Ireland retaliation for Brit civilian shooting spree was enough impetus for Bono to scribble nursery rhymes once upon a time. The murder of Martin Luther King was so moving to Bono that he'd scarcely let go of the spectacularly selling assassination.

But somehow 911, London77, Madrid bombing, 8 yr war in Afghanistan, 6 yr war in Iraq, concentration camps, torture revelations, the mad slaughter of 2M and maiming of 5 million while burying nations in nuke refuse all leave Bono unmoved.

Let's be clear here. The West is so perverse in its innate and gleeful ability to prostitute human values for profit it's beyond words. But perhaps even more astounding is the fact that even though these double standards held by West biggest icons are screamingly transparent, the West populace have not denounced this shameless whore orgy. To the West baboons these merchants of war somehow remain heroes, idols, and something that needs be venerated like gods.

Imagine the true size of the baboon cretinism the West is filled with that would willfully exalts such immoral, nay inhumane, double standard. Imagine the psycho creatures that trawl the West nations bopping to the tunes of these nauseating frauds.

Make no mistake, these charlatan creatures are in every respect as guilty as the West mindrape media machine for hate-mongering, deliberate exoneration of West war criminals, and helping canonise the breathtaking perversion of all human decency and morals.

The only West talent that comes to mind as being human is John Lennon. And we all know what the penalty in the West is for being a human.

God giveth. West taketh.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally uninformed about the world of pop music, so I cannot contribute anything there. But what your piece does prove in my ears is that west celebrities are innately self-serving and the west population, alas, is supremely ignorant and devoid of any sense of morality. May Bono and company drown in the depths of their own mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

If west icons are so slimy, so hopelessly selective in their indignation (Dafur comes to mind), we desperately need that list of heroes discussed at one point. By bread alone man does not live.

Anonymous said...

Actually you seem to be in mourning for the decadence of the west as reflected in the hypocrisy of some of its leading pop singers. Know anything about literature? The highly politically correct heavyweights of Brit Lit are so corrupt you wouldn't want to live in the same street as them leave alone pick up one of their books for a closer look.

poiuytr said...

i seem to be failing at the only point i ever try to make. and that is that it's not Bush II, Blair, Jagger, or anyone in particular but the whole damn west "civilisation".

the war didn't start with bush. it's always been going on for 2000 yrs, ever since the germanic tribes spill out of the baltic marshes.

they find books, so they burn them and today, they're STILL burning them. the ISBN west monopoly book control simply doesn't allow ANY view that isn't canonised by the west slimebags.

they saw shiny gems, so they murdered everyone in sight and stole everything. they're still at it today, ripping anything they can hoard from USA native reservations, surface mines all over Africa.

they met non white people so they murdered them. that's still on today. the west perpetually on their TV calls for murders of non-whites and go as far as vilify billions.

ever since they plundered Rome, they've been plundering, wiping out world's treasures from Sumer in Iraq, stealing artefacts from every corner of this planet. crystal skulls of the mayans, aztecs, obelisks, you name it, all locked away in lizard dungeons in London and Paris and the USA thieving Smithsonian sect of the most bastard parasites. nations beg time after time for these artefacts to be returned to their right place. the west? they don't care about shooting kids in the head for fun in Iraq, would they care about stealing?

they saw ancient Arab architecture in Alhambra so they stole it. today the west calls it GOthic style and credits itself with the advent of architecture.

hell, the west discovered Pluto in the 20th century when it was known 6000 before that.

they murder minds like Tesla and replace geniuses with what can be described only as utter shit like einstein and bullshit jesuit tales of Big Bang. Big Bang was "invented" by Lamart, jesuit scumbag in the 30s which is basically just the christianic bullshit packaged for the "scientifically" inclined baboons.

christianity... the saxons write up this bible shit plundering, plaigerising ancient scripts, modifying the historical account to suit their evil vile sick diseased needs. today they're scraping their knees in cathedrals slurping the hand of a nazi pope. yes, west chief religious exec is a nazi.

and on and on...

yes, bush, blair are all criminals beyond words, but let's not forget the west saxon masses, the ultimate, willful enablers and backers of the perpetual genocide west exports everywhere.

this article was trying to smack the west again for slurping up to charlatan scum like bono and others in this faggot war cabal, not necessarily the few clowns listed. they're just examples of the debauched immorality of west.

Anonymous said...


has at least imagination.
Decay has only terrible stench.
The west is decayed not perverted.
And by the way decay has no recourse.
It is final.
As death!

Anonymous said...

On what is your sense of failure based, poiuytr? We thoroughly despise the west. You say it out aloud. With others it must be read between the lines. The west is decadent (good point made by 07.57), diseased, depraved and marvellously distorted. Why the world has kowtowed to them down the centuries remains a mystery.

Anonymous said...

In what way are you not a product of the west yourself? Skin colour, language, upbringing, education, social mores, belief in their evil religion of psychology? Their art is a close copy of their politics, rotten through and through. And as you say, dating back to 2000 years - or even longer. To undo them will take some time as well.

poiuytr said...

west is decayed, yes. clearly so. but my point is that it's always been perverted, diseased, whatever the right word is. the decay has come from the destruction of west currency monopoly in 2006. but west values are perverse in every aspect, in every single field. you name it: math, science, religion, history, values, you name it.

> On what is your sense of failure based, poiuytr?

econ failure of west? it's the destruction of dollar monopoly of 2006. that was the final blow. the rest is just this zillion bailout crap and consolidation of their assets under econ stimulus pretext.

moral failure? well, the west is hitler. west is bush blood dynasty. west is clinton butcher. west is nixon psychopath. west is johnson mad bomber. west is kennedy cuba attack. west is perpetual export of genocide, disease, and poverty since its beginning.

> Why the world has kowtowed to them down the centuries remains a mystery.

i dont think so. the world has been perpetually and systematically raped and razed by west.

for example, USA bombed Vietnam to destroy its growing economy fearing it would infect China and make China and the entire region a superpower much sooner than today. so they bombed civilians, cities, infrastructure. they murdered children and their parents for fun burning villages like hitler. and they bombed Cambodia just for fun. just in Vietnam, USA murdered 3M civilians taking the nation out of competition.

now, USA attacked 68 nations murdering some 35M civilians around the world since WWII to 2000. since 2000, as you know, bush/blair world assault attacked some 7 or 8 nations: Yugoslavia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, etc. just since 2000, west has murdered another 2+M.

the whole world is west's victim.

that's why it has not been able to shake the rapist, to stand up to it. it's not allowance, it's just being raped.

but things have changed. the world doesn't like being raped by the west and in every single nation of the Freeworld, outside of the 10% of the planet known as west (australia, nz, israel, japan, eu, usa, canada, and occupied territories like taiwan, malvinas, turks and caicos, etc), has risen against the west psychothic serial killing.

no mystery here. it's just that west ruled everything because it overran everyone. that's changed and therefore the west is no more and has no chance of being.


this is not a birth indictment. this is choice indictment. and so long as the vast majority of the west baboon populace chooses to turn a blind eye to the blood of someone else's children that's perpetually spilt for west profit, no point in dissecting who's to blame in the west and instead it's statistically correct to indict the whole damn west. that's why i dont concern myself with the laughable finger pointing going on in the west now. it's actually fun seeing swiss turn on eu, eu turn on usa, israel turn on usa, and so on. as the gangrene spreads the west fissures will appear.

> in what way i am not a product of west?

i reject it. it's that simple. and in my case, im not west by birth either. but that's not important. cuz then you'd be indicting newborns which is the racist policy of the west.

it's simply about whether you're a baboon or a human.

if one prefers values of its nation, culture, tribe to values of humanity then one is a baboon.

it's a choice.

for example, i cannot explain the millions in the west that are still watching the cnn/bbc bullshit. they must be insane. MUST BE. there's no reason whatever to be huddling to the sewer line of lies except that you agree with the mayhem the west creates.

if one is buying Bono's records knowing he's a little Bush/Blair bitch, well, then one is a baboon.

cause it's human choice. not music, not political, not race...and all that crap. it's a simple human choice.

kids tortured in USA camps in front of their parents to extract info from the parents? this is west international policy. and the west knows this! and yet they're watching cnn and rocking to bono knowingly and willfully rejecting simple humanity.

that's the line for me.

the rest... the ins and outs of politics, econ crap, who's guiltier and so on... that's all just great debate but the main point is that the west has chosen not to join humanity and to be its fiercest enemy.

yes, "THEIR ART IS A CLOSE COPY OF THEIR POLITICS, ROTTEN THROUGH AND THROUGH". beautiful summary. yes! right. and that's the point... everything is perverted, rotten... and they don't mind, and that's the shocking thing.

> to undo them...

yes. probably true. west ruled the planet for 2000 yrs and in the 90s was the ONLY superpower on the planet. but things have changed, thanks to the masterful diplomacy and counter defensive of Moscow. let's give credit where it's due here!

as a result, today, west doesn't rule anything. it contends, but it no longer rules it. and worse, it's been bled of its own lifeforce: dollar, which was deliberate and orchestrated.

and it's a difficult game because, as you know, dying beast can be very dangerous.

the fact that the west has been forestalled from launching a nuke attack and possibly ending all of our lives or certainly diminishing them, is again very much down to the amazing chess game played by Russia.

Anonymous said...

If you're African by birth, we salute you, as long as that doesn't mean South African white. Joking aside, one burning question to do with the latest N by N as well. You do well to keep reminding your readers of recent foul actions of deceit and loss of life:

Germany - Merkle, in swift tightening of gun laws, calls for raids on homes of gun owners.
- Apparently can't explain the shooting spree. Well, how about then the Virginia school shooting, Oklahoma bombing, Beslan, TWA800, Lockerbee, London77, Madrid, or 911? Stuck on those too? Ask Bulow then. Sidenote: Von Bulow, German Defence Minister, was one of the first to come clean on 911.

Which brings us to the question of Bulow, a brave, outspoken man, and 911. If Bulow knew, if we who had no special knowledge of any kind, the typical man in the street simpleton, knew, how come Russia didn't? How come Russia aided the west to bomb Afghanistan where even today, Canadians use Russian helicopters and Israeli drones to martyrise the population? Good, by the time Iraq came along, the Russians had had second thoughts. But, but, but. Never to think we do not give Russia its due.

But sometimes it acts too clever by half and not even to achieve its own particular aims. Russia is most definitely among the countries that have kowtowed to the west all along and, in spite of some of Putin's latter day equivocations, among the 911 deniers.

Anonymous said...

The Kremlin wants to launch a new currency, the White House and poodles want "quantitive easing", the latest term for printing press money. The erst of the world silent as usual. Where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

When you get time, would it be possible to put the atheo blog ( also on the list of links, please? I now come to you to trawl the web. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I second the atheo thing. Also congratulations poiuytr again for this brilliant piece. Nice new and refreshing approach to a very tired subject amongst the battle weary keyboard guerrillas. An eye opener, I would say. A new methodology.

poiuytr said...

> If Bulow knew, if we who had no special knowledge of any kind, the typical man in the street simpleton, knew, how come Russia didn't?

what do you mean russia didn't know? didn't know about 911? if that's the question then they did know and in fact contacted USA a bunch of times on that like everyone else's intel. but what do you mean russia didn't know?

> How come Russia aided the west to bomb Afghanistan where even today,

how did russia aid west with bombing of afghanistan?

in general, there's this huge expectation in the west that Russia's gonna come in and save them all. that's yet another unfortunate wetdream of west.

> own particular aims. Russia is most definitely among the countries that have kowtowed to the west all along and, in spite of some of Putin's

do explain that, will you? kowtow to what? when?


> The Kremlin wants to launch a new currency, the White House and

yeah, that's ugly for west. if this happens and there's a replacement of dollar with something "global" and that means that Russia and very likely China will become the west's new central bank.

that means the end of west idyll.

west is gonna try fighting this by printing more tonnes of dollar stamped bog rolls until they realise they're done and need Russia even if it means total abdication.

at the same time... imagine the fights right now. certainly there's parts of west that wanna run, even banks. they're not getting zillion bonuses for fun and hundreds in billions. it's all appeasement. it's hard to say how the west financiers are trying to abandon ship and how the west legislature bribes/forces them into compliance and so on. look, the west must be in total turmoil on every level.

the west military must be on a constant verge of revolt, the west banks are threatening to pull out, the west legislature has become a monster machine that's threatening to subjugate all into compliance, and meanwhile the west populace is growing poorer.

BTW, Russia did this to NATO. it took NATO almost 1 yr to realise that it needs Russia. so in 10 months, the west is gonna be talking "global" dollar/euro replacement, if not sooner since this is an exponential animal.

and the same happened with energy: Nabucco.

poiuytr said...

i must say i appreciate the debate is off the topic.

it truly pleases me for it means no readers are fans of the article referenced circus clowns.

Anonymous said...

Is Britain going bust?

By Tony Bonsignore | 19 March 2009

Even to a nation punch-drunk on big scary numbers, the latest figures on government borrowing represent an eye-wateringly painful poke-in-the-eye.

According to the latest stats, the UK government borrowed a shade under £9 billion last month - the highest February figure since records began in 1993.

That took public sector new borrowing (PSNB) for the current financial year to a frightening £75 billion - with more than a month still to go.

Already Alistair Darling’s November projection of £77.6 billion for the whole year – frightening enough at the tine – is looking hopelessly optimistic.

Whichever way you slice and dice it the UK is an awful financial mess, and it can surely only get worse over the next years – especially if the government’s optimistic economic scenario fails to materialise.

One economist forecaster now predicts public borrowing for the current year to top £90 billion, while another forecasts the total to swell towards £200 billion next year.

Anonymous said...


G20 Protests London April 1st, Alternative conference, and print your own money

By: morris108.wordpress (19.03.2009)

Divining the News (DTN)Not Mainstream News
G20 Protests London April 1st, Alternative conference, and print your own money

also available here:

See also: Video Ron Paul explaining the G20 summit simply

On April 1st, we’ll show the G20 what meltdown means.
Lost your home? Lost your job? Lost your savings or your pension? This party is for you!
Capitalism has been heating up our world for years, melting the icecaps, burning up the rainforests, pushing the planet to tipping point. Now we’re going to put the heat on them. At the London Summit , the G20 ministers are trying to get away with the biggest April Fools trick of all time. Their tax-dodging, bonus-guzzling, pension-pinching, unregulated free market world’s in meltdown, and those fools think we’re going to bail them out. They’ve gotta be joking!

What always happens on days like this is the tubes break down, there are horrendous traffic jams and many can not make it to the demos.

The dogooders that wish a better world are no match for the organised secret services. The police are currently downplaying any concern for unruliness, saying the right to peaceful protest is no problem.

London has on many occasions seen demos go on for hours until the night with burning dustbins etc.

Once I was watching from a distance and suddenly police were running by - only to surround everyone and herd us into a mammoth crammed cattle like square. And some of them were mean. Rumour had it that some kind of radiowaves were being blasted at us to pacify everyone.

Prior to this police action there were groups of agents provocateurs trying to stampede people by (repeatedly) running by in a frantic manner.

Still there is every possibility the protests will be huge

Anonymous said...

Iraq War Began Six Years Ago Today

Thursday, Mar 19, 2009 @09:06am CST

(Washington, DC) -- It was on this day six years ago that President George W. Bush announced the United States was at war with Iraq.

The President spoke for four minutes in a nationally broadcast address telling the world the effort was underway to, quote, "disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger." He told the men and women in the U.S. armed forces "the peace of a troubled world and the hopes of an oppressed people now depend on you." In his address Bush said no outcome but victory would be accepted.

The war that most Americans thought would be over within months has now cost the lives of more than 42-hundred U.S. troops and more than 600-billion dollars in treasure.

President Obama says he'll keep at least 50-thousand troops in Iraq beyond 2010.

More than 130-thousand American men and women are there today.

This belongs to Shock and Awe. But for the sake of convenience placed here.

Anonymous said...

Among the sins of the west Empire, may we not also mention their total disregard for mother nature and the way they invaded the animal kingdom and brought to the verge of extinction many of the most noble species. Africa has been most brutally assaulted on this point. They haven't canonised perversion alone. They have canonised killings and torture in every form of man and the beasts of the jungle.

Anonymous said...

RE: Iraq War Began Six Years Ago Today

That article is a good example of what passes for dissent in America and the West: it's based on purely selfish American concerns.

Read it carefully. The article whines about how the American-led aggression is costing the USA in terms of its soliders or "600-billion dollars in treasure."

Boo hoo. Sob. Waaaaaah!

The question of the 1 million Iraqis genocided is not even mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Bravo. Excellent comment. Compare with Informatron's Shock and Awe below, which soberly sums up the genuine tragedy experienced by the victims of this war.

poiuytr said...

yes, beautiful expressed there! absolutely, west pervs have canonised murder, mass murder of children... right! sadness, sorrow, pain, anger, rage are all meek and hollow to express the feeling over west crimes.

and west has canonised attack on the planet! 100% CORRECT STATEMENT.

west pulses ionosphere with HAARP today... destroying the entire planet. west morons think it's all some nonsense, but those bastards are using HAARP arrays today to destroy environment in their pathetic attempt to control minds and weather. this is NOT my conclusion. this is west's blueprint which is spelt out in every HAARP patent you can find. yes, USA patents for HAARP and chemtrails which is seeding atmosphere with metal grit, all aim to control minds. i mean just this alone: USA gives patents to psychos that come up with inventions to control minds.

west is the disease!

how can we sum up all the west crimes? anyone any ideas? it's basically organisational job. anyone wanna help out. it's a gargantuan project though but NECESSARY!


yes, when the west baboons whine and moan about war it's only because the bastards have LOST it. they're protesting their defeats in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia... that's all they're whining about, that west immoral pack of animals.

the west white bitches all stood in silent approval behind Blair/Bush "terror war" on the world. the west white bitches all sat on their couches amused with films of torture by their christianic holy warriors.

they're moaning now because they've LOST and Bush/Blair have failed to bring them the promised dominance of the planet. instead they got terminal prolapse. instead they're the most hated species on the planet with African organisations openly declaring war on the white species for its immense crimes against all lifeforms.

that's all the west is complaining about, the cost of their defeats.

and that's precisely why this has to be said and said and said over again so that the west do not get any mercy, now that they're getting flushed. i'm glad you made that comment!

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