Nation By Nation (3Apr09)

30Mar-3Apr09 -- News stripped of the west mindrape mutter, chiseled to a sharp stake, and driven into the heart of the lizard child murdering vampire. Be forewarned, victims of the west serial killer depicted. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Rejects the sudden west sidling up for "honourable reconciliation" and dismisses it as "lunatic". "Get out" is the only answer given to the west child murderer.
- Taliban claims Lahore attack as retaliation for west attack on Pakistan. Threatens war on USA. Yes, Pakistan attack was west's last stand.

Orphaned by west. Lest we forget, Bush II even boasted a programme "No Child Left Behind".

5K civilians murdered, 20K maimed, and another nation bombed to tatters, all courtesy of the west parasite. Why? So the kids of west leaders can stuff their snouts full of drugs like USA VP's kid and the west white ubermensch monkeys can grow fatter and fatter off someone else's children's blood.
(For more on west victims in Afghanistan see

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Dumps dollar for China trade. This is odd since Obama says d0llar is "extraordinary" strong. One of them has to be lying, crazy, or both. Who might that be?

A U S T R A L I A Australia - The earth apparently enjoyed the lights out during the "earth hour" and so she sank Sydney's into a 3 hrs blackout.
- Cpt of the ship that caused the latest eco-attack not only out on bail, but leaving Australia, and to keep his job. How about a billion euro bonus and 20M pension?

C H I N A China - Puts up the west most feared sign: "No Dollars Accepted". Dumps d0llar for trade with Honk Kong, Belarus, Indonesia, Malaysia, S Korea, and Argentina.
- Stops Rothchild bank partial buyout. Rothchild sought some 240B EUR but China reconsidered since assets known as west banks will go much cheaper than this in a few months.
- Offered to take over some of west's IMF but, completely unable to reconcile its end, west screamed "No! Don't take that!". It's most fun watching west writhe and howl in agony "Not copper! Don't take the mines! Not gold! No! Not opium! Not coca! Not IMF! Not zinc! Not gas! Not oil!" and instead try to peddle crap like west cars and other such overpriced dildo trash.
- Mfg sector up in march by 6%. That's UP!
- Lending 1B to Ecuador.

C Z E C H Czech - Decapitated governance quickly scrambles agreeing to hold "early" election so they and EU don't look like the ridiculous torso they both are.
- Bans planned protest to welcome Obama and his nukes. Well, so long as freedom is intact.

E U EU - Accuses Israel of a) further illegal land theft in Palestine, b) razing homes, and c) discriminating policies but issues arrest for Bashir, prez of Sudan. Not a typo! Bashir's crime? Much worse than Israel's. He didn't give oil to the great whites.
- Gnashing teeth over Russian bases in S Ossetia and Abkhazia. They didn't think they'd get away with siccing Georgia on Russia, did they?
- Mild discomfort spills like sewer across the greater lebensraum idyll: thousands Czech, Slovakian, Slovenian, Austrian, and Polish farmers protest in Prague, Czech Rep, the erstwhile seat of EU prez; 15K protest in Berlin and 14K in Frankfurt; 10K protest in Latvia.

F R A N C E France - Boss kidnapping trend takes off. After Sony, and 3M execs, now it's Caterpillar's boss that's kidnapped to force the rich into talks with the workers. Watch, pretty soon west will roll out bosscops.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Begging Iran for help with Afghanistan war. Wasn't Berlin one of those that repeatedly threatened Iran with nuke holocaust for over 8 yrs?

G R E E C E Greece - Revolution against the west madness goes on. 3Apr, 2 cops attacked in Athens. Bombing has become a daily reality. Targets: banks and west biz.
- 2Apr, entire nation on strike! No flights, no school, no banks, just banners "No compromise" & "Capitalism must pay".
- Coordinated bombs shake Athens at 1am on 30Mar destroying 5 banks, car dealership, and a diplo car.
- Prez begs revolutionaries to spare the Acropolis and re-open it to tourism, business that's also dissipated from the revolt-torn nation.

Greece on general strike, 2Apr. Solidarity with Greek Heroes!

I R A N Iran - USA defeat in Afghanistan forces USA to crawl to Iran for help. This turns EVERYTHING upside down flummoxing the west and forcing Obama to admit that "world is complicated now". Not only Iran's calling the shots now but west's gonna have to choose twixt Israel or self. This could easily precipitate another 911 falsie.

Ahmadinejad gives advice to west or as he calls it "the arrogant ones, the most corrupted people in history, and those that speak through violence": "stop the egotism, the aggression, and the lack of manners."

I S R A E L Israel - War against Palestinian civilians continues unabated while the G20 war fiends pull faces for cameras in their used-car salesman threads. 31Mar, Israeli chopper kills 2 civilians in central Gaza.
- Some 10-12 Palestinians kidnapped by Israel forces.

Children are west's prime target. 1500 murdered by Israel, 100K homeless. And that's just for Dec08. And to top it, Israel maintains it committed "no crimes". USA also maintains that and in fact sends Israel more anti-children weapons. (For more at

Make no mistake and never forget that down to the ugly aspertame-fed baboon trailer inbred squalor or the buzzword-prattling, tie-wearing scum hanging on to their cubicles they're all guilty! The west is the disease! (more on Israel crimes at

J A P A N Japan - Fueling USA aircraft for civilian bombing campaigns in Central Asia is paying off for the island:
- Unemployment at 4,4%.
- Toyota, Nissan, Honda post 3.8B, 2.8B, and 81% losses respectively and together zapping some 20K jobs.
- NEC zapping 20K alone.
- Wages down 3%. Overtime 20% slashed. Extra hrs wage slashed 50%.
- Output 10% shriveling per month.
- "Stimulus" at 10T JPY.
- Benefits gone for 77% of unemployed.
- Debt burden at 200% GDP. This means that if Japan didn't eat, paid no rent, used no electricity or water, it couldn't even pay more than half of just the interest on its growing debt. Nice! About time, Tokyo starts sending begging vids to China, Russia, or even N Korea.

L E B A N O N Lebanon - Clocks 4% growth. The next time west is likely to see the word "growth" it's gonna be in connection to despair, strife, poverty, unemployment, and those general areas.
- Getting jets from Russia.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Tells Japan, touch our satellite and it's "thunderbolt of fire" war.

R U S S I A Russia - Testing Topol mid-April. Not a single complaint from Japan? That's funny! This also means that even the second Kissinger's begging trip to Moscow yielded no good results for west. Sidenote: Topol (poplar) is a solid-fuel 20m-tall mobile ICBM with range over 10K km, impervious to any west detection, much less hope of destruction.
- Pipeline explosion in Moldova knocks Balkan gas supply down 40%.
- No 5B loan to Ukraine after all, till Kiev explains wtf it's doing with EU molesting Gazprom pipelines. Germany quickly ceded and agreed to keep hands off till Russia approves.
- Chiseling down the plan to dump d0llar with China. West gripped by fear screams that "there's other things to discuss" other than its long awaited flush down the bog. That's true but after the flush.
- Gives USA a warning not to try again with Georgia.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - Export down 21%.

S P A I N Spain - Car sales 40% down.
- Over 3,6M unemployed and climbing.
- Consolidation of assets underway. 2B pumped into a bank which then got eaten by Bank of Spain.
- Bush II henchmen (Feith, Addington, Gonzales, Haynes, Yoo, Bybee) on torture charges. Madrid may even issue arrest warrants. But since they somehow missed Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, it's no more than more of the west empty blather.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Buying Russian Mi28 choppers.
- Over 140 arrested in the foiled "coup". After Erdogan walks out on the Davos west bigots telling Israel "I know very well how you hit and killed children on the beaches", Israel apparently had a plan to actually assassinate Erdogan.

U K UK - Bank of England attacked, 1Apr.
- G20 plan to save west "surprisingly" has to do with extreme hyperinflation. West is printing 1T just for IMF, the west chief loan rapist, and trillions for other west necessities. But unless they plan to forge Yuans or Rubles, all the printing is pointless or "silly", as Hugo Chavez aptly termed the G20 charlatan ideas. All this is gonna do is eat up the whole Amazon basin. It really seems that west is floundering without any plan whatsoever as if no one at the many west helms really lived in reality or anywhere near it.
- Fiscal sector zapping 30K jobs. Yes, UK is still under the delusion the island has a "fiscal" sector.
- While G20 elite's in town deciding on how to carve up the planet, suddenly the street spy cameras were made illegal.
- 250B GBP being poured into trade sector. That's extreme hyperinflation at work.

Some 35K protest the G20 abomination in London. That's 6-7 protestors to 1 G20 cop. (More on London G20 clashes)

U S A USA - Pentagon on the ropes. Urgently needs 3B for war against civilians in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Admits to over 600B war cost. These #s are however farce and probably the same order lie as USA casualties. Wars ran USA over 500B+/annum 3-4 yrs ago and a blank check policy for Pentagon has been in force for over 2 yrs now.
- After sending 17K and 4K in quick succession to Afghanistan, the west's 21 century Stalingrad, Pentagon needs 10K more troops.
- USA actually has the gall the offer "honourable reconciliation" to Afghanistan while surging occupational forces by tens of thousands. (see Afghanistan above for response to this int'l affront)
- Harasses N Korea with warships and threats over planned satellite launch.
- Obama reduces his boisterous threat to shoot at N Korea to an unidentified "stern" response.
- Moves fighter jets from Italy to Poland.
- Bank bailouts no longer revealed by US treasury. Quite, extreme hyperinflation needs no numbers.
- Another month, another record! 742K jobs zapped in March. That's 2M just in 2009! Sidenote: USA has some 27M labourers in mfg which shouldered the upside down pseudo-capitalist pyramid of some 100M wankers known as managers, office, and service labour. The base of this abomination is now eroding at nearly 10%/qtr and this rate is increasing at a whopping 17%/qtr. Yes, the unemployment rot is also exponential! Take the wars away, and it's still hard to imagine, given these rates, there won't be serious updates required in the atlas before the year's out.
- USA top court canonises land theft and rules that the 1.2M acres Hawaiian grab is just fine and no previous claims by natives need be honoured any longer.
- To be taxing time off from work. Now, there's a clever revenue source!
- Hussein Obama's warships stop in Georgia for a "number of cultural events". No joke! "Cultural events" is what the west calls the desperate re-arming of Georgia. Now, isn't repeating the same thing while expecting different outcome the very definition of insanity?
- California rips down tent cities near capital and herds the homeless into a makeshift camp. Are camps open for business in USA then?
- House prices down 20%.
- USA governance makes a web page teaching baboons how to deal with suicidal depression caused by the fiscal prolapse. Think it's a joke? Well, it is, but not in USA, there such lunacy in its screaming Hollywood glitter is commonplace.
- GM and Chrysler prolapsing despite zillions. Governance is out of cash though and fights erupt twixt west bankers, west execs, and west legislators. Most amusing.
- 29Mar, nursing home shot up -- 8 dead.
- 3Apr, NYC civic centre shot up -- 13 dead.
- Hugging and horse play twixt parents and kids forbidden in school under threat of expulsion and detention. Is USA mad? Yes, of course. They need troops, not families! Watch for giant assault in the west on family from every side.
- Obama unveils an extreme hyperinflation near 4T budget for next year. This is as meaningless as it's pointless. It's unlikely he could guess how many zeroes are in a trillion.

The new face of USA as the brave child murdering nation spring-cleans baboons into shanty towns.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - G20 plan to rescue prolapsed west by extreme hyperinflation explained down to the last detail by Hugo Chavez with two simple adjectives: "unreasonable and silly".
- Offers Arab oil monarchies to go off d0llar and create a non-west controlled petro currency. Sounds far fetched but if Arab oil monarchies don't go for this, they'll not only lose their shirt but far more. This completely turns the table on the west using the old USA monopoly against it. The only regret here is that the west is far too cretinous to enjoy and truly appreciate what's happening to it.
- No plans to restore relations with Israel so long as it's "genocidal and subordinate to USA."
- Deepening ties with Iran, Chavez's "second home", as he calls it, by creating joint bank venture and signing ~190 bilateral agreements. This further complicates the "complicated world" of Obama for he has to be nice to Chavez now as well. Perhaps another fun vid of many humble apologies to Caracas is in order from Warshington (sic).

Chavez to west: "Indict Bush, not Bashir". Considering the relative proximity of the names, could the confusing warrant issued by west be the result of a typo made by some west blond bimbo who was thinking about propping tits with silicone bags while he was typing it away?

Y E M E N Yemen - After opening to Russian military, loading up on MiGs. Notice, not many west mates edge the west oil theft route today. be cont'd as it piles up


James Wolfe said...

Looking at those pictures of the Afghan child crying, and Palestinian children murdered. The barbarism and callousness of the West is beyond comprehension. The people who allow this to happen ie the West populace are just as guilty as the fiends who actually commit the murders, rapes and torture. How many more people must die and suffer, before this end?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff above, James, poiuytr, and heart-rending pictures. But even as we gulp and wonder like you about the West populace and its utter indifference, we draw strength from the faces of two Freeworld heroes and the demonstrators trying to make their voices heard. We're in the last lap now. No time to give up. Freedom for Afghanistan come this summer. Freedom for Palestine in a none too distant future.

Anonymous said...

Russia taking giant steps in Africa as well:

Russia moves on Nigeria oil

by Carmen Gentile
Washington DC (UPI) Apr 02, 2009
Russian energy firm Gazprom has signed an agreement with the New Nigeria Development Co. for exploration of three oil blocks in the country's north, officials from both countries said.

Though rights to the blocks in the Chad Basin and Benue Trough were first acquired by Gazprom in 2005, the company has taken its time in entering the often volatile oil and gas sector beset by violence from militant groups and armed gangs.

Gazprom is also reportedly set to sign a gas exploration deal with NNDC worth $2.5 billion, Nigerian energy officials said.

"We are going to assist you develop your oil blocks through Gazprom, which is the biggest natural gas company in the world," said Russian Ambassador to Nigeria Alexander Polyakov, who added that the Russian energy giant was intent on bringing new oil and gas extraction technology to Nigeria.

This isn't the first time that Gazprom has made inroads into entering the West African oil and gas sectors in hopes of challenging longstanding players in Nigeria like Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron.

In November 2007, Gazprom announced it was seeking additional ventures in West Africa to complement its already established relationship with Angola's state energy company, Sonangol.

So far, Gazprom seems undaunted by the prospect of having to seek out new gas reserves in the often volatile Niger Delta, where militant groups have stepped up attacks over their anger with the government and its handling of the country's oil and gas profits.

Militant groups like the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta have been waging a steady campaign of attacks aimed at foreign oil interests and Nigerian forces in the delta for more than two years. In 2007 alone, more than 200 people were kidnapped and several Nigerian police and soldiers killed.

Since the 1970s, Nigeria, Africa's No. 1 oil producer, has pumped more than $300 billion worth of crude from the southern delta states, according to estimates. But high unemployment in the delta, environmental degradation due to oil and gas extraction and a lack of basic resources, such as fresh water and electricity, have angered some of the region's youth and incited them to take up arms.

Their tactics include kidnapping oil workers for ransom and tapping into pipelines and selling oil on the international black market, a practice known locally as bunkering.

For his part, Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua has said security of the oil-producing delta would be chief among his concerns, adding that the government would allot one-third of the country's $20 billion budget for the military and development projects in the region in hopes of stemming the violence.

The decision has garnered the praise of both political allies and foes, though many in the delta remain skeptical about whether the money being promised will make its way down through a notoriously corrupt government.

In addition to his crackdown on militancy, Yar'Adua has also taken foreign energy firms to task for not taking measures to reduce wasteful gas flaring.

Gazprom in 2008 offered to build a project in Nigeria as part of its proposed deal to capture the large quantities of gas burned off during oil production, an offer that could prove particularly enticing to Yar'Adua.

Anonymous said...

After the G String meeting, we have the Naked NATO coming up, a two-day summit. As informatron puts it: Present Naked head De Hoop Scheffer is just a pimp and NATO is better known as the Foreign Legion of Zionist USA. As for ex-Dane idiot who might become next Naked Chief, he's not only rabidly anti-Muslim, he also hates Russia. A quick disbanding of the dreadful alliance would help to make the world a better place.

Anonymous said...

dear poiuytr,

There was another mass shooting today (4/3) in Yankeestan - this time in New York state. Twelve people are believed to be killed.

What do you think causes the yank baboons to murder each other so frequently? Is it something in their water? Do you think there is a correlation between their mass murder sprees at home and their psychopathic mass murdering behavior abroad?

And why the hell do they choose random people to kill?

Anonymous said...

Let's see what poiuytr has to say Anonymous 20.47, but one thing I've noticed is that all the killing is done at random. Seems to me there's no plan, no purpose except the desire to create havoc. It helps to destabilise people and make them easier to manipulate. And finally this principle of creative chaos backfires.

Anonymous said...

Americans are the way they are rabid and beyond hope, because of the curse of the Indian tribes added to that uttered by the millions they have cold-bloodedly dispatched over the years.

Anonymous said...

Tell Israel and its many friends to

Emanicpate Gaza and

End the Apartheid Occupation of Palestine.

Anonymous said...

NY hostage crisis over, 13 dead

Fri, 03 Apr 2009
The gunman who went on a rampage at a civic center in Binghamton, New York is dead and the surviving hostages have been released.

Several unnamed sources were quoted by CNN as saying that the gunman had been found dead inside the center on Friday.

"The building is secure and everyone alive is out," the town police chief was quoted by Local News 10 Now.

According to reports 12 or 13 people have been killed in a shooting spree by the gunman who held dozens of hostages at a civic center in upstate New York.

Reports said the gunman took between 20 and about 40 hostages in the civic center in the small city located 217 km (135 miles) northwest of New York City, near the border with Pennsylvania.

Several hours into the terrifying standoff, police brought out two men with their hands secured behind their backs, local television and newspapers reported.

Local police would not comment on those reports or give details on casualty numbers, but a press conference was due to be held later in the day.

Anonymous said...

How much longer must we wait for the dollar to fall like a stone? I am counting the days till the good spring days of May.

Anonymous said...

RE: NY hostage crisis over, 13 dead

American wackos and their mass shootings. How many of these shootings have occurred recently?

Remember, the anniversaries of the Columbine (April 20) and Virginia Tech (April 16) massacres are coming up in April.

American psychos just love to "celebrate" these types of anniversaries and numerological significance by pulling copycat killings.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Off topic. May I suggest a link to:

poiuytr said...

i just added this also: Taliban declared war on USA. that's a bit of news. and corrected the ongoing misspelling of israel though none understandably complained. see that's the trouble with blogging: you become your own sec'y imprisoned by ridiculous details...and ultimately suffer multiple personality syndrome.


22:25 -- USA is rabid cuz of the Indian curse

good one! whether Manitou is that powerful or not, yanks are the stupidest creatures on earth -- no way about it. like ahmadinejad sums it: arrogance built on violence.

it's really astonishing though and it gives David Icke's lizard theories serious credibility cuz it's daftness that's outside of the human stupidity realm.

i dont mind them being cretinous. i care about their crimes that stem from that.


00:09 -- informatron on dollar

i don't think dollar can fall like that, like a commodity. first, the forex thing is bullshit, 100% west crap. it's rigged, pegged just like everything in the west: media, stocks, textbooks, shows... (btw, i didn't put it in NBN above cuz i dont care about USA brainstems, but apparently they've admitted to injecting propaganda into those cretinous USA TV shows), so everything is just rigged.

second, dollar competes against EU currencies and Canada and Aussie in forex so it's mostly against west, against orchestrated and west-controlled bullshit. since the USA takeover of UK exchanges... there's been a euro-dollar peg, as if it matters.

and it only shows comparative bullshit at that; it completely ignores the entire west currency basket prolapse and extreme west hyperinflation so it's all totally useless. bush II knew why make M3 illegal to print 4 yrs ago. they knew! but notice had no solution except make it illegal.

and third, dollar's not gonna fall, it's gonna die, it's gonna disappear. west isn't gonna go slowly, bit by bit. it goes overnight without any advanced notice. one day, they'll be no more dollar or some other unit that parallels it or devaluation, and that's that. out of the clear blue sky like 911. it's possible to maybe read it since we know that it's happening but... like any other devaluations, they just happen one sunny morning.

but see, that's the TROUBLE here. west can't... west doesn't have any more options. that's VERY troublesome because they may go for WWIII and kids in many unarmed nations may be the next victims of the death pangs of the west beast.

but west can't accept China/Russian monetary dictate. if it does, it's GONE. the second they stick in SDRs, then the dollar can be compared, and as such the dollar will disappear against it and devalue and it's a suitcase full of cash to buy a loaf of bread or civil wars across the whole of west. this is 1930s Germany except we're talking the entire west: oceania, EU, israel, japan, taiwan, northAm! but if they don't accept the offer, they'll get there anyway on their own through this multiple unstoppable bloodletting.

but anyhow, i think that forex will keep lying like everything in the west until the very end of it.

if half of our numbers are half right then that's gotta be very near. probably fall. summer's warm. summer's got pretty sunshine, daisies, high levels of vitamin D. baboons will still be mating then.

it's likely to come in autumn for it brings nippy cold, need for higher consumption, need for Russian gas... crisis typically unfold when winter sinks its teeth in and darkness enshrouds the dracula lair. that's when scurvy joins the inbred saxonic anemia, hunger begins burning, and depression goes into overdrive. their mating season over, the baboon pea-size brainstem will falter and revert to its primal years when it was reared with hollywood terror films and west endless brainwashing. it's the dark months of 2009 that the beast shall shed its last human semblance. it wouldn't be surprising if parts of west reverted to crawling on fours.

in fact, my bet is that they'll preempt it with seeded violence, fear mongering, and scapegoating turning the baboons against one another. we sort of know now how the diseased west works.


1:34 -- added the kenblog link


20:47 -- added the NYC centre shoot out. thanks for the article.


21:19 -- what of the NYC shoot out?

i don't know.

a few days ago i tried finding data on how EU stocks up guns and ammo since USA seems to be out of ammo and the sales were through the roof. i was trying to compare the mental difference twixt the two cheeks of the same west arse but failed to find the data.

anyway, i don't know... stocking up on ammo and thinking you're gonna shoot your way through USA army is exactly what the braindead baboon would think and try doing. it's probably what the west war junta wants it to do and think.

so who does the shoot outs? it's a mixture. USA has ALWAYS been doing this. someone gets fired so they kill the bosses. so there's those that just snap in the USA and start shooting around them cuz they're that daft.

now it's exarcebated (that's why i wanted to compare EU cuz EU is far more in active revolt and in grips with reality than USA) so they'll go even madder now.

but Columbine is inside job and so is virg tech in my opinion. in virginia, cops let him shoot for 2 hrs without intervention. that's clearly inside aid, if not the whole thing. but certainly there's psychos in the west and the psychosis will dominate now both in the west streets and west governances. watch the desperate NATO do another shootout in Pakistan or something like that.

see look, all this... if i may drivel. i apologise for the length in advance.

the question that remains for west is how it's gonna go. there are no other choices.

they're gonna try make friends and appeal to world's mercy. that's wincingly embarrassing and failing as well as amusing and no one should spare, especially USA, scorn and laughter.

they're gonna try threaten wars and WWIII perhaps even like bush II used to with Merkel. that's laughable now, much like israel screaming like a petulant brat at USA to kill Iran already. it's just noise now.

they're gonna try "change regimes" from inside. that hasn't worked either and many USA operatives seem to be getting their arses kicked out of everywhere for exactly trying that. look at west NGOs and all the diplos chased out Morales and others. and besides this is a lengthy plan requiring years.

so what can they do?

war isn't gonna do it. printing more cash isn't gonna do it.

they can only choose now how to go, how to fold and that's that.

that's my bet.

and i think they're sacking the west for all its cash, however they can squeeze it from the baboons. this overtly began the beginning of 2008 and happening exactly by the plan: escalating, consolidations, blatant theft, blank check theft, etc. once they sack it all, they'll drop the west, convert their loot to anything, and run.

i dont know where. after all, this isn't 1940s and SouthAm is sort of sick of "blue-eyed white" nazis anyway. i could be Africa. but every day the mighty continent awakens and it's gonna be tougher and tougher for whites to hide out there. but this is side issue.

so they put on the throne of the west Hussein Obama cuz he's the fall guy. all part of the prolapse. all anger will go on his head. west will scream praises for the Bush dynasty wanting it back because they'll be blaming Obama for their collapse. that's how cretinous they are. the dumber ones, and there's 300M of them in USA will even go as far as blame blacks, anything liberal, anything leftits, anything anti-right.

and then you take food away, houses, and give them guns, seed it a bit, and they'll murder one another in millions. no one's gonna look for the war scum criminals ever again. that seems to me to be the case and what's happening.

and the civil strife could be along any line. the jew scapegoating is mainstream stuff today. not an accident. understand that jew is not zionism, so no one jumps on me and beats me snout in. but racial line seems simpler. after all even german scientists had trouble telling jews apart. so racial lines seem more likely. who knows... look, that's probably why EU has been taking 1M Africans a year. it's a seed for civil violence. and look at France how easy it is to set it off.

along the racial line, it appears that they make attack Mexico, or false-op attack Mexico, do some massacres, blame Hezbolla, and set of a racial war inside USA where there's some tens of millions Mexicans.

any war, any way it's set off will do for them. any chaos for blame and in which to abandoning ship.

agains the problem is the immense stupidity of the baboon species because no human should be controllable like this. this isn't complicated stuff. USA cretins should have understood all of this by now and done something to fix it and spare the children of the Freeworld maimings, murders, tortures, and deaths.

it's also possible that they'll attack someone, some nation, and provoke a war. but this scenario seems to fit EU more.

so long as the sewage doesn't spill the oceans.

but the frightening thought occurs here that if the west prolapses according to the west war junt plan, then they'll be back in 20 yrs.

Anonymous said...

Even 20 years respite from the insane west is a miracle for mankind. Thanks for the epic declarations above. Even if only a quarter of what you predict comes true, we're sitting pretty.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating reading.
As if done from a distant planet. I think stacking up on alcohol makes more sense than gold. Except I can't ever drink to the point of no anxiety and anger.

Anonymous said...

looks depressing... there a "safe" country that didn't invest in dollars so much? Cuba?

Anonymous said...

We definitely need enlightenment on one point above: "the jew scapegoating is mainstream stuff today. not an accident." God knows, much of our 24-hours is spent reading the damnable papers. We haven't come across anything like that yet. Did you mean the Chas Freeman thing in the USA? And if not, where is the "jew" being targetted? The Muslim, yes, but the Jew? We don't get it.

Anonymous said...

All falsies, I'd say, the Alabama bloodshed, the German school shooting and now the NY mowing down of a few more lives. Victims chosen at random, nothing random about the act itself.

Anonymous said...

OK - and then who gives a damn? The real falsies are in Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan. Done any mea culpa recently?

Anonymous said...

North Korea appears to be close to finished with preparations for their satellite launch, and the controversial move, which officials say is a thinly disguised test of a long-range missile, could happen as soon as tomorrow.

At the same time, senior defense officials acknowledge that the intelligence is murky on the matter, and that it was unclear whether they had actually begun fueling the rocket.

Hey, biggest "falsie" of all?

Anonymous said...

US Foreign Legion NATO turns sixty. Down with the hollow "aliance". Each man for himself henceforth.

poiuytr said...

8:02 - safe country?
ive always tried to separate the dollar zone by west and Freeworld. but unfortunately most of the planet has been raped to beyond recognition by west and many claws are stuck into everywhere still today.

so it's hard, cuz if you invest in China aircraft part company, you're probably dependent on Airbus cuz some rich Chinese was making millions of these deals. it's like Persian Gulf. all Arab oil, all Arab people, all Arab workers, all Arab cost (beyond numbers!) but it's all tied to the west.

but facts remain like that China alone provides for 2X entire west market. west has virtually no resources and so on, it relies on food, everything on the Freeworld.

this is probably the reason why the flushing of the dollar has been this lengthy. the rich west lackeys are minimising losses.


8:19 - jew scapegoating in west media

hang on! there's a huge diff twixt scapegoating and hate mongering.

hate mongering is just that! whipping up the west baboons into fits of hatred foaming frenzy and siccing them on someone.

it's not just Muslims, btw! it's non-saxons in essence and that's why it's just to use the term saxon to return the west diabolical bias.

west media demonises everyone, not just Muslims. and since Russians are white but non-saxons, the broadest definition, as used and defined by west, is saxon and non-saxon.

scapegoating is not about directing hate per se but about hiding behind something. it's about exonerating the real criminals.

it's exactly like obama. sticking in black liberal prez exonerates white right war criminals in the eyes of the exceptionally cretinous monkeys or probably 200M of USA.

showing in west media pelosi vowing to put israel first in speeches to aipac; clinton bowing to the aipac bosses. etc etc exonerates pelosi and clinton and so on.

idiots then think that clinton and pelosi would have been the upright folks if only they didn't have hands tied by jews.

so yanks walk away from their TV sets having completely exonerated bush cabals from all the unspeakable crimes.

that's scapegoating and astoundingly it seems to be working due to the unparalleled stupidity of the northAm squatting species.

8:50 -- falsies, all of them.

safe for columbine and virg tech i don't know any details. there's so many now: france, germany, some nursing home in USA... if you do, write it up for all to see. your blog!

but last week, didn't someone kill family and then self? that's not falsie, is it? that's just total insanity setting in from the west hopelessness. some evicted lady offed herself too and i bet that suicides are off the chart in USA today. anyone any data on suicides in west?

closed up their stats some years back.

8:56 -- NKorea.

yes, all eyes on N Korea and if they go through with it then on Japan. let's see whose talk's the cheapest.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan's top Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud has claimed responsibility for the shootings at an US immigration services centre in New York state that killed 13 people.

"I accept the responsibility. They were my men," Mehsud told reporters in Peshawar on phone from some undisclosed location.

Here we go again. Behtullah Messud, dead and buried, now claims he did NY shooting spree. Undisclosed location = the great beyond.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, OK for jew scapegoating. Read it carefully and see your point. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

'Dead' Pakistan Taleban Chief Takes Credit for Lahore Terror Attack (1.4.09)

'It's a miracle! Pakistan Taleban chief Baitullah Mehsud -- who supposedly died from kidney failure six months ago -- takes credit for three recent deadly terror attacks, including Monday's attack on a police academy in Lahore.'

(Names of real perpetrators: India, Israel and US)

1/4/09 09:12

Add NY to it and miracle is complete.

Anonymous said...

This man keeps popping out of his grave. On 30.09.2008 cnn solemnly announced man-for-all-seasons Baitullah Mehsud (the latest avatar of Osama bin Laden) had been killed in a US unmanned drone attack. On 14 Feb 2009, the Americans killed him again. Now he's taken revenge and killed people in NY. What a story, folks.

Anonymous said...

Just a week before the NYC shooting there was....

American mayhem: Three horrible crimes over the weekend

"At least 17 people are dead after three violent episodes in the US over the weekend.

On Sunday, in Carthage, North Carolina, sixty miles southwest of Raleigh, a 45-year-old man allegedly shot and killed seven elderly patients and a nurse. According to news reports, the individual's wife worked at the facility.

Also on Sunday, in an upscale subdivision in Santa Clara, California—in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco—six people died in an apparent murder-suicide. The suspected gunman, whose identity has not been revealed, was believed to be among the dead who included three children.

In Milton, Massachusetts, south of Boston, a 23-year-old killed two of his sisters, one by severing her head, in an act of rage on Saturday. He was shot dead by police. The young man had recently been released from prison and was apparently despondent about his job prospects."

Anonymous said...

All down to bogeyman Baitullah Mehsud, the resurrected one.

Anonymous said...

Protests and Political Tensions Mar NATO Meeting

STRASBOURG, France — NATO leaders crossed a bridge between Germany and France to symbolize Europe’s unity, but protesters later battled the police of both countries on another bridge nearby.

EU happiness. As if our own pigs were not enough, we get to battle police of neighbouring countries as well.

Anonymous said...

U.S. spying from Kyrgyzstan air base: Russian state TV

Claims surface days after Obama-Medvedev meeting; U.S. official says allegations are ridiculous

By Guy Faulconbridge, Reuters April 3, 2009

Reuters MOSCOW - Russian state television accused the United States on Friday of using its only remaining air base in Central Asia as cover for a large-scale spying operation.

Rossiya television released a clip of a documentary to be aired on Sunday which it said shows how the United States ran intelligence operations from the Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan, used for supplying foreign troops in Afghanistan.

Kyrgyzstan told Washington in February to close the air base after it secured a $2 billion economic aid package from Russia, a setback for the United States as it seeks new supply routes.

"Eight years ago under the pretext of the war in Afghanistan the United States opened its air base at the Manas airport," a Rossiya statement said.

"But this was only the start. Subsequently the Americans in Kyrgyzstan launched a wide-scale intelligence operation

Anonymous said...

And with such people Russians play footsie under the table. Sorry, but they are no less crackpot than their so-called friends.

Anonymous said...

I've got the answer to the B.M. riddle, I think. Everyone in Pakistan bears the name Baitullah Mehsud and since they are all endowed with the powers of resurrection, they regularly return to hatch further mischief against the white races and their best friends.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Obama

AFP | Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev hailed Barack Obama as “my new comrade” Thursday after their first face-to-face talks, saying the US president “can listen” — even if little progress was made on substance.

What's this supposed to mean, can you tell me?

Anonymous said...

Saturday, 04 April 2009
UN Appoints Jewish Judge to Head Inquiry into Alleged Israeli War Crimes

'A Jewish judge said last night he was 'shocked' to be named as head of an investigation into claims of Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip. Richard Goldstone, a South African, will examine allegations that soldiers killed Palestinian civilians in the three-week conflict with Hamas. The appointment by the UN is believed to be an attempt to appease Israeli opposition to the inquiry. But there are fears it could prompt a Palestinian refusal to co-operate.

Mr Goldstone confessed he was 'shocked, as a Jew' to be invited to head the mission. He said it 'added an additional dimension' to the four-person inquiry team which also includes British law professor Christine Chinkin. The judge, who is on the board of governors at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, added: 'I believe I can approach the daunting task that I have accepted in an even-handed and impartial manner.'

Another story highlighting the supremacy of the law, that is to say whitewashing.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ott's Presentation on the Bird Flu Hoax

In my opinion, they will use a bird flu pandemic to collapse what's left of the economy and institute martial law, and the window of opportunity is open right about now.

Resist the NWO. Support Palestine. Be a human being.

Anonymous said...

The latest Blog delight, chunnering on about how Barack Obama, now described as the usurpator, almost touched the ground with his forehead in front of Saudi ruler, whereas the Queen of England barely got a nod. If he's true to his Muslim faith so much the better for the rest of the world.

poiuytr said...

12:45, 11:26, 12:10 - taliban claims responsibility

untangle that one. hate mongering taliban makes no sense today. i know it's done but it will not produce any result for the west war hopefuls.

first, west doesn't need pretext for war anymore that's been going since 2001. second, no west monkey knows where or who taliban is. but it all could be some prelude to expanding west policies against terrorist by proclaiming anyone taliban at will.

i dont see any of this changing the pitiful fate of west though.


11:30 - scapegoating

this is a perfect 'radio' topic. i'm unable to explain myself here in less than 300 pages. (btw, anyone wants to start a radio? seems to provide the tech for it.)

but like the Madrid ruling on 6 bush II henchmen... that's scapegoating too. they left out all the chief butchers from the ruling, making the west legal system canonise the exoneration. the same thing could be the bankers.

the west is angry about bankers today. you can't say they're not guilty but the troops that murder kids, rape girls burn them afterwards, murder families, and so on aren't bankers, are they?

that's why it's essential to keep it very simple: the west is the disease. their cretinous troops, their evil leaders, their war financier banks, and all the willing enablers, the tax labour force, be it a chimney sweep or some manager in some idiotic west concern.

but i think that west media doesn't even deserve to be analysed this much. west shouldn't be analysed i dont think. why? they're all guilty. different degrees but it's guilt all the same.

the entire west saw pictures of their torture 4 yrs ago. there was no general uprising. there was just silent support and ratification of the west diseased evil way. all guilty! let's keep it real simple.

the interest in the scapegoating issues is with how it's gonna topple, how they're gonna push west baboons against one another, how they're whipping up frenzies and so on.

the thing that interests me is how they're gonna get out or hope to get out of it. what's the next step for west cuz i've been out of advice for west for 5+ years.

west, out of cash, means certain violence. whether they blame these guys and hide the war financiers, whether they sell toxic assets, which is TOTAL COMPLETE NONSENSE, whether they murder children in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, none of this changes a thing. the west is done, broke, over, and out of time and options.

that's the prevalent story to follow. that's what's important here.

the rest is all noise, deliberately put in to mislead, to scapegoat, to blur, to hate monger, to cover up, to piss off, to bla bla bla bla, to flummox the west baboons, basically.


15:54 - france in nato

this doesn't pass the "so what" test either. so what's adding Paris to NATO gonna do? NATO will have another flat top carrier, which is broke right now and a few thousand more troops. they still can't take on an armed nation and they've got plenty weapons to murder children.

all this underlines the fact that west is completely bonkers.

like all west companies when in trouble they do a reorg. they print new pretty charts on new leadership and new functions and roles and rename departments with new pretty acronyms and stuff like that. that's west! that's NATO for you. that's EU constitution. that's NAU. it's all pointless masturbation of the west kind. they're idiots or unprecedented degree. and none of this works -- EVER!

add a France war dept to NATO. so what? it's still as laughable as before. create a new Africa dept in Pentagon, so what? it's still no oil/gas for west in Africa.

look, west only worked because it had monopolies. take those away like now and it's over.

no amount of reorganisation, renaming, stimulus consolidation, collectivisation, media screaming, none of this changes a single thing for west and its glorious future.

16:57, 16:31 -- Russia playing footsie with the west.

you gotta be kidding? how so? where has this ever happened?

if this is a provocation, then let me try to spay the attempt. if you're serious, don't be hanging down your head, all indications are quite to the contrary!

again, Russia mode of operation is to NEVER EXPLAIN OR SAY anything before a battle and SAY very little if anything at all after.

when Russia does talk, it's always to flummox/whiplash the west, push the beast into reactive mode, and take the initiative.

so going by what media says about what Russia "said" yields NO data and is well advised to be ignored for Russia is far superior in diplo verbal protocol than the vulgar west and at not foreshadowing its next few moves.

again, i give you USA/UK/Israel attack on Russia via Georgia last year. media spewed news of attacked Russian civilians. Russia had no apparent response. hours went by in silence. internet was boiling with anger and disappointment over the lack of response and seeming Moscow's bowing down to the west assault. everyone thought that Russia, when it really comes down to it, when it's attacked, takes it from the west.

12 hrs later, an astonishing long time for a war massacre, Moscow says there's trouble in Georgia in very uncertain terms. it blames no one. it foreshadows nothing. internet is angered. Russia IS taking it from west is the conclusion around the world. i bet even Bush II with cabal on his ranch were toasting yet another Mission Accomplished and celebrating their victory with the customary shooting of animals.

what the west, being the exceptional cretin that it is, controlled and run by phrases and buzzwords, didn't know -- again -- was that behind Russia's mild verbal stand was a powerful action that had been already been underway.

the data speaks for itself here and far more loudly than any west media or politician verbal pervert could ever hope to scream.

the west attack was repelled in 10hrs. in few days, 20K Russian troops were deployed throughout Georgia castrating it by taking all strategic points. west weeks after they had realised it couldn't comprehend how 20K troops can be deployed in such short time, let alone used to castrate the entire nation. boats were sunk, ports taken, NATO nuke launch codes were taken (this woke up Bush II and he issued a screaming threat to Russia to return the cars with the codes, of course, to no avail), airports bombed, pipeline taken and Georgia was carved into three parts, and much more.

today, we have 2 new nations and revolution in Georgia. Saakashvili is a ridiculous figure today. the west proxy whore world has been reduced.

did Russia talk? no! not before! and very very little afterwards! it said nothing before and it said very little after. Putin told some german news bitch off on this subject in a few stern sentences. and that's it.

so Russia doesn't talk and when it does it's to confuse the cretinous west beast. Russia's not a blogger!

Venezuela is! Chavez summarises the west disease in pithy weekly briefs. and he does it with contagious style and at a level where even i can understand it.

it's interesting how nations operate. israel is vulgar like a rabid dog. usa talks big and then issues embarrassing "disappointments" blaming something else. and so on. again, this would be great for a radio show cuz it would take me 100s of pages.

so when Russia plays verbal footsie with obama or any of the west comedians, you can bet, there's a flanking manoeuevre underway someplace and a few weeks later west is gonna wake up to find more gangrene in its veins.

in fact, this very subject is what NBN is about, i think, more than anything else.

the sole reason we're all here today instead of being either massacred or enslaved in some form by the vicious west child murdering scum is Russia. and this isn't the first time Russia is dealing with the planet's parasitic creature.

Anonymous said...

Look, keep your shirt on. Some of us have been on Russia's side practically from the cradle, know what we owe the Great Mother and have distrusted the rest of the west with unwavering tenacity. And agree that Russia brings balance to the planet in a way no other does. So we're on the same side on this one. Our concern in this comes from who the victims have been for the past eight years: the Muslim populations of this world. You talk movingly of children tortured, killed, maimed. All Muslim children, and their parents are down in the rubble too. That is number one for us, the victims.

We know the Muslims are a fearless, luminous people who will overcome their own present adversity. Still, each time they are blatantly let down, like Russia allowing NATO supplies to pass through their territory, our respect takes a stab wound. Forget it. The Muslims are proxy freedom fighters for the entire world now. And Chavez gives due recognition. The real powers, China, Russia, often mumble in the background as if they did not know who their real allies were.

And to end, North Korea, the iconoclast, is also cast in the heroic mold in our eyes.

So when will today's natural leaders step up and take their place? Time is running out.

poiuytr said...


yes, the west murders children. yes! got the point, know the point.

understand that there's no way to stop west without WWIII if you go head on.

what Russia's done is destroy west without WWIII, without a single shot fired -- the best possible outcome and it's not completely over just yet.

it's absolutely ridiculous to blame Russia for the children slaughter of the EU and USA deviants.

Russia tasted the west evil herself a few years ago with 1200 towns razed and 30M murdered.

being angry at Russia for not stopping west with military might is the reasoning of a fool. you keep your shirt on. west is on its last legs thanks to Russia.

the sick group here that has aided the Arab children genocide is the Arab monarchies. explain that one instead and be thankful Russia even exists otherwise it would have been long since over for all non-saxon lifeform.

Anonymous said...

OK, thanks. No discussion, the Arab monarchies are a plague on mankind. And I am grateful to the Russians, far more than you could ever imagine. But, still, I wish, O never mind what I wish. May their contradictions turn out to be nothing but misunderstandings on my part.

Anonymous said...

do you people even know what the hell you are talking about?

First of all... you really think the Americans were wishing to kill innocent people? It's their last intention to hurt civilians. You make it sound like there is a massive genocide taking place. And sending Israel "anti-children weapons"???? Are you crazy? Yes there have been, and will be soldiers who rape and murder civilians. It has been reported in every war. But you really think the westerners are the only ones guilty? Think again. Wherever humans exist, there will be crime, and there will be corruption. What about Middle Eastern girls being forced into marriages? Have you seen the reports? These girls are LIGHTING THEMSELVES ON FIRE to escape abusive marriages to much older, controlling men. The amount of these reported cases have been greatly increasing over the years... but I bet you wouldn't know that, would you?

Second-If the US was defeated in Afghanistan, why is Obama sending more troops? And why would they declare war against civilians? Doesn't a country need motive to declare war? Such as the World Trade Center bombing in New York City? Or trying to bring Saddam Hussein's horrific reign to an end--the murder and the torture he inflicted upon thousands? I would call that motive...

It sounds to me like this is a blog set up just to complain about the west. Do you not realize that there is murder, rape and corruption to be found in EVERY country? The whole world is suffering. It's not just your little area. Take off those blinders and look around you. We all have reasons to be upset. But nothing is going to happen until we all just suck it up, stop the complaining, and take steps in the right direction--which does not include putting the blame on some one else.

Anonymous said...

You want to see child killing, follow this link.

This was not done by the westerners... it was Afghani Taliban members. A seven year old boy was hanged because he was accused of being a spy. A seven year old is not capable of spying... I don't care what you say.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say to all of you out there that MOST of us here in the USA do not agree with war and wish we could do more to live together peacefully but as long as people keep confusing the USA people with the US Government and believe all of the twisted stories that are taken out of context then we will always have war :( If we could all just use our own minds and NOT listen to the people who tell us "They are bad, kill them" then there would be no more war :)

Anita Hodge said...

The US doesnt bomb children, the program "No child left behind" IS AN EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM TO WHERE CHILDREN WHO ARE STRUGGLING IN SCHOOL TO BE CAUGHT UP SO THEY CAN GRADUATE & GO TO COLLEGE. Did we fly two planes into two highly populated towers in Iraq? NO we did not. Should those people who died in those towers die in vain? Who else was next if the US hadnt struck back? Im not muslim nor will I ever be & I have read the koran, no where in there does it justify the killing of people because they are not muslim. The US doesnt not kill people for who they believe in. If Osama had surrendered there wouldnt have been a war, If Osama hadnt tore hundreds & hundreds of people from our country away from their lives, & loved ones, there wouldnt have been a war. I like how you blame us for everything but you take NO responsibility for your own actions & the actions of your people.

Anonymous said...

Very sad, who ever is doing it, god will teach them a lesson on judgment day. Last night i looked at these SHAEED baby photos, and my tear were not stopping, but at last they stopped, because i know i can't do anything to save them, all i can do is pray 4 them, and i am sure my Allah will listen to me, and save rest of the kids, and forgive all the one who died, well kids are forgived anyway, because they are PAK, but all the womens and mans who died, i will pray for them to go to heaven. Ameen___At last i have a question, who is doing all this?

Anonymous said...

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