Nation By Nation (15Aug09)

8-15Aug09 -- The laziness of the red summer sunsets, nightly cicada concerts, and the conspicuous lack of data nearly obscure the whopper of the imminent west-wide prolapse. But while the nonplussed west herds of BBCNN-eating baboons scratch away at their holiday sunburned rumps and the packs of the west media whores still addle their brainstems, west war junta's busy slipping in the last anti-riot measures across the whole of the west cesspit -- understanding full well what's to come. Make no mistake, the fatigue of this NBN is no more than the last calm before the storm. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Russia reinforces the young nation against the reignited west war threat. Apparently, still suffering phantom pains and delusions of grandeur, west gnashes fangs and sputters typical obscenities unable to recognise the reality of Georgia's 3-way split.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Building base doubling as a concentration camp at Bagram. West is henceforth sentenced to keep pouring legions and cash down this war hole till its last breath.
- UK gen'l confirms so much as he admits UK's in Afghanistan for "40" yrs betraying not only the screaming zero west war junta plans but above all the lightning efficacy of the 21st century Stalingrad trap.

Bomb goes off at the west occupation HQ in Kabul, 15Aug, killing at least 9 wounding some 90. No, west child murdering legions can't even control their HQ. Watch comrade Obama pour in tens of thousands of hired murders and perhaps even move to draft.
- UK invader deaths at 200.

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Boots Honduran ambassador.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Boots foreign oil vampires.
- USA bribes Petrobras with 10B in hope to get its claws on Brazil's hydrocarbon coast. China is currently developing there and some 35% of contracts remain with foreign oil vampires.
- Moves to build a state oil firm to reign in control over Brazil hydrocarbon wealth.

C H I N A China - War games with 50K troops, 11Aug.

C O L O M B I A Colombia - Troops cross border to Venezuela.
- Uribe on a SouthAm tour trying to mobilise traitors for his USA gringo war boss. Sideline: Safe for Paraguay, Colombia, and Peru, SouthAm has all joined the Freeworld. Perhaps cuz of its size and resource wealth, Brazil, much like India in the Asian theatre, has been playing both cards cutting deals with both the Freeworld and west war whores.
- Deal done: USA troops sprawled through 7 mil bases.
- Ecuador responds by reinforcing Colombian border.

Hugo Chavez has it right: "winds of war are beginning to blow". Indeed, west, ratchets up demonisation of liberated SouthAm and sets child murdering troops for assault in Colombia, after forceful taking of Honduras.

E U EU - The farce of printing cash exceeds all limits. France and Germany actually celebrate GDP 3/10% "growth" based on bank "profits". Yes, only a right west mind rapists could call trillions of printed cash and cash stolen from taxpayers "profit" and "growth" and only a west baboon could buy the lie.

F R A N C E France - Two day riot after state thugs deliberately murder an 18yr old by running him down with a car, 10Aug.

I R A N Iran - Busts a French spy. France "outraged" at getting caught out.
- Responds to west Sep ultimatum: "shove it".
- Building new pipeline feed from Turkmenistan.
- Self-sufficient in untraceable weaponry mfg. By all means, this is a call and raise to the ongoing west verbal diarrhea.

I R A Q Iraq - See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

I S R A E L Israel - Main wank stops purchase of dollars.

L I E C H T E N S T E I N Liechtenstein - In another wonderful act of cannibalism, UK/USA set out to plunder banks searching cash like they did in Swiss.

P E R U Peru - Governance moves, despite the recent violent nationwide uprising, to let west oil vampires rape the magnificent Peruvian Amazon basin.

R U S S I A Russia - Foreign reserves up by 1,4B at 403B in 1 week, 13Aug.

S O U T H   O S S E T I A South Ossetia - Stations 4K Russian troops now.
- Prez hints at reunification with Russia.

S P A I N Spain - Basque ETA steps up separatist movement with 4 attacks this summer, 3 dead, 60 injured.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Still doesn't need IMF. 18B USD magically appears in Turkey's wallet and west, angry at having IMF snubbed yet again, "can't figure the 18B out". Let's help the west idiot out, shall we...
- Russia and Turkey become strategic partners signing over 20 accords on energy, oil, nuke stuff, and pipeline.
- Turkey territorial waters now used by Gazprom for SouthStream (900km gasline with 63B m3 capacity from Black Sea to EU) dealing EU Nabucco wetdreams yet another blow and SCP (Samsun-Ceyhan) line, which doesn't even touch Russia. So now, EU feed that bypasses Russia is effectively under Russian control anyway. And west can't figure why Turkey doesn't want west/IMF vampire and whence the 18B come from. Yes, beside being the greatest human rights transgressor in history of the solar system, west is also patently cretinous.

U K UK - Part-nationalises British Insurer with a 3B GBP buyout. Sideline: Make no mistake, buyout, bailout, stimulus all mean the same thing: west war junta hoarding up assets paid by the baboon populace.
- Mass vaccination of poodles begins Oct.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - No new ambassador from Moscow until Yuschenko buggers off. Sideline: Yuschenko is a west stooge put in by a "orange" election fraud in 2004 much like Saakashvili was put in by west's "rose" fraud in Georgia in 2003.

U N UN - With the traditional 6 month lag confirms Israel murdered 11 civilian including 4 children while waving white flag during the '08/09 Gaza genocide.
- Confirms Israel violated int'l law in the Gaza genocide and committed "severe violations of human rights". Yes, the UN castrate is no more than a redundant belated blogger.
- While not tracking the USA-flu "pandemic", tags those who refuse rolling up their sleeve "criminals".

U S A USA - Retail sales shrivel over half a point/Jul. While this is a sign of poverty and depression, west mindrapists will try sell lies this is due to market saturation common in deflation.
- Petrol sales shrivel 2%/Jul.
- 558K jobs zapped/Jul, after 617K/Jun maintaining the steady prolapse trend. That's over 3,5M zapped just in 2009. Admitted unemployment at 9,4% or 9,25M on unemployment benefits, soon to join trashcan divers. Sideline: Note, USA unemployment does NOT track those whose unemployment benefits run out making USA reports nonsense providing no more than low bound and trend.
- Massachusetts arms dentists, paramedics, and pharmacists with vaccines.
- 360K homes foreclosed/Jul, 235K in pre-foreclosure proceedings/Jul. That's 32% up/Jul y2y. South Florida leads USA with 50% mortgage-insolvency. That's right, every other house is underwater now!
- Fed buys near 7B in USA treasury notes. That's printing cash or taking loan from self. It's totally insane and it highlights the desperation of the west monkey. They reasoned they did it cuz they got no foreign bid. Yes, indeed, no one invests in USA anymore so they have to buy their own loans.
- USA trying to sell 300B USD in notes. Like UK, USA is seeking a giant loan. Currently seeking 75B in the next few weeks. When UK tried this a while back, it failed miserably and had to enable BoE to print near 30B GBP each month as a workaround. Yes, west is totally run, prolapsed, and bonkers.
- Gates dumps 8M in Microsoft stock. Sideline: Gates knew in 2006 to dump dollars from his Swiss banks indicating he was among the few who read NBN covering the nuking of the petrodollar. He may just be a good indicator today that west high tech too is wiped out.
- Wanks of USA make 40B in overdraft fees. Yes, baboons are out of cash writing checks for cash they don't have. Lovely!
- Raising debt limit. 12T not enough. Indeed! Watch them just do away with the stupid limit. It's super hyperinflation henceforth and theft of all assets by the west war junta.
- Pentagram wants 400K troop deployment throughout prolapsing USA. Reason? "Climate changes" may spark riots. You heard right! USA spinsters call the nationwide terminal prolapse "climate change".
- Comrade Obama moves to have state teach correct parenthood methods. Yes, he needs troops so the attack on family has to be accelerated.

Apparently even somewhat violent clashes are at last erupting around USA. Never mind that, marvel at the unusual misshapen freakishness of this random sample of the NorthAm occupying baboon. What mutation produced such mental and physical deformation? This gives rise to the possibility that USA has always been one of the centres of illuminati and nazi medical experiments?

- 5 wanks buried on 14Aug, incl ColonialWank, marking the biggest bank prolapses this yr. BTW, CIT is on the verge of going -- once again and that's after celebrating getting hundreds of billions from state.
- Through 2007, 1% of USA controlled 50% of all growth and had 66% of all income. That's 1% controlling 2/3 of all rolling cash. Nice gap, isn't it? And that's only till 2007. Since then the rate of "bailout" theft has accelerated beyond measurable degree. USA today is a merger of west war junta and all USA assets cutting the entire baboon populace from anything but debt, cleverly termed "toxicity".
- GM (Governance Motors) eats up Delphi and auto parts sites. Indeed, the west war junta asset consolidation faces no impediments.
- Deficit at 180B USD/Jul, which is "more" than expected. Just for fun! July marked another spending record of 330B USD and receipts shriveled near 6%/Jul y2y.
- Nat'l Guard seen drilling riot control and mass vaccination.
- Governance member admits comrade Obama to declare martial law to predicate mass vaccinations as USA prolapses.
- Comrade Obama gives 15B USD to Israeli Air Force. Note here: UN finds Israel guilty of int'l crimes and so USA rewards them. Yes, the entire west (Aussia, Israel, EU, NorthAm stolen plateaus, and occupied territories like Malvinas, Taiwan, and Japan) is THE disease.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Gives Antigua 50M USD trying to heal the Stanford fraud.
- Deepens coop with Iran. be cont'd as it all piles up.


James Wolfe said...


Another tour-de-force by you giving us the real news, September is shaping up a decisive month. The US fiscal year ends and the ultimatum the US has issued to Iran expires too. Will the US go for war once the world sees the US financial system is totally fucked and bankrupt?

The US military skilled in the arts of rape, murder, torture, theft, child-molestation, and lying. Now wants to post 400,000 of its goons in the US in the event of an “emergency”.

I notice Angela Merkel visited Russia recently, this Russian-German rapprochement seems to be really gaining momentum, are the Germans bailing-out on the US? Germany and France’s economy seemed to left the recession, then again considering Western accounting practices, you can never trust Western statistics.

Poiuytr, have you heard of the latest US Gov Treasury scam?

USGovt Yuan Bond Threat

PS Where is everyone? Its been so quiet for the past month, usually there are at least 50 or 60 posts per NBN yet for the past month hardly anyone has posted anything. Even the lurkers aren’t posting.

Anonymous said...

"Another tour-de-force by you giving us the real news, September is shaping up a decisive month."

That has meaning in more ways than one. Some have been warning that the chances of some kind of a USA-UK false flag terrorist act (or other kind of "event" like a HAARP natural disaster or US biowarfare "disease outbreak") are increasing in the next couple of months.

poiuytr said...

> Will the US go for war once the world sees the US financial system is totally fucked and bankrupt?

yes, i think so. it already has in 2001. but now that it's completely run, that's the last decision west has. either it folds and goes in a prolapse or it goes in a blaze of nukes.

i think, the NWO crazies had hoped for localised wars to bog down all the big enemies with. hence the repeat of georgia rearming, Colombia troop takeover, Chinese uprisings, Iran uprising, etc. and hence the USA-flu.

but none of it has played out. since 911 they haven't managed to score a single victory, despite the abominable luciferian intent and arguably means with west banks printing hundreds of billions.

will Denmark go against Russia in the Arctic with Canada? will Saakashvili have another go on behalf of the west beast? there's not much left except small wars that don't really solve anything for west.

plus, west got Afghanistan and in the three weeks, west legions and cash has disappeared down that hole lacerating west even more than it was before the unwise Helmand offensive.

this is a great question and we should debate this cuz clearly there is a faction within the west war junta that is screaming for all out war on all life on the planet. but then there's reality and even west child murdering gen'l get that they can't even sway Afghan defeat now and opening a few more fronts with the big guys would be fatal. even Iran can check the whole of the west parasite so they're stuck with verbal threats, ultimatums, and other hot air nonsense.

the last days of west could explode the planet but so far, west prolapse has been managed from the outside quite well, and contained to a few west Stalingrads and itself.

> Now wants to post 400,000 of its goons in the US in the event of an “emergency”.

indeed, it's above under USA. in an event of "climate change". they're bonkers like that. but yeah that seems real. but it's unlikely. the numbers don't work out again.

like Helmand, like Iraq, like 911, it's all sloppy numbers, brainless plans made by brainless fiends who rely on non-existent legions like Obama with his ongoing Russian threat with nonexistent nukes in Poland. they're raving loons.

USA has some 300M. deploying 400K is laughable. that's a ration of 1 goon to a near 1000 armed angry baboons. and it's unlikely that all 400K would accept the orders here. certainly that's the plan but the efficacy is doubtful like with the mass vaccination aimed at destroying human immune system.

all these plans seem real highlighting the true diabolical nature of west but the efficacy of all these plans is as potent as USA econ today. even 911 was a sloppy job revealing to all with a bit of brain who's the real terrorist on the planet.

so yes, i think they want war, but they're not managing anything and west therefore has no future other than econ prolapse with perhaps local state-people clashes along the way.

poiuytr said...

> gaining momentum, are the Germans bailing-out on the US? Germany and

seems that way. they joined the dump-the-dollar chorus a few weeks back. but Berlin is unlikely to get on Russian good side ever again. the west elite is very much at war with itself today, as their war investment failed them, they're busy blaming each other now and the lines of fissures appear everywhere. it's gonna take increasingly harder dictatorship and fascist measures to keep the west loonybin cesspit together. a task that drains west from within.

> France’s economy seemed to left the recession, then again considering

all hogwash, i fear. west recently all celebrated bank profits. all west banks live off trillions of printed cash. GDP growth based on Bank of England printing 30B/month is silly.

> Poiuytr, have you heard of the latest US Gov Treasury scam?

yes, to a point. it's funny! bottom line here is that no one is investing in UK or USA, or west for that matter. and UK and USA have to do these scams. USA is buying OWN bonds. that's giving self a loan. it's INSANE but since all baboons are idiots they're not even ashamed to say this on their TV. same with UK. UK needed 250B GBP and USA needs 300B USD and that's just for the next few months and no one's investing so they move to faking foreign bids... it's madhouse. west is a laughable cesspit of the worst imaginable rubbish. and it all highlights the cretinism of west populace cuz they really have no utter clue.

> PS Where is everyone? Its been so quiet for the past month, usually

i think the west readership realised that NBN isn't their little hatred vehicle bundling them into the baboon populace of fools and idiots, the very enabling structure of the west evil. they don't like to hear the truth about themselves and their imminent future. they used to think it was all a big entertainment show but now that their wallet is empty, they're rallying behind the very criminals they once condemned because, when it's all said and done, once a western baboon, always a deeply racist and evil creature.

plus, i must admit something's wrong technically. it takes me minutes to open the site, which is odd. there's some ongoing intermittent tech problem here.

> anyone has posted anything. Even the lurkers aren’t posting.

remember Socrates (was it?). it's better to entertain one good man than a hoard of monkeys. mass entertainment/brainwashing is BBCNN game, that's where the baboons have their snouts wedged these days cuz they don't much fancy their odds. they're running for the cover now hoping that Blair/Bush II had won the world war in 2001.

James Wolfe said...

That photo showing “people” demonstrating against Obama’s Heath Care plan, sums up the ridiculous cretinous self-serving hypocritical mindset of so many Americans. How can these right-wingers muppets be so up in arms about Obama’s “socialized” health care plan, when it isn’t remotely “socialistic”. Obama seeks to reduce health care and siphon more money to the banks and appease the Chinese buy supposedly cutting government expenditure? I that morbidly obese creature carrying the placard “Think you want Government healthcare? Ask a military spouse”. What so of argument or slogan is that? Is this obese woman who lives of state, (because the military is the state) is her opinion more valid? That’s modern USA: militarism, fascism and cretinism

I’ve long given up debating with Americans on any issue whether it be Politics or Sports, because they’re so brainwashed, rude and hysterical. I had enough “flame wars” with these fools from 2001 to 2007, where I was banned from Free Republic (8 times), Liberty Forum, and so many other forums I’ve forgotten.

Americans seem to hate socialism for the poor, but celebrate socialism for the rich. It seems the US right-wing have totally brainwashed into supporting their serfdom? The seems despite its official status as “Republic” more like a Feudal Kingdom. Where the lords are the Bankers, the vassals are the government, and fief peasants are the “patriotic Americans” that fight for the system?

Notice the Israeli President, war criminal Peres has visited Medvedev today, no doubt trying persuade him to sell out Iran.

I’ve stopped going to IR, what’s happening in Iraq and Afghanistan? How is the resistance there? The West propaganda media have been silent on events there.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about those fat White pigs.

Put those White porkchops on a BBQ spit, and spin their asses around.


poiuytr said...


> Americans seem to hate socialism for the poor, but celebrate socialism for the rich.

Really well said! Yes, west is this elite war junta club, totally communist -- they flow cash from central banks to business and back with no receipts even and skim off billions in free cash just for fun each time;
and fascist -- total merger of business and governance.

Yeah, exactly! and the baboons like it like that. yanks baboon actually like the fact that their betters are zillionaires and can take whatever they want anytime. yes, communism for the ultra rich and cut throat capitalism for the poor worker.

and like you're saying, this also highlights the incredible, absolutely unmatchable stupidity of particularly the NorthAm squatting west creature.


israel's begging everyone to do "something". yes, not being the only nuke power in the region makes them uneasy. like west, merkel, obama, kissinger, they're just all circling the globe like flies begging everywhere. it's funny. west seems to be on a permanent Moscow begging spree now, getting nothing each time.

look at Afghanistan, what a gift that was for the entire west from Russia.

James Wolfe said...

The US baboon as you aptly refer them as, are a marvel of absurdity. Slaves and serfs proud of their status and loyal to their masters/oppressors/exploiters.

What’s happening in Iraq? I see the US have resulted to car-bombing and murdering civilians en masse in their pathetic attempt to incite civil war and thereby “justify” their rape/occupation of Iraq. Its gone far too quiet for my liking, the Iraqi resistance haven’t been as active as they been in previous years 2007/08.

What’s Russia’s view of Iraq? Maliki visited Russia a few months ago, I wonder what they discussed?

The ridiculous Afghan elections have finished, Karzai the clown will continue no doubt.

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