Nation By Nation (7Aug09)

1-7Aug09 -- Way before its predicted time, gloves are coming off across the west as regional scruffles usher in econ civil unrest into the west capitalist idyll. "Am I the only one outraged?" asks USA baboons L Iaccoca, to which one must answer: "Lee, you didn't care about the 3000 burnt in NYC or any of the 5M murdered and maimed in the 8 yr long vicious war waged by your kind so do kindly -- although your pain's amusing -- spare us the whinging now." (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Helmand offensive sinking west troops beyond expectations. West screams at Obama for 400K troops urgently, not just 175K.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - In further moves to liberate nation from the gringo rape, Morales makes governance members to learn up indigenous languages.
- Giving a house to newly weds with bonuses for school.
- Gives indigenous regions autonomy vote.

Morales: "Your brother Evo Morales might make mistakes but will never betray the fight started by our ancestors and the fight of the Bolivian people."

B R A Z I L Brazil - Car sales shrivel 5%/Jul. Been sitting on the fence there too long, Brasilia.
- Colombian politiCIAns summoned to Brasilia to try explain the new USA mil bases.
- Export of iron ore, mainly to China, grows near 50%/Jul, at 39 shipments/month.

C A N A D A Canada - 15B CAD suit by Spirit Wind survivours against Canada for systematic christianic-run rape and annihilation of indigenous culture, language, heritage, and religion from 19th century to 1996. Sideline: Harper admitted the cultural genocide in Jun08.
- Threatens Russia it will fight for North Pole.

C H I N A China - Outbreak of pneumonia plague.
- Mfg grows/Jul.
- Moving to int'lising over 2T trade in yuans. Is Bush II still asking "Bring it on"?
- Takes EUnuch and USA trade swindlers to WTO. West is putting rubbish tarrifs on China product trying to save the pathetic biz bits they've got left.

C O L O M B I A Colombia - Letting USA build 3-5 mil bases and beef up troops on Venezuelan border.

C U B A Cuba - R Castro reminds west to lay off the Caribbean island. There'll be no joining of west today, he says.
- Energy deal with Russia bringing Russian oil exploration right into USA backyard, Gulf of Mexico.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Correa boots west TV and radio mindrapists.

E U EU - 2 more arrested in west-wide organ traffic ring in EUnuchia. This is perhaps the most sordid of all news... apart from west war on civilians, west tortures, west medical assault on orphans, kids in Nigeria, and the mentally ill, etc...

F R A N C E France - From bossnabbing, bomb threats, it's down to punch-ups. Workers of prolapsed USA firm smack up exec over layoffs.
- State vows to squeeze the 300M EUR aid out of farmers. Farmers say they don't have it.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Real unemployment at 6M, not 3,5M as Berlin would like to lie up.
- BMW prolapses 76%/Q2.
- Governance busy peddling Opel. Nice to see west governances reduced to used car salesmanship. BTW, biz running gov't is the definition of fascism.

G R E E C E Greece - Governance decides to vaccinate all. That's no surprise. Greeks were in a five month revolt.

I R A Q Iraq - See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

I S R A E L Israel - Steals Palestinian town Beit Iksa.

J A P A N Japan - Wages shrivel over 7%/y2y. Tokyo calls this "recovery".
- Opposition party trying to endear populace by promising to square off with USA occupants. Sideline: The opposition had exposed 911 to be a self-abuse terror and thus removed the "theory" stigma from 911 truth making it a matter of official int'l record.

N E P A L Nepal - Governance given ultimatum to disband by Maoists.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Arrests 4 on a boat that crossed illegally into N Korea waters.
- Releases 2 USA journalists.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - 3 killed in attacks in Kashmir.

P E R U Peru - Revolt still on. 5 state troops killed in a raid on special forces in San Jose, 2Aug.

R U S S I A Russia - Running 2 subs right off east USA, as part of routine patrols now. Pentagram gnashes fangs.
- Brokering Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan energy coop.

S A U D I  A R A B I A Saudi Arabia - Bendar Bush, the adopted oil monarch by Bush clan, staged a coup attempt against Saudi leader. Under house arrest now.

S O U T H   O S S E T I A South Ossetia - West rearmed neighbouring Georgia to 2008 pre-assault levels during which the west war proxy murdered 2000 Russians.
- Georgia mortar-attacks S Ossetia twice 3Aug & 29Jun.
- Russia closes border, tells USA to stay clear.
- Russia arms S Ossetia with SS-21 ICBM. Is west really crazed enough to have another go?
- Russia building a mil airport. Saakashvili screams for someone hurry and stop it.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - UK/USA plunder of offshore accounts achieves results. UBS posts over 1B loss/Q2 digging the whole of swiss econ a nice grave. Or does anyone think Swiss lives off peddling watches or Matterhorn postcards?

U K UK - Pension plundering leaves hole 100B GBP wide. Like baboons, poodles have much to look fwd to in their old dotage. Watching war on the telly will be that much sweeter.
- Although printing cash at some 30B/mo rate, WankOfEngland is deliberately starving industrial investment by some 15B GBP, lending only to self, and actually celebrating "profit". While Brown predicated WoE "bailout" on the promise to restart lending and end of bonuses, he delivered the exact opposite: banker bonuses and end of lending. But poodles, blessed with brainstems nearly as negligible as the USA baboons, haven't noted the switch.
- Putting cameras into 20K homes to watch what poodles and their offspring do when at home. This is accompanied by control visits and behaviour contracts.

The new and improved west's facelift. Though someplace in UK, this applies to all west. Oddly, they didn't write on a cardboard, "How the hell can a Boeing vapourise" or "Don't torture children", did they? While west doesn't care about the murder of someone else, it thinks everyone gives a hoot about their vapourised pensions.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - As the end of summer nears and cold months are on the horizon, west preemptively antes up and gives Kiev near 2B USD to assure Russian gas flow through the prolapse season.

U S A USA - Comrade Hussein Obama nationalises Mae/Mac's billions in debt, letting baboons refill the coffers, while he lets bankers keep the cash. There is no word for this. It isn't communism. It's some perverted vampirist elitism.
- Suicides surge to some 60K calls/month. That's roughly 1 baboon going bonkers now every minute 24/7. But why? Aren't they out of recession? LOL
- Nearly 30M actively on anti-depressant drugs.
- Prolapsed Alabama county requests fed troop protection. Riots in USA before the end of summer?
- The doubling of prolapsed mortgage (one owes more than the house is worth) is now at some 1,5 yrs. That means mortgages are prolapsing at near 50% rate now. USA admits to half of housing to be prolapsed by '11Q1, which is, of course, wrong, for prolapse is exponential in itself but the prolapse rate tells all.
- Shooting spree leaves 5 dead, 15 wounded, Pennsylvania.
- Wages shrivel 1,3% (for those who still have jobs). Sideline: This accounts however the zillion-dollar bonuses, so the nominal worker wages have shriveled around 7% keeping pace with the rest of the happily prolapsing west.
- 3M asked intrusive questions on personal habits by governance.
- Governance caught conspiring with west pharma in deliberately infecting people with HIV. Some 1000 deaths so far. The HIV injections are still being carried out in EUnuchia.
- Tax receipts shrivel near 20%/yr marking the biggest shriveling since 1930. Again, this closely parallels EUnuchia, as it should, for the whole west is enjoying the same prolapse. Indiv taxes shrivel by 22% and corporate by near 60%. That's some industrial decimation, isn't it? So big biz gets free cash and doesn't pay taxes. Consider it only took 3 yrs and zero bullets to drive west to its knees and you too must wonder at the efficacy of the west counter-offensive.
- Prolapsed WankOfAmerica shutting many branches across USA while moving to China. Will they rename themselves to WankOfChina? After all, endless idiotic brandings, re-brandings, and slogan mfg is west's last functioning sector.
- GovernanceMotors (GM) zapping 6K jobs while ex boss gets 8,6M USD pension. That's why they had to zap workers' pensions. Otherwise this guy would be screwed.
- Pentagram building new bomb 10X more powerful than current bunker busters. Nice to see west still got its priorities intact.
- Florida park takes down USA flags cuz it can't afford to fly them.
- Synch swimming competition on 1Aug: IMF boasts "USA out of recession"; Comrade Obama interjects "Many more months before recovery"; and governance mutters "...worse than thought".
- 5 more banks die, 1Aug, totaling 69 wank graves just this year.

Even USAns are now getting that their politiCIAns are patent liars. Have a look at some local USA political charade. Apart from the rising tension among the herd the vid however provides no info. The politiCIAn there actually tries telling them that housing has "improved" and USA is out of recession, as though he hasn't been briefed on the latest NBN.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Cleans radio airwaves from 34 mindrape stations. Chavez: “We haven’t closed radio stations, we have recovered them… Stations which are now of the people and not the bourgeoisie.”
- Rejects mediation with Colombia for no mediation is possible while Colombia keeps planning aggression against Venezuela.

H Chavez "These bases could be the start of a war in South America. We're talking about the Yankees, the most aggressive nation in human history". be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

well done and well said.
as time goes by, amer-tribe soon will increase its speed, crawling back to poverty. after october 2009, as the DOW start its move back to 4000 points the amer-tribe will continue fill more and mre pain. as by november 2010 DOW will reach 4000 points amer-tribe will be already in full-blown deflationary depression. states will have to file for bankruptcies, as well as corporations due to its largest debts. the amer-tribe will become totaly worthless, crime, drug-use, prostitution, suicide, and roberieswill be rampant.
as i look at the amer-tribe, i wonder how braindead can you be to have all these babies, that eventuly will become homeless or push amer-femails into prostitution.
in the next two years, as DOW reach 700-13oo points and real estate collapse 95-98% the amer-tribe will become demoralized and will go through major depopulation process from drug-use, cheep alcohol, aids, nurves breakdown.
the military bases around the world will be left with its inhabitants because amer-oligarchy won't waist money for it.
in 2012 as amer-tribe will be depopulized, worthless and hungry, the oligarchy will start injecting money into the system again with amer-tribe willing to work in the farms, factories, infrastructure for bowl of soup.
but in mean time, let them have the last supper.

Anonymous said...

Sgt.Fury Says:
August 12th, 2009 at 4:52 am
Like hell they are. Everything the Russian build is crap. This is replay from the fifties when Russia would make outlandish claims about inventing everything under the sun.
Their crap Migs were Phantom and Mirage bait when flown against Israel. Oh sure they find a nut once in awhile ,such as the AK-47 . But there a world of difference between a rife and a smart missile.
Beside if they don’t back off we’ll drop the *”H- Bomb” into the Black Sea causing a tsunami to rush fifty miles inland destroying infrastructure and industry.
*H-Bomb is a non nuclear device. In fact it is being primed and ready for mission,
The H- Bomb is the Hillary Bomb. Dropping her fat ass out of a B1 from 55000 ft.
**A non explosive device that relies on rapid material displacement. Note tonnage throw weight in the latest Congo video.
** Jane’s Explosive and Air Ground Special Devices…pg 236 Vol 2. 2008
these are the words of the brainwashed, braindead, crukhead from the land of amer-tribe.
arrogance, at the best. this is the last tribe that never experienced a boot of a Russian warrior on its dirty ass.

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