Understanding the Economic Collapse


The Criminal US Gov has been setting up bogus banks abroad to buy its on Treasury Bills thereby secretly "monetizing" its debt. ie printing money.

The whole US financial scam will come crashing down by September/October.


poiuytr said...


west media whores ran a headline just now. something along the lines of USA buys 7B of USA bonds, or something like that.

everyone should have gone "WTF?" but none did cuz west simply doesn't understand simple concepts like bonds.

bond is a loan. just a loan. you give someone a loan and they give you a monthlies on the interest and eventually they pay it all back. that's the bond interest and maturity. these bonds that USA bought from self are as short as 3yr, some go 30yr with basically same interest rate, which is another story in itself. and a funny one.

but the point is that USA is loaning to self. or rather the west bank elite, the Fed, is loaning to self via the USA enterprise, which they own anyway. it's a loony bin.

the additional beauty of the Obama, let's raise 300B USD in loans, is the fact that USA got no foreign bids. so no one's offering cash to USA today cuz everyone understands that USA is donewith. and so to make the data look prettier, USA postures like foreigners offering bids to their central bank thinking they're gonna spark a market frenzy. they're total idiots!

they do this with war. USA troops have been caught many times dressed like locals in Iraq setting bombs in attempt to spark civil and sectarian wars. among the west tortures ratified by Bush II and Blair is posturing under a foreign flag, which is, of course, a violation of the geneva convention and many other treaties UK and USA have signed.

everything about west today is a lie, scam, and a crime. there's not a word of truth coming from the west media whores. everything is diseased, most of all the west populace which is eating all this up like pigs moulded rubbish from the trough.

indeed, west is THE disease, in every respect, on every level, in every regard.

with USA printing hundreds of billions of cash, peddling green printer ink to comrade Obama may be a great biz opportunity these days.

Anonymous said...

If America is undergoing something like Weimar Germany, then it stands to reason that it will soon become what followed Weimar.

Seig Heil to Nazi America.

poiuytr said...

right, the entire hyperinflated west is like weimar but it's worse than that.

like weimar, west is set up for a regime change. soon, the poverty will drive west baboons to scream for hitler like ultra right fascism and that's perhaps they made USA look like it's led by a socialist.

so it's all prepped for a radical ultra-right leadership stepping in in EU and USA.

still the same problem hitler had remains: it's impossible to take down Russia.

Anonymous said...

It also stands to reason that America and, indeed, the entire world, is entering an economic period known as a KONDRATIEFF Winter.

IMO This concept makes quite good sense and is a good framework for today's times both in the medium and long-term.

Having said that, there is no reason why a rolling inflation and hyperinflation will appear, targeting this country and then another country, all within a framework of a K-wave.

The Survivalist
"Downy wind & Snowy flake"

Anonymous said...

i.e Inflation will appear

poiuytr said...

i don't know about kondratiyev (sp?). it's a bit like smith with his capitalist postulates that don't apply to any west nation. there's a lot of description theories trying to explain econ behaviour.

i don't think it's possible to overlay some behavioural curve on it since it's not a free market. once you introduce a law in it, it's all random, driven by inside conclaves of market dictators, rather than the collective aggregate of supply/demand.

there's no need for west to go into a recession. west can prolapse overnight and my bet is that it will. one day soon west will wake up and be told they've devalued cash. it's nothing to do with any cyclical behaviours at all, but everything to do with the child murdering vampires that control the west cesspit and are attempting to rape the globe. they don't operate per K-waves. they're just evil. and if you look at west "capitalism" all you'll find is evil, perhaps the only predictable behaviour west has, and of course, its patent trademark.

but yes, this winter the reduced west circumstances will have trickled down to the plebe monkeys and perhaps for the first time west shall collectively enjoy poverty and prolapse, something that's, at the moment, reserved for only 10-15% of west populace.

my guess is that when you get a critical mass of screeching monkeys, there's gonna be a giant swing towards some ultra right machine across the wide west and west populace will gladly cede the last of their liberties for a hollow promise of some dictator to bring back their toys. possibly west-wide draft will follow and west baboons could be riled into a giant WWIII offensive on everyone.

but that doesn't solve a thing for west would not only have to start marching on Moscow again but above all would have to win this time around and do so within nanoseconds of the attack. that's what's complicating west NWO plans and what's prolapsed west thusfar. it's unlikely west will find a workaround to this ongoing predicament.

and things are a bit more complicated with near entire SouthAm turned against the gringo rape and there's also the small matter of China and Iran.

see, unless Kondratiev's rolling waves include the very disappearance of the system it tries to model, then i fear he too is wrong with his econ suggestions.

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