Nation By Nation (24Aug09)

16-24Aug09 -- If it had a brain cell among its number, this is perhaps the time the west populace of BBCNN genocide watching baboons oughtta start worrying. At least a bit. Why? From Berlin, Tokyo to Loondon and on to Warshington, despite all reality, the west war junta and its obedient west media mindrapist whores are all celebrating the "end of their recession". Let's help with the cork-popping celebration. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Attacked by west war dog Georgia. Under sea blockade with at least 2 ships hijacked.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - 2 rockets smack into prez compound in Kabul, 18Aug.
- "Elections" re-throne Karzai.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Aussie cops get powers to conduct warrantless searches.
- QuantasAir shrivels 88%/Jun y2y. Slashing 1,5B AUD in services. Good, they're out of the woods then. LOL
- Health minister with a call to abandon the mass vaccination programme, reveals that west vaccinates from the "same" vial. Yes, west vaccination, beside all the other genocidal side effects, is basically a giant mass sharing needle rave.
- Says that it has 130K cases & 130 dead from USA-flu.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Returns toxic rubbish to UK. 1700 tonnes of used syringes, dead batteries, suspicious food & toilet stuffs, medicine crap, and dirty diapers are back home in Suffolk, UK. "How is it possible for countries that say they're doing everything for environment to do this?" asks Brazil environment minister. Well, sir, that's cuz west is THE disease. By policy, they're torturing children, carving organs out of their victims for their organ market, and indiscriminately murder everyone they see around the globe. Hardly, they'd think twice about dumping rubbish on your beach.

C H I N A China - Further reduces lending to USA by 25B/Jun.

C Z E C H Czech Rep - Expels 2 Russian diplos.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Starts nuke power coop with Russia.

E U EU - Celebrating "50" on the 21Aug-released PMI which should mean that EUnuch mfg has stopped shriveling and just hovers put.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Actually filed a demand with UN to strip Russia of veto.
- Blockades Abkhazia and hijacks their cargo ships. Yes, west attack on Russia has begun.
- Offense minister admits as much by stating that USA is training Georgian troops against Russia.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Governance gives USA's GM (Governance Motors) 4B USD to finance the prolapsed Opel embarrassment. Note that west governances have merged into this bizarre custodian body taking care of the bailout-acquired west war junta assets.
- Shooting spree in northwest leaves 4 dead, 18Aug.
- Governance asks if Porsche manipulated stock. Not a joke! West governances are still pretending then that west stocks, cash, banks, media, education, econ data, and elections aren't manipulated.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - Expelling Argentinian diplos.

I R A Q Iraq - USA invaders murder mother and 3 children (all under 12), 16Aug.
- USA HQ in Hurriya shelled, 16Aug.
- Bomb attack on USA convoy near Falluja, 18Aug.
- Basra airport Katyusha'd, 18Aug.
- USA Echo base in Diwaniya Katyusha'd, 19Aug.
- USA patrols in S Baquba and Nasiriya IED'd, 20Aug.
- See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - Retail shrivels 11%/Jul y2y marking the 17th consecutive month of the trickled down prolapse.
- Wages shrivel at a record pace in Jun.
- Unemployment at a 6 yr high.
- But to west media whores this tallies up as "recovery".

M E X I C O Mexico - Decriminalises personal possession of marijuana, coke, and heroin. No word on LSD or angel dust.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - USA murders 12 civilians incl children with another drone missile attack.

R U S S I A Russia - Multi-prong attack launched by west against Russia is underway: bomb kills 20, wounds 40 at police HQ in Nazran, 17Aug; explosion destroys Yenisey river power-plant and kills 66-75; Georgia admits USA is prepping it for war with Russia and assaults Abkhazia with Black Sea blockade and ship piracy while continuing shelling S Ossetia; Russian crew on "Arctic Sea" and cargo hijacked.
- Discovers giant oil and gas reserves in Siberia with some 520B tonne and 95B m3 capacity respectively.
- Recovers crew and cargo of the hijacked ship. Sideline: The all Russian crew of 15 cargo ship "Arctic Sea" was hijacked near UK on 24Jul by 8 pirates. Russian navy recaptured the ship near northwest African coast on 17Aug arresting hijackers and taking crew with cargo to safety. The hijackers have been charged with piracy and kidnapping. Allegations made by Russian press suggests the cargo consisted of X55 cruise missiles and the hit was done by Israel. In effect, Moscow remains characteristically silent on the matter.

S O M A L I A Somalia - Fight flare up leaves 55 dead, 60 hurt, in Mogadishu, 20Aug.

S O U T H   O S S E T I A South Ossetia - Moves to join Russia-Belarus union.

S P A I N Spain - Celebrates end of recession with 20% unemployment. EUnuchs were actually heard to adumbrate in no certain terms: "...the high unemployment may 'delay' recovery." Not a joke!

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - 300K civilians held in an open-air concentration camp since the end of the governance racial purification genocide will remain there "indefinitely" says governance.

S W E D E N Sweden - Told by Israel to quit publicising Israel's murder of Palestinians to harvest & traffic organs. In round one Sweden told Israel to bugger off but Israel has retaliated with a Swedish media attack. Watch for another EUnuchia-wide media revamp.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Governance selling state's 6B CHF stake in UBS, the UK/USA ravaged and prolapsed bank. Swiss governance actually said that the dumping of the bank asset is a "good" sign. West lies are so absolute now that they're basically telling the truth.

S Y R I A Syria - Proposing Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria alliance bloc, something west will love.

U K UK - Celebrates the biggest monthly deficit on record thusfar. In Jul, UK operated with -8B GBP in its wallet. That's MINUS 8B.
- Also celebrates the steepest decline in receipts which shriveled 15%/Jul y2y. Well yeah, the unemployed don't pay taxes, neither does the governance-run biz, and wanks consume hundreds of zillions every few months beside burying the island in hyperinflated prints of cash. But you can count of the west media whore mindrapists, for to them, this means UK's "on the mend".
- While BoE is printing near 30B GBP each month for self, it loans to no one. So Bank of China steps in and cherry picks UK prolapsed homes. That's right, China's real-estate shopping on the UK yard sale.
- Copying USA, UK military "loses" 6B GBP in war equipment incl weapons. See NBN19May09 for USA military apparently "losing" as much as the H-bomb.
- And copying USA in selecting sites around the countryside suitable for mass graves. See NBN23Apr09 for USA prepping for their mass cull. See globalResearch article for more on what should be a pretty disturbing news for all the poodles.
- Poll suggests that at min 30% of medical staff (the first to go) refuses to roll up the sleeve in the upcoming mass vaccination. Watch for quick west-wide criminalisation of any and all vaccination non-compliance.

U N UN - Rolling sleeve up for mass "vaccination"? Read Blaylock's ways that include freezing the injection puncture to slow down the reaction and other methods to fight the mandatory needle here.

U S A USA - Mortgage delinquency at all time high per Q2. Florida, Nevada, and California lead with over 10% foreclosure rates.
- 36M on food stamps per May09 data. That's 1 out of 9-10 people now in USA need stamps to function.
- USA mfg shrivels to 9% of workforce. And they count selling fast foods as mfg. That's right, USA mfg product is the most pathetic since 1941.
- 576K unemployment benefits seekers by mid-Aug. That's up 15K/week. To spin this slight blemish, USA market dictators have resorted to claiming that if the monthly job loss remains under 600K, it's all swell.
- USA stock index made up largely from the Bush II and Hitler war building concerns are ALL running in excess of 130PE ratio today. Sideline: This means ALL preferred USA firms are losing some 130 dollars to each one earned. While everyone can see the rudimentary problem with this, west media whores don't hesitate to call this a "sound & recovering stock market" and celebrate its each death twitch with big font headlines.
- Beside mass grave sites, mass vaccination, and the deployment of anti-civilian troops & militias, USA recovery is best illustrated by Guaranty, an 81st bank to kick the bucket just in 2009. That's about 2 banks dying each week.
- Governance sets out to slaughter 12M marine mammals. Yes, west has declared war on all life.
- Comrade Obama joins the christianic lunatics: "We are God's partners in matter of life and death". Sideline: This christianic psychosis is fast gripping the entire west war cesspit. Bush II & Blair prayed to their god while they launched their wars against children around the globe. USA war gen'l actually pointed to a fuzzy picture of Falluja during the west's brutal razing of the city and said that the smudge on the photo was Satan. Bush II regularly claimed to speak with god and apparently was told to invade Iraq by god. None of these are jokes! West is a mental sick ward and christianic lunacy the biggest cover for the greatest genocide machine ever. It's no accident that the head of christianity is a nazi hitler jugend boy.
- Comrade Obama to borrow 9T/decade or basically a trill each yr now. But from who? USA like UK is reduced to buying own loans beside forced to plug up fiscal lacerations by printing zillions in new cash. All this cuz no one's loaning to them. China, the biggest USA lender has slashed lending to 800B USD in 2009 from some 1,3T in 2008 (over 30% shriveling in China2USA investment then and the trend continues) forcing USA to cede real-estate and industry titles to Beijing. Perhaps the comrade should call his partner in crime, the west god?
- Governance admits Bush II artificially adjusted "terror level" throughout his blood-thirsty reign to suit his political agenda.
- Army depot in Kentucky springs a mustard gas leak. No UN outcry over USA's bio-WMD stocking and use? This is a repeat of Oregon leak. See NBN19May09.
- Says 8K sick with USA-flu, has 20M doses and 200M are on order.
- Buying more nuke fuel from Russia.
- Mulling curfew for everyone in New Jersey.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Stops fueling Colombia. Sideline: Venezuela was selling 17M l/mo at 50% market rate to Colombia. The sweet deal is over thanks to Uribe's USA arsecrack licking for which he recently received some USA medal from Bush II. In return for the medal, Uribe gave Colombia to USA for a military takeover to position troops against SouthAm.
- While debating Orinoco oil dev'p deal with Russia, arms trade discussed as well. West fears Russia may get pulled now in the planned USA war on SouthAm.

H Chavez: "Obama is lost in the Andromeda nebula on SouthAm policy. We're not asking him to intervene in Honduras but to get his claws out."

HELP WANTED: Can someone join NBN and translate Chavez's weekly TV shows?

Y E M E N Yemen - USA-backed governance makes 100K civilians flee mayhem caused by the ongoing strife to secure west oil theft route. Sideline: To approach understanding the scope of the west evil, look at a world map showing world's resources. Then overlay a map showing war conflicts. West plunder routes will readily emerge. be cont'd as it all piles up.


James Wolfe said...

The Swiss seem to have had enough and bailed out of the US for good.

August 25, 2009 - 8:50 PM
Wegelin bank to pull out of US
Swiss private bank Wegelin announced on Tuesday that it is to stop doing business in the United States.

I especially like this part

“It added that it believes the US overestimates its attraction as a financial centre, and is advising its clients to get out of all US securities.”

Even the obscenely arrogant and snooty Swiss finally get it, the US is a busted flush, a house of cards that prances around as it’s the living embodiment of all that is good and great.

The scale of the calamity that’s fallen on the US is beginning to be acknowledged.

Real US unemployment rate at 16 pct: Fed official

poiuytr said...

yeah, the west elites are fighting in the open now trading nasty headlines.

swiss econ has been pulverised by the desperate USA and UK plunder for a bit of cash. so they're gonna bicker a bit now.

the size of the rift behind the scenes is, of course, the fun stuff.

can you imagine the anger someplace over the arrest of USA governance stooges and jew church bosses over the organ trafficking. something that supposed to have been a money thing turned into exposing the west's organ theft.

no wonder there's raised voices now twixt CIA and white house.

...the US overestimates its attraction as a financial centre,....

yeah, that's why USA is buying own loans at a rate of hundreds of billion.

the more these fissures appear in the west world, the more non-west cash will slide in picking it apart, driving wedges in here and there making the west-wide unity impossible. who knows what deal UK has been promised by Libya and more.

it's just funny how they're mud slinging one another now.

thanks for the unemployment link.

BTW, do you have a problem loading this page. it takes me over a minute to load this stupid page.

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