BBC Documentary: Al-Qaeda never existed

West mind-rapists at their best................................

Adam Curtis bizzarely debunking West propaganda on West propaganda station.


Anonymous said...

Is this from the Power of Nightmares documentary that came out in 2004?

That was a decent show for a mainstream media outlet, but it didn't go far enough in questioning 9-11 or the War on Terror.

It essentially makes the argument that the USA and allies were exaggerating the "Al-Queda threat" but it never really questioned the real agenda behind the War on Terror (i.e. Western global conquest) or the fact that 9-11 was a US false-flag terrorist act.

James Wolfe said...

That’s right the clip comes from Adam Curtis’ documentary the Power of Nightmares I remember watching it on BBC 2 at the time. Curtis makes some outstanding documentaries another brilliant one was The Century of Self and The Trap what happened to Freedom? You have to remember back then this documentary was REVOLUTIONARY and SUBVERSIVE, in 2004 it was the height of the “war on terror”/clash of civilizations hysteria/mania, Madrid bombings, Falluja massacre, etc.

True it didn’t question the geopolitical agenda and objectives of the US and UK in their fanciful and never ending “war on terror” . But it is the BBC after all it can only go so far before its leash is tugged back and resumes its designated role as the propaganda organ of mi6.

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