Trending now: West Prolapse & Other Such Soirees

Oakland, West Baboonistan. Tear gas, rubber bullets, arrests, 25Oct11.

Meanwhile, for the wonderful eco-destruction of the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Stream, comrade Obama grants BP permission to drill hundreds of new such disasters. Maybe comrade Obama's generosity could be explained by him getting the unusual tzar-like power to wage any war he or his wife wishes and apparently to infect USA children with anthrax so that the governance can heal them again. At least Hitler in the 30s kept his medical experiments under the wraps. But what could be expected from the governance of the biggest drug lord on earth? After all, in 2008/9 comrade Obama told all he's protecting Afghan "heroin crop and manufacturing". That was no joke, his governance is caught now red handed running guns for drug wars.

Meanwhile, comrade Obama invades a few African nations, drone-murders people in Somalia, attacks Yemen, sends his hired psychos to Syria, puts Pakistan in the cross-hairs, aims rockets on Moscow, and makes a 911-like pretext to hit Iran. Let's hope this is the "change" the baboons can still believe in.

Someone explain how isn't any of this making the Occupy placards, of course including 911? Compared to these mind-stopping continuous crimes against humanity, the institutional larceny the street protesters are complaining about, is silly. The whole Occupy movement across the central west lands feels like complaining about Jack The Ripper for parking in the red zone while going a-slashing.


On a good note, the baboon bank death rate = 1 per 3,5 days, weekends included, which has eaten some 84 banks thusfar this yr. Just for fun, BoA defrauded 1B USD and paid 285M USD. Watch comrade Obama print the BoA chieftains zillions in bonuses for a crime well done.


Greece. Our Greek brothers still leading the way. Note helmets, sticks, and even gas masks among the protesters. The clashes of humanity against the beast are backed by the nation's numinous solidarity manifested in a series of general strikes.

Most amusingly, a congress person was booted for refusing further "austerity", a west lizard euphemism for collective poverty punishment.

Greece, once more. And the saxon lizard said that "Greeks are lazy"?

Meanwhile, EUnuchs settle on some 130B EUR "bailout" pretext under which Germs invade Greece with permanent ground contingent of invigilators to assure Brussel dictate "reforms" are implemented.

This amusingly accelerates the baboon prolapse for they're now on the hook for some 1T USD in new taxes and 3T USD in cuts. This comes after recently comrade Obama upped the borrowing to 15T USD, which is already exhausted. That's a burn rate of ~2T USD/3 months or 1B USD each and every hour. At this rate it would cost more to spend it than what it's worth.

Expect the BBCNN whores soon to celebrate these wonderful fiscal policies by showing a dramatic decrease in the number of baboons on food stamps -- of course not cause the baboon found food elsewhere but cause they won't be printing as many food stamps. This is precisely the same syphilitic technique the west juntas use to keep their unemployment down.

At the same time, while postponing for a bit the embarrassment of the 4th Reich breaking up, EUnuchs are apparently crawling the Beijing carpets begging for a 1T EUR handout. Now what could the laughably prolapsed entity, beside unskilled manufacturing labour and snail sandwich, be offering to Hu?

Germany & Spain. It rather seems that it's the Germs who are lazy and, let's be clear, retarded, lagging on the understanding of the west beast's crimes with such an embarrassing delay only echoed by UK and, of course, the baboon.

As some of EUnuch lands suffered more credit-rating downgrades, Berlin solved the pesky problem: if rating cuts continue they shall be forbidden. This is precisely what Bush II did with his cash printing. He simply made it illegal to publish M3, without which the astronomical hyperinflation of the west cesspit can't be worked out. This just to illustrate the clever solutions the west beast has at it its disposal in its last days. In other words, don't be fooled by any of the rabid barking from any of the west governances and their BBCNN pack of whores.

Rome. Not far behind Greeks. EUnuchs told Rome to "stop rotting EU". Not a joke! Yes, that's how truly psychotic is the west sickness.

Meanwhile, as the street flames begin licking the Vaticunt stone walls, the west mindrape machine calls for the rise of global fuhrer, or "global authority" as the nazi popes prefer to call it. Consider this a spiritually uplifting sign of this unusually diseased parasite losing grip.

Loonden, the benighted bit of west, still insists on chatting, as if the beast could be moved by maundering jeremiads.

Meanwhile, bankruptcies across the drizzly isles rise 11%/y2y.

On a technical note, as best as I can figure it, the comments were disabled on the last note by the size of the youtube vid objects plastered in it. So I cropped these accordingly. If the comments are still somehow affected by this post, please know there's no intent or deliberate action behind it.


Anonymous said...

I'm having problems posting comments... some script running too slow. I have no clue what's up. Anyone?

poiuytr said...
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poiuytr said...

(A few things from the last comment tail)

> Where are our blogmasters? Have they disappeared, given up on us? It

I don't think this blog has blogmasters. It's sort of just a gathering chat place. NBNs used to celebrate the prolapse of the west beast liberating the world from the west BBCNN mindrape but the west wall-to-wall terminal prolapse is so apparent today that it really doesn't need any highlight. Besides, the BBCNN whores are, in effect, doing the NBN's job today themselves.

Now, I guess it's the matter of how it will all topple and how will the Freeworld keep managing to defend itself against the child-murdering Luciferian lizards of the west as they try to, in their death throes, provoke up some giant, perhaps even, nuke cataclysm.

> pains us to note this downright negligence of their duties. Or has

Not negligence, just incapability.

> and everything hunky dory with the killer west? Do give us a helping hand occasionally.

Alright. Pick a topic, let's dissect it. BTW, this blog is yours too. Write a topic, article, whatever and let's have a go.

> The US economy is in a worse shape than ever.

Yes, the west is prolapsed. Has been headed there irreversibly since the magnificent May of 2004 when the dollar monopoly was shattered with permanence.

Although this is a repeat of a repeat... it's essential to understanding the west idyll and how it ever worked. West ran off monopolies: cash, drugs, and technical. All this was propped up by permanent war against our planet and humanity.

Cash monopoly assures cash demand regardless how it's made and it was made through printing. The west ran a few schemes to link typically the dollar to a monopoly such as the post-war Breton rape forcing the Freeworld into a dollar trading and then in 1973 into the oil-dollar scheme. This is basically what fueled west. West printed cash with no need to lift a finger for it and the Freeworld was forced to buy it for labour, often child labour. It trickled down to the baboon, perhaps the most disgusting creature ever made in whole of the galaxy, which grew fat, more bristly, and mentally deranged as it snacked on the blood of the planet's children, aspertame-laced soft drinks, BBCNN lies, and the Hollowwood glitter rubbish. Today the baboon thinks, in its infinite daftness, that somehow USA once upon a time had a functioning manufacturing and production of sorts. Of course, that's yet another mistake of this red-rumped monkey.

West has never done a single thing to benefit humanity. Its only export has been war, torture, sickness, design poverty, syphilitic Dark Age mantras, laughably mispelt language, and hamburgers.

So "USA economy" is in itself an oxymoron, a matter that never once existed, unless war and theft are considered economy.

poiuytr said...

(A few things from the last comment tail)

> Where are our blogmasters? Have they disappeared, given up on us? It

I don't think this blog has blogmasters. It's sort of just a gathering chat place. NBNs used to celebrate the prolapse of the west beast liberating the world from the west BBCNN mindrape but the west wall-to-wall terminal prolapse is so apparent today that it really doesn't need any highlight. Besides, the BBCNN whores are, in effect, doing the NBN's job today themselves.

Now, I guess it's the matter of how it will all topple and how will the Freeworld keep managing to defend itself against the child-murdering Luciferian lizards of the west as they try to, in their death throes, provoke up some giant, perhaps even, nuke cataclysm.

> pains us to note this downright negligence of their duties. Or has

Not negligence, just incapability.

> and everything hunky dory with the killer west? Do give us a helping hand occasionally.

Alright. Pick a topic, let's dissect it. BTW, this blog is yours too. Write a topic, article, whatever and let's have a go.


poiuytr said...
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poiuytr said...

> Despite official unemployment rate stagnating around 9%, in fact

This too is a patent lie of the west. West doesn't track unemployment, in fact, it never has. It tracks unemployment benefits, be it state or corporate. That's all. So west unemployment #s are unemployment benefits being paid, not unemployment at all. Once the benefits run out, the unemployed are no longer tracked by any public statistic.

This is the west's endless war on numbers. Give the beast statistics and it'll pervert it too. As such west GDPs are also patent nonsense, which perform so many crimes against simple accounting, it's impossible to cover. But the funniest and perhaps the most telling bit on GDP is that west counts their cash prints as INCOME. This alone defuncts the whole of west accounting and should make clear that west #s are all 100% lies.

But that's hardly surprising for all things west are 100% lies. Take their history. Take west sciences. Take west anything... it's a laughable pile of rubbish that requires more rubbish to hold it together as the years tick on.

The daft west hoards of psychopathic murderers who sacked Asia Minor and every land they could get to believed until 15th century or so that the world is a flat pancake held up by big turtles. This is while the nature of galaxies, solar system, atoms, earth size was known some 4K years before the disgorging of this miscreant out of the Baltic marshes to suffocate, rape, and destroy our planet.

In 1930 the beast felt empowered enough to have a go at their wetdream: total planetary enslavement. It was called NWO then and the very same people in power across the west were the ones to run that in the 30s. That's when the USA dollar earned its NWO signature as ordered by the Roosevelt butcher.


poiuytr said...

Thankfully, the 7M of west psychopathic murderers were stopped by Russia in Dec 1941 near Moscow and thrashed back into their little cold wind-swept sterile lands. The planet was singlehandedly saved from the NWO sickness by Russia in the 40s.

Come 50s, the west psychopath re-armed Germs, re-instated all its child-murdering officers, dropped all war-criminal charges played out in the USA-run Nurenburg charade, and created the NATO parasite. The world suffered decades of a nuke stale-mate and permanent WWIII threat from the same west disease. The clashes were played out on local scales in Colombia, Panama, Korea, Vietnam, Iran-Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, etc etc etc but, in general, Russia's might incomprehensibly grown out of the ravages of WWII kept the west freckly sickness from attacking the whole planet again.

By the 70s, the west beast moved to vicious econ warfare using its monopoly. It annihilated world's crop in order to peddle own drugs and food. It wiped out technical capabilities of the world in order to peddle its own plastic rubbish. Still, it achieved nothing.

By the 90s, the west beast believed it owned Russia, the only nation capable of standing up to it, and so it launched into NWO PT2. Papa Bush on Sep 11 1991 threatened the planet with NWO victory and west began arming itself for the final solution one more time.

Yet, something surprising happened again. Russia liberated itself from the Gorbachev "grabitisation" betrayal slicing off the west talons buried deep in Russia's economy, mainstream media, banking, politics, and energy. West was too late, for it is incredibly cretinous as well as criminal, to realise the loss of control over Russia still believing Putin to be its toby when it launched the NWO Pt with 911.


poiuytr said...

Under this badly carried out pretext the beast began invading everyone but things weren't to be as planned. RPGs and concerted behind-the-scenes efforts that can only be likened to the most finely orchestrated opera, began to drown the west parasite in its own war mire. Never shall again the west beast drink Iraq's oil at the pre-war prices.

And then in 2004 came the final blow to all things west: the destruction of its cash monopoly. Since then west prolapse has been written, as they say.

And it's funny today how the west herds yearn to go back to the days of west production, prosperity, and sound manufacturing, the good ol' days, which sadly exist only in the west collective delusion.

> employment situation is steadily worsening, as only around 60'000

No jobs are "created" in west. Unless the west state robocops aren't hiring, which also is unlikely for they too are out of cash and so permanently. It's only a matter of time before the west praetorian guards turn and join the right side of the burning barricade.

West numbers are simple. Worst unemployment ever since it's been tracked. Greatest debt ever in the whole of the Galaxy. Worst internal markets such as realty ever. The greatest internal debt ever experienced by any of the west states with credit card, student, and derivative avalanches of such proportions that enumerating them with 9 zeros is pointless.


poiuytr said...

> Since 2009, also US trade imbalance is persisting at a high level of

Trade deficit is like GDP, unemployment, food stamps, or anything west: total bollocks. Even with the numerical rape they do with trade deficit they still come on the losing end.

For example, the routinely stick in orders for Boeings or some other large price item at the end of the fiscal yr counting it into the trade equation. After they cancel the orders, another year's problem. And this way they offset the aggregate trend as they please. This is precisely the same method they use to manipulate the Wall Street rubbish. They offset the aggregate trading by a few institution trades worth the whole of the market. It's all 100% BS, and laughable BS at that for the west beast is a dumb creature capable of silly crimes like cooking books or robbing Bill to pay off Jack, which it had to copy from C Ponzi at that.

If west didn't prop itself and all its policies down to the BBCNN claptrap drivel with a gun, it wouldn't exist at all.


poiuytr said...

> additional $40 billon import excess vs. export each month.

The funny thing is how the west neanderthals screamed, say, 5 yrs ago how China needs USA and EU. Then it was laughable but today it oughtta be clear to all that no part of the sickening west cesspit is needed by anyone and no part of the planet will miss this psychotic disease, which accounts for no more than 10% of this planet.

The Sarkozy's recent beggar's belly dance in Beijing oughtta be enough to shatter the west's fantasies of how its market is needed by the Freeworld.

All the west trade deficit indicates is that west shall be settling its debt accounts with land concessions -- that is, if WWIII is avoided.

> Last week 4 more US banks went bankrupt.

Yes, consolidation of NWO assets underway. Right. They're hoarding up all assets. That's not just banks under one fuhrer but land as well. Most of west is being consolidated under ein fuhrer in terms of land under the pretext of all sorts of fun scenarios. UK is selling off public assets to private firms under the pretext of keeping them profitable. USA calls it Agenda 21.


It's impossible to write here. They have a 4000 word limit, these bastards, and they don't tell you where the limit is and instead they break the browser with some running script in an endless loop. That'd be the baboon technolgy for you.

poiuytr said...


Instead of snooping for your criminal governances fix your comments so they don't get wrecked with long comments or your own youtube vids, you daft morons.

poiuytr said...

I said a few times 2004 being the year in which the west cash monopoly died. That, of course, is 2006, not 2004. Yes, I'm a moron too.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, It's so nice to see your coming back.
Please guide lost sheep like me through darkness again.

BTW, as someone pointed out above, posting comments does not work very smoothly. I aslo failed a few times before.

Anonymous said...

>3:24 continued;

But, in other Google Blogs, I had similar experiences. So, I cannot say for sure whether this is deliberate or not. One of the blog got better after it lowered its "spam rejection standard."

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Fulford from Tokyo.

"No radiation in Tokyo. It's just west's fear mongering, propaganda campeign." "Because Japan is no longer finances them." "That's why I broke up with Jeff Rense."

I finally understood "Rense is laughable."
Stunning report from Benjamin Fulford claiming that Tokyo has no radiation with Vinny Eastwood

Secret societies at war, The war will soon be over. Benjamin Fulford with Vinny Eastwood 25 Oct 2011

Anonymous said...

Atta Boy! Poiuytr, you came out fighting. Does the heart and sinews inordinate good to hear your clarion call to wake up and listen to the voice of lucidity. Not to woryy about the 2004 bit. We substituted the correct year ourselves automatically. And the vds you've posted are terrific, but will take some time to be viewed as they should. Specially grateful for Portugal which is hard to find on the usual websites.

Of course we consider this blog "our" blog. Have done so from the word go. But an occasional intervention from the blogmasters is also necessary. To set the tone and pace and to make our own postings easier once we've gone past the 50+ or so mark.

So many, many thanks. Now we await our James W. as well and then we'll really have gone back to "normal". Come on guys, let's rejoice, raise a glass to all that's normal and worthwhile in this world, instead of going from war to war, enslavement to enslavement, human suffering to human suffering, daylight robbery to daylight robbery.

Anonymous said...

R.H., grand to hear your voice again. I say you don't sound less combative than poiuytr himself. Things sound tough in Japan at the moment. Is it true that Japanese cars are now being manufactured in S.Korean factories for lack of power in Japan itself? Whatever, the yen seems to keep rising against the dollar. Again, one wonders: is it a good or a bad thing. Any idea?

As for posting, since James fixed it, it's working fine, except that it's a bit slow. But then it's always had this tendency. Just be patient and it works beautifully, though sometimes, but only sometimes, we may need to press the post comment button twice.

Anonymous said...

Taking Stock - The Occuy Movement

Each country has the movement it deserves, from the wideawake protestors in Greece to the sleepy crowd in Germany. Note as well the Spanish indignados seem to have fizzled out and the real People of the Revolution, the French have all gone underground, no doubt in thrall to their midget with the flashing eyes, Sarkozy.

The US has come to an interesting point: Oakland. Three reasons for that. It might welll provide the first martyr of the movement, the Marine Scott Olson who, if dead or brain-damaged, will equally serve his purpose as a wake up call for the benighted people of the US. Further, the stage seems to have been set for a confrontation between army and police in this matter. Lastly, Prozac-dominated California is about the best place for such drama to have taken place.

Anonymous said...


Probably, Japanese automakers does not have factories in S. Korea. And I do not hear that any of them will move a factory there from Japan.

But, a recent news says various companies are going to move their factories there soon. One of them is an auto-component maker. (Perhaps, you read this news?).

Those companies say various reasons and, of course, high price for electricity is one, as well as coming rise of Yen.

Basically, Japan's production ability is recovering and there is not much to worry about.
But, sales seems no good, because of the recession.

I sometimes take a look at various books on manufacturing, but even nationalistic authors are not anxious about the future of Japan's manufacture. So, I don't care very much even if
some factories move to Korea.


Except neighboring area of the nuke plant, ordinary people's life in Japan has become peaceful again. Nowadays, we have few strange "aftershock quakes" and fear-mongering in Japanese speaking community is decaying.

Even though "they" tried hard, people in Tokyo didn't cause panic. So, they probably gave up attacking Japan with this method.It seems the operation was not so successful as they first planned.

I will write something about Yen's surging.
In a long run, I believe, it will be good for Japan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, Friend, that was most informative - and comforting. Long before we ever began worrying about Libya, we've been eating our hearts out over Japan, the overall picture painted being so gloomy. You're one of our most precious assets on this blog. Thanks to you we know where we stand on the Japanese question. What I actually read about manufacturing is as follows: "Japan cannot even oeprate their own factories because of the limited amount of electricity. It has to have South Korea build most of its automobiles." The implication here was not "outsourcing" as in the case of the west, but rather how to make the best out of a far from optimal situation.

Let's see then what your views on the upward trend of the Yen will turn out to be. And, once again, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wither the Euro?

Germany's highest court has issued a temporary injunction banning the work of a new panel convened by the country's parliament to quickly green-light decisions on disbursement of taxpayer funds through the euro bailout program. The decision could lead to further delays in German decision-making in efforts to rescue the beleaguered common currency.

Germany's Federal Constitutional Court on Friday expressed doubts about the legality of a new panel of lawmakers set up by the German parliament to reach quick decisions on the release of funds from the euro bailout mechanism, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF). The court issued a temporary injunction banning the nine-person committee in the Bundestag from taking any decisions on the deployment by EFSF of German taxpayer money.

Please to note as well that super Germany fell short one billion euros in its latest bond auction.

Anonymous said...

TEPCO claims 120 billion yen from government

Tokyo Electric Power Co. submitted a claim for 120 billion yen ($1.57 billion) to the central government on Oct. 24 under the nuclear power compensation law.

Can someone explain this to me? Hope the Japanese Government refuses point blank to pay.

Anonymous said...

The downfall of the west was predicted with astounding accuracy by this site here. What we underestimated, however, was in what rising waters of worldwide destruction this was going to lead us. After the hell of Libya, now the Syrian "opposition" is calling out to NATO for a no-fly zone. I remember not so long ago when the death of NATO had been predicted by MSM and bloggers alike, The world is playing poker with a brand new pack of cards. Under these conditions, the Occupy movement seems to be too little too late. Gloom and doom, gloom and doom, that's all that appears visible as far as the eye can see. And no knights in shining armour coming to the rescue, Not a one.

Anonymous said...


1) T Stevens, USA senator
Talked to BP whistleblower
Killed in plane crash

2) M Simmons, oil exec
Talked truth about BP spill
Drowned in tub

3) G Stone, LSU
Criticised BP
Dead of unknown and quick illness (like P Jennings, USA 911 anchorman who said the towers were demolished)

4) A Tremonte, Mississipiss Dept of Marine Rubbish
Exposed extent of BP eco-cide in the Gulf
Arrested for porn (like Gen B who countered 2nd 911 in Utah with plane attack)

5) T Manton, ex boss of intl oil spill control gang
Exposed extent of BP eco-cide in the Gulf
Arrested and killed in jail

6) J Wheeler, ex pentagram exec on bio warfare
Investigated BP spill
Found beaten to death in a landfill

7) J Black, BP response team commander
Killed in plane crash

8) C Chaunhan, USF bio warfare & global disease
Studied effects of BP spill
Found dead poisoned at home

9) J Gardner, bird researcher
Investigated effect of BP spill on birds
Vanished in Nov2010

10) R Grooters
Cycled across USA spreading word about BP eco-cide
Killed in a hit&run

11) J Morrissey
Studied effects of BP spill on cells
Shot to death in a robbery, no arrests were made

12) G Wainwright
Whistleblower of BP eco-cide
Eaten by shark

Anonymous said...

> 29/10/11 07:14

> What we underestimated, however, was in what rising waters of worldwide destruction this was going to lead us.

Not to defend anything but not really. The ideas on how it's all gonna fold have been routinely solicited from the readership. And unfortunately it's been always clear that:

1) west won't go peacefully
2) phase 3 which is starting just about now -- following the consolidation of NWO assets through rinsing the west neanderthals of their last coins, land, and food -- is about them running away since NWO Pt2 is good as failed. And it's this run-away to regroup someplace for NWO Pt3 that was always said here to be accompanied by deliberate internal and possibly int'l mayhem. The details how they'll set off 911s across the west or provoke up a giant continental conflict are, of course, to be seen for predicting a psychopath's next thought is impossible.
3) WWIII has been debated here endlessly and it's still very much a possibility, sadly. Thus far, chiefly Russia has kept the beast at relative bay but the game isn't over just yet.

Not to defend anything, but it's been talked about and indeed that's the only thing left to debate here, I think.

There's very point talking any west #s, especially their fiscal charade accounting. There's very little point, in fact, trailing the Occupy movement, which is off mark, in my book, but it's interesting to see the ratcheting state aggression against the west slowly waking hoards.

That in itself maybe a giant hoax, seeded by the west juntas to predicate some west-wide curfew, etc. The degree of understanding of west problems as seen on the placards of the baboons support it, but that's not to say that it may not spill into something far more powerful, at least on par with Greece.

And WWIII is very much "rising waters across our once beautiful planet", as you put it, before the saxonic child-murdering beast emerged and disgorged from its Baltic Riviera.

In fact, should it come to a nuke exchange or WWIII, die easy for the west junta Denver bunkers and their Norwegian seed vaults won't survive it. And the whole new trend of building Earthships in your background is ridiculous, just as ridiculous as the idea still held dearly by the vast majority of the west packs that west not long ago was a pretty, kind, and smart place with lots of nice achievements.

> After the hell of Libya, now the Syrian "opposition" is calling out to

Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Lebanon, Central Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Turks&Caicos, Haiti, Turkey, Japan, Pakistan, Russian Abkhazia, Russian Ossetia, Egypt, Palestine, Greece...etc all victims thusfar and no question that the beast is angling for a far larger war.

And if the beast won't get that, it'll annihilate the planet's weather at least via its HAARP/CERN technologies stolen from N Tesla.

Never was the hitherto beautiful symphony of bloodletting the west cesspit into the current wonderment of its rigor mortis underestimated. Quite the opposite. And so far the manoeuvering of the Freeworld, while carefully beating the stakes through the vampire monster, has been beyond expectation.

Anonymous said...

> conditions, the Occupy movement seems to be too little too late. Gloom and

100% correct. The occupy movement in the central west (USAUKGerm) is a hypocricy itself. Nothing against the clash but it's not even blaming the beast of its crimes. The whole effort deflects guilt from the criminals. And the yank baboon whooping for peaceful demonstration, while Italy & Greece burns, while tens of nations are bombed by the very same "peaceful" monkeys from hell, is a bit of an affront.

That said, let it roll. It's time the west planet rapists get a bit dirty, isn't it?

> doom, gloom and doom, that's all that appears visible as far as the eye can

For west. Not for the Freeworld. West accounts of 10% of this planet. No part of our planet shall miss any bit of it. So long as WWIII is avoided, time is on the Freeworld side & west wall-to-wall prolapse is unavoidable. That hardly qualifies as doom & gloom. In fact, raise your glass and drink deeply cuz the reason you still can is due to the Freeworld's counter offensive against the beast. No part of the west rot is an accident or some byproduct of some fiscal oversight as the BBCNN whores scream. Everything is the result of a carefully and beautifully orchestrated symphony to liberate this planet from the greatest serial child-eating killer.

> see. And no knights in shining armour coming to the rescue, Not a one.

Au contraire, the sole reason WWIII hasn't just yet wiped us all from existence is due to the knights in shining armours fighting the beast 24/7 for so many decades now.

Don't hang your head, celebrate! Baboons are, at last, in the streets. No one in their zoo to feed them anymore. The beast has no leverage against the Freeworld. It's out of time and choice. Should it opt for WWIII, understand it's the beast end as well. All in all, this isn't bad for fighting the greatest monster in the Galaxy, wouldn't you agree?

After all, did you believe the west, the entire west cesspit would be run as quick as today, say 5 yrs ago? And that's progress, giant, magnificent progress, and the result of the most magnificent operas every played out.

Anonymous said...

Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund Sold All U.S. Mortgage Bonds 27.10.11

- Norway's $570 billion sovereign wealth fund sold all its holdings in U.S. mortgage-backed securities as part of a shift of its fixed-income portfolio.

"We've reduced our holdings of mortgage-backed securities," he said. "MBS has been taken out of our internal policy benchmark. This means that we don't have mortgage-backed securities issued by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae any longer."

The debt was sold primarily because of the refinancing risk, he said. In the U.S., when a borrower refinances a mortgage it can cut short the maturity of the bond backed by the loan and reduce the expected interest over time, so-called prepayment risk.

(Is tis Norway's way to hit back at those who annihilated 70-odd of their youths not so very long ago? I'd be tempted to think so.

Anonymous said...

At least 14 dead in attack on U.S. convoy in Kabul

By Agence France-Presse - Saturday, October 29, 2011

At least 14 people, mostly foreign forces, were killed when a Taliban car bomber struck a US-run NATO convoy travelling through the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday.

The attacker detonated his Toyota Sedan car at 11:20 am (0650 GMT) in the southwest of the city, and at least ten foreign forces, three civilians and a policeman were among the casualties, police and Western officials said.

“The attack targeted an American NATO bus,” said a Western military official on condition of anonymity. “There are 10 or 11 people, mostly Americans,” he said, giving the foreign death toll.

Spokesman for the interior ministry Siddiq Siddiqui said that three Afghan civilians and a policeman had been killed but he had no information on foreign casualties.

“It was a huge explosion, I saw at least ten bodies of foreign forces taken out of their capsized bus and evacuated by two helicopters,” one witness told AFP at the scene.

Thick black smoke could be seen rising from a fire still burning at the scene, while fire hoses were putting out another nearby, footage on private television channel Tolo showed.

NATO’s coalition forces were seen tending to at least once casualty on the ground, while fire trucks and ambulances, sirens blaring, were on their way to the scene where one charred vehicle could be seen lying on its side.

At Kabul’s Estiqlal hospital, ten people had been brought in for treatment, but one policeman and one woman had since died of their injuries, said the head of the hospital Mohammad Ali Eshan.

Anonymous said...

07:53 - An excellent dressing down for any of us who are beginning to lose heart. Mainly, it's vital we all know west is a past master at plans and planning, the Freeworld also know how to "plan" with a flourish, even if MSM are totally unaware of this aspect of things. The question with which the post ends goes straight to the heart of the matter. Did anyone of us realise only five years ago that it would all go so fast. So from that point of view as well, the Freeworld has managed to do wonders. It's not a rose garden, and we were never promised one. But it's sure one heck of an achievement.

Anonymous said...

Link to be added to the various videos above. For safety's sake. As we've been taught, we have put a space between the "h" and "t" in the opening http. Please to rectify when trying it out.

h ttp://

Anonymous said...

Off topic maybe, but only at first glance. The Russian military machine seems to be assembling at critical points. On Oct 26, the Russians sent off tanks by rail to the Black Sea port of Sochi. Preparing for eventual war? The Occupy movement shuold not make us lose sight of the fact that NATO-US is threatening more wars to come and, if possible, against Russia and China this time as well.

About China, they are planning military exercises with ally Pakistan in November.

Anonymous said...

Occupiers are having no easy time of it in the US. In city after city, they are being subjected to police brutality, be it in Oakland as shown above or San Diego, Nashville, Atlanta or Chicago, to name only a few. They are threatened with curfew laws, deprived of ents, fuel or generators inspite of the growing winter season. Not content with all this, they are also being urged to stand up for the globalist agenda, namely the global Tobin Tax on financial transactions the world over whose only purpose will be to recapitalize the bankers as they continue to bet away the money in their hands in crazier and crazier derivative schemes. Nonetheless, the movement has a wholehearted support since better this than nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

Libyan Guerrilla War seems to have begun

Another roadside bomb kills 2 Mercenaries in Yefren


According to latest reports at least 2 NATO Mercenaries have been slaughtered when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb. The Libyan Defense Forces have separated in to small units and have started the guerrilla warfare throughout the nation. Previous reports indicated that teams of up to 30 are implementing sabotage missions.

Previously 8 NATO Mercenaries were killed similarly in the desert High Way which connects Sirte with Waddan.

h ttp://

Anonymous said...

Let us add to 19:29, that in Libya what we are experiencing now is aimply a slight lull in the ongoing armed conflict.

On 31 October NATO ends Operation Unified Protector. In retrospect, what is now widely perceived as the nearing end of the Libyan War, will most likely be perceived as the calm before the next storm. At 23.59 o´clock on 31 October operation Unified protector ends, to be substituted with an aerial and ground war against the Libyan People and Resistance that can and most likely will be fighting the occupation for years. What is proclaimed as a victory and liberation of Libya is nothing but the re-establishment of the Roman Empires small strip of occupation in Northern Africa. Last night fighting continued in Tripoli, Bani Walid, Zintan, Zawaya and throughout Northern Libya.

Anonymous said...

Massive rally swamps Tel Aviv

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Tel-Aviv and across Israel to protest against economic injustice. The protest’s organizers are demanding that the Knesset rewrite the 2012 budget "taking into account the demands of the people."

The latest rally comes after a wave of social protests swept Israel over the summer and culminated in September, when half a million Israelis came out onto the streets. But since then, the movement has slowly died out as protesters returned to their daily lives.

Israeli police say more than 30,000 people marched in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, and thousands more protested in Jerusalem.

(The demands they make are restricted to the money in their wallets. Nonetheless, we post it here on the principle that something is better than nothing.)

Anonymous said...

Libya and its faithless allies

When the UN Security Council sanctioned the attack on Libya. Russia and China could have vetoes the resolution and thwarted the destruction and plunder of Gaddafi's country. Instead these two members of the Security Council caved in and abstained. China has a major presence in Libya and her intelligence services would have known whether the President enjoyed wide popular support from its people or not. China invested US$ billions in Libya. Yet without a whimper of resistance , she evacuated 30.000 Chinese workers from Libya and left in a hurry, China and Russia knew in advance that there would be an undeclared war against Libya. Everything up for grabs.

Thereafter, they made only perfunctory and lame criticisms of NATO's criminal actions. So why did China and Russia cave in? Libya under Gaddafi welcomed China with open arms, but China turned a blind eye to the destruction of Libya because she owed a greater debt of gratitude to Zionist Israel and the global financial elites for pat favours, as well as narrorw self-interest. China had too much toilet paper money and the sale of Libyan oil in the intended gold dinar by Gaddafi would literally destroy the US dollar. This cannot be allowed. Period!

As for Russia, something similar must have also been behind their thinking. Whatever, who can blame anyone for thinking that these two stalwarts are also very much part of the N W O as events in Libya have made absolutely clear.

In conclusion, the Russia-China tandem have now proved themselves, morality apart, long on subsurvience and short on self-preservation. Someday they will come to rue it.

Anonymous said...

EU Bailout Fund - Is China going to help out? Unclear at the moment.

French President and current EU President Nicolas Sarkozy said that he had spoken on the telephone with Chinese President Hu Jintao. Hu Jintao expressed his relief over the fact that the EU had announced a deal that is supposed to tackle the ongoing Euro crisis that has the potential to collapse the world economy. In an interview on Chinese TV Hu Jintao said “China has a major role to play. China must deploy more resources to stimulate the world economy: If countries decide to invest in the Euro rather than the dollar, why reject that?” Hu´s statement on TV can be understood as a signal to the US as well as the EU to cease their military aggressions against nations that are dealing or attempting to deal in other currencies than dictated by the US or EU. Examples of these aggressions are the Ivory Coast and the ousting of Laurent Gbagbo earlier this year, after Gbagbo announced that Ivory Coast considered to leave the French controlled CFA Region. The war on Iraq after Iraq chose the Euro over the US-Dollar is another example, and the attack on Libya, with Libya lobbying for a Pan-African Gold Dinar a third.

The Chinese refusal to provide a substantial rescue package for the EU and Euro should also be seen within other important contexts. One of them is that both Russian and Chinese Intelligence Services fear NATO plans to implode the world economy and initiate a global conflict. A massive Chinese loan to the EU, whose economy cannot be salvaged unless programs nobody at Wall Street nor the City of London ever would agree to, would have seriously endangered the Chinese economy when the inevitable EU crash becomes imminent. At the latest Greek attempt to sell state obligations only about half were sold, and against an annual interest rate of 100 %. No economy in the world can carry that burden. To slash 50 % of Greece´s debt holdings does not cut it either.

Anonymous said...

US invaders Spy plane shot down in Kabul

KABUL, Oct. 29 – In the afternoon hours of Friday, at about 2:00 pm, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate shot down a pilotless spy plane of the invaders in Tapa Khan district of the Sarubi district, Kabul province as it hovering the area on a mission to spy on Mujahideen, the report said.

Anonymous said...

Unesco gives Palestinians full membership

Unesco is the first UN agency the Palestinians have sought to join as a full member since President Mahmoud Abbas applied for full membership of the United Nations on Sept. 23.

The United States, Canada and Germany voted against Palestinian membership. Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa and France voted in favour. Britain abstained.

Huge cheers went up in Unesco after delegates voted to approve the membership Monday. One shouted "Long Live Palestine!" in French.

Israel said that the vote will harm prospects for the resumption of Middle East peace talks

A victory of sorts?

Anonymous said...

Wall Street protests echo in Tokyo

Inspired by the ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in the United States, thousands of Japanese youth and workers, dissatisfied with growing unemployment and harsh working conditions in the world's third largest economy, have taken to the streets to demand stable jobs and government reforms.

Anonymous said...

Brazil to overtake UK as sixth-largest economy
Brazil's GDP set to hit $2.44 trillion compared with UK's $2.43 trillion.

Anonymous said...

Russia Ready to Offer Europe $10 Billion in Aid Through IMF

Russia is prepared to help Europe cope with its debt crisis by making as much as $10 billion available through the International Monetary Fund and hasn’t ruled out offering bilateral help to European Union nations.

As for China, it's probably also going to pitch in and help out to the tune of a few billions.

But the final outcome of this seems to be a return to the gold standard. That is to say once the dollar and the euro have both seriously crashed.

Anonymous said...

Greece to hold referendum on EU debt deal

Greece is to hold a referendum on whether to accept the rescue package from the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund troika.

Will this be a fair and free referendum? Somehow I tend to doubt it.

Anonymous said...

NATO Chief: No Intention of Attacking Syria
Says Libya-Style Intervention 'Out of the Question'

Speaking to reporters today during a visit to Tripoli, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen insisted that the military alliance has “no intention whatsoever” of attacking Syria the way they attacked Libya.

Instead Rasmussen urged Syria to “accommodate the legitimate aspirations” of Syria’s pro-democracy protesters and to “work toward democracy,” a surprisingly mild comment given the number of NATO member nations calling for Assad’s immediate ouster.

The comments likely don’t reflect a step toward non-interventionism from the alliance, particularly as member nations continue to relish in the “victory” in Libya. Instead, it reflects the practical reality that with both Russia and China vetoing threatening resolutions there is virtually no chance of getting a similar imprimatur from the United Nations.

Indeed even resolutions threatening sanctions have been resisted by Russia on the grounds that NATO might try to extend the mandate the way a “no-fly zone” in Libya turned into nationwide bombardment and regime change.

Anonymous said...


Greek PM calls referendum on new EU aid deal

German / London shares plunge on Greek referendum call. So calling for a referendum is not such a bad idea after all?

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