Genocide By Vaccine


It's been debated here a bit what can west do to avoid its marvelous end. One option is winning a big war, which, of course, is a good one but highly unlikely. Another one is go with the prolapse, hoard up all war assets, consolidate all banks and elite holdings, rinse the west baboon of all its cash, hide the loot abroad, and pull the plug on the whole of the west cesspit. And as this default is happily underway, into view heaves yet another sordid option: to kill all with a "vaccine" shot. How humane?! Indeed, this could be part of the phase III.

Far fetched, you say? First, it'd be hard to believe anyone -- after witnessing: trillions printed helter skelter for the west freckly elite bling-bling fiends burying own continents in unpayable debt; psychotic torture canonised by the west war child murdering junta and as policy carried out on POWs and even children by the west christianical vermin; lies of unmatched proportion doused with a heavy dose of patent cretinism broadcast over 24hr satellite link ups dripping out from every west media whore's fork-tongued snout like venom; or having seen some of the modest record of the brazen west crimes captured in NBNs -- could still think the NWO plans didn't include super global genocide? But second, there seems to be proof.

Thanks to Ms J Burgermeister, Irish/Austrian, there is not only reasonable evidence that indeed some form of mass slaughter by disease is on track but we now know how, when, and who.

2 EXCERPT FROM ARTICLE "Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder"

"... Specifically, evidence is presented that the defendants, Barack Obama, President of the U.S, David Nabarro, UN System Coordinator for Influenza, Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, David de Rotschild, banker, David Rockefeller, banker, George Soros, banker, Werner Faymann, Chancellor of Austria, and Alois Stoger, Austrian Health Minister, among others, are part of this international corporate criminal syndicate which has developed, produced, stockpiled and employed biological weapons to eliminate the population of the U.S. and other countries for financial and political gain. "



- In Feb09, Baxter managed to proliferate virus-laced "vaccines" to 18 countries. Explain that "mistake". It's a bit like USA first order defences somehow sleeping in on the morning of 911.

- Rumsfeld, the king of aspertame, who magically managed to put the brain-eating product back into the west food supply after it had been banned for rotting brain matter, also owns tamiflu and made cash of "swine" flu and "bird" flu in '76 and '05 respectively.

- Although the west media whores refer to what NBN terms USA-flu as "swine" flu it's not just a swine flu anymore. This is another one of those endless west media misinfo spins. It's been enhanced by the bird flu strand making it not only deadly but also highly contagious, two essential prerequisites to a successful global genocide.

The bird or avian flu "pandemic" of 2003, which also leads to west labs, didn't prove to be the genocide maker as they had wished since it wasn't contagious enough. Splicing the two together is the latest west product and under no circumstance should the final result be confused with the ancient relatively non-contagious swine flu. Hence the new term: USA-flu.

- Although Mrs Burgermeister's action against the west tyranny is beyond commendable, it only underscores the refuse the west populace truly is. While she's fighting for her baboon kin, paying now with her job, which she lost on 29Jun, the west apes really couldn't care less. It's very much like with the self melting buildings in NYC and vanishing Boeings. Indeed, 90% of the west neanderthals are perfectly happy with their addled manure-filled skulls, scratching their red rumps, and noshing away on the BBCNN barfs.

- Swine flu as WMD is nothing new to the USA torture happy child murdering machine. The terrorist attack on Cuba of 1961, later fully repelled by Russia, was carried out by 3000 USA operatives carrying this "old" type of swine-flu disease in attempt to wipe the beautiful Caribbean island out.

- Manufacturing bio WMDs is also nothing new for west. West has given the world perhaps the most insane and evil chemical and organic diseases. Agent orange is still malforming children today. AIDs has long since been tracked to west labs.

- There are tens of west mfgs who are now producing USA-flu (swine flu, as they call it) "vaccinations", not just Baxter. They're to be ready for the mass vaccinations spree in July. That's sort of nowish. Eli Lilly, one of the players here, is, btw, the one that made over 2B doses of LSD for USA governance in 1950s to continue the nazi mind control "studies". But not to worry, surely, they're not as evil as they once were. Look at the Vaticunt pope. He was a Hitler boy too, but now he's a christianity rep for the whole of the pretty west and no one complains.

- Vaccinations are becoming mandatory. That sort of means you. France has unveiled a plan to shoot everyone over 3 mo old with this thing and has spent some 1B EUR, of printed cash surely, for over 100M doses.

- Malaysia is on its way to mandatory vaccinations.

- Parts of USA are already under mandatory vaccination such as Massachusettes. The Centre of Disease in USA heralds "no exemptions" promise for this vaccination round up. Bush II, being the visionary that he undoubtedly was, had built into the USA clampdown a provision for full and total mass vaccination programme, beside many other perks such as mass relocation to camps (not a joke or exaggeration!) and there appears to be some provision for this to go into effect when a certain number of people die from the "disease". This explains why USA USA-flu numbers have been steadily much larger then the numbers published by UN's WHO. Remember, NBNs marveling at the crazed west "pandemic" anomalies? While WHO counts 70K cases WORLDWIDE, USA happily boasts over 1M cases in USA alone. Clearly, USA needs the numbers to set into motion the federal mandatory vaccination clause and dispense with the pesky state arguments.

- In Apr09, a Swiss lab guy was transporting this deadly pandemic virus from Zurich lab -- on a commuter train during Mon traffic hours. Read that sentence again, cuz it's truly unreal! Now, since when do they transport chemicals, of any kind, not just deadly pandemic materials, on commuter trains and during peak hours? Do banks, for example, carry their loot in handbags willy nilly on trains and buses with no escort or do they ferry it in armoured trucks with robocops hanging on every corner? Do west politiCIAns ride public transport to work or do they fly around in empty Boeings from town to town with armed-to-teeth escort boys? Now, why would they have some moron without escort ride a commuter train carrying the most feared pandemic stuff on earth today?

Well, of course, the viles with the deadly virus exploded on the train. Not to worry, cops were there to "safely" evacuate the contaminated train at some Lausanne station and to tell everyone they're "OK". As much as one can trust a viral screening by a street cop, is this tale insane or what? Jane Burgermeister calls this what it was: a deliberate bioterror attack. She further states they used the deadly Mexico strain.

How did it explode you ask? Well, the lab guy had apparently packed it in a cooler with dry ice somehow forgetting the CO2 build up. Yes, even the annoying street ice cream rubbish vendor knowns to keep dry ice in the open as it makes clouds of CO2. Locking it into a container is a deliberate asking for explosion. And besides how is it that this moron didn't know how to use dry ice, though that's apparently his job.

The point here isn't this particular west self-abuse attack with a deadly disease, although it's as laughably scripted as 911 or London77, but the fact that this disease has been being proliferated and is probably very likely EVERYWHERE now. This means that the pretext for the mass "vaccination" shoot up has been lain and the travesty may proceed.

- Lastly, let's be clear here: NBN has brought you the west fiscal prolapse in its most radiant colours making it quite clear that phase I, or the consolidation of west war junta assets, the rinsing of cash from the west populace under "bailout", "stimulus", or other such rubbish codeword is over. Even banks in Switzerland have now fully acquiesced the west war junta west wealth plunder. Ask yourself why would a banker close its own bank and source of revenue cuz of some foreign moaning? What's the stakes? That's right, it's no longer about money for money is gone, irrelevant, and fully wiped out. It's personal now. Very personal!

Once the west populace owns nothing but skyhigh debt, which is pretty much today, make no mistake, it's NOT NEEDED by them. This has been the mistake of all west baboons. Somehow they've all harboured the notion in their minute brainstems that they're the pretty people, the privileged species, the hollywood stars, that the west war junta will never wolf them down. Yes, that's how cretinous the west animals have been and that's precisely the reason why they have collectively turned their back on the grandest humanitarian transgressions their unusually evil species has been committing.

And so it happens that now the very baboon stands on the precipice of a mass "vaccination" hunt.

And so, west peoples whichever cubicle you've been clinging to for your dear life, you've sat on your rather obese arses watching the impossible physics of 911 and did nothing. You then saw what your brave troops do to children overseas in over 10 countries now and spared no thought. You then saw UK police whisk Israeli guy away from the tube and save him BEFORE it blew up and murdered those who pay these cops to protect them and you understood nothing. You've watched your betters pillage through your own wallet and bury you and the next countless generations in debt and connected no dots but the pimples on your pale snouts.

So just keep sitting there, graze more on the BBCNN gumflapping, and idle your brainstems. Oh, and don't forget to roll up your sleeve!

- Case against Baxter, the "vaccine" mfg:

- Some multipart vid on the USA (swine) flu stuff

/administrative note: I didn't put my nick in the above sections for some egocentric self orgy reasons but to try to separate the article from my endless merry-go-round, not to be taken seriously, sideline, nonsense, non-sequituresque, random claptrap.


Anonymous said...

Right, poiuytr, a good preramble, but I don't know whether we're really going down to an innoculation genocide. And, well, die we must, all of us in our many ways. Did you note that recently a man in Scotland failed to respond to Tamiflu treatment? Whatever, I still tend to think, in spite of your excellent arguments, that the whole pest flu thing is a scam.

poiuytr said...

i'm not making the argument though. so whether you think it's a scam or not is sort of a sidebar. the point here is that JB is suing the people in the article. there's the case against Baxter that gives the evidence. read it. i'm not making it up.

i'm not creating a theory here, just delivering it. she's got the data. it's very much like anthony keytler suing the criminals for 911 on behalf of the populace that in vast majority doesn't give a fuck and in fact thinks it's possible boeings can spontaneously vanish without a trace.

whether this "genocide" will be successful or not is another matter. but the idea that genocide is not one of west's top priorities and hasn't been is ridiculous and in general i'd argue that but that too is beside the tale.

this is just JaneB like AKeytler trying to fight on behalf of the baboons, that's all.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, anon above, what we've got here are two fighting spirits in the west (Burgmeister and Keyter) and that does make one feel just a bit safer. Like in the HAARP story below where Fulford pleads with the US Airforce officers to blow up their dreadful, anti-mankind machines. I don't think anon meant the west was incapable of genocide. I for one see them carrying out such tactics on a daily basis (wars, Africa, etc.). It's just "genocide by vaccine" which still leaves open some room for doubt.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Swine Flu, guess where the original Swine Flu came from from?

Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Also, remember that the Anthrax from the 2001 Anthrax Scare came from Fort Detrick, Maryland.

"Previous Swine Flu Outbreak Originated At Fort Dix"

My conclusion: American and Western scum nations deserve to reap what they have sown.

They will find no mercy, not on this planet and not even in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! Burn down Fort Dix. Did leak from a laboratory cause swine flu pandemic?
Independent | The swine flu pandemic might not have happened had it not been for the accidental release of the same strain of influenza virus from a research laboratory in the late 1970s. The outbreak was in Fort Dix as A 13:01 pointed out. The lab very likely as well.

Anonymous said...

What I object to in all this is the use of the word pandemic. Where, when, who? Isolated cases here and there, blown up out of all proportion to provoke mass hysteria. One thing I have noticed, though. When bird flu/SARS hit us about six years ago (after the mad cow trip), people were genuinely scared. This time round, scarcely anyone I know is paying attention. As though the public suspected it was all a big joke, notwithstanding WHO top alerts and all the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

Africa Alone Could Feed the World (New Scientist - June 27, 2009)
DOOM-MONGERS have got it wrong - there is enough space in the world to produce the extrafood needed to feed a growing population. And contrary to expectation, most of it can be grown in Africa, say two international reports published this week.
The first, projecting 10 years into the future from last year's food crisis, which saw the price of food soar, says that there is plenty of unused, fertile land available to grow more crops.
"Some 1.6 billion hectares could be added to the current 1.4 billion hectares of crop land in the world, and over half of the additionally available land is found in Africa and Latin America," concludes the report, compiled by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
If further evidence were needed, it comes in a second report, launched jointly by the FAO and the World Bank. It concludes that 400 million hectares, straddling 25 African countries, are suitable for farming.
Models for producing new crop land already exist in Thailand, where land originally deemed agriculturally unpromising, due to irrigation problems and infertile soil, has been transformed into a cornucopia by smallholder farmers.
As in Thailand, future success will come by using agriculture to lift Africa's smallholder farmersout of poverty, aided by strong government measures to guarantee their rights to land, say both reports.
One in the eye for all NWO population-cullers.

Anonymous said...

When the vaccination becomes mandatory, then it's time to run for cover, play dead, go underground. Fighting them out in the open is beyond our powers.

Anonymous said...

Read through your text again, poiuytr, and found it as chilling as at first read. However, my gut feeling tells me this particular one they won't get away with, contaminated vaccines or no contaminated vaccines. Also, compliments to you for having placed earlier stuff in the "older posts" section. It makes the whole blog much easier to handle.

poiuytr said...

12:40 -- genocide by vaccine leaves room for doubt?

why? if you're doubting the efficacy of the plan, yes, then you're correct since most plans don't work out: ie: Iran 400M USD revolt, Georgia attack on Russia, Iraq, Central Asia, Nabucco liberation of EUnuchs, China fiscal diktat crush, etc...

but doubting the idea of mass poisoning is silly i think since there is not only the evidence but the very same names are popping up yet again so we even have the motive and the habitual criminal.

the evidence shows the very idea is being actively pursued by the whole of the west war machine.

it's like the HAARP tale. does pumping gigawatts into the upper atmo mean you'll command the weather and be able to send 20 strong earthquakes on your enemies as you please? probably not.

very likely not in the hands of the west baboon. this stuff might have worked 100 yrs ago for Tesla when he send earthquake waves but in the hands of the baboon ape it doesn't do anything except screwing up, perhaps permanently, this fragile earth human habitat.

but again, HAARP, chemtrails, bombing of the world with energised artificial ions is absolutely real and happening right now.

so why the doubt?


13:01 -- indeed!
not to change your text at all! just adding... WEST IS THE DISEASE from the top down to the common cubicle serving whore that pays for BBC and eats CNN barfs for dinner and pays tax to murder children overseas so the west resource rape around the planet can go on. they're all guilty of the greatest transgressions in this solar system, of the deliberate murder, torture, and maiming of a child.

this message must be remembered with the utmost diligence. indeed there is no other point to even debate.

the planet shall never be free from the constant christianic assault, rape, war, genocide, and plunder so long as the disgusting west ape is operational and sitting on its couches in front of extra wide plasma TVs while the Freeworld pays for it with the blood of its children.

your sentiment is much appreciated, heard, understood, and shared, and is far more powerful than any article rubbish i could ever hope to slap together. thank you!


poiuytr said...

23:26 -- objecting to "pandemic"

that'd be the UN's term. they declared it a pandemic a week or so ago. nothing to do with me, this article, JB, etc.

in general, do not get defensive, i mean no attack! but in general, it seems you missed the point a bit.

it's not declared by the west UN castrate a "pandemic" to whip up "mass hysteria". it's a "pandemic" and spread by deliberate vile explosions to enact a compulsory mass vaccination mandate. it's exactly like 911 that laid the foundation to enacting any mandate whatever that otherwise would seem odd. you know, asking people to dance naked through xrays at airports could have been balked at hadn't it been for the 911 self-terror.

the USA flu thing -- although i don't doubt that west labs aren't capable of producing truly deadly agents -- isn't the killer here. it's the vaccination programme or its cumulative effect rather.

the vaccinations will not kill upon the shot except a few, of course. it doesn't work quite like that, i don't think. but it will destruct some bits of the immune system making it susceptible to future influenzas or infections. remember, this is classic AIDS, the two RNA natural anomaly made in west labs, which doesn't kill directly but by destroying immune system and then the person dies later from literary withering away just from getting all the common colds, flus, infections, etc. so my bet it's some destruction of the immune system rather than a cyanide capsule for all, like in Jonestown, another west inside mass murder study.

but again, the USA flu isn't a "pandemic" to freak you out. it's a "pandemic" to make you roll up your sleeve and become NWO guinea pig for some influenza attack or whatever they're doing.

do look into autism for example and its amazing rise in west directly related to Rumsfeld's mass mercury poisoning and many other places. look at aspertame. that's an allowed west food chain ingredient today. look at alzheimer explosion in west. etc. it's happening right now.


poiuytr said...

8:26 -- take to the hills when it's mandatory

yes. but i think France already is on top of the mandate. they'll probably do it when they rig up the Irish EUnuch treaty vote, adopt the hitler wetdream treaty, build super cop force, and have Tony, the Baghdad butcher, Blair crowned in some roman christianic illuminati orgy to lead the eastern cheek of the west arse or the EU.

of course, there's a few problems with a grand plan like this. but this doesn't change a thing about the fact that the mass poisoning has already taken place.

it isn't easy to implement it on such wide scale, but certainly the "metro areas of west have decent enough infrastructure to carry the mandate out. they'll tell you to show a paper of vaccination proof for you if you wanna work, your kids if they wanna go to school, and your parents if they want their pension. it's this simple. and west baboons will roll up their sleeve. they do it now anyway. they eat aspertame. remember, they believe in 911 claptrap. the USA baboon isn't the cretinous species by accident. rockefeller's dummification of USA programme had worked to some extent quite undeniably.

it took ages and some giant stat leap in autism before their even realised they were shooting kids with mercury in west. and still today no prosecution has even been brought up against those who shot people with mercury laden stuff. west is absurd.

it's a sickening jungle of the most perverse animals ever disgorged on this planet... it's THE disease, quite literary. this whole thing is just another page from the evil diary of the west monster.


9:11 -- they won't get away with it?

why do you think that?

they got away with 911. they told people that Boeings just vanished into thin air -- TWO of them. they got away with it. they told people not to trust their eyes and believe the white drone missile is a 757Boeing on "their" video. they got away with it. Rice knew about it BEFORE and she got away with it. many made billions off the 911 slaughter. they got away with it. a few years ago, they shot kids in some NY orphanage with AIDS and then with some rubbish to try cure them. total and complete medical test on kids. it was exposed. kids died, some just became maimed for life. all proven. did anyone get prosecuted? hell, most of USA doesn't even know and those baboons that do don't give a fuck cuz they're too busy pulling their puds in front of their CNN sewage. it's that rancid. none of this some exaggeration!
they murdered and maimed children in Nigeria. Pfizer used kids in schools there for medical testing like nazis used to do. what happened? a few Nigerian execs got arraigned but Pfizer? hell, it's as pretty as any other west stock, like Bayern, another mass murderer that used to buy women from nazi camps for tests. it's beyond sordid... hell, UK and USA created hitler and aided him through 1945. all proven. all recorded. did anyone, just ONE person get prosecuted or even was there a talk of prosecution? NO! the same people are in the west governances now happily continuing their granpa's plans.

they got away with it all! they'll get away with this. they already have. if you read it, they distributed tainted "vaccine" on int'l scale. they're STILL in biz just like Bush II, Rumsfeld, Obama, Cheney, Rice, Clinton, etc etc etc, all the butchers of our times.

so what makes you think they can't get away with this?

Anonymous said...

Yes, put like this, you're absolutely right. They got away with all the above. On the other hand, they had their failures, too. So maybe, just about maybe, we, the public, have to be sneakier than them, and beat them at their own game. Like bribing or fooling family doctors into giving us that damned paper (your version sounds most likely, I must say) without the corresponding jab, etc. Let's see, poiuytr, it's early days yet. As for France, see who's in power there and that answers all questions. Malaysia, however, is surprising. Can't at all tell what's behind that. More when we know more. And don't think anyone's disagreeing with you necessarily. Just trying to get a clearer picture of things.

Anonymous said...

A big coup of the pharmaceutical companies- cum-governments? Asses all.

Anonymous said...

West is the disease. What need of any additional swine pest flu?

Anonymous said...

Swine flu infection could hit 100,000 a day by August
Health secretary tells Commons containment strategy now gives way to 'treatment phase'
(Breaking News, The Guardian, 2.7.09)
Now who says poiuytr doesn't have an instinct about what's awaiting us next?

Anonymous said...

Thursday, 02 July 2009
Vaccine Expert Reveals What You Should Know Before You Roll Up Your Sleeve
'A study by the Harvard Medical School of Public Health confirmed that public health officials could convince most people in the U.S. to alter their daily lives, follow government mandates and do as they are told after only a small amount of hyping that a deadly global pandemic was eminent.
It documented that people tend to look to the government as a sort of Big Daddy who has their best interests at heart. People think Big Daddy will take care of them and they don't have to bother taking care of themselves. This mentality has led to an open season of government and government backed corporate abuse resulting in a decline in the standard of life and health in America.
It suggests that people will willingly take vaccines they believe have been sponsored by the government without investigating these vaccines on their own. However, a new paper from leading vaccine authority Dr. Sherri Tenpenny shows this may be unwise. She reveals that flu shots merit close examination by those wanting to retain their health.'

poiuytr said...

11:37 -- response

first off, let's make clear that we're not in a fight! OK?! i'm really just questioning why the sense of they can't get away with it. in all honesty. no irony about it.

you see... it's strange, absolutely strange me and i haven't been able to explicate this for years, whence the optimism comes.

you're absolutely correct about their failures. indeed! most, in fact everything after 911 was a failure. and 911, being so sloppy, is basically also a failure. so yes, NWO/west has been riddled with one failure after another. however, they have gotten away with them all, with all the attempts at the life of this planet. and they've been pursuing the death of it actively since Bush II was crowned.

right? i think we agree up to this point.

but i'm wondering why you think this is different now? this is just another possibility how to dummify, sicken, disable, or even kill west populace to ease the work for FEMA and all the state cops and concentration camp wardens when the devaluation hits the west and major street war breaks out all over west.

i'm not saying or JM is saying, i don't think, that this is THE final blow. it's not. and as far as its efficacy, well, that can be debated. and a few are doubting it and so am i to a point. the west infrastructure is alright but not 100% efficient. UK and USA have abominable medical care so it's unlikely they'll be able to carry this one out. although, arguably, USA populace of baboons hardly needs be disabled any more. steadfast for 20 yrs, USA 18 yr old scores the lowest in sciences and math.

but the point is that indeed the NWO/west war junta beast is working on a depopulation method via a shot. therefore the pandemic declaration. therefore the mandatory programmes creeping up. therefore the spread of the disease to get the numbers. this is a bit like 911 again. and therefore the dead lab ferrets in Czech Rep where they tested this vaccine they've shipped to 18 nations already. it's all happening right now, just like 911 did happen, just like they're torturing someone this very second in some USA/UK hitler dungeon.

the efficacy, or how much it's gonna work is debatable. i agree.

but what makes you think they won't get away with it? there is no law in west, there is no faction, there is no opposition in the west at all. none!

west has been through the hardest and bloodiest political, media, and public sector purges imaginable. no one in west will stand up against this.

so why the optimism that they'll get caught on this one? i wish you were right, don't get me wrong, but i don't see it.

Rumsfeld is very much a free man, chopping trees in his Mexico luxurious thousand acre woods for fun and shooting animals for pleasure. Rumsfeld doubled west's autism rate with his mercury shots. no one, not one single person in the west so much as complained that this guy, with the west war junta, destroyed their kid and did so DELIBERATELY!

west is run by patent criminals whose crimes are so out of this world that the sheer magnitude protects them cuz a normal human cannot even envision the depravity, diabolical depths, the vampirism, the sheer bloodthirsty monstrocity that this vileness operates with routinely.

mandatory vaccinations is just one of MANY attempts at the life of this planet.

maybe there's a misunderstanding here. maybe by "they won't get away with it" you mean "they won't succeed at it". if that's the case, then i agree -- probably, since it's a longer term plan, longer than the west has on its clock anyway.

anyway, just blithering out of my .... i mean, off the top of my head. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course, that´s what´s meant: they´ll try, they are trying, but they won´t succeed. West lot, specially Europe, are extremely health-conscious, if nothing else. This time they won´t just let themselves be jabbed into submission. And even if they do, knowing 'em, their damned vaccine probably won´t do what they're hoping it'll do. Smoke and mirrors westies, smoke and mirror.

poiuytr said...

right, but for me, the tragedy is precisely the second point: the fact that they're "getting away" with it, with even trying. that's beyond grasp.

it's not surprising, it's not unbelievable but it's absolutely mind-boggling how the west populace has been allowing these screaming attempts at life and live and rampant genocide in the world to go on while knowing it all, while having a front row BBCNN seat to all the transgression.

Anonymous said...

Honduras update: ultimatum to be delivered/ US BS
Today the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, is traveling to Tegucigalpa to personally inform the coup government, in place since Sunday's military coup d'etat, that if they don't step down by Saturday and allow for President Manuel Zelaya's return to power, then Honduras will be suspended from the most important multilateral organization in the region. The suspension will not just be symbolic, it also includes ceasing all economic aid from the Inter-American Development Bank, which provides millions of dollars in support to the Central American nation, and the imposition of sanctions for human rights violations through the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).
The coup government, led by Roberto Micheletti, has said it will remain in power "with or without" the OAS. We'll see how things develop today.
Check out how the State Department is finding ways to get out of sanctioning Honduras and pressuring the coup government to step down by now legally classifying what took place as a "military coup d'etat" under US law. Note how instead of referring to the coup in English, the State Dept official does it in Spanish, as though that somehow makes it mean something else (yeah, since it's said in Spanish, it doesn't mean the same under US law):
Excerpt from Wednesday's State Department press briefing:
"QUESTION: And so this is properly classified as a military coup?
SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: Well, I mean, it’s a golpe de estado. The military moved against the president; they removed him from his home and they expelled him from a country, so the military participated in a coup. However, the transfer of leadership was not a military action. The transfer of leadership was done by the Honduran congress, and therefore the coup, while it had a military component, it has a larger – it is a larger event."

Also CIA und KGB merge to form a global monster? Bwahaha I'd post all day but am late for work...

Anonymous said...

Iran Update - Ribs splitting from laughter:
Report: U.S. to block Iran sanctions at G8 summit (4.7.09)
By Shlomo Shamir, Haaretz Correspondent
The United States is opposed to enacting a new set of financial sanctions against Iran that are due to be discussed in the G8 summit next week, diplomatic officials in New York reported Friday.
According to officials, sanctions against Iran are expected to top the G8's agenda. Sources are also predicting a pointed debate between the heads of the industrialized nations over an appropriate response to Iranian authorities' suppression of reformist demonstrations in Iran led by Mir Hossein Mousavi and other Iranian opposition leaders.

Anonymous said...

The hype goes on and on and on:
New concern over swine flu (4.7.09)
The World Health Organisation is investigating whether a form of swine flu resistant to antiviral drugs is spreading

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