Dollar Debt Disaster

The news just keep getting worse of the US and its never ending debts.

US lurching towards 'debt explosion' with long-term interest rates on course to double

Read the comments on the Telegraph, its disgusting seeing how selfish arrogant and pathetic the people on there are. Where was the sympathy, respect and dignity for the oppressed people of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and the developing world? None, these arrogant pricks revelled in seeing weaker people suffer and die. Now they are losing their wealth, jobs and futures, they SCREAM, WHINGE, HATE, INSULT and COMPLAIN.

These people are self-obsessed, self-pitying, self-serving, liars, sadists, murderers, thieves, invaders.

Even the French now are abandoning the dollar. Being French, they never actually say what they mean, but read between the lines.

France Says Changing World Requires More Currency Coordination


Anonymous said...

Of course, Telegraph readers are half-mad and avaricious. I liked the five verbs used above: Scream, Winge, Hate, Insult and Complain. They sum up the modern west zombie who´s nearing the end of his universal reign.

Anonymous said...

It's not a question of a "US Dollar Debt Disaster."

It's a disaster of the "US Dollar Vampire Empire."

It's not really a debt issue because the USA has no intention of ever repaying its so-called loans.

"Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire"

Call a spade a spade.

No more use of disingenuous Western Newspeak.

The Western mind-rape machine specializes in concocting a completely fictional reality that obscures the true nature of their system--in this case, the American Dollar Vampire.

And this Western media machine works *even* at the level of language itself!

The fact that even people opposed to the West use Western language to misdescribe issues like American Dollar Vampirism is testament to how powerful and pervasive the Western mind-rape machine is--or worse, it shows how this political opposition isn't so oppositional!

Anonymous said...

Silly comment. We´re no longer kids after all. We know exactly what´s what. No one has a monopoly over knowledge. Information, perhaps -or what passes for such - but knowledge, no. We know in our bones who the enemy is. Perhaps even better than you. And the semi-establishment western shills. All this fuss over language is simply another ploy to get our minds off the basics, namely by hook or by crook we have to get the west back into orbit.

Anonymous said...

By which we mean, so there is no ambiguity attached to our stand, get rid of Israel and everything will fall into place. A sadder, wiser, poorer world for some, but with a modicum of justice.

Anonymous said...

re: Anon 6:45.

Western shills (both establishment and "alternative" frauds) are the ones obscuring the nature of their parasite economic system--even as they posture as opponents of it.

And "Dollar Debt" is one key Western weasel phrase for American Dollar Empire.

The fact that these Western cocksuckers are so allergic to calling a spade and spade shows their bogus nature of their "opposition."

The American Dollar Empire is one of the greatest predatory economic systems in history.

To end this criminal dollar system will require ending America itself--not to mention its equally malignant allies like Britain, Europe, Israel.

The Death of the West means exactly that. From America to Britain to Australia to Canada to Europe and yes to Israel.

But this is what many Anglo-American fuckers fear--even those who are posturing on this site as "dissidents."

poiuytr said...

5:50 & 9:53
well said. only one thing i may suggest... but dont take this as critique of any sort. it's NOT! it's just that west is spelt with small w like all the names of the west war junta child murdering cabals. no part of west deserves so much capitalisations and articles like "the".

indeed, word games, like all games, can be played by two. west baboons and west mindrape media whores have no monopoly on anything. most of them don't even get what they're flapping their gums about.

indeed also on the west-wide death.

the dollar vampire zone is: North Am stolen plateaus, EUnuchville, aussia/NZ, israel, japan, and occupied territories like taiwan, georgia, honduras now, and Malvinas. no need to separate these west cesspits anymore. call them 'west' and that's that. it's all prolapsing and sliding down the bog where this disease belongs with its freckly baboon populace of genocide spectators.

and indeed you're absolutely correct about the angloamericunts.

they're the dirtiest scum on earth. they're all waking up to the fact that they're going down, imminently, and unavoidably, and they don't like it.

it's wonderful to see them writhe and wriggle now. it's like that americunt sheehan crying over her dead child murdering son.

west baboons aren't angry today because their nations commit the greatest humanitarian transgressions. they're not angry over the tortures of children and maimings of 5M civilians. they're not angry about children slaving to sow clothes for this disgusting western disease species. they're not angry about USA drones murdering families. they don't give a fuck about 1,5M trapped in Gaza concentration camp. they don't spare a thought about the mindless tortures inflicted in USA and UK run concentration camps.


they're all angry today cuz it's their turn. the dirty USA scum is living now in tent cities and it doesn't like it. UK poodles are slaving for free for their fat bankers and they don't very much enjoy the prospects of their fiscal prolapse.

west is THE disease from top to bottom, from the child murdering psychopath 911 butchers down to the very baboons that are eating BBCNN sewage for dinner.

and that's why there's Nation By Nation.

it celebrates the blows these verminous criminal populaces of west baboons get. it underlines the west prolapse and it toasts the liberation of the Freeworld from the harrowing claws of this unusually diseased parasitic beast.

west baboons would like to blame someone else today, but make no mistake, it's these sheehans who are now crying over their demise and defeats who caused the cataclysms in the first place. there can be no mercy with this west ape species today or ever.

your comment is appreciated, especially for your courage to stand up against the west vileness for indeed they're here lurking hoping to spread their evil propaganda in attempt to exonerate themselves.

keep writing! in fact send in an article for pub.

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