Major General Stubblebine agrees 911 was an inside job!

What does it take for the US people and the world to wake up? How many more people must die and suffer for this lie?


Anonymous said...

9/11 revisted in a masterly fashion, The dollar debt explosion examined with utmost care, Engdahl on NWO attempts at full-spectrum domination, plus the latest NBN, this blog grows livlier as it goes along. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Too little. Too late.

The question is: why is Generalissmo Stubblebine now suddenly developed an urge to tell the truth about Sept. 11th--8 years after the fact?

This is 8 years after the 9-ll Truth movement has been saying that 9-11 was an inside job all along.

The thing to keep in mind is even when the West or its rulers admit the truth, they will only do so for their own self-serving and predatory interests.

So the question I would ask is what's General Stubbleface's political angle and game?

poiuytr said...

yes, it's odd him saying it now and he doesn't say it in any straight obvious terms. too much skirting in his words.

this whole thing of debating what hit the pentagon or what didn't hit it and the demolition is all sideline drivel.

there is only ONE point and ONE point ONLY! and no one's saying that. everyone in the west is staying obediently clear of it.

and of course that is that west did 911, no one else. that west murders own people in thousands to predicate a world war.

demolition, boeing or not, is all 100% nonsense debate. the only debate is: "west is THE disease".

on the other hand, it's better he says it 100 yrs too late than if he took up the BBCNN west war junta line and espoused the cretinous western lies they're now "teaching" to the next generation of the west ugliness.

Anonymous said...

The truth has been known to many for many years. And no one has done a thing about it. 911 is now for the history books, no longer an instrument of change or amendment. The dollar video below, on the other hand, brings hope the dimmest and dullest might open their eyes.
An empty wallet focuses the mind brilliantly.

Anonymous said...

As California struggles, Fitch cuts debt rating
California suffered a new setback in its financial crisis on Monday when Fitch Ratings cut its rating on the state's general obligation debt to just two notches above junk status. Fitch cut its rating on California's long-term bonds to "BBB," two notches above speculative grade, citing the state's budget and cash crisis. The state last week started issuing "IOU" promissory notes to pay for some bills in order to conserve cash.
One has to wonder just how soon the US and UK will no longer be able to keep their financial obligations, and just what will happen if in fact there are massive defaults by both countries.
China, up to you now.

Anonymous said...

Is There Life After Democracy? - Arundhati Roy
July 06, 2009 "Dawn" -- - While we’re still arguing about whether there’s life after death, can we add another question to the cart? Is there life after democracy? What sort of life will it be? By democracy I don’t mean democracy as an ideal or an aspiration. I mean the working model: Western liberal democracy, and its variants, such as they are.
So, is there life after democracy?
Attempts to answer this question often turn into a comparison of different systems of governance, and end with a somewhat prickly, combative defence of democracy. It’s flawed, we say. It isn’t perfect, but it’s better than everything else that’s on offer. Inevitably, someone in the room will say: ‘Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia . . . is that what you would prefer?’
Whether democracy should be the utopia that all ‘developing’ societies aspire to be is a separate question altogether. (I think it should. The early, idealistic phase can be quite heady.) The question about life after democracy is addressed to those of us who already live in democracies, or in countries that pretend to be democracies. It isn’t meant to suggest that we lapse into older, discredited models of totalitarian or authoritarian governance. It’s meant to suggest that the system of representative democracy—too much representation, too little democracy—needs some structural adjustment.
The question here, really, is what have we done to democracy? What have we turned it into? What happens once democracy has been used up? When it has been hollowed out and emptied of meaning? What happens when each of its institutions has metastasised into something dangerous? What happens now that democracy and the Free Market have fused into a single predatory organism with a thin, constricted imagination that revolves almost entirely around the idea of maximising profit? Is it possible to reverse this process? Can something that has mutated go back to being what it used to be?
What we need today, for the sake of the survival of this planet, is long-term vision. Can governments whose very survival depends on immediate, extractive, short-term gain provide this? Could it be that democracy, the sacred answer to our short-term hopes and prayers, the protector of our individual freedoms and nurturer of our avaricious dreams, will turn out to be the endgame for the human race? Could it be that democracy is such a hit with modern humans precisely because it mirrors our greatest folly— our nearsightedness? Our inability to live entirely in the present (like most animals do) combined with our inability to see very far into the future makes us strange in-between creatures, neither beast nor prophet. Our amazing intelligence seems to have outstripped our instinct for survival. We plunder the earth hoping that accumulating material surplus will make up for the profound, unfathomable thing that we have lost.
Indian novel and millitant. Extract (ICH)

Anonymous said...

In Step to Enhance Currency, China Allows Its Use in Some Foreign Payments - 6.7.09 (IHT)
HONG KONG — Banks in China and Hong Kong began wiring Chinese renminbi directly to one another on Monday to settle payments for imports and exports, as China took another step toward establishing the renminbi as a global currency — and, eventually, an international alternative to the dollar.
China took another step toward establishing the renminbi as a global currency as banks in China and Hong Kong began using it to settle trades.
China has tempered its recent calls for a global reserve currency other than the dollar going into a meeting of the world’s major industrialized countries and biggest emerging economies in Italy on Thursday. He Yafei, China’s vice foreign minister, said on Sunday that the dollar would remain the world’s dominant currency for “many years to come.”
You don´t say, He Yafei!

Anonymous said...

And more China news:
Fiat and China cosying up.
A rerun of last year´s Tibet unrest. This time round it´s the Uighur region where Chinese Muslims and their Han neighbours had a go at each other. After Iran and Honduras, China. Any pattern to all this or wholly arbitrary? Rebiya Kadir, an Uighur businesswoman and political leader of the Uighur autonomy or separatist movement lives - where else? - in paradise, aka USA.

Anonymous said...

RE Democracy. Well written as is usual with A. Roy. On the other hand, I don´t at all see eye to eye with her over the virtues of democracy, the most shamelessly manipulative of systems, inevitably requiring a slove-bas to function. Majority rule, ugh! I´d much rather resits the misdeeds of one person rather than those of a horde. But no doubt an interesting piece for D-worshippers delivered by the citizen of what one likes to call the "world´s biggest democracy", ugh again.

Anonymous said...

The wheels come off “the good war” in Afghanistan by Robin Beste, Stop the War Coalition, 6 July 2009
We have had weeks of government and army propaganda selling the “good war” in Afghanistan as being for the benefit of the Afghan people and as necessary to Britain's interests. There has been:
Endless stories in the tabloid media about "our boys" heroism bringing "stability and security" to Afghanistan;
Armed Services Day on 27 June, with army parades and other events up and down the country glorifying mass murder as a career;
The sponsoring by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of toys depicting British soldiers as "action heroes";
The rigid control of journalists reporting the war to ensure only the MoD's version of events gets media coverage.
All of this has been aimed at portraying the war in Afghanistan as an honourable cause on its way to being won. It was meant to culminate in a major British offensive in Helmand Province codenamed Operation Panther's Claw.
Biggest military operation
The biggest military operation by the British military since the invasion in 2001 was always as much a propaganda exercise to sell the war to the British people, two thirds of whom oppose the war in Afghanistan, as a military exercise with coherent aims. As even the pro-war Observer newspaper commented, "The reality is that the war in Afghanistan is increasingly aimless and lacking in coherent strategy."
It was utterly predictable that the wheels would come off the propaganda wagon trying to promote the "good war" with a troop "surge" in Helmand, not least because the Taliban were understandably not too keen to hang around to be incinerated by the horrific firepower used by the US and British military. They simply melted away. Occasional hit and run tactics were still enough to inflict image denting casualties on the British army. Within the space of four days, from 1-4 July, five British soldiers were killed, including the highest ranking army officer to die in battle since the Falklands War in 1982. A number of others were seriously injured, adding to the statistic which we never read about in the mainstream media, that a British soldier has a one in eight chance of being seriously injured or contracting a serious illness when deployed to Afghanistan.
The latest British fatality brings the number killed in Afghanistan to 174, only five short of fatalities in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

This article below provides the bigger picture behind all the individual "hotspots" that miraculously seem to have popped with the Obama Regime.

"Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order"

Anonymous said...

F william Engdahl is good in his way, both in the video below and the article link above. He´s absolutely right about America and its Manifest Destiny complex, as if history could be repeated and Eurasia captured as once the Red Indians were. I like the notions of Totalitarian Decomcracy or Synthetic Democracy, reserved specially for China, as well as his fine analysis of the phenomenon of weaponizing human rights from Dafur to Myanmar to Tibet and beyond. Zio-USan leaders have wonderfully complex plans. Allow us to assure you that nothing will come out of them, except for unnecessary suffering for people the world over.

Anonymous said...

The fox of dissent in the chicken coop of adoration.

Anonymous said...

Anon 08:49 - Robin Beste is supposed to be an anti-war militant, deploring the killing lust of his countrymen in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet he chooses to leave unquestioned the nice casualty figures pleasing to the Brit army. If this is anti-war, pro-war elements might turn out to be nearer to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh: Northern routes open for Afghan surge
By: UPI on: 07.07.2009
MOSCOW, July 7 (UPI) — American forces secured key military transit routes into Afghanistan as U.S. President Barack Obama pushes for detente with Russia.
Obama arrived in Moscow on Monday to meet with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
U.S.-Russian relations reached Cold War lows in the latter half of the presidency of George W. Bush. In an effort to improve relations, Obama in a dramatic ceremony Monday reached agreements with the Kremlin on nuclear disarmament issues and for military transit into Afghanistan.
The U.S. government will save an estimated $133 million annually through Kremlin concessions that permit 4,500 flights per year over Russian airspace into Afghanistan, statements from the White House say.
"This is a substantial contribution by Russia to our international effort, and it will save the United States time and resources in giving our troops the support that they need," the American president said.
The deal comes on the heels of a new agreement between the United States and Kyrgyzstan to renew the lease for the U.S. air base, Manas, at an estimated $60 million per year, triple the previous lease.
Obama earlier this year unveiled a new military strategy for Afghanistan based on the counterinsurgency doctrine employed in Iraq. Earlier this week, U.S. Marines descended on the southern Afghan province of Helmand in an effort to drive a wedge into the heart of opium-rich territory held by Taliban and al-Qaida insurgents.

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, the Russians equally incapable of learning from history as their white-skinned brothers in the USA. Or are we going to call this one too just spin?

Anonymous said...

I do not know what pressure was on these men (Russian and USAns) but for sure they caved in to the big powers and interests, namely EUROPEAN MONARCHIES, DRUG CARTEL, OIL CARTEL, MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, PHARMACEUTICAL PANDEMONIUM, CHRISTIAN CRUSADE AGAINST ISLAMIC-MOSLEM WORLD.
The financial crisis keeps growing and there is nothing they can do to prevent the total collapse of their monetary system scam and financial frauds. USA lost last quarter almost 700,000 jobs every month and of course failed to create 200,000 new jobs to keep the economy stable. This means ALMOST THREE MILLIONS USAns ARE OUT OF WORK and soon they will not be able to pay their mortgages, their credit card debts and their taxes. So expect more REAL ESTATE COLLAPSE, follow by deeper GDP contractions.
THE WAR AND A MAJOR CONFLAGRATION IS IN THE MAKING!. Europe cannot afford to pay $200 for gasoline but they can afford to spend billions in war! WHY? Because they are planning TO BUST ALL EMERGENT ECONOMIES AND DECIMATE THEIR POPULATION! All this shit about nuclear control is only applicable for emergent countries! WHY? UK is planning a new NUCLEAR AIRCRAFT CARRIER - TRIDENT at the time the debt is over 12.5% and worse than Mexico and Argentina were years ago. WHY?
STAY WITH CASH, PAY AND PAY WHILE YOU CAN AND LIVE A MOST MODEST LIFE. This crisis will be the mother of all crises in the last thousand years! Don't be fouled. RECOVERY IS IMPOSIBLE.
Whatever the pressure on their shoulder was, they sold out humanity for the next slaughter! Buy sheets of copper and make your own batteries! Collect seeds! Get a dacha or have a friend who has one. Save all files in portable hard disks; print what you can. Find out the closest underground parking, buildings with big basements, underground metro stations. Has some LEAD FOILD and cover the battery of your car and the wires TO PREVENT THE MAGNETIC PULSE STALLING YOUR CAR. Keep some grains and dry food. Learn survival skills. BUY GUNS TO DEFEND AGAINST LOOTERS AND CRIMINALS. Men when out of control are the worst beasts. Sorry for the gloomy picture. If I am wrong you don't lose anything. If I am right who knows...

Anonymous said...

Understanding The US Treasury Market - 7.7.09
Combined with the 2.2 trillion debt that needs to be rolled over, the treasury needs to sell 3.3 trillion dollars in the next six months. It will be very interesting to see how they manage such a feat.
That is to say if we´re still around and have not all been killed by our reckless masters.

Anonymous said...

US president goes on first trip to Russia and calls on Moscow to stop viewing America as an enemy -, Tuesday 7 July 2009
President Barack Obama delivering a speech in Moscow. Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters
Barack Obama today set out his vision for a new post-cold war world, and urged Russia not to interfere in neighbouring states and to move on "from old ways of thinking".
In a keynote speech during his first trip to Russia as US president, Obama called on Moscow to stop viewing America as an adversary. The assumption that Russia and the US were eternal antagonists was "a 20th-century view" rooted in the past, he said.
Obama delivered a tough, though implicit, critique of Kremlin foreign policy, rejecting the claim it has "privileged interests" in post-Soviet countries. He said the 19th-century doctrine of spheres of influence and "great powers forging competing blocs" was finished.
"In 2009, a great power does not show strength by dominating or demonising other countries. The days when empires could treat sovereign states as pieces on a chessboard are over," he said, speaking to graduates from Moscow's New Economic School.
Oh, oh, does not sound overly intelligent or friendly, does it?

poiuytr said...

21:12 -- Russia's path for USA war in Afghan

Yes, 100% nonsense. USA will save 100M a year???? USA has printed 12T to stay afloat. USA admitted laceration is over 700B/6months now, that's sans war budget which has been blank checked for 2 yrs by the "liberal" side of the USA charade governance.

but yes, USA is saving 120M/yr.

Afghanistan is USA's very private 21st century Stalingrad. The path is open and USA is free to ladle all its cash and legions down the hole. How wonderful.

And of course, USA is not an adversary. It only killed 2000 Russians last year. That's what "friends" do, right?!

All ye of no faith need to judge based on tangible trends and battle results, not tabloid headline frissons. you might as well read engdahl, craig roberts, or any other BBCNN west cretinous self-pitying rubbish.

Anonymous said...

We deserved that last sentence, poiuytr, or at least those of us do who lost their heads upon reading Russia had caved in to US (once again). That is why we come to your blog, to strenghten our faith that all will eventually be well. Otherwise, no sleep at night, no appetite for food. Thanks. Guru Man.

Anonymous said...

Calls grow within G8 to expel Italy as summit plans descend into chaos
Guardian 07 luglio 2009
While US tries to inject purpose into meeting, Italy is lambasted for poor planning and reneging on overseas aid commitments
Preparations for Wednesday's G8 summit in the Italian mountain town of L'Aquila have been so chaotic there is growing pressure from other member states to have Italy expelled from the group, according to senior western officials.
In the last few weeks before the summit, and in the absence of any substantive initiatives on the agenda, the US has taken control. Washington has organised "sherpa calls" (conference calls among senior officials) in a last-ditch bid to inject purpose into the meeting.
"For another country to organise the sherpa calls is just unprecedented. It's a nuclear option," said one senior G8 member state official. "The Italians have been just awful. There have been no processes and no planning."
"The G8 is a club, and clubs have membership dues. Italy has not been paying them," said a European official involved in the summit preparations.
This for a good laugh, simply. Spain is being touted as the replacement for ousted Italy.

Anonymous said...

European Central Banksters seek World Currency, Total Control
Jurriaan Maessen | Surrendering national and even regional economic power to a world body, a world bank, is the main goal of the transnationalists. (Infowars)
Here goes, then.

Anonymous said...

Pope calls for “world political authority”
Reuters | Pope Benedict on Tuesday called for a “world political authority” to manage the global economy and for more government regulation of national economies to pull the world out of the current crisis and avoid a repeat.
Sorry it´s Reuters, but note how great minds meet.

Anonymous said...

Real Estate in Stalingrad:
Afghanistan Bids for Place as Iron Ore and Copper Producer - July 7th, 2009
Whatever is said about Afghanistan, and much is said about Afghanistan, it is rarely looked upon as a source of mineral wealth. Indeed although the economy managed 7% growth last year it’s 33.6 million people are still desperately poor with a GDP ranked 113 in the world. Half the population technically lives below the poverty line and 80% of the labor force is employed in agriculture, according to the CIA. Apart from opium, Afghanistan’s biggest exports are essentially agricultural - fruits, nuts, wool, skins and wool products like woven carpets. We don’t think of Afghanistan as a source of ores, metals or metal products, but that may be about to change. Bidding has opened for foreign firms to participate in the exploitation of a massive iron ore deposit 80 miles to the west of the capital Kabul according to the Telegraph newspaper. The Hajigak deposit as it is known, had been surveyed in the 1960’s but 30+ years of conflict has meant it has gone unworked in all this time. The reserve is said to be 1.8bn tons of 62% pure iron ore and is termed world class in terms of size and quality. According to an Afghan government report, the reserve occurs in 16 ore bodies over an area some 20 miles in length. Fortunately the iron ore deposit is close to a large supply of coking coal at nearby Shabashak making steel production a viable proposition.
Not surprisingly Asian firms are front runners in the bidding process with five Indian firms, (including Vendanta, JSW, Essar, Rashtriya Ispat Nigam and Ispat) a state-owned Chinese company (MCC) and a joint Pakistani and Saudi venture intending to bid during the next three months for the mining rights. The winner will be expected, in addition to developing the iron ore mine, to build a steel plant, a rail link and a replacement for an aging fertilizer factory. Muhammad Ibrahim Adel, Afghanistan’s minister for mines hopes it will create 10,000 jobs in mining and another 10,000 in steel production – that is pretty optimistic but the spin off benefits from developing a major iron ore mine and associated steel industry would be considerable for the Afghan economy.

Anonymous said...

These days a lot of good people with too little faith, certitude and determination are in a quandary and often at the brink of despair over what they see as the mendacious control of the world by a syndicate of remorseless psychopaths. They look outward and see a vast uncertainty of confusion. They see wars and financial turmoil. They see jackbooted thugs dressed up as the neighborhood policeman. They see corruption in every theater of operation. They see banal, brutal and pornographic entertainments. They see a select few who are able to act with impunity as they plunder and murder at will. They see the rule of law become a mockery which protects those who pervert it for their own uses and wield it against their critics. These good people are missing something. With all the revealing that is going on they are not seeing a critical point: the presence of the divine in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Politically we might follow you, poiuytr, but our religious beliefs are our own. No one can browbeat us into atheism.

Anonymous said...

The Coming Economic Apocalypse - Roy F Grieder
Jun 28, 2009
Astonishing to me is the fact that no one seems to understand the ultimate result of the current policies and practices of Washington D.C. and the Federal Reserve Bank. We are bankrupt. Think about the facts.
Certainly most of the automobile industry, the airlines, 37 out of 50 states, are bankrupt. The lending industry, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac are bankrupt. Insurance giant AIG, bankrupt. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, or PBGC, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, Social Security including Medicare and Medicaid are rapidly approaching insolvency.
In 1929 personal and corporate debt had risen to 365% of Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, before the Crash. We are now at 375% of GDP. So all of this excessive credit got us into this mess in the first place, right?. And the government and Fed solution to this mess is to print up an extra trillion dollars or so, give it to the lending industry and yell “Lend!, Lend!”. That should work, right? (for rest of it: WRH)

Anonymous said...

US Lurching Towards 'Debt Explosion'
Long-term Interest Rates on Course to Double
Philip Aldrick The Telegraph, 6.7.09
The US economy is lurching towards crisis with long-term interest rates on course to double, crippling the country’s ability to pay its debts and potentially plunging it into another recession, according to a study by the US’s own central bank.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, 08 July 2009
Homeless People Die After Bird Flu Vaccine Trial in Poland
'The medical staff, from the northern town of Grudziadz, are being investigated over medical trials on as many as 350 homeless and poor people last year, which prosecutors say involved an untried vaccine to the highly-contagious virus. Authorities claim that the alleged victims received £1-2 to be tested with what they thought was a conventional flu vaccine but, according to investigators, was actually an anti bird-flu drug. '
Voilà, what awaits us, one and all.

Anonymous said...

Mainstream are having a whale of a time transforming the Uighur thing into a full-blown civil war. And China keeping mum all along.

Anonymous said...

Europe’s indifference is killing NATO
It is unacceptable that British and American soldiers are laying down their lives for the security of the free world, while much of Europe watches from the sidelines, argues Nile Gardiner.
As the 28 leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization gather in Strasbourg and Kehl, the world’s most important multilateral alliance is in crisis. 60 years on from its founding in the aftermath of World War Two, NATO has evolved into a two-tier alliance split between those who fight and those who do not. On one side of the NATO divide is a small group of Anglosphere nations – Britain, America and Canada - plus stalwarts like the Poles and the Dutch, who possess a martial warrior ethos; on the other is a sizeable number of European countries who treat the alliance as little more than a glorified peacekeeping force.
NATO is also under threat from Franco-German plans to develop a European Union defence identity with its own army and headquarters, as well as growing Russian intimidation that is at present succeeding in blocking the organization’s eastward expansion. NATO is being further undermined by a failure on the part of most of its members to maintain defence spending at required levels.
A bit old, but still relevant. Another laugh thing. Enjoy, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

8.7.09 - Everything suggests that the American bonds seized at Chiasso are real
Claims in support of the bond’s authenticity were made 20 / 6 on the Turner Radio Network (TRN), an independent radio station broadcast via Internet. On that date in a massive exposure, TRN stated that the two Japanese men arrested by the Guardia di Finanza (GdF) and then released in Ponte Chiasso were employees of the Japanese Ministry for Treasury. AsiaNews had also received similar reports: one of the two Japanese arrested in Chiasso and then released is Tuneo Yamauchi, is the brother of Toshiro Muto, until recently vice governor of the Bank of Japan.
Perhaps that´s why Berlusconi has that big smile plastered all over his face.

Anonymous said...

Big Banks Don't Want California's IOUs (8.9.09)
A group of the biggest U.S. banks said they would stop accepting California's IOUs on Friday, adding pressure on the state to close its $26.3 billion annual budget gap. Dorothy Cottrill of the state controller's office inspects IOUs last week. The development is the latest twist in California's struggle to deal with the effects of the recession. After state leaders failed to agree on budget solutions last week, California began issuing IOUs -- or "individual registered warrants" -- to hundreds of thousands of creditors. State Controller John Chiang said that without IOUs, California would run out of cash by July's end.

Anonymous said...

G-8 Leaders Spar Over Stimulus, Leave ‘Exit Strategies’ Open
July 8 (Bloomberg) — Group of Eight leaders failed to bridge differences over combating the steepest recession since World War II, letting each country decide when to stop infusing money into the economy.
President Barack Obama pressed for the door to remain open to more stimulus measures as a renewed stock-market drop stirred concern that $2 trillion spent worldwide so far hasn’t jolted consumers and businesses back to life.
“Exit strategies will vary from country to country depending on domestic economic conditions and public finances,” leaders of the eight economies — U.S., Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Canada and Russia — said in a draft statement today at their annual summit in L’Aquila, Italy.
Divergences over what to do next underscored the G-8’s limited room for maneuver after the biggest borrowing spree in 60 years failed to halt rising unemployment and left investors doubting the strength of the recovery. The MSCI World Index of stocks slid for a fifth day. The 23-nation index has dropped 7.3 percent since a three-month rally ended on June 2.
The International Monetary Fund has also expressed some skepticism, upgrading its 2010 growth forecast while saying the upturn will be “sluggish” and urging governments to stay the economic-stimulus course.
Emerging countries like China will lead the way, expanding 4.7 percent next year, the IMF said today, up from an April prediction of 4 percent. The Washington-based lender forecast growth of 0.6 percent in the advanced economies, up from expectations of stagnation.

Anonymous said...

Debt Burden Quickens Power Shift as G-8 Loses Clout By James G. Neuger

July 7 — The world’s most affluent nations will take decades to work off the biggest buildup in debt since World War II. The political costs may be permanent, laid bare at this week’s Group of Eight summit of leading industrial powers.
Bank bailouts and recession-fighting measures will explode the debt of the advanced economies to at least 114 percent of gross domestic product in 2014, more than triple the 35 percent of the main emerging economies including China, the International Monetary Fund forecasts.
The run-up in debt has hastened a power shift that is sapping the industrial world’s authority to impose its economic doctrine, currency arrangements or greenhouse-gas reduction strategies. Even some G-8 officials acknowledge that the group has lost its grip amid the global recession they spawned.
The eight-nation forum that starts tomorrow in L’Aquila, Italy is “a lot less relevant given its makeup and given developments in the world,” French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said July 5. “Big players, like emerging economies, India, China or Mexico, are invited, but they’re given only a jump seat outside of the main summit.”
The industrial world is beset by the harshest economic conditions in a lifetime: a projected U.S. budget deficit of 13.6 percent of GDP in 2009, unmatched since World War II; an annualized 14.2 percent contraction in Japanese GDP in the first quarter, also the worst since the war; in the first three months of 2009, German exports had their steepest quarterly decline since 1970 when the data were first compiled.
Reflecting the relative fortunes of the G-8 and emerging markets, developing nations’ share of worldwide stock-market capitalization has climbed to a record 24 percent from 15 percent at the start of 2007 as investors piled into the fastest-growing economies.

poiuytr said...

5:58 -- life after democracy?

this smacks of myopic west-centric xenophobia. while west had what it believed to be "democracy", the Freeworld had genocide, rape, and plunder. so the article's asking about life after democracy clearly implies the west self-pitying monkeys still have no other thoughts but themselves.

despite of a decade of the most unspeakable crimes, west still only manages to cry about itself, its own wallet, own rump.

but the answer is clear. it's a huge YES.

west and the planet is incompatible. while west consumes most resources, it produces most rubbish beside murdering millions of children every year to sustain its obesity. west is the greatest parasitic filth ever to disgorge in the solar system.

and it's only with the oblivionisation of west that the life on this planet can at last thrive.

what happens to west baboon life is immaterial. FEMA camps and the diabolical cull laws set in motion by west governances clearly foretell of its future but that's not important.

what's important is that the 90% of the planet, the Freeworld, shall be liberated from the west vampire and child genocidal butchers.


21:27 -- 3.3T for 3 months

indeed. comrade obama's "bailout" of 700B is gone. it achieved nothing. it didn't even postpone the USA prolapse. that wasn't even 6 months ago. in that time EUnuchs printed about 800B EUR and UK decided for 280B and prints ~28B GBP every month now.

and guess what, none of these insane (self inflationary) numbers are enough.

EUnuchs are screaming for another 400B-500B EUR quick print right now. USA is busy slapping together another near TRILLION print and indeed UK is already screaming that the BoE money printing is nowhere enough.

how could this be?

well, nothing is enough. west cannot be saved. it's this simple.

west isn't dying from some temporary market setback or industry rot. it's dying from currency gangrene. as opposed to industry oscillations, currency gangrene is terminal. all that's happening is that dollar's dying. it's only propped up by USA collective worth, which is somewhere twixt laughable, silly, or cretinous.

no power, no stimulus, no "standing" room on west airlines, no working for free schemes, no IOU paper, no increased taxes, no empty foreclosed houses can save anything in west.

all that's happening is the theft of the cash in west by the west war junta. they understand the game is over and are simply sacking west, hoarding up assets, consolidating them, merging them with governance, and dumping the rubbish. west baboons are just being rinsed of coins in their last days.

once this is finished, the west child murdering junta will take cash/assets abroad and hide someplace, trying to regroup and so on. and the plug will be unplugged on the whole of the west cesspit.


poiuytr said...

7:28 -- Russia Caves....

this is an ongoing theme. Russia caves...

while Russia NEVER tells what it's gonna do and rarely debates what it has done, typically west readers are unable to maintain the bigger picture in their heads and are daily swayed by the barrage of west mindrape media whores. most west monkeys think that m jackson's death is the biggest tale today cuz that's what their mindrape brainwashing murdochs tell them 24/7.

though results speak LOUDER than any rhetoric, west readers, unable to form independent thought and untouched by data, are clinically lobotomised to the point of only being able to repeat, and endlessly so, the latest west mindrape headline frisson.

as such their resolve is as strong as the hollywood bimbos silicone tit bags. their understanding of everything is as deep as the arizona state senator who with no shame whatsoever publicly admitted to believing that the earth is 6000 yrs old. their faith in reality is as stable as comrade obama's love letter promises.

it's very simple, very much like the dollar death tale.

west is dying. even the west lowliest of plebes understand that today as they dig deeper in their empty pockets. west tumbling down the bog 2 yrs ago would have sounded like the most scifi utopia. today, it's reality!

the state of west matters is no accident. it's the direct result of a beyond masterful counteroffensive of the Freeworld -- led by Russia.

nothing else needs be said. no further analysis is needed. results speak for themselves. folks that cave in to the barrage of headlines, especially from the west whores, deserve all they get: total mind confusion. the fact alone that west still watches BBCNN whores proves that west is an incurable disease.


9:51 -- EUnuch seek world currency

they have to. west cesspit is split along the dollar fidelity fissures that grow wider by the minute. west banker junta is at each other's throats now, fighting over the fiscal decay control, and the sacked assets. classic pirates killing each other after the loot.

if west doesn't jump to new non-dollar cash, they'll be stuck with the dollar gangrene. they get it. they understand it.

USA war junta has been off dollar for years. all of the chief Baghdad butchers have dumped dollars long ago. even bill gates, remember? he's been off dollar for 3 yrs now.

this isn't NWO centric planet rape conspiracy but simple rats jumping off the sinking west raft.

having said that, don't construe this as NWO being out of sordid plans how to get their wetdream of wiping out this planet. but many that have funded the NWO defeats are out of patience and cash to fund it any more. hence the appearing schism among the west wankers junta.


poiuytr said...

10:11 & 10:18 -- god spam

word of caution. please don't spam this site! you'll force me to zap comments and enable IP blocks. that's all you'll achieve.

this isn't a public billboard for ads, least of all for christianic WMD jesus-slurping sickness.

we can debate this WMD of the west war butchers, of course, but do not just mindlessly spam, using every opportunity to spin up your amen rubbish.

please respect the site. thank you! btw, this applies for site as well!


10:42 -- trials on homeless

thanks for the news. how diabolical is the west cesspit. yes, nazis are alive and functioning. it's no accident west chief religious rep is a little nazi boy. fancy the west crazed baboons scraping their knees slobbering over his jerk off pope hands.

make no mistake here, all west folks, you are subjects all of you. west has laws that enable west governances to carry out medical experiments on populace WITHOUT their knowing or consent. this is not a description or some drivel. this is FACT! look it up! west governance can test on all of you and obviously are.

USA used kids in NYC orphanage a few years ago for AIDs tests. they infected them with it and tried some rubbish to cure them, maiming most and killing some. there was NO recourse!

Pfizer tests on children in the mighty continent of Africa today!

west is THE disease, in every aspect, on every level, in every regard.


13:50 -- NATO parasiting the parasite

this is funny. west can't afford a bogged down war. that's why they're given 3 of them.

not only the west disease has no resources to wage these but it's got no legions. west baboons will have to put on uniforms and off they'll go fighting for their fat bankers. how apt and just!


16:36 -- japan dumping USA bonds

thanks for the bonds story update! much appreciated. of course, it was true. it was confirmed by BBCNN whores when they said that it's probably not true. that's a guarantee these days!

all in all, no one rich in the west today with a brain cell is gonna stay on the dollar. there's more fiscal west elite subterfuge than can be imagined today. it's literary like pirates killing one another over the sacked loot.

officially, they're all under the gun forced to stay loyal to the west war junta and dollar, but behind the scenes they're all dumping the west rot.

it's quite amusing. 130B in one suitcase. imagine how much of it has been dumped on sideshow garage sales. that's why they can't account for literary trillions today.

Anonymous said...

That´s it, that´s all. We´re leaving this site. Get on with it on your own. One can´t disagree with you about anything without it´s being called "spam", can one? And we´re not Christians, you idiot, who speak up for God, but true-blue Muslims. We´re the only ones left with any knowledge of the divine. So much for this is also your blog, write along. Farewell.

Anonymous said...

I 2nd that, A 09:13. But before I leave I wish to add that this blog´s no better than Iraqwar-ru. Some bloggers have just tried to instigate a discussion on whether to get rid of MmArRgDdOnN. And as one bitterly pointed out: Whoever the admin is here, he acts as if he were god. Poiuytr does the same. No wonder he can´t bear to have god mentioned in any other context! Whatever, and I don´t give a damn whether poiuytr is a Jew or not, I´m off and am not coming back. Go the way of all flesh as our dear Informatron or James did.

Anonymous said...

He called what some of us wrote from the heart "spam". What a shame!

poiuytr said...

appreciate your leaving this site.

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along?

Let's not get in counter-productive fights over religion on this site.

While the blogmasters certainly have a right to run the site as they see fit, it might not be the best idea to alienate people of faith like Muslims who are sympathetic to the political project of this website.

Keep your eye on the problem: the West.

Anonymous said...

The voice of wisdom (02:51) as opposed to the voice of pride (00:19). If anyone remains to prop up this site, it will be because of the former´s sweet reasonableness. As for the latter, for all his brilliance, he´s an ass and best consigned to the place that shelters hubris best, i.e. oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Coup-mad poiuytr. Reminds me a bit of Prez Obi. Flat broke at home and baring his teeth at any who have dared to arouse his displeasure. We see nothing good coming out of this.

Anonymous said...

I foresee an early collapse for this site. Look at the foundations on which it is built, the west disease intolerance, ugh! The blogmasters here speak out against the west then turn round and practise the same thing themselves.

James Wolfe said...

Come on fellas lets not hate each other, remember the common enemy the West-NWO imperialism. That’s what we need to confront and defeat, everyone is welcome here. Say what you think, censorship won’t happen here.

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