Nation By Nation (20Jul09)

11-20Jul09 -- Bankruptcy of USA is now part of the unusually slim vocab of the USA leadership. West media mindrapists have picked up the term "hyperinflation". Replacement of the embarrassing dollar is no utopia but physical reality today. Who'd ever think the nuking of the petrodollar in 2006 would yield such marvelous results in such a short time. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - USA invading hoards murder 6 civilians incl 4 children in Kandahar, 13Jul. So this is what comrade Obama had in mind when he sent love letters to Taliban begging for truce.
- 24 USA & 22 EUnuch invaders zapped within 3 days of the Helmand offensive.
- UK invaders pour 2K more war troops into Helmand bringing the total to some 6K. Yes, west was led to their slaughter, their very personal Stalingrad into which pour legions and trillions.
- 8 UKian troops killed/24 hrs, 12Jul.
- Taliban captures Nuristan, east Afghanistan, while under attack from west, 2Jul.
- 4 USans killed, 20Jul.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Canberra warns China over China's uprooting of Aussie's spies threatening that it will destroy China's int'l trade. China responds by saying that not even Aussie trade will be so much as dented. Nice to see west threats demoted to right humiliating embarrassments.
- 30K troops play war games with their USA bosses.

The new and improved look of west. Without its money printing monopoly, west simply cannot exist for it exports nothing but disease, war, torture, and genocide. Here somewhere in the prolapsing Aussia banding together are the sacked of the west. West baboons couldn't have been arsed about Bush II/Blair holy wars, torture, 911 & London77 evidence, and breathtaking child murders in 10 nations in the last decade on their behalf. Now they're conclaving under pitiful slogans cuz their wallet's empty. West baboons aren't angry or remorseful over the genocides they've caused. They're angry cuz they got caught. Could anyone pity -- even for a split second -- the west self-obsessed crowds of this ugly besotted simian that's plundered and raped the planet ever since the animal disgorged out of the Baltic moor offals?

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Identifies the kingpin in E Morales' failed hit and, of course, it's no other than a USA NGO rep.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Comrade Obama seizes the opportunity at G8 and begs Brazil to do "something" about Iran. Is he not aware of the trade talks twixt Brazil and Iran? Obama doesn't even seem to have a partial grasp of the basic gossip.

C H I N A China - Quarantines 65 USAns cuz of USA-flu.
- 3rd flotilla steaming off to the horn of Africa.
- Death toll in Uigher riots -- whose leader coincidentally resides in USA -- at 200.
- Buys 80B USD worth of gold.
- Lands a 30 yr deal with Turkmenistan for 40B m3 gas import/annum. The 7K km gasline to be online by the end of 2009. Notice here that unlike EUnuchs, China has started the gasline project correctly: with a supplier.
- At G8, launches dollar attack pushing for a revamp of world issuance, regulation, and above all new currency. USA responded by unabashed whinging that this will bankrupt USA ignoring the small fact that USA's already bankrupt. UK too was heard on the matter giving China a stern warning: "Don't dump the dollar of you'll screw us!" USA will now have to crank up their HAARP earthquake machines to try stop this one.

C O L O M B I A Colombia - Getting proxied up for a west SouthAm assault. USA military has, at last, left Ecuador -- thanks to Correas' boot up USA's crotch -- but they parked their war plane fleet in west-run Colombia. Sideline: This explains USA grab of Honduras; Uribe's getting decorated by Bush II for his servitude to the west cesspit; and the west ratcheting up the demonisation of Chavez, Correa, and Morales. In sum, west is moving troops to SouthAm and is developing the pretext of narc war against Bolivia and Venezuela. Indeed, west's last motto is "any war, anywhere, anyhow".

Condemning USA's mil build up, Morales: "Those who allow foreign troops on their soil are traitors." It can't get any clearer than that. (Chavez/Venezuela, Morales/Bolivia, Correa/Ecuador)

E U EU - Car output shrivels to 25%. Still, the vaccinated monkeys won't be needing cars where they're going.
- Continues Nabucco sign up orgies, of course, while still missing the supplier. In the most perverted logic that only a west-bred monkey could produce, EUnuchs are building a 8B EUR gasline that has no supplier and the torso pipedream project ends in Turkey. In an additional twist, they're saying that Russia too can bid on the job. Either the west prolapse has driven the west clowns completely insane or Nabucco is another west elite theft, like bailouts, and so on.

F R A N C E France - After boss-nabbing, the French worker sets another trend: blow-up-ultimatum, in which workers threaten to blow up factories unless their demands are heard, perchance met. The trend has spread to 3 firms and yielded 1 positive result. Sideline: To illustrate the unusual greed of the west elite beast, consider that Renault after getting 6B EUR in a free cash "bailout" won't pay 10M EUR in severances. That's some 2/10th %. This kind of greed is as off scale as the west's collective evil and its endless psychotic deceit.
- Governance celebrates Bastile Day by marching Germans -- again -- down Champs Elysees. People celebrate by burning 300+ cars.
- Pumps more non-existent cash into its military and promises 100% Afghanistan war commitment. Severance? Econ? Not important so long as French troops are equipped to kill children abroad.
- 3 day riots after a death in cops' custody, 7Jul.
- Told to sod off from Lebanon by Syria.
- Joins the Freeworld's flush-the-dollar chorus.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Russia's veto ends 16 yr occupation of Georgia by UN war observing ingrates.
- USA troops teaching Georgians proper anti-civilian military tactics. Another war on their minds perhaps?
- Fully rearmed by west since the 2008 attack on Russia. Now, this rearming must have then happened right under the UN's nose, didn't it? -- proving that what west calls "UN observers" are no more than little west war merchants.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Investors fleeing German prospects. While west econ charlatans predicted increase in investment, they got the exact opposite in Jul. Sideline: It's quite simple. Never again shall any part of west attract investment for its econ days are permanently numbered.
- Merkel very angry with Philippines for not paying German construction firm some pitiful 42M EUR. Note here that the German boss has been reduced to going around trying to collect the tiniest of debts, 10K X smaller than what west routinely prints every few months. This is a fair sample of the size of the west prolapse and its amusing desperation.
- Argues with USA and UK about fiscal printing policies. Nice to see west beast turn on itself.
- "Forcing" banks to merge with state and take more printed cash. The ein-volk-ein-bank-ein-fuhrer nationalisation policy in Germany is no more than west war junta consolidation of assets.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - No political change following the armed coup. West puppets remain at the helm.
- Forget all Honduras analysts and cretinous west mindrape twists, Hugo Chavez explains it all in one single sentence: "If USA was really against the coup, it would withdraw its troops from Palmerosa base." Sideline: Despite comrade Obama's anti-coup lip service, USA hasn't even frozen the rebels accounts or ceased granting them visas.

E Morales: "The threat (west coup d'etat in Honduras) doesn't scare us. We will only be stronger." Indeed, west psychotic subterfuge spree in China, Honduras, Russia, Iran, etc has only achieved one thing: cementing Freeworld's resolve to do away with this west parasitic lifeform.

I C E L A N D Iceland - Desperate governance pushing to join EU and go on EUR. How exactly is this gonna save the prolapsed island?

I R A N Iran - Turns out west had more up its dirty sleeve than provoking a revolt to mar the recent election. Ahmadinejad, like Morales and Chavez, too was apparently slated for assassination.
- New governance nuke chief tells west to shove its rabid rants already and close the ridiculous files on Iran's n-work. Sideline: All that needs be known here is that Brazil is allowed by west to enrich uranium and Iran isn't. Clearly, enriching uranium is NOT the issue west complains about. Yes, west is a double standard disease.
- Upping gas import from Turkmenistan to 14B m3.
- Brit embassy worker on trial for the election violence subterfuge. The rest of the arrested Brits out on bail.
- Condemns Germany for xenophobic racist state murder and maiming of M El-Sherbing and her husband. Pushes UN to condemn Germany. Protests at German embassy in Tehran, 11Jul. German ambassador summoned to Tehran.

Ahmadinejad: "...the judge, jury, and German government are all criminals and must be held responsible."

I S R A E L Israel - More mil ships cross Suez to Red Sea. This after Israel sent a sub through there. West isn't serious about Iran attack now that their revolts and assassination plans have failed, are they?
- Admits to torturing Palestinians but only twixt 1988-1992. Notice here the evil truth was concealed by the entire west diseased cesspit for over 16 yrs.

L I B Y A Libya - Wants UK to return Lockerbie "bomber". Of course, PanAm103 is no different than TWA800, 911, London77. All of it is self terror of the west insane creature. The funny thing here is that Brown, UK MP, said he's "powerless" in the matter. So let's get this straight, UK MP can attack nations at will, torture anyone in sight, run int'l torture flights with USA, dump toxic waste around the planet, steal chocolates and porn, and print hundreds of billions of pounds for its bankers, but he cannot talk to Scotland Yard. Now, imagine the patent stupidity of the west populace where this sort of perverted logic is not only commonplace but widely accepted as flawless.

P E R U Peru - Nat'l strike against the west puppet governance as revolt against the west parasite continues, 9Jul. 36K state thugs deployed.

Liberation of a nation from the talons of the west beast in progress, Lima, Peru.

R U S S I A Russia - Like NBN(5Jul09), Medvedev is too now asking where is the supplier for the EUnuch Nabucco pipeline. Sideline: EUnuchia has produced a 8B EUR gasline to bypass Russia but so far haven't managed to find a supplier. One couldn't invent the deep psychosis west has for reality.
- EUnuchs angry with Medvedev for going to S Ossetia. Like they forgot about the gas supplier, EUnuchs think it's their land as they're still under some delusion that their war dog, Georgia, hasn't been split three ways.

Now, this is particularly bad news for the west juntas of child murderers and their ugly freckly baboon enabling populaces. Medvedev holds a world reserve coin and it ain't the dollar. Maybe the mandatory mass extermination vaccination programme slated for autumn for the whole of west will be a very welcome alternative for most of the west baboons as their fiscal existence is oblivionised. West media whores instantly jumped into action by spreading voodoo lies that the flush of d0llar will hurt the Freeworld, not west. This is, of course, 100% rubbish. In fact, while the dollar death may arguably be a fiscal matter for the Freeworld, it's a matter of life and death now for the whole of west. Amazingly, the west baboon is still counting cash instead of cans of food.

- Tests 2 sub-launched Sineva ICBMs. Beside west keeping its big mouth shut while they threaten war on N Korea for the exact same behaviour highlighting the west's cowardice, the funny thing here is that USA didn't spot either of the two subs prior to the launch. Sideline: Sineva can carry 10 nukes and each sub carries 100 of them. That's 1000 nukes per a sub and west didn't even know the subs were there. This is the very reason for the west constant underhanded subterfuge, endless assault on children, and proxy warfare.

S W E D E N Sweden - Biggest bank posts 300M USD loss and 3,6K job zap. Indeed, no part of the west murder machine shall be spared.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Bank secrecy and thus Swiss econ killed at last with the revelation of 15B USD hiding in some 50K USA bank accounts.

U K UK - Exposed to be dumping toxic waste in Ghana and Brazilian ports. Yes, west is the disease and an unusually filthy one at that. London promises to remove the 1400 tonnes of toxic waste from Brazil. But this promise weighs as much as the promise to stop torturing, end wars, or to clean up Niger delta after the particularly vicious west eco-rape there. The only reason they promised this to Brazil -- and not Ghana -- is cuz they're begging Brazil right now to postpone the dollar flush.
- So screwed that UK troops are hiring Russian freelance pilots & choppers to fly their war cargo.
- Unemployment at a beautiful 12% (admitted) and projected to be at 16% in 6 months. It's unclear however where they get this optimism.
- Zapping 17K jobs in public sector.
- Deficit at 15% of GDP and debt at 100% GDP.
- Debt growing at a near 100M GBP each workday.
- So what's London do? Attacks Afghanistan with USA. And, also zaps 7K teachers, cuts education by 8%, social welfare by 5%, and child benefits by 20%. Doubts that west is no more than a genocidal war maniac can no longer be justified.
- Governance and "health" chief decide to vaccinate all. Has 90M doses ready and plans to vaccinate 20M in 2009 and the rest in 2010.
- Cyber-attack on 170K machines, which was quickly blamed by west whores on N Korea turns out originated in UK. Reminiscent of 911 and London77, this highlights the growing desperation of west for a rumble as it had an answer before investigation. West is a dangerous disease.
- Inquest into D Kelly's sudden "suicide" underway. It only took them 6 yrs to untangle this obvious one and watch the inquest lead to nowhere.
- Prices down 2/10th%. While this profit-elasticity signals depression coupled with unmoving stock of rubbish, watch west whores return to their "deflationary" deceit.
- Murdoch machine caught spying. Indeed, BBCNN is an active part of the west war junta, with hatred mongers, data manufacturers, spies, the lot. Imagine the screaming idiocy of west baboons that are still paying for this patent mindrape.

U N UN - Gives up tracking USA-flu. Is this even remotely likely? The grandest of all pandemics and cataclysm of all times and they give up tracking it? Of course, this is just more deceit. It resolves (a) the giant anomaly caused by USA pandemic #s that have been completely out of synch with UN's #s (see NBN(27Jun09 for the huge discrepancies twixt USA and UN reports), and (b) allows west nations to manufacture own numbers required to predicate the individual mass vaccination programmes.
- Although, UN no longer cares about the USA-flu numbers, it still demands everyone on the planet be vaccinated.
- UN scientists come forth stating that USA-flu (deliberately wrongly referred to as swine-flu by BBCNN media whores) is like HIV or ebola with transcombinant handprints that prove it too is a lab-made bio-WMD. The tracks point to the USA mil lab that recently claimed deadly pathogens going "missing" (see NBN(16Feb09)) and the very one that housed the particular strand of anthrax used in post-911 self-terror attacks.

U S A USA - Makes questioning FBI and looking at evidence over 911 illegal. That's right, the USA bizarre physics of self-melting buildings and spontaneously evaporating planes is now canonised and protected by laws.
- GM bankruptcy for which the execs got a 6B USD bonus, courtesy of USA baboons, and subsequent nationalisation of the asset sans the debt works like charm. 50K baboons are losing their pensions since pensions are no more than "toxicity" in west today.
- Banks boast record profits. How could this be? They're living off 800B USD in printed cash just the last 6 months. Profit off handouts defies the very definition. But for the west madhouse zoo, such rampant dementia is just the daily norm.
- 16 states eclipse 10% unemployment (admitted). Michigone leads the pack with over 15%. But remember, banks are rolling in profits.
- Texas out of 'unemployment' benefits cash and borrowing half a billion USD to feed the unemployed for the few weeks the benefits last in Texas these days.
- Like Kissinger's two tries, comrade Obama's begging trip to Moscow achieves nothing beside another few int'l embarrassments for the mighty west king. Russia retains 10-1 tactical nuke advantage. There's no change on Georgia and Ukraine NATO stance. Obama threatens with non-existent missiles in Poland -- again -- once again revealing their only purpose: terrorising Russia and is, once again, told to bugger off.

"Not shaken, just stirred" perhaps best sums up the healthy change in Freeworld's attitude towards west, the greatest transgressor in the universe.

Comrade Obama's waving his hand in hope to be noticed was not a single anomaly in Russia but rather what appears to be a USA-flu quarantine trend.

- VP tells USA baboons that unless governance is allowed to print another trillion or so for itself and friends of the cabal, USA goes "bankrupt". Could anyone have imagined that the rulers of USA would be threatening the baboons with national bankruptcy this soon after the nuking of the petrodollar?
- J Carter confirms that USA indeed is torturing children, as young as 8, and has some thousand of children locked in their concentration camps this very minute. Yes, west is THE disease. Yes, west populace has been living of the blood, torture, slave labour, and genocide of someone else's children. And they thought their oblivion would spark sympathy around the globe.
- Zaps analogue TV bandwidth in favour of RFID tracking.
- Adds 30K troops to active duty. Yes, Afghan and Iraq Stalingrads beside sinking trillions are fast swallowing the last of the west child murdering legions.
- Screams for urgent half a trillion in tax increase. That's half a trillion!
- Deficit on track to touch 3T by end of 2009. And comrade Obama swore up and down to meet the USA econ "challenges".
- Foreign debt (6 mo ago) eclipsed 3,5T. This translates to 3,5T in real-estate cessations, or the entire US of A, for that matter. The longer they hold off the inevitable, the cheaper the USA land and grander the cessations will be.
- Prolapsed Ohio tries filling empty coffers with deploying lots of slot machines. This just to highlight the laughable stupidity.
- Prolapsed California paid 3B USD worth of bills in Jul with paper slips that say "we ain't got cash". Bankers don't take kindly to this prank. This oughtta get amusing. Why aren't the baboons paying with papers that say "out of cash"?
- 33M on food stamps now.
- Fed governance puts states on "mandatory" vaccination preparedness. Yes, indeed, west is prolapsed and dead and it's only way out is perhaps a mass suicide now. See Jane Burgermeister and Ghislaine Lanctot for details on this latest west mass extermination ploy.
- While west econ freaks celebrate "recovery", a 53rd bank joins the USA wank cemetery.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela -

"USA, withdraw gringo troops!" -- Chavez. be cont'd as it all piles up.


James Wolfe said...

You're a one man Army poiuytr, sensational stuff!

poiuytr said...

indeed, as west realises their imminent end is neither some soap sitcom with idiotic laughtracks nor the ravings of some loon but hardcore reality, they tend to become rather edgy about their clumsy edges. what's galling them most is the booming laughter over their pathetic trashcan diving prolapse. the west folks, as truly bafflingly cretinous as they are, expected sympathy. lol

Anonymous said...

US is a laughable country...
by gmmonko

...the only people who can love the US are the people who print the money.

James Wolfe said...

The Anglo-American rape gang are literally drowning and suffocating in their own debts.

US 'exposure to crisis $23.7tn'

Ministers bury £32bn tax crisis as recess starts

Its disgusting reading the self-pitying and entitlement mentality on display in the comments section. Western hordes are truly a self-obsessed amoral psychopathic creatures.

poiuytr said...

i don't think... i mean, the west war junta, the money printers, they did more for the prolapse of the west world than anyone else. it's hard to imagine that Bush II or Blair or any of the west psychotic leadership is working for the west folks. they're systematically working on unraveling their own cesspit.

look at USA now, they're screaming they need another near 1T print of cash.

obama's 800B printed in Feb is OUT and nothing was fixed. not one single thing. instead USA healthcare has been nationalised and GM has been nationalised putting some 100K jobs on the trash pile.

and they want another trillion right now for the next 4-5 months. it's beyond insane.

the same goes for EUnuchs with their feverish 450B EUR print a few months ago and current scream up for another print.

west requires and urgently so a war, major war, against someone they can rape like Venezuela, Russia, China... of course, all this requires proxies for they can't go face to face with Russia or even Iran or even Lebanon, as we saw in 2006.

anyway, yeah, west is beyond prolapsed. but they sure are carrying on like they're the top monkey in the jungle still, which speaks volumes about the amazing brain drag of the west populace.

poiuytr said...

> Its disgusting reading the self-pitying and entitlement mentality on display in the comments section. Western hordes are truly a self-obsessed amoral psychopathic creatures.


look at that Taliban captured USA hired child murderer.

he has no qualms to beg on camera, after being captured, to be released cuz he loves his family. this after USA sends weekly drone attacks against families, against children. this after even fucking Jim Carter, USA fucking own prezzy, admits to USA torturing RIGHT NOW kids as young as 8 in their concentration camps.

and the little fucker who went over there to kill kids and their mums, is now crying like the most pathetic piece of excrement in the solar system and his countenance didn't even betray and signs of torture, that's customary for the west psychos to inflict on their POWs.

the sickness of the west is highlighhted in this charade of USA praying for the safe return of one of their murderers.

remember, a few weeks ago, USA exonerated a troop from war crimes after he murdered entire family with little kids.

west is the most disgusting cesspit of the unimaginable evil ever. it's quite beyond words. indeed, west is THE disease.

Anonymous said...

Federal debt increase by Obama
by makarov
Great graph to distribute worldwide!

Anonymous said...

Doom & gloom times a coming???
by bernie22
I'm 80 year of age, and after reading this, I don't
know if I want to live to 100 years, where in the world did we ever get leaders like the ones we have????

Anonymous said...

by pilot-x
Stasi Hunters meeting tonite.
Up for discussion;
1; Give minding your own business a try.
2; The mandatory Flu jab; Mark of the Beast?

Anonymous said...

by flashball2
vous m'avez dérobé mon porte monnaie au moment où je me suis levé pour laisser passer la blonde, en effet je viens de me rappeler d'avoir vu à ce moment à ma droite un mouvent brusque de quelque chose ressemblant à un bras, dans votre propre interet je vous suggère de faire en sorte que je puisse le récupérer l'après-midi avec TOUT LE CONTENU au service objets-trouvés de la Star, pas de la Mairie hein. Je vous laisse imaginer ce qui se passerait si il ne manquerait qu'un seul centime.

Anonymous said...

"Its disgusting reading the self-pitying and entitlement mentality on display in the comments section. Western hordes are truly a self-obsessed amoral psychopathic creatures."

This is the natural behavior of vampire nations that have literally lived off the blood, sweat, and tears of the world for over half a millinium since the dawn of the European Colonialism.

They are parasites with a sense of not only economic entitlement but also, more outrageously, an arrogant belief in their own moral superiority as Defenders of Democracy and Freedom.

poiuytr said...

bernie22: whence comes *this* leadership

they've always been there and always seeking the same thing: total and complete domination of the planet.

from 1945-2000, USA attacked 68 nations killing some 30-35M civilians. it's PURE AND CONSTANT genocide.

WWII, hitler, and all that was USA/UK again, hitler being no more than a little Husein, Pinochet, Saakashvili proxy war toby. that's 55M killed in 5 yrs. USA supplied everything incl oil to hitler through 1945 in hope he'll get them Russia, like Saakashvili last year, like Napoleon before them, like Gorbachev during the grabitisation.

WWI, is USA/UK/France is west assault and carving up of what became Middle East and should have been PanArabia had the treaties been kept by west. instead west, the second they reached Damascus bombed civilians and invaded everything around the Gulf.

but all this aside, the trouble with the west animal is that it has lived off the blood of children. and currently, west is murdering children, and deliberately so, in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia (S Ossetia/Abhkazia last yr), Serbia/Kosovo, Nigeria, Somalia, Ghana, in the whole of the mighty African continent actually. west is running concentration camps where they torture 8 yr old children.

the sickness of the west parasite is beyond words, mental grasp and it has always been the same.

there is no good USA. there is no good west. west, ever since its appearance has exported genocide, torture, theft, mindrape, lab disease, design poverty, mayhem, revolts, assassination, slavery.

it's only cuz the Freeworld has nuked the petrodollar to hell in 2006 and thus lacerated the dollar beyond recognition that some west folks are going "hang on a sec".

there's been no change in the west int'l policies. the only change has been the Freeworld's masterful counteroffensive via Iraq, dollar burial, China's dominance, energy diktat, liberation of SouthAm and the mighty continent of Africa.

it all spells "terminal prolapse" for this unusually braindead, innately evil, genocide spectator race.

you're probably thinking i'm a raving loon cursing the west baboons needlessly. well, let's take it in stages. these aren't curses. these are descriptions, and meek at that.

1) unusually braindead: majority of west believes in self-meltinng buildings and spontenously evaporating airliners. no words can describe this mass dementia that afflicts the west cesspit.

2) innately evil: west troops, typically young white christianic males, commit war crimes for fun. they bet if they can shoot kids at 200m with sniper rifles. the USA invader won the bet and shot a 6th yr old girl in the head. a gang of USA "warriors" attacked a family, murdered parents and kids, and proceeded to gang rape, like the orangutan species that they are, the teenage girl. after that they poured gasoline on her and burned to death. and on and on... over 2,5M deaths of civilians NOW and some 5M permanently maimed. and west courts set these animals FREE.

3) genocide spectators: they all know that WMD were lies, that Bush II/Blair "sexed" up war reasons, that Kelly was murdered. they all know BUshII/Blair torture as policy. they all know nations have been buried in DU, phosphorous, and cities have been razed just for fun. they all know west tortures children in front of their parents to extract info. this is BEYOND human shield. they all know west is a criminal. but none do more than watch BBCNN and applaud the genocide.

in short, west is THE disease, there are no other challenges facing this globe.

and at last, west continues its prolapse as planned and there is nothing it can do to avert, halt, or even postpone it now.

do not be desperate, bernie! on the contrary! let jubilation reign for the end of this serial killer is nigh. spread the good word!

Anonymous said...

by pilot-x

Enough is enough. Flamethrower a cop for the Vimy veterans.
h ttp://

Anonymous said...

The handshake thing was an act of revenge for an incident that occurred quite recently. (in Moscow or London)

He forgot what he had done to the Russian President but I and certain others had noticed a certain incident in Moscow..or was it London.

In any case, he is surprised and at a loss at this horrible treatment.

As for the Saudi treatment, that I hesitate to explain since it will not benefit anyone.


Anonymous said...

Noticed on TV, that is. (Sorry for errors above.)


Anonymous said...

Russia and Iran Join Hands By Kaveh L Afrasiabi
July 28, 2009 "Asia Times" — The United States may think of Russia as a strategic partner when it comes to Iran. In reality, the geostrategic tensions between Washington and Moscow are still powerful enough to warrant a common approach by Russia and its eastern neighbor Iran with respect to a deterrent strategy towards the intrusive Western superpower.
This week, a small but significant clue is on full display with joint Russia-Iran military exercises in the Caspian Sea involving some 30 vessels. This is partially disguised by a benign environmental cause.
The maneuver, dubbed "Regional Collaboration for a Secure and Clean Caspian", combines security and maritime objectives in the Caspian Sea, the world's largest lake and also a main energy hub that is now the scene of competing alternatives for energy transfer. It signals a new trend in Iran-Russia military cooperation that will most likely increase in the near and intermediate future in light of Iran's observer status at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The continuing standoff over Iran's nuclear program should affect this warming of relations.
Iran's willingness to join this exercise represents a complete about-face from seven years ago. In May 2002, Tehran reacted sharply to a Russian military exercise in the Caspian -held in the aftermath of a failed summit on the issue - by refusing to even send a military observer to the maneuver. Today the tune has changed completely.

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