Balance Sheet

by King (30.6.09)

The first half of the year 2009 is over at midnight. Time to draw up a balance sheet for these crazy six months.

It began with the USans giving themselves a new clone President in darker tones and celebrating their firm grip over “democracy”. Actually, they’d have done better to fill their streets in honest protest, but USans are slower than most to catch on. Besides the CIA-Mossy boys were busy elsewhere.

The wars against the Muslims dragged on, with a new twist: Pakistan under its latest president Zardari started hitting out against its own people right, left and centre. The army obeyed practically every dictate coming out from the puppet governing circles and the Valley of Swat found itself haemorrhaged of its population. How after sixty years of being a west stooge, eyes haven’t opened, is one of the mysteries of history. Iraq ended the period with the proclamation of a “National Sovereignty Day” which should mean something apparently. US forces are out of Iraqi towns, if the propaganda is to be believed. But each one is free to interpret this state of affairs as they like. Grim-faced Afghanistan carried on its deadly work.

For west economy, the chips were down, except in the case of the magnificently manipulated stockmarket, which has even climbed back to past levels, convincing westerners that all is well in the world of luxury they inhabit. Coupled with the Madox 150-year sentence for fraud, the vast majority are now looking forward to better times.

And what of the Freeworld, anything worth reporting there? On the whole, no, on the basis of the meagre information we have. BRIC and SCO meetings ended without anything of great interest transpiring. China and Russia have both adopted the snail policy: move at a crawl and never give the impression you may have something more impressive than platitudes up your sleeve. And Russia is even in the process of patching up relations with NATO.

But proxy North Korea did make a move of sorts by testing its bomb and missiles, much to the dismay of the decrepit west and its myriad client states.

Electoral shenanigans deeply marked the present period. The first of the Twitter Revs broke out in Moldova. The furore died down pretty fast, although the Moldovan Parliament still hasn’t managed to elect a president to lead the country. But at least it’s dropped out of the controlled news. In June, then, CIA and Mossy messed up the elections in Iran with the help of $400 million earmarked by the US govt for this purpose. That story, though settled now, will be dragged out for a while longer by the powers that be. As though disgusted with failure, those same powers have now turned their attention to Honduras where President Manuel Zelaya finds himself destituted and exiled in a thrillingly familiar west coup.

Two planes went down, both Airbuses. One wonders why. Michael Jackson died. Again one wonders whether assassination-prone west had a hand in it. And on the back burner still, the ultimate WMD: population cull through the Swine Pest scare and disease-spreading inoculations. A new twist to this is taking China as an example and slapping a birth tax-fine on people who dare to reproduce. A global green tax (to fund world government?) is also in the offing.

And how will the second-half of the year go? All the signs seem to point to fresh turmoil, if not exactly warfare, in SouthAm and the Koreas. The Muslims will get their breathing space, the Eunuchs their Lisbon. Africa will not figure much in our daily news. Everything happening on that continent does so behind a veil of secrecy.

We expect further electoral trouble in places with approaching elections. Germany comes to mind. UK might follow, as techniques are honed and freedom and democracy, if ever they existed beyond the level of simple illusion, get the boot.

Mayhem among the USans within the next three months has been predicted as California and fellow-states go bankrupt one after the other. And the economy in general will continue to shrivel until even our professional liar optimists are forced to recognise that the days of top-power west have indeed come to be numbered.


Anonymous said...

Really smart website. Stay sharp.

Anonymous said...

I second that. Suddenly, we range from HAARP to genocide by vaccine to a balance sheet which touches upon some of the things which afflicted the first six months of the year. And the funny thing is all the different postings are perfectly complementary. Well done.

Anonymous said...

King, I liked the bit about electoral shenanegans. It's the latest thing to poison the world, as dangerous, in its own way, as the HAARP or the deadly vaccine described by poiuytr. God save us from democracy.

Anonymous said...

Mayhem amongst USans, indeed. According to the Panarin counter, exactly 90 days to go.

Anonymous said...

A feeling of impending horror at the thought of what the next six crazy months might hold in store for us. Then one tells oneself good sense is bound to prevail. Besides, man proposes and God disposes.

Anonymous said...

Miniature filigree work wholly to my taste balancing the Homeric in poiuytr, the cascade of shattering facts in the three videos.

Anonymous said...

"Mayhem among the USAns"
Has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

King, for one plane at least we now know that it had been banned from French air space but the Comoros had not been informed of the ban. They are now feeling hugely bitter over this secrecy.
As for USans, I'll tell you one thing. Before they move, the planet will have come to a stop. Personally, I'm betting on the NKoreans and, of course, the indefatigable Muslims after they get their promised breathing space.

Anonymous said...

You're not bad yourself, King: "And on the back burner still the ultimate WMD: population cull through the Swine Pest scare and disease-spreading innoculations." Now take a look at this from The Guardian's afternoon edition:
Swine flu infection could hit 100,000 a day by August
Health secretary tells Commons containment strategy now gives way to 'treatment phase'.
Combination of logic and intuition?

Anonymous said...

US jobless rate soars to 26-year high
467,000 Americans lost jobs in June, far worse than analysts expected, as recession grips US economy

Anonymous said...

Eurozone unemployment hits 10-year high
Thu, 02 Jul 2009 - Press TV
The eurozone unemployment rate climbed to a 10-year high of 9.5 percent in May, official European Union data shows.
Some 273,000 people lost their jobs across the eurozone in May, bringing the number of out of work individuals to 15.013 million -- a rate not recorded since May 1999.
Eurostat also estimated that in total 21.5 million people were jobless across EU states in May, among which more than 15 million were in the eurozone.
Separately, Eurostat announced in its report that prices at eurozone factory gates recorded their biggest annual fall in May.
The Netherlands had the lowest rate of 3.2% during May while Spain recorded the highest jobless rate at 18.7%.

Anonymous said...

Calif crisis deepens. $24.3bn budget shortfall staring it in the face. IOU-style notes may be issued out as of today to health programmes and recipients of state aid.

Anonymous said...

AIG: Ready To Blow Up Again - By Financial Ninja (2/7/09)
“Given the size of the credit exposure, a decline in the fair value of this portfolio could have a material adverse effect on AIG’s consolidated results,” -AIG.
“They’re guaranteeing close to $200 billion in assets in probably the riskiest environment in our lifetimes. It’s a huge number -- if there was any surprise, it’s that this hasn’t been flagged before.” -David Havens, Hexagon Securities LLC.
AIG is about to get into trouble... again. Hehe. If it weren't so damn sad and expensive it could be comical. You children's children will curse your names because they'll still be slaves to your debts. You've sold their futures so you wouldn't have to get up off the couch and make the hard choices... like letting AIG actually FAIL so the next generation doesn't.
"American International Group Inc., the insurer bailed out by the U.S., said that valuation declines on credit-default swaps sold to European banks could have a “material adverse effect” on the company’s results.
The risk of losses on the derivatives may last “longer than anticipated,” the New York-based insurer said late yesterday in a regulatory filing updating the “risk factors” in its 2008 annual report. The firm had $192.6 billion in swaps allowing lenders to reduce the funds they had to hold in reserve as of March 31, AIG said.
“They’re guaranteeing close to $200 billion in assets in probably the riskiest environment in our lifetimes,” said David Havens, managing director at investment bank Hexagon Securities LLC. “It’s a huge number -- if there was any surprise, it’s that this hasn’t been flagged before.”
Gerry Pasciucco, hired from Morgan Stanley in November to clean up AIG’s Financial Products operation, is under pressure to unwind contracts at the unit, which brought the insurer to the brink of bankruptcy with separate bets tied to subprime home loans. Collateral payments tied to mortgage-linked swaps drained AIG’s cash last year, forcing the firm to seek a U.S. rescue.
“Given the size of the credit exposure, a decline in the fair value of this portfolio could have a material adverse effect on AIG’s consolidated results,” the company said yesterday about the European contracts.
The insurer slipped 22 cents, or 17 percent, to $1.11 at 9:41 a.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. AIG has plunged 96 percent in the past 12 months.

Anonymous said...

UK says it will have enough vaccinations for the whole population, some 80 million does, I believe, before the end of the year. And what if the west defaults on its debts before the end of summer? What then?

Anonymous said...

Stock markets slide in US and Europe
Shares are savaged and optimism over a revival fades following increases in unemployment on both sides of the Atlantic (The Times - 3.7.09)

Anonymous said...

The ha-ha west and allies in full spate:
- Britain set to seize Turks and Caicos Islands
- Sweden, one country with enough vaccine for its entire population, set to seize EU presidency
- India legalises homosexuality
- Obama chides Putin for living in the past
- China using its desert to further wind and solar power
- UK desperately tries to convince everyone its property market has stabilised.

Anonymous said...

U.S. stimulus a small patch for big economic hole - Jul 1, 2009 By Emily Kaiser - Analysis
WASHINGTON - The $787 billion U.S. economic stimulus package may not be able to live up to lofty expectations, painting President Barack Obama into a policy corner once the money runs out.
With only a little under 7 percent of the stimulus actually paid out so far, it is a bit early to try to measure success. However, the White House is already fielding questions about whether another spending package will be needed.
One of Obama's top advisers said on Sunday that the current stimulus plan is "adequate to the task.
The problem is that while a sum of $787 billion may be vast, it pales in comparison to the more than $12 trillion in household wealth that has been wiped out since the recession began at the end of 2007.
That is why consumers saved a substantial portion of the government money they received. Now that the flow of government money to households is slowing, the concern is there won't be sufficient spending to power a consumption-driven economy. Etc.

Anonymous said...

05:57 - God knows why but a G8 is going to be held in Italy. And Russia is going to receive the visit of the US Prez. They're still the archenemy, but Russia is going to make as if a better friend they never had. There are days when it seems poor Russia is no more than a client state of the west. As though the Saxon, if given a free hand, would ever let the Slavic survive. What a shame!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Scandinavian Efficiency
Norway Has 23 Case of H1N1, Decides to Vaccinate Entire Population
Infowars | Norway spends millions to vaccinate its population against a non-existent flu threat.
Sweden will be next, followed by Denmark, Finland and Iceland. If the money is gone, at least the vaccine has been found.

Anonymous said...

1. Ronald Reagan installed an air base based in Honduras (Soto Cano Base) in the 80s without any legal frame. HONDURAS CONSTITUTION DOES NOT ALLOW ANY FOREIGN BASE IN THEIR TERRITORY. This is why Zelaya when he wanted to make just a consultation about the constitution was ousted.
2. Zelaya (a businessman from the Liberal Party) WANTS TO DEVELOP HIS COUNTRY and wanted to change the military air base into an international airport for civil flights FINANCED BY THE 'ALBA' COUNTRIES i.e. Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador , Nicaragua, Bolivia ,,,,. USA got upset and began planning the coup.
3. During Reagan government, Oliver North was in Honduras and Negroponte was the ambassador. Oliver North was in charge of selling the drugs to finance the war against Nicaragua Sandinista Government (The Contras) and selling arms to Iran (Iran-Contra scandal). Negroponte created the "death squad" that killed hundreds of people in the region. He later was in Iraq doing the same thing.
4. When the Iran-Contra drug scandal broke out, the CIA Director William J. Casey died unexpectedly in 1987, Oliver North was discharged, Reagan saved his ass and the base continue operation with about 600 airman MOSTLY INVOLVED IN THE DRUG TRAFFICKING and training dead squads.
5. Obama and Clinton CANNOT DECLARE THAT HONDURAS HAS A COUP because the USA constitution will force Obama to break diplomatic relations with Honduras. This action will dismantle the USAF drug base in Honduras and the training of ‘dead squad’. This explains why the fascist Mitcheletti can care less about UN, OEA, EU and many other declarations.
6. HOWEVER THIS TIME USA CANNOT GO ALONE; and Machelli “Il Breve” will not be able to survive. On the hand, this event is UNMASKING ONCE AGAIN OBAMA DOUBLE TALK!

Anonymous said...

Russia to allow US weapon shipments to Afghanistan - Jul 3, 09
MOSCOW (AP) — A Kremlin aide says Russia will allow the U.S. to ship weapons across its territory to Afghanistan.
President Dmitry Medvedev's foreign policy adviser Sergei Prikhodko said Medvedev and President Barack Obama are expected to sign a deal on the issue during their summit next week in Moscow.
Russia has been allowing the U.S. to ship non-lethal goods across its territory to help operations in Afghanistan. Prikhodko said the expected deal would enable the U.S. to ship lethal cargoes and would include shipments by air and land.

It is a significant goodwill gesture from the Kremlin before the summit, which both nations hope will put long-troubled ties back on track.

Anonymous said...

This is not good. The world is upside-down. Evil is rewarded, good is punished, liars are glorified. If Afghans are reduced to fighting the invaders with sticks and stones, they would still never surrender.

Anonymous said...

Good cop (Medvedev), Bad Cop (Putin) and Cop Commisioner Obama. Sometimes the Russians sound so stupid, one wonders how they´ve survived thus far. Or then it´s all spin. Whatever, it´s hateful news.

Anonymous said...

US and Russia square up over missile shield
By Stefan Wagstyl in Moscow and Edward Luce in Washington - July 2 2009
The US and Russia are digging in for a fight over American plans for missile defence bases in eastern Europe in spite of efforts by both sides to create a positive atmosphere before next week’s summit between Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev.
A senior Russian official told the Financial Times on Thursday it was not enough for the US to say it was reviewing the missile defence project as the US president had already done. Washington had to go further and “show that it really can work together with Russia in the new geopolitical situation and the new threats we face”.

Anonymous said...

Make No Mistake - America Has Been SOLD By The NWO By Nancy Levant - 7-3-9
In 1992, George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order 12803, which gave D.C. the authority to sell America's infrastructure. They called this authority "Infrastructure Privatization." E.O. 12803 tells us this power cleared the way for the "disposition or transfer of an infrastructure "asset" such as by sale or by long-term lease from a State or local government to a private party."
E.O. 12803 also lists examples of America's saleable and/or lease-able infrastructure:
· Roads
· Tunnels
· Bridges
· Electricity supply facilities
· Mass transit
· Rail transportation
· Airports
· Ports
· Waterways
· Recycling/wastewater treatment facilities
· Solid waste disposal facilities
· Hospitals
· Prisons
· Schools
· Housing
E.O. 12803 tells us that this list represents infrastructure "examples." Let us, therefore, assume that this is not the complete list of America's saleable infrastructure. However, this list is a stunning confession.
Prepare yourselves because Obama spoke the truth. It is all about "infrastructure." The promised change has arrived. The question is this: who owns America? Who have the American people been committed to serving and beneath what form of government? We can pretty much assume that Asia owns a very large chunk of America, as does Great Britain, India, Middle Eastern countries, and perhaps Mexico and Canada, as well. We can also assume that Martial Law armies will be guarding all the sold "assets" during what could be an extraordinary and massively tyrannical transfer of power. The love of money is the root of all evil. No truer words were ever spoken

poiuytr said...

23:27 -- west on garage sale

indeed, that's been the case for years now. the consolidation of west war junta assets, theirs and those rinsed from the west baboon animals, is part of that. getting cash from fools that they're moving to the Freeworld, wherever the west vermin can find a foothold: Colombia, Djibouti, Kuwait, Paraguay, Peru (maybe finally changing there). Perhaps this is why they're battling over Honduras at the moment.

west property has been being ceded to China and Russia, the greatest west creditors and today's benefactors. "shrink to survive" is just a clearing of baboon off someone else's property, nothing else. the west mandatory vaccination is just part of the baboon clear out.

amazing, the baboon animal is still perplexed about where it's going even though it sat there and watched LIVE how their masters burnt their kind in 911 and London77 and Madrid train bombing.


6:56 -- vaccination
yes, it appears JM, that austrian lady, was right about her evidence and the radical west-wide move to complete mandatory populace poisoning by a shot. at least, it's somewhat humane. but again, the fun bit here is how the west monkeys are going, no no, this isn't happening. no no, Boeings do really vanish sometimes. it's insane. but who's gonna cry about west populace?

poiuytr said...

16:54, 16:43 -- Russia "working" with USA

never once, this entire WWIII, -- not one single time -- has Russia done anything to either "further west ties" or "put past behind them".

Russia was attacked last year by west and 2000 Russians were murdered by the west desperate, let's be to the point here, cunts. Fact!

murder has no statutory period. there is no past. there's only present and the very danger of the west evil diabolical disease that's hard at work trying to destabilise anything they can to provoke any war whatever.

if one studies Russian tactic against the west perpetually invading hoards of dirty barbarian whores, one will see that stepping aside and/or backwards is a traditional battle manoeuvre as is decoy. all part of the Russian int'l chess toolbox.

as far as news, Russia NEVER EVER says what it's gonna do and rarely says what it's done. all Russian battles with west can only be seen in due time.

see it in the west bank prolapse. see it in the west print trillions to stay afloat. see it in the west ceding land. see it in the west go hungry and live in tents and work for free like BritAir. see it in the defeats in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan. see it in the begging vids and letters from comrade Obama. see it in the wallstreet bloodbath orgy. see it in the Nabucco death. see it in the death of the dollar! all courtesy of Russia's masterful counteroffensive.

don't look for it in the news!

7:49 -- Honduras

very good summary. what's your opinion on why Honduras? what's the next step there? provided they get to keep the junta bozo.

6:16 -- Stimulus
no such thing in the west. the dollar's death. west lives only off trillions of printed cash. it's extremely beyond hyperinflated. nothing in this solar system can save or postpone the west's terminal fiscal prolapse. nothing. all west numbers are lies and nonsense. the zeros are immaterial. it's down to who gets to breath air and drink water these days and who gets to own the west land. the money game of the west is long gone.

Anonymous said...

Hungarian lawmakers reject Holocaust denial law - July 1, 2009
BUDAPEST (JTA) — Hungary’s lawmakers rejected constitutional amendments to make Holocaust denial a punishable offense.
Some local Jewish community leaders believe that Monday's vote secured the first parliamentary victory for Jobbik, a rapidly rising local neo-Nazi movement widely predicted to win several seats in the national elections due within a year.
The proposals, put forth by the ruling Socialist caretaker government, attracted fewer than half the votes needed to adopt a constitutional amendment.
The frequently populist, ultra-Conservative Fidesz opposition party rejected the proposals along with the neo-Liberal Free Democrats, the erstwhile coalition partners of the Socialists.
The Association of Hungarian Jewish Religious Communities, or Mazsihisz — the country's largest Jewish organization — has not issued an official comment. However, a commentary published on the Mazsihisz Web site by Tamas Palmai, an intellectual writing in his personal capacity, says many believe that Fidesz turned down the reforms for fear of provoking the wrath of Jobbik.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Hungary! ] You are first Europeans top stand up to the ZioNazi monster. This is what I say to the Jews: "Lofas a shegedbe"

Anonymous said...

Look, poiuytr, agreed about Russia in general. But do think back to the recent past. In my eyes, one of the biggest traitors in world history has been our good old Gorbachev. Real estate selling? What did he do to strip Mother Russia of her wealth at a time she was weak and starving? As for the Russian elite, their heart-seaching down the centuries: Belong we to the west, belong we to the east, O, God, where do we belong? has often messed up Russia´s genuine universalist aspirations. One reads that the elite today are quite disgusted with the west and its doings. And one can hope for good to come out of it. All this to say, Russia has a zigzag line too at times. But more commonsense than anything the west has ever shown.

poiuytr said...

9:09 -- Gorbachev
yes, Russia isn't safe from traitors. whatever the int'l treason rate is, Russia runs it too.

Gorbachev is synonymous with GRABITISATION of Russia by west vampires.

as you know, Gorbachev nearly lost his skull for this treason when he was captured in Krym. but far savvier was whatever they did, letting him live, letting him remain the west "liaison", and without waking the west beast went about the liberating of Russia from the soros' boys.

Russia's zigzag is deliberate. it's part of the WWIII counteroffensive.

look at west, they're perpetually whiplashed. look at UK press. they're spewing 24/7 Russia hatred, i mean, words that they have reserved ONLY for Russia.

Obama is determined to.... while Putin is obsessed with.... Obama is dedicated to.... while Putin is a slave to....or addicted to... Obama increases security.... while Putin usurps democracy and so on.

west press is a diabolical fork-tongued diseased war junta cabal mindrapist whore.

Russia's zigzag stemming from west media is 100% rubbish: half is spin and the other half misunderstood.

Russia's zigzag in diplomacy is BEAUTIFUL, a wonderful whiplashing WMD that leaves west grappling for the next thesaurus without being able to track the battlefields.

Russia's diplomacy results, however, show no zigzag whatsoever.

each time there is a news about Russia "caving to", "asking Shell for help in Siberia", "ready for real democracy with west", etc, people go screaming "OH NO, RUSSIA TOO".

but NEVER ONCE have Russia's diplo results substantiated this. never have Russia's actions deviated from its steadfast, orchestrated, and so beautifully carried out counteroffensive.

words about/from Russia? well, their worth is only in the degree with which they can flummox the enemy.

when west pumps out news of Russia acquiescing to Obama's demands, or granting USA Afghan corridor, or promising EUnuchs gas independence etc, it's pointless to read it. all it means there's a battle brewing someplace that west doesn't even know about.

while the west is busy with Sakhalin being able to invest there, you can BET that west is about to be dealt another blow somehow, someplace.

while Shell is allowed to invest in Russia, Shell is losing everything in Nigeria. that's the game which has been played since day #1 of Russia's liberation under Putin.

Russia never broadcasts her intentions. that's how they repelled Japan advantage, west hitler advantage, and NWO west advantage, which died in 2006. much like Stalingrad leveled hitler's advantage, 2006 leveled west's bringing it to its knees visibly in 1,5 yrs. even baboons realise something's amiss today. all courtesy of Russia.

let's remember this talk and see in 2-3 weeks which bit of the west dying monster will have been carved off this time while Obama returns from Moscow waving some signed rubbish like Deladier and Chamberlain.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, poiuytr, did one good to hear you in such top form, clear and concise. And the way you explain it, one can´t but say: yeah, here´s someone who´s got the measure of Russian tactics. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Why the Economy Has Yet to Hit Bottom
Running on Empty
By MIKE WHITNEY - 4.7.09
There's a big difference between an inventory-driven recession and a credit-driven recession. An inventory recession is caused by a mismatch between supply and demand. It's the result of overcapacity and under-utilization which can only work itself out over time as inventories are pared back and demand builds. Credit-driven recessions are a different story altogether. They typically last twice as long as and can precipitate financial crises.
The current recession is a severe credit bust of Depression-era magnitude. The financial system has effectively melted down. The wholesale credit system (securitization) is frozen, the banking system is dysfunctional and insolvent, and consumer spending has tanked. The Fed's multi-trillion dollar lending facilities and monetary stimulus have kept the financial system from grinding to a halt, but the problems have not been resolved. Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has chosen to avoid the hard decisions and keep the price of toxic assets artificially high with the help of $12.8 trillion liquidity backstop. That's why stocks have rallied for the last 4 months while conditions in the real economy have continued to deteriorate. Bernanke is using all the tools at the Fed's disposal to keep the market from clearing and to prevent the mountain of debt that has built up from decades of credit expansion to be purged from the system.
The surging stock market has made it harder to see that the economy is resetting at a lower rate of economic activity. Deflation is setting in across all sectors. Housing prices are leading the retreat, falling 18.1 percent year-over-year according to the new Case-Schiller report. Vanishing home equity is forcing households to slash spending which is weakening demand and triggering more layoffs. It's a vicious circle which ends in slower growth.
Also, the banking system is still broken. The $700 billion TARP program was not used to purchase toxic assets, but to buy equity stakes in the banks and bailout insurance giant AIG. Bernanke knows that a hobbled banking system will be a constant drain on public resources, but he refuses to nationalize the banks or restructure their debt. Instead, he's expanded the Fed's balance sheet by $1.2 trillion and ignited a rally in the stock market. Bernanke's bear market rally has lifted the financials from the doldrums and generated the capital the banks need to survive the downgrading of their bad assets. (unintentionally) clarified this point in an editorial in the Financial Times :
"The rise in global stock prices from early March to mid-June is arguably the primary cause of the surprising positive turn in the economic environment. The $12,000bn of newly created corporate equity value has added significantly to the capital buffer that supports the debt issued by financial and non-financial companies.... Previously capital-strapped companies have been able to raise considerable debt and equity in recent months. Market fears of bank insolvency, particularly, have been assuaged.
“Global stock markets have rallied so far and so fast this year that it is difficult to imagine they can proceed further at anywhere near their recent pace. But what if, after a correction, they proceeded inexorably higher? That would bolster global balance sheets with large amounts of new equity value and supply banks with the new capital that would allow them to step up lending.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this idea that Russia is actually maneuvering the West with its many concessions from Afghanistan to Shell.

I think the Russian elite, by and large, are still in thrall to the West.

Gorbachev was a bit more shameless and naked. But are Medvedev and Putin really that much different.

Anonymous said...

Good question, A 14:47. I too am pretty wary about Russia´s actions and intentions.
Finally, I believe it will join the Freeworld. But it´s all touch and go.

Anonymous said...

In spite of blogmaster´s passionate denials, Russia as a go-between has not always proved trustworthy. Think of the Security Council resolutions against Iran, for instance. No Russian vetoes China ditto. What it got for its pains was Georgia. But you think they´d learn from past mistakes?

Anonymous said...

They should have cut off Green clown Gorbachov´s head then. Had the Soviet Union remained intact, many of the events which darkened our world over the past twenty years or so might not have taken place.

Anonymous said...

to say that I am disappointed by this
action of the Russians would be an understatement. One can only hope that the Russians are assisting in the ensnaring of the americans in Afghanistan; although it would be difficult to conclude from this stance.
The Afghanis and Taleban need all the help they can get given the fact that when Afghanistan was invaded by Russia, the americans were arming and helping them. Now the tables have turned, no one is helping the Afghanis.
Every victory in battle achieved from here onwards will be an achievement indeed. However, when God is for you, who can be against you. And I am hoping as many others are that good will eventually prevail since no country has ever yet subjugated the entire world and I expect that the US and israel notwithstanding, will have their crazy dreams of dominating the entire planet totally shattered.

Anonymous said...

The Pakistan route has become too hot for the US, this is what compels them to come to the Russians for help.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, 04 July 2009
Today We’re All Prisoners in the USA
'As of today, June 1, 2009, even U.S. citizens are officially prisoners in the USA, or exiles barred from entering our own country without the government’s permission.
We are now forbidden by Federal regulations from leaving or entering the USA, anywhere, by any means — by air, by sea, or by land, to or from any other country or international waters or airspace — unless the government chooses to issue us a passport, passport card, or “enhanced” drivers license (any of which “travel documents” are now issued only with secretly and remotely-readable uniquely-numbered radio tracking beacons in the form of RFID transponder chips), or unless the Department of Homeland Security chooses to to exercise its standardless “discretion” to decide — in secret, with no way for us to know who is making the decision or on what basis — to issue a (one-time case-by-case) “waiver” of the new travel document requirements.'
(David Icke Blog)

Anonymous said...

Russian elites must understand what is happening. They aren't dumb, but they may be pro-Western whores.

American and NATO are clearly engaged in their Nazi-style "Drang Nach Ost" since the end of the Cold War.

The Western dismemberment of Yugoslavia, the colored revolutions throughout the Post-Soviet space, and of course the America "War of Terror."

The America/Western agenda is the conquest of Eurasia landmass itself. This is tacitly admitted in Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard.

It's time to stop appeasing the West. It will get you nowhere. The Western cocksuckers are ruthless as they are genocidal as they are devious.

Treat them as such ... and destroy them as such.


Anonymous said...

The good thing in the whole story is the west has run out of money. Even the greatest of west-appeaasers will slowly awaken to the fact that culture, civilisation, prosperity - key words when talking about the wretched west - have all vanished. Then, perhaps, sheer self-preservation will assert itself again.

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you know!
Vatican hit by economic downturn: official figures (5.7.09)
Pope Benedict XVI has not escaped the economic downturn, with donations hit by the global financial storm, official figures showed Saturday. The Vatican City ended 2008 with a deficit of 15 million euros (21 million dollars) and had been affected "like other states, by the economic and financial crisis", a statement said.

Anonymous said...

The Vatican empire deserves to lose all of its ill-gotten wealth, in part of based upon WWII Nazi loot.

Hopefully, the Pope will be living in a trailer park soon.

Anonymous said...

Along with Obi, Merkel, Brown and company. A tent city for the rich? A consummation devoutly to be wished.

Anonymous said...

A Sunday of peace and quiet. Or so it would be were it not for the shameless wars, the prolapse, the spreading of a red carpet from Moscow to the Caucausus by the Russians for that fraudster Obama, and, and, and. Still, one can hope we´ll get that trailer park and tent city for the wealthy soon.

poiuytr said...

14:47, 16:23, 16:43, 21:06, 22:06 -- McCarthy victims

Oh, ye of no faith, answer a few questions for me then.

Who booted all west claws: Soros to NGO from Russia?

Whose weapons have disappeared west legions of child murderers in nation that originally took hours to invade?

Whose weapons and intelligence was it that repelled the beastly Israel/USA attack of Lebanon?

Who shattered in a int'l orchestrated strike the dollar slicing the west jugular?

Whose submarines is Iran running about in?

Who made Iran the untouchable fort and today superpower reducing west to threats, diatribes, and eventually begging?

Who owns USA steal today?

Who ran USA bitches from Central Asia?

Who created Stalingrads out of Afghanistan and Iraq?

Who's just now gone, oh, here, right this way, Mr Obama, and opened a fun road for USA hoards?

Who's liberated half Africa from west rape?

Has EUnuch dependence on Russian energy decreased, as west has wanted for decades, or increased?

On the other hand, Russia is not here to solve west populace problems so it's understandable that a common westerner will still happily submit to the McCarthy brainwash since there is no advantage whatsoever in Russia's battle victories over the psychotic western cesspit. Westener's statements on Russia are silly for they're deeply tainted by the unstable mixture of the endless west anti-Russian lunacy propaganda and personal anger over the realisation that indeed the west world is sinking into the mire of unrepairable muck and someone to blame is needed quick.

If one judged from results and actions (hence the few milestone questions above), instead of primarily west headlines, there would be no call for such flagrant doubt of reality.

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