Nation By Nation (10July09)

6-10Jul09 -- The crumbling of the west vampire leaves little room for doubt of the impending and unavoidable west-wide prolapse but all that much more reason for jubilation as this greatest serial planetary parasite is enjoying the right flush down the bog, where this genocidal child murdering beast arguably belongs. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - West strikes Helmand Valley with 4000 warriors, 7Jul. West invaders assume full control over occupied populace terrorising it with random searches, human shield tactics, curfews, arbitrary detentions, and mass murders.
- 18 west invaders killed in the first week of the attack. Civilian death toll, however, soars. 7Jul, 25 civilians incl 16 children were killed in a single attack. 10Jul, 13 children killed, 2 USA invaders.

Children are west's favourite prey. Ever since the very disgorging of this uniquely serial killer, DNA-twisted, child-murdering lizard from the stench of the Baltic offal, the planet's suffered no disease but west.

C A N A D A Canada - Following Austrian J Burgermeister's defence against west vaccine genocide, G Lanctot, author of Medical Mafia, decides to speak up giving more confirmation that indeed the west war junta plan for genocide by vaccine is real.

C H I N A China - Car sales up 36%+/Jun y2y, marking 6th month of China being #1 car market.
- Arrests Aussie spy, some exec from some mining firm. Aussies scramble for comment.
- War games with Russia on for 22Jul.
- Despite earlier statements with Russia of dollar fidelity, both nations are once again pushing dollar-replacement. This time, even France has joined them. Well, only a right dimwit would ride the gangrene d0llar.
- Dollar zapped from Hong Kong, Macau, and some SouthAsia trade. This after promising USA to stick to it.
- Violent clashes erupt in Xinjiang province, 3Jul. Could it be as response to China's dollar policy? Apparently, Uighurs, local minority, attacked Hans', local majority, property resulting in 150 dead, 1080 injured, and over 1400 arrested. On 8Jul, Hans attack Uighurs. Uighurs', the instigators, leader is in USA, of course, denying involvement. Chinese authority: "conspiracy by hostile forces at home and abroad with the goal to sabotage ethnic unity and provoke ethnic antagonism". Yes, west, unable to go face to face, is busy exploiting social fissures around the globe in attempt to spark mayhem in all its enemy territories.

D O M I N I C A N   R E P U B L I C Dominican Rep - Protests erupt after state cops kill 85 yr old woman.

E U EU - Swiftly apologises to Israel and world for criticising Israel recent land theft of Palestine. EUnuchs are known for their moral fibre.
- Admits to 9,5% unemployment. This means some bits of EUnuchia can boast near 20% rate or total unsolvable fiscal chaos. Last year it was at admitted 7,4%, just for comparison how beautifully on track is the west-wide prolapse.
- EUnuchs screaming foul cuz they still have to admit to losses unlike USA where losses can be purely fictional with zero anchoring in the market. Sideline: Be clear here. West reports NOTHING today. Inflation, or rather extreme hyperinflation, is illegal to report. Losses are no longer required. Wall Street suspended day reports. All west news mindrape whores across the entire west cesspit bandwidth have the same stench cuz they're all from the same source. Everything west says is patently deceitful rubbish today.

F R A N C E France - AirFrance-KLM amalgam to zap 3K jobs.

G E R M A N Y Germany - A guy, despite of all the west x-rays and anti-terror sec'y brings a knife to a court room and stabs a pregnant woman -- 18 times -- with no intervention from the many bailiffs. Her husband jumps to try save her but the court bailiff guns him down. Explain this one! Yes, west is so desperate west it's busy exploiting all social fissures everywhere and anywhere. West only policy today is any war, anywhere, anyhow.
- Opel on garage sale. Russia and China checking it out. What are they gonna do with EUnuchs and baboons though, after the west econ carcass is picked clean?
- Lufthansa cargo biz shrivels 14%/June, after 10% May shriveling. Passenger biz down over 5%/June.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - Coup remains in force.
- Venezuela halts oil supply.
- Coup protests erupt on 6Jul. State fires on demonstrators.

I R A N Iran - Saudi Arabia denies greenlighting Israel's fly over to hit Iran. Kuwait's denying the same. Yes, after the 400M USD failed coup d'etat, west is once again out of options and back to its typical vulgarities, fist shaking, war threats, and typical subterfuge.

I R E L A N D Ireland - Prolapsed airline figures it will save itself by charging for lavies and packing planes with more passengers by making them STAND. Not a joke! How about opening the cargo bay for passengers or strapping them to the wings? Sideline: All west airlines are broke, living off state subsidy and protection from debt. Collectively they boast some 3B USD losses/Q1. No part of the west "capitalist" idyll is working or has ever worked, that is.

I S R A E L Israel - C McKinney and the rest of "Spirit of Humanity" crew released from Israeli detention after Israel pirated the humanitarian mission.

J A P A N Japan - Industry orders shrivel 3% from Apr to May. This is troublesome since west media whores already celebrated the island's recovery.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - USA keeps on murdering civilians with drone attacks. 45 killed on 7Jul and 17 on 3Jul.

P E R U Peru - Anti west-governance protests, started in Amazon region of Bagua, spread throughout nation and into a 2-day national strike, 8Jul. The token musical chair reshuffle of the pro-west governance wasn't enough to appease the uprising nation. The demand is for the resignation of pro-west governance and liberation of Peru from the west claws. Governance mobilises and deploys army to crush the revolt.

P H I L I P P I N E S Philippines - Series of bombs: 7Jul, 6 killed in 2 bombings in southern Philippines; 9Jul, 6 killed in Cotabato.

P O L A N D Poland - Prays for homeless to conduct medical experiments killing 21 in some flu vaccination test run. Sideline: Czech Rep flu vaccine killed lab animals just recently. Notice west use peripheral members to conduct these vaccination genocide trials so they can exonerate themselves from these crimes. It's like CIA taking blame for war crimes "information" on behalf of USA governance junta members or comrade Obama willful blame taking for west prolapse.

R U S S I A Russia - After Kissinger's begging in Moscow, it was comrade Obama's turn. His visit, like the two by Kissinger, also achieved nothing and like the G8 charade orgy held in Italy is pointless to comment on. The west-media heralded "disarmament achievement" had nothing to do with Obama's visit but everything with the '91 Start treaty expiring this year.
- Bomb explodes in Moscow leaving 6 hurt, 7Jul. Yes, west can't go mano-a-mano, hence all the terror around the globe.

S Y R I A Syria - Rejects Israel's "peace" plans so long as Israel continues stealing Palestine's land and keeps occupying Syria's Golan Heights.
- Getting 1B m3 gas from Azerbaijan. This is odd. Were EUnuchs beat out by Syria?

T A I W A N Taiwan - Prices drop near 2% y2y. Are we gonna get "deflation" tales? We may, but the reason is depression: high unemployment (admitted 6%), low savings, and thus low demand for rubbish. 3 yrs after nuking the petrodollar, the west-occupied territory of Taiwan joins the west unavoidable prolapse. There are no recession, stagflation, inflation, deflation, soft demand, slow recovery, or toxicity mysteries. It's just a terminal prolapse of all west.
- And very much like west, Taiwan's cure for its econ ills is a "stimulus". First round pegged at around 20B EUR.

U K UK - Housing prices take another hit in Jun.
- BritAir workers talking "strikes" now. Do they not much fancy working for free while their bankers post profits and MPs steal chocolate and porn? Sideline: The union v exec argument is about some 100M GBP. Note that BoE is printing 25B GBP each month for itself and elite buddies. That's 250X the BritAir fiscal disaster. If they wanted to, they could settle 250 such disputes each month or 8 such disputes EACH DAY! If they wanted! This further proves that west "stimulus" printing isn't whatsoever about saving labourers, a job, a firm, but strictly only about ransacking of the west baboons and consolidation west war junta assets. Astonishingly, incapable of simple math and independent thought, west monkeys still believe in "bailout", much like 911 and London77, fairytales.
- Chamber of Commerce thinks that 25B GBP/month is actually NOT enough and urges BoE to print more mountains of cash for the west bling bling junta. Didn't they say "the worst recession is over"? Too bad no one in the west can remember the lies they were fed just a day ago, much less a week or more.
- Mfg output shrivels in May, shriveling near 13%/yr. This is "worse than predicted" by the west econ shamans. Again, didn't they say "the worst recession is over"? Too bad no one in the west can remember the lies they were fed just a day ago, much less a week or more.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Needs EUnuchs to fix up old rusty gaslines of delivery will be iffy soon. Of course, today the delivery is fully dependable. But it's a good way to pass the bill on to Brusselites.
- Saves EUnuchs from the 7Jul gas cut-off by suddenly finding cash to settle accounts in Moscow.

U N UN - G8 held in Italy produces nothing but blither. The only redeemable thing about the comedy is that it costs the starving west baboons tens of millions to put the pretense show on.
- USA-flu in 128 countries with 95K cases and 430 deaths.
- After finding Israel guilty of war crimes in Gaza like phosphorous bombing, human shield, and torture, suddenly tones the war criminal charges down to merely "disgraceful" and "rules out" calling Israel a "war criminal". Yes, the degree of the unique bile-hurling sickness should never be underestimated when it comes to the west disease.

U S A USA - CIA admits it's been lying to USA governance since 2001. This is, of course, another fraud to exonerate the governance from "knowing" about tortures and other war crimes. Watch west junta members claim "misinformation" on everything now in attempt to shed war crimes charges.
- Proliferating nuke tech into UAE. Iran again? However, this still doesn't solve the small issue of the west oil jugular running through the uncomfortable Hormuz narrow.
- Wall street charlatans stop publishing day trade info. Yes, hide the bloodbath from the baboon, it won't know it's happening. It's really that stupid. Sideline: This is like Bush II hiding M3 (the amount of dollars) from public so that they can print trillions without anyone being able to calculate the real hyperinflation. However, it's all silly voodoo rubbish as there is no difference twixt 95% devaluation and 99% devaluation, the inescapable fate of west.
- Comrade Obama embarrasses self once again with exactly the same thing. Once again, he tries bullying Russia with non-existing missiles. Sideline: This is beyond INSANE! Foregoing the laughter Obama's repeated missile delusions cause, there's the issue of the reason for the missiles. For years, USA has denied it's against Russia. Russia has unraveled this transparent lie and kept west at bay by promising tantamount defence. And then comrade Obama blunders in with his size 12s proving once and for all that indeed USA has lied and that the Poland/Czech Rep missile shield is no more than a Russia bargaining chip dispelling all west BS claims about some protection from Middle East terrorists in one silly sentence. It's truly as though west no longer operated with a full deck at the helm.
- Unemployment admitted at 10%.
- USA professor zapped from job for linking 911 criminals to nazis. Indeed, he's wrong to do that for 911 is far worse than hitler's Reichstag self fire.
- Broke California quickly scraps welfare, medical coverage of 930K children, 220 state parks, education grants, and cannibalises over 5B USD from school budgets. This, of course, solves nothing leaving the golden shower state in a 20B USD hole.
- California hotel foreclosures DOUBLE in Q1. Did so moron miss that tent shanties is all the rage now, not hotels?!
- Bankers don't like California IOU toilet paper and demand real cash. This oughtta get funny soon.

The new and improved look of USA.

- Monsanto VP to run FDA, USA's food watchdog. How appropriate and apt. Aspertame apparently isn't eating the baboon's brainstem fast enough.
- Greenlights Israel's latest land theft of Palestine.
- VP greenlights Israel's attack on Iran and comrade Obama backpedals. The west junta boys couldn't even pull off a convincing synch swimming act anymore.
- Prolapsed GM assets picked up by governance. Debt is left to the baboon to worry about. One firm, one governance, one bank. Nice! That's what the ransacking of west is all about.
- Arizona senator shows world that stupidity in USA is not only common but a highly respected virtue, especially for governance jobs. She publicly and with no apparent shame formulates a uranium mining policy argument on a belief that the earth is 6000 yrs old. Not a joke! Most baboons didn't laugh for they don't get what's wrong with that sentence.
- Comrade Obama's Feb09 787B USD "stimulus", after fixing nothing, is all gone. So he's planning another near 1T print to float the dying USA econ another few months. VP, as astonishing as this is, says they "misread" how bad USA econ was. More astonishing is that the baboons believe them. Sideline: This is some funny stuff. Putting aside all the zillions pumped into firm bankruptcies like recently GM and Ford and down the Pentagon war machine, comrade Obama shoveled 200M USD out the window every hour 24/7 since Feb09 without taking a single break. Despite this out-of-this-solar-system burn-rate, he managed to increase USA jobless pool by 3M. Now, where is all the cash? Has this question even occurred to any of the USA baboons?
- Gun owners, tax protestors, and anti-abortion critics tagged as domestic terrorist. Watch them add "vaccine rejectors" to the list momentarily. be cont'd as it all piles up.


James Wolfe said...

Another great news round-up minus the insane Western propaganda and spin from Poiuytr. Obama’s visit to Russia interested me a lot, there was a lot of talk from Neocon sites like La Russophobe & Stratfor that Obama wanted to divide Medvedev and Putin. It seems that he failed to do, Obama’s trip to Russia seems to have been a failure.

I’m always worried that Russia could of sold-out Iran, and with all the aggressive comments from Joe Biden and Admiral Mullen, not to mention the usual hysterical threats from Israel. But thankfully Russia has not relented, knowing full well if Iran goes they (Russia) are next.

The West murder machine is marauding around Afghanistan now, with Helmand now being subjected to the Iraq treatment of mass murder, mass arrests, mass harassment, mass torture, mass rape and mass West depravity and cruelty.

With the Uighur riots in China, it seems the West’s disgusting divide and rule tactics are at work again, just like Tibet last year.

The Indians despite whoring themselves to the West in recent years, has decided to drop the dollar along with their BRIC colleagues. I wonder how the US will react, the Indians must surely realize the murdering White West, will not hesitate to destroy India too?

poiuytr said...

indeed, west 'divide and conquer' tactic at work everywhere now.

my fave has to be comrade obama. not only he commits the same exact int'l faux pas that made him the laughing stock last time, but actually, once again, reveals that Czech/Polish missiles are there only for Russia, either as a bargain chip or truly as something to point at Moscow, if they ever get them there.

this has got to be the most screaming madness from west, in terms of diplomacy.

obama's flying around the world showing everyone west's trump cards. and the question is can west really be this cretinous?

and then you biden's saying they 'misread econ' as some excuse and groundwork for another trillion print for the next 5 months. then you get USA senator saying earth is 6000 yrs old. then you get MPs stealing porn and denying "significant" involvement in Iran's attempted coup d'etat, beside printing of tens of billions every week.

and the answer is, of course, they are. they're all cretinous war criminals.

and you ask how can that work? don't people there get it?

and you look at the baboon masses and half of them believe in self melting buildings and vanishing Boeings, London police knowing ahead of time about tube bombs and using their knowledge and time to save israeli governance guy. then they steal the whole of west in front of their snouts, going as far as seizing bank accounts, taking trillions and returning the west populace unpayable debt of devaluation. and the baboons don't mind. the other half of baboons don't even know when 911 happened and they'll be happy to roll up their sleeve for mass vaccination so long as they get a disney sticker with it.

so yes, indeed, west populace is so cretinous that cretinous governances can happily exist there and go around the world bargaining with Russia with non-existent missiles and funding Nabucco pipelines with no supplier, or think that nukes in UAE are gonna topple Iran.

Anonymous said...

Divide and Conquer is the only Machiavellian game the West knows how to play--from Iran to Russia to China to Pakistan to Iraq to Afghanistan to ....

"Washington is Playing a Deeper Game with China"

James Wolfe said...

33 Million Americans live on Food Stamps! Yes that’s right more people in the US need state handouts to eat than the entire population of Iraq or Afghanistan. In a strange way that’s some what satisfying, knowing how the US government completely distorts its statistics the real figure is probably higher for those who are hungry and poor.

U.S. food stamp tally up 1.2 million in two months

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for what they meant when they said that Obama would be tested in the first 6 months of his presidency. ( This is probably a dollar devaluation!?!)

I would also like to point out that some of these inexplicable banking or economic issues highlighted here are really acts that stem from HUBRIS. That is their true source or origin. (So don't even bother looking for logic!)

Lastly, the ancient Greeks aver, unanimously, that HUBRIS is ALWAYS punished by the God of Vengeance. Something or someone they called ATE...

A bientot,


Anonymous said...

"I am waiting for what they meant when they said that Obama would be tested in the first 6 months of his presidency."

Whatever this so-called "test" is, I guarantee it will be manufactured and deliberately provoked by America.

I am guessing it will be some kind of geopolitical "hotspot," conflict, or war.

Another possibility is of course a American false-flag terrorist attack.

Already, the USA has been wailing about so-called "cyber-terrorist" attacks from North Korea.

Predictable American tripe.

poiuytr said...


Medvedev: "i have some supranational currency in me pocket. wanna see?" then he shows the world the coin that's replacing the dollar -- or let's be clear -- the west baboon.

didn't comrade obama just now celebrate he "reset" relations with Russia? didn't China wank the USA baboons lulling them into thinking they're staying faithful to the prolapsed dollar just a week ago? didn't west banksters just now celebrate the end of recession and the revival of strong dollar policy?

didn't this blog's readers hang their heads in disappointment that Russia is sucking up to the child murdering west? didn't i tell them to quit reading west mindrape headlines and instead focus on results -- results that speak louder than any west media whore could ever hope to?

didn't the readers lose faith in Russia's masterful counteroffensive obliterating the west genocidal cesspit? didn't temperaments run high when i told them to relax for each time, without one single exception, when Russia appeared acquiescent to west's rabid demands there always was some giant counterattack on west underway? didn't i explain time after time that each time west celebrated Russia's backing, Russia attacked someplace west didn't even know was a battle? didn't i speak of west's personal Stalingrads?

i said, let's revisit this last issue of Afghan war path opened for west child murderers in 3 weeks for there is another counteroffensive underway. well, it didn't take 3 weeks, did it?

USA and UK bastards are pouring troops into Afghanistan right now. EUnuchs and USA are printing another 1 trillion each in paper for next 6 months plus trillions for wars, which is now once again escalating tying west legions of child murderers up in unconquerable Afghanistan, making them too busy to launch attack on N Korea or Iran, as was the west plan or even defend themselves elsewhere.

and here comes the final blow, the pull of the dollar.

anyone still doubting Russia's counteroffensive?

the only reason we're still here able to talk at least in this reduced capacity under the watchful spying eye of the west beast is all thanks to Russia!

there's a fetching picture too of Medvedev holding the coin. most amusing and fun! hope west baboons are enjoying their summer, for indeed it's their last.

(splice the link together)

poiuytr said...

WEST-WIDE VACCINATION GENOCIDE may indeed come in the autumn as a welcome alternative to the chaos of west-wide devaluation, poverty, and hunger.

anyone out there still thinks that the stopping the west NWO war junta disease from genociding half the planet and enslaving the rest has been some inexplicable accident, not a masterfully executed symphony of counterstrikes?

Anonymous said...

more reality links to try -

Gunmen grab 2 French spies somalia hotel

an old cia trick-
shocked i say--
100 nato dead McChrystal's soldiers dead in a week as strategy dribbles -

30 more nato dead jul 14

boomers needs a lot more than
4000 more usa gis at the
current rate gis are being chopped up--
terrified McChrystal begs for more toorps
to keep usa bases from being overunn ala dien bien fu--
but declares victory and pulls out of valley

dead Germans

chopper shot down

usa dead-



U.S. military bribes journalists to cover up usa
losses in the battles of Fallujah

but usa itself is supplying weapons to taliban§ionid=351020401


50 air-defense missiles JUST LYING AROUND UNGUARDED--
resistance must have lots more of these missles just lying around--
enough to wipe out the
entire usa helicopter fleet as well as
many c-130s

and enough left over to send to afghan--
- cheney says iraq resistance and taliban work together-

poiuytr said...

3:48 -- fantastic news, report. it's worth an article feature. but unfortunately, i don't get the whole links. they're just truncated on my screen so only the shorter ones comes through -- but this is article in itself.
seems to be the longest one before it gets clipped off. this could just be my screen setting though cuz i have the font cranked pretty big since i'm blind as a bat.

but thanks, absolutely fantastic compilation and sources!

poiuytr said...

actually, my bad again. the links, even though they're off screen somehow work if cut&pasted, so great! it's all there, fantastic resources.

Anonymous said...

How come URL links here don't hyperlink like they do on the Wordpress blog?

Is this something that can be changed? It will make things easier.

poiuytr said...

it's google, not wordpress. :)

no change available here to make them hot. but i'm pleased cuz you can cut and paste them even if they run off the screen. that makes me happy.

you may be able to put in a whole html tag though... let's test it.

poiuytr said...

google link try

poiuytr said...

yeah, alright, so you can put a tag into your comments, so you can activate your links.

you know the unwieldy link/anchor tag, right?

Anonymous said...

"you know the unwieldy link/anchor tag, right?"

No, what is it?

poiuytr said...

"<" a href=LINK ">" name of link "<"/a">"

no quotes!

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