Anonymous said...

Fulford is absolutely brilliant and clear as a day shot with sunshine. We are reminded in a timely fashion of the existence of those generators of horror in Greenland (just got its independence, hasn't it?, the better to cooperate with USan thugs) and Alaska. They'll be blasted to kingdom come one of these days. Ah, the ogre empire, how short a lifespan still remains you.

Anonymous said...

The ogre empire indeed with its earthquake and tsunami weapons. Wasn't it Tom Thumb who overcame the ogre? That's all we actually need. One Tom Thumb - and the world might turn out a better place.

Anonymous said...

Terrifying all this, HAARP instruments, the swine flu genocide in preparation. I'm going to find myself a refuge in Bora Bora.

poiuytr said...

this is 100% true. look up... i'd do it but not now... have been ailing and am tired to death again... but there's patents, USA patents that clearly link HAARP and mass mind control and chemtrails together. no exaggerations.

chemtrails are proven. there's cases all over. it's high altitude seeding with metal particles, basically barium and such spread thin in clouds at high altitudes. why?

HAARP smacks it with their arrays of transmitters and thus charges it with particular frequencies charging the ions to cause all sorts of disasters in the upper atmosphere.

weather is one. rips in ionosphere is another which is the reason why the sun burns more these days. these west scumfuckingbags blame spots and crap like that while they're 24/7 pounding upper atmo with gigawatts that you lazy ugly west child murdering sons of bitchers are subsidising and willingly so.

this angers me to no end. so, it's all the same stuff HAARP, chemtrails, LSD, MK ultra, bla bla bla bla, and now USA flu.

yes, it's in its last days that the west beast shall be the most evil and dangerous for it's lost all its reason for existence. but it's the west commoner that's the guilty bastard for these crimes against the planet and its Freeworld population. let's not forget that and try contain the west evil within its ugliness.

Anonymous said...

One wholly man-made earthquake was the one in Kashmir, 8th Oct 2005, an estimated 79.000 victims. After that, then-Prez General Musharraf did exactly what the USan beast expected him to do.

Anonymous said...

Nerve-wracking, all this sophisticated, high- tech means of destruction. What are Russia, China doing to counter it? That's the question. And what are you doing, poiuytr, to get your health back to normal? We thought your cough and ear infection had cleared up. And here you are ailing once again. If your doctors are no good, change 'em and get someone more competent.

Anonymous said...

The foul west seems to have taken to heart what the great hero Attila the Hun once said: Terror is a fine weapon. And it is very cheap.

Anonymous said...

We are monitored, manipulated and manhandled every step of the way. They destroy our weather and want to slap a global green tax on us. They destroy our economy and say the banks are our friends. A disease is created in the lab and we are told a pandemic is threatening us. It's a Walt Disney cartoon world. Only with an element of unletting horror.

Anonymous said...

Americans are so slapdash about everything, do you really think they have managed to conquer nature and space the way HAARP implies? Seeing their behaviour in other fields, I have my doubts.

poiuytr said...

8:35 --

how beautiful... how flowing. what a writing talent you have there! it's like poetry. really! most sublime i must say! do write more. send an article for publishing.

unfortunately with articles, one has to write them, and that means write them well before the idea or data is spread. certainly you can do that, so do expand a bit and join in.


11:00 -- doubts about HAARP efficacy

right, i agree here. in the hands of the baboon HAARP is no more than mad science running amok.

Tesla might have been able to do earthquakes, but the baboon? all he's done is screwed up the weather patters, litter the planet with rubbish, and probably murder some people by sideeffects. but it's not the weapon they had hoped it would be.

however, the idea of mind control/HAARP/chemtrails is completely true. read it in "their" patents. it doesn't mean and i'm not saying that it works. it's just a patent. but they're doing chemtrails, they're doing HAARP, they're trying.

and that enough... i think just trying to kill is murder. attempted murder is a serious felony. that's precisely what we have here at minimum.

so doubts about the efficacy of their doom machines and global cull plans are in order but not about the plans and active resources spent on trying to create these mass slaughter/havoc inventions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with poiuytr. Anon 8:35's lines were specially good. But to reach the lyricism of poetry, acute pain needs to be felt, not an hourly occurrence. Articles are quite a different matter, technique mainly, and they often contain a lot of empty talk. We need both to ease our approach to the truth of things. Last but not least, from my reading of the comments, the doubt expressed is not about all these dastardly plans existing, but more about getting them to work to their satisfaction and our ineluctable doom.

poiuytr said...

right, the efficacy of west plans is subject to doubt. however, attempted murder is a felony, isn't it still? :)

so the prosecution could begin and from many many many many many different crime scenes.

i think the NWO west war junta beasts see it like this: none of it works alone: war doesn't; world flu doesn't; fiscal slavery doesn't; HAARPing baboons doesn't; chemtrails bombing doesn't; TV flicker doesn't; aspertame doesn't; fluoride doesn't; genetically modified food stuffs; christianic nonsense brainwash doesn't, west school lobotomy doesn't, etc etc... but put them all together and there's headway.

the ongoing question remains: WTF are the baboon herds waiting on?

Anonymous said...

Inspiration, of course. We´ll know unmistakably when we come to it. At the moment it´s simply anything goes, chaos time, I´d say.

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