Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

Lifting the Veil from S DN on Vimeo.

Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

by grtv

"Lifting the Veil is the long overdue film that powerfully, definitively, and finally exposes the deadly 21st century hypocrisy of U.S. internal and external policies, even as it imbues the viewer with a sense of urgency and an actualized hope to bring about real systemic change while there is yet time for humanity and this planet. See this film!"
-Larry Pinkney
Editorial Board Member & Columnist
The Black Commentator

Sub-headed “Barack Obama and the failure of capitalist democracy”, this film explores the historical role of the Democratic Party as the “graveyard of social movements”, the massive influence of corporate finance in elections, the absurd disparities of wealth in the United States, the continuity and escalation of neocon policies under Obama, the insufficiency of mere voting as a path to reform, and differing conceptions of democracy itself.

Original interview footage derives from Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, Michael Albert, John Stauber (PR Watch), Sharon Smith (Historian), William I. Robinson (Editor, Critical Globalization Studies), Morris Berman (Author, Dark Ages America), and famed black panther Larry Pinkney.

Non-original interviews/lectures include Michael Hudson, Paul Craig Roberts, Ted Rall, Richard Wolff, Glen Ford, Lewis Black, Glenn Greenwald, George Carlin, Gerald Cliente, Chris Hedges, John Pilger, Bernie Sanders, Sheldon Wollin and Martin Luther King.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo, bravo, James. That's telling 'em! Shall be back later to view it in full and state my own impressions. In any case, as of now, west is toast. And the longer it carries on, the more burnt the toast.

Anonymous said...

A noble film, indeed, by its maker Scott Noble. And a very stirring and true speech by Chris Hedges at the end. Capitalist Democracy, we shall come to your funeral with no roses in our hands. We shall not spit on your grave, but do not count on us and future generations to tend it either.

Anonymous said...

Now that was a long video, but beautifully done and worth every minute of the time it took to go through it. The conclusion was inexorable: capitalism and democracy are profoundly incompatible.

Among the speakers, hats off to that journalist of integrity Chris Hedges and also to the feisty US Senator Bernie Sanders. If US can also produce men of this calibre, why is it always being run by rogues and devils? I suppose greed is like gangrene. Only amputation can stop it from spreading. Wisconsin raise the knife, would you?

Anonymous said...

The video most definitely lifted the veil and showed us the true face of US. Not much hope of improvement lies ahead, unless the people of that country learn to walk like Egyptians. Then and only then will they be in a position to rejoin the human race on equal terms, neither inferior nor superior to the rest of mankind.

Anonymous said...

Japan hit be the worst earthquake possible, follwed by a gigantic tsunami

Japanese town 'missing' 10,000 as nuclear fears recede

• Reactor 'undamaged' by explosion
• Japan struggles with full scale of devastation
• 6.4 aftershock prompts new tsunami warning

Anonymous said...

The battle of Wisconsin has now entered a new stage. The bill to kill worker-labour union relations might have passed, recall elections for the Governor should soon be taking place. The power of the vote for once might decide the final outcome of this stand off.

Anonymous said...

Rising Horus,

If you're reading this. Our hearts bleed for you, for the great people of Japan in this their hour of need. Our minds are stilled in grief. Do not lose heart, do not lose courage. Do not give up Japan. Do not give up Tohuko!

Anonymous said...

Towns vanish, thousands die – but a nation begins its fightback - 13.3.11

The cataclysm was so powerful it shifted the Earth off its axis. Then the waters hit.

After a cataclysm so powerful it moved the Earth 10 inches off its axis, Japan woke yesterday to find itself a country that had, literally, been knocked sideways.

With the north-east coast now shunted two metres from where it was on Friday morning, neighbourhood after neighbourhood is submerged under a grotesque soup of water and debris. Homes have been flattened as if by the swiping forearm of an angry giant. Tens of thousands of once orderly acres look like the world's ugliest landfill – a jumble of broken homes, cars, boats, and concrete, with shipping containers cluttering the landscape like Lego on an unkempt nursery floor.

And somewhere, under all this vast mess, are four entire trains, small towns, villages, and a fearful number of bodies. It could be 2,000, 10,000, or many times that number. In one town alone, 9,500 people are unaccounted for.

And Japan might be facing a nuclear catastrophe. But this is Japan, which will manage where others might have been daunted by the enormity of the task ahead.

Anonymous said...

Japan brings money home to rebuild - 13.3.11

NEW YORK - Shaken by the prospect of nuclear meltdown after a devastating earthquake and tsunami, Japanese investors will dump overseas assets on Monday and bring their money home to help finance reconstruction.

Positioning for this could send the dollar plummeting versus the yen on Monday and lead to a sharp slide in Treasuries since U.S. government bonds are a favorite asset of Japanese investors, market analysts said.

Stocks also are likely to come under pressure.

Japanese insurers will probably sell some of their most liquid foreign assets such as U.S. Treasuries so they can respond to the worst disaster since World War Two.

The crisis could lead to insured losses of nearly $35 billion, risk modeling company AIR Worldwide said, making it one of the most expensive disasters in history and nearly as much as the entire worldwide catastrophe loss for the global insurance industry.

Traders braced for just such an outcome on Friday, when the yen surged and Treasuries fell. The Bank of Japan probably will add money to the system to limit the liquidation of assets. But the big question remains of how much follow-through selling is yet to come.

Dan Fuss, the vice chairman of $150 billion Loomis Sayles, told Reuters on Sunday that his best guess is that Treasuries will continue to see losses.

Because Japan is the second-biggest holder of U.S. government debt and they have nearly $900 billion in dollar reserves, Fuss said Japan will likely use reserves for rebuilding.

"A big buyer of bonds is taken out of the market," Fuss said, adding that Japan "will be less able to add to their reserves and less able to buy Treasuries."

Anonymous said...

Immediate Economic fallout from Japan's seismic and cataclysmic plight: - 14.3.11

- Drop in international oil prices since Japan is no longer seen as a major customer in the immediate future.

- Stockmarkets, starting with the Nikkei, hit quite badly. Losses in Japan alone reckoned as mounting to over $3 billion.

- Inevitably the yen weakens against the dollar.

There'll be much, much more to add as we go along.

Anonymous said...

Daily Insurrections - Separating the wheat (W) from the chaff (C)

- Bahrain, invincibly entrenched. Clashes over the weekend with forces of law and order. Saudi troops apparently hastening to Bahrain to aid in crowd control. That should impress the protesters. (W)

- Yemen, carrying on mightily. Fresh clashes, fresh deaths, but still going strong. (W)

- Libya, govt forces get back Brega and are preparing to attack Benghazi. (C) Gadhafi should be able to weather this one at this point in time.

- Turkey, Lebanon, China (C)

- Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, etc. (potential W, but still to early to tell).

Anonymous said...

An NB to the above, 12:36, regarding Wisconsin. It's neither wheat nor chaff, but at a standstill. True enough 100.000 protesters turned up at a rally last Saturday. But where they take it from there is anyone's guess. They've been stymied "legally" by the powers that be.

James Wolfe said...

Read the cooments on this link, Americans on Facebook taking delight at Japan's tragedy. It's incredible!


You know how Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and killed 2,400 people? And how the US got no revenge in any way and totally didn’t kill 200,000 Japanese civilians? Well some psychos have taken those facts to their logical conclusion and decided that yesterday’s tsunami is overdue karma for Pearl Harbor:

Anonymous said...

James, we are feeling bad enough as it is over all that's happening in Japan and here we have the USans gloating over the plight of a whole innoncent nation. I tell you, sometimes we wonder whether they and we inhabit the same world after all.

We'll all get our come-uppance finally as the effects of the Japanese nuclear disaster spread to the rest of us. And when US gets hit in its turn, will it even find one friend to stand up and speak for it?

Anonymous said...

Radiation levels rise as Japan hit by fresh blast - 15.3.11

• Explosion at No 2 reactor
• IAEA: radioactivity released into atmosphere
• Fire in spent fuel pool at No 4 reactor
• Japan stock market plunges 10.6%

Anonymous said...

This time if Japan goes down, it will take the rest of the world along with it. So no one should feel the complacency of safety, mark my words.

First Hiroshima, then Nagasaki, now Fukushima! What I want to know is whether the present catastrophe cannot be traced back to the first two. What did the atom bombs do to poor Japan's geographical position in the Ring of Fire? Was it being prepared for the disaster that finally overtook it in 2011?

Anonymous said...

This is Rising Horus.

Thanks for your post. I have not been around, because I was busy for apparent reasons.Because I live in west Japan, I am OK and so are my relatives.

But my wife comes from Ibaraki prefecture and her relatives live in Ibaragi, Fukushima, Miyagi.
They are all alive and healthy but one brother lost their house, another is in an evacuation camp with small kids. Moreover, there are terrifying news of the nuke plant accident in Fukushima.

So, my wife becomes very blue and stopped watching news.I had to console her everyday since then. (It's hard job.)

Map of Japan.

Maybe, you would say I think too much or I am too optimistic,But I feel that, once this crisis was avioded, a new era would start.

For example, this incident might trigger a huge selloff in the financial market. (The last straw that break Bernanke's back.) Since flow of money will come back to Japan, which is observable even now in thecurrency exchange market. Observe Yen has risen, not fallen. Repatriation of JPY might have started. (In my view, the source of the flow of world's money originates in Tokyo, not Wall Street anymore, as the word "Yen carry trade" indicates.)

Anonymous said...

Rising HOrus, tremendous, tremendous! Exactly my own feeling, but you expressed it much better. I shouldn't call it bland opitimism, I'd call it shining lucidity.

Japan will not have suffered in vain, of that I'm a hundred per cent sure. In the world of modernity, Japam has had a very special role to play as we all know. Now it will be Japam's turn to serve the death blow to a bloated, mad system which must expire if the rest of us are to breath in peace.

Rising Horus, our prayers go with your wife and her relatives and with all the Japanese today who are at their tether's end and have once again taken on the role of the sacrificial lamb. Stay well, Friend, stay well. Right is on your side.

Anonymous said...

(Continued 16:00)


Some of you may think I am crazy.
But, I really think this might have been an artificial earthquake.

As you know, President Chavez really said
"Haiti earthquake was triggered by an earthquake weapon"
Also a lot of people thinks the very huge earthquake in Sumatra in 2004(?)
was caused by the US navy.
(It was Magnitude 9.3 and of "historic scale."
And the one just happen was Magnitude 9.1 and of "historic scale."
Onle in 7 years???)

Not enough information is gathered. So, I should not jump to a conclusion.
But, to me, so many things look strange.

Just like many recent big earthquakes in Japan,

1) Epicenter is very shallow (10km or so).
2) Near a nuke power palnt.
3) Happened when US-Japan relation is rather bad.


Moreover, several smaller earthqukes followed
in Shizuoka and Tokyo prefectures, etc. (see the map in the previous post.)
The point is that different tectonic plates tremble almost simulataneously !!??
Can this be possible??

The map of "plates." Observe that Shizuoka is on the borderline between
Filipino and Eurasian paltes, unlike Miyagi prefecture.
A seismic schlar now said on TV "This is very a rare phenomenon."
Watching it, I grumbled "A natural one?"

In my view, HAARP theory seems to be a chaf.
I think they simply put small hydrogen bombs under the seabed.
(Another well-known method is pouring a lot of water deep undergroung.
But this is not likely, because this time the epicenter was in the ocean.)

How do you think about it?
If you have nice information, please let me know. I would appreciate.

Anonymous said...

(Continued from 16:50)

Oh, I have to investigate who sold or bought how much stocks, futures and options in the financial markets before the earthquake.

This is a very reliable indicator as you know.

Anonymous said...

RH, We shall get back to you as soon as we've digested your present comments. The thought had crossed our mind as well, but then we sort of dismissed it, thinking even USans couldn't be as stupid as that. But now, seeing your doubts, we'll give it another think as well.

Anonymous said...


USS Ronald Reagan came very quickly for a rescue. Thanks. I would appreciate.

Only in 2 days....

Once again, US fleet was in nearby waters just like Haiti & Sumatra.

But, I think I should not jump to a conclusion now. At least, I have to wait for a while until scholars analyze seismic wave.

Anonymous said...

(Continued from 03:08)

In Kamaishi, Iwate prefecture, the tsunami reportedly arrived within ONE MINUTE or so.


Usually, the seabed is collpsed DOWNWARD by an earthquake. As a result, a huge empty space is created deep in the sea near the epicenter and sea water flows into it. Then, from a viewpoint of poeple on the shore, water rolls BACK from the land. (Most of Japanese understands what this phenomenon means and at this point they start to run away. So, not so many people die, although houses must be abondoned.) After some time, huge tsunami wave attacks the land.

But, this time, the tsunami arrived so quickly, probably because the seabed moved UPWARD, I guess.

So many things look really strange.....

Anonymous said...

The more Î read you, RH, the more compelling your arguments appear. What bothers me in the whole story is simply the role Of New Zealand in all this. How come they got the first quakes and then Japan? But, of course, with the USans, one never knows. One item to bear out part of your econ analysis.

Nikkei bounces after rout - 16.3.11

Japan index rises 5.7pc, Asian markets rally after two-day sell-off.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't know much about the NZ earthquake a few weeks ago,simply because I was not so interested.

Looking back from now, I guess it might be a small "experiment" before the big one, or a warning to Japan.

But, one thing. Remember many whale went crazy for an unknown reason and died on a shore? 107 whales died just before the NZ earthquake.

The same thing happened in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan on March 4th. (See the map in my previous posts.) Look at the following link (in japanese, for I was not able to find English source.)

Yomiuri Newspaper says 50 whale died. Surfers are trying to save dying ones.

Why do whales and dolphins go crazy and run aground? Some scholars claim that sonars of submarines shatter eardrum membrane of whales.
So they lose directions and swim like crazy.

For example, an article in Japanese I am now reading says that, it happened 2 years ago in Hawaii, when US, Japan, etc. had a naval drill and that there is a official report of US congress.

If this is right, there were submarines off Ibaraki coast before the earthquake.
What were they doing?


Nikkei rebounded. Good. But, temporary anyway.
Bofore the earthquake it was around 10200. After today's rebound it's around 9000.
(Yesterday's sell-off was led by "foreign" financial institutions, say newspapers.
Today Bank of Japan probably intervened, as it declared on Monday.)

If Bernanke is out of bullets, as many people suspects, then a big downtrend starts in any financial market and is unstoppable. (In the best [or worst] case senario, it's gonna be the end of Illuminati Bankers.)



Anonymous said...

Portugal protests: Revolt of the Generations

Portuguese society took to the streets in eleven cities on Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and political leanings came together to send a clear message to Portugal's political class to start implementing policies which create a future for the country's youth. How many all over Europe are feeling the same frustration?

N.B: Moody's downgraded Portugal's rating from A1 to A3 with a negative outlook, implying that further downgrades were also possible.

Anonymous said...

RE: Japan

I suddenly recalled poiuytr's repeated warnings of a coming nuclear war if we weren't careful enough. And it suddenly struck me that perhaps that was what Japan was after all, the first oblique shot at the WWIII, nuclear version. A thinly veiled warning to the real target China? Sacrificing longtime ally Japan to the cause would not have caused anyone much thought, I suppose. As arch-criminal Kissinger once said: To be America's enemy is dangerous, to be it's friend is fatal.

Anonymous said...

Early this morning (JPN time), USDJPY collapsed approximately from 80 to 77 (or 76.5). Before the earthquake, it was around 82-83. It seems to me yen carry trade is really over. Money will flow out of rest of the world and come back to Japan. Folks, Prepare. A financial disaster seems impending.

From Zero Hedge;

The Day The Yen Carry Trade Died

USDJPY Goes Bidless

Anonymous said...

FTSE 100 up on hopes G7 will calm Japan markets

The FTSE 100 edged higher on hopes that the G7 will act to calm financial markets after the escalating crisis at Japan's earthquake-damage nuclear plant sent the yen soaring to a post-War high and shares falling again.

Fears of a catastrophic leak at the Fukushima nuclear plant have wiped hundreds of billions of dollars off global stock markets and pushed the yen to all-time highs.

On Monday and Tuesday the Nikkei lost 16pc, erasing all its gains this year, following Friday's massive earthquake and tsunami and the damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant, before bouncing 5.7pc on Wednesday.

The yen soared to a record high against the dollar as markets bet that many citizens and businesses are preparing to repatriate funds for the reconstruction. Although there is no evidence yet that this has started.

(If a financial disaster, 08:38, then it will finally be Japan avenging itself for close on seventy years of oppression).

Anonymous said...

Here is a brief Benjamin Fulford comment on Japan, Make of it what you will:

Nuclear reactors causing Japan radiation built by Rockefeller controlled GE

It may be no coincidence that the nuclear reactors now exploding in Japan were all designed by the Rockefeller family controlled General Electric Corporation. It is also probably no coincidence that 24 members of the Rockefeller clan are now hiding in an underground shelter in India.

Recently a Rockefeller agent in Japan told me of a plan to build 500 nuclear reactors in China and then blow them up with an earthquake machine in order to “depopulate China.” It is critical to make sure there is no possibility of further active sabotage of the plants either by the use of human agents or else by the use of computer hacking.

Anonymous said...

The series of earthquakes still continues.
This really looks ARTIFICIAL.
The following is a map of Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture, which is highest in Japan.
(See the map in my previous posts. Shizuoka is far away from the epicenter of the big one that caused the tsunami.)
Epicenters of 4 earthquakes are plotted on the map.

Take a look and please spread this info to English spaking world.
(Just talking about the "possibility" of the seismic weapon does great help.)



3-11 Seismic terror : Look at this clear evidence of ARTIFICIAL QUAKES in Japan.

Point A,B,C and D are the actual hypocenter of the current earthquakes. The mountain surrounded by 4 points is Mt. Fuji. The mastermind is indeed trying to let Mt. Fuji get errupted. How crazy are they?

David Rockefeller and his CFR clans are the real enemies to human speciies. They have already murdered more than 20,000 Japanese with TSUNAMI and are still trying to materialize the world of 2012 movie.

Please spread this info. as much as possible in order to stop those fanatics. We will never forgive them. We will not.

Richard Koshimizu from Tokyo

Anonymous said...

(continued from above)

Daily quakes at exactly same latitude/longtitude
2011/03/18 14:38

3-11 Seismic terror : Daily quakes at exactly same latitude and longtitude in Tokyo Bay. Different only in depth. God is not in charge of such "INDUSTRIAL QUAKES" but only human can create such. What are the seismic terrorist trying to do there?

They repeatedly attacking the same point of Northern Tokyo Bay Fault with small Hydrogen bombs, hoping to trigger a Great earthquake in Tokyo.

Earthquake records : Hypocenter : Tokyo Bay, North latitude ; 35.6, Eastern longtitude ; 139.9
2011.3.13 15:14  Depth 40km
2011.3.14 5:21   30km
2011.3.15 1:36   30km
2011.3.15 4:59   40km
2011.3.15 9:51   30km

The similar same latitude/longtitude quakes can be found in Shizuoka, too. These are definitely man-made quakes. D. Rockefeller and his CFR clans are gulty. Even the evils would hate them. Adolf HItler can be a humanitarian if compared with D. Rockefeller.

North latitude ; 35.3, Eastern longtitude ; 138.7 or 8 (Eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture)
Since midnight of March 14 till 17.

3/15 22:31 35.3 138.7 M6.0 10km
3/15 22:43 35.3 138.8 M3.6 20km
3/16 02:14 35.3 138.7 M2.8 10km
3/16 10:33 35.3 138.8 M2.7 20km
3/16 10:44 35.3 138.8 M3.2 20km
3/16 16:30 35.3 138.7 M2.3 10km
3/16 17:02 35.3 138.7 M2.3 10km
3/16 17:53 35.3 138.7 M2.5 20km
3/17 16:28 35.3 138.8 M2.2 10km
3/17 19:18 35.3 138.7 M2.8 10km

David Rockefeller and his boys totally forgot that they are under scrutiny of Japanese. We are not the moron like themselves.

Richard Koshimizu from Tokyo

Anonymous said...

These records are no joke or fabrication. The same places are shaken again and again. Unbelievable!!

Please spread this info as widely and quickly possible. (I myself do not know much about English blogs, etc.)

Rising Horus

Anonymous said...

Japan kicks off yen intervention as G7 agrees joint action

AFP – Tokyo shares surged 2.78 percent in early deals on Friday after the Group of Seven major economies agreed …

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Japan bought billions of dollars to restrain a soaring yen on Friday, kicking off joint market intervention by the world's richest nations to calm global markets made nervous by the threat of a meltdown at a nuclear power plant near Tokyo.

After a week of panicky trading, the U.S. dollar surged two full yen to as much as 81.83 yen, leaving behind a record low of 76.25 hit on Thursday as the Bank of Japan stepped into the market.

Traders and media reports estimated it bought more than $25 billion. Now the likes of the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank are set to join the action in the Group of Seven's first combined intervention in a decade.

"It's going to have a very huge resonating effect on the market," said Kathy Lien, director of currency research at GFT in New York.

"Because the only type of intervention that actually works is coordinated intervention and it shows the solidarity of all central banks in terms of the severity of the situation in Japan."

Japan's Nikkei share index climbed close to 3 percent, recouping some of the week's stinging losses as Japan reeled from an earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear power plant crisis. The market's losses for the week are 10 percent.

The G7 announced its intent to jointly intervene after a short teleconference early on Friday in a demonstration of solidarity with disaster-hit Japan.

The decision came as a surprise to many because Tokyo had indicated it was looking for moral support for its attempts to assuage markets rather than joint action.

The last joint intervention was a decade ago when the rich nations moved to turn a slumping euro following its 1999 launch.

Japan's Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda said the Bank of Japan had begun to sell yen at 8 p.m. ET and other central banks from the G7 would intervene as their markets opened.

A source told Reuters the BOJ would also leave the yen it sold in the banking system rather than mopping it up, thus adding to the vast amount of liquidity it had already provided to support its domestic markets.

Central banks will often issue bonds to mop up any extra cash in the economy that results from currency intervention for fear that the additional liquidity could fuel inflation.

On Thursday, the yen had soared to a record high of 76.25 per dollar, eclipsing its historical peak of 79.75 hit in the aftermath of the Kobe earthquake.

Anonymous said...

R.H. Further to your request, we are trying to get this out as soon as possible. If you know anyone at all in China or Russia, this is where your present analysis should go. This is about them as much as about Japan, speaking of which, please, please, please, spread the news there, too, for heaven's sake. Fight back, Japan, Fight back. For yourselves, for your kids, for the grandeur of a great country unlike any other.

Anonymous said...

Response from New Zealand

After looking closely at the Christchurch quake
and all records are easily seen ... I find nothing different in the Japan quake.

However the outcome is certainly not in the interests of the US.

The fallout from this is going right over the US ... therefore what mindless fool would deliberately cause it when it's clear that the fallout would come back to bite.

It's a silly idea to consider this man made.

Earth quakes will increase because man is sucking the oil out from around the edges of the plates and worse still, pumping water into the places where the oil was.

They do that to drive the last oil out.

But if the oil was designed to lube the plates (which is what it appears to do because of location) and if by removing it the friction builds up and causes heat, and if water is forced into that heated area, all one could expect is the water to turn to steam ... which expands by some 20 times in size would drive the earth plates apart and allow more and more violent quakes to happen.

Somewhere on the 20th of this month ... just 2 days from now ... there's going to be another big one.
According to "The Moon Man".

Anonymous said...

14 Reasons Japan's Economic Collapse Has Begun

Many in the mainstream media are claiming that the economy of Japan will bounce right back from this, but they are wrong. The tsunami decimated thousands of square miles. The loss of homes, cars, businesses and personal wealth is almost unimaginable. It is going to take many years to rebuild the roads, bridges, rail systems, ports, power lines and water systems that were lost. There are going to be a significant number of Japanese insurance companies and financial institutions that are going to be totally wiped out as a result of this great tragedy. Of course in the days ahead the Japanese people will band together and work hard to rebuild the nation, but the truth is that it is impossible to "bounce right back" from such a massive loss of wealth, assets and infrastructure.

(The one good piece of news: US evacuating its military from Japan, transferring them to S. Korea instead.)

Anonymous said...

I like it where it is going, this theory of the man-made.

But unfortunately I must say no.
Earthquakes are caused by continuous cooling and shrinking of the earth liquid core. When gaps are created between core and a plate, plates are supported by each other but eventually the weight is too much and the plate descends on the core. that is what causes earthquake and Tsunami.

There is some possibility that initial man-made shock could cause the plate to descend, But to figure out when to introduce the shock and where, is in my opinion beyond capability of man.

Anonymous said...

if one stops to compare..............

Valdez, Tar Sands, shale oil, Ocean Ranger, Deep Horizon, and all the refinery explosions, leaks, groundings, pipeline leaks (manmade or otherwise) really, the Japanese reactor situation pales in comparision. Add to that, all those butt fucking ugly windmills all over the freakin planet are killing millions of winged animals that use wind corridors to migrate back and forth across the land..............

Anonymous said...

It is well-known that artificial earthquake can be created by simply setting a big bomb underground or pouring water deep underground.


Google search results:

artificial earthquake > 11,700,000 hits
earthquake weapon > 15,000,000 hits
seismic weapon > 814,000 hits
pure fusion weapon > 17,800,000 hits

Anonymous said...

Judge blocks contentious Wisconsin union law

MADISON, Wis. – A Wisconsin judge issued a temporary restraining order Friday blocking the state's new and contentious collective bargaining law from taking effect, a measure that drew tens of thousands of protesters to the state Capitol and sent some Democrats fleeing to Illinois in an attempt to block a vote on it.

The judge's order is a major setback for new Republican Gov. Scott Walker and puts the future of the law in question.

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi issued the order, which was requested by that county's District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, a Democrat. Ozanne filed a lawsuit contending that a legislative committee that broke a stalemate that had kept the law in limbo for weeks met without the 24-hour notice required by Wisconsin's open meetings law. The Republican-controlled Legislature passed the measure and Walker signed it last week.

Secretary of State Doug La Follette planned to publish the law on March 25, but the judge's order will prevent that from happening, at least for now.

Assistant Attorney General Steven Means said the state will appeal the ruling, but he didn't say when. Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said in a statement that the governor was confident the bill would become law in the near future.

"This legislation is still working through the legal process," Werwie said.

A spokesman for Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald declined to comment, citing the ongoing legal fight.

Democrats were hopeful the ruling would lead to the undoing of the law.

Anonymous said...

RE: Japan - Whether fictional or real, all you need in a proven enormous unstable situation is a trigger.

And that trigger can be tiny compared to the catastrophic outcome.

Good example is an avalanche. A light small rock falling on the snow masses suffices.

To add fuel to all this speculation, could it be that a US carrier in the past year had been allowed into Tokyo Bay that was loaded with nuclear weapons, somehow planted these bombs in the harbor?

Anonymous said...


There is a highway ACROSS Tokyo bay, which is called something like "Tokyo Aqualine".
About 13 years ago, Tokyo Aqualine and many "artificial islands" were constructed.

One of the constructors was BECHTEL. And there have been a rumor among Japanese "truth seekers" since then that Bechtel might have done something wicked there.

So, I guess, the most suspicious guys are CIA agents in Bechtel, who disguised as engineers.

But there are also so many ships of special type in Tokyo bay. So, further examination is necessary.


Anonymous said...

3-11 is Japanese version of 9-11.
If they are succesful this time, they would try similar plots elsewhere.

These are Richard Koshimizu's analysis.
The battle is still ongoing. Please spread first to stop USAns.
Examine later whether Koshimizu is right when things are settled down.




Dear human species, Japan quakes are man-made!

3-11 perpetrator's volcano eruption program

Fukushima Nuke Power Plant : Nothing serious.

Daily quakes at exactly same latitude/longtitude

Look at this clear evidence of ARTIFICIAL QUAKES

3-11 Seismic Terrorism: Tokyo Quake Emegency Info!

Artificial earthquakes in Japan by D Rockefeller

Judaism calendar and magnitude terrorism

Anonymous said...

For example, look at this list. They attacked the same spots again and again. So UNNATURAL.
Also note that there were TOO MANY earthquake in a short period whose epicenters are always so SHALLOW.

Map of Japan.


Dear human species, Japan eqrthquakes are man-made. Please refer to the below data. Many quakes occur at the fixed point repeatedly. Natural quakes never show such behaviour.

These quakes are produced by Mr. David Rockefeller of CFR.

(Click this link for the list of earthquakes.It is too lng to copy and paste here.)

Anonymous said...


Benjamin Fulford say almost the same things as Koshimizu.
Watch this short video and spread world wide, please.
(Urgent!! Spread first, Discuss later.)

Benjamin Fulford (5:58, Part 2/2)



The other video of Benjamin is also available;

Benjamin Fulford (1:10, Part 1/2)

Anonymous said...

Stuxnet found in Japan in October - Is Fukushima an unintended consequence of Israel's hacker attack against Bushehr? - 19.3.11

According to the security company, the virus is designed to target a German-made program often used in systems managing water, gas and oil pipelines. The program is used at public utilities around the world, including in Japan.

Here is a nightmare scenario for you.

1. Israel and the US create Stuxnet.

2. Stuxnet is deployed to wreck Iran's nuclear power station.

3. But Stuxnet escapes from its intended target and spreads across Asia!

4. As the above article documents, Stuxnet was in Japan last October, presumably still spreading and intended to wreck nuclear power plants.

5. Stuxnet targets the Siemens controller

6. Fukushima uses the Seimens controllers Stuxnet was designed interfere with!

So now the difficulty the Fukushima nuclear plant operators faced in recovering control over their runaway reactors takes on a darker significance. Remember that the first problem following the quake was that the automated shutdown systems failed to operate at some of the reactors, because pumps failed and valves would not open even while running on batteries; the very sorts of mischief Stuxnet supposedly was designed to cause at Iran's power station.

Did we all just get hacked to death by Israel?

Would anyone reading this in Japan please forward to the Fukushima managers.


Anonymous said...

If we may briefly withdraw our attention from Japan, the so-called "allied forces" (France and UK) have begun bombing Libya. God help us all! How did China and Russia countenance such a move in the UN Security Council? All part of the deep plan to bring down the west, no matter how many people die in Muslim countries? Well, someday the tables will be turned, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Fulford? He's Jewish but is he a zionist?

This from Wiki ( taken at face value, not gospel):

"Benjamin Fulford (born 1961) is a journalist of Canadian-Jewish descent living in Japan.

His fatherwho? was a Canadian ambassador, and his childhood was split between Ottawa and various Latin American countries. He claims to be the great-grandson of George Taylor Fulford1.

In the early 1980s he came to Japan to study at Sophia University. After receiving a B.A. from the University of British Columbia he returned to Japan in the mid-1980s to pursue a career in journalism. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, the International Financing Review, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun English edition, and the South China Morning Post before moving to Forbes magazine, where he was the Asian Bureau chief from 1998 to 2005.2 After leaving Forbes he wrote a series of books in Japanese. He conducted an interview with the reclusive David Rockefeller in November 2007. He naturalized to Japanese citizenship in 2007.

On July 14, 2009 the Tokyo District Court awarded American broadcast journalist Steven L. Herman more than Yen 1,700,000 (115K euro) in the civil libel case brought against Fulford and his publisher (Herman vs. Fulford, Fusosha & M. Katagiri).3

He has claimed amongst others that:

* AIDS and SARS are bio-engineered weapons designed to reduce the African ("Black") and Asian populations. AIDS was created to reduce the African population, and SARS was meant to reduce the Asian populations of the world.4
* A Chinese secret society with a membership of 6 million (intellectuals like professors in various fields, scientists, politicians, etc.), this includes 1.8 million gangsters, and 100,000 professional assassins has issued an ultimatum to the Illuminati, warning them that if they persist with their plan to depopulate the earth, they will be killed. The society has created an alliance joining China, Russia, India, South America, ASEAN, the free Muslim nations and Africa that is united in stopping the Illuminati.5
* The 9/11 terrorist attacks were an "inside job" carried out by the US government as a false flag attack to bring about new imperial mobilization.
* The Pentagon, the oil industry, banking elite, and the pharmaceutical industry suppress inventions including free-energy and anti-gravity technology to maintain power.

* Since 2009, Fulford has stated that the US government, using a secret military program known as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has been altering the climate, and using high power microwave energy inducing earthquakes including the Asian Tsunami (2004) and earthquakes in Japan (1995), China (2008), Haiti (2010), Chile (2010), New Zealand (2011), Japan (2011).

Seems to me that the zionists don't like him very much.

- From Fulford's mouth.

Given my previous posts on this thread, this video from 3 years ago is verrrry interesting!!!

"Benjamin Fulford interviews David Rockefeller about illuminati, asian opposition"

ht tp://

Anonymous said...

It is not just "Japanese", this disaster

This is disaster for the whole world, air, ocean and every living thing!

We're all in it together.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, not there but where?

Mixing fact with fantasy confuses proper analysis. that is what Theology is for.
Fault line, very deep epicentre, previous events and fillowing events consistent with edge event. hmmm.

I wonder where nations are testing their non-existant nuclear weapons sometimes now that South Africa is not available.

Anonymous said...

How about the Bay of Tokyo, 09:39? Would that fit the bill?

Anonymous said...

Japan quake death toll passes 18,000

World Bank says economy will take years to recover, but Fukushima plant electricity is restored.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! An Israeli company, Magna, is in charge of Fukushima nuke plant. Wake up, everyone. This may not be an "accident".
Radiation leaked is exaggerated.


The CEO of the Israeli company that installed the security system at Japan's Fukushima nuclear
power plant said Thursday that those workers who have elected to stay behind are "putting
their lives on the line" to save Japan.

Magna BSP set up the security system about a year ago at the facility,
which suffered extensive damage after the recent earthquake and tsunami,
with particular concern over radiation leakage from the reactors at the site.


Magna BSP ltd
Rotem Industrial Park
D.N. Arava 86800, Israel
Tel: 972-8-6552668
Fax: 972-8-6552669

Mr. Gideon J. Rosen
Mobile: 972-52-7323543

Anonymous said...

(continued from above; R.H.)

Benjamin Fulford's latest analysis:

In his view, this is USAns' "major strategic defeat." I hope so, but am not so sure now.

US troops and occupation forces flee Japan, their lackeys flee Tokyo

The United States occupation forces in Japan are staging a major strategic defeat because they know the Japanese defense establishment knows it was elements of the US military that set off the March 11, (311) tsunami attack against Japan. This attack used nuclear weapons drilled into the seabed by submarines and not HAARP according to senior Pentagon Sources. In addition, four months ago they overruled Japanese authorities and placed deadly plutonium into the number 3 reactor at Fukushima, according to the governor of Fukushima prefecture. This was to provide a nuclear cover story for the seabed atomic attack, pentagon sources say. Needless to say, the ring-leaders of this attack are now in hiding and know they will be found.

Anonymous said...

Arabs Winning their Freedom—Americans, Rise Up for Your Freedom from Israel

There is nothing more phenomenal and delicious than historical irony.

While the Arabs are peacefully protesting and gaining their freedoms, Americans in the land of the free are occupied, subjugated, oppressed, controlled, and denied their freedom of speech against a brutal foreign occupier—Israel.

Can anyone write the word "baboon"?

Anonymous said...

The fourth Muslim country to be openly attacked by the west over the past ten years. It's Libya's turn now. Where all this is headed is anyone's guess. The only thing I can state with some certainty is that Desert Fox Gadhafi will not give them an easy time of it.

Anonymous said...

News from Libya today:

Germany says not part of the NATO operation. Turkey, too.

China and Russia complaining bitterly about the bombing of Libya. They couldn't have thought about it a bit earlier. Abstaining is all very well, whatever happened to their veto power. We hold them co-responsible with the west for whatever is happening in Libya now.

A US F15 downed in Libya. No accurate shooting on the part of those uncivilised Arabs, no. Just a technical glitch. So be it.

Well, at least some respite for the Afghan Resistance. Time the Libyans did their bit by their Muslim brethren.

Anonymous said...

Radiation found in Tokyo tap water as fight for nuclear plant continues
Reykjavik is first European city to detect particles from Japan
Official death toll tops 9,400 with 13,000 people still missing
U.S. halts food imports from affected areas of Japan
Now 'costliest natural disaster' in history with estimates at £190billion

Tokyo's tap water has been deemed 'unfit for babies' after radiation from the stricken Japanese nuclear power plant contaminated the Japanese water supply, officials have warned.

The warning comes after it emerged last night that radioactive particles have reached Europe and are heading towards Britain in the wake of the catastrophe that officials say could cost up to £190billion - making it the costliest natural disaster in history.

And fresh safety concerns arose today as black smoke was spotted emerging from Unit 3 of the plant, prompting a temporary evacuation of all workers from the complex, operators Tokyo Electric Power company said.

Water spray: Workers at Fukushima yesterday try to cool the plant

Tokyo Water Bureau officials said levels of radioactive iodine in some city tap water contained 210 becquerels per litre of iodine 131 - two times the recommended limit for infants.

They warned parents not to give babies tap water, although they said it is not an immediate health risk for adults.

Nearly two weeks after the twin March 11 disasters, nuclear officials were still struggling to stabilise the damaged and overheated Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant, which has been leaking radiation since the disasters knocked out the plant's cooling systems.

Anonymous said...

Hey, folks, wasn't yesterday, the 8th anniversary, if I'm not mistaken, of the last phase of the 2003 Iraq war?

Iraqi Holocaust and Iraqi Genocide (1990-2011) totaling 6.9 millions! ..brought to you by Jew –WEST. Now, the same folks will bomb Libya! Perhaps because Gadhafi wanted to introduce the gold dinar?

The parallels between Iraq and Libya are growing more astounding by the day.

Anonymous said...

The Portuguese governtment falls as PM Jose Socrates fails to withstand no confidence vote. The result:

Portugal faces bailout
Prospect of £61bn rescue as Government loses crucial vote.

Has it struck anyone that even as the Arab countries continue in an uproar, tumult in EU countries, though less spectacular, continues apace?

Anonymous said...

There we have it. Japan's crimes in a nutshell. RH, Dear people of Japan, please to forgive the horror below:

Rabbi: Japan’s Disasters Due to Prosecution of Hasidic Drug Smugglers - 23.3.11

A Rabbi says that “God is landing blow after blow on the Japanese" because they are detaining hasidic yeshiva students on drug related charges.

The Rabbi argues that "Only goyyim [non-Jews] know what drugs are. Rather than [Japan] admitting its mistake, it continues to hold them, and for that [Japan] is punished.”

Anonymous said...

Japan out of the news. That is what the suffferings of the Japanese amount to for the world press and its minions, emotional titillation for a few short days. Swines! But carry on with your capitalist daydreaming. Payback time is round the corner.

Today, Bahrain might flare up again. They've called for a Day of Rage. Don't get taken in by the Zio efforts in Syria. Saudi Arabia, flexing its shabby muscles, has decreed Yemen's Saleh need no longer be propped up. And Libya's woes are known to all, the latest move in the War on Muslims campaign. Only the innocence of the Egyptians still somewhat preserved.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous breach suspected at Japanese nuke plant (AP)- 25.3.11

AP - A suspected breach in the reactor core at one unit of a stricken Fukushima nuclear plant could mean more serious radioactive contamination, Japanese officials said Friday, revealing what may prove a major setback in the mission to bring the leaking plant under control.

(There is this in the news, though. We who follow Fulford and RH and likeminded Japanese on this, we know exactly where the contamination is coming from. The US bombs exploded under the seabed. As long as only one of us still survives to proclaim the truth some hope for the future of the world remains somewhat intact.)

Anonymous said...

The fall of the Portuguese government prompted Standard & Poor's to downgrade Portugal's credit ratings by two notches to BBB on Friday and warned it could cut it again by one notch as early as next week depending on the final shape of the euro zone bailout fund.

S&P, which followed a two-notch cut by Fitch on Thursday, said the collapse of Portugal's government has increased political uncertainty, hurting market confidence and potentially raising refinancing risk.

Fitch cut Portugal's credit rating to A-, saying risks to the country's financing had risen after parliament failed to pass fiscal consolidation measures. It warned further downgrades were likely in the absence of a "timely and credible" EU/IMF support programme.

Anonymous said...

Latest Earthquake to hit: (25.3.11)

Burma, a pretty bad one at that, if media are to be believed, somewhere in the region of 6.8. More when we know more.

Anonymous said...


I am happy to find your post. There are only a few who think like that. Western media are so hysteric that, it seems to me, they are intentionally trying to create a panic in Tokyo.
Even alternative media like etc. are completely deceived, too.

Remember that some researchers say micro-nukes were used in Bali (2002) and Beirut(2005)? (and Israel's involvement was very likely.)

I even suspect that explosions in Fukushima nuke plant were caused by similar micro-nukes. The radiation at Fukushima plant might come from those micro-nukes. Recall that an Israeli company, Magna,was in charge of maintaining the "security system" of the power plant

Did you see Japanese troops and firefighters pour water in reactors? Many criticized it because reactors are so big and hence pouring such amount of water seems meaningless. It's much more important to recover electricity of the failed cooling system first.

But, remember that after 911 they poured water for THREE MONTHS at what had been WTC. The main aim was supposed to be washing away tritium which was created by pure hydrogen bombs.

Everything smells.


Anonymous said...

R.H. Everything you say corresponds absolutely to what many of have suspected all along. One aspect of it alone still continues to puzzly me, however: the use of water to wash away the traces of the crime. This implies that the Japanese government is hand in glove with the enemy. Is the Japanese government trying to genocide its own people? The thought is so monstrous, specially in the cultural context of Japan, the mind simply boggles.

As for, not to worry. It's a zio setup, too. Those who really perceive the truth behind the facts showered upon us are a small group, a very small group, indeed. We just have to live with this sad observation.

Anonymous said...

A 400.000-strong anti-cuts march being carried out in London at the time of writing. Impressive. Would have been even more so had the cause been to bring to an end one of the brutal ongoing wars carried out be the west, But we take what we get. The uprisings began in the west, went over to the Arab world and from there is now returning to the west.

Anonymous said...

10 Million Times Normal Level of Radioactivity in Water at No.2 Reactor- 26.3.11

Multiple news reports have indicated that radiation levels in the water at the Fukushima nuclear power plant reactor #2 have risen to 10 million times the normal level.

“It is highly likely the fuel rods have been damaged and high levels of radioactive materials leaked in the water,” said Naoto Sekimura, professor of atomic energy at Tokyo University. “I believe the leak is coming from the pipes and valves,” reported

Anonymous said...

No chance of any industrial base returning to US anytime soon. 50.000 US industrial jobs lost every month since 2001.

Anonymous said...


I know what you mean......
Altough I knew there are many CIA agents in Japanese government and large corporations, It's really mind-boggling to find things this bad.

>As for, not to worry. It's a zio setup, too

I often heard Alex Jones is a Zionist shill. But, Rense, too! If you have concrete evidences or any info on this topic, would you please let me know?

Anonymous said...

You probably heard a lot of news that say radiation leak was so terrible. Here, I present a opposite report (in Japanese, unfortunately).

On March 19. Prof. Soejima, who is one of most famous "anti-globalists," went into the evacuation zone with a Geiger-counter in hand.
He got as close as only 8km from the nuke plant and found nothing wrong there, although all media continued to scream as if devastation of Tokyo is certain.

Look at this page. Some pictures are on it.
The professor shows his Geiger-counter under a road-sign to tell readers that there in no problem. (the unit is "micro Sievert per hour")

Why do the mass media, in particular English speaking ones, neglect this kind of report?
Isn't it very easy for them to do the same to check that his report is true or not?


Anonymous said...

Magnitude-6.5 quake off Japan; small tsunami alert - 27.3.11

(AP) -- A magnitude-6.5 earthquake shook eastern Japan off the quake-ravaged coast on Monday morning (Japan time), the U.S. Geological Survey reported, prompting Japan to issue a tsunami alert.

(Anything new on this?)

Anonymous said...

RH, Thanks for the illluminating comments and the link.

About, I heard it from Joe Vialls himself with whom I was on writing terms before death claimed him. Rense refused to let Joe write further on their blog and turned into his enemy because of his uncompromising anti-Zionist stance. Pay Pal also cut off his finances, etc. The Joe who died had very little money to his name finally to support himself and his family.

Latest one has heard about Japan today: 24.000 missing/dead, no more cremations, but burials for the dead because of kerosine shortages, tap water contaminated and not to be used for children in any case and perhaps adults as well, the Japanese are bringing back their money home to start the rebuilding process.

And now for this link if you don't know it already, that of the US reporter James Corbett who is stationed in Japan itself: You might hear something interesting there occasionally.

Anonymous said...

BTW: what Joe said, poiuytr confirmed later. They also gave poiuytr the boot, if memory serves aright.

Anonymous said...

Japan is doomed, so is USA. Please watch link below:

Anonymous said...

President Saleh: Six of Yemen’s 18 provinces have fallen to rebel forces - 28.3.11

...In recent days, government forces have abandoned their posts across the country, including areas where northern rebels have long challenged the military and southern provinces where Al Qaeda’s Arabian branch has maintained sanctuaries, Yemeni officials and witnesses said.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh cast the government’s losses in stark terms on Sunday, telling a committee from his political party that 6 of Yemen’s 18 provinces “have fallen.”...

Anonymous said...

The euro struggling for survival

Like with all fiat currencies, the euro is struggling to survive the threat of its imminent disappearance. All EU-countries are floundering in a sea of debt brought about their profligate spending and the high entitlement programmes with which they have bought up their citizens.

Now the day of reckoning in approaching. Greece is slated to announce its inability to meet the sovereign debt anyday now. Sovereing debt default. Portugal stands in need of its first bailout. Ireland we know about already. Spain should follow, then Italy and France and, and, and.

Anonymous said...

Gold Replacing Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency?

$105 per barrel oil. Cotton prices at record levels. Food prices at 2008 highs. Typically, such commodity price increases would send central banks running to the U.S. Dollar to secure the value of their savings. After all, the dollar has been the reserve currency since World War I.

But not this time.

Central banks are shedding dollars, reducing their holdings by about $9 billion in previous quarter, according to some.

What are they buying instead? Gold.

Anonymous said...

GEAB N°53 is available! Global systemic crisis: Second half of 2011 – Get ready for the meltdown of the US Treasury Bond market

Beyond its tragic human consequences, the terrible disaster that has just hit Japan weakens the shaky US Treasury Bond market a little more. In the GEAB No. 52, our team had already explained how the sequence of Arab revolutions, this fall of the “petro-dollar” wall, would translate during 2011 into the cessation of the massive purchases of US Treasury Bonds by the Gulf States. In this issue, we anticipate that the sudden shock experienced by the Japanese economy will lead not only to the halt in US T-Bond purchases by Japan, but it will force the authorities in Tokyo to make substantial sales of a significant portion of their US Treasury Bond reserves to finance the enormous cost of stabilization, reconstruction and revival of the Japanese economy.

With Japan and the Gulf States alone accounting for 25% of the total 4.4 trillion USD of US federal debt (December 2010), LEAP/E2020 believes that this new situation which is asserting itself during the first quarter of 2011, against a background of China’s increasing reluctance (holding 20% of US Treasury Bonds) to continue to invest in US government debt, carries the seeds for the collapse of the US Treasury Bond market in the second half of 2011, a market that now has only a single buyer: the US Federal Reserve.

It is certain that the context of the crisis of US local authority securities (Munis) and European government debt (the entire periphery of the EU, including the United Kingdom) that our team anticipated for this timeframe (see GEAB N°50 ), will only exacerbate the event. Moreover, it is highly significant that PIMCO the world’s largest bond fund manager decided, at the end of February 2011, to liquidate its US Treasury Bond holdings. And that was before the disaster in Japan!

Anonymous said...

‘Maximum Alert’ In Japan Over Fukushima Nuke Crisis As TEPCO Head Vanishes - 29.3.11

Workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant are working like sixty, attempting to stop the spread of radioactive materials into the ocean as well as avoid a full scale meltdown.

In a startling development, Crews found traces of plutonium in the soil outside of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex on Monday, but officials continued to insist there was no threat to public health. Plutonium is highly dangerous and has raised the level of fear tenfold.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has stated that Japan is on Maximum Alert and the situation remains unpredictable and ever changing.

Please to note as well that, according to the laws of the land, TECPCO cannot be held accountainable for any meltdown of its plants, etc.

Anonymous said...

Stricken Portugal 'lacks the cash to meet debt payments'

But Portugal insisted it could cope with looming debt repayments, after analysts warned it does not have enough money to meet its obligations.

Debt-heavy Portugal's hopes of avoiding a financial bailout were fading fast Wednesday as the country's borrowing rates continued their upward spiral to hit new euro-era highs.

The debt-laden nation faces around €9bn (£7.9bn) in bond redemptions by June, but currently has no more than €5bn in cash, analysts at Barclays Capital estimated.

"Portugal needs to find financing in the coming weeks in some way," they said, suggesting credit lines or some sort of bridge loan. "In our opinion, Portugal is likely to find financing, but it is not in a comfortable position."

Portugal denied that it could not afford to pay off its debt.

Carlos Costa Pina, the country's treasury secretary, told Bloomberg: "Portugal has conditions to face up to the debt redemption commitments scheduled for 2011, especially the redemptions of long-term debt that will take place in April and June."

However, Portugal's 10-year bonds are trading with yields at euro-era highs of over 8pc, as investors demand more reward for taking on the risk.

Anonymous said...

Japan news is going round in circles. Entombent of the power plants, this comes up repeatedly and nothing is done about^it. Talk of nationalising TEPCO. What's holding them up there then? Also, as regards the cause of the whole misery, the latest story doing the rounds, with due scorn poured over the HAARP theory, etc. is the Stuxnet virus which has been doing the rounds of various power plants, including the one in Bushehr in Iran. Wil we ever get to know the truth and, damn the truth, how about bringing this disaster to some sort of a successful conclusion. Chernobyl lasted six days. Fukushina has been going on for weeks now.

Anonymous said...

European Central Bank Set to Raise Interest Rates Before Fed - March 31, 2011

After following the Federal Reserve’s lead for over a decade, the European Central Bank is poised to launch a series of interest rate hikes before the U.S. central bank for the first time in the ECB’s history.

The change from the traditional pattern reflects the ECB’s greater preoccupation with inflation pressures, as well as its higher level of discomfort with the emergency bond-buying programmes run by central banks.

But the “decoupling” of ECB and Fed policies is also the result of an historic shift in the global economy: the increased influence that Asia, rather than the United States, is having on the euro zone’s economy.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, thank you. Got the message. Twice I post it, twice you remove it. What a bloody laugh! James, sometimes I think you really don't know what you are doing. What the hell was wrong with that Ellen Brown piece I posted on Japan Post? Care to give us the benefit of your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

OK, quit quibbling, folks.

Wisconsin Judge Declares Union Law Not In Effect

Wisconsin judge on Thursday did what thousands of pro-union protesters and boycotting Democratic lawmakers couldn't, forcing Republican Gov. Scott Walker to halt plans to implement a law that would strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights and cut their pay.

Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi, who had issued an order intended to block implementation of the law while she considered a challenge to its legitimacy and warned of sanctions for noncompliance, amended her order Thursday to clarify that the law had not taken effect, as Republican leaders argued it had.

Perhaps this will not have some effect on similar Ohio legislation as well.

Anonymous said...



In Benjamin's view, the main criminal is Jay Rockefeller (= John D. Rockefeller).


Anonymous said...

Thanks R.H. From us to you simply: Japan is never far from our thoughts and we know the country is going to make it and come out even stronger and better than before.

Anonymous said...

I've just finished listening to the 5 Fulford videos as per R.H.'s link. Fascinating stuff, all of it and if even only a fraction of it is true, there is much hope for all of us that a new era might be dawning for the entire world: rebuilding instead of just plain destruction and sheer msasacre.

Anonymous said...

More Americans work for the government than in manufacturing, farming, fishing, forestry, mining and utilities combined. : Every state in America today except for two—Indiana and Wisconsin—has more government workers on the payroll than people manufacturing industrial goods

Anonymous said...

EU Secretly Authorizes Emergency Order Allowing Large Increase Of Radiation In Food - 3.2.11

Kopp Online, Xander News and other non-English news agencies are reporting that the EU implemented a secret “emergency” order without informing the public which increases ed the amount of radiation in food by up to 20 times previous food standards.

According to EU bylaws radiation limits may be raised during a nuclear emergency to prevent food shortages, but there is anger across Europe. Foodwatch is quoted “These rules now to bring into force is absurd, because in Europe there are no nuclear emergency, and certainly no shortage of food”.

Anonymous said...

Somebody analyzed the seismic wave of the 311 earthquake.
The wave looks very unnatural and resembles those created by nuclear tests.
(Notice the sudden big spike in the beginning.)

Conclusion: This earthquake was man-made.

Here is a link. If you are convinced, please help us spread information.
We are probably in "war," because it seems they are still trying to create a social panic in Tokyo.


Japan's 3/11/11 Mega 9.1 Earthquake: Another Illuminati Production?

Anonymous said...

Oil price reaches high - 4.3.11

Price of oil touches $120, highest level since the recession.

Anonymous said...

RH, Have posted your comment elsewhere as well. Except that I being wondering whether it makes any sense at all. If Japan is "in war", then the people behind it are no others than the West. Asking them to take notice of what is happening is like asking an attacker to ask forgiveness from the attacked. West sheeple are interested in one thing and one thing alone: their own wallets. Not another thing otherwise, no offence intended towards the restricted circle of the wise in the west.

Anonymous said...

Where is the late Joe Viallis when, we really need him with
his many sources of information????

The 3/11 Attack and the ongoing World Environmental War

Yes, the Japanese earthquake was a geo-political earthquake. The Rothschilds want the Japanese and the Chinese to support the dollar. Manmade earthquakes are quite different from natural earthquakes, notably because of ionospheric disturbance. The first such earthquake that was detected was in 1964 in Alaska of course (which is where HAARP was subsequently set up in plain sight in February 1992). This was followed by an attack on Tashkent in the former Soviet Union in 1966. What should worry us more is the fact that the whole 2012 fantasy is a massive and very successful psy-op which is aimed at providing a cover for a World Environmental War that is already well under way; aimed at terminal global economic disruption and Kissinger's long awaited massive reduction in world population - in case anybody hadn't noticed. Evelyn de Rothschild is finally getting his act together after the 9/11 farce and the Iran fiasco. However, it is rather surprising that not one seismologist in the world has had the common sense to put two and two together and make four. Fachidioten! Evelyn is literally waging war on the whole world (except Israel) and getting away with it. Not bad for a kike with a girl's name! Meanwhile the SAS fucks about in Libya instead of moving in on Waddesdon Manor.

Anonymous said...

Various comments on the Japanese situation

- Just note
You can't create earthquakes but you can trigger ones that are going to happen anyway.

- Japan is allowed to build a dirty bomb...
...stop these nuclear stupidity in Japan. What are we waiting for? These nice Japanese people poison the planet.

- It's a US design
Blame America for the destruction of the northern hemisphere.

Anonymous said...

The depraved west swine preparing another false flag operation:

Expert Warns Terrorists Could Crash Planes by Remote Control at an airlines meeting - 4.4.11

Airplanes could be taken over by remote control and forced to crash with the use of newly invented computer software, according to an expert cited by The Courier-Mail on Monday.

Like the World Trade Towers?

Anonymous said...

Feedback for RH:

- You guys are thinking Poseidon:

The Amerikkkans have no such a weapon. The only ones able to provoke earthquakes are the ancient Greek gods, and Jeeeeeeehova. The Untied Snakes has nothing to win with the Japanese crisis. Whole Japanese industrial cities are going to be moved to China and China will only win financial and industrial power in Asia. With the nuclear reactors failing, the whole world is entering a very dangerous era in which the only source of energy is oil and oil is running out. The Amerikkkans might be retarded, war criminals and all you want or need, but they wont do something that so clearly would play against them.

- One of the above bloggers was spot on:

You are right. We the people are just too feeble-minded to grasp the significance of evil as it is practised against us. It is too simple and too complex at the same time. We suspect these natural disasters and man-made revolutions and false-flags to be somehow related but fail to realise the truth. We can't connect the dots. So much has happened over the last few months and years that we are in mental over-load. That was McArthur's "excuse" in not reacting to the near-simultaneous Japanese attacks in Hawaii and the Philippines. And as a result he let Clark Field be bombed with little resistance. Maybe he let it happen as part of the plan? Only a couple of kittyhawks got off the ground. OK we've got it now. It's clear. They are making arrangements to terminate a large number of us right here and now. The process has started. Once that is achieved the planet and all its riches is theirs. Who are they? No need to ask. It is all who hold power and wealth. The elites. Looking back I suspect they had most everyone on board some 12-15 years ago. The political newcomers are already groomed, that is why they make the same noises no matter which country they are from. It probably took place at a select gathering on some private estate not at a Bilderburg conference. Who are the remaining standouts? The non-aligned nations? Maybe. But not all. If you can think of the worst thing that can happen from here on you are probably understating things. As Oliver said to Stan "that's another nice mess you've gotten us into".

- What a stupid article.

Another Illuminati Production? because if it is the Illuminati don't want to inhabit the northern hemisphere for the next 400 years.

So the The Rothschilds want the Japanese and the Chinese to support the dollar??
So they destroy Japan and force the Japanese to draw back their investments from all round the world to rebuild their nation?
That crushed the US$.

Japan is now a dead island and so is every country in the northern hemisphere.
2/3rds of the world population is now dead looking for the time and place for it to happen.

The shit that has gone up into the atmosphere is raining down all over America, ya think America would set off a blast to do that?

Syrian the only reason I'd agree with you here is because it was an American company who built this disaster looking for a place to happen.

People are grasping at paranoia here and this stupid post is drawing out the worst.

- Dear bloggers, listen for once:

Japanese dissidents living in Japan have provided us with such news for whatever it's worth with a request we acquaint the west with the facts. If for no other reason, then out of sheer respect for their plight, they deserve to be given a halfway polite hearing. Did anyone turn round and say: Serve them right when Christchurch was hit?

I just want to point out one small matter: The West are screaming their heads off about radiation and God alone knows what else. I'm more impressed by the fact that Japsn's closer neighbours, China and Russia, have so far failed to pick up any over-alarming radiation figures in their own countries. How come? Everything about the Japanese tragedy sounds extraordinary to my ears.

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Institute for Historical Review you have linked on the side has connections to Neo Nazis and the white nationalist movement.

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