Israel the Promised Land for Organized Crime

The always brilliant David Duke once again exposes and explains the duplicity, obfuscations, and criminality of Global Zionism.

Published 02:25 03.12.10
Latest update 02:25 03.12.10

WikiLeaks: U.S. worried Israel becoming 'the promised land' for organized crime
U.S. Embassy follows Israeli crime families closely and considers them a serious threat, cable shows.

By Barak Ravid

The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv sent a cable to the State Department in May 2009 expressing little confidence in the Israel Police's ability to counter the growing wave of organized crime.

The cable, released on WikiLeaks, said the embassy was taking pains to prevent members of crime families from being issued visas to the United States.

The cable, under the headline "Israel, a promised land for organized crime?" notes that the U.S. Embassy was following Israeli crime families closely and considered them a serious threat to the United States. The embassy has set up a database on the subject with the help of Israeli and American law-enforcement agencies.

"Given the growing reach and lethal methods of Israeli OC [Organized Crime], blocking the travel of known OC figures to the United States is a matter of great concern," according to the cable, signed by James Cunningham, the U.S. ambassador to Israel.

The author, however, is probably the Tel Aviv consul responsible for granting visas to Israelis, or perhaps a U.S. law-enforcement attache.

The cable describes the violence among crime families that began in November 2008 with the murder of Ya'akov Alperon. "Israeli crime boss Yaakov Alperon was assassinated in broad daylight in a gruesome attack on the streets of Tel Aviv, only about a mile away from the Embassy."

Also described is the shooting of an innocent bystander on a Bat Yam beach during an attempt on the life of Rami Amira. The assassinations of Abutbul family members in Netanya are also noted.

The authors point to leading Israeli crimes families such as the Alperons, Abergils, Abutbuls, Rosensteins and Shirazis. They focus on gambling, extortion, trafficking in women, loan sharking and control over the recycling market.

Quoting a source, the authors note that "in recent years, however, the rules of the game have changed ... the old school of Israel OC is giving way to a new, more violent, breed of crime."

They note that "the new style of crime features knowledge of hi-tech explosives acquired from service in the Israeli Defense Forces, and a willingness to use indiscriminate violence, at least against rival gang leaders. New OC business also includes technology-related crimes, such as stock market and credit card fraud, and operates on a global scale."

The embassy informs the State Department about a new police unit, "called Lahav 433. The elite unit operates under the direct command of the police commissioner, and is charged specifically with infiltrating and eliminating Israel's major crime syndicates."

The embassy source, however, "expressed skepticism that recent arrests will bear fruit in the long term without a sustained commitment to enforcement. He noted that many of the crime leaders remain active while in prison and their operations are not hampered significantly even when they are convicted and jailed."

The cable notes that it is unclear how far the crime families have penetrated the government, but it mentions the 2004 arrest of former minister Gonen Segev, who tried to smuggle thousands of Ecstasy pills into Israel, and the election of Inbal Gavrieli to the Knesset in 2003.

"The election of Inbal Gavrieli to the Knesset in 2003 as a member of Likud raised concerns about OC influence in the party's Central Committee. Gavrieli is the daughter of a suspected crime boss, and she attempted to use her parliamentary immunity to block investigations into her father's business."


Anonymous said...

Give us five, James. Super! You name the crime, Israel has it organised on the territory it holds. And the few on which it might have missed out, US supplies the needful. What a world, man, what a world! Really a case of the lunatics/criminals leading the asylum/world.

Anonymous said...

China, the new superpower wants to handle their entire future foreign trade in yuan, not in dollars. Beijing shakes America's claim to represent the key currency - with serious consequences for the U.S..

The announcement was inconspicuous , but it has the potential, to permanently change the balance of power on the world currency market: China strengthens the international role of the yuan. All exporters and importers will, this year, be allowed to settle their business with their foreign partners in Yuan, the central bank said on Wednesday in Beijing.

This will respond to the growing importance of the yuan as a global reserve currency. "The market demand for cross-border use of the yuan rises," said the central bank. The PBoC had previously tested this plan by allowing 67 000 enterprises in 20 provinces to run their business abroad in yuan. The trade volume amounted to the equivalent of €56 billion.

Now the amount of yuan to be extended, it should be handled much more business in Chinese currency - and less in the U.S. Chinese companies trade at present often in dollars, they are thus dependent on the decisions of the U.S. Federal Reserve to pay on it in a rising oil price and will have pay higher transaction fees than necessary. That should change now.

Currently, the People's Republic can hardly take yuan out of the country and even that is monitored within the boundary of all legitimate capital flows. Chinese exporters have to change a large part of their euro, yen or dollars at a fixed rate revenue in yuan. Foreign companies wishing to do business in China must do so in Yuan, they can exchange their money in the People's Republic. Tourists are allowed a maximum of 20,000 yuan and exporting. Yuan an international market can not occur - and not on supply and demand-based exchange rate.

Anonymous said...

Well done, D.D., well done. Once again you gave us much food for thought. And once again my respect for Vladimir Putin was reinforced for his courage in standing up to the bosses of the Russian Jewish mafia.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Dr Duke, Re: Assange = Mossad, the verdict is out, has een out for sometime now, namely Guilty as charge.

His chilling description of Meyer Lansky and Murder Inc. was, however, a masterly piece of work.

Anonymous said...

In Libya today, world media announces the start of the "civil war". Let's wait and see what comes of it. But while civil war is being announced in Libya, signs of another of these wars are surfacing between two other very much more important entities: the west and the Freeworld.

Let's beging with the economy. Today's MSM provide us with these interesting snippets:

State pension to be raised
'Biggest improvement to State pensions in a lifetime' to be unveiled in Britain

US unemployment falls
Signs of a sustainable recovery in world's largest economy.

So God's in his heaven all's right with the world attitude we are supposed to adopt towards the debt-ridden west. OK, fine. We believe all this, we're just about ripe for our place in Bedlam.

And then the purely military aspect of things. Tje west is once again gearing up for an attack on yet another Muslim country. And the lazy beggars, they are using exactly the same scenario they did for Iraq, minus the weapons of mass destruction. A dictator terrorising his own people, down the the use of "mustard gas" as attributed to the great Saddam Hussein. The infamous no-fly zone is still fresh in all our memories. No need to go on about that, I suppose.

Counter-attack from the Freeworld? It's bound to come. But the first signs have not yet made themselves clear. I feel extremely sorry for the Libyan people. At the same time I cannot but rejoice for those of Afghanistan and Iraq. Makes their task a bit easier to get rid of the invaders.

Anonymous said...

Anti-govt. protests held in Saudi Arabia

Hundreds of Saudis have taken to the streets in the eastern province of al-Ahsa, demanding the immediate release of a senior Shia cleric...

Anonymous said...

Saudis mobilise thousands of troops to quell growing revolt
Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saudi Arabia was yesterday drafting up to 10,000 security personnel into its north-eastern Shia Muslim provinces, clogging the highways into Dammam and other cities with busloads of troops in fear of next week's "day of rage" by what is now called the "Hunayn Revolution".

Saudi Arabia's worst nightmare – the arrival of the new Arab awakening of rebellion and insurrection in the kingdom – is now casting its long shadow over the House of Saud. Provoked by the Shia majority uprising in the neighbouring Sunni-dominated island of Bahrain, where protesters are calling for the overthrow of the ruling al-Khalifa family, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is widely reported to have told the Bahraini authorities that if they do not crush their Shia revolt, his own forces will.

The opposition is expecting at least 20,000 Saudis to gather in Riyadh and in the Shia Muslim provinces of the north-east of the country in six days, to demand an end to corruption and, if necessary, the overthrow of the House of Saud. Saudi security forces have deployed troops and armed police across the Qatif area – where most of Saudi Arabia's Shia Muslims live – and yesterday would-be protesters circulated photographs of armoured vehicles and buses of the state-security police on a highway near the port city of Dammam.

Nussiminen said...

Now it's time for a little "anti-semitism", folks! Just can't restrain my nasty desires for adding insult to injury when it comes to the Ziocolony. Isn't it just AAAWFUL?

Anyway, starting out with elite unit "Lahav 433", it was said above that:

>> The elite unit operates under the direct command of the police commissioner, and is charged specifically with infiltrating and eliminating Israel's major crime syndicates >>

Wrong -- or at least flawed: The very Zionist Entity proper along with all its "legal" bodies and "legal" citizenry comprise a crime syndicate par excellence, stinking to High Heaven. Consequently, in order to live up to its "elite" pretensions, Lahav 433 would have to join forces with Hamas and Hezbollah. Not very likely, eh?

Then we have one of the cases in point, Inbal Gavrieli:

>> She attempted to use her parliamentary immunity to block investigations into her father's business >>

Perfectly understandable, given the Ziocolony's protection from any punishment whatsoever in response to its never-ending atrocities at "home" and abroad.

Victory to the Arab peoples!

Anonymous said...

Nussiminen, definitely: Victory to the Arab Street over their treacherous rulers. And high time, too.

As for anti-semitism, I wonder what that should be, something to eat or what? How about, for a change, "anti-goyism" which is exactly what all this has been about for some time now. Abd I'm not "scapegoating", as some might think, it simply happens to be the plain, blunt truth.

But thanks for setting us straight about Lahav 433.

Anonymous said...

The Mideast and the New Oil Order

In 2009, the most recent year for which such data is available, BP reported that suppliers in the Middle East and North Africa jointly produced 29 million barrels per day, or 36% of the world's total oil supply - and even this doesn't begin to suggest the region's importance to the petroleum economy. More than any other area, the Middle East has funneled its production into export markets to satisfy the energy cravings of oil-importing powers like the United States, China, Japan, and the European Union. We're talking 20 million barrels funneled into export markets every day. Compare that to Russia, the world's top individual producer, at seven million barrels in exportable oil, the continent of Africa at six million, and South America at a mere one million.

As it happens, Middle Eastern producers will be even more important in the years to come because they possess an estimated two-thirds of remaining untapped petroleum reserves. According to recent projections by the US Department of Energy, the Middle East and North Africa will jointly provide approximately 43% of the world's crude petroleum supply by 2035 (up from 37% in 2007), and will produce an even greater share of the world's exportable oil.

To put the matter baldly: the world economy requires an increasing supply of affordable petroleum. The Middle East alone can provide that supply. That's why Western governments have long supported "stable" authoritarian regimes throughout the region, regularly supplying and training their security forces. Now, this stultifying, petrified order, whose greatest success was producing oil for the world economy, is disintegrating. Don't count on any new order (or disorder) to deliver enough cheap oil to preserve the Petroleum Age.

Anonymous said...

The US economy described in US words

The US unstoppable, self reinforcing, negative-feedback-loop whereby:

1.Debt monetization (printing money out of thin air to cover the portion of governments spending not satisfied by tax revenue and borrowing) reduces the value of the dollar.
2.The debt monetization triggers dollars to flow out of bonds and into commodities.
3.This increases demand, commodity prices rise.
4.As commodities make their way into the supply chains businesses and consumers realize higher prices.
5.Since globalization has caused wages to stagnate at 1970 levels, and with 23% unemployment, businesses try to eat increases, this in turn reduces hiring, causes layoffs and kills expansion.
6.Consumers reduce their purchases, case in point: Wal-Mart is losing market share to the Dollar Store - that right there spells retail health (read: it’s terminal).
7.Nations whose citizens spend 32%-52% of their entire budget on food are especially affected.
8.In those nations where citizens spend 32%-52% of total their income on food; food riots erupt, social unrest breaks out, governments topple.
9.Geographically speaking, many of these nations are in the Middle East where about a third of the world's oil supply comes from - so oil production is adversely affected, the price of oil increases. Drastically increases. The empire must then send in troops and warships to protect oil assets from being wiped off the map.
10.Oil is an integral part of everything from farming to manufacturing to transportation, therfore the prices of all goods and services rise.
11.This of course creates more stress on the US economy, which drives tax revenues down, whicH creates a greater deficit, which causes idiot Ben B. to lean on the print button and monetize even more debt.
12.Like an infinite loop in some errant computer code we go back to #1 above and iterate back through this unstoppable, self reinforcing, negatively-insane-Ben Bernanke-code that we call a negative self reinforcing feedback loop.

Further Bernanke's Crimes Against Humanity
Exporting Higher Food Prices to Poor Nations:
The price of grain and many other foor comodities are set in US Dollars. Creating more dollars reduces the dollars purchasing power. Creating more dollars makes investors flee securities and rush to hard assets, like grain, corn, soy, oil, cotton, coffee, sugar and so on.
The result: many more die of stravation the world over. All these victims' deaths are Bernanke's doing.

Anonymous said...

European Central Bank misreads oil spike again, and kicks Spain in the teeth

The European Central Bank has once again risen to the bait. Faced with an oil supply shock that deflates incomes, it plans to tighten the vice yet further with a knee-jerk rate rise in April.

Spain is now being whacked again. One-year Euribor rates jumped 14 basis points to 1.92pc within hours after ECB chief Jean-Claude Trichet uttered the code words “strong vigilance”. As the ECB knows, this is the rate used to price most Spanish mortgages.

Homeowners due for rescheduling in March will take the hit immediately. Fresh waves will follow each month, with knock-on effects for banks and Cajas already grappling with record defaults. Fitch Ratings said on Friday that the financial system will need €38bn in fresh capital to right the ship.

The Spanish might justly feel aggrieved, and judging by the comment threads of the Madrid press – "Put Trichet on trial", "Leave the EU immediately", "Create a currency for the South" – a vocal minority of Spaniards are going through their moment of EMU Epiphany.

Spain is doing what is required: slashing its twin deficits; biting the bullet on the Cajas (unlike Germany with the Landesbanken); and boosting exports faster than France or Italy. But Spain's chances of pulling through without a blow-up are contingent on EU authorities not committing another blunder.

Anonymous said...

Friends, I hope you're all keeping an eye on Madison, Wisconsin, now into its third week of protests. If the baboons are ever to wake up, only Madison, Wisconsin can do it. May the protests turn into an insurrection and the insurrection into a revolution.

Anonymous said...

Vast reserves of coal in the far west of China mean it is set to become the "new Middle East", a leading figure in the global coal industry has claimed. Fred Palmer, the chairman of the London-based World Coal Association and a key executive at Peabody Energy, the world's largest privately owned coal company, also said that China is leading the US in efforts to develop technology to "clean" coal of its carbon emissions by burying them underground.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Guardian, Palmer dismissed the idea that the world might ever experience "peak coal" – the point at which maximum global coal production rate is reached. "The Dakotas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas all have large, large amounts of lignite [brown coal]," he said. "Or in western China and Mongolia you have lower-ranked coals. So I don't think there's a peak coal problem. I think Xinjiang province in the west of China, where they say there's a trillion tonnes of resources, will be the new Middle East. Anyone who has the notion that we're going to move away from fossil fuels just isn't paying attention."

China is "ahead of the US" when it comes to developing low-carbon coal technology, said Palmer, and "we should be doing what they are doing". This weekend, the Chinese government announced a new five-year plan, which included a pledge to reduce emissions growth relative to GDP by 17 per cent. Palmer added that the world should "applaud" China for consuming so much coal "because it makes the world better for everyone for no other reason that it takes huge price pressures off of oil". China processes a significant amount of its coal to produce liquid fuels which can be used as an oil replacement.

Anonymous said...

And another piece of news reported today about China about which I say: Tremble the world over.

China is thinking of relaxing its one-child policy. West never appreciated what China did for the entire world. Instead they kept mumbling rubbish about human rights violations and the like. Let China lift the restriction, within no time its population will have doubled to that of India. Tremble the world, tremble.

Anonymous said...

Greek debt price soars as Moody's cuts credit rating below Egypt - 7.3.11

The Greek government has reacted angrily to Moody's decision to cut the country's credit rating below that of Egypt, a move that prompted investors to dump the debt of other struggling European economies.

The Greek Finance Ministry has described Moody's move as "totally unjustfied". The country's debt was lowered to B1 from Ba1, as the ratings agency warned that Greece faces a shortfall in tax revenue and huge challenges in reforming state-owned companies and its costly healthcare system.

"The sheer magnitude of the task is becoming ever more apparent," said Sarah Carlson, an analyst at Moody's.

The Greek Finance Ministry yesterday described Moody's move as "totally unjustfied".

"Having completely missed the build-up of risk that led to the global financial crisis in 2008, the rating agencies are now competing with each other to be the first to identify risks that will lead to the next crisis," it said.

The row did little to reassures investors, who drove the yield on 10-year Greek bonds to 12.32pc, as prices for Irish and Portguese bonds also fell.

Anonymous said...

The Lstest from Wisconsin - 10.3.2011

Wisconsin Republicans cut collective bargaining Wisconsin senate succeeds in voting to strip collective bargaining rights from public workers

Republicans in Wisconsin's state senate have pushed through the most severe assault on trade union rights for a generation, taking opponents by surprise and passing a measure in barely 30 minutes that sharply curtails collective bargaining for public sector workers.

The procedural ruse by the Republicans hands victory to the new rightwing governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, in his three-week standoff with the state's Democratic senators. All 14 Democratic members of the chamber had fled to Illinois where they have been in virtual hiding in order to frustrate the governor's plans by preventing a vote on the proposed measure.

Under the state senate's rules, any bill that was budgetary in nature has to have a quorum of at least 20 senators. That meant the 19 Republican senators needed at least one Democrat present to move to a vote.

But in a shock move, the Republicans unhooked the overtly financial clauses from the bill, and pushed the rest through in record time, arguing that because it was no longer related to the budget it required no quorum.

Anonymous said...

EU paralysis drives fresh bond rout - 9.3.11

Political paralysis in Brussels and monetary tightening by the European Central Bank has set off a fresh spasm of the eurozone bond crisis, pushing spreads on Portuguese, Irish and Greek bonds to post-EMU records.

There is no sign yet that Germany, Holland, and Finland will agree to expand the remit of the bail-out fund as Portugal edged closer to the brink yesterday, having to pay almost 6pc to raise two-year debt. The yield on 10-year bonds briefly surged to 7.8pc after the Chinese rating agency Dagong downgraded the country's debt to BBB+.

"These levels of interest rates are not sustainable over time," said Carlos Costa Pina, secretary of the Portuguese Treasury, blaming the latest upset on the lack of a coherent EU debt strategy rather any failing by Portugal to deliver on austerity.

Mr Costa Pina rebuffed calls by leading economists in Portugal for an EU-IMF bail-out rather than drawing out the agony. "It is not justified. Portugal doesn't need external help, it needs urgent measures by the EU to restore market confidence."

David Owen from Jefferies Fixed Income said last week's shock move by the ECB to pre-announce rate rises had tightened credit and effectively doomed the country. "The ECB by its actions has made it inevitable that Portugal will need a bail-out. There are parallels with the actions of the Bundesbank during the ERM crisis in 1992," he said.

Mr Owen said the ECB is playing brinkmanship with EU leaders, pressuring them to come up with a grand solution to the debt crisis at summits this month. It is a dangerous game. "Spain is not yet safe. It has €2.5 trillion of combined household and company debt. That is an awful lot," he said

Anonymous said...

The Brits Planning their Own Protest Movement

- Million-strong strike planned over pensions

Trade unions representing a million state employees are drawing up plans for strikes that could bring Britain's schools, universities, courts and Whitehall to a standstill as early as June in protest over government plans to end so-called "gold-plated" public sector pensions, the Guardian has learned.

The people are rediscovering their right to say "No."

- Public unions threaten walk-outs by millions after Hutton tells them: Work TEN years longer for a smaller pension - 10.3.11

Britain could be brought to its knees by waves of crippling strikes as millions of workers walk out over explosive reforms to public sector pensions which will mean having to work for more than a decade longer and smaller payouts.

In a bid to save billions of pounds, a major Government report set the stage for early retirement for state workers to become a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

Croatia, Zagreb: The masses have taken to the streets

The masses have taken to the streets of Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and ?akovo. As they marched through the streets of their cities, demanding change, they were joined by a large number of curious passers-by who were suddenly drawn to this spontaneous expression of discontent. The illusory “alternatives” of the official opposition provide little solace and now a wave of anger, action and revolt against social injustice, increasing unemployment and corruption, against the ruling class thieves, has swept the country.

(This is why we should never refer to these events as an "Arab" or "Middle Eastern" uprisings. This is a global revolution against the globalist banks.) WRH - Michael Rivero

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