The War on Democracy - Covert CIA Terrorism and Subversion in Latin America

The War on Democracy - Covert CIA Terrorism and Subversion in Latin America

Award winning journalist John Pilger examines the role of Washington in America's manipulation of Latin American politics during the last 50 years leading up to the struggle by ordinary people to free themselves from poverty and racism. Since the mid 19th Century Latin America has been the 'backyard' of the US, a collection of mostly vassal states whose compliant and often brutal regimes have reinforced the 'invisibility' of their majority peoples. The film reveals similar CIA policies to be continuing in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon. The rise of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez despite ongoing Washington backed efforts to unseat him in spite of his overwhelming mass popularity, is democratic in a way that we have forgotten or abandoned in the west. True Democracy being a solid 80% voter turnout in support of Chavez in over 6 elections. The War on Democracy demonstrates the brutal reality of the America’s notion of 'spreading democracy'; that, in fact, America is actually conducting a war on democracy, and that true popular democracy is now more likely to be found among the poorest of Latin America whose grassroots movements are often ignored in the west. John Pilger conducts an exclusive interview 'on the road' with President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Pilger also goes to the United States and in some remarkable interviews, speaks exclusively to US govt officials who ran the CIA's war in Latin America in the 1980s. This reveals more about US policy than all the statements and postures of recent times; it also reveals how what’s happened in Latin America is a metaphor for how the rest of the world is being 'ordered'. The War on Democracy, however, is a hopeful film, for it sees the world not through the eyes of the powerful, but through the hopes and dreams and extraordinary actions of ordinary people. Although set mostly in Latin America, it is a metaphor for all the world in 2007. --- If you appreciated this documentary and/or would like to view the high quality DVD, please consider supporting the makers (Youngheart Entertainment) by purchasing and/or donating at the below link. Only the TRUTH will set US free.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, James, a good choice to start us off on the new thread. Chavez's Venezuela is definitely a democracy, Iran is one, too, But where no such thing exists, only an oligarchy, is in the US. And similarly throughout the west. Hence the War on Democracy becomes a must for the oligarchic entities. Nothing surprising there,

Anonymous said...

Latest on Japan

Engineers plug Fukushima leak

Workers stem flow of radioactive water into sea using mixture of sawdust, newspaper, concrete and a type of liquid glass. (6.4.11)

Anonymous said...

I have watched half of this fascinating video so far. Two things that Chavez said will remain in me forever:

Rich? who wants to be rich and live like millionaires? We'll remain poor in equality. But we'll live our poverty with dignity. That was, indeed, the root of the matter for the entire Third World. Shared poverty, but lived like human beings with absolute dignity.

The other thing that made perfect sense to me. It's not about human "rights" as the west so glibly claims. It's all about what Chavez calls "human values". That is indeed the right term to describe what Chavez' Venezuela is all about.

Anonymous said...

Strange but true, the two most shining examples of Freeworld culture over the last half century have come from Latin America, Cuba, on the one hand, and now Venezuela. Chavez has turned his Republic into a model of catering to the needs of the poor. Think of the supermarkets in the barrios with their prices kept in keeping with the means of barrio dwellers and with each food article bought a reminder of one of the articles of the Venezuealan Constitution outlining the rights belonging to the poverty-stricken of the nation. Remarkable as well was the salary that poor housewives unable to go out to work are paid to help feed themselves and their families.

Anonymous said...

Pilger did that beautifully. Occasionally, I have a bone to pick with him. But this film of his really stood above criticism. A very necessary pictorial indictment of the US.

Anonymous said...

RE: Japan

World Environmental War

So the United States has a big fat one billion watt earthquake machine in Alaska but doesn't use it. And since the machine was constructed, the number of major earthquakes has increased by 1000%. And it was switched on on the 9th March for two days before the Japan earthquake. Those who don't believe it, on this site ir any other, should have their heads seen to.

Anonymous said...



Busloads of police were brought into New York, some from distant communities. The national press, generously called the “mainstream media” reported none of this today. There was a defacto news blackout about the scale and nature of what is happening in New York City today.

Checkpoints have been set up around New York, a city closed down, “tight as a tick.” We are told the “drill” is designed to test the ability to detect “dirty bomb”materials but intelligence sources tell us that the idea of a “dirty bomb” is something out of TV drama and phony White House briefings.
9-11 occurred during a FEMA drill in New York, and the 7/7 Tube Bombing occurred during a security drill in London.

A new False Flag?

Anonymous said...

The Collapse of the Dollar

As each day passes the US dollar loses prestige and its status as a world reserve currency. Washington and Wall Street pay little attention to its slide and the changes a lower dollar and loss of reserve status will bring. Once the dollar is dethroned Americans will have to learn to live on the edges of the economic and financial world.

What has happened to the dollar since Bretton Woods and the planned removal of gold backing from the dollar is an example of deliberate destruction and in that process the destruction of the greatest nation in history. In that process of 97 years the wealthy and connected have become wealthier and powerful and have become even more so. They truly expect to exit this maelstrom and war as the leaders of the future. We have news for them. The power of talk radio and the Internet stretches worldwide and the world now understands what they are up too, and they are not going to be successful in their efforts to bring about world government. The collapse of the dollar is but one aspect in the change planned in the shift in world power.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima evacuated after quake . 7.4.11

Powerful 7.1 magnitude quake shook north-east part of country, but fears that it would trigger a tsunami have subsided.

Anonymous said...

At midnight yesterday (7/4/2011 23:32, or about 15 hours ago), there were large earthquakes
again off the coast of Sendai city. Fortunately, no damage on any nuke plant was reported.

These were very unnatural and many people saw "strange blue light" in the direction of the ocean.

The following video very clearly shows it.
The camera was at Seidai station and faces northeast (towards the coast).
What do you guess this flash of blue light was?

New Earthquake Off Japanese Coast Accompanied By Strange Blue Light Show (Video)


About two days ago, US armed forces ended the rescue operation and left this area
and so did the Israeli medical team. Then, we had this one.


Note that we had 3 quakes at 23:32 almost simultaneously, which seems quite strange. again.

8 of 8 quakes :
7.1M, depth: 49km 7/4/2011 23:32
7.4M, depth: 40km 7/4/2011 23:32
7.4M, depth: 40km 7/4/2011 23:32
4.7M, depth: 36km 7/4/2011 19:52
4.6M, depth: 31km 7/4/2011 17:25
4.6M, depth: 39km 7/4/2011 15:34
4.9M, depth: 49km 7/4/2011 11:40
4.8M, depth: 46km 7/4/2011 01:25
Later, the data were re-written as follows:

6 of 6 quakes :
7.1M, depth: 49km 7/4/2011 23:32
4.7M, depth: 36km 7/4/2011 19:52
4.6M, depth: 31km 7/4/2011 17:25
4.6M, depth: 39km 7/4/2011 15:34
4.9M, depth: 49km 7/4/2011 11:40
4.8M, depth: 46km 7/4/2011 01:25

Anonymous said...

The flash of blue light seen at the time of the three simultaneous earthquakes, someone suggested, might simply be something like a factory going up in flames or a gas explosion of sorts.

The figures for three simultaneous earthquakes are more troubling. Might have been a misunderstanding, a misprint or something along those lines, later corrected to the second set of figures.

What really is puzzling is the sudden departure of US forces (why US, whatever happened to the armed forces of Japan?) and the Israelis just prior to the latest seismic activity. And what is the role of the Japanese government in all this? So many questions and so few answers to any of them. And when we ask them, people make fun of us and call us barmy conspiracy theorists!

Anonymous said...

Israeli Embassy in Cairo Under Siege - 9.4.11

Just when the Palestinians in Gaza thought they were facing this new Israeli attacks alone and with their backs against the wall, they found out they forgot, over the years, that they had brothers in Egypt who are willing not only to accompany them in their struggle against Israel but to protect their backs as well.

Israel has good reason to fear Egypt's anger. First the Lavon affair, carried out by Israelis but framed on Egypt, then the attack on the USS Liberty, also carried out by Israel but initially framed on Egypt. Egypt has good reason to hate Israel and anti-Semitism has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Econ News - 10.4.11

- Portugal has thrown in the towel and is asking for a bailout now. Do more, cut more, is the EU reply at the moment.

- EU Central Bank has increased the interest rate to 1.25%. Switzerland probably to follow suit.

- US: Banks in Ill., Nev. fail; makes 28 closed in 2011: Regulators on Friday shut down small banks in Illinois and Nevada, lifting the number of U.S. bank failures so far this year to 28 after 157 succumbed in 2010 to the gutted economy and mounting bad loans.

Anonymous said...

Icelanders have rejected the latest government-approved plan to repay the £3bn owed to Britain and the Netherlands from the crash of the country's banking system in 2008, prompting the prime minister to warn of economic and political chaos.

Final results from five of six constituencies, including the capital, Reykjavik, showed the "no" side taking just under 60% of the vote, meaning the dispute will end up in a European court.

"The worst option was chosen," said the prime minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. "The vote has split the nation in two. We must do all we can to prevent political and economic chaos as a result of this outcome."

The debt was incurred when Britain and the Netherlands compensated their nationals who lost savings in online Icesave accounts owned by Landsbanki, one of three Icelandic banks that collapsed in late 2008.

Icelandic politicians in February backed a repayment plan agreed with creditors, but the president refused to sign the bill, triggering the vote. In March 2010, Iceland rejected an earlier Icesave repayment blueprint in a referendum.

Anonymous said...

U.S Backed Saudi Wahabis Oppressing Bahrainis

Mosques Burned, Civilians Killed, Hospitals Overrun by Military, etc, Widespread Arrests and Use of Torture, etc.

Somehow, I still get the feeling the Bahrainis will finally win this one. The days of the rapacious royal families are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Un-reserve Dollar? US thinkers up for world order reshape - 10.4.11

Major financial players from around the world are debating the future of the global economy in the iconic US town of Bretton Woods. The summit held by billionaire philanthropist George Soros is focusing on the place emerging nations will take in the new world order.

(Man proposes and someone quite different disposes).

Anonymous said...

China Lashes Out At US "Hypocrisy", Blasts US Human Rights "Double Standard" In Pursuing "World Hegemony" - 11.4.2011

In what can only be described as a stunning deterioration in foreign relations between the world's two superpowers, following Friday's release by the US State Department of the annual report on human rights, which expressed sharp criticism of the human rights records of China, North Korea, Cuba and Belarus, among others, China decided it has had enough.

Less than 48 hours later, it has lashed back at the US with a report that is making headlines at every government controlled, and otherwise, media in mainland China, which makes a mockery of the US double standard when it comes to human rights, and exposes US "hypocrisy" which China (rightly many would claim) asserts is merely a pretext for continued US attempts at world "hegemony".

Complete report:

Anonymous said...

News out of Japan is not good: Take the economy, for instance. We read:

Japan economy rocked as another earthquake strikes
Economy has stalled in seven out of nine regions, Bank of Japan says.

The earthquakes seem to be continuing. For Fushima, no one knows what's really happening. There's a sameness about the news which seems to mply that MSM us up to its usual tricks; fabricating news on a daily basis. And some unrest is apparently visible in the disciplined Japanese population as they come out onto the streets to demonstrate occasionally, Japan's begins to give the impression of being a crippled country, helpless at coping with the gravity of its woes. Friends Japanese, up and fight back! All is far from being lost.

Anonymous said...

US dollar back to pre-crisis low

The US dollar has dropped to its lowest level against the Russian ruble since the onset of the financial crisis.

April 11 saw the value of the US dollar dip below 28 rubles for the first time in over two years.

The lowest it was traded on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange was 27.98 rubles. For April 12, the Russian Central Bank set the rate for 27.97.

Anonymous said...

BRIC meeting in China now. BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) prepare to swear in a new member, South Africa. BRIC gets on my nerves as must as the west bloc. Somewaht cleaner hands, that's the only difference between the two, seems to me.

Anonymous said...

Japan's Nuclear Volcano Erupts - 13.4.2011

As bad as or worse than Chernobyl is the latest slogan.

Shares plunged across Europe and Asia on Tuesday as the crisis at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant deepened and Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency raised the atomic alert level to its highest rating. Conditions at the stricken facility have steadily deteriorated and now the station is intermittently spewing lethal amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and around the world. A French nuclear group has warned that children and pregnant mothers should protect themselves from the fallout.

According to Euractiv: "The risks associated with iodine-131 contamination in Europe are no longer "negligible," according to CRIIRAD, a French research body on radioactivity. The NGO is advising pregnant women and infants against "risky behaviour," such as
consuming fresh milk or vegetables with large leaves."

Anonymous said...

Soros’ Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) Bretton Woods Conference- The Global Sheriff

From April 8 – 11, INET’s second annual conference addressed global economic crisis aftershocks, as part of a wide-ranging effort to “engage the larger European Union, as well as the emerging economies of Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia” to accept Soros’ New World Order ideas.

Aiming to “inspir(e) and provok(e) new economic thinking,” over 200 academics, business and government leaders (many with direct ties to him) attended, including INET’s Soros and Robert Johnson, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Paul Volker, Larry Summers, Joseph Stiglitz, Kenneth Rogoff, Jeffrey Sachs (whose shock therapy poison helped wreck post-Soviet Russia and Eastern Europe), Carmen Reinhart from the (Pete) Peterson Institute for International Economics, the Bank of England’s Andy Haldane, Henry Kaufman, and other New World Order elitists, plotting new ways for global financial control and profits.

Topics discussed included:

– The emerging economic and political order: what lies ahead?

– Bretton Woods: what can we learn from the past in designing the future?

– Getting back on track: macroeconomic management after a financial crisis.

– Sovereignty and institutional design in the global age: the global market and the nation states.

– Can sovereignty and effective international supervision be reconciled: the challenge of large complex financial institutions.

– Exploring complexity in economic theory.

– The political economy of structural adjustment: understanding the obstacles to cooperation.

– The market or the state: can market forces deliver innovation, education, and infrastructure?

– Sustainable economic.

– Optimal currency areas and governance: the challenge of Europe.

– The architecture of Asia: financial structure and an emerging economic system, and

– Rising to the challenge: equity, adjustment and balance in the world economy.

A Final Comment

Globalist Soros believes “America should be replaced by a world government with a global currency under UN rule.”

In other words, he wants national sovereignty replaced by centralized control over money, populations, resources and markets – an undemocratic ruler-serf society unfit to live in except for rulers and profiteers.

Anonymous said...

Here we go into the second phase predicted by poiuytr: THE NEW COLD WAR WITH CHINA

What Libya, where China had invested huge sums, does show clearly is that the strategic policy objectives outlined in Washington’s AFRICOM afenda, particularly those ones designed to confront and minimise China’s economic interest in Africa, are working well as a result of instability in the region. In effect, what we are witnessing here is the dawn of a new Cold War between the US-EURO powers and China. This new cold war will feature many of the same elements of the long and protracted US-USSR face-off we saw in the second half of the 20th century. It will take place off shore, in places like Africa, South America, Central Asia and through old flashpoints like Korea and the Middle East.

And the ongoing BRICS meeting in China are responding by aiming at the dollar, specially through agreeing to trade henceforth in their own local currencies rather than in dollar-denominated goods.

James Wolfe said...

Anon 11/4/11 18:49

The Chinese aren't going to put up with American hypocrisy and meddling. China has repeatedly responded to US contrived propaganda by exposing America's own immense misdeeds.

These US and Western “Human Rights” reports are propaganda and provocations.

James Wolfe said...

Anon 14/4/11 17:20

These BRIC now BRICS summits have tended to be a bit of an anticlimax over the years, however the trajectory and trend is obvious. The US-European, Transatlantic hegemony of global politics and economics is being challenged and surpassed.

The great Poiuytr was right in indentifying the Russian-Chinese axis defying and defeating the West’s imperial machinations.

That famous Russian Dollar nuking of May/June 2006 Poiuytr mentioned so much: was a response to Dick Cheney’s rant against Russia in Tallin.

Anonymous said...

James, you're absolutely right in both your comments. China, the Cautious, as we tend to think of that immense country, has slowly grown aware of where excessive caution can tend to lead one: straight into the arms of the enemy. A rethink has been going on there fast and furiously. Sure, let the enemy west bring about its own undoing. Sit back and wait. But I do believe China is now geared up to give it a helping hand in pointing out the exit.

The Chinese human rights reports was one step in the right direction. The combined Sino-Russian abstention at the UN vote on Libya was definitely another. And no one can convince me otherwise that it was not coordinated. One war, then another, then another and yet another... Beautiful, simply genuis! Get them out that way. Neocolonialism goodbye!

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