Nation By Nation (6Aug10)

11Jul-6Aug -- The wheels have come off the ridiculous wreck called west and no baboon's rump has been spared the road-rash but -- perhaps not too surprisingly considering the west neanderthal brainstem-lodged intellect -- west hasn't yet even untangled whether it's plagued by inflation, deflation, or stagflation; whether they're in recession or recovery; whether market is at the top or bottom; whether to attack Iran, N Korea, Russia, Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, or Venezuela. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Recruits kill 2 USA insurgents.
- Update through 16Jul tallies: 5 west occupied targets missiled, 11 vehicles, 7 tanks, 45 minions, 58 freckly insurgents.
- USA murders over 60 civilians incl children and their mums in two anti-civilian bombing raids.
- 5Aug, caNADA chopper down.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Undergoes a soft nay pink revolt. As Faulner, hours before the silly coup, claims withdrawal from Afghanistan considered, Gillard is on a sudden put on throne. Gillard's first official act is the pledge of indefinite support and total servitude of USA's wars.

C H I N A China - Econ growth at 8%. Yank baboons actually celebrate the "cooling" of the China's econ engine. No joke! Yes, baboon's DNA is made of deceit, crime, and cretinism.
- Derates the whole west zone incl USA, UK, and Japan.
- Dumps 32,5B USD worth of USA debt plummeting USA elite bailout stocks.
- Reveals USA is broke and dubs USA credit ratings pure hogwash. How did this take so long?

E U EU - The cannibal IMF, unhappy with EUnuchs' poverty measures, is promising total overhaul and takeover of all EUnuch wallets. West self-mutilation is beyond entertaining.
- Total fiscal rot doesn't however stop the EUnuch from inking "toughest ever" sanctions on Iran yet again. Didn't the last round of "really tough" sanctions work?
- Germs & Frankensteins want vote suspension of the ubermensch EUnuchs.

E U - C Z E C H EU-Czech Rep - 1,6B EUR worth of enacted poverty measures include gen'l tax hike, 10% wage cuts, child aid cuts, health care revamp, and the sundries. Consider this nation was so silly as to actually boast about not having any debts to the EUnuch central banksters. Understand that poverty measures Berlin diktat isn't about fiscal matters but solely about the saxon EUnuch physical grip over the controlled lands. Perhaps Bohmen Und Mahren would suit Czechs better now.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Cops kill 2 civilians provoking riots in Saint-Aignan and Grenoble, 19Jul. Mass deployment robocops responded with live ammo against civilians. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité? Hmmmm, how about: Hogwashé, Hogwashé, and more Hogwashé?
- Prez caught in campaign finance movements. Yes, how about: Hogwashé, Hogwashé, and more Hogwashé?
- Air controllers mull 3 day strike.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - DeutscheTelecom runs from the baboon's NYSE.
- While Germs punished a guy for questioning textbooks with a 5 yr prison term, they've now punished the rape of 3 kids by the vaticunt hitler-youth-boy monsters with a SUSPENDED 10 months. Yes, west = organised child rape, torture, and murder.
- Busy overhauling fiscal rulebook on EUnuchs prohibiting national bankruptcies. Hitler didn't control this much.
- Raids, once again, Credit-Suisse vaults.
- Investor confidence prolapses to 77% of historical rate.
- Threatens Afghan pullout.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - Prolapsed governance suddenly finds 4,3B EUR for Frankenstein's war frigates, anti-civilian choppers and jets, and Germ's sub. Sounds mad? Yeah, that's the scope of it.
- West celebrates Athen's raising of 1,6B EUR in bond sale. Oddly, this won't even pay for 25% of the latest SINGLE west bank BONUS bash, which ran some 6B USD. But west neanderthals can be counted on not being able to add even the simplest of numbers.
- 33K strong truckers strike, which freezed the nation for a week, is over, 2Aug, after governance deployed military. Indeed, understand west poverty measures aren't about fiscal rot of west but about the very next step: rule by gun.

E U - H U N G A R Y EU-Hungary - IMF junta threatens to pull 20B EUR unless Hungarians obediently accept further poverty measures, which Budapest, of course, did.

E U - I R E L A N D EU-Ireland - Brit occupation unrest resurfaces in 3 nights of clashes, riots, and arrests. 80 robocops injured. London promises the harshest of punishments and enacts mass arrests.
- USA slashes Ireland's rating. Yes, west turns on itself.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy - Accepts IMF poverty measures.

E U - P O R T U G A L EU-Portugal - USA cuts Portugal's rate. No joke!

E U - S P A I N EU-Spain -21Jul, air traffic controllers on strike disrupt EUnuch flight routes.
- Subway on strike for 3 days in Madrid, 14Jul.

E U - U K EU-UK - So hopelessly broke that they're reviving "quantitative easing" or massive prints of cash by WankOfEngland. But this doesn't stop them from blaming Greeks.
- Enacts national-service for teens to give their young ones "sense of purpose". Queen Youth, would it be?
- Ex diplo comes clean on WMD lies. He waited for 7 yrs to tell the truth? Yes, west is made of deceit and cretinism.
- Public sector 1,3T GBP deeper in debt than previously "disclosed". It should be clear than no amount of poverty measures, no matter how merciless, can even begin to hope to slow down even a single laceration. And this is why the west disease is following the last option it has left: war on everyone.
- Despite the promises to stop wars spewed by the latest governance charade, UK's planning up now a Pakistan invasion with their baboon cousin.
- So laughingly broke they're now rationing hip replacements and cataract treatements. West fiscal prolapse now means going blind.
- 170K miles of electrical grid covering Loondon picked up on the humiliating west-wide garage sale by a Chinese billionaire for below 6B GBP. Incidentally, the guy already owns UK's NorthGasNetwork. That's some trending.
- PMI shrivels to 53, 1 yr low. For fun, they predicted a rise to 54,5. Yes, they're liars and cretins.
- Teachers exposed for not being able to write, read, or do simple arithmetic. Big shock there!
- Puts 2500 BP's gas stations on the west-wide garage sale for 2B EUR. Russia's Rosneft seen checking the west prolapsed rubbish.

I R A N Iran - Bomb at mosque in Zahedan kills 100.
- Ahmadinejad challenges comrade Obama to a televised match of wits. Comrade Obama runs. No, surprise there. D Duke, Rense, Engdahl, Chossudovsky have too rejected my challenges for mp3 debate about the laughable rubbish they're all spewing in their own individual funny way.
- Gets S300's via Belarus. How can west even begin to deal with such underhanded, complicated, tangled, ever-morphing web of unfair deceit?
- Non-oil export of over 3K goods to 160 nations rises 30%/Mar-Jun to 7,7B USD. Anyone say west sanctions? Indeed, west sanctions are precisely that: sanctions against west.

I S R A E L Israel - Calls UK anti-Israel. Just for fun, tracking west failed war venture finger-pointing.
- Israel molested Lebanon's border provoking a battle, 3Aug. BBCNN whores call this the "worst" skirmish since 2006, conveniently forgetting west failure of an all-out attack on Lebanon in 2008.

J A P A N Japan - Told by USA to slap sanctions on Iran and so it did just that.
- After which and after Kan had pledged full and unconditional servitude to their USA masters, USA suddenly finds "new" data that says it was the driver's fault after all in the threatened mass Toyota's recall before Kan's enthronement. One couldn't think up the cretinously transparent comedy that west has for reality.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - NATO supplies attacked, 16Jul.
- Comrade Obama murders 10 more with his drone attacks, 15Jul.
- USA, ala Haiti, uses flood disaster to invade Pakistan with choppers, military, and boats under the pretext of sending aid.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Building razed by Israel in E Jerusalem. West OKs it beside funding it, of course.
- Israel attacks Arakib & razes 45 buildings.

R U S S I A Russia - Reminds the dillydallying west that Iran may soon have the N thingy.
- Oil deal with Vietnam's Petrovietnam for 120K bpd (that's incidentally BTW roughly about what the baboon's pumping into the Gulf of Mexico).
- USA deports a Russian for violating immigration laws. Bias? Probably not. After all, only 40M in USA are doing exactly the same thing with no similar consequences.

50 dead and over 170 hectars destroyed in fires sweeping the nation. Over 500 are still burning.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - Obediently plays war games with USA trying to provoke some disaster on Chinese, Russian, or at least N Korean border but fails.
- So S Korea relaunches war game provocations, 4Aug.

T H A I L A N D Thailand - Reds protest in Bangkok.

U N UN - 20% of the secret gold stash (some 380 tonnes) dumped through BIS but no one knows who did it. No joke! All things west are 100% diseased rubbish. Oddly, adding what Portugal, Spain, and Greece had stashed among them turns out to be 382 tonnes of gold. Looks like the saxonic EUnuch diktat has forced the PIIGS to give up their gold reserves. Just consider the silly fact that no one knows who sold it and how. It's a bit like 911's put options, isn't it?, or another typical west crime.

U S A USA -103rd bank laid to rest on 23Jul. That's a bank funeral every 47 hours now and that's 24% better rate than in 2009.
- Posts another all-time Ms Universe super record of 1,5T/annum deficit, and that's wishful thinking for the year ain't over just yet.
- How is USA still there? The pretense has cost the baboon over 24T USD in not even 2 yrs. Sideline: Consider this for a bit and enjoy! That's 24000000000000 USD pumped into the lacerated USA pretense since Oct 2008. Yes, the ULTIMATE PONZI prize goes to Mr Busch II and comrade Obama for this means that the current USA's burn rate is some 500K USD each and every SECOND with no time off! Consider the ridiculous pretense, which some might say is pretty shoddy to begin with, is requiring near 2B USD every hour of every day, family gob-stuffing weekends on USA Corexit-enhanced beaches included, just to keep plodding on. And that's not all! The exact same case holds for the poor EUnuchs.
- Just the Fred/Fanny governance mortgage "bailout" heist has cost the baboon near 4T USD. How will USA find the cash to pay all this? It won't.
- Fanny needs 1,5B USD more to keep plodding.
- Central banksters confirm as much by recanting their "recovery cheers".
- No kidding, unemployment rises to 28% from coast to coast. That's some 42M unemployed, but comrade Obama statistic charlatans only track 10%. They actually took 3M off their unemployment list simply cause they were unemployed for too long. Sounds mad? Well, that's the scope of it.
- Home purchases shrivel further 10%/Jun, after 30% toppling in May, and are at 50-yr low. Just for fun, the west econ charlatans predicted a rise.
- Some 3 million homes stand empty. And this is what the west media BBCNN whores call "deflation". Yes, west is the definition of deceit mixed with a healthy dose of idiocy.
- Home construction also shrivels another 5%/Jun.
- 1M baboon hovels repo'd in foreclosures. This is 10K% of the typical historical rate.
- Corporate layoffs grow 6%/Jul with 42K zappings.
- Small wonder then that near 41M baboons are on food stamps.
- Small wonder then that the consumer sentiment plunges to a 52 wk low.
- Small wonder then that baboon bankruptcies rise 9%/month to 137K/Jul.
- Small wonder then that a shooting spree in disConnecticut kills 6.
- Small wonder then that the rolling unemployment benefits rise near 20K/Jul to the routine 479K. For fun, USA econ charlatans predicted a 5K fall.
- Baboons are facing ~250B USD laceration THIS year as commercial realty loans mature. This will be followed by ~300B/2011, and a beautiful ~350B/2012. No, there shall be no reprieve from the west teeth gnashing.
- Comrade Obama toughens sanctions against west. He's booted additional 21 Iranian firms from Germia, Italy, Japan, and Luxembourg.

Trending the marvelous evaporation of 40% of USA commercial realty value. Note what took the baboons 7 yrs to build was handsomely leveled in 3.

- Post office posts 3,5B USD loss/Q3.
- Pentagon unable to account for near all of 9B USD in the latest Iraq war injection. All things west are either Ponzi, mark-to-market or deceit, or the mix thereof.
- But so what? Pentagon is broke again and threatens not honouring salaries unless it quickly gets another 40B USD for the child-murdering wars.
- Pentagon boasts a record suicide rate among its anti-civilian troops, or some 1/day in June.

Starting a biz in USA, perhaps the only erstwhile attraction of the NorthAm saxon-raped plateaus? Don't be silly. Those days are over as well.

- Pennsillyvania health care zaps 1500.
- University of Pitsburger links mercury-laden vaccine to autism. Will they now prosecute the univ cadre to hush up their vaccine genocide like they destroyed the UK doctor?
- GM shuts doors and lights in Ontario, caNADA.
- Detrot sees 48K foreclosures/2010H1. That's a 35% improvement/half yr. Sideline: The fun thing is that USA governance is unwilling to reset the property tax base, which used to be derived from sales price. Somehow USA governance is suddenly refusing to play the capitalist avowed market demand game, which they built their entire capitalist pigsty on. To NBN readers, that should be no surprise, for all things west are 100% disease.
- Raised voices are heard at last in Californlornia when they announce 800K USD/yr salary of some governance operative.
- NASA says upper atmo gone. Don't the Apollo clowns know about HAARP?
- Times loses 66% of traffic after they tried charging for their deceit barfs online.
- 72M baboons, near half of the entire nation, are obese. Watch obesity tax go into effect shortly.
- Reports of open warfare on Mexican/Arizona border surface with a bomb attack, 5Aug, and 1M bounty on some USA cop.

Comrade Obama charlatans say the oil has magically vanished now, while just the surface slick covers over 3M hectares, roughly an area the size of Belgium.

Made in USA.

- Over 570 fall ill from exposure to USA beaches.
- Chief butcher of Gulf of Mexico is rewarded 18+M and a job in Russia, in west's wetdream to eco-cide Russia as well.
- Second "Top kill" also fails ripping the sea floor causing other six oil and methane leaks. While the hapless saxons were mucking around with it, the oil spew went 10X. BP claims the floor leaks aren't *their* fault. Not a joke!
- A few weeks ago, the tally stood at 840M gal, or 20M barrels, or some 60-80 Valdezes pumped into the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic.
- 88 square miles of coast closed.
- Oil rain reported in Iowa, Looseriana, Fluorida, and Kentyucky.
- Even BBCNN media whores catch BP photoshopping their evidence.
- 20 mile of Taxes shore pronounced "dead zone".
- » See more pics on this west vivocide here at NWO report site
- » See spill tracking maps

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Severs links with Colombia.
- Mil put on alert along Colombian border.
- Oil venture with Belarus.
- Oil shipping venture with Iran. Where does this leave west?
- Yank baboons salivate over Orinoco reserves, which they peg to be 2X of their Saudi's. Looks like the west beast has at last submitted to the world community a sound evidence for an invasion.

H Chavez to the baboon: Keep provoking with Colombia and get no oil.

...and that's the scope of it
to be cont'd as it all piles up


poiuytr said...

12:02 -- But all the suffering that comes along with the upheaval (war victims, horrors of weather warfare and their victims, etc.)

Yes! The horror of the west beast vicious and deeply diseased mind is beyond belief and often reduces one to tears. This is precisely the reason for NBN which focuses and highlights -- or at least attempts to -- the beautiful wonderment and marvelousness of the west-wide wall-to-wall terminal prolapse of all things and lands west. The purpose is not to keep a track of west crimes, which is beyond anyone's capabilities (although this is essential also to keep underscoring the incredible criminality of the west freckly christianic child-torturing herds of neanderthals), but to actually enjoy, celebrate, and have a genuine scornful laugh as the west obese parasites slide down the bog.

But I understand the immense dichotomy that permeates this task. While USA commercial realty is ripping the baboon's belly some 300B USD each year now, the west beast has just murdered 50-60 civilians with their anti-civilian craft attacks in Pakistan.

However, the essential thing here is that #1 the west is THE disease, THE chief disease that has plagued our planet since these miscreants emerged from the Baltic marshes and #2 that they're in a terminal prolapse and with no possibility to change their imminent fate of fiscal self-mutilating implosion.

Many forget #1 and hence the reminders of the west criminality. And many are losing patience and feel the west rot is far too slow for their often ADD minds forgetting the size and power of this parasitic lifeform that has been raping every square metre of our beautiful planet for 2000 years with no rival. And hence the repetitive reminders and itemisation of the west terminal prolapse, causes, and the very lack of west's options to change their fate.

> slowly for our own good. Whatever. Just carry on writing your book. Keep trying for a bit. If you still find no publisher, we'll print it

It's a giant problem... I have a publisher now who is wheedling out of me a rubbish paperback novel, some crimi tale in order to consider the one. I have charted up some plots and so on but I'm disgusted with my own whoring just to have some means of reach. It's very difficult all around, not just the writing/organisation,... but yeah, I'm at it.


poiuytr said...

(also picking up last NBN thread)

14:58 -- Well, to answer this question, I would first say that the western countries and their mass populations adopted the mentality of "get rich quick" schemes. Not dissimilar to that of a drug user...

You're 100% right about the scam of west. Indeed, west is made of two scams: Ponzi & mark-to-market or the mixture thereof. Ponzi is robbing A to pay B and mark-to-market is flat out lying about debts and liabilities. Often they're used together as in all the giant scams including the current "bailout" of all west things that's costed the west monkeys over 40T in less than 2 yrs.

However, you're 100% incorrect in somehow counting the baboon as a factor, albeit in an aggregate form. Although the west neanderthals are criminal wanna-be's much like their betters, they have no power whatsoever, individual or collective, be it econ or politics, or any other aspect of life, for that matter.

In other words, although west econ is a scam on every level, the collective west plebe power doesn't affect it in any way. In fact, it cannot even hope to begin to approach to affect it.

60% of all USA's assets is owned by 400 of the war junta elite. Each single baboon is outranked 1:1M.

So totally forget looking for any answer in the behaviour of the baboon monkeys, no matter how entertainingly erratic, obese, cretinous, indulgent, arrogant, etc.

I must say that your top reason with its quick try to blame the west populace is on par with the BBCNN standard of deceit.

Plus, the fact that you're answering with several mutually-exclusive answers is... well, silly. Do you really not have a clue what's happening and how it happened? Do you really think west banking died in 2008 because the west populace doesn't know how to shop properly? If yes, forget this blog, and instead send resume to BBCNN. If you've been reading NBNs, I cede then that have utterly and completely failed.


poiuytr said...

14:58 PT2

> Second, at this point in Kondratieff Economic theory, the generational cycle was a natural and corrective WINTER.

There aren't any first, second, and third reasons. West terminal prolapse is a matter of one simple counteroffensive, which in itself is a complicated animal, but west's current rot (the issue debated) has only one simple answer: int'l destruction of west currency and permanent at that.

First you're blaming the poor baboon sods for misbehaving in shops and now you're clinging to an academic-ONLY concept of some undulating pattern someone once saw in some chart someplace. This is absurd. Don't take this personally, I'm only commenting on your arguments -- and they are BBCNN-grade nonsense.

Specifically to Mr Kondratieff or any other econ theory is 100% BS, it's all academic stuff. As such, it's in no way related to real world, and especially to the west scam.

West economy is governed by laws, which are ARBITRARY in their very nature. They don't follow ANY curves or ANY patters. Yesterday, foreclosure was a sale. Today, foreclosure in USA is NOT deemed as a sale, so the USA governance protects its swollen tax base. Why? You think it's caused by some academic systemic effect of undulating curves? NO! It's a law comrade Obama quickly inked up to protect its tax income.

The fact alone you're trying to somehow reflect west econ scam to some academia concept is ridiculous to start with.

But even considering Kondratieff. Tell me, how did the poor sod account for TARP and quantitative easing in his pretty curves?

In other words perhaps still, you're not answering my question. I asked you to explain west rot, which is BAILOUT, TARP, PRINTING CASH. And you're answering with market repetitive curves ignoring the artificial swell of west currency by over 40T USDEUR in less than 2 yrs? It's like you're counting pennies but forget about the trillions, which BTW is a typical BBCNN deceit method and grasp in west.


poiuytr said...

14:58 PT3

> Third, the United States / Europe "moved" THEIR wealth producing Industrial Might to China/Asia in the name of low costs and higher shareholder profits.

You haven't been able to answer in two tries. Third now, huh? OK, let's look...

This is particularly funny! This isn't even a reason for any of it.

Again, you're not answering my question to explain the west rot. Why aren't you?

You're saying here that west outsourced stuff to make more cash, or as you state for "higher shareholder profits".

OK, fine. I don't care how west elite tries to rinse cash out of their ventures.

My question is: explain west rot. And in the scope of your answer here, my question could be applied like this: explain why then the west shareholder, as you say, has failed to get his "higher profits", as you state, and instead wound up with total and complete prolapse of his stock and banks to boot. (I trust you know that west stocks and banks are kept alive with bailout IV's.)

I hope you're following me.

Look, you say: "higher shareholders profits by outsourcing". I ask, why then the shareholders profits and stock have vanished.

> 4th, the USA embarked on pointless Wars which secured their debt

Now, your telling me that west wages wars for fun, for a hobby. Certainly, it that were the case, they would've stopped them since they're in a rot, as you agree. But they haven't stopped any wars. Why, if they're in this rot?

See, your 4th try is... you must be wanking me, right?

War for west, in hope to regain some currency monopoly or at least parity with the Freeworld (both of which are 100% impossible -- but that's beyond this debate), is an EXISTENTIAL matter, not some "pointless" little side venture you're saying.

I think what you read someplace and meant to convey is that the results of the west wars are pointless. But that's not true either for they have accelerated the west-wide terminal prolapse and most importantly have spread west military might so thin that it's running out of steam making WWIII more and more impossible for west.


poiuytr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poiuytr said...

> 5th, West mis-allocated capital in residential real estate, commercial real estate, and Internet/IT Boom Invesments, the phony and

What do you mean mis-allocate capital in realty? How do you do see that?

You think that if someone buys a house, the money is gone? It just trades hand from the buyer to seller. The cash still exists. The dollar still there, just in another account. How do you explain its vanishing? (still the same question)

> 6th The US leadership and Eu leadership became useless pliable rats lacking spine.

Whose spine is Busch II licking exactly? And what's spine licking has anything to do with west rot?

> Having said that, I know that Russia has "contributed" something

I'd be most interested to hear what you think Russia's role has been but don't believe you could say. And that's alright.

NBN is not a Russia defender in any way, as if she needed one.

NBN is just a celebration of the beautiful shoveling of the west manure down the sewage where the child-murdering war fiends belong with the added benefit of explaining that the west terminal prolapse is not an accident but the result of the most brilliantly and masterfully executed counteroffensive ever to grace our planet's many battlefields.


Anonymous said...

poiuytr, Fantastic that you managed to get the latest NBN out and answer some of the questions you were asked in the last one. Even if some of the news is as you said a bit old, it's the way you link them together that's the secret of the thing. Not the facts themselves.
Delighted you've found a publisher even if he has the bad taste to ask you for a mystery novel to go along with you. But P, no big deal to put together one of those things. So the best of luck and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Us Expoits the Rest of the World to Avoid its Own Civil War - 5.6.10

We have the elites in poor, newly-industrialised countries helping the Americans (and others) maintain an unsustainable lifestyle and getting a share of the proceeds themselves. If the Americans weren’t there to soak up the cheap products of China’s low-wage economy, China would have to completely restructure their economy, with the working masses wielding purchasing power, and inevitable along with purchasing power, political power. Contrary to what Mao said: Political power grows out of a full purse, not the barrel of a gun.

When a vast mass of fictitious capital began to collapse, the situation was stabilised ... by the US government stepping in and acting as the lender of last resort. Both John Maccain and Barak Obama promised tax cuts, and Obama is sticking by that promise at the same time as writing out cheques to rescue vast corporations. The New York Stock Exchange turn over $300 billion dollars every day. And that’s only the stock market. The $700 billion package legislated at the end of the Bush Presidency has to be seen in that context. As powerful as the US government may be, the funds it has at its disposable are actually minuscule compared to the kind of money tied up in the capital market, most of it fictitious.

Unsurprisingly, Obama has done nothing to reduce expenditure on medicines for the aged in America and plans to spend more on health, in a country with the most expensive and inefficient ‘health service’ in the world, is honouring his pledge to cut taxes for the rich, shows no sign of trying to reduce war expenditure, planning only to shift US troops from Baghdad to Kabul, and on top of this is trying to prop up a failing capital market whose funding problems overshadow even the US government’s liquidity.

As a result, the US government debt is now growing at an accelerated rate: the debt is now rising at a rate of $3.8b per day and stands at US$36,500 per citizen on top of private debt of about US$130,000 per citizen.

Why? Because Obama’s aim is to try to avoid civil war in the US or elsewhere in the world where the working people are working for next to nothing to subsidise the lifestyle of rich Americans. Sooner or later, the US government will prove to be unable to honour its debt. They can print money and thereby devalue the dollar, but that would not avoid the problem but only accelerate the process, being a clear declaration of intent to default on their debt. One way or another, the largesse extended to Americans will cease and Americans will have to work it out amongst themselves who is going to take a cut in living standards, and it won’t be pretty: a class war to end all class war. When that happens, the only way of rescuing the countries who have been carrying the US will be a restructuring of their whole economies to supply domestic demand. But that means first of all that an equivalent domestic market has to be created. Henry Ford said “Robots don’t drive Ford motor cars,” and nor do workers living on starvation wages.

So the explosion is still to come, but workers need to be prepared. In the US and Europe and other exploiting countries, workers need to be prepared for a surprise attack on their living standards and prepare to take control of the economy away from capital while ceasing the exploitation of workers in the newly industrialised countries. In the newly industrialised countries whose economies are geared to supplying Walmart with cheap goods and the US government with never-to-be-repaid loans, workers need to organise to demand a higher living standards. This is not something genuine bourgeois elements should fear, only parasites and exploiters need fear.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, I'd like to say you much I enjoyed this edition of NBN forcefully making its points as it passes country after country in review. I'm looking forward to many more such as time passes. Most other places, all we ever hear is everything in the west in hunky-dory. Good to hear that's not quite the case.

Anonymous said...


Why do you suppose that the US, noted by analysts as overwhelmingly powerful, with its multinational coalition (NATO), has not been able to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan after almost a decade of fighting? Given the fact that the Taliban (or rather, the insurgency) today have virtually no outside support, unlike was the case in the 1980s when they faced the Soviets, the inability to defeat them makes it even more puzzling.

poiuytr said...

13:45 -- Delighted you've found a publisher even if he has the bad taste to ask you for a mystery novel to go along with you. But P, no

Oh, but that's just it. They'll publish, some EUnuch house, only it has to be a totally different novel-crimi-soap paperback rubbish, nothing to do with reality whatsoever. It's Dark Ages at their hardest across the west lockup. It makes me wonder how the west folks are even taking their world of total and complete permanent mindrape. And if you engage with west, you'll invariably get the BBCNN brainwash lowdown from the lowliest of west cubicle workers. It's totally INSANE... so INSANE that one is intrigued to study this. To be honest I don't have an answer for the west baboon cretinism. It seems that it cannot be just brainwash alone, that some of the west insanity and proclivity to the most horrendous crimes is truly part of the west DNA makeup.

Anyway, I banged together this slipshod "mystery" outline to try assess the limits of what they'll allow, like whether 911 being inside job would be OK to use and so on. It's like this film director, who lives on the PIIG fringe of the Grand EUnuchia Hitlerism, whom I know a bit. He tells me how he can't get a single quid for a normal film -- normal being a film without slo-mo explosions, drug-addicts turning homo whores to earn quick fix cash, or some crazy loons ripping victims apart and eating their flesh, and he tells me about how the financiers bend the script to include these west values. It's like IMF bending Hungary, PIIGS, etc to their diktat, except on a very low scale. But anyway, so the whole west way of life is 100% under total control of the child-murdering psychos and every bit that west consumes as culture, facts, news, art, etc is nothing more than the product of the same criminal mindrape we're marveling at here, albeit on a larger scale. It's just amazing, truly mind-stoppingly amazing, how the west Dark Age psychosis penetrates every single aspect of their life. But there's China, Russia, and Brazil and on and on... and west publishers, like west, are a matter of momentary extinction.


poiuytr said...

22:06 -- power, political power. Contrary to what Mao said: Political power grows out of a full purse, not the barrel of a gun.

But full purse grows out of barrel of a gun, so Mao's right. Yes, west superpower parasitic existence was a matter of cash, but that was a matter of permanent war to protect the petrodollar monopoly, the dominant source of west's artificially created wealth -- the key word here being "WAS". Note that west is as good as gone without this little crutch and war against the Freeworld superpowers is a complicate matter.

The same applies to west lackeys scattered around the globe. Their treason of their kind isn't just purchased by west, it's solicited with a gun and ultimately all west lackeys face the Hussein, Laden, and Hitler fate, when they've failed. (This isn't a contention, just drivel that occurs...)

When a vast mass of fictitious capital began to collapse, the situation was stabilised ... by the US government stepping in and acting as the lender of last resort. Both John Maccain and Barak Obama promised tax cuts, and Obama is sticking by that promise at the same time as writing out cheques to rescue vast corporations. The New York Stock Exchange turn over $300 billion dollars every day. And that’s only the stock market. The $700 billion package legislated at the end of the Bush Presidency has to be seen in that context. As powerful as the US government may be, the funds it has at its disposable are actually minuscule compared to the kind of money tied up in the capital market, most of it fictitious.

> Why? Because Obama’s aim is to try to avoid civil war in the US or elsewhere in the world where the working people are working for next

I'd challenge this. Comrade Obama is a fall guy. He was enthroned to pull the plug, as they say, on the west idyll. The fact he's more Busch II, in every way and contrary to all his promises, isn't accidental. He's their little stooge whose job is to bring the west nonsense down, deploying military guns against hungry civilian, while taking the brunt of hatred perfectly itemised to resonate with the natural saxonic west innate hatreds: political left and non-white, perhaps even non-USA. So civil war avoidance is probably a tall one, rather civil war management I'd suggest.

poiuytr said...

22:06 PT2

> They can print money and thereby devalue the dollar, but that would not avoid the problem but only accelerate the process, being a clear

Indeed, that's precisely the case. Total death of dollar & euro, its little down syndrome twin.

> to supply domestic demand. But that means first of all that an equivalent domestic market has to be created. Henry Ford said “Robots

Done. 2007-2008 saw precisely that, and it's continuing now. ASEAN, SCO, SouthAm/ME ventures. The Freeworld market is THE market of the planet and no part of west is necessary in any way to keep it thriving. West supplies nothing... and that's why west tries worm some of its last ventures into Freeworld markets any which way it can, of course, at the expense of the west baboon neanderthals who are paying for not only the bankruptcies of their own holdings but for the physical moves. But that said, under no circumstance, are the new holdings west. This is what we used to term phase III here, which is the run of the west elite from west, the fleeing of the retinue in the last of life rafts hoping to get picked up by Chinese tankers, while the west neanderthals are happily sinking to the tune of the BBCNN whore gum-flapping.

Yes, and all this was obvious and given mid-May 2006, following the nuking of the dollar. Since then, the west's terminal prolapse is academic. But there's the possibility of WWIII still.


poiuytr said...


> hunky-dory. Good to hear that's not quite the case.

Yes, even the oil slick has magically vanished, they're singing... Well, all that is 100% BS.

It appears that when I say that "west is THE disease" and "west is in terminal prolapse", readers aren't grasping it. These aren't dramatic statement but simple facts.

Terminality of west rot is a given, since west cannot secure currency monopoly. The rest doesn't matter in "economics".

Prolapse is given also, since dollar is gangrened and dying. West aggregate trade deficit is enough to lay it all to waste and that's just one of the many many many factors driving the wonderment of the west-wide flush.

The only thing that remains an open issue is WWIII or some large conflict or vivocide.

It's likely and it's happening on may levels already, that the west beast isn't about to abdicate peacefully. Hence the destruction of weather across our planet, DU bombing, which is calculated and directed to murder us all, not just Falluja children, and many other eco vivocidal attempts by this freckly miscreant. West poison food, artificial autism pandemics, and on and on are all deliberate attempts at vivocide so the west beast is working, in its last hours, to assault humanity as much as it strength allows.


poiuytr said...

1:03 -- Why do you suppose that the US, noted by analysts as overwhelmingly powerful, with its multinational coalition (NATO), has not been able to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan after almost a

Not just Taliban, but Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, and even Palestine, a completely defenceless nation.

The answer is in the mighty lesson of Stalingrad, perhaps one of the greatest chapters in all of the counteroffensive waged against the genocidal child-murdering christianic tie-wearing west beast. The beauty of Stalingrad is in the leveling of military advantage.

The germ whore spawn, for that's what they are, ran some 10X plus military advantage against Russian civilians and so they nearly made to it Volga. This is why west hunts civilian and children in Pakistan with choppers and why Israel uses jets against tents. This is why west troops armed with automatic weapons dare only to murder children armed with slingshots. West REQUIRES 10X plus advantage for beside being the greatest murderer, it's also the greatest coward and west has preemptively bombed and attacked nations throughout history protecting this advantage, like Vietnam, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, etc and so on.

Anyway, despite the dismal odds, the ruins of Stalingrad turned into the most perfect tank blocks and vehicle barricades and more importantly they provided natural hideouts for snipers. The freckly germ devil spawn, for that's what it is, was forced to walk and climb the ruins in their advance to Volga. And as the west child-murdering miscreants left their armoured tanks, the odds were leveled. Suddenly, the west beast stood 1:1 against Russian children, women, and men. As such, the creature stood no chance.

WWII is essential in understanding how the west murder mind operates. Many think they can just outguess it, but they're fooling themselves for west is not human and its thought patterns are those of the most diseased devil-spawn fiend. Routine daily west crimes are so horrendous that humans find it impossible to even accept as fact. West's moves can only be studied from past wars and it's essential to study China attack of 1950 via Korea war, Vietnam preemptive genocide, and WWII NWO, PT1, attempt at enslaving the entire planet to understand the west brainstem. Russian offensive and counteroffensive is the greatest wealth of knowledge on the psychosis known as west.


poiuytr said...

1:03 PT2

Beside this, the historical statistic on guerrilla/partisan warfare against military is some 80% in favour of guerrillas. In other words, military cannot hope to go against guerrillas.

And we see that clearly in Iraq. The nation toppled in 15 hrs following Busch II columns invading Baghdad meeting no resistance. But the guerrilla warfare hadn't begun just yet. When Busch II celebrated with his child-murdering kin "mission accomplished", west legions began vapourising in the Iraqi defensive. Somehow Russian weapons have flowed into the decade long war that has rendered half USA military might under permanent assault, the Iraqi oil has stopped flowing, and Pentagon's wallet is dripping tens of billions every few months just to maintain the stand off. It's guerrilla war. It's Stalingrad.

The same applies to Afghanistan with the added disadvantage for west of controlling supply routes, which add to the west demise there.

Let's see if the west beast attacks Pakistan now.. and accelerate its beautiful suicide.

As far as 1980.... The 1980 war was west's attack on Russia, not unlike 2008 attack waged via Georgia. West's legions of volunteer guerrillas were incidentally led by Mr Bin Laden. He was then promoted by west to wage the west genocide of Yugoslavia under the clinton/albright child-murdering reign. And yes, indeed, even Russian military couldn't do more than repel the guerrilla invasion attempt.

That's why it's essential not to let the west NATO boys run away now. Germs, Australians (before coup), and the whole NATO BS wants to run. It's mighty gentlemen of Russia to offer support so the west stays and keeps pouring all its blood and cash down the Afghan guerrilla cauldron.

But go figure, not versed in the art of Stalingrad, many readers, like the whore-spawn NATO boys, think Russia's actually aiding the west beast child-murdering efforts, when the exact opposite is the case, just like with sanctions and the west garage sale buyouts.

Fantastic question, BTW. It's something the NATO warshington boys are asking every day, I'm certain. But by the time they manage to translate it down the line their 30 languages, it's so mangled that they have no clue who's Talib or where they're own legions are. That's why it took NATO 1 yr to move some echelon from south Afghan up north.

Anonymous said...

The finest of fine analyses of the Afghan war. Thanks. Also for not forgetting the Iraqi Resistance which has never given up even if the media on principle tends to ignore them.

One thing no one has yet pointed out, though, is the departure of Dutch troops from the battlefield last Sunday. Hats off to Holland, which is otherwise a country I hugely despise.

Off topic now: Yesterday, August 6, was the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. I hope many spared a thought for the victims of that monstrous US deed.

Anonymous said...

Military News in Brief (ICH - 6.8.10)

Chinese missile could shift Pacific power balance: U.S. naval planners are scrambling to deal with what analysts say is a game-changing weapon being developed by China — an unprecedented carrier-killing missile called the Dong Feng 21D

Russia's defense spending to rise by 60% by 2013 - paper: The construction of advanced submarines, including Yasen and Borei class subs, and Bulava ballistic missiles, as well as the construction of three new Talwar class frigates, three Improved Kilo class subs and other vessels for the Russian Black Sea Fleet are likely to require the largest part of the planned spending, Makiyenko said.

Anonymous said...

re: 10:39

The American Navy is in for a surprise from many quarters. Apparently, the Americunt media has never heard of the Russian "Sunburn" and "Onyx" missiles that can kill US aircraft carriers.

Amd rumor has it Iran has been deploying a version of the Sunburn for years.

Iran tests upgraded missile based on Sunburn

It's been an old joke for years that America's aircraft carriers are nothing more than floating coffins.

The days of US gunboat "diplomacy" are over, and the Americunts will have to find that out the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Canada Harperidiots really foaming at the mouth this week.
by pilot-x on 06.08.2010 [23:15]

What an embarrasment to civil Canadians left agape and ashamed.

Anonymous said...

US job losses twice the forecast (7.8.10)

American firms shed 131,000 jobs in July, fanning fears economic recovery will not see revival in employment.

Anonymous said...

Dollar nears 15-year low versus yen (7.8.10)

The U.S. dollar approached a 15-year low against the yen on Friday and fell against the euro after news that the United States shed twice as many jobs in July as expected added to worries about the economic recovery.

Anonymous said...

It's appropriate that latest NBN was posted on August 6, which is after all Hiroshima Day.

But notice how the Imperialist West is all of a sudden trying to acknowledge this day (Ameriscum stooge Ban Ki Moon being the first UN head to visit Hiroshima for the first time) only to cynically play the Weapons of Mass Destruction propaganda meme.

America, the only country ever to use nuclear weapons (including Depleted Uranium), tries to masquerade as a champion of nuclear disarmament.

Typical Goebellsian American behavior.

"Countdown to Zero": Hollywood Movie Promotes War on Iran

Anonymous said...


How do you feel about the Islamization of Europe and the fact that Europe might have a Muslim majority in the next twenty or thirty years?

Anonymous said...

22:15 - Excellent point you make there. The murderers now posing as the victims' best friends. Only thing is, I think, that the Japanese no longer get taken in. Long live the newly awakened Japan!

Anonymous said...

Russia: US breaking weapons treaties 7.8.2010

MOSCOW – Russia accused the United States on Saturday of breaching its obligations over the non proliferation of weapons, a sign of strained relations between the two powers.

The charge came after a new arms control treaty between the United States and Russia suffered a setback this week when the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee delayed a ratification vote until mid-September.

Russia said it had successfully test fired two ballistic missiles from the Barents Sea on Friday, Interfax news agency reported, in another sign of muscle-flexing from Moscow.

(Perhaps also a reaction to Russian suspicions that MI6 and CIA may have been behind the forest fires ravaging Russia today).

Anonymous said...

After Hiroshima, today is the 65th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki 65 years ago. Please to spare a thought for the sufferings of the Japanese people on these two the shame-of-the-universe occasions.

Anonymous said...

You want to see something really pathetic and desperate?

Read this idiotic poem from Global Research about how one should "love the Americunt people but not the Americunt government."

Loving America
A Poem: "Love the people not the government"

This piece of doggerel is a feeble attempt to minimize blame for America's crimes onto only the American regime.

But like the bogus Western "antiwar movement," this poem refuses to admit that the American regime is merely a reflection the bloodthirsty American people themselves.

America is a war crime government--of the American people, by the American people, and for the American people.

Always remember:

America is not just guilty of crimes against humanity.

America itself IS a crime against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Anybody still believe America is not a fascist nation?

America is showing its racist Islamophobia and anti-immigrant nativism in all their ugliness.

Plan for mosque near Ground Zero a target of anti-Muslim chauvinism

Leading Republicans call for partial repeal of 14th Amendment

Anonymous said...

Bravo for all above comments on USans' sordid crimes.

But, personally I refuse to waste time on those humanity-hating criminals. I prefer to turn my face towards those who carry the hopes of the world in their hands. They exist, too. The Freeworld as we call it here.

Without them we may as well get ready to blow ourselves up into space as that madman Hawkins has just informed us we'll all have to do in any case by the next century.

Anonymous said...

Battle to contain India oil spill
Up to 300 fuel containers from the stricken MSC Chitra have reportedly fallen into the sea Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has ordered an investigation into an oil spill caused by a collision between two cargo ships off Mumbai on Saturday.

The Indian navy and coast guard are still trying to contain the leak from the stricken MSC Chitra.

It is tilting at least 75 degrees since the crash with a Panamanian cargo ship, the MV Khalijia-III.

The Chitra was carrying about 1,200 containers, which had nearly 270 tonnes of fuel, say officials.

Up to 400 of the containers have fallen into the sea.

On Monday, the prime minister ordered the shipping ministry to find out what caused the incident off the western Indian coast.

"We are trying to contain the leak as far as possible," Maharashtra state Chief Minister Ashok Chavan told the news agency Press Trust of India.

The coast guard is using several ships and two helicopters spraying oil dispersant in an effort to limit the spill.

Thirty-three crew members were rescued following Saturday's collision in the Arabian Sea.

N.B. Oil slick is now also washing up on Rio de Janeiro beaches.

Anonymous said...

Drought, Fire and Grain in Russia
August 10, 2010

Three interlocking crises are striking Russia simultaneously: the highest recorded temperatures Russia has seen in 130 years of recordkeeping; the most widespread drought in more than three decades; and massive wildfires that have stretched across seven regions, including Moscow.

The crises threaten the wheat harvest in Russia, which is one of the world’s largest wheat exporters. Russia is no stranger to having drought affect its wheat crop, a commodity of critical importance to Moscow’s domestic tranquility and foreign policy. Despite the severity of the heat, drought, and wildfires, Moscow’s wheat output will cover Russia’s domestic needs. Russia will also use the situation to merge its neighbors into a grain cartel.

Anonymous said...

Iran to expunge 'dirty' dollar and euro reserves By ALI AKBAR DAREINI - 10.8.10

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran announced plans Monday to get rid of its dollar and euro reserves in response to the latest U.N. sanctions over its contested nuclear program.

The U.N. Security Council imposed a fourth round of sanctions on Iran in June because of its refusal to halt uranium enrichment. Tougher unilateral U.S. and European Union sanctions followed in July.

"To fight sanctions, we will remove the dollar and euro from our foreign exchange basket and will replace them with (the Iranian) rial and the currency of any country cooperating with us," Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi told Iran's semiofficial Fars news agency. "We consider these currencies (dollar and euro) dirty and won't sell oil in dollar and euro," he added.

The United States and its allies are concerned Iran's continued uranium enrichment could ultimately produce a nuclear weapon. Iran denies this, saying it only seeks nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Rahimi said sanctions won't deter Iran from continuing its nuclear program, and instead they are only helping it achieve technological self-sufficiency in various industries.

Rahimi also attacked South Korea, saying Seoul needs to be punished for joining the global coalition of countries sanctioning Iran.

"The Koreans also need to be slapped," he was quoted by Fars as saying.

Anonymous said...

China iss winning the Energy race with US
6.8.10 By Marin Katusa

The United States is no longer the world’s biggest consumer of energy. After topping the energy consumption charts for more than a century, the U.S. has been left behind as China leapfrogged past. According to the International Energy Association’s (IEA) latest report, China burned its way through 2,252 million tonnes of oil equivalent last year – about 4% more than the U.S.

(The oil-equivalent measure is a bundle of all forms of energy consumed, including crude, coal, nuclear, natural gas, and renewable resources.)

That’s an astonishing turnaround, according to IEA chief economist Fatih Birol, who noted that as recently as 2000, the U.S. consumed twice as much energy as China.

It’s no longer 1973, when President Nixon could declare that our status as top energy consumer was “good. That means we are the richest, strongest people in the world.” Today, bragging about winning the energy-eating competition doesn’t gain you any brownie points. Which is probably why Chinese authorities were quick to reject the IEA data as “unreliable,” choosing instead to focus on their intention to sink about 5 trillion RMB (about US$750 billion) into renewable energy projects.

(This might simply be propaganda to show China in a bad light in the eyes of those silly people one calls the Greens.)

poiuytr said...

10:39 -- Chinese missile could shift Pacific power balance: U.S.

This is along the laughable lines of the west self-inlationary typical wishful evil in their ridiculous pretense that west somehow still carries at least the mil leverage.

Let the record show that China had shifted the pacific power in 1951 when the USA pedophile child-murderers tried attacking it.

If China was able to push the USA civilian murdering juggernaut down the Korean peninsula 60 yr ago with 200K quickly assembled troops, there are no limits to China's strength today and thus, most amusingly, no place on the planet, the west creature could hide in should it molest China again via one of its raped proxies like Japan, S Korea, Burma, or now Vietnam.

Perhaps, the west miscreant really oughtta listen to that crippled swine brainwasher S Hawkin idiot, pack up, and leave for the stars, unless it wants to be hunted down like dogs down its Detrot-prolapsed or Fluorida oil-rain streets.


20:00 -- American firms shed 131,000 jobs in July, fanning fears

Yet, USA's rolling unemployment count is below 500K. To do that, they have to dump 131K off the benefit payroll to accept the new applications and this doesn't even begin to take into account the rest near 40M unemployed baboons USA is now proudly boasting.

> economic recovery will not see revival in employment.

No chance of any "recovery" ever. West is in its terminal prolapse and has less choice than west election ballots.


poiuytr said...

00:36 - How do you feel about the Islamization of Europe and the fact that Europe might have a Muslim majority in the next twenty or thirty

I particularly enjoy the burqa ban and the current physical ethnic cleansing of "gipsies" in Frankensteinia (rhetorical).

What's sold as islamisation is no more than a saxonic creature pretext to commit once again ethnic cleansing genocide. It's already underway and the west BBCNN populace of the braindead monkeys is taking to the racist final solution like flies to excrement. You can see this in Rense's latest obsession with Duke and other such saxonic vermins. You can see this in Grenoble with state robocops firing live ammo into "ubermensch" civilians. You can see this in ultra right fascism rising across all the saxonic cesspits.

On the whole, the age of settling accounts is yet to arrive when the mighty continent of Africa shall rise and take from the EUnuch torturing genocidal slavers everything the west monkeys have ever stolen plus interest. No amount of ethnic cleansing being committed across EUnuchia and in USA with Arizona spearheading the genocide ratification can save, however, the west creatures from facing the bill for their parasitic existence.


7:33 -- Loving America
A Poem: "Love the people not the government"

Indeed, a gem! Thanks for posting. Yes, the cretinism found to be innate debility among the freckly west kind, is truly without limits.

> ...the American regime is merely a reflection the bloodthirsty American people themselves.

This is so well put, I fear my adding to it would only spoil its original impact.


poiuytr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poiuytr said...

11:39 -- But, personally I refuse to waste time on those humanity-hating criminals. I prefer to turn my face towards those who

Yes, yes, indeed don't waste time on them, don't spare a thought on them but don't spare them scorn, laughter, and ridicule now! Don't engage the vermin other than with prodding the creature with jokes about it losing 130K jobs a month and its amusingly decaying circumstances.

> space as that madman Hawkins has just informed us we'll all have to

So glad that cripple idiot is filed as a neanderthal in your book too. Indeed, west "science" icons are no more than exactly the same gang of Dark Age perverts and BBCNN lying whores whose job is to confuse, conceal, and push that christianic dogma, albeit spun for the "scientifically" minded west baboons with their ridiculous einstein warp tales and big bang orgies.

It's truly essential today to understand that ALL, every single, endeavour in west has been 100% crime.

West has never produced a single thought, let alone a product, that has aided humanity! All west claims to "culture" and "science" are 100% lies, no different than the tot they spew about their fiscal "recoveries" and other such diarrhea worthy the BBCNN freckly whores.

West didn't invent architecture. West didn't invent math. West didn't invent astronomy. West didn't invent physics. West didn't invent squat. West fought all knowledge with Dark Ages, torture, and genocide, no different than it does today.

All advances in humanity have been made by humans free of the saxonic DNA flaw. West is the human counter-force here, or in short THE disease our planet has been suffering for 2000 yrs now.


16:16 -- Moscow’s wheat output will cover Russia’s domestic needs. Russia will also use the situation to merge its neighbors into a grain

Yes, let's hope the Russian fires will mean hunger across the west lands. So far the date of resuming food export to the west creatures is 31Dec but let's hope that stretches out some making for a truly fun-filled winter for the west monkeys.


Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, you're a great writer (language) with intelligence to mtach. I can't wait to see your book finished and published.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)


So Iran's doing biz with Russia, China, India and Turkey. Swiss are battling comrade Obama to keep buying Iran's gas otherwise they'll freeze their rumps if the sanctions are actually enforced across the board.

Would you have still voted against them?


15:12 -- Thanks for kind words. It's mostly a secretarial work, which is discipline, something beyond a creative outburst... but oddly, I cannot quite figure this out but people still don't seem to be understanding that west is in a prolapse (maybe this is a bit more evident today but many take it as some fiscal anomaly that's sure to be of cyclical nature of sorts) and mainly that it's TERMINAL. This simple point just isn't taking root even among the old NBN clientele.

It's truly as though people still don't get the simple mechanics that have brought about the west-wide rot and the reason for its terminality -- whatever that means.

And I'm not so sure about the "west is THE disease" mantra either, whether it's understood. Many, like Chossudovsky and the rest of these clowns are singing praises to their freckly kind with renewed love affair for their super white saxon race.

So this slippage in grasping the beauty that lies behind what we marvel at now in BBCNN headlines about the exponentially decaying circumstances of the west neanderthal and the unmatchable sickness and perversity of this creature that has never done anything good for our planet is driving me to do the ugly secretarial work. I used to believe I'm simply too late with these few points for they've become evident through events, but as it appears nothing is clear to anyone. It's astonishing how much effect do the BBCNN whores still have.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

2:22 --

"rought about the west-wide rot and the reason for its terminality -- whatever that means."

What I meant was " -- whatever that means in terms of west's future (be it lockdown, deval, civil war, uprisings, bigger war, econ system overhaul, all the joys of wall-to-wall prolapses,...)"

Anonymous said...

Russia deploys missiles in Abkhazia: Russia has placed an air defence missile system to in the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia, bringing almost immediate condemnation from the government in Tbilisi. (12.8.10)

Anonymous said...

Greek recession deeper than forecast (i2.8.10)
Bigger-than-expected fall in GDP and record rise in unemployment spark fears of more social unrest. (Guardian Online)

Anonymous said...

Foreclosures rise in July - 12.8.10

In July there were more than 325,000 foreclosure filings -- including notices of default, auctions notices and bank repossessions. That is the 17th month in a row total filings exceeded 300,000, said RealtyTrac's CEO, James Saccacio.

Anonymous said...

German economy surges ahead (13.8.10)
Guardian Online

Germany reports 2.2% growth in second quarter, the highest figure since the country was reunified.

(Now where did these figures come from? Herr Merkel as P. likes to put it, is down in the dumps as regards popularity figures. So fake a few in the econ and things are evened out.)

Anonymous said...

So obviously, from 11:34, we get this piece of crowing news for what it's worth:

Eurozone outpaces US
Economy grows 1pc, driven by a resurgent Germany.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps worth taking a look at: Unemployment Rates State by State (WRH)

Anonymous said...

By every measure, the Pentagon is the largest institutional user of petroleum products and energy in general. Yet the Pentagon has a blanket exemption in all international climate agreements....

Barry Sanders in his new book, “The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism,” says that “the greatest single assault on the environment, on all of us around the globe, comes from one agency ... the Armed Forces of the United States.”

"Pentagon’s role in global catastrophe"

Anonymous said...

Hidden Intelligence Operation Behind the Wikileaks Release of "Secret" Documents?
The real story of Wikileaks has clearly not yet been told.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, 20:45, Pentagon is the greatest culprit in the global environmental catastrophe. I'd say it were best banned. No more Pentagon, no more US armed forces and we'd all live happier, healthier and more peacefully for it.

Anonymous said...

Will retaliate if offended by US, warns China General - 13.8.10

A Chinese General on Friday termed as "flagrant provocation" US plans to send a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea and said the country would retaliate if "offended".

China had in the recent weeks voice its firm opposition to activities of foreign military vessels or planes in the Yellow Sea and China's coastal waters, saying they undermine it security interests. Despite China's warning, the US insists on sending the carrier ‘USS George Washington', he said

The General was reacting to remarks by Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the carrier will always go into international waters.

(At a point in time when the Us desperately needs China's cooperation (particularly with the huge amount of US debt China is holding), why is it sabre-rattling right now?!?!?) WRH

Anonymous said...

There's no way for the U.S. to win a non-nuclear war with Iran - 13.8.10

General staffs are supposed to plan for even the most unlikely future contingencies. Right down to the 1930s, for example, the United States maintained and annually updated plans for the invasion of Canada—and the Canadian military made plans to preempt the invasion. But what the planning process will have revealed, in this case, is that there is no way for the United States to win a non-nuclear war with Iran.

The U.S. could “win” by dropping hundreds of nuclear weapons on Iran’s military bases, nuclear facilities and industrial centres (i.e. cities) and killing five to 10 million people, but short of that, nothing works.

Anonymous said...

re: 12:34

America is genocidial enough to murder 5-10 million Iranians.

After all, America has already murdered over a million Iraqi and Afghani people; 2-3 million Vietnamese people; hundred of thousands of Latin/Carribean Americans (aka Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile, Grenada); Africans (Somalia, Yemen); and of course the Native Americans, whose land America stole and occupies to this very day.

Anonymous said...

5-10 million more, 19:59, all in a day's work what! Business as usual. The great USan nation! Ugh! Spit, spit, curse, curse.

poiuytr said...

12:36 -- The U.S. could “win” by dropping hundreds of nuclear weapons on Iran’s military bases,

No, it can't. Under no circumstance can west even hope to stifle Iran's 2nd strike. Who knows what that means. Certainly Iran's 2nd strike isn't limited to Iran's mil bases and it's more like near 70 million, not 10, which would have to be "taken out", as the west murder beast calls it, within a few nanoseconds.

And still, there remains the pesky issue of Hormuz and west going oil-dry in 3-5 days. Of course, one could dream on thinking west will enlarge Hormuz with its nuke arsenal or simply cut a channel across Arabia to circumvent the enemy territory.

The most simple case against the possibility of attack on Iran is given by the beast itself. Had attack on Iran been a possibility, it would have been done a long ago. It's simply not.

You see, west has known about Hormuz for a long long time but building a pipeline across Arabia is even a dumber solution to their eternal oil-vampiring predicament so they're simply stuck. They've been stuck and shall remain stuck, much like west econ shall remain dying at an exponential rate, regardless what lies Germs are printing about their cash print GDP.


Where are all the SANCTION-VETO folks with their answer whether they'd still veto it, now that the results are coming in?

Another question to them, should they pop in here. On the latest headlines featuring the possible delivery of n-fuel to Iran. Is that a good thing or bad for west?


19:59 --
You're 100% right. The reason west won't attack Iran isn't west's problem murdering civilians and children. It's done nothing its entire existence but just that.

The reason there is simply Iran's 2nd strike and west's unusual case of truly unmatchable cowardice.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan on the verge?

About 14 million people have now been affected by Pakistan's worst floods in 80 years, disaster officials have said. Criticism of Pakistan's government has intensified, with particular ire directed at Asif Ali Zardari, the president, who went ahead with state visits to Europe at the height of the disaster.

(Any connection with HAARP here? The only good thing to come out of this scourge so far: The invaders' supply lines through Pakistan are down. Hope they all die of hunger, etc. )

Anonymous said...

"And still, there remains the pesky issue of Hormuz and west going oil-dry in 3-5 days. Of course, one could dream on thinking west will enlarge Hormuz with its nuke arsenal or simply cut a channel across Arabia to circumvent the enemy territory."

What do you make of the argument that America actually wants Iran to close the Straits of Hormuz?

The effect would be try to drive oil prices higher yes, but it would also increase demand for the Dirty Dollar, which is what the USA wants.

Stock Market Tremors, Fed Pessimism, US Payments Deficit Presage Dollar Disintegration After Failure of US-UK Blitzkrieg Against Euro; Wall Street In Flight Forward Towards Iran War, Oil Price Spike To Prop Up Greenback

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

6:01 -- What do you make of the argument that America actually wants Iran to close the Straits of Hormuz?

That's a good one. I'm very conventional on this one however and the west oil vampire needs its fleet of tankers going through the pesky narrow every day to keep the oil theft going.

Close it down, and west is oil-dry in days, literary in days, but months would do. So the margin of error on losing Hormuz for the west vampire is far too great and despite all its sub and navy fleets, west cannot win Hormuz, if they provoke Iran.

> The effect would be try to drive oil prices higher yes, but it would also increase demand for the Dirty Dollar, which is what the USA wants.

The effect would be instant oil-death in all of west -- forget prices.

There is no link twixt dollar and oil today. There hasn't been since the nuking of petrodollar in mid-2006, the very reason for west-wide wall-to-wall and terminal prolapse we're celebrating today with each headline highlighting the west decay.

If you shut Hormuz, west would have to buy from Venezuela, Iran, Russia and do it very quickly which is only in the interest of the Freeworld.

Hormuz alone is enough to make Iran's attack a sheer impossibility. Add Iran's power incl satellites, subs, and missiles, and west's only solution here is its rabid venomous vulgarities, no more.

That said, it's possible, as west decays (as it is) with debt-to-GDP climbing over 90% aggregately and unemployment touching 30% across the cesspits, and with everything ransacked via bailouts... it's possible that they'll attack Iran just to pull the plug on all things west.

West monkeys won't be too bothered about 911, London77, Gulf of Death, bailout heist, vaticunt child rapes, and the rest of the west crimes, when they're facing Iran's second strike for years to come, are they?

Anonymous said...
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poiuytr said...

6:01 -- PT2

W Tarpley has no clue what's he talking about. I realise he's yet another west fringe "voice of reason" source but like all of them (rense, engdahl, roberts, rivero...) he too misunderstand the simple mechanics of the west terminal prolapse. One has to wonder today if that's deliberate or whether they're really this dense.

As per comments, in gen'l NBN has been failing a great deal.

Some readers think west prolapse is a matter of some academic behaviour of markets and as you saw, someone actually wrote that west's outsourcing to make bigger profits is what caused west's loss of profits. Lunacy as such is expected from west but certainly it shouldn't disgrace the NBN blog today.

Some also seem to think that sanctions on Iran were indeed sanctions on Iran, despite west's own lamenting headlines.

In gen'l everyone's so easily swayed by the BBCNN whores and the 'fringe' Tarpley folks that bringing their rhetoric here makes this no more than another west tabloid column.

We must go back to the very basics, I fear.

1) West is THE disease. Line up all the evil criminals the planet's produced and you won't even begin to touch a routine day of the west beast in terms of its mind stopping crimes, most of which are deliberately dished out against defenceless children at that.

2) West has never ever produced a single one good thing to benefit -- even remotely -- the mankind. It's existence has meant one giant intercontinental genocide of all life on this planet and systematic destruction of all human achievements.

3) West now finds itself in what is a wall-to-wall prolapse. No part of west econ is working. No part of west makes or can hope to make some value. No part of west is necessary for the healthy functioning of all Freeworld's markets, established and forming. While west depends on and requires the planet to feed it, keep it warm, and cloth it.

4) There is no petrodollar. There is no dollar monopoly. West has no currency monopoly today! That's why there is no dollar and euro, the inbred cousing of the dollar. That's why west has no banking. That's why west has no real-estate. That's why west has no tradable mfg. And more beautifully even than that is the fact that today there is NO way for west to fix this like it did in say in 1973 or 1990.

5) Hence, the prolapse west is in is therefore fully terminal and completely incurable. The only reason west hasn't gone belly up just yet like USA Gulf & Atlantic sea-life is because west has been printing cash. It prints roughly 1 million/second (USD/EUR mix) to keep USA/EUnuchia pretense going. And some might say, given the increasing rot of west that it's a slipshod pretense at best. There is nothing west can do to hope to pay this insane debt and its only fate is devaluation, mayhem, poverty, civil strife, lockdown, and the other benefits of wall-to-wall prolapse.

6) West's last option is to provoke a big war, that is with someone capable of smacking west back across its snout, like for example Iran and many others today. But that too is terminal for west.

poiuytr said...

Zapped comment at 17:07 was my own.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, you are not to get mad at us, please. From time to time, someone gets shaken and brings a piece of news here to see if you can make sense of it for us.

West is the disease, certainly. Everyone who's had any dealings with your thinking know it and believe in it firmly. The problem is, west is also a past master at the PR game, mis- and disinformation tactics - and sometimes even we, who should no better - might get taken in.

Another point: I myself, for instance, in the past wished to promote your views wherever I could. Now, somehow, I feel it's safer for all of us not to do so. I think you gave us a hint in that direction yourself once. West desperation can lead to all kinds of follies is my feeling. And as you put it, a nuclear attack could also come out of that selfsame desperation. So mum's the word.

But if we post nothing at all, how's the discussion to proceed?

Anonymous said...

<< I asked you to explain west rot,>>

I rephrase:

1. There was a massive influx of drug use (since the 1960;s ) which led to west cultu-rot intellectual rot, Educational, economic, Political-rot; both in Public and Private.

2. There was an export of industry (since the 1970's ??) to Asia which led to west manufacturing rot by the time 1990's arrived..

3. There was a growing cadre of rot-intellectuals and rot-Economists (see point 2 above) and rot-politicians and Rot-Bankers - all propagating stupid ideas using rot-Media. Next, the Three great swindles, or bubbles, 1. Internet, 2. Real Estate and 3. this present Government monster bubble now unleashed on the world...

3. Some sort of late Autumn / Winter K-contraction was intrinsic and due for the American Economy. A contraction now no longer entirely natural or perceptible but defined by ROT-made events.

To cut to the chase, I in no way perceive any type of move in 2006 by Russia as responsible for the Rot-dicament of the west. There was plenty of trends in play before 2006. If Russia made a move in 2006, it can be described in many ways. Such as "the most unkindest cut of all" or "a coup de grace." Or even 'The final cut'


Anonymous said...

until next time...

Anonymous said...

Re: The Nobel Peace Prize Is A Farce

ok,..i wrote a sad story to a professor on a jehad site, and also noticed they have long beards and are old, recenly i learnt they are a holy war, andn perhap i wont emeila them again now,...but

after months of worry, not want to send another email, or highlight the original email, i sent a simply like then deleted it on their jehad site...

then noticed they had a jehad capture teh flasg competitin, and even a rap, so they cant be that bed, just a scarey name,..


I posted as ali g, well a like to my good evening 14 minutesd made up speach, ,..


they clicked like twice on my facebook, then deleted one like...


1 months later or just before, i watched the news and saw a muslim guy going off with hate saying any suicide bombers go directly to hell...

Well, weeks later, we all forgot, its more like a bad thought of feeling for the poor guy that has to blow him self up, foa alluh,..for anyone,..well i reakon they still go to heaven either way.


Do i get one yet ?

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