Deadly Legacy – Iraq

YouTube once again collaborating with the NSA/US imperialism, has disabled embedding links. You’ll have to copy and paste the link below, it’s well worth watching but you need to be strong.

Deadly Legacy – Iraq
August 2010

Seven years after the invasion of Baghdad, the Iraqi people are experiencing a devastating legacy. Babies are being born with severe deformities and cancer at a rate, which makes the effects of Hiroshima look tame.

This is America’s despicable and cowardly legacy in Iraq: deformed mutant and leukaemia stricken children. The US through its use of depleted uranium and white phosphorous has made Iraq, country of beauty into a toxic and nuclear waste land. The US has forever ruined Iraq’s environment and genetics of its people.

The cowardly Americans murder Doctors who tell the truth and intimidate others with the threat of murder. 20:20

The Western speciality of whitewashing their crimes and disseminating obscene lies is seen with the UK report on Fallujah the presenter highlights, this report is another example of how the West lies. No western organization or institution can be trusted, whether it be the vile West media, academia, medical, or spook-front NGOs. 20:30

Try google the report.

The hypocritical Australian presenter/editor refuses to show more distressing images of deformed children because they don’t want to upset their vile hypocritical Western audience. 21:00

Out of sight out of mind is the attitude of the West masses.


James Wolfe said...

To add insult to injury, the USMC website is commemorating the event.

Anonymous said...

J.W., Thank God you're back at long last. This is the West's gift to the Muslim world. The only thing they don't realise is that Muslims are not that easily intimidated. They'll arise from their present ashes and then will come the day of reckoning. We're not the Japanese, after all.

As for the west public, they're the pits. Nothing bothers them except where the money to keep up their living standards is to come from.

Thanks, J.W., for this very painful encounter with the reality of Iraq.

poiuytr said...

Make no mistake, the deadly legacy, although geographically related to Iraq, has you, wherever you may reside, in mind. Muslim, christianic, pagan, alien... it doesn't discriminate either.

DU (U238) is no accidental war by-product. In fact, the west wars are just the pretext to spread this all-life-annihilating weapon around our planet.

Althought, DU radiation level (2-3 mSV) is around the nominal ambient radiation, it's a calculated vivocidal WMD against us all, not just Falluja, Iraqis, Afghanistanis, Serbians, and the evident targets of the physical west assaults on our planet.

DU, the payload of west shells and bullets, upon explosion and impact vapourises. The war, the shooting, the permanent shelling is just the method to keep filling the air with U238 particles.

They then swirl forever around our atmosphere, killing from here on all life on our planet. Perhaps, this is why the west beast has so viciously attacked our weather via its HAARP WMDs destructing the ionosphere creating mayhem like the recent split of the jet stream and so on to literary flood our planet with DU.

Again, the evil of DU doesn't lie in its radioactivity, which is what flummoxes many people for that's typically the focus when DU is debated. The evil of DU lies in this very distribution: explosions, vapourisation, and spread on the winds of our planet for ultimately the particles will find you.

When inhaled or digested, DU becomes a private nuke reactor.

Consider that on average (that's just AVERAGE) USA boys had brought home from the 1991 DU-spread-war in Iraq 1/3 mg of DU in their lungs. This means that USA average war boy came home with a nuke ractor that makes 700M radiation decay events a year in their lungs from here to eternity. There is no lessening over thousands of lifetimes and there is no way to stop or even shield it. It's the American Roulette. The DU-levels of 1991 provided on average 22 shots each and every second.

What the west beast had termed "war syndrome" were the statistical results of the American Roulette of their own ranks. It needs not be reminded that the 21st century wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, now lasting a near decade, have intensified the DU bombing and spread to horror levels, now fully observable in Serbia and Iraq.

So, to sum, west war legacy doesn't affect just those sacrificed as direct targets on the BS 911 pretext, but all of us, for the west war legacy is the total and complete vivocide of our planet.

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