Nation By Nation (23Aug10)

7Aug-23Aug -- Sinking like the Corexit-sprayed oil slick, west goes bonkers ratcheting up its HAARP WMDs against everyone everywhere achieving the seeming destruction of the jet stream and thus our weather. Funnily enough though, a typical miscalculation has strayed into this diabolical plan of the beast. The first-line victim of the resulting food shortage shall be, of course, none other than the west neanderthal. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Deploys S300. For a laugh, Frankensteins express "concern".
- Sea borders protected by Russian fleet.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - USA's back to trying to entice Talib with more reconciliation sweet talk. Didn't Petraeus vow total military victory just recently, for which he got the promotion to lead the west child murdering legions?
- USA murders 6 incl 3 civilians, 22Aug.
- War report: 30 invading insurgents killed; over 6 tanks destroyed; 1 chopper downed; 3 NATO occupied places missiled. » See more at

B O L I V I A Bolivia - In preparation for the beast, extends mil training to civilians.

Evo Morales confirms that USA's objective is to seize oil & nat'l reserves of S America.

C H I N A China - Floods across 28 provinces kill near 2K, affect 140M, break over 50 reservoirs, destroy 875K homes, force 10M into evacuation, and destroy 9M hectares of farmland, as of 7Aug.
- Clocks record rainfall though 7Aug.
- Trade surplus at near 30B USD/Jul, marking a 1,5 yr record.
- As Japan sinks with its masters, west admits that China has at last surpassed the once big island econ but the BBCNN media whores still stubbornly maintain that Germs are #1, which, of course, is as laughable as Busch II's self-vapourising Boeings, Bliar's Loondon77, Greek bailout, or comrade Obama saying there is no oil in the Gulf of Mexico.
- Dumps ~100B USD or 11% of USA debt/Q2. (21B USD just in Jun) Sideline: USA debt makes up 35% of China's diversified foreign reserves. Therefore, USA's shrieks that China can't afford to dump the 830B USD just to burn USA's rump are in efficacy on par with west "tougher" sanctions on Iran.
- For fun, China's dump isn't the only thorn in USA rump for Soros and the rest of the USA stock wolf pack have all laughably been shadowing China's d0llar-dump policy managing to emaciate over 40% of Soros' funds investments and withdrawing an aggregate of 33B USD from USA stocks.
- Despite the loosening of Yuan/dullar peg, Yuan still drops 2%/Jun. West grits teeth in anger for it had expected a sizeable rise.

E G Y P T Egypt - Intercepts Israeli boat peddling arms, 15Aug.

E U EU - Wheat prices rise proportionally to temperatures in Russia to 236 EUR/tonne, or by some 13% by 5Aug. Britz media whores now speak of the possibility of food riots coming to west.
- Vaticunt issues thanks to USA for dropping its prosecution of Vaticunt pedophile rapists. No, the festering west disease couldn't be invented.
- Aggregate production keeps shriveling even in Q2.
- Factory output shrivels 1/10th%/Q2. For fun, they had anticipated an "increase". No quips!
- Inflation admitted at 20 mo high. Didn't they fight deflation a few days ago? Sideline: All west claims are total rubbish. They've always been but since 911 they've managed to increase even that. Specifically, to inflation/deflation: falling prices have nothing whatever to do with deflation, though this is precisely what the west gang of "economist" mindrapists base their deflationary spew on; and CPI is no indication of inflation, which is what they apparently used here. Inflation has to do with the size of the currency base, not its relative buying power and that has been inflated by 43T USD/EUR in the last 19 months across the west Atlantic-molesting cesspit.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - France begins physical ethnic cleansing shipping out the unwanted ones by rounding them up, stripping them of citizenship, and deporting them en masse to Bulgaria and Romania. France however maintains: "France is not a racist country."
- Auto production shrivels 7,4%/Jun.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Industrial production shrivels 6/10th%/Jun. They're "surprised". No joke! They expected 7/10th increase.
- Claims Q2 growth. Clearly they "erroneously" added the 750B EUR, supposedly given to the Greeks, to their own GDP. This is exactly the same kind of BS like west claiming Germs are the biggest economy on earth.
- Frees an Israeli caught for faking passport who also happens to be wanted in Dubai for assassination. Fake passports, assassinate, rape kids, torture with USA fiends, murder civilians in Afghanistan, all allowed in west... but question the state laughable dogma and go to jail. That's what the west frecklies have for "democracy" and "freedom" today and they don't even seem to mind.
- Saxony drowns in floods.

Can someone cue up the Brandenburg Concertos?

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - GDP shrivels 1,5%/Q2 or 3,5%/yr. How so? Wasn't the bailout suppose to prevent just this? Well, so long as the near trillion Greek bailout went into the right wallets.
- Workers (age 24 yrs and below) clock 33% unemployment.
- Overall unemployment admitted at 12%.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania - Under another IMF rape assault as the west beast demands another 75K jobs zapped by the end of 2010. The first round of poverty measures have zapped 30K and upped VAT to 24%.

E U - U K EU-UK - Unemployment reaches 2,5M. They're now counting part-time as full time.
- Long term unemployment (unemployed for 1yr and better) at 13 yr high at 800K.
- Governance plans to remedy this situation however by zapping 600K jobs more over the next 5 yrs to comply with the first round of IMF diktat.
- Banksters issue a threat to governance: screw with limiting our bonuses and we'll leave the drizzly isles. Yes, the west war juntas are at each other's throats.

I R A N Iran - Like China, dumping EUnuchro and Dullar from its wallet.
- Comrade Obama's sanctions further unify Iran and Syria, beside others, as Iran begins gas export to Syria.
- Mutual business investment grows among Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and India -- all courtesy of the west new "tougher" sanctions.
- Russia delivers N fuel and Bushehr reactor comes online, 21Aug. BTW, Russia is still "undecided" on the S300 delivery, but Bushehr alone has left west fang scraping loud enough.
- Tests S2S missile.
- Unveils own fighter drone.
- Completes some 30% or 900K km of the Pakistan gasline, a project, which west tried so hard to prevent.

I R A Q Iraq -» See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - GDP shrivels to measly 4/10th%/Q2 from 4,4%. They predicted 2,3% growth. No joke!

L E B A N O N Lebanon - Tells USA to shove their "aid" after USA condoned recent Israel border molestations.
- Iran and Syria re-iterate their mil support for Lebanon in case should west attack.
- Iran further offers Lebanon mil aid.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Floods destroy near 15K hectares of farmland, thousand homes, and hundreds of firms.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Floods ravage 650K homes, 132K km2, affecting 13M, and killing over 1600.
- NATO supply convoy destroyed.

Pakistan too suffers the HAARP destruction of the jet stream.

R U S S I A Russia - Halts wheat export, 15Aug, until 31Dec plunging west food-dependent market into panic as west food prices rise.
- Plane routes disrupted by 2K km long cloud of smoke from fires.
- 7K hectares of fires in 11 of 14 districts under control. Some 10M hectares have been destroyed in fires.
- Freak weather due to the split of the jet stream pushes temperatures in Moscow to 40C killing some 5000.
- Lukoil with China's oil venture begin fueling Iran again. Who could've achieved more unity among the Freeworld than the west "tough" sanctions?

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - Planning yet another war games for Sep with USA masters in their endless attempts at provoking China. Does west really think it could handle the situation should they be successful?

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Refusing to obey comrade Obama sanctions, clinging for its dear life to the 18B EUR gas deal with Iran. Let's hope comrade Obama was serious about enforcing the sanctions and will shut the gas taps, which are keeping the disobedient Swiss Vaticunt guardsmen warm.

U S A USA -Fan/Fred, USA governance mortgage firm, which has cost the baboon ~1T USD to date, needs another quick 150B USD to stay afloat a bit longer after posting a 9B USD loss/Q2. Governance claims they have no clue why this prolapse has occurred. No joke! Hopefully, this cannot be said of the NBN readership, which knows that the west unavoidable terminal prolapse, signs of which are celebrated in NBN's, stems from the masterful mid-2006 petrodollar nuking.
- 113 banks laid to rest, 20Aug. That's a bank going belly up every 48 hrs.
- To keep the food stamp lot from swelling too much, comrade Obama deftly drains 14B USD, some 13,6%, from the programme, which is keeping some 41M baboons alive now. This is the same kind of number masturbation, which is employed in reporting the USA unemployment, war casualty,... well, and everything.
- Comrade Obama makes 26B USD cuts to USA medical care programmes to apparently fund his wife's whim programme. BTW, this is the very definition of Ponzi. Oddly, the baboon remains calm.
- Comrade Obama prints 3B USD for elite banks to "fight" foreclosures. Now, how does giving cash to loan underwriters fight foreclosures? It doesn't! It's just another typical west scam/deceit/crime like bailout, democracy spreading wars, magically disappearing oil spill, and.... well, everything.
- Trade deficit grows by 8B USD/Jun. The west media whores label it as "unexpected".

Spare a moment and breathe in this beautiful work of art showing USA monetary base through 2009. Yes, it clearly outlines how USA, instead of printing newspapers, has gone into the lucrative business of printing cash. Right now, the cost of the west idyll pretense runs about 1M (USD/EUR mix) each and every second 24/7, as they say. Just during your reading this single blip, the west has probably had some 6-8 million pumped into its corexit-filled veins to plod on in its death bed.

- 131K baboons zapped from jobs/Jul.
- Pentagram joins the wonderful job-zapping spree with axing ~6K jobs.
- Just in 2009Q4, USA had zapped nearly 7M baboons.
- Bankruptcies clock 5 yr high record with 422K filings/Q2. That's incidentally a growth of 9%/Q and 11%/yr. Not bad considering 2005 revamp of bankruptcy regs to make them more difficult by Busch II.
- Personal bankruptcies grow 21% and biz ones at 9%.
- No wonder then that baboon pension raiding is at 10 yr high. Watch comrade Obama figure out how to stop baboons from raiding their own cash now.
- July deficit at 165B USD. Isn't it fun watching someone who can't control own budget dictate someone else's fiscal policies?
- Debt-to-GDP at 95% and climbing. The same applies for the other west side of the Atlantic, BTW. But it doesn't stop the west creatures from blaming Greek sensible debt-to-GDP ratio for the west-wide rot.
- 93K homes repo'd from the baboon/Jul. That's an increase of 9%/month or 6%/yr. Selling tents to the baboon could be the next big business with west.
- Comrade Obama quickly prints 21B USD to bandaid up various state lacerations to keep the states from rumbling.
- Does it sound like USA is basically over? That's cuz it is. This should be no surprise to the NBN readership but now even the IMF vampire has joined the NBN choir coming clean on USA being bankrupt. IMF is now seeking total financial overhaul of USA or more simply put, econ system change including total revamp of retirement, health, work, and every aspect of the baboon's existence. Let's see who wins this one: USA central banksters or the west IMF cannibals. Current IMF demand is doubling of all taxes to start with 15% of GDP reduction in debt.
- Oddly, Bloomberg joins in too calling USA a 6 decade Ponzi scheme. Are the west media losers now shamelessly copying NBN?
- Certainly seems like it. Now even comrade Obama's budget office is screaming there's no recovery and warns of hard times. Of course, they don't elaborate that "hard times" mean total wall-to-wall terminal prolapse of all things and lands west.

The capitalipigs have always been rather partial to hockey stick charts. Now they've got 'em -- everywhere! This 2009 hockey stick tracks Nevada's unemployment.

- » Treat yourself to this wonderful flash of unemployment thunderstorm gathering over the skulls of the baboon. It's priceless! (They'll have to more than spray Corexit to hide this embarrassment.)

- 60+ die in clashes on USA/Mexico border, early Aug.
- Comrade Obama begins militarisation of USA/Mexico border as 23 die on 15Aug.
- Gunbattles on Mexico border, 21Aug.
- Wyoming threatens comrade Obama with putting 550 hectars on the west-wide garage sale unless he starts paying for schools a bit.
- Califorlornia clocks 21% shriveling in baboon-to-baboon hovel sales.
- Colorado experiences a small baboon vs robocops skirmish.
- Certain municipalities across USA are shutting off street lamps and try auctioning off police choppers to stay afloat.
- USA prolapse doesn't stop comrade Obama however from giving Israel another 4B USD worth of fighter jets. Let's hope the tent-bound baboon appreciates this sweet love gesture.
- Suddenly befriends Vietnam, parking its warships there and imposing with nuke stuff there. Is west still running the lunatic wetdream of dominating Central Asia through its empty skull?
- Comrade Obama clocks another int'l embarrassment as he threatens Turkey to be nice to Israel or he won't sell Ankara his anti-civilian drones. It should be added here that days later, Iran had unveiled own drones making USA rabid threats as laughable as they're impotent.

Oil oozing out of ground in LousyAnna. Strange, isn't it? Didn't comrade Obama say there is no oil spill anymore?

- Oil rain reported in Minnesota. Oddly, the BBCNN whores do mention the new death phenomena but claim they have no clue what's behind it. One couldn't make up the psychosis, which defines the west cesspits.
- Dead fish adorn USA coastline from Texas to New York now, some 5K km. Get ready Norway and Britzies, you're next up. BTW, the cabal of west media whores link the massive fish die off to the resurrected global warming.
- No change in west's impotence in stopping the leaks, which means we're on day ~180 and that roughly means 2,4M tonnes of oil thus far and probably nearing 8M l of Corexit spilt into our oceans. This seems supported by oil-death-rain detected 2,5K km away now; with near 5K km of USA coastline edged with dead fish and tar; and 40km long oil plumes slithering beneath the media-friendly surface thanks to the Corexit bombing. The capacity of the destruction, which for oil is 10K X, thus far is then 30T l of water or total vivocide of our planet.
- Despite these simple facts, USA governance actually says there is NO oil anymore. No joke! Yes, like Boeings, oil now too apparently just vanishes in USA. Well, after 911, it'd be silly to expect any shred of truth from the west child-murdering and planet-vivociding frecklies.
- To prove there is NO oil spill, comrade Obama takes a picture swimming. Now, consider the acumen of the creature this photo op is supposed to convince that the 6 months of oil spill never really happened and you'll have a fair sample of the west disease.

- » See more pics on this west vivocide here at NWO report site
- » See spill tracking maps

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Restores ties with new Colombian prez Santos. be cont'd as it all piles


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Anonymous said...

Dead fish everywhere, dead west everywhere, poiuytr superb comment on the evils of the Gulf Stream gone haywire. and I loved LousyAnna. That was simply a stroke of genius. Everything else exactly as it should be in a first-rate NBN column. Thanks once again

Anonymous said...

America no longer needs Chinese money, for now
As the Sino-American showdown in the South China and Yellow Seas escalates into the gravest superpower clash since the Cold War, the United States cannot wisely rely on China to help fund its budget deficit for any longer.

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Published: 7:58PM BST 22 Aug 2010

The cacophony of voices in Beijing questioning or mocking the credit-worthiness of the US is now deafening, from premier Wen Jiabao on down. The results are in any case manifest: US Treasury data show that China has cut its holdings of Treasury debt by roughly $100bn (£65bn) over the past year to $844bn.

ZeroHedge reports that net purchases by the big three of China, Japan, and the UK (Mid-East petro-dollars) have been sliding for two years. In August they bought the least amount of US debt this year.

China is finding other ways to recycle its trade surplus and hold down its currency, buying record amounts of Japanese, Korean, Thai, and no doubt Latin American bonds. "Diversification should be the basic principle," said Yu Yongding, an ex-adviser to the Chinese central bank.

Beijing is buying gold on the dips, or doing so quietly through purchases of scrap ores, or by deals with miners such as Coeur d'Alene in Alaska.

It is building strategic reserves of oil and coal, and probably industrial metals. State entities are buying up natural gas reserves in Africa and Central Asia, or oil sands in Canada, or timber in Guyana. Where this expansion runs into political barriers, they are funding projects – such as a $10bn loan to Petrobras for the deepwater oil off Brazil. Where all else fails, they are buying equities. All of this recyles China's reserve surplus away from US debt.

So it is a good thing that US citizens have stepped into the breach, investing a record $185bn into bonds funds this year (ICI data). JP Morgan describes this as "extraordinary prejudice", evidence of irrational fear.

(This has been posted just for a laugh. See how patriotic USans are springing into the breach caused by Chinese withdrawal from the bond market. And we're supposed to believe that crap: see poiuytr above on Soros and Co.)

Anonymous said...

America no longer needs Chinese money, for now
As the Sino-American showdown in the South China and Yellow Seas escalates into the gravest superpower clash since the Cold War, the United States cannot wisely rely on China to help fund its budget deficit for any longer.

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Published: 7:58PM BST 22 Aug 2010

The cacophony of voices in Beijing questioning or mocking the credit-worthiness of the US is now deafening, from premier Wen Jiabao on down. The results are in any case manifest: US Treasury data show that China has cut its holdings of Treasury debt by roughly $100bn (£65bn) over the past year to $844bn.

ZeroHedge reports that net purchases by the big three of China, Japan, and the UK (Mid-East petro-dollars) have been sliding for two years. In August they bought the least amount of US debt this year.

China is finding other ways to recycle its trade surplus and hold down its currency, buying record amounts of Japanese, Korean, Thai, and no doubt Latin American bonds. "Diversification should be the basic principle," said Yu Yongding, an ex-adviser to the Chinese central bank.

Beijing is buying gold on the dips, or doing so quietly through purchases of scrap ores, or by deals with miners such as Coeur d'Alene in Alaska.

It is building strategic reserves of oil and coal, and probably industrial metals. State entities are buying up natural gas reserves in Africa and Central Asia, or oil sands in Canada, or timber in Guyana. Where this expansion runs into political barriers, they are funding projects – such as a $10bn loan to Petrobras for the deepwater oil off Brazil. Where all else fails, they are buying equities. All of this recyles China's reserve surplus away from US debt.

So it is a good thing that US citizens have stepped into the breach, investing a record $185bn into bonds funds this year (ICI data). JP Morgan describes this as "extraordinary prejudice", evidence of irrational fear.

(Posted just for a laugh. Patriotic USans replacing the Chinese on the bond market, indeed! See what poiuytr says about Soros and Co above.)

Anonymous said...

re: "America no longer needs Chinese money, for now"

That British twat Ambrose Evans-Pritchard sounds like somebody kicked him in the balls, as his beloved American Dollar Vampire loses another victim to extort... sorry I mean "borrow" money from.

The reality which America-lovers cannot admit is that America had no intention of paying back this so-called loans ever, and that in fact, this money is a concealed form of imperial tribute that America extracts from other nations.

In short, the American Dollar and economy are literally a parasitic system.

And that system is finally coming to an end.

Now, watch the FED crank up the money printing machine as it desperately tries to save American Dollar Imperialism from its deserved death.


Anonymous said...

You said it, bro: a twat he is and the US dollar is now trembling on the brink. Any day now, any day now.

Anonymous said...

Castro: US in checkmate over Iran
Wed Aug 25, 2010

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has said Washington is in a checkmate position with Tehran, reiterating the devastating consequences of any US threats against Iran and the danger of a global nuclear war.

"The Yankees are in a checkmate, no matter how intelligent they are," Castro said at a meeting with Cuban journalists on Sunday, where he presented his argument about the threat of a nuclear war.

Castro stressed the destructive consequences of a nuclear war for the world, saying that nobody will survive after such a war breaks out.

According to Xinhua, he said that US President Barack Obama is the one who will decide whether a nuclear war will occur.

"He (Obama) has the constitutional power. He has the say. What he can ask for is only one thing, peace," Castro said.

In early August, Castro delivered a speech to the Cuban parliament to warn against US threats against Iran and the danger of a global nuclear war.

The former Cuban leader warned in the country's parliament that an attack on Iran could push the world to the brink of a "nuclear holocaust," which would take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

"If war breaks out, the current social order will suddenly disappear and the price will be infinitely greater," Castro said.

"Does anyone think the Iranians, a people with a culture of thousands of years and which is much more intertwined with death than ours, will lack the courage we have shown in resisting the demands of the United States?" the former Cuban leader asked.

On June 9, the UN Security Council approved a resolution, brokered and pushed ahead by Washington, which imposed new sanctions on Iran. The measure was soon followed by more unilateral sanctions by the US and the European Union, mainly targeting the Islamic Republic's oil and gas sector.

Iran argues that as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency it has the right to develop and seek access to civilian nuclear technology.

Tehran has downplayed the significance of the punitive measures and has vowed to stand up to the US and Israeli threats to strike its nuclear facilities.

Castro, who turned 84 on August 13, returned to public life on July 7 after four years of convalescence from a serious illness in which he handed over power to his brother Raul.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

NATO Supplies Disrupted by Pakistan Flooding
US Military Vehicles Stuck in Traffic
by Jason Ditz, August 24, 2010

As the Obama Administration continues to escalate the war in Afghanistan, the problem of trying to supply massive amounts of materiel to the landlocked nation is only growing. Though some ground transportation is possible through Russia, this has been expensive and slow. By far the preferred route has been through Pakistan.

Supplying Afghanistan through Pakistan has been a problem all along, as the Khyber Pass between the two nations is a chokepoint and the site of almost constant attacks, with NATO transports being torched in and around Peshawar fairly regularly.

But now they have a second problem as the massive flooding in Pakistan has shut down a number of highways and created traffic jams in most of the major cities. Truckloads of US military vehicles are, quite literally, stuck in traffic.

With many roads washed away and highways under water, many Pakistani cities need supplies airlifted to them regularly. Pushing supplies to the endless war in Afghanistan, even where possible, will doubtless be seen as a low priority considering the humanitarian disaster across the nation.

poiuytr said...

20:04 -- Dead fish everywhere, dead west everywhere....

The fun in the US of A is just beginning. Now the baboon will be eating the corexit oil fish. It's hard to tell whether that will hurt the braindead monkey though... it's hard to imagine the creature could go dumber or more grotesquely misshapen as the obese majority of this child-murdering nation.


20:20 -- So it is a good thing that US citizens have stepped into the breach, investing a record $185bn into bonds funds this year (ICI

Imagine the cretin that wrote this. And imagine the neanderthals that read this for news. Yes, the yank monkey has stepped in with its average 70K USD in debt per skull. :) .

And yes, west is in recovery. And yes, west won all the wars. And no, Busch II regime didn't do 911.

It's impossible to invent so much BS that west spews out daily and on every subject.


21:25 -- In short, the American Dollar and economy are literally a parasitic system.

Such poetry, indeedy... and the fun thing is that it's in active rigor mortis with zero chance of ever standing up. The best it could do now is to go in a blaze of some nuke war it may succeed in provoking.


poiuytr said...

8:42 -- "The Yankees are in a checkmate, no matter how intelligent they are,"

Of course! It's funny that such stuff is being said so late. This was evident a decade ago. West never ever attacks anyone armed with so much as guns, much less stuff Iran had brandished then. Today, it's completely tilted against all west odds. Iran is a mil superpower with reach into west. Plus it controls Hormuz -- a matter that's kept the child murdering freckly bastards awake for years. The beast makes one falls move and its oil jugular is sliced. These aren't the kind of odds, the judeo-christianic child-murdering beast likes to toy with. Iran diktat of region and world incl the subservient freckly west bastards who, like the Swissies and Frenkensteins and yank neanderthals, are all crawling to Tehran for biz opportunity of the near and long-term future.

> The former Cuban leader warned in the country's parliament that an attack on Iran could push the world to the brink of a "nuclear holocaust," which would take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

I respectfully disagree with Castro. West/Iran, yes -- not the world. West makes some pifly 10% of our planet's population and Iran knows where to go, should the murdering beast legions have a go. But it's very unlikely SouthAm, the mighty Africa, etc would be too arsed should war move right into the west neanderthal's hovels.

> thousands of years and which is much more intertwined with death than ours, will lack the courage we have shown in resisting the demands of the United States?" the former Cuban leader asked.

The west beast knows this full well and its inability to do much more than spew the typical cretinous vulgarities the west idiots pick up from their whore mums when they come home from a hard night's slog for the west monkeys.

Every single step the west has taken on Iran in the entire decade -- starting with Busch II's attempts to buy Iran's oil wells and South Par gas (first directly and then via Japan, as though that would be transparent to Iran in 2000/1), to the perpetual rabid nuke threats, and the laughable comrade Obama sanction fiascos -- has done nothing but fomented stronger Freeworld bonds, armed Iran to a superpower status, exposed west baboon bluffs, and helped lacerate to ribbons the west wallet.

> On June 9, the UN Security Council approved a resolution, brokered and pushed ahead by Washington, which imposed new sanctions

And how swell! The results are as fantastic as those of UK's quantitative easing, USA's 20T USD pump up of its dead econ, or west's Gulf oil leak streak of loser fixes.

> on Iran. The measure was soon followed by more unilateral sanctions by the US and the European Union, mainly targeting the Islamic

YES TO THAT! Comrade Obama, stop the Swiss from importing Iran's gas now! Let's see the sanctions enforced now! :)

> Iran argues that as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency it has

This is so preposterous... well, it's the typical monkey west rational again.

The only one that can dictate nuke power on this planet is, of course, the yank, the bastard that has used nuke power TWICE against TWO civilian-ONLY targets.


poiuytr said...

12:49 -- can't behave, you whore spawn? you'll be zapped as before.


17:50 -- NATO drowning.

This is priceless. That's what you get when a monkey gets to the control console and starts pushing the HAARP buttons.

Give it 6-8 months, the west bitches will be buying a piece of bread for more than they're paying for a litre of petrol today. The HAARP vivocide resulting famine is gonna foremost thin the west herd. That's the beautiful thing about the west terminal prolapse.

West doesn't have the option of retreating. It cannot bugger off from the war zones and hope to survive at home. West lands don't produce enough food and energy to sustain the parasitic obesity of the west neanderthals.

The only choice west has is keep tumbling down the abyss with all the wonderful news everyday of the increasing woes of the west frecklies and eventually hit the devaluation wall and sink into total, never before seen of tested, chaos. Or it can try provoking China, Russia, in hope to start another WW, their favourite game, but, of course, this means an end to the 10% of the planet as well. And that's it. That's all the choices west has today.

I hope pints are being raised and much jubilation is going on.

I hope no one is under some cretinous delusions that the west econ dip is some result of some subprime oversight like recently someone here tried arguing. I hope all are at last appreciating the "west tough sanctions" on Iran and are enjoying the west-lacerating results of that humiliating embarrassment of comrade Obama's. And I hope all understand the beauty of the option-less "terminality" of the beast's predicament.

poiuytr said...

You know how the baboon keeps adriveling about some 14T USD of national debt.

Well, USA's total liabilities are over 200T USD today, that's 110T up from some 90+T at the end of Busch II reign.

USA's inability to make cash sans a printer coupled with dead econ and giant baboon population requiring a handout to keep plodding pushes USA's budget over 200T USD and this laceration is growing at about 23% or so.

This is why it's fully poss for west to just print up and inflate their pretense with over 43T USD/EUR in less than 2 short yrs.

This is why west is clinging on its last hope that it sees: wars anywhere, anyhow. Of course, this path has been somewhat blocked by the rising Freeworld.

And yes, this is another reason to fill your challis and raise it high.

Anonymous said...

Fresh flight to Swiss franc (26.8.10)

Swiss currency hits high against euro as Europe's bond strains return.

Anonymous said...

Obama's other surge -- in Yemen (26.8.10)

The long struggle against Al Qaeda since the 9/11 attacks has taken many twists and turns. Now it has even led to the forced evacuation of an entire city of 80,000 people – in Yemen, the ancestral home of Osama bin Laden.

The evacuation took place last week when the Yemeni military laid siege to the southern city of Loder in order to flush out a group called Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which may have 300 to 500 fighters.

The battle, which left dozens killed on both sides, is the latest escalation of a joint effort by the Obama administration and the Yemeni government to rid the country of this dangerous affiliate of Mr. bin Laden’s core group in Pakistan.

(The usual US tripe. Let them attack Yemen. There might be quite a few surprises waiting for them there.)

Anonymous said...

Fort Carson soldiers' killing spree after Iraq combat (26.8.10)

Seventeen US soldiers from a Colorado military base who mostly served in Iraq have been linked to violent killings and attempted killings since their return to US soil. Three of them came from one platoon - highlighting how a generation of American soldiers are struggling to cope with life after military service.

(They left behind DU and dead bodies, they got the full-blown killer instinct in return. Ha!)

Anonymous said...

UK Rich no more: 700,000 wealthy people wiped out by the credit crunch - 26.8.10

Around 700,000 people have seen their fortunes wiped out by the recession, a study revealed yesterday.

The report, from research firm Datamonitor, reveals for the first time the number of ‘rich’ people robbed by the downturn.

Anonymous said...

Yet another American atrocity committed by Proud Amurican baby-killers in Afghanistan.

"U.S. Troops Fire On Thousands Of Protesters Outside Bagram Base"

Anonymous said...

USans seem all geared up to bring the good news of bombs and guns to Yemen once again, too.

Muslims, stand up and count your victims. The rest of the world: stand up and doff your hearts to those who died with honour so the rest of us could be saved.

Anonymous said...

US economic growth revised down to sluggish 1.6pc

The US economy grew at a slower annual rate in the second quarter than previously estimated, the Commerce Department said on Friday.

The estimated rise in gross domestic product, the value of goods and services produced, for the period between April and June was revised down from 2.4pc to just 1.6pc, as companies reined in inventories and the trade deficit widened.

The revision – despite beating economists' estimates of a 1.4pc rise – would appear to provide further evidence that the recovery is losing steam.

The US economy enjoyed a 3.7pc expansion in the first quarter

Anonymous said...

Fake Gold Bars in Fort Knox! - 26.8.10

A recent discovery -- in October of 2009 -- has been suppressed by the main stream media but has been circulating among the "big money" brokers and financial kingpins and is just now being revealed to the public. It involves the gold in Fort Knox -- the US Treasury gold -- that is the equity of our national wealth. In short, millions (with an "m") of gold bars are fake!

Anonymous said...

The US Government's New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS (26.8.10)

Government agents can sneak onto your property in the middle of the night, put a GPS device on the bottom of your car and keep track of everywhere you go. This doesn't violate your Fourth Amendment rights, because you do not have any reasonable expectation of privacy in your own driveway - and no reasonable expectation that the government isn't tracking your movements.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nussiminen said...

Dear Amurrrkan imbecile,

You're just a vile parasite kept alive at the expense of -- and utter detriment to -- the planet's resources and healthy life. Go spout your Amurrrkan national socialist tripe to a more receptive audience. In short, bugger off.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nussiminen said...

Poiuytr, could you kindly reduce the habitat of this Amurrrkan baboon asap?

Anonymous said...

I realized back in 04' it has to come down to diffusing the American nuclear device. We can only hope there are still men of honor working within the beast to contain the zionist psychopaths. The ROW can take care of the slow economic bleed from without. Take it down slow.

Anonymous said...

Big black cloud - Return to Florida reveals heaven turned to hell - 28.8.10

The Sunshine State is what they call Florida. That’s why everybody goes there. It’s always sunny. This summer, the entire U.S. experienced a sweltering heat wave, but Florida has been inexplicably 20 degrees below average. Call it a meteorological pole shift. August 24, 2010, crossing the border into Florida produced a vision of a big black cloud, gyrating menacingly like the tornado clouds of Oklahoma, swirling out of the Gulf, rhythmic rain squalls that lashed the landscape like a sky vomiting the poison it has ingested upon the fools who made it all happen — us.

Welcome home, Johnny. Whatever happened to that seaside paradise you always dreamed of, and thought you had achieved?

Anonymous said...

America Facing Depression And Bankruptcy
By Stephen Lendman

Long-time economic, political and market analyst Bob Chapman publishes the International Forecaster, offering incisive analysis absent through mainstream sources, especially important now given America's deepening economic crisis getting harder to conceal as evidence mounts.

His August 25 issue says the following:

"Twenty countries (including America) are headed into bankruptcy and more will follow. That brings up the subject of state debt in the US. America has been in an inflationary depression for 18 months. States have been cutting back for two years," but still face huge budget gaps required to be closed....2011 will be a terrible year (with) 80% of states expect(ing) deficits of more than $200 billion. 2012 looks even worse." Most worrisome, "there is no recovery and there never has been....the US economy and financial system is comatose." The worst is yet to come and will hit hard on arrival.

poiuytr said...

16:00 -- Fresh flight to Swiss franc (26.8.10)

This is funny. West going non-west. Yes, the west bankster cabals are cannibalising their own glorious lands trying to sneak the bits they've stolen via "bailouts" out any which way they can.

This is the phase III, the moment at which they've sacked west to a point that the baboon cannot be sacked any more and then they'll look to transmogrify the loot by peddling it out, setting up some pseudo-west venture in the lands of west's biggest enemies, like the USA government motors has done and so on.

Along the sacking, note how IMF in the past few years has turned on to the west frecklies to vampire. The cannibal stage is progressing to a run and loot-drain of west. Along these lines, we have UK banksters threatening the abandonment of the drizzly isles and in USA they're waging the USA central bank vs governance battles. USA governance is failing and arguably willingly, for they are on the hook too, to even audit their own books.

Anyway, it's totally laughable and enjoyable watching how the west neanderthal war-watchers got raped by their own governances, elite war firms, and banksters and now they're taking the cash and trying to wriggle themselves into some non-west holding right under the snouts of the west parasitic populace.

Who wouldn't enjoy that?

And to make certain no one follows the cabals of west war juntas, they've enacted "sanctions" so that no one's allowed to beg for jobs in Iran, Afghanistan, etc except for the very child-murdering west junta.



18:07 -- UK not rich anymore

UK's national debt is somewhere pushing 10T GBP. It's incredible how could such a tiny little drizzly island commit so many crimes in its freckly existence. Its criminal efficacy historically outstrips even that of the child-torturing USA.

But anyhow, the debt isn't the whole story. Like in USA, the liability outlay of the freckly island is probably 10-15X, the typical deceit factor of west.

USA runs a beautiful 200T USD hole in its budgets today. The immediate 15T USD debt is silly to debate for that has nothing to do with the prolapse of the USA child-murdering baboon creatures. For that we must look to the overall USA wallet laceration, which over 200T USD, outstrips debt in the entire solar system, if not the Milky Way.

If only the cretinous west baboon understood its own flushing down the bog so it could enjoy the slide, like the NBN readership.


20:01 -- "U.S. Troops Fire On Thousands Of Protesters Outside Bagram Base"

Live ammo into civilians is the west way. It happened recently in France during their fascist round ups of French populace for deportation and stripping of citizenships...

Let's hope the west baboon is reading this and understands what side of the live ammo the monkey's gonna be on.

It's a bit like USA beaches with robocops beating up journalists and people trying to take pictures of the oil wipe out.


poiuytr said...

18:27 -- Big black cloud - Return to Florida reveals

The effect of the ongoing destruction is completely misunderstood here, methinks. Admittedly, it's difficult to assemble the story for the BBCNN whores and the west governances are lying through their teeth on this one, but judging just from the few things we know, such as the time of the spillage, which began sometime mid-Feb (per their own data), and has been spewing oil at some 100bpd rate, the night bombing rates of Corexit fleets to sink the spill which once covered France+Spain size surface slick, the 5K km (Texas to New Jersey) of beaches reported to be edged with dead fish and seeping tar from under the sand, oil rain 2,5K km away in Minnesota and Iowa...

They have no clue, the baboons, what they've done. It's funny but it's exactly like the west-wide terminal prolapse: they have no clue what's happened to them. Forget the west stock meltdowns, the spill's enough. They're all gonna be showered with, eat, and breathe benzene henceforth.


18:34 -- America Facing Depression And Bankruptcy

These articles are beyond funny. Facing bankruptcy?

USA is bankrupt. West is and has been bankrupt. West is run and it has no option to save its dirty baboon rump. It's funny how these articles don't even approach the reality and none of them, not one single one, talks about the reason for the unavoidable west-wide terminal prolapse.

And this is supposed to be the west truth dissent channel. The cretinism of the west monkeys is simply beyond belief.

But one can see that in Rense's photo collages of him sitting with einstein and Tesla. It fully demonstrates the truly unmatchable idiocy of this BBCNN-dependent miscreant. The dirty unkempt einstein bitch, the west has for standard of brains, and Tesla cannot be mixed. Not because I say so but because Tesla said so. And defiling Tesla with the einstein bastard only demonstrates how the pathetic sod Rense doesn't get a single thing about either of his idols.


poiuytr said...

17:54 -- Listen we are the biggest and the strongest economy IN THE WORLD w/o

Per your own data, which is, of course, a pile of offal to begin with, you haven't been the biggest econ for over 7 yrs, you dumb baboon.

> production, resource and human innovation. We have the largest and best trained most well equipped military IN THE WORLD w/o us you lefty

Yes, except for several nations, which is the reason for your drawn-out death in all the places your child-murdering legions have stepped into.

> nutbars would be dead or Nazies or somewhere in Siberia. You lefties

You're, of course, wrong again for USA=nazis just like USA=911.

It's astonishing how much world-class cretinism a little yank baboon can manage to squeeze into a single blog barf. Let's hope some of these baboons are kept in cages for future study and amusement.

The two zapped comments above belonged to this yank baboon web rapist.

poiuytr said...

A few reasons for a toast:

- 10% of yank baboon per Jun couldn't afford their mortgage missing payments.

- Selling their hovels however isn't a possibility, which is highlighted by another 12+% shriveling in sales/Jul. That's right, the yank baboons are prisoners in their bankster's hovels.

Anonymous said...

Right on poiuytr
Got no booze, gonna make toast. And raise it to ya.
Won't get too nasty, need my appetite.

Anonymous said...

Iran, Venezuela plan new projects
Sun Aug 29, 2010

Top Iranian and Venezuelan officials have proposed new industrial projects for further cooperation between the two allies in the future.

Iran's Industries and Mines Minister Ali-Akbar Mehrabian, in Caracas on an official visit, met with Venezuela's house, industry and agriculture ministers in Caracas on Saturday to discuss joint industrial projects underway and planned by the two countries.

Mehrabian expressed Iran's willingness to provide Venezuela with expertise and support in the fields of technology and education and called for the establishment of “a new road map” for expansion of Tehran-Caracas industrial cooperation, IRNA reports.

Iran has so far performed several projects in Venezuela, including car and tractor manufacturing units, 13 dairy factories, and cement production units.

Mehr news agency also reported that Tehran and Caracas have agreed to establish several industrial workgroups to accelerate additonal joint projects.

Mehrabian also inaugurated Iran's industrial show in Venezuela on Thursday.

Over 30 Iranian companies active in the fields of oil industry, carpet, foods, tractor and automobile manufacturing and home appliances are showcasing their latest achievements in the 4-day event.

In January, Mehrabian said that 70 projects, mostly in the areas of automobile and tractor manufacturing and the construction of cement and dairy factories, were being carried out in Venezuela.

Iranian companies are also involved in mining and excavation projects as well as cultural, technological, scientific, and academic activities in Venezuela.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez signed a memorandum of understanding in Caracas in 2009 that comprised 270 agreements on cooperation in the areas of agriculture, industry, technology, energy, fisheries and housing.

Anonymous said...

Hi pilot. Good to see you back. Am joining you in that drink, if you don't mind. It's merrier so. How strange that, in spite of all that they know, the majority in the west have still not awakened to the perils facing them.

Anonymous said...

Obama to escalate slaughter in Yemen
Yemen, like Afghanistan and Iraq before it, is being targeted not to eradicate terrorism—the killing of civilians with cruise missiles and drone attacks will only produce more recruits for terrorist attacks—but because of its strategic location, bordering Saudi Arabia, the number-one oil exporter, and the vital Bab al-Mandab strait, through which three million barrels of oil pass daily.

Anonymous said...

China to invest $1bn in Iran
Sat Aug 28

Iran and China are to finalize a deal in the coming days on the latter's corporate investment in Iranian petrochemical projects.

The National Iranian Petrochemical Company (NIPC) and a Chinese consortium are completing talks on an agreement under which the Chinese side is to funnel some $1 billion into petrochemical projects in Iran, reported the Mehr News Agency.

This comes as no other Chinese firms have, so far, participated in the construction and development of petrochemical facilities in Iran.

Negotiations are also underway with several other countries for further development of Iran's petrochemical industries.

Sixty-one petrochemical projects are to come on stream in Iran during the Fifth National Development Plan, raising the country's petrochemical output capacity to 100 million tons a year.

The construction of the petrochemical facilities requires a total of $43 billion in investment funds. Contracts have already been signed for implementation of 28 of those projects.

An agreement has also been concluded with Iran's Bank Melli on the issuance of some $1 billion worth of bonds to help foot the bill.

Iran and China are big trade partners, and have been expanding their cooperation in a whole range of areas, including energy.

Iran is also a major supplier of crude oil to China.

Anonymous said...

"It's astonishing how much world-class cretinism a little yank baboon can manage to squeeze into a single blog barf. Let's hope some of these baboons are kept in cages for future study and amusement."


Just be sure to throw them a few bananas and let them scratch their own asses.

Here is some videos that capture the essence of the Yank monkey in all its glory. They are must-see TV!

Anonymous said...

Canada Opens Arctic To NATO, Plans Massive Weapons Buildup (29.8.10)

The government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently concluded the largest of a series of so-called Canadian sovereignty exercises in the Arctic, Operation Nanook, which ran from August 6-26.

The U.S. insists that the Northwest Passage is open to international navigation while Canada claims it as solely its own. Yet Ottawa has accommodated Washington at every turn while persisting in saber-rattling comments and actions alike vis-a-vis Russia.

"Canada is in a race with Russia and other Arctic nations to lay claim to the frozen territory that may hold untold treasures.

Anonymous said...

US-Europe scandal may paralyze IMF

IMF’s new executive board is expected to assume office on November 1st this year. According to the organization’s official spokesman Gerry Rice, there is no cause for concern, even though the US and Europe failed to reach a compromise within a year. If the latter eventually refuses to lose some seats, Washington will not give ground too. The US may once again use the blocking stake and frustrate the decision on re-electing the current board of directors, as it happened last week. The International Monetary Fund will prove incapable of making any further decisions unless a compromise is reached between the two sides.

(This could get really ugly in a heartbeat. WRH)

Can't say I'd shed any tears over this. Hate the IMF, ditto WB, myself.

Anonymous said...

re: 12:14

The Americunts and EUnuchs are locked in a death match!

Getcha your popcorn and watch these Western baboons display their ugly rumps at each other!

Anonymous said...

Is Putin trying to restore sanity to Russia, after Medvedev's sell-out,... er missile deal with America?

Putin slams deceitful US missile deal

Anonymous said...

China: Rumors of the Central Bank Chief's Defection - August 30, 2010

Rumors have circulated in China that People’s Bank of China (PBC) Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan may have left the country. The rumors appear to have started following reports on Aug. 28 which cited Ming Pao, a Hong Kong-based news agency, saying that because of an approximately $430 billion loss on U.S. Treasury bonds, the Chinese government may punish some individuals within PBC, including Zhou. Although Ming Pao on Aug. 30 published a report on its website indicating that the prior report was fabricated by a mainland news site that had attributed the false information to Ming Pao, rumors of Zhou’s defection have spread around China intensively, and Zhou’s name has been blocked from Internet search engines in China.

Anonymous said...

Vladimir Putin says 'unsanctioned' protesters can expect police brutality - 31.8.10

Russia prime minister dismisses protests against his regime as 'provocations' as anti-Putin rallies take place in world cities

Vladimir Putin today angrily dismissed protests against his regime as "provocations" and said anyone who took part in unsanctioned street rallies against the Kremlin should expect a "whack on the bonce".

Using characteristic street language, Putin derided Russia's opposition as a group of publicity-seeking malcontents and said they had only themselves to blame if they were on the receiving end of police brutality during anti-government meetings.

Putin's scathing remarks in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper come before protests inside Russia tomorrow as well as demonstrations against the Russian government in several cities internationally. Anti-Putin rallies are due to take place for the first time outside the Russian consulate in Kensington Palace Gardens in London, and in New York, Helsinki, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

For the past eight months Russia's small but vociferous opposition has held rallies in Moscow and St Petersburg on the 31st of each month. Organisers say they will go ahead with a planned rally in central Moscow's Triumfalnaya square tomorrow, despite the likelihood of arrest by riot police who have violently broken up previous gatherings.

Anonymous said...

Putin slams deceitful US missile deal . 30.8.10

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has blamed the West for resorting to deceitful political measures to thwart the resetting of Moscow-Washington ties.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, most NATO member states have been unfair in their dealings with Russia, and have constantly broken their commitments, Putin told Kommersant daily in a Monday interview.

"At time of the withdrawal from East Europe, the NATO secretary general promised the USSR it could be confident that NATO would not expand over its current boundaries," said Putin, quoted by Ria Novosti.

"And where is it? I asked them NATO officials about this. They have nothing to say. They deceived us in the rudest way," the premier stressed.

Putin also said that he is skeptical about Washington's intentions in rebuilding ties with Moscow, and expressed unease about a controversial US missile defense system in Europe.

Putin says the ongoing talks between Washington and several European countries regarding the system, contradicts a previous pact reached with US President Barack Obama.

In September 2009, Obama scraped an original deal devised under former US president George W Bush.

Russia has been critical of the plan, arguing that the missile system would be a threat to its sovereignty and that it meant to pacify its ballistic capability.

But this year the US began talks with Bulgaria and Romania — as potential hosts for its anti-ballistic missile interceptors.

"We had just come to terms that there would be no missiles NATO missile defense systems in Poland...but it was suddenly announced that the same missile defense system deployment was planned for other European countries," Putin told the paper.

The prime minister also censured the United States for selling arms to Georgia.

He said the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia could have been prevented, if Georgia had not been re-armed.

Anonymous said...

re: China: Rumors of the Central Bank Chief's Defection - August 30, 2010

I bet that bankster flees to America, Britain, or Europe.

After all, these nations are the welcoming home of every bloodsucking financial leech on the planet.

See Bernie Madoff, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and the City of London-Wall Street Cartel.

Anonymous said...

Western Civilization and values in all their disgusting glory:

"Innocent Executioners: An Illustration of the Principles of Western Civilization in the Modern World"

Anonymous said...

Afghan Resistance Update for 31.8.10

- 5 French invading terrorists killed in Kabul

- Attack on check posts: severe losses inflicted on enemy

- 3 killed, 2 injured as US tank blown apart by IED in Logar

- Boldak Border Police assistant chief killed in an explosion

- Assistant of Nawa governor wounded by fatal blast

- Powerful blasts hit US invaders in Musa Kala, 3 tanks destroyed

- 4 ANA puppets killed in Uruzgan ambush

- 2 enemy vehicles eliminated in Nimroz

- 2 cowardly ANA puppets gunned down in Herat city

- Deadly explosion claims 7 ANA puppet lives

- Cowardly police patrol ambushed near Maiwand, 7 killed

- 4 US terrorists killed in Uruzgan clash

Nussiminen said...

Wow, now this is just too cute, really:

> "At time of the withdrawal from Eastern Europe, the NATO Secretary General promised the USSR it could be confident that NATO would not expand over its current boundaries /.../ I asked them NATO officials about this. They have nothing to say. They deceived us in the rudest way," the premier stressed. >

Putin's above pronouncement immediately reminds one of Lenin's scornful utterance with regard to that old scumbag Kautsky:

"It is distinguished by such a sweet naïveté, which would be touching in a child but is repulsive in a person who has not yet been officially certified as feeble-minded."

Come on, ol' Vladimir -- don't be so über-dense. Western imperialism won't settle for anything but total, unconditional surrender. It's either that or you will be slandered non-stop. If you cannot figure that out or, worse even, if you believe grovelling before the west does make sense after all, you might just as well join the crowd at La Russophobe's blog.

Anonymous said...

I like your spirit, 20:28. But I haven't quite lost hope that Putin knows what he's doing. So far, he's rarely let us down.

Anonymous said...


US markets hit 10-year dip

Wall St suffers its worst August in almost a decade, as recovery slows.

Anonymous said...

End of Iraq War (Part One)

"The Iraq war will be seen by history as a catastrophe that did more than anything else to alienate Atlantic powers from the rest of the world and disqualify them as global policemen. It was a wild overreaction by a paranoid, overmilitarised American state to a single spectacular, but inconsequential, act of terrorism on 9/11. As such it illustrated how little international relations have advanced since the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Its exponents are still blinded by incident.

All the UN's pomp cannot stop such incidents running amok. The UN is powerless in the face of glory-seeking statesmen, goaded by military-industrial interests of unprecedented potency. We might think that after history's mightiest lesson book – the 20th century – the west would be proof against repeating such idiocy. Yet when challenged to show prudence and maturity in response to terror, it plays the terrorist's game. It exploits the politics of fear.

The west is leaving Iraq in a pool of blood, dust and dollars. It remains wedded to Iraq's twin sister in folly, Afghanistan." Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

Anonymous said...

End of Iraq War /Part One) = End of Combat Operations.

Part Two, which should come about pretty soon as well = End of caretaker troops left behind to ensure US hegemony. These, too, will be leaving Iraq as soon as the Resistance has killed a few more of them.

Anonymous said...

Stranger than fiction: For Newark, it's come to this: Selling city buildings: The city is trying to sell off its buildings to win a cash windfall today, a move that will force it to make rent payments in years ahead. It’s like selling your house to grab the equity, and then renting it back from the new owner. (1.9.10)

Anonymous said...

Homelessness Up 50% In New York City: If you think you've been seeing more people sleep on city streets, statistics back up the perception. The homeless population living on New York City streets has gone up 50 percent in the past year, according to city statistics reported by the blog.

Anonymous said...

re: 08:27, 13:34, 16:08

Don't you worry about the precious American economy.

I am sure that the Americunts can make quite a nice profit in manufacturing "transfer tubes" for all their dead stormtroopers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Afghanistan Bomb Attacks Kill 22 US Soldiers in 48 hours

Anonymous said...

00:49 - You put your finger with great accuracy on what really will determine the future of the west: the Waterloo Warriors, the outcome of the epic battle of Sevastopol in its latest form.

Anonymous said...

IMF warns on UK debt (2.9.10)

Fund sees British debt at 91pc of GDP by 2015.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Path to Collapse (1.9.10)

Christina Romer, outgoing Chairwoman of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, today called for more government spending and less taxes as a way to bring down unemployment. The combination of more government spending and less taxes equals massive inflation, but this represents the state of mind in Washington today. Inflation is still the last thing on their minds because they don't see it yet.

Rising gold and silver prices indicate that the U.S. is headed for an explosion in budget deficits that will rise far beyond what it can pay for through borrowing. Leading Chinese economists are now calling Japanese debt less risky than U.S. debt and with the Japanese savings rate in decline, the U.S. will soon have nobody left to borrow from. The only option will be monetization and already the Federal Reserve is getting ready to buy $10 billion to $30 billion per month in U.S. treasuries to keep its balance sheet at inflated levels. (WRH)

Anonymous said...

Religious tolerance in America, the self-proclaimed Land of the Free.

"Florida church to hold ‘Burn a Koran Day’ on 9/11"

Nussiminen said...

"Burn a Koran Day" reeks of faithful, godly Amurrrkan imbeciles all right, but in this case it's tempting -- to me at least -- to react primarily with refined amusement. I mean, since when do Amurrrkans have the brain capacity to take on literature? It would make appreciably more "sense" if Amurrrkans were to stage an all-out "Burn Literature Day".

Ergo, being the illiterate congenital national socialist filth that they are, Amurrrkans throw tantrums at whatever is causing trouble to their likewise criminal, national socialist government -- Muslims being the most prominent adversaries at present.

Then again, one wonders if the Saudi stooges take notice.

Anonymous said...

Nussiminen, no one takes any notice, the Saudis least of all. The Ruling House is not Muslim at all. It belongs to the other side. So that says it all.

Nussiminen said...

9:16 -- Of course the Saudi rulers couldn't possibly care less if their U.S. paymasters accompanied by the renowned "Amurrrkan people" (however deranged) were all there was to it. However, things becomes substantially more unpleasant when the Kingdom's downtrodden subjects can see their oppressors stick to the U.S. Empire even as the latter takes to burning the Koran, which is not just a religious text but a central exponent of Arab culture itself.

Anonymous said...

The American Nightmare

By Hans Vogel

Nowhere in the world are there more people in jail than in the US. Nowhere in the world are so many people under some form of penal surveillance, such as the millions on parole.

Anonymous said...

Explosion on Gulf of Mexico rig - 2.9.10

(Getting to be a habit, eh?)

An explosion has torn through an offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, west of the site of the blast in April that caused a huge oil spill.

The blast, which threw 13 people into the water, was reported by a commercial helicopter company about 0930 local time (1330 GMT), Coast Guard Petty Officer Casey Ranel said.

It is unclear if the structure is a production platform or a drilling rig.

Seven helicopters, two airplanes and four boats are en route to the site.

The blast occurred around 130km (80 miles) south of Vermilion Bay along the central Louisiana coast.

All 13 workers who fell into the Gulf are accounted for, the Coastguard said.

Mr Ranel said smoke was reported but it is unclear whether the rig is still burning.

Anonymous said...

Friends, an absolute must watch for all those who think USans are not as bright as their President.

Anonymous said...

Eugenics Alert: World Bank Population-Reduction Lending Schemes Already Underway

Jurriaan Maessen | The World Bank works in concert with all the other arms of the octopus.

(The flood victims of Pakistan might be one of the first attempts at applying this policy. Keep your eyes peeled.)

Anonymous said...

US jobless figures better than feared - 4.9.10

About 54,000 jobs lost, far fewer than the 100,000 expected, easing fears of a second US recession.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone care to believe in above figures? I for one think they must have been chosen at random.

Anonymous said...

FINANCE - Telegraph Online - 4.9.10

- Alcohol tax rise battle
Furious backlash over proposal for higher UK levy on beer and wine.

- EU 'risking Greek civil war'
Austerity measures are futile and dangerous, warns German economist.

- Chinese 'protectionism'
Barriers to access plaguing EU businesses in China.

- African adventure
Tipster Garry White: the best shares to invest in on the African continent.

Anonymous said...

Shoes and eggs thrown at Tony Blair in Dublin
Four men have been arrested after shoes and eggs were thrown at Tony Blair as he promoted his controversial memoir in Dublin.

(Is this all the justice we can expect for war ciminal-in-chief TB? Well, better than nothing, I suppose.)

Anonymous said...

Curfew declared in New Zealand - 5.9.10

New Zealanders are assessing the damage caused by the country's biggest earthquake in 80 years.

Anonymous said...


Tony Blair’s bloody memoir (4.9.10)

Gilad Atzmon calls on the Middle East Quartet –the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia – to do the decent thing and hand over suspected war criminal Tony Blair to the Hague to face justice.

Anonymous said...

The summer of 2010 - a summer of natural disasters:

The immense floods in Pakistan

An extinct volcano coming back to life in Indonesia

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake in N.Zealand

and others no doubt which I've failed to remember. A simple coincidence or some other explanation?

Anonymous said...

re: 5/9/10:

Don't forget the fires in Russia and the floods in China.

Someone (cough, America) is playing a HAARP, and it isn't God.

Nussiminen said...

> hand over suspected war criminal Tony Blair to the Hague to face justice. >

To me, that doesn't seem like an astute idea at all. Sewer rat TB, if he thinks about it, might actually himself endorse said proposal wholeheartedly. One can readily imagine his malicious glee at the prospect:

"Hey, there are some angry folks out there that would like to see me at the ICTY. As you wish! I will, just like good ol' Hitler back in 1924, be seen as a VERY dear comrade-in-arms in the eyes of what passes for the judiciary!"

Anyone here who believes TB would be sentenced to Guantánamo by the ICTY?

Anonymous said...

No, Nussiminen, TB would get off scot-free and might even get compensation for wrongful arrest and trial. It seems next to impossible to get rid of the man and his big mouth.

Anonymous said...

Letters from Egypt
Eine Schande ( 0) Print This ShareThisBy Anna Massry in Egypt. Axis of Logic.
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Sep 2, 2010

Journal Entry #2 Eine Schande (A Disgrace)

After the shameful Annapolis “peace talks”, I never thought I’d see more shameful and degrading talks such as the ones currently being conducted in Washington. What “peace” is there to discuss? The “peace” that comes through daily Israeli air strikes, land annexations, house demolitions and assassinations.. not to mention other lovely Israeli activities which endanger the stability of the “greater” Middle East and Africa? A “peace” in which Israel controls Palestinian water, electricity, food, medication and even air? A “peace” in which an illegal and inhuman siege is imposed on 1.5 million Palestinian refugees in Gaza of which 750,000.00 are children? What “peace” is Washington talking about?? Even on the first day of “negotiations”, Israel couldn’t be bothered to stop its illegal settlement building on Palestinian occupied land.

We are also hearing the same “peace-talk” rant about the establishment of the Palestinian state! This is literally funny. Where exactly is this Palestinian state going to be since Israel has annexed the territory on which the Palestinian state is supposed to be established? Anyone who knows anything about the Arab-Israeli conflict knows that the 2 state solution is no longer a viable option for any of the concerned parties as there simply is no land left for the Palestinians to build a state. The only viable option now for a Palestinian state to exist is the one state solution… and the Israelis will do anything to avoid this since it would imply that the majority of the population would not be Jewish.

Anonymous said...

18:55 - We'll add to all the above the deadly landslides in Guatemala.

Anonymous said...


TB=Tony Bliar.


I think not.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, no coincidence, 04:07. TB of the galloping sort, a killer disease.

Anonymous said...

No defence left against double-dip recession, says Nouriel Roubini (6.9.10)

The United States, Japan and large parts of Europe have exhausted their policy arsenal, leaving them defenceless against a double-dip recession as recovery slows to ‘stall speed’.

Telegraph online

Anonymous said...

China fears depreciation of $2.45 trillion of reserves still heavy in dollars - 5.9.10

Hu Xiaolian, a vice governor with the People's Bank of China, warned that depreciation was a risk for the foreign exchange reserves held by developing countries.

"Once a reserve currency's value becomes unstable, there will be quite large depreciation risks for assets," she wrote in an article that appeared in the latest issue of China Finance, a central bank magazine.

(The Chinese have every reason to be concerned about the potential depreciation of the US dollar, and so should Americans.) WRH

Anonymous said...

Three NATO tankers blown up (6.9.10)

QUETTA: Three NATO tankers were torched on Saturday in the Mongechar area of Kalat district. According to official sources, NATO tankers were carrying fuel for NATO forces in Afghanistan and were on their way to Kandahar. Unknown armed men on a motorcycle intercepted the oil tankers and took the people on board hostage at gunpoint and set the trucks on fire. The assailants managed to flee from the scene. Law enforcement agencies rushed to the spot soon after the incident. A case had been registered in the Mongechar police station and investigations were underway. In the past few weeks, more than 20 NATO oil tankers had been set on fire, going through the same route, but no organization has claimed responsibility so far. staff report

Anonymous said...

Among other hair-raising things, Faal writes: "A new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Russia’s foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) states that a former top United States Senator, Ted Stevens, was assassinated this week after he attempted to gather evidence 'proving' that President Obama has unleashed America’s devastating 'weather weapons' against the World."

This 'weather weapon,' now used in the Oil World Wars' is HAARP.

More and more, "experts are stating their belief that the extreme weather chaos currently battering our Planet is being caused by the Tesla technology based weapons systems directed from Alaska’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, otherwise known as HAARP." (5)

Years ago, concerning Venezuela, about the Vargas catastrophe, we already warned that HAARP may have caused the huge disaster of sinister floods, which probably killed more than 100,000 people.

More gruesome materials can be read in Faal's article, but what we indicated is sufficient to warn that we find ourselves on the brink of total global disaster, as the result of a dying, decaying capitalist mode of self-destruction.

To be able to still halt all this presupposes scientific knowledge about what is to be done, about what needs immediate, constant action, praxis. To avoid blind activism, we need sound thinking and thought, philosophic theory. Within the parameters and paradigms of this universal, closed, capitalist system there is no hope whatsoever to avoid extinction of humanity.

Out of it, finding the exit, by means of a true, real exodus, an exvolution, we have a myriad of anticipatory and emancipatory possibilities.

Basically, we have to learn what is capitalism, what is its negation, socialism, and how to transcend both, without any pacifist 'truth commissions,' ideological and religious illusions, 'peaceful dialogues,' without summit meeting to summit boredom, 'transition' or 'democratic reform,' that is, we have to transcend directly, straight to human emancipation. it is now or never in a million years!

Anonymous said...

Two million French people to strike over Sarkozy's pensions reform

Two million French people will take to the streets on Tuesday to protest against a pension reform seen as crucial for Nicolas Sarkozy's chances of re-election in 2012. Train and plane travel will be severely disrupted across France while schools and other parts of the public sector will all but grind to a halt today as workers heed the call of the country's main unions.

Bernard Thibault, head of the CGT union, the country's largest, said he believed that even more people would turn out than in June, when more than 800,000 took part in demonstrations.

Dogged by low approval ratings, government sleaze allegations and a widely criticised crackdown on Roma gipsies, President Sarkozy is desperate to show the country and his own camp that his reform agenda is on track.

"I will not be the President who leaves office without solving the question of balancing the pension system," he said ahead of protests against plans to raise the official retirement age in France from 60 to 62 by 2018. The age at which people can retire with a full pension will also rise from 65 to 67.

Unions and the left-wing opposition hope to prove that the French President no longer has the political or moral clout to see the reform through.

The strikes were timed to coincide with a parliamentary debate on the reform led by Eric Woerth, the embattled labour minister at the heart of a party funding scandal involving Liliane Bettencourt, the l'Oréal heiress.

Mr Sarkozy faces a paradoxical situation in which up to 70 per cent of the country, according to one poll, backs the strike while a majority also concedes that pension reform is inevitable and will be enacted.

Anonymous said...

The British are a murderous, war criminal nation, for whom deception is first nature.

Cunning, manipulative, devious, and of course oh-so moral.

Those are Cruel Britannia's true "core values."

As venal as he is, Tony Bliar is merely a reflection of the British people and nation state.

He isn't the first British war criminal and he certainly won't be the last.

Anonymous said...

What you say with such conviction for Britain, 05:51, is, alas, equally applicable to the entire west, perhaps because they took Britain for a role model.

The entire west is a den of war criminals. They will be tried in no court of law, but their comeuppance is nearing all the same. The day their economy finally reaches the point of no return - and I can only hope it will be soon, soon, soon - there will be no looking back for the peoples of the world.

Anonymous said...

Is it any coincidence, the nations leading the genocide against Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. are Anglo imperialist nations?

From Britain to North America (USA and Canada) to Australia to New Zealand, the Anglo Saxon scum have invaded and colonized Aboriginal lands in order to swawn their bloodstained nations.

Anonymous said...

NO, no coincidence at all, Anon 08:12. What this depraved Anglo-Saxon tribe has managed to do to our planet is really beyond words. Compared to them, give me the Slavs anyday. As for the Latin peoples, they have begun to resemble their masters in so many ways, they, too, have become a part of the Anglo-Saxon world.

The Aborigines cannot return, granted. Let us hope at least they get some late revenge through the unquestioning perseverance in imposed warfare of the Muslim world.

Anonymous said...

The 10 Us Industries which will never recover

1. State and Local Govt Jobs
2. Construction
3. Installation, maintenance and Repair
4. Automative Manufacturing
5. Pharmaceuticals
6. Big Telecom
7. Newspapers
8. Airline Employees
9. Realtors
10. Bank Tellers

Anonymous said...

US and its Banks

There are 7.932 banks in US.

775 banks are on the US Prolem Bank List.

433 banks are in immediate danger of failing.

Anonymous said...

Re: 15:10

There is one American industry that is rolling in money, albeit at great costs to the world: the US War Machine.

"Middle East Loses Trillions As U.S. Strikes Record Arms Deals"

Anonymous said...

How right, 00:06. But this industry is also doomed to reach the point of no return over time as the US packs up and leaves Afghanistan. As the US econ falters, fails and comes to a halt. And the west suddenly wakes up to the realisation that they no longer lead the world.

Anonymous said...

Yuan Trading Against Ruble Said to Start Within Weeks

Sept. 8 (Bloomberg) — China may start yuan trading versus the Russian ruble within weeks, seeking to encourage use of its currency for global trade instead of the dollar, according to three bankers with knowledge of the matter.

The central bank sent out a document last week allowing banks to apply for ruble trading licenses and the approval process may take three weeks, according to one of the bankers, who asked not to be identified because the process isn’t public. The People’s Bank of China started yuan trading against the Malaysian ringgit on Aug. 19.

Cross-border trade using China’s currency more than doubled to 48.7 billion yuan ($7.2 billion) in the second quarter from the first, according to central bank data, and regulators are encouraging sales of yuan securities offshore. Billionaire Oleg Deripaska’s United Co. Rusal is planning Russia’s first offering of renminbi bonds.

“The push for the internationalization of the yuan is intensifying,” said Dariusz Kowalczyk, a Hong-Kong based senior economist at Credit Agricole CIB. “This is meant to eliminate the dollar from trade settlement.”

A press officer at the People’s Bank, who refused to be named because of the agency’s rules, declined to comment.

China allows trading of its currency, the renminbi, versus the dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, the euro, British pound and ringgit on its interbank market. The Foreign Exchange Trading Center provides daily reference rates for the currencies.

Anonymous said...

One more thing for Proud Americans to fell proud about:

"US soldiers killed Afghan civilians and kept fingers, skull as trophies"

Anonymous said...

Disgusting lot, these US citizens. But what can one expect from a "country" built on a cemetery? Thieving murderers and their descendants.

Anonymous said...

Who did 9-11? (Ongoing Vote)

By: Mike Rivero

Osama Bin Laden
1% (2 votes)

Israel & US together
93% (287 votes)

US alone
3% (8 votes)

Israel alone
3% (10 votes)

Total votes: 307

Anonymous said...

Food inflation could hit 7pc

Top economist fears rising commodity prices will push up shoppers' costs.

(Heck, why all this hedging. It's 7% already. It will go up double before any too long.)

Anonymous said...

Obama Extends Bush’s 9/11 State of Emergency

In a letter issued to the heads of Congress today, President Barack Obama announced yet another one year extension of a State of National Emergency which has been going on in the United States since September 14, 2001. This means that as of Tuesday America will officially be entering its tenth year at an emergency posture that seems destined to last pretty much forever.

Anonymous said...

FDIC to drop $58.9 billion on Horizon Bank failure - 11.9.10

Horizon Bank, of Bradenton, Florida, which has operated in Manatee County, in the Tampa Bay region since 1999, was shut down on Friday by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation.

The FDIC estimates that the cost to the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) will be $58.9 million. Compared to other alternatives, Bank of the Ozarks' acquisition was the least costly resolution for the FDIC's DIF. Horizon Bank is the 119th FDIC-insured institution to fail in the nation this year, and the twenty-third in Florida. The last FDIC-insured institution closed in the state was Community National Bank at Bartow, Bartow, on August 20, 2010.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, Hope you're all right? We haven't heard anything from you for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

West needs missile shield against Iran's nukes

Nato chief is proposing a £165m defensive "shield", which he hopes will be agreed in November at a summit of members in Lisbon. (Marvellous piece of news. Let them wastw some more money on useless things).

Anonymous said...

The Jews of Iran are Far Better Off Than Palestinians of Gaza (11.9.10)

There are 25,000 Jews in Iran, which is the largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside Israel. Iranian Jews are not persecuted or abused, in fact, they are protected under the Iranian constitution. They are free to practice their religion and to vote in elections. They are not stopped and searched at checkpoints, are not brutalized by an army of occupation and are not confined in a densely populated penal colony (Gaza) where they are deprived of the basic means of subsistence. Iranian Jews live in dignity and enjoy the benefits of citizenship.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha any of you anti-American hippie faggots watching the NFL boneheads talk about the absolute collapse of our democracy, well got news for you check out the attendance in the stadiums...packed full of fans spending and having a good ol keep talking shit and doing nothing

Anonymous said...

Reply to our wonderful Yank (16:39)

The only problem is, son, that nobody outside of your US plays, watches, or even thinks about your game that you lovingly call "football"

Anonymous said...

American "football" should be called Steroids Ball.

It's filled with doped up athletes and PED users and probably dirtier than US baseball, cycling, or Olympics.

In short, it's filled with fakery, just like US democracy.

Anonymous said...

Turkish voters have given strong backing to a package of constitutional changes. (12.9.10)

With 99% of votes in the referendum counted, 58% voted "Yes" to amending the constitution, Turkish media said.

The opposition argues that the governing party, which has its roots in political Islam, is seeking dangerous levels of control over the judiciary.

The government says it wants to bring the constitution more in line with European Union standards.

Q&A: Turkey's constitutional referendum Turkey timeline "We have passed a historic threshold on the way to advanced democracy and the supremacy of law," Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said to the applause of party activists.

Early opinion polls had predicted a close result. Analysts say a strong "Yes" vote will boost Mr Erdogan's government.

His Justice and Development Party (AKP) will be seeking a third consecutive term in office in a general election due to take place before July 2011.

The AKP has clashed repeatedly with Turkey's highest courts, which see themselves as guardians of the country's secular values.

Bad-tempered campaign
The opposition say two of the 26 planned amendments would give the government excessive influence over the judiciary.

They accuse the AKP of trying to seize control of the judiciary as part of a back-door Islamist coup.

The bad-tempered campaign preceding the referendum has once again highlighted the polarisation between secular and religious Turks, says the BBC's Jonathan Head in Istanbul.

There was a substantial "No" vote in many western cities where suspicion of a possible religious agenda by the governing party still runs very high, our correspondent says.

The present constitution was drawn up by a military junta which seized power in a coup exactly 30 years ago, on 12 September 1980.

In all, the reform package includes 26 amendments to the 1982 constitution, many of them backed by the EU.

Civilian courts will have the power to try military personnel for crimes against the state, while sacked military officers will have the right to appeal against their dismissal.

Gender equality will be strengthened, and discrimination against children, the old and disabled banned.

Workers will be allowed to join more than one union and the ban on politically-motivated strikes will be removed.

In parliament, elected lawmakers will be able to stay on if their party is disbanded by the court

Anonymous said...

Afghan Resistance Update - 12.9.10

- Kandahar airbase comes under attack

- More US tanks annihilated in Helmand

- 3 tanks destroyed, 9 U.S. invading troops killed and wounded near Bagram airbase

- Mujahideen in Zabul kill 5 American cowardly troops, wound 3

- 7 US terrorists killed or wounded in Helmand

- US terrorists abduct 18 non-combatant civilians in Helmand

- Tarin Kot airfield comes under Mujahideen attack in Uruzgan

- US tank destroyed in Helmand

- US invaders martyr 8 civilians as they protests burning of Holy Quran

- Nangarhar airbase struck by Mujahideen missiles

- Four American invaders killed or wounded in bomb attack

- 7 missiles hit Bagram airbase

- 12 cowardly minions killed in Kunduz

- Two US terrorists’ bases come under attack in Kunar

- Puppet commander killed in Faryab

Anonymous said...

Dick Gregory Announces Hunger Strike for 9/11 Truth

Dick Gregory | I am announcing today that I will be consuming only liquids beginning Sunday until my eightieth birthday in 2012 and until the real truth of what truly happened on that day emerges and is publicly known.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Boston Tea Party happen on 9-11?
by Tet on 13.09.2010 [04:23 ]

The US is a nation founded on blaming others. Remember at the time, New England Indians were indeed WHITE not red like the history books would like us to believe. Not as hard as it might appear for the US Terrorists of the time, US Revolutionaries to dress up as Indians and throw British Tea into the Harbor. This is indeed the only Terrorists Act that the US willingly admits to committing.

The Thorton Affair, the start of the Mexican/American War 1846 obviously occured in Mexican Territory to start the Mexican/American War.

Remember the Maine? Shit, nobody but a fucking Moron believes Spain blew up the USS Maine.

The sinking of the Lusitania started US involment into WWI even though the Lusitania was carrying munitions to England and a legitimate target of the war. This is proven fact.

Please Pearl Harbor, not one US Carrier anywhere near Pearl Harbor, nothing but WWI era ships that wouldn't have lasted an encounter during WWII sunk during December 7th. The Stupidist Generation on Earth actually to this fucking day believes this was a surprise attack. The stupidity from Public Education is unbelievable. The US had already committed war against Japan with their Oil Sanctions, so we actually were already at War. Knock, Knock, USans, anybody home?

Gulf of Tolkin to start the escalation of Vietnam. Is there really some Fuckard who believes there was a North Vietnamise Navy who could have carried this attack out? Youve got to be a complete homo to believe this is what happened.

Banana Wars, Hawaii, please is there some War the US became involved in that the US really didn't start or enact something to continue?

How anyone could even remotely believe that 19 fuckards from Saudi Arabia flew 4 planes into two buildings, the Pentagon and the ground and somehow knock down more buildings than they hit and believe Iraq and Afghanistan are even remotely responsible explains a lot about our Public School system and not quite so private Free Press.


From: "Russia Today Questions the Official Version..of 9/11"

Anonymous said...

9/11, nine years later
Kurt Sonnenfeld: A witness for the persecution
by Thierry Meyssan*, Gaia Edwards*

Kurt Sonnenfeld’s case is outstanding for at least two reasons. He is in possession of official documentation that contradicts the U.S. Government’s account of the 9/11 events. He is a high-profile U.S. citizen forced to seek refugee status because of his government’s dogged persecution. Any relation between these two facts is not purely coincidental. Voltaire Network’s second exclusive interview of Kurt Sonnenfeld, conducted in Buenos Aires, is presented below.

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly for above, 19:24, 19:40. To use a hackneyed expression, both items made my day for me.

Anonymous said...

One in seven Americans now living in poverty

One out of every seven Americans are now living below the official poverty level. Why is "fighting terrorism," which only 1% of Americans consider to be a top priority, taking precedence over fighting poverty which is plaguing millions of America right now?

It is interesting to note that, according to a recent Gallup Poll in the US, nine years after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, a mere 1% of Americans mention terrorism as the most important problem facing the country, down from 46% just after the attacks. (see:

Contrast that finding with the position of the US Government and so called security experts who insist that terrorism is a top priority. (See:

Anonymous said...

Anyone watch Monday Night Football - packed full of fans recession my ass.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder what a genocidal killer suffering from meglomaniacal delusions looks, acts, and sounds like?

You need to look no farther than the United States of America...

"Global Grandiosity: America’s 21st Century World Architecture"

Anonymous said...

Chinese think tank warns US it will emerge as loser in trade war
A State Council think-tank in China has warned Washington that the US will come off worst in a trade war if it imposes sanctions against Beijing over the two nations' currency spat.
(Telegraph Online - 14.9.10)

The US is considering legislation to punish Beijing for holding down the yuan Photo: AFP Ding Yifan, a policy guru at the Development Research Centre, said China could respond by selling holdings of US debt, estimated at over $1.5 trillion (£963bn). This would trigger a rise in US interest rates. His comments at a forum in Beijing follow a string of remarks by Chinese officials questioning US credit-worthiness and the reliability of the dollar.

China's authorities seem split over how to respond to moves on Capitol Hill for legislation to punish Beijing for holding down the yuan. The central bank has ruled out use of its "nuclear weapon", insisting that it would not exploit its $2.45 trillion of foreign reserves for political purposes. "The US Treasury market is a very important market for China," it said.

However, the mood is hardening on both sides of the Pacific. The dispute risks escalating if China's trade surplus with the US climbs further and more US jobs are lost. US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who has taken a softly-softly line in the past, said on Friday that China had done "very little" to correct the undervaluation of the yuan since ending the dollar peg in June.

Mr Ding reflects thinking among some in the Poltiburo, who seem convinced that the US is in decline and that China's rise as an exporter of goods and capital give it the upper hand.

"They are utterly wrong," said Gabriel Stein from Lombard Street Research. "The lesson of the 1930s is that surplus countries with structurally weak domestic demand come off worst in a trade war."

He described the implicit threat to sell Treasuries as "empty bluster" because Beijing's purchase of these bonds is a side-effect of its yuan policy. "Bring it on: it will weaken the dollar, which is what the US wants. The interest rate effect can be countered by the Fed."

"Some Chinese officials seem to believe that buying Treasuries underpins US public spending. In fact China's mercantilist policy is forcing the US to run large deficits against its own interest. China should be terrified of a trade war."

Anonymous said...

"The Bizarre Background of the ‘9/11’ New York Mosque"
by F. William Engdahl*

With his habitual acumen, William F. Engdahl peers behind the scenes of the Ground Zero Mosque and the Koran burning hullabaloo. He detects a geopolitical manipulation, ultimately serving to reinforce the US Government narrative of the disintegration of the WTC towers and to lend credence to the underlying crusader ideology of the "clash of civilizations". All of it tying in with the need to justify US military occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the expanding militarization of the region.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder: Today we commemorate the tragic events of Sabra and Shatila. A thought for those who were massacred. May they rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Bank of Japan riles US with yen move - 15.9.10

Japan has launched a huge intervention in the foreign exchange market for the first time since 2004 to stem the rise of the yen and head off a deflation spiral, prompting harsh protests from top US Democrats on Capitol Hill.

The Bank of Japan has sold an estimated ¥1 trillion. Photo: BLOOMBERG The move is the latest dramatic twist in a world where a growing number of countries are seeking an economic edge through 'beggar-thy-neighbour' currency policies. It came as Congress held a hearing on China’s yuan suppression amid ever louder calls on Capitol Hill for sanctions against Beijing, and for pressure on Korea and other countries in Asia to halt currency intervention.

Sander Levin, chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, said Japan’s action was a "deeply disturbing development. China is not the only country with a predatory exchange rate policy."

Bank of Japan intervened alone in the early hours, selling an estimated ¥1 trillion (£7bn). Finance minister Yoshihiko Noda vowed “bold action and further intervention if necessary.”

The move drove the yen from ¥83 to ¥85.6 against the dollar, and set off a powerful bond rally. Tokyo’s Nikkei index jumped 2.3pc to 9,517, led by exporters. Mazda rose 6pc, Sony rose 4pc.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me someone posted a piece on China here yesterday. And now it's apparently vanished without trace. Is that possible?

Nussiminen said...

If there's one thing about 9/11 which is ABSOLUTELY taboo in the entire Baboonarium -- regardless of what persuasions are being put forward on the subject -- it's the WORLD's prevalent reaction to the event as it unfolded. Navel gazing, self-opinioned Westerners just cannot admit, or even note, the fact that there was immense rejoicing across Asia, Africa, and Latin America (as well as inside the Western Baboonarium itself) that day. 9/11 finally saw Western Culture being applied to the Baboons themselves for a change, including even a strike against the Pentagram to top it all.

In my view, there is way too much ado about the prospect of a false flag operation. Sure enough, it's a perfectly plausible scenario. But the corollary question then inevitably becomes "What for?". I reiterate the very plain fact that Amurrrkans are rabid National Socialists to boot, stemming from their totally parasitic existence on this planet. Therefore, Amurrrkans DON'T HAVE to be killed en masse at home to yearn for genocide and perpetual war against humanity -- by far the most essential part of an Amurrrkan's entire world outlook. Small wonder then that the selfsame world rejoices as Amurrrkans get a taste of common US Foreign Policy.

Therefore: If the US Government did do it, then 9/11 amounts to the finest act of poetic justice Amurrrkans have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Nussiminen, there is no doubt whatsoever in the minds of most people on this blog that 9/11 was an inside Mossad/CIA job.

But your point was well taken and your concluding phrase about poetic justice was spot on.

Nussiminen said...

I appreciate your comment, 17:08. Suffice it to say that it serves them right whoever staged the event. Granted, an ardent National Socialist Amurrrkan will go instantly über-bonkers either way -- attacked by his/her own beloved betters or outsmarted by perceived inferior peoples.

Also, poetic justice merits a little poetry, right? Here goes:

Fine as heaven
There's no hero
'Round ground zero
Yankee drivel
Void and trivial

Anonymous said...

Bravo, eloquently expressed. I am impressed.
Yankee drivel, void and trivial sums it up perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I almost think that 9-11 style false flag events are for *foreign* audiences rather than domestic American constituents.

Most Americans will support wars without false flag events. It's only non-Americans or non-Westerners that need to be "convinced" of the legitimacy of American wars.

Anonymous said...

US-China clash over yuan escalates, risking superpower stand-off . 16,9,10

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has issued his harshest attack to date on China’s currency policy, the latest move in an escalating superpower clash across the gamut of commercial and strategic relations.

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has strongly criticised China's move. “We are very concerned about the negative impact of (China’s) policies on our economic interests,” he told a Congressional hearing on Beijing’s use of exchange intervention for trade advantage.

“The pace of appreciation has been to slow. The undervalued renminbi helps China’s export sector. It encourages out-sourcing of production and jobs from the United States. By continuing a rigid exchange rate, China is impeding the adjustments needed to secure sustainable global growth,” he said.

The tough talk comes amid concerns that the global currency order is unravelling, with countries breaking ranks in a `beggar-thy-neigbour’ use of 1930s-style devaluation to help exporters and shore up their economies.

Japan became the latest country to intervene this week, carrying out massive dollar and euro purchases to weaken the yen. Sander Levin, chair of the US House Ways and Means Committee, called the move “deeply disturbing”, chiefly because it muddies the political water and lets China off the hook.

Anonymous said...

re: 17:41

Waaaaah! The Americunt-lovers are crying like bitches again.

As the American Empire implodes economically, it predictably tries to demonize other countries as scapegoats for its parasitic economy.

But that's the only thing that America-lovers and their propaganda press can do.

Hopefully, a few real 9-11x will hit America so we can stop listening to its nationalistic propaganda

Anonymous said...

The Teabagger victory in America's recent "elections" is an ominous sign.

It's symptomatic of the fascistic nature of the American populist where nationalist demagogues like Sarah Palin, Pat Buchanon, Glen Beck, and Ron Paul will attempt channel discontent about American's capitalist system onto various patsies: foreign nations, immigrants, minorities, gays, Leftists, Liberals, etc.

If you want to understand what American "populism" is about, look at Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy, where demogogic fascist movements rode the wave of economic populism into power.

Nussiminen said...

> If you want to understand what American "populism" is about, look at Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy, where demogogic fascist movements rode the wave of economic populism into power. >

Makes perfect sense. It should be emphasized too that the U.S. along with Mussolini's Italy -- albeit independently of each other -- formed the very template for Nazi Germany (and its successor, the Zionist Entity): Unbridled, corporate gangsterism to the benefit of Big Capital and with the ecstatic approval of a parasitic middle class populace salivating at the slaughter-and-torture relentlessly being dashed out against the oppressed at home and abroad. Make no mistake: Deluded as they are, the Teabagger rabble has got the basics exactly right. Without all the repression and looting by their beloved Corporate State in general and its armed wing in particular, they have no chance in hell of sheer day-to-day survival. As far as the West is concerned, right-wing extremists are just rabid, militant parasites. This is the fundamental lesson of the US, the Zionist Entity, Nazi Germany, and Fascist Italy. With regard to the latter, Silvio Berlusconi is a strong case in point.

Anonymous said...

Darling attacks Germans over help for Greece
The euro has been permanently damaged by Germany's failure to intervene swiftly during the sovereign debt crisis earlier this year, Alistair Darling has said in an unusually frank attack. (17.9.10)

Alistair Darling is known to have been infuriated by Germany's failure to act swiftly as the markets scented blood, but has never before made his opinions public. The former Chancellor, who was in 11 Downing Street when Greece, Spain and Portugal came close to economic meltdown in the spring, made his unguarded comments at a conference of senior German and British officials on Thursday.

Privately, he is known to have been infuriated by Germany's failure to act swiftly as the markets scented blood, but has never before made his opinions public.

Speaking from the audience of the Königswinter Conference, he told Germany's Economics Minister Rainer Bruederle that the country had completely failed to come to terms with its responsibilities as a leader of the eurozone. He added that its reluctance intervene quickly "will have consequences" for the political future of the bloc.

At the height of the crisis, the euro's survival was in question as market confidence evaporated from the region and Germany, paralysed by public anger about domestic taxpayers rescuing Greek workers, pushed the Mediterranean nation to the brink. Germany also bitterly resisted external help from the International Monetary Fund.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin bank is 125th failure of 2010

Maritime Savings Bank was closed by regulators Friday, marking the 125th U.S. bank failure of the year.

Anonymous said...

Year's tally of U.S. bank failures reaches 124

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Three bank failures in Georgia and one in Ohio has brought 2010's tally to 124, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on Friday. The banks closed by regulators include Bramble Savings Bank in Milford, Ohio; the Bank of Ellijay in Ellijay, Ga.; First Commerce Community Bank in Douglasville, Ga.; and the Peoples Bank in Winder, Ga. The four failures will cost the deposit-insurance fund about $240.1 million, the FDIC said. Earlier in the day, the agency reported the failure of ISN Bank in Cherry Hill, N.J.

Anonymous said...

Tungsten plated gold bars in Fort Knox

- This practice has been traced back to the Clinton presidency.

- We learn that IMF sold such bars to India and probably Bangla Desh as well.

- German TV has made it a point to cover up the "gold" bars scandal,

Anonymous said...

Must See TV: American Democracy for Dummies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 09:10.

Nussiminen said...

The YouTube clip is quite all right. I especially liked the moment (between 3:39 and 3:45) when that "gorgeous" (not) woman finally lost her patience, yelling about reporting the Professor to the "University Terrorist Watch Committee". Needless to say, she is the typical norm for a Yank baboon whereas all the others that contributed something to the discourse in the classroom are highly atypical, almost non-existent, in the U.S.

Maybe there is already a follow-up clip (if not, then hopefully soon available) which explains -- in no uncertain terms -- what utter parasitic filth the entire U.S. population really is.

Anonymous said...

The IMF itself has become the problem as Europe's woes return (I)

Once a quorum of big names says the game is up in a debt crisis, events move fast and furiously.

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (19.9.10)

Portugal was a net foreign creditor in the mid-1990s. EMU has turned it into a net foreign debtor to the tune of 109pc of GDP Photo: AP Portuguese President Cavaco Silva (pictured with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo) is to draft an emergency budget
Portugal neared the line on Friday when Diário de Noticias cited three ex-finance ministers warning that the country might have to call in the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

One spoke of a "reckless reliance on foreign debt"; another spoke of "runaway public spending". No matter that all were complicit in euro membership, the policy that incubated this crisis and now traps Portugal in its depression.

Portugal was a net foreign creditor in the mid-1990s. EMU has turned it into a net foreign debtor to the tune of 109pc of GDP. That is what happens when you cut interest rates suddenly from 16pc to 3pc.

Be that as it may, the comments struck a nerve. Yields on 10-year Portuguese debt surged to 6.15pc, back to May crisis levels when the EU faced its "Lehman moment" and launched a €750bn (£625bn) rescue blitz.

António de Sousa, head of Portugal's bank lobby, said his members are in dire straits. Banks cannot raise funds abroad, remain "extremely fragile", and "quite simply" will have nothing more to lend unless foreign capital returns.

Portuguese banks cannot survive on local savings. They rely on foreign funding to cover 40pc of assets (IMF data). Hence an urgent meeting between the central bank governor and President Cavaco Silva for an hour-and-a-half late on Friday. The governor said global funding for Portugal was drying up. Markets would no longer tolerate Portugal's leisurely pace of fiscal tightening.

Hours later, Portugal's leaders agreed to draft an emergency budget. So much for hopes that they could avoid cuts and let growth trim the deficit from 9.3pc of GDP in 2009 to 7.3pc. The first casualty is the high-speed train to Madrid.

Yet what exactly will austerity achieve? Combined private and public debt is 325pc of GDP (viz 247pc for Greece), so the country already risks a debt-compound spiral.

Lisbon has been cutting state jobs for several years. This has certainly crimped growth, but not cured the problem. Productivity is stuck at 64pc of the EU average.

The brutal truth is that Portugal lost competitiveness on a grand scale on joining EMU and has never been able to get it back. Convergence never came.

Anonymous said...


Ireland has shown what happens when you grasp the fiscal nettle, slashing public wages by 13pc – to applause from EU elites – without offsetting monetary and exchange stimulus. Irish bonds have spiked even higher to a post-EMU record 6.38pc.

This was triggered by two client notes: Barclays said Ireland may need the IMF's help; Citigroup's Willem Buiter said Ireland "may not be able to make whole" creditors of both sovereign debt and the bank. Dr Buiter has also said a default by Greece is "a high probability event".

Two years into its purge, Ireland has a budget deficit near 20pc of GDP. It is 12pc if you strip out the bank rescues, but the reason why the bad debts of Anglo Irish keep spiralling upwards is that the economy keeps spiralling downwards. House prices have fallen 35pc. Nominal GDP has contracted 19pc.

"Ireland's debt is ballooning, while its capacity to pay has collapsed," said Simon Johnson, ex-chief economist at the IMF. He said the country has made a Faustian pact with Europe, able to draw ECB loans worth 75pc of GDP so long as Irish taxpayers shield European creditors.

In any case, the IMF itself has become the problem, operating as an arm of EU ideology under Dominique Strauss-Kahn. It
offers no remedy since it acquiesces in the EU's ban on debt-restructuring.

In Greece it backs a policy that will leave the country with public debt of 150pc of GDP after its ordeal – allowing French and German creditors to shift a big chunk of Greek risk to Asian taxpayers through the IMF, and to EU taxpayers through the eurozone rescue.

Mr Strauss-Kahn committed up to €250bn of IMF money for Europe's rescue without prior approval from the IMF Board, to
the fury of Asian directors. He has promulgated an insidious doctrine that sovereign defaults are "Unnecessary, Undesirable, and Unlikely".

Let us be honest, the Fund has become a font of incoherence, an engine of moral hazard. In August, it abolished its credit ceiling and created a new tool to rush fresh debt to states that need more debt like a hole in the head.

Simon Johnson says the solution for EMU's orphans is debt reduction along the lines of "Brady Bonds" in Latin America in the 1980s, forcing creditors to share pain in an orderly fashion and giving debtors a way out of the morass.

In fairness to EU policymakers, perhaps the problem really is so big that if they let Greece, Portugal, or Ireland restructure debt they risk instant contagion to Spain, and from there to Italy. Perhaps they really have no choice. If so, monetary union has created a monster.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know one thing: where are you, poiuytr? Are you so unwell, you can't even write a line to put our minds at rest?

And what about you, James W.? Do you know something about poiuytr's state of health? We've been very patient and now, frankly, we're extremely worried. Thanks for reply.

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Lets keep it alive
C'mon Cheerleaders

Anonymous said...

NWO = No Western Ogres

Anonymous said...

I'm part of the choir, 08:00, 09:06:


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UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First (19.9.10)

CNBC | The UK’s tax collection agency is putting forth a proposal that all employers send employee paychecks to the government, after which the government would deduct what it deems as the appropriate tax and pay the employees by bank transfer.

(Excellent way to create new civil servants and practise arbitrary appropriations. I'm all for it.)

Anonymous said...

Funny thing here hippies, this capitalist country has done more good for the other countries of the world than any other in history. Here is where the wa-wa's start spouting colonialism and war mongering, can't we all just get along crap. Grow up. See reality. No matter what you say, the US of A has been the best thing to happen to the world

Anonymous said...

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday told a U.N. General Assembly session on poverty that capitalism was on the verge of death and that it was time for a new economic system.
"The discriminatory order of capitalism and the hegemonic approaches are facing defeat and are getting close to their end," Ahmadinejad said at a summit meeting assessing progress on achieving U.N. goals to drastically reduce poverty by 2015.
"The undemocratic and unjust governance structures of the decision-making bodies in international economic and political fields are the reasons behind most of the plights today humanity is confronting," he said, according to an English translation of his prepared remarks.
Ahmadinejad had drawn large crowds for previous U.N. speeches but Tuesday's address was delivered to a virtually empty hall.
It was unclear whether the unusually low attendance was due to waning interest in Ahmadinejad five years after he first addressed the assembly or if it was the fact that he was one of the first speakers in the morning session, which began at 9 a.m. EDT/1300 GMT.
Ahmadinejad offered no clear alternative to capitalism but said, "The world is in need of an encompassing and, of course, just and humane order in the light of which the rights of all are preserved and peace and security are safeguarded."
Ahmadinejad will address the 192-nation General Assembly again on Thursday during its annual General Debate, in which world leaders traditionally cover issues important to them.
In the past, Ahmadinejad has used the General Debate as a forum to defend Iran's nuclear program and assail its arch foes Israel and the United States, typically prompting walkouts by the United States and some European countries.
(Reporting by Louis Charbonneau, editing by Bill Trott)

Anonymous said...


'My Fellow Americans: As
you all know, the defeat of the Iraq regime has been completed.

Since Congress does not want to spend any more money on this war,
our mission in Iraq is complete.

This morning I gave the order for a complete removal of all American
forces from Iraq . This action will be complete within 30 days. It is now
time to begin the reckoning.

Before me, I have two lists. One list contains the names of countries
which have stood by our side during the Iraq conflict This list is short .
The United Kingdom , Spain , Bulgaria , Australia , and Poland are some
of the countries listed there.

The other list contains every one not on the first list. Most of
the world's nations are on that list. My press secretary will be distributing
copies of both lists later this evening.

Let me start by saying that effective immediately, foreign aid to
those nations on List 2 ceases indefinitely. The money saved during the first
year alone will pretty much pay for the costs of the Iraqi war. THEN EVERY YEAR THEREAFTER

The American people are no longer going to pour money into third world
Hell holes and watch those government leaders grow fat on corruption.

Need help with a famine ? Wrestling with an epidemic? Call France

In the future, together with Congress, I will work to redirect this
money toward solving the vexing social problems we still have
at home.

On that note, a word to terrorist organizations: Screw with us and
we will hunt you down and eliminate you and all your friends from the
face of the earth

Anonymous said...

Capitalism provided ALL the aid to developing nations - like Iran - without which they would all still be in caves. This man, as all socialist-leftists, is nuts. I submit that the "The undemocratic and unjust governance structures of the decision-making bodies in international economic and political fields are the reasons behind most of the plights today humanity is confronting," may well be correct. But for one thing, it is incomplete. Add, after the last comma, "because of the tyrannical and despotic behavior of dictators such as myself, who fail to distribute the vast sums of money that come directly from capitalist nations."

There, better.

Anonymous said...

This man is the sickest most evil human being on this planet. He is building a nuclear bomb. Data shows that he has a nuclear facility and defectors have confirmed the same. He denies the Holocaust and is a anti-semite and is anti-american (freedom). He is a muslim extremist and wants the whole world to bow down to him and "sharia law." Why does our President, find ways to include "muslims" in our space program, create ways for us to send them our tax dollars and even find himself photographed in muslim garb, associate himself and his wife with the school of Faracon and other racists like Rev. Wright? I ask myself, is our president being funded by them? Are they behind his presidency? Are they using him like a pupet to do things like get behind the building of a mosque at ground zero??? Why aren't other American's asking themselves these same questions. This man will use a nuclear bomb. He is insane. He is evil and EVERY SINGLE ONE of his nuclear facility should be knocked out immediately by America before he can destroy us and our allies.

Nussiminen said...

Yankee drivel
Void and trivial

Deeply regret to inform the Amurrrkan imbecile spamming here that it's too late to attack Iran. Iraq was attacked just because it had no capabilities of hitting back. Iran, Russia, and China are beyond the means of the Amurrrkans' beloved National Socialist regime.

On a personal note, which 9/11 scenario upsets you the most, little dear Amurrrkan? Being outsmarted by perceived inferior peoples of Muslim faith or being set ablaze by your elected Government for good measure?

Anonymous said...

re: 18:36

Wow. Now I know how citizens of Nazi Germany rationalized their crimes against other nations.

Americans are suffering from the same type of paranoid nationalist delusions as they dutifully repeat every propaganda meme about Iran that their Two Minutes of Hate, ... I mean "Free Press" has taught them.

America Uber Alles!

Anonymous said...

Its pray for Hummingbirds day!
YaY! They're eggs are only as big as a pea.
An adult Anna's only weighs 3.9 grams.
Humming birds
Humming birds
From Heaven
Joy to the world. Amen.
Back to the reptilian traitor mukrakers and their dastardly deceptions.

Anonymous said...

Remember that moral hissy fit the West was having a while back about the supposed woman in Iran who was being "stoned for adultery"?

Seems that story was a lie.

The woman was on trial, not for adultery, but for murder in which she and her lover murdered the woman's husband.

The woman faces the death penalty for this murder, and there is no "stoning" involved at all.

Yes, shocking I know that the Western Media would lie and lie so brazenly.

But what do you expect out from the people who brought us "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq and Sept. 11th lies.?

"French essayist Bernard-Henry Levy and President Nicolas Sarkozy have mobilized French public opinion to save an Iranian woman, accused of adultery, from being stoned to death. Overcome with emotion, the French did not take the time to verify the allegations, until actor Dieudonné M’bala M’bala traveled to Teheran. Once in the Iranian capital, everything turned out to be false. Thierry Meyssan addresses the spectacular and reckless manipulation that took place."

The Sakineh scandal
by Thierry Meyssan*

Nussiminen said...

Imbecile Sarkozy and his BHL lèche-cul are the most prominent Zionist puppets of presentday France. Of course, commitment to Zionism takes precedence by several orders of magnitude over the French cultural and judicial tradition of benign leniency towards "crime passionelle", which explains why the story was changed before being presented to a broader audience.

Speaking of Sarkozy, have a real laugh at the clown here:

Anonymous said...

USan, go home. That's where you belong and that's where you should stay. Not a line of what you spin out makes sense. Makes sense to your fellow USans perhaps, all as ignorant and obsessed as you seem to be, but none whatsoever to anyone who has ever had cause to use his brains. Nussiminen's Yankee drivel, void and trivial fits the case perfectly. Nazi Germ was a Sunday School gathering compared to US 2010.

Hey, 21:27, since you reminded us, we also celebrated Hummingbird's Day, although dastardly deception killed all perception of crimes employed in that endless void.

Long, long live Dieudonné M'bala. The Frenchies will probably slap yet another fine on him for antisemitism, i.e. giving the lie to Pres (Ha!) Sarkozy the Roma hero and wannabe philosopher (Ha!) Levy.

Come on, poiuytr, out of your hiding place and rush to the defence of these two. What on earth's wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

China: Energy superpower
By Michael T Klare - 21.9.10

If you want to know which way the global wind is blowing (or the sun shining or the coal burning), watch China. That's the news for our energy future and for the future of great-power politics on planet Earth. Washington is already watching - with anxiety.

Rarely has a simple press interview said more about the global power shifts taking place in our world. On July 20, the chief economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Fatih Birol, told the Wall Street Journal that China had overtaken the United States to become the world's number one energy consumer. One can read this development in many ways: as evidence of China's continuing industrial prowess, of the lingering recession in the United States, of the growing popularity of automobiles in China, even of America's superior energy efficiency as compared to that of China. All of these observations are valid, but all miss the main point: by becoming the world's leading energy consumer, China will also become an ever more dominant international actor and so set the pace in shaping our global future.

Because energy is tied to so many aspects of the global economy, and because doubts are growing about the future availability of oil and other vital fuels, the decisions China makes regarding its energy portfolio will have far-reaching consequences. As the leading player in the global energy market, China will significantly determine not only the prices we will be paying for critical fuels but also the type of energy systems we will come to rely on.

More importantly, China's decisions on energy preferences will largely determine whether China and the United States can avoid becoming embroiled in a global struggle over imported oil and whether the world will escape catastrophic climate change.

Anonymous said...

President Barack Obama on Tuesday posthumously recognized Etchberger for service "beyond the call of duty" by giving him the nation's highest military award, the Medal of Honor. Obama said those three words can now be etched into a granite monument to Etchberger's memory at Barksdale Air Force base in Louisiana.
"Even though it's been 42 years," Obama said at a ceremony with Etchberger's three sons, "it's never too late to do the right thing and it's never too late to pay tribute to our Vietnam veterans and their families."
Etchberger was part of a radar team that came under attack by North Vietnamese soldiers who had improbably scaled the heights to Lima Site 85, a radar installation helping to direct U.S. bombing of Hanoi. The mission was secret because the U.S. was not supposed to have troops in officially neutral Laos.
The 35-year-old radar technician from Hamburg, Pa., with no formal training in combat, acted on instinct. Using an M-16 and a radio to call in air strikes, he single-handedly held off the attackers until helicopters arrived at dawn.
He then braved enemy fire to help three wounded comrades into rescue slings.

Anonymous said...

fter climbing into the chopper behind the others, Etchberger was fatally wounded when enemy fire struck the aircraft. The others in the helicopter made it to safety.
"Today," Obama told Etchberger's sons in the East Room ceremony, "your nation finally acknowledges and fully honors your father's bravery."
"We knew that he was that kind of person," Richard Etchberger, who shares his father's first name, said afterward. "He would be here just saying 'I was doing my job up there.' I think he'd be really humbled but proud of his achievement."

Two decades later, the government declassified Etchberger's mission and "that's when they learned the truth, that their father had given his life not in Vietnam but in neighboring Laos," Obama said. "That's when they began to learn the true measure of their father's heroism."
Obama said Etchberger lived the airman's creed — "to never leave an airman behind, to never falter, to never fail."
According to an Air Force account, the men at Lima Site 85 were temporarily discharged from military service and nominally hired by a defense contractor for the duration of the mission, to help conceal the U.S. military presence in Laos.
Nineteen Americans were on the mountain, several thousand North Vietnamese were below, and they launched a massive artillery assault on the U.S. installation the night of March 10.
After their shift at the station, Etchberger and the four men with him moved down to a small rocky ledge on a safer side of the mountain. But more than 30 North Vietnamese somehow made it to the summit during the night, despite nearly vertical rock walls on three sides and a heavily mined and fortified fourth side.
"The enemy lobbed down grenade after grenade, hour after hour," Obama said. "Dick and his men would grab those grenades and throw them back or kick them into the valley below, but the grenades kept coming.
"When the enemy started moving down the rocks, Dick fought them off. When it looked like the ledge would be overrun, he called for airstrikes within yards of his own position, shaking the mountain and clearing the way for a rescue. And in the morning light, an American helicopter came into view."
As the rescue helicopter hovered and lowered its sling, Etchberger loaded the surviving but wounded men one at a time, exposing himself to the enemy each time. He loaded another airman who had rushed forward after hiding from the enemy all night, then finally got in.
But as the helicopter began to peel away, gunfire erupted below and Etchberger was wounded.
He was dead by the time the helicopter landed at the nearest base.
Of those 19 Americans on the mountain that night, only seven made it out alive, Obama said. Three were saved by Etchberger.

Anonymous said...

When you people spout nonsense back and forth at me and each other remember to thank people like Sgt. Etchberger. From the first shot at Lexington and Concord to the last soldier to die in Afghanistan, their blood payed the ransom for the freedom you enjoy. RIP Sarge. Its an honor to have taken the same oath and thankyou that my children sleep safe because of the sacrifice of you and my fellow vets made.

Nussiminen said...

Perhaps the funniest thing about National Socialist tripe such as that being spouted in the above three blog barfs is, after all, the very purveyor of it. As if a loudmouth believing in totally idiotic braggadocio wasn't enough, the audience is indeed expected to feel sincerely impressed, nay overwhelmed, by such a miscreant's emotions as well.

Pretty please: Go get killed wherever you feel like it. And a toast to the one(s) who put you to rest.

Anonymous said...

Freedom yeah riiiiight
Comply or be tazered pffffft
Its so comical watching chemically-kept-alive BORG praying over a plate of GM food at every mealtime.
The Lords prayer LOL
If this is what 'everlasting life' is,, I don't want any part of it.

Anonymous said...

The British and Americans are masters of propaganda and psyops, particularly in terms of manufacturing fake crises, bogeyman, and official enemies.

Here is a only a premlinary list of their lies, to which could also be added AL-CIAda in general; "Peak Oil" propaganda; the War on Drugs; and the International Communist Conspiracy.

It should be noted that many of these psyops campaigns are particularly promoted by various Controlled Opposition groups, who dominate the antiwar movement, Libertarianism, Environmentalism, or the "Progressive Left".

Real Versus Fake Crises: Concealing The Risk of An All Out Nuclear War

Three Types of Fake Crises

1. A Nuclear Attack on America by Al Qaeda

2 A Global Public Health Emergency. A Global Flu Pandemic

3. The Perils of Global Warming

[Note: The Global Warming psyops has now been rebranded with the catch-all phrase "Climate Change"]

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, where on earth are you? One line, man, just one line to say you're all right, that's all we need. And here we go again with our S-300 story:

What did Russia gain for this? Medvedev cancels arms deal with Iran: Russian President cancelled a planned arms deal with Iran because of the UN sanctions against the country, the Kremlin announced late Wednesday. The presidential decree forbade the transfer of tanks, artillery, war ships, helicopters and missile defence systems to Iran. Tehran had ordered the missile defence system S-300 two years ago.

Anonymous said...

Why America Did 9-11:

Tracing the roots of 9/11 to a severe and increasing instability in the global financial system during the 1990s and the threatened end of dollar hegemony, Tarpley summarizes some twenty-one crises and panics since 1987 that had the capacity of causing global financial meltdown. He believes the US oligarchy reached a consensus on the need for terrorism during the 1990s, to maintain its hegemonic system under conditions of growing fiscal and economic disintegration.

"The role of the dollar in the posted price for Gulf crude is the central symbol of the world domination of the dollar. And the dollar is the nerve and fist of US world domination."

Because prices for the world's main raw materials, particularly oil, are quoted in US dollars, there is a large global demand for a currency which otherwise might find few buyers, since after three decades of deindustrialization, the US produces little to sell. "This allows the US-UK banking community to skim 5-10% off all world trade by providing import-export financing; this used to be called invisible earnings."

In 2000, Iraq stopped accepting dollars for oil, opting for the euro instead. In September 2002, the government of Iran also suggested it was considering switching over to the euro for crude oil sales. The European Union, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia have all made similar suggestions in recent years.

"...The arrival of US military forces next door [to Iran] was doubtless designed to dissuade the Iranians from such thoughts." Terrorism would "serve as a well to prevent threatened defections from the dollar zone, and shore up the battered greenback as the world's residual currency." It would also be used to undermine economic nationalist or pro-development regimes in the developing world and to strengthen US-UK control over oil, strategic metals, and other vital raw materials.

US policymakers fear that a stampede of countries will switch over to the euro as the prime currency for purchasing oil and other vital international commodities. If that happens, the net effect will likely diminish the value of the dollar to perhaps a quarter or a third of its current value. It will also cause profound dislocations throughout the global economy.

Anonymous said...

Ireland faces double-dip recession (23.9.10)

Irish economic recovery stalls as figures reveal national output dropped by 1.2% in second quarter.

Anonymous said...

French strikes hit flights and trains (23.9.10)

Transport workers walk out in second 24-hour strike in protest over Nicolas Sarkozy's pension reforms.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well with poiuytr, No word from informatron since Aug 18, This is worrisome, like a missing family member. Keep the torch lit guys n gals. If the pyramid eye cant be poked out at least keep throwing sand in it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, 19:44. I was on the point of throwing in the towel myself. Your post has straightened my drooping backbone on the spot. On and on we go then. Long live our blogmasters (wish James would say something occasionally, too) and the bloggers here, including friend informatron.

And yes, I'm stooping for the next handful of sand. Pyramid eye, here we come.

Anonymous said...

The Roots of Mapuche Resistance
For Indigenous people in Chile, the struggle for life is labeled a terrorist activity

[cc 2.0]The Mapuche struggle, at its roots, is in defense of their territory and culture and in that way is similar to the struggles of Indigenous peoples around the world. PHOTO: JUAN SORIANO
"The best old school journalism understood that its purpose was to challenge power with unassailable facts; the best activist journalism knows that constructive resistance is fueled by media we can actually use. The Dominion represents the vital fusion of these two traditions: it deserves massive support." --Avi Lewis

VANCOUVER—More than 34 Mapuche political prisoners in Chile have entered into day 75 of a hunger strike. They are seeking significant changes in the way the Chilean state treats Indigenous Mapuche people.

The hunger strike has entered into a critical and possibly deadly phase: Bobby Sands, an Irish revolutionary and a well known casualty of hunger striking, died after 66 days. Other hunger strikers have survived for longer, including ex-political Mapuche prisoner Patricia Troncoso, who refused food for 112 days to protest the "predatory and inhumane economic model" in Chile and the still active anti-terrorist laws used to criminalize the Mapuche people.

The central demands of the hunger strikers and their supporters are that Mapuche people be tried in civil courts instead of in both civil and military courts, and that dictatorship-era anti-terrorist legislation not be used against them. Their struggle, at its roots, is in defense of Mapuche territory and culture, a plight common to Indigenous peoples around the world.

The Mapuche fight to maintain their freedom and independence dates back to the first Spanish invasion of their territory in 1541. Since then, their land base has been whittled down to a series of reserves, which, under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, were broken up into individually held parcels.

Anonymous said...

ince the end of the dictatorship in 1990, laws have been passed that recognize the rights of Indigenous peoples to land. However, these laws have not been honoured, and Mapuche people have continued to organize against transnational corporate activities in their lands.

Clare Sieber, an anthropologist who graduated from UVIC, has spent time working with the Mapuche people. "Although there have been many Chilean and international policies implemented to strengthen and support Mapuche communities… the dominant model of industrial development including foreign investment still imposes structures of power over, rather than collaboration with, the Mapuche people," Seiber explained in correspondence with the Vancouver Media Co-op.

Canada's relationship with Chile has long been based on mining and free trade, Canada having signed a bilateral Free Trade Agreement with Chile in 1997. In 2008, Canadian outward foreign direct investment in Chile totalled $8.346 billion. Canada's priority sectors in Chile are among those that have most aggravated the Mapuche conflicts, including "mining, forestry, fishing and agricultural industries."

Hydroelectric projects have also created tension and conflict between the Chilean state, private investors and the Mapuche people.

Dams have flooded vast expanses of Mapuche territory, displacing entire communities. In the 1990s, the Spanish owned Empresa Nacional de Electricidad (National Electricity Company, ENDESA) began a project of building six dams on the Bio Bio River in the South Andean region of Chile, home of the Mapuche Pewenche communities. Some of these dams were funded through loans from the World Bank's International Finance Corporation and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Anonymous said...

The effects of the damming and flooding of Mapuche territory continue to be felt, according to Sieber. "Although ENDESA supplied some Pewenche in El Barco with new homes and electrical appliances… they did so not taking into account the seasonal mobility and community organization of the Pewenche." Sieber says electrical appliances are of limited utility without electricity or employment opportunities to pay electricity bills. “I have seen gas ovens and laundry machines used as cupboards.” She also notes that the rectangular plots of land fenced with barbed wire offered by ENDESA are “contrary to the semi-nomadic and communal land organization of the Pewenche.”

Forestry disputes also flared up during the late 90s, and in December 1997, the police fought Mapuche protestors from the Pichi–Lincoyan and Pilil–Mapu communities.

“The communities were claiming their lands, and this generated a conflict because the government ignored Mapuche demands," explains Mapuche writer Aldisson Anguita Mariqueo. He notes that at this time:

The response of the ‘democratic’ government of Chile was to arrest twelve Mapuche under the legal umbrella of the Internal Security Law. This law, inherited from the military dictatorship, allows the security forces to search private residences and to arrest and interrogate any ‘suspicious’ individual without judicial intervention.
Road building and airport construction have increased the incursions into Mapuche territory, furher threatening the survival of the Mapuche people. In a 2008 report, Amnesty International noted that unresolved territorial disputes related to the extractive and logging industries have caused "tension resulting in violence":
Mapuche leaders have informed us that police officers have used excessive force, including tear gas and rubber bullets, and firing shots from moving helicopters, including lead shot, in order to suppress the protests…
The hunger strike that is ongoing in Chile today is a wake-up call to the world about the criminalization of Mapuche peoples who continue standing up to defend their lands.

Colombian supporter Manuel Rozental writes that for the Chilean state to put Mapuche resistance on trial "under anti-terrorist legislation is preposterous, and actually transforms the struggle for life into a terrorist activity, a precedent from Chile to the Continent and, indeed, the world."

A global day of action in support of political prisoners in Chile has been called for September 24, 2010.

Anonymous said...

A gobal stranglehold by these insuffrable think tank and bored room spawned Scrooge clone entities. I for one am shutting em down. Starve the beasts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 16:38. The Mapuche Resistance is Chile was a group I hadn't heard of before. I learnt a lot about them by reading your posting. Hope today's global action will bring some relief to the political prisoners of Chile.

Anonymous said...

911 everday in Pakistan.
Drones targetting funerals for drone victims.

Anonymous said...

20:48 - Thanks for above. Indeed, Pakistan's daily 911. Pakistan has become a martyred country in every respect. The US undeclared war, a US-obedient non-governance in the country, the greatest floods of the century devastation its population, violence on an unheard of scale destroying its sense of unity. You name any ill, Pakistan has it for sure. Still, true Pakistanis refuse to give up on their country and are standing shoulder to shoulder. I think these are the ones who will be successful in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Americans will be the first people sent straight to Hell while thinking that they are the salt of the earth.

The Americans have even devised a title for themselves to rival that of the Israelis’ self-designation as "God’s Chosen People." The Americans call themselves "the indispensable people."

Paul Craig Roberts

(Indeed, all of them destined for hell, no ifs no buts...)

Anonymous said...

re: 11:10

The Axis of Evil--Britain, Israel, and America--must be defeated and destroyed as nations.

A million 9/11 or 7/7 should rain down on their arrogant nations.

Anonymous said...

BP Oil Well Is Dead ... But What About the Nearby Seeps?

N.B. One of the BP oil wells is dead.

Nussiminen said...

> The Americans call themselves "the indispensable people." >

How true! Who should understand this better than an Amurrrkan after asking another Amurrrkan? What a pity they don't seem to mind (mis)using foreign natural resources.

To hell with each and every one of them.

Anonymous said...

Slowly but surely, people and governments around the world are exposing the crime of the century: America's staging of 9-11 terrorism.

Ahmadinejad and the 9/11 attacks

Perhaps, this is one reason why the American "left" website Counterpunch launched a sneering attack on Fidel Castro, who also suggested America's hand behind 9-11 in a recent interview.

Counterpunch's "Left-Leaning" Attack on Fidel Castro

Anonymous said...

Spot on, all above. As for "Left Leaning", heck, they don't know the meaning of the word "Left", they never have. All they've ever learnt is "Self Leaning, I'm all right, Jack" types of thinking and behaviour. They'll get their comeuppance, never fear.

Anonymous said...

Brazilian stock exchange becomes world's 2nd largest in market value 2010-09-25 11:17:11

RIO DE JANEIRO, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) — Brazil's Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) is now the second largest stock in market value in the world, the stock's president Edemir Pinto said Friday.

Bovespa reached a market value of 30.4 billion reais (17.7 billion U.S. dollars) by closing time on Thursday, only after Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

According to Pinto, Bovespa's value registers 25 percent more than the total values of the New York, London and Nasdaq stock exchanges together.

The figures were achieved with the large help from state-controlled oil and gas giant Petrobras, whose latest global offering increased 120 billion reais (70 billion U.S. dollars), according to Brazil's Finance Minister Guido Mantega.

Petrobras offered 2.174 billion new common shares and 1.585 billion preferred shares in the Sao Paulo and New York Stock Exchanges.

According to Mantega, the offering is an evidence of the good state of the Brazilian economy.

"It is the largest share sale in the history of capitalism. In the difficult moment in the world's economy recovery and 10 days before the elections in Brazil, I would say it is an important event," Mantega said.

Nussiminen said...

> As for "Left Leaning", heck, they don't know the meaning of the word "Left", they never have. >

I understand and sympathize 100% with the message inherent in the words quoted, but still I beg to differ. "Left" and "Right" originated -- at least so Legend has it -- at Versailles during the French revolution. There was a dispute on a specific matter where the two quarelling factions were physically seated to the left and to the right, respectively, in the room where that dispute was to be settled.

OK, fine. But the blunt question then becomes: What were they (not) fuzzing about? Keep in mind here that the last years of the 18th century was a time of mammoth slave uprisings in the Carribean, targeting French colonial rule there outright. Did that cause any strife in 'revolutionary' France? Nope. And that indeed sets the template for Left politics ever since. The West's bloody Left has NEVER challenged Imperial privilege, just the opposite. Whenever the imperialists beat the war drums -- especially against subjugated, colonial peoples -- the Left turns out to be just a despicable bunch of vile bootlickers.

I suggest the terms "Left" and "Right" be dropped altogether. The fault line lies between pro- and anti-imperialists. Death to the West!

Anonymous said...

Nussiminen, I'm wholly with you there. No "Left", no "Right" henceforth. But as you say, anti- and pro-imperialists.

Now, as things stand, if we chalk up the numbers, we get a dismal figure for the former, an overwhelming one for the latter, at least from one end of the west to the other. So there, too, we are little advanced.

I wish poiuytr would come out and comment on this. But meanwhile I can only hope that econ crash comes very soon now. We can't take much more of the daily killing in the name of phatom values and lies.

Anonymous said...

Hugo Chávez has held on to a congressional majority in Venezuela's elections, but his opponents have made gains that could help them challenge his grip on power.

With the vast majority of votes counted, Chávez's socialist party won at least 90 of the 165 seats in the national assembly, while the opposition coalition won at least 59 seats, the president of the national electoral council, Tibisay Lucena, said.

She said other seats had gone either to a small splinter party or were still undetermined. The initial count was announced eight hours after the close of yesterday's voting because there were a number of close races, Lucena said.

The opposition had demanded that electoral authorities release the results after a delay of several hours.

Ramón Guillermo Aveledo, leader of the opposition coalition, called the delayed results "inadmissible". He said that, according to the opposition's tally, anti-Chávez candidates had garnered more than half the popular vote.

(Here we go again, a rerun of the Iranian elction. Innuendo. We are sick and tired of all this interference in Venezuela and Iran).

Anonymous said...

Was there ever any doubt how this election would turn out. Either the Venezualan people are really stupid and kept this goon and his friends in power of the ballots were rigged. I actually think it is both because if you look at all of Latin America from the southern border of the US south corruption rules. Latinos are the stupidest people on earth. They whine about how bad it is for them and then break into our nation and say we have to take care of them. Down with Chavez, castro and the nutbar ahmedinajad!!!!

Nussiminen said...

Perhaps our preposterous little Yank above has confused the Miami Mafia with the Cuban people. Rest assured, dolt: Castro and Chávez let the citizenry of their respective countries have a say in politics. Hence, Cubans and Venezuelans are far less likely to "break into" your sick joke of a nation to make a living. And Ahmadinejad has got the "N" thing, so don't be silly.

Speaking of sick jokes, it's next to impossible outperforming a frigging Yank whining about his/her country being "broken into" considering the permanent brigandage the US carries out across the globe.

At the risk of boring you, I conclude thus:

Yankee drivel, void and trivial.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Nussiminen, you can carry on repeating your line as many tîmes as you like. Who can be bored by the truth? Me not.

Nussiminen said...

Dear Readership,

In the spirit of our beloved poiuytr, who used to invite us all to raise a pint to celebrate imperialist defeat worldwide, I feel it's my honourable duty to lighten you up with song and laughter. Christmas is not too far away now and, therefore, I give you a charming little carol and a fair amount of time to improve on/add to its lyrics (and boost your own performance too) as you like! Here goes:

Yankee scum, Yankee scum
Loud, obese, and dumb
Spouting tripe
With Stars and Stripes
Right up in the bum

Yankee scum, Yankee scum
Always raping some
Countries for
Still some more
USians to come

Land of rabid fools
Shooting sprees in schools
Bible-thumping, stomping, whomping
Yankee sits and drools
Watching TV screen
Braindead, vile, obscene
US culture smells of vulture's
Faeces really mean

Anonymous said...

Nussiminen, your carol was marvellous. Long will we be singing it to keep up our spirits.

But come on now, man, what is this about our beloved poiuytr who used to... Are you trying to tell us poiuytr is dead? It can't be, it just can't be. Not again, not again... I don't believe you. I refuse to believe you. Or do you know something we don't?

James, where are you? Where is our poiuytr? Come on tell us, please. It would be an act of mercy on your part.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous Crossroads: US War Games in Asia Target China, Russia and North Korea (25.9.10)

The US and some of China's neighboring countries are also conducting joint military exercises this year.

Soon after the US and South Korea staged a joint military drill in the Yellow Sea in July, the US and India are expected to hold an exercise this week at a US military base in Okinawa, Japan. The two countries are also discussing a transport aircraft deal worth $3.5 billion, Indian media reports said.

"A series of military drills initiated by the US and China's neighboring countries showed that the US wants to increase its military presence in Asia," said Yin.

(Apparently, the only solution the US government can come up with, looking at an economy in meltdown and two wars going catastrophically badly, start more wars.)

Anonymous said...

NBN had a page that recorded anti-American quotations awhile back.

I propose we should revive this excellent tradition, until Poiuytr comes back.

Let me begin:

"I put to you that the United States is without doubt the greatest show on the road. Brutal, indifferent, scornful and ruthless it may be, but it is also very clever. As a salesman it is out on its own and its most saleable commodity is self-love."

--Harold Pinter

Anonymous said...

British rapper Lowkey asks an interesting question: Who's the true terrorist--those groups or nations branded as "terrorist" by the USA, or the USA (and its allies) itself?


Lowkey- Obamanation

Anonymous said...

Updated list of anti-American quotations

I am willing to love all mankind, except an American. — Samuel Johnson

The 100% American is 99% an idiot. — George Bernard Shaw

One of the delightful things about Americans is that they have absolutely no historical memory. — Chou En-Lai

I am quite serious when I say that I do not believe there are, on the whole earth besides, so many intensified bores as in these United States. No man can form an adequate idea of the real meaning of the word, without coming here. — Charles Dickens

Their ... demeanour is invariably morose, sullen, clownish and repulsive. I should think there is not, on the face of the earth, a people so entirely destitute of humour, vivacity, or the capacity of enjoyment. — Charles Dickens

I believe that the heaviest blow ever dealt at liberty's head will be dealt by this nation the United States in the ultimate failure of its example to the earth. — Charles Dickens

The American woman is a monstrosity. — Charles Dickens

The American male doesn't mature until he has exhausted all other possibilities. — Wilfred Sheed

America is a mistake, admittedly a gigantic mistake, but a mistake nevertheless. — Sigmund Freud

A single nation that has succeeded in lowering the intelligence, the morality, the quality of the human race almost throughout the globe is a phenomenon never before experienced since the beginning of time. I accuse the United States of being in a constant state of crime against humanity. — Henry de Montherlant

Catholicism has made man stupid, but it has not degraded him; it has introduced as many good and beautiful things as bad things. The United States have simply degraded humanity. Catholicism has done less harm in two thousand years than the United States in two hundred. — Henry de Montherlant

White man speaks with forked tongue. — Native American saying

Americans are so dumb! — Bjork

Most American men are repressors. — Ayn Rand

America .. the international Jekyll and Hyde ... the land of a thousand disguises, sneaks up on you but rarely surprises. -- Gil Scott-Heron

America is the only nation in history which has gone miraculously directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilisation. — Georges Clemenceau

If you're going to America, bring your own food. — Fran Lebowitz

No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public. — H.L. Mencken

It was wonderful to find America, put perhaps it would have been more wonderful to miss it. — Mark Twain

The American has no language. He has dialect, slang, provincialism, accent and so forth. — Rudyard Kipling

America ... where laws and customs alike are based on the dreams of spinsters. — Bertrand Russell

In America everybody is of the opinion that he has no social superiors, since all men are equal, but he does not admit that he has no social inferiors. — Bertrand Russell

I heard an Englishman, who had been long resident in America, declare that in following, in meeting, or in overtaking, in the street, on the road, or in the field, at the theatre, the coffee-house, or at home, he had never overheard Americans conversing without the word DOLLAR being pronounced between them. Such unity of purpose ... can ... be found nowhere else, except... in an ant's nest. — Frances Trollope

The United States is an illegitimate country, just like Israel. It has no right to exist. That country belongs to the Red man, the American Indian... It's actually a shame to be a so-called American, because everybody living there is a usurper, an invader taking part in this crime, which is to rob the land, rob the country and kill all the American Indians. — Bobby Fischer

The United States is evil. It has to be brought down, it has to be eliminated from the world scene. They are the ones who have made the world the hell that it is. — Bobby Fischer

Anonymous said...

(Part 2)

One of the worst terrorist states in the world. — Noam Chomsky

The US is a business-run huckster society, and its primary value is deceit. — Noam Chomsky

The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- [is] my own government. -- Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The United States is evil. — Henry de Montherlant

Americans ... have wrought a country that has after more than two centuries yet to evidence a single year during which it was not making war upon someone, somewhere, for some reason. — Ward Churchill

The crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood. — John Brown

More perhaps than any other US President, Reagan convinced many around the world that the US is a fraud, a big lie. Not only is it not democratic, but in fact it is the greatest enemy of the right of self-determination of peoples. -- Fr. Miguel D'Escoto

We have met the enemy and he is U.S. — bumper sticker, 2003

The United States is in many ways the biggest ghetto in the world. — Selma James

I don't see any American dream; I see an American nightmare. — Malcolm X

America is the greatest of opportunities and the worst of influences. — George Santayana

There is nothing redeemable about America. — Ewuare Osayande

We believe the worst thieves in the world today and the worst terrorists are the Americans. — Osama bin Laden

Russians take your freedom, but Americans steal your soul. — anonymous German

The big Satan is a big liar. — Iranian chief of intelligence

They are possibly the dumbest people on the planet. — Michael Moore

The percentage of mentally disturbed people in the United States is very high. From the time the American gets up in the morning, he feels as if someone is trying to influence his will in some way: he is a person with a thousand pressures. The Americans live under a great strain ... and have great feelings of frustration. — Fidel Castro

The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic and a killer. — D.H. Lawrence

I believe the United States is a truly monstrous force in the world. — Harold Pinter

The United States of America is a threat to world peace. — Nelson Mandela

Anonymous said...

(Part 3)

Our every action is a battle cry against imperialism, and a battle hymn for the people's unity against the great enemy of mankind: the United States of America. — Che Guevara

America is a lunatic asylum. — Ezra Pound

the US ... cultivates no origin or mythical authenticity; it has no past and no founding truth ... it lives in a perpetual present. in the US everything human is artificial. The country is without hope. What is arresting here is ... both the absence of architecture in the cities and the dizzying absence of emotion and character in the faces and bodies. — Jean Baudrillard

The Yanks are by far the most cretinous creatures on the planet. — Poiuytr

The Americans are the living refutation of the Cartesian axiom, "I think, therefore I am": Americans do not think, yet they are. The American 'mind', puerile and primitive, lacks characteristic form and is therefore open to every kind of standardization. — Julius Evola

The much-vaunted sex appeal of American women is drawn from films, reviews and pin-ups, and is in large print fictitious. A recent medical survey in the United States showed that 75% of young American women are without strong sexual feeling and instead of satisfying their libido they seek pleasure narcissistically in exhibitionism, vanity, and the cult of fitness and health in a sterile sense. — Julius Evola

To all organic conceptions of life Americans oppose a mechanistic conception. In a society which has 'started from scratch', everything has the characteristic of being fabricated. In American society appearances are masks, not faces. At the same time, proponents of the American way of life are hostile to personality. — Julius Evola

America is form opposed to content. Not just form instead of content. Form opposed. Often violently. There are few things resented so much among us as the suggestion that what we do means. Other cultures have argued over their meanings. We tend to deny that there is any such thing, insisting instead that what you see is what you get and that's it. All we're doing is having a good time, all we're doing is making a buck, all we're doing is enjoying the spectacle. Media is the American war on content with all the stops out, with meaning in utter rout, frightened nuances dropping their weapons as they run. — Michael Ventura

How to get people to vote against their interests and to really think against their interests is very clever. It's the cleverest ruling class that I have ever come across in history. It's been two hundred years at it. It's superb. — Gore Vidal

The Americans deliberately do not want to live the truth. They know what the truth is ... but do not want to accept it but instead live a lie. The entire country is one giant lie. Their insistence on being sham and phony ... contributes to the high incidence of mental illness in the country. It makes people stressed out; it takes a whole lot of energy to pretend being what one is not; pretending being a false ideal of the self exhausts people and leads to their collapse. — Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Anonymous said...

O6:3, a brave move on your part to keep our spirits up. As for US, does more need to be said about them? They are the dung of the earth. Who wastes his time discussing dung?

Anonymous said...

News in Brief - 29.9.10

- Political Russia again in the limelight: This time it's the sacking of Yuri Luzhkov, long-standing mayor of Moscow with a reputation for corruption and power by the Medvedev-Putin tandem. West press up in arms and talking of "murky deeds" in abnormal Russia.

- Latest False Flag - "Mubai-style" terror plot thwarted, chortles the press. An Islamist-linked terror plat against Britain nipped in the bud, one hears. Heck, France is in the act, too, with the Eiffel Tower being evacuated. We only need Germany now to make this an all out Eunuchia effort. And to top it all, all this F.F. has been blamed on Pakistan. From the drone-shattered mountains of that hard-hit country, masterminds have been planning to spread terror in EU!

- Posen pleads for new stimulus to save economy and democracy: A leading Bank of England policymaker has issued an unprecedented call for the Bank "aggressively" to print money and buy mortgage books from the banks to save the economy. Scenario familiar? And note the name above.

- Recession rips at US marriages, expands income gap: My favourite story today.

The recession (our prolapse) seems to be socking Americans in the heart as well as the wallet: Marriages have hit an all-time low while pleas for food stamps have reached a record high and the gap between rich and poor has grown to its widest ever.

Anonymous said...

Dmitry Medvedev shows his true colors:

Medvedev launches purge against Putinists

"President Dmitry Medvedev has started a purge within the Russian Federation’s regional apparatus to eliminate the Putinists.

The first victim is the Mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzhkov, for his daring criticism of the President in a column published in early September and for his ardent call in favor of Vladimir Putin’s re-election.

He was immediately targeted by a smear campaign orchestrated by the Kremlin on public television. Various programmes accused him of curruption and influence peddling to benefit his wife, Yelena Baturina, the wealthiest woman in the country. On Monday, a broadcast taking his defense was interrupted while it was on the air.

Pressed by President Medvedev to resign, Yury Luzhkov refused despite promises he would be offered new responsibilities and new jobs for his collaborators. He confidently travelled to Austria for the weekend and confirmed his official trips to Munich, Hanoi and Astana scheduled for October. Several figures from the cultural world came out in his support.
On Tuesday 28 September 2010, he was removed from his functions by presidential order on the sole pretext of "having lost Mr. Medvedev’s confidence".

In a 14-year period, M. Luzhkov, a very colorful figure, transformed the capital of the Russian Federation from a drab and depressive conglomeration into one of the most dynamic and prosperous cities on the face of the earth.

As Mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzhkov was an indispensable ally in preventing Mr. Putin’s own dismissal and possible arrest.

Continuing the purge, President Medvedev’s next targets should be regional governors Boris Gromov (Moscow), Dmitry Zelenin (Tver), Leonid Polezhayev (Omsk) and Viktor Kress (Tomsk), before going after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his government."

Anonymous said...

Great stuff above. Those quotes the icing on the cake.

America ... where laws and customs alike are based on the dreams of spinsters. — Bertrand Russell


Here's hoping as above, so below.
I fear, without poiuytr, NBN in limbo, if its gonna go, from the web, let it go remembered with great fondness. Cheers all..

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