For the first time in Greece a documentary produced by the audience. "Debtocracy" seeks the causes of the debt crisis and proposes solutions, hidden by the government and the dominant media.

Editor/Script Katerina Kitidi
Aris Chatzistefanou
Scientific Research Leonidas Vatikiotis
Animation Magda Plevraki
Sokratis Galiatsakos

Giannis Agelakas
Ermis Georgiadis
Aris RSN

Edit Aris Triantafillou
Camera Aris Papastefanou
ulia Reinecke
Coloring Thanos Tsantas
PR Michalis Alimanis
Contributors Aggeliki Gaidatzi
Fani Gaidatzi
Ioulia Kileri
Margarita Tsomou
Production Costas Efimeros
2011 -


Anonymous said...

(Just before I post this one, two new threads were created. I have not watched them.Sorry.)

A little bit off-topic, but let me ask about maritime/admiralty law, etc. I did not know about them at all.Recently, I learned about these in various websites. For example;

Jordan Maxwell -- You are property of the ROTHSCHILD family! (wake up!!!).flv


For me, the following facts are really astonishing:

- United States is actually a corporation.
So are IRS and NASA, etc. Comrade Obama is actually a president of a corporation.

- It went bankrupt in 1933 and used its citizens as collaterals to international bankers.

- As a result, the birth certificate of every Ameriacan is traded on NY stock exchange.

- There are two US Constitutions. In the videos I watched on YOUTUBE, newly-elected US presidents swore that they would protect and defend the new version.

- Most of the trials in US are done under jurisdiction of maritime/admiralty law,
or UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). As a result, the original US Constitution is nearly dead.


How important are these? I looks serious to me.
But, because I do not have knowledge of legal matters, I cannot really understand its importance.

How many Americans know it? Isn't it rather easy for a native speaker of English to confirm this kind of information, because the documents are there and easily checkable? It's not like studying whether there really were gas chambers or not.

If one('s birth certificate) is traded on stock exchange, why do they think they are "free" ?

Anonymous said...

Super! Haven´t had time to watch the video(s). Shall be back with that later. For the moment just this: 17:38 has put the whole US conundrum in a wholly different light. Fascinating, and a bit frightening since it raises the spectre of further unexpected threats. Well perhaps we´ll learn more about this as we go along. Thanks, 17:38.

Anonymous said...

And now what I really came to post here this morning:

Standard and Poor’s has downgraded Italy’s credit rating sparking fears Europe’s sovereign debt crisis will spread across the entire Eurozone.

In the midst of speculation about French bank insolvency, issues with sovereign debt in the PIIGS nations (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) European leaders failed today to reassure the global investment community they had a plan in place to deal with the European sovereign debt crisis.

The lack of plan sent global financial markets tumbling today, although the sell-off just about tampered off in after hours trading following the U.S market close today.

That all of course changed as Standard and Poor’s pushed over the next domino to fall in the EU crisis by downgrading Italy’s credit rating to A from A+.

The currency wars are gaining momentum. By the end of the year it will be clearer who´s winning and who´s on the losing side.

Anonymous said...

What a stylish video hat turned out to be! the only problem, of course, is that Papandreou is no Correa of Ecuador. The Greek people are on their own in this particular fight against Neo-liberalism. Their government happens to be on the other side. Still, I´m betting on people power to overcome the forces of oligarchy finally.

Anonymous said...

Nature Enraged - 20.9.11

Typhoon Roke Nears Japan on Track for Leaking Nuclear Plant

Over 1 million Japanese told to evacuate — Due at Fukushima in 48 hours...

Seismic activity all over the place: In the Himalayas, Guatemala, New Zealand. Volcanos spewing ash and lava in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

We got a lot of precious information out of the rightly-termed Debtocracy video. The ins and outs of the meaning of "odious debt" were thoroughly gone into. The way Corea´s Ecuador handled their sovereign debt was clearly explained for all of us beginners. Now our hope is that Greece will apply the same principles and save itself from the depredations of both the IMF and EU.

Anonymous said...

Here we go for the day:

World econ: The stockmarkets have been down more or less all over. In spite of G20 declarations of new bailouts for the too-big-to-fall banks, people are no longer in a trusting mood. The most recent events of note are the run-on-the-banks phenomenon, be it in Greece, France or even in mighty Switzerland. Be careful, people, get your money own out as soon as possible.

UN: Speechifying time at the moment. Don´t they love the hear their voices, these madmen. Anyway, nothing concrete has emerged so far on the Palestinian issue. Similarly, on 19 Sept, we learnt nothing precise on the NATO mission of murder in Libya from the UN but only that NATO had decided to extend operations for yet another three months. Super!

Which brings us to Libya which, according ti my own feeling, will determine the course of world events in coming months. Gadhafi forces, like the Afghan Resistance, have taken to daily military bulletin on what´s happening. So we can say Bani Waleed is not being overrun by NATO rebels, Sirte and Sabha are still intact in legitimate hands and fighting is going on in Tripoli between loyalist forces and NATO toadies. Also we dearly hope the war crimes case being brought against Sarkozy by leading French jurists will be heard in a court of law before long.

poiuytr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poiuytr said...

Are there any doubts today that the entire west cesspit, wall to wall, -- enumerated in detail by the long departed NBNs highlighting the rot in all aspects of the baboon lives -- across all its barb-wire boundaries and war-raped lands is merrily plunging off the cliff right down the abyss with all its syphilitic and child torturomurdering psychopath traditions?

For pleasure, look at this amusing vid. A troupe of baboons actually roiled to sputter. Nearly amusing, yet the sad bit remains that even after all these years of facts pranced in front of the baboons, even by the BBCNN hyena whores, they're still virtually incapable of a coherent sentence that would at least approach the summing of the true evil of the beast. Yes, the beast has actually so lobotomised the yank neanderthal kind that it's now unable to go word-a-word even with this featured BBCNN -- and let's be fair to her -- vacuous tart.

poiuytr said...

Deleted comment was mine. Too many errors. Haven't typed in a long long time.

Anonymous said...

POIUYTR ??!!!?

Are you alive? Is this real Poi? I thought you are dead. I am very much pleased to learn from your posts again.


BTW, did you hear the news that some folks at CERN find neutrinos travelled faster than the speed of light? All the newspapers in my country took up this topic in the front page.
How do you think about this?

Anonymous said...

NOT TRUE! We´d been waiting for this moment for months and months now, poiuytr. You back, we´re really going to rise to new heights! Don´t leave us in he lurch again, if at all possible. BTW: Have you noticed just how many of your past predictions have come true. The only person I can share my sense of dazed wonder is with you and yourself. Thank you, poiuytr, thank you for not giving up.

RH, marvellous that you were first on hand to welcome back poiuytr. Hope you´re all right as well.

Anonymous said...

Mahmoud Abbas Address At UN

"It is a moment of truth and my people are waiting to hear the answer of the world. Will it allow Israel to continue its occupation, the only occupation in the world? Will it allow Israel to remain a State above the law and accountability? Will it allow Israel to continue rejecting the resolutions of the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations and the International Court of Justice and the positions of the overwhelming majority of countries in the world?"

"I would like to inform you that, before delivering this statement, I, in my capacity as President of the State of Palestine and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, submitted to H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, an application for the admission of Palestine on the basis of the 4 June 1967 borders, with AI-Quds AI-Sharif as its capital, as a full member of the United Nations."

September 23, 2011

Great, great! Now poiuytr can give us the lowdown on all the dastardly things that have been happening round the world since he last took leave of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Keep a close eye on Denver today, tomorrow and the day after. Something extraordinary might be about to happen there. Perhaps a new false flag, perhaps something like a militry takeover? Impossible to guess at this point. In any case, we have been duly warned.

Anonymous said...

@ 25/9/11 14:14



Anonymous said...

Your NBNs were the foundation on which we built, poiuytr. You put in the groundwork, we benefitted from it to the extent that we didn´t let ourselves get taken in quite so often as in the past. But confusion still rages in many of our heads, but not for very much longer, if you have really decided to come back to us at long last.

Anonymous said...

Hi, 17:26 who shall be nameless. Yes, reeally, though of course it might just turn out to be a put up job after all. So, our poiuytr back in our midst. Let´s raise a glass of celebration to him, shall we?

Anonymous said...

I had a look at the video link poiuytr provided and saw what he was reproaching the B´s with. No command over the language and such a confusion of ideas, half the time one didn´t understand what they were trying to say. Not that the "vacuous tart" sounded any better. All together, with a few honourable exceptions, we make a splendid job of uttering inanities based on the very latest MSM efforts. We seem to know nothing, but excellent we are at playing the parrot.

Anonymous said...

Now this one I love coming from one of the most dangerous women around at the moment:

Christine Lagarde: IMF may need billions in extra funding 25.9.11

The Telegraph

Christine Lagarde has signalled that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) may have to tap its members – including Britain – for billions of pounds of extra funding to stem the European debt crisis...

Since we´ve known for a long time that both the IMF and the WB are totally broke, her statement comes as no surprise to us, does it?

Anonymous said...

- $1 Trillion In Hidden Losses At German Banks

With Deutsche Bank skirting by at greater than 50:1 leverage, this should not be a surprise. French banks should be assumed to be hiding similar losses. Clip runs 90 seconds.

- Fidel Castro calls Obama UN address 'gibberish'

HAVANA (AFP) - Cuba's Fidel Castro blasted Barack Obama's speech to the United Nations as "gibberish" on Monday, saying the US president used a rambling address to justify the "unjustifiable."...

Lastly, I know you have often made fun of Ron Paul in the past, poiuytr, but his call to "derecognise the UN" is one which is based on absolutely good sense,

Hope you´re OK now, Poi, and you´re not going to disappear into thin air again. We´ve held on to this blog, whichever way we could, in your honour, Don´t let us down now, please.

Anonymous said...

Decline and fall for just about everyone by Pepe Escobar

Though there is much in this article I´d argue with, on the whole it´s a fairly interesting account of where we might be at as Oct 2011 looms. Anyone with some time on their hands should have a look at it.

Anonymous said...

Zapatero Dissolves Spanish Parliament

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has dissolved the Spanish parliament.

The move is part of preparations for this year's parliamentary election, which Zapatero confirmed will take place on November 20. He called the election four months earlier than required.

Zapatero´s leftwing capitalist government is likely a victim of the Greek crisis. By calling the election he has effectively ended his political career and handed power to right-wing opposition Popular Party (PP).

Nussiminen said...

This video is one of the best I've ever seen -- really! Not a lot of empty bluster and/or shallow techno-hype. Plain, yet profound, truths about the whole stinking Western cesspit and the latter's "blessings" to mankind everywhere on the planet. Unbridled corporate gangsterism masterfully exposed for everyone to see.

The Greek crisis is of profound interest since it so glaringly demonstrates the extreme levels of corruption within Big Finance along with the outright brainrot prevailing among the Western baboons at large. As was pointed out in the film, "odious debt" comes about whenever financiers (usually within the commercial banking sector) consciously commit themselves to lending money to socially detrimental projects with broader anti-social government policies as collateral. The various Greek governments spent the money borrowed on purchases of armaments from the creditor countries while at the same time enacting ever more generous corporate tax legislations, thus rapidly ruining the country and its people.

But there is much more to it than that, mind you. The fact of the matter is that the commercial banks DON'T HAVE THESE STAGGERING SUMS OF MONEY EITHER. For all its "monetarist" noises, neoliberal capitalism happily accepts that the banks keep "inventing" their money as they please, indeed demanding interest be paid on it at that. One can easily imagine the greedy lust prevailing among the banksters as their extravagant bonuses are primarily doled out exactly on the basis of increased volumes of loan-sharking of their banks. Last but not least, it's just not Greek society which acts as collateral here, but the EU in its entirety.

Enter the Western baboons and their howling about lazy Greeks reneging on their debts, just like that. Such utter stupidity gives an extra boost to the malicious glee and confidence of Big Finance. Not only can the banksters lend money they don't even have and demand interest on it along with fabulous bonuses as "due reward", and not only can they hold half a billion taxpayers at ransom. To top it all, the vast majority of these taxpayers happily go along with all this insane depravity as long as the Greeks get their "well-deserved punishment".

poiuytr said...

24/9/11 16:55

> Are you alive? Is this real Poi? I thought you are dead. I am very

Yes, me, here, mostly alive.

> BTW, did you hear the news that some folks at CERN find neutrinos

Oh the CERN boys. Yes, the boys who one day claim to have invented a time machine, black hole maker, and now even a machine to contact God through his holy particles. Of course, that would have to be the christianic god, no doubt.

I don't know about the CERN gasbags, for that's what they are with their particle zoo's and black box projects behind their Alice and other cunningly named experiments. Who knows, maybe CERN is just a power factory from which they aid their HAARP network and star beam shootings, like they did in Norway a while back.

But tachyons? That's been around for ages, hasn't it? The idea of some universal speed limit is absurd. It's doubly absurd if one considers the source of this rubbish: that unkempt einstein photon-loving fiend. Yes, that's the guy that got Nobel prize for Planck's work. Odd? Yes, but einstein had no other contribution to anything and so the west beast had to invent some reward for him to canonise his mindrape. The most telling picture is of einstein shaking hands with the black jesuit pope Lamart (sp?) who invented the big bang comedy. That tells it all. It's just like 911 or a photograph with Hitler and von Braun, the USA apollo hero. And that tells the tale of our CERN gasbags today as well. Still very much a totalitarian factory for absolute deceit to prop up the west planetocide under the silly pretext of science. Incidentally, it was the NWO Pt1 that gave us the current sickening state of "science" with full fledged Nazis like Heinzeberg peddling the Dark Age while erasing humanity and genius like Tesla, Alfen (sp?), and so on.

Take a look at west science. It's as laughable as their self-imploding buildings and evaporating Boeings. The CERN gasbags are missing 95% of mass for their germanic equations to hold. And much like the BBCNN whores, instead of owning up for prevaricating they invent more lies in hope to plug up the unraveling ones. And so now the west scientist is obliged to believe in dark matter, dark energy, and all things dark & voodoo otherwise they can't even graduate from the west education system, let alone apply for a comedian post at CERN.

And thanks to our jesuit HRE pedophiles, the beast still peddles the big bang nonsense, which is just their 300AD bible formatted for the "scientifically" inclined. Instead of "God made light", the big wank says "photons were birthed in the 12th nanosecond after the explosion" and so on. This too, though countered by reality, is the very platform of the west science rape.

Or take their fusion model of the sun with Hydrogen supposedly thieving electrons to become Helium while giving off photons and other little buggers is also in deep peril. Here, the CERN boys are missing some 30% of mass for their sun explanations to be taken seriously. So instead of admitting another failure produced by the west lizard brain stem, they invented these strangely dieting nutrinos; a weird little particle that simply changes mass helter skelter. Proof they don't have but that never stops the west ranks in their Luciferian work.

So to answer, I suppose, anything from the CERN monkeys I'd treat with the same kind of disdain and contempt as the very west cesspit itself with its lying machine of BBCNN whores and their little bailouts, cash prints, dollar-euro pegs, dollar-gold pegs, and wars for peace and freedom.


poiuytr said...

25/9/11 13:33

> now, poiuytr. You back, we´re really going to rise to new heights!

Yeah, heights! :) JW has been working on, which is most commendable. I really don't know what to contribute any longer. The west prolapse is clear now and undeniable. Even the BBCNN pack of whores is admitting here and there to the west wall-to-wall unraveling. Perhaps, all that's left is to figure out how it's gonna tumble. It's clear that the beast has no interest in going in peace. But that fact alone would besmirch NBNs, wouldn't it? After all, NBNs tried to cleanse the soul from the west mindrape, expose the disease, and the baboonary of the west species. Highlighting the ways the beast is ratcheting the very annihilation of humanity and its all out war against Gaia and her kind may produce more depression than healing. And of course, thanks for your kind words.

25/9/11 17:30

> the groundwork, we benefitted from it to the extent that we didn´t let ourselves get taken in quite so often as in the past. But

I think it's easier and easier with truth for as the beast is dying its lies are approaching the absolute. Simple reverse these days of all the BBCNN whore prattle then yields the truth. But I must concede that even these freckly TV creatures have now been incorporating old NBNs lines about the very prolapse of all their lands, things, and matters. So I suppose some discernment is still necessary but it's relatively easy for if the news is positive for the west, it's a 100% lie. If it's negative, it's critically understated. In other words, if west admits printing 1T USD each 8 weeks now, it's probably twice that and if the BBCNN whore manages to say 'hyperinflation' it's 'hyperhyperhyperhyperhyper.....inflation'. If they say it's 46M on food stamps in the USA, they're, of course, lying. That number was higher years ago. It's either a flat lie or they've perverted the stats. It's hard to say which is which for west does both, beside perfecting Ponzi, lie and change stats rules to lie.

In addition to the currently admitted 46M actively starving USA baboons there are, say, 20M who have fallen off the foodstamp tracking machines who are now dying of hunger but are no longer being counted by the BBCNN whores stat, very much like the west terminally unemployed. When west counts baboons on foodstamps they really only count food stamps given out. When west counts baboons unemployed they really only count unemployed benefits given out. Neither count has anything whatever to do with reality regarding either the starved or out of cash. And as we've seen in the past, west lying constant has exceeded 7, so it's totally off-scale.

But again, the numbers themselves don't matter. It's the second derivation thereof that's amusing and which should be celebrated. It's the trends, the beautifully exponential trends of the west-wide demise for they are uncompromising and have been 5 yrs fully unavoidable.


poiuytr said...

26/9/11 12:43

> No command over the language and such a confusion of ideas, half the

This is so incredible it's beyond words in all languages. The brainwashed brain stem the yank baboons presumably still carry in their manure-sloshing skulls is so beyond belief one must reach to lizard-grey-alien hybrid theories for an explanation. How could a creature be mentally so devastated in such a short time? What on earth is happening in the mighty USA to produce such a zone of absolute cretinism, autism, and such arrogant insatiable resistance to a single thought? And the guy with the kid on the vid is the brighter of the rest of the 350M baboons.

This is really stuff that renders one speechless.

It's illegal in USA to make, do, or sell heroin, for example. No judgment on that but take their prez from about 2 yrs ago telling the baboons on their mainscream TV that he's murdering people in Afghanistan and the baboon is footing the bill to "protect the Afghan heroin crop". No baboon was roiled.

Their governance tells them that the governance firms steal and traffic children as slaves on TV, on camera, and there's no response.

Their governance tells them Boeings evaporated in the intense 911 inferno yet the passengers didn't and thus were able to be DNA-identified down to the last one. And there's no baboon going "hang on a second when I do grill a piece of meat, it's the meat that burns first before the grill".

Their governance told them just recently the baboon's on the hook to pay for Greece to maintain the west idyll intact for another 3 months or so and the baboon isn't a bit riled or at least flummoxed by the strange Warshington geography grasp.

Not only no criminal proceedings are brought forth for the greatest eco-attack in history (Gulf of Mexico) -- not even to the typical few fall guys like with Enron, WorldCom, SNL, etc -- but the governance rinses the baboon to pay the criminals bonuses, not just zillion high salaries but actual bonuses for the "god's work" of destroying the planet. And the baboon? It's happily idling in front of the BBCNN flickering 2x4 metre screen ladling aspertame down their bristly snouts.

Their own governance and their ruling elites are laughing at them, prodding them daily with endless BBCNN taunt and not only they're not angered, they're actually paying for the mindrape to be pumped into their mortgaged up rooms from the beasts satellites.

At the same time, it cannot be said that the baboon is just brain dead for in its brain stem folds it knows which monkey got the last Oscar award for the biggest propaganda piece and what clothes it wore when receiving the lizard symbol of the highest level of neanderthalism.


26/9/11 14:44

> Christine Lagarde: IMF may need billions in extra funding 25.9.11

But of course! It takes this creature for redefine the meaning even for simple concepts like banks. Banks, in the west cesspit, are in reality the biggest prolapsed realty owners and the bank customer is responsible to refill the long since plundered vaults. It's beyond amusing.

And again, there's the baboon; sitting there scratching its red rump in front of the BBCNN barrage of insults.


poiuytr said...

27/9/11 07:38

> - Fidel Castro calls Obama UN address 'gibberish'

Wonderful way to use the west cretin word back on them.

Minor Asia was skilled in astronomy, anatomy, architecture, literature, and algebra thousands of years prior to the monkey's genocidal arrival. And what did the west disease learn from the encounter? When they saw algebra, all they could come up with is the word "gibberish".

Then the Dark Age and World rape had begun. Under the guise of their bible they'd annihilated all apocryphal knowledge, instigated a long perpetual religious, mental, and racist genocide lasting to these troubled days.

Speaking of UN addresses:

"Who abducted 10s of mils from Africa for slavery; invented and imposed colonialism across the planet; occupied lands, plundered resources, destroyed nature, identities, and languages; gave us WWI; Korean War; Vietnam War; the zionist state carved into the flesh of Palestinian children; murders Palestinians and people in the region; runs military dictatorships in Africa, SoAm, and Asia; has used nuclear bombs on defenceless civilian-only targets and twice; has thousands of warheads stockpiled; has economy based on selling drugs and arms; created S Hussein and sicced him on Iran; failed to investigate the 911 mystery which lends itself as pretext for a permanent war; has undermined economy by printing trillions to spark hyperinflations around the world; has military spending that exceeds the rest of the world's combined spending; is the biggest debt on the planet; dominates all world platforms and policy-making organisations; is imposing their depression consequences on others in Asia, SoAm, etc; is dropping thousand of bombs in countries but refuses to help with a bit of aid for disaster stricken nations?"

"Is this the kind of competency to run the world?"

"Doesn't 268 military basis in Germany, 124 in Japan, 87 in S Korea, 21 in Portugal, 83 in Italy, 45 in UK, and 100s strewn around undermind peace?"

"Can democracy and peace blossom from bombs?"

The funny thing is that even Ahmadinejad in UN had to stop and ask what sort of creature could this be: "not only we must remap everything but we must search for the reason for this" (paraphrase there). And indeed that's the prevailing question still: what on earth has created this west child-murdering torture-happy creature? Is WWIII and planetocide its only aim today?


27/9/11 20:51

Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, ... hell let's not skirt around anymore, France, Swissies, UK, Germany & USA.

There's no solution. There hasn't been for west for good 5-6 yrs now. It's funny how they print cash, play idiotic Brussels gum-flapping games, and musical chairs in their paralytic governances. None of it amounts to anything however. Tunisia, Libya, even Syria, if they get their recent wish, it all solves nothing for west.

At the end of day, west stands 24 hrs more pathetically prolapsed. And this wonderful scenario repeats 7 times a week while taking no holidays. Just ladling into a stove the equivalent amount of cash that the west self-proclaimed "God representatives" are printing to plug up their elite bankster bloodlettings is a task impossible these days. It's impossible today even for a team of well skilled manual labourers.

But the Greece thing could turn even more fun for the next step for the beast is to simply begin claiming Greek territory. I'd expect a sentence just about now issued from the Berlin bunkers. Something on par with this: "Beside the Greek islands and her coastal areas Germany shall have no other territorial demands in Europe". Then UK, French, and USA stooges will then victoriously wave some signed toilet paper showing all baboons that peace has once again been preserved, as they collectively hand over the Greek property to the beast.


poiuytr said...


> capitalism happily accepts that the banks keep "inventing" their

Indeed and how amusing. In west banks have nothing to do with banks. They don't protect cash brought into them. They just print it and ransack what's brought in under the beautifully termed "fractional reserve" policy. And in fact, since ~2009 they've been printing 0s on their recycled paper with complete abandon for west governances had agreed to cease publishing the numbers and just give the cash printers to the banks. And that hardly matters, of course, for even if the BBCNN whores told the baboons the real rate of their hyperinflated existence today, the monkey still wouldn't so much as roll to the other side of its suspiciously stained sofa.

> Last but not least, it's just not Greek society which acts as collateral here, but the EU in its entirety.

And let's not forget the yank baboon. All west dwellers are on the hook to prop up their bankster war junta elite's comfort and whim. And not too surprisingly the BBCNN whores cunningly call "Greek bailout" what in reality is just paying the west child-murdering elite for doing "god's work", as they've already told the daft baboon.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply.

You seem to be real Poiuytr! Only you can write sentences like these. It's not somebody's prank.

Were you ill? Please take care. The freeworld still need your talent. R.H.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr here... can someone post just gibberish here to see if at least this comment tail works???

Maybe it's something to do with the youtube vids that disabled the comments above. So let's see if this one works of if this is dead too.

I've touched nothing in the settings to disable comments and have no clue why they don't work.

Try posting to

that should work.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr here... can someone post just gibberish here to see if at least this comment tail works???

Maybe it's something to do with the youtube vids that disabled the comments above. So let's see if this one works of if this is dead too.

I've touched nothing in the settings to disable comments and have no clue why they don't work.

Try posting to

that should work.

Nussiminen said...

A reactionary is always right.

Nussiminen said...

Imsy Wimsy Yankees
Ugly, vile, obese
I'd love to slaughter
Everyone of these
Scum of the planet
Not a shred of doubt
Imsy Wimsy Yankees
We could do without

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