Zionist Terrorism in Norway


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Welcome to this blog, mailorder brides. Your highly esoteric comment was appreciated if not quite fully understood. Perhaps you'll give us a translation for dummies when you next write. Our thanks in advance.

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Russia, Venezuela Seek to Establish a Global Financial Institution - 26.8.11

Russia and Venezuela are considering the possibility to create a new international financial institution, similar to the World Bank but on a more modest scale.

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Libya’s forced collapse: What does it portend for Africa? 26.8.11

The coup was underway. The “rebels,” a motley band of weekend thugs were no match for the Libyan army which legally was bound to defend itself against armed insurrection, so Nato [the new mailed fist of 21st century neo-imperialism] unleashed its aerial might, special forces [French Foreign Legion commandos, SAS and US SEALS] against the legitimate government of Libya. It was inevitable that sooner or later this lopsided military power would take its toll as Nato bombed Tripoli and other parts of Libya on a daily basis.

What happens in Libya is a harbinger of what the West has in store for Africa.

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As we stand there stunned over what is happening to Libya, we must say South Africa has suddenly brought a ray of light into the surrounding darkness. Firstly it blocked transactions to steal Libyan money at the UN. Later it was forced to give way when the weaker African countries all echoed their western masters' decision to hand over Libya's sovereign funds over to NATO. And now read this:


A solidarity group from South Africa arrived in Gaza Thursday evening, for a four-day visit they have called “Freedom for detainees.”

The 36 activists will meet with figures who work on the issue of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jail, a Ma’an correspondent said.

The group brought 10 trucks of medical and humanitarian supplies, entering through the southern Rafah crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

(A new South Africa definitely in the making).

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More on South Africa's Role in African Politics:

African Union Won’t Recognize Libya’s Rebels as Govt
Rebel Justice Minister: We Are Now the Legal Authority
by Jason Ditz, August 26, 2011

In comments today, South African President Jacob Zuma announced that the African Union is not recognizing the Benghazi rebel council as the new government, calling instead for an immediate ceasefire as AU officials urge an inclusive transitional government to be put in place.

The calls were rejected by rebel officials, however, with the rebel Justice Minister Mohammed al-Alagi insisting that the rebels “are now the legal authority” in the country whether the African Union likes it or not.

The rebels certainly have NATO’s support for this claim, but their ability to unite Libya is something else entirely. They managed to get some support in the east, piggybacking on pro-democracy rallies, but after an ugly civil war, the eastern-dominated government isn’t likely to sit well in western cities, particularly in a nation where politics center so strongly around local allegiances.

The African Union’s position could complicate Western efforts to release frozen Gadhafi assets to the rebel force as well, with South Africa already pushing to keep the funding aimed at NGOs instead of the would-be government.

(Jacob Zuma is fast turning into one of my favourite politicians. Let's just hope he carries on as intrepidly as he's begun.)

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How the BRICS undermine the US, a faded economic power

"The Russian draft on Syria at the UN is backed by China, Brazil, India and South Africa, a Western diplomat said. " That is good news as the BRICS nations are forming the axle that is going to replace the faded European and US dominance. The players are just waiting for the US to accept the fact that it is faded entity and is no longer economically viable.

The world's economic dominance has now shifted east and to Africa.
Western capitalism is being replaced with something different.

Asia has all the money and production capacity, but the collapsing Western economic system and the US dollar still control (Wall Street, NYMEX) the game( Ponzi scam) , and the BRICS are going to change this and make it more multilateral.

In Europe, you have one bankrupt country bailing out another bankrupt country with more money printing. Germany, the only viable economy there not dependent on tourism is expected to bail all of them out, and it is not economically possible. Hitler must be turning over in his grave and laughing at the irony here.

(WWII had NOTHING to do with the jewish holocaust hoax and extortion racket. Faded economic power Britain, with US help attempted to prevent the rise of a new industrial power Germany. The US would extinguish both and Japan. China is now replacing the US, but without a World War.)

The only thing hindering the complete transfer of the process to the BRICS is the US and its economically self-defeating spending on its military as no one wants a nuclear war.

They are allowing a slow motion disintegration of the US as it desperately attempts to cut domestic spending on social programs in order to spend more on its useless military that has lost every single war since WW11 despite massive spending and technology.

Cheap IEDs and Nationalism are all it took for the US defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan, a lesson they should have learned in Vietnam. The US military is now a laughing stock when it spends $30 billion a year just to provide air conditioning to troops in the desert.

The moronic generals can't see that when the cost of anything exceeds its benefits, you abandon it as they continue with their hubris, arrogance and mindless patriotism that will not reverse the US economic decline.

You can see the desperation: The US holds the reserve currency, but is bankrupt and unable to service its unsustainable debt without printing money or monetizing its debt. There are no more asset (debt) bubbles left to inflate that gave Americans the illusion of prosperity. It is this illusion of prosperity that is now becoming apparent to the impoverished, bankrupt, unemployed and homeless America. The riots in Britain is just the dress rehearsal for what is going to happen in the US.

How can you ever become prosperous by accumulating massive debt?

China, the US biggest creditor can just see it's holding worthless US paper, but at least they got the tangible factories for it. The factories that will provide the cheap junk to the BRICS nations.

Normally, the fading industrial power embarks on a world war in a futile attempt to reverse its economic decline and prevent the new industrial power from rising.

This time around the game has changed, China, the new industrial power, is also the US's ( the faded economic power) biggest creditor and the US can't fight a war without Chinese funding.
Iraq and Afghanistan would further expose the US military, financial, economic, political, diplomatic and moral weaknesses that the BRICS are now exploiting.

The Chinese funded the US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere as a brilliant means to weaken the US militarily without having to fire a single shot. Americans are delusional that you have a senile senator (John McCain) calling for regime change in Russia and China.

This brain-dead zionist fool doesn’t understand the implications of his mindless prattle.

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Euro bail-out in doubt as "hysteria" sweeps Germany - 28.8.11

German Chancellor Angela Merkel no longer has enough coalition votes in the Bundestag to secure backing for Europe's revamped rescue machinery, threatening a consitutional crisis in Germany and a fresh eruption of the euro debt saga.

Seething discontent in Germany over Europe's debt crisis has spread to all the key institutions.Mrs Merkel has cancelled a high-profile trip to Russia on September 7, the crucial day when the package goes to the Bundestag and the country's constitutional court rules on the legality of the EU's bail-out machinery.

If the court rules that the €440bn rescue fund (EFSF) breaches Treaty law or undermines German fiscal sovereignty, it risks setting off an instant brushfire across monetary union.

The seething discontent in Germany over Europe's debt crisis has spread to all the key institutions of the state. "Hysteria is sweeping Germany " said Klaus Regling, the EFSF's director.

German media reported that the latest tally of votes in the Bundestag shows that 23 members from Mrs Merkel's own coalition plan to vote against the package, including twelve of the 44 members of Bavaria's Social Christians (CSU). This may force the Chancellor to rely on opposition votes, risking a government collapse.

Christian Wulff, Germany's president, stunned the country last week by accusing the European Central Bank of going "far beyond its mandate" with mass purchases of Spanish and Italian debt, and warning that the Europe's headlong rush towards fiscal union stikes at the "very core" of democracy. "Decisions have to be made in parliament in a liberal democracy. That is where legitimacy lies," he said.

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A Watershed Moment In The March To Financial Armageddon - 29.8.11

This could also be entitled Germans Learn To Say No To Bankers.

One of the people leading the campaign against Angela Merkel's policies is her mentor former Chancellor Helmut Kohl. She also faces stiff opposition from her coalition partners the Free Democrats a far Right party. The Free Democrats have 93 seats in the 622 member Bundestag. Merkel only has 239 party members in the 622 seat Parliament so the vote looks good for Germany and bad for the bankers.

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Lend an ear to one of the greatest of men of the 20th century speaking:

“A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.” ~Mao Zedong

And learn...

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China Declared War On Wall Street And The City Of London - 30.6.11

Their opening salvo will be fired in October... Six major Chinese banks will fix the gold price every morning at 8am their time... The Chinese will put an end to paper gold... They will allocate a bar of gold to every bar on sale in their futures market... Major European and North American brokerages will allow investors worldwide to invest in the Pan Asian Metals Exchange.

Major London and New York banks, the LBMA, the COMEX, GLD and SLV are going down.

(According to present logic, China should definitely be bombed in coming days. Perhaps NATO could oblige us in the matter.)

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The 10 States With the Worst Economies In America

1. Mississippi
2. Nevada
3. West Virginia
4. California
5. Alabama
6. Florida
7. South Carolina
8. Michigan
9. Georgia
10. Kentucky

Therefore the ten states where rioting is most likely to start. Personally, we are tipping on California.

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Interesting story about China today: China might be planning a secret missile attack on USA. What are we to make of such strange news? For the life of us we can't imagine China doing anything so foolhardy. But who knows? If China could get rid of US, would it be doing the rest of the world a favour or wouldn't it?

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Press TV: Iran sending submarine, warship to Gulf of Aden, Red Sea

An official Iranian news agency says Iran is sending a submarine and a warship to the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.

Press TV quotes the commander, Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari, as saying the deployment will serve the country’s interests and “convey the message of peace and friendship to all countries.”

(Although the Iranian Navy does have the right to travel in international waters, this looks to me like a pre-positioning of resources against any potential Israeli attack against Gaza, Syria, or Iran.

It is also to be remembered that the Gulf of Aden is a very critically strategic shipping lane,"... with over 21,000 vessels transiting annually.") WRH

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How's the world economy faring?

- Roubini Sees 60% Chance Of A Recession In 2012, China And Brazil Also At Risk: "We’ve reached a stall speed in the economy, not just in the U.S., but in the euro zone and the U.K. We see probably a 60 percent probability of recession next year, and, unfortunately, we’re running out of policy tools. ... and sovereigns cannot bail out their own distressed banks because they are distressed themselves"

- Retail Giant in Australia Warns of Massive Price Deflation and Falling Sales, "Hardest Christmas in Retailer Lives" Coming Up

- Canadian Economy Shrinks For First Time Since 2009; Recession Next?: Don't look know but Canada just confirmed the first signal of a recession, after its GDP printed negative (on expectations of an unchanged number) for the first time since Q2 2009, due to a drop in exports and oil output

- U.K. House Prices Fall Most in 10 Months on Slow Economy, Nationwide Says: The British Chambers of Commerce cut its economic growth forecast today as the U.S. recovery slows, Europe’s debt crisis escalates and Britain’s government implements the biggest fiscal squeeze since World War II.

- There's No Housing Bottom In Sight: Banks are keeping nearly all REOs off the market. Can these servicing banks continue to hold these repossessed homes off the market indefinitely? I doubt it. When the seriously delinquent properties begin to be repossessed in larger numbers and the banks start to work off their REO inventory, prices will be devastated.

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US creates no jobs in August

The struggling US economy added no jobs in August after 10 months of gains, amid rising fears of recession and political turmoil over the government's debt and deficit, official data showed Friday.

Employment in the private sector, which has been the main engine for job growth as revenue-strapped governments shed workers, "changed little" in most major industries, the Labor Department said.

The total of 17,000 private-sector jobs added were offset by 17,000 shed by government...

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Encircling Russia, Threatening Iran: Azerbaijan to be admitted to NATO - 3.9.11

"I don’t want to specify terms but I would say that it is about a middle term perspective. The matter is that at the current stage the United States and their allies in NATO are facing the fact of the overthrow of Bashad Assad’s regime in Syria after which they will set about Iran and then the CIS countries including Russia. For this reason. the strengthening of ties with countries neighboring Iran and Russia meets the US interests."

(Let's take a look at a map:NATO encirclement of Iran, Russia

One might imagine that the dangling of that very attractive "carrot" of potential NATO membership might cause the Azerbaijani leadership to agree to provide forward-basing capabilities to US and NATO troops in an attack against Iran.)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what poiuytr would have found to say to Engdahl's comment below:

"What I see unfolding in the next years is this: We are - and have been since, I wouls say, approximately the early 1970's - in the midst of an epochal tectonic shift in global political power, of the global power balance. The future -for the European Union countries as well for much of the world - lies in the future of nations or countries of Eurasia. Right now the European elites are clinically schizophrenic: half of their allegiance is still to cling on desperately to the Atlantic-Alliance with the United States, the other half of their reason knows rationally that the future lies in the East - whether it's Russia, whether China, whether it's the numerous countries in between in Central Asia, in the Middle east and as well in parts of Africa.

Europe has every potentiality, every possibility and ever resource to create an economic Renaissance like the world has never seen. If the Europeans continue to hitch their wagon to the NATP-American star, then the prospects for Europe are grim indeed.

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Over 400,000 in largest protest in Israeli history - September 3, 2011

Six weeks after Israel’s largest social protest began against the high cost of living in Israel, the J14 movement held its 'March of a Million’ protest tonight. The movement fell short of bringing a million Israelis into the streets. Yet even at 400,000, the protest will still go down as the largest ever in Israeli history.

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Deadly Typhoon Talas hits Japan (5.9.11)

New PM Yoshihiko Noda promises urgent assistance as winds and rain leave 26 dead and thousands stranded

(This has been about the worst year, weatherwise, for Japan. We elsewhere who have been spared such a horrendous experience, we can't even find the words to give voice to our deeply held solidarity with the people of Japan.)

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IMF: global economy faces a 'threatening downward spiral' - 4.9.11

The International Monetary Fund has called on the US and Europe to abandon fiscal austerity and switch to stimulus measures, warning that the global economy faces a "threatening downward spiral".

The comments come at the start of a dramatic week for the eurozone as Italy prepares to roll over record sums of debt and Germany's constitutional court (left) issues its long-awaited verdict on the legality of the EU's bail-out machinery. By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard,
Christine Lagarde, the IMF's managing-director, said the outlook had darkened suddenly over the summer.

"There has been a clear crisis of confidence that has seriously aggravated the situation. Measures need to be taken to ensure that this vicious circle is broken," she said.

"The spectrum of policies available is narrower because a lot of ammunition was used in 2009. But if governments, institutions and central banks work together, we'll avoid recession," she told Der Spiegel.

The comments come at the start of a dramatic week for the eurozone as Italy prepares to roll over record sums of debt and Germany's constitutional court issues its long-awaited verdict on the legality of the EU's bail-out machinery.

Markets are already tense after the EU-IMF 'Troika' withdrew abruptly from Athens on Friday, accusing the Greek government of failing to comply with rescue terms.

The Italian treasury must redeem €14.6bn of debts this week and €62bn by the end of September, the most ever in a single month.

"We are experiencing very demanding times," Jean-Claude Trichet, the European Central Bank's president, said over the weekend. The ECB has stabilised Italy's debt over the last four weeks, capping yields on 10-year bond yields near 5pc through purchases on the secondary market.

It is unclear how much longer the ECB can keep doing this after a string of top officials in Germany described the bank's actions as illegal.
"The ECB cannot substitute for governments," said Mr Trichet.

The ECB has bought an estimated €35bn of Italian debt under an implicit accord that Rome will deliver on austerity promises.

Premier Silvio Berlusconi has come close to breaching the terms by backsliding on a wealth tax and pension reform and leading Italian economists have begun to question whether EMU itself is workable

Anonymous said...

There was a comment above (4.9.11 - 15:02) which prompts me to say the following: With all due respect, I doubt very much that, whichever way Europe might choose to turn in coming years, that any form of "economic Renaissance" will crown any of their efforts, all the more so after they have just done to Libya. Europe's path is the graceful or awkward down spiral, no other. And I believe poiuytr would also have held this vied.

Anonymous said...

Asian stocks plunge on US job data - 5.9.11

Japan's Nikkei average skidded nearly 2 percent, while South Korea's KOSPI slipped 4.4 percent. Benchmarks in Singapore, India, Taiwan, and China were also down, Bloomberg reported.

European Stocks Fall Sharply as Debt Fears Hit Banks - 5.9.11

European shares fell sharply on Monday amid renewed fears over the euro zone debt crisis and a warning from Deutsche Bank’s CEO on the outlook for banks.

The DAX [.GDAXI 5246.18 -292.15 (-5.28%) ] led the losers, falling by more than 5 percent, while stocks in London and Paris also fell sharply.

The biggest loser in Germany is Deutsche Bank [DB 36.27 -2.33 (-6.04%) ] after CEO Joseph Ackermann told a banking conference that the euro zone debt crisis could kill weak banks and stunt profits for the rest of industry for years to come.

This is likely to weigh heavily on the performance of US stocks tomorrow, both financial and otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Eurozone Deathwatch - 5.9.11

There's no way to overstate the calamity that's unfolding across the Atlantic. The eurozone is imploding. The smart money has already fled EU banks for safe quarters in the US while political leaders frantically look for a way to prevent a seemingly-unavoidable meltdown. Here's an excerpt from a post at The Streetlight blog that explains what's going on:

"...ECB data seems to indicate that monetary financial institutions (MFIs) in Europe have been moving their deposits out of European banks. Where is that money going?....

European banks are shifting their cash assets out of European banks and putting much of them into US banks. ... This has happened at a significant rate, with a net transatlantic flow from European to US banks that probably totals close to half a trillion dollars in just six months.

If you're wondering exactly who has been the first to lose confidence in the European banking system, look no further. It seems that at the forefront is the European banking system itself." ("Europe's Banking System: The Transatlantic Cash Flow", The Streetlight blog)

The spreads on Spanish and Italian sovereign bonds have risen to nosebleed levels while the interest rate on the Greek 1-year bond has topped 70 percent, a tacit admission that Greece has lost access to the capital markets and will default despite the efforts of the IMF and ECB.

The eurozone is experiencing a slow motion run on its banking system. And--while the ECB's emergency loans and other commitments have kept the panic from spreading to households and other retail customers--the big money continues to vamoose as leaders of large financial institutions realize that a political solution to the monetary union's troubles is still out-of-reach.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been blocked in her attempt to push through changes to the European Financial Security Facility (EFSF) that would permit it's governors to use billions in emergency funds to bail out underwater EU banks that made bad bets on sovereign bonds. The German parliament (Bundestag) will vote on the issue on September 23 with the future of the 17-member monetary union hanging in the balance. If the EFSF is not given "expanded powers", the bond markets descend into chaos and the confederation will begin to break up.

Anonymous said...

Justice mocked. Courts get cold feet.

Stocks recover as German court backs bailouts

Global stocks rebounded Wednesday from the previous day's steep sell-off as investor sentiment was buoyed by a German court decision backing the country's participation in European bailouts. The Swiss franc, meanwhile, hovered around the level it was pegged at.

Though the German court said the government has to consult lawmakers in future bailouts, the decision has helped remove one potential hurdle standing in the way of a comprehensive solution to Europe's debt crisis.

Anonymous said...

Imperialism will be buried in Africa

When the leaders of the North Atlantic Tribes, assisted by what Webster Tarpley has referred to as the 'rebel rabble' in Benghazi, staged an incident in February 2011 as a pretext for a full scale invasion, they did not envisage that this war would still be raging in September, and that seven months on, NATO, the most sophisticated military machine known to humankind, could have been prevented by an army of 100.000 and a population of 6.5 million people from securing full control of Libya. The command structure and organisation of the Al Fateh revolutionary forces remains intact and they are not surrendering. Regardless of the outcome of NATO's invasion, this promises to be a protracted battle. Sooner or later, NATO will be defeated, and as the great Pan-African leader, Sekou Toure predicted, "Imperialism will be buried in Africa."

From: Against All Odds Al Fateh Resists White and Arab Supremacists by Gerald A. Perreira, International Green March , 07.09.2011

Anonymous said...

President of the German Constitutional Court Andreas Vosskuhle pronounces judgment on euro bailouts at the German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe Sep. 7, 2011.

Yes to the first bailout of Greece, but little else.

Germany's top court handed the country's parliament a greater say over euro zone bailouts on Wednesday, in a closely-watched ruling that could hamper Berlin's ability to act swiftly to counter a debt crisis that has plagued the currency bloc for two years.

The Constitutional Court in the southern city of Karlsruhe rejected, as expected, a series of lawsuits aimed at blocking German participation in emergency loan packages. Chancellor Angela Merkel hailed that decision as validation of her much-criticized euro zone policy.

But the court also said her government must get approval from parliament's budget committee before granting such aid and appeared to rule out more radical solutions floated by Germany's European partners for solving the crisis, such as joint euro zone bonds.

"This was a very tight decision. But it should not be mistakenly interpreted as a constitutional blank check authorizing further rescue measures," the chief judge Andreas Vosskuhle told plaintiffs, government officials and members of parliament in the courtroom.

The euro briefly rose against the dollar in response.

"Today's ruling should bring some relief to financial markets as a total chaos scenario has been avoided, but it should not lead to euphoria," said one economist.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy Protection for Saab - 7.9.11

Saab seems to be creeping closer to the end of the road. The Swedish carmaker, which is seeking to stave off its creditors, has filed for bankruptcy protection with a local court.

That is intended to buy it time to get more money from Chinese investors in deals which are still awaiting approval from the Beijing authorities.

Anonymous said...

The Swiss Franc Abdicates the Crown - Gold and Silver are King! - 8.9.11

On Tuesday, Switzerland abdicated the crown as the safe haven currency and pegged itself to the Euro - 1.2 Swiss Francs to the Euro. This left a void. Who would step in as the safe haven currency? Everyone thought it would be gold and silver. Last night as we slept the Central Bank sold of about a billion dollars in gold to force the price of gold down. This caused the dollar to rise and sent money running to the stock market. This is blatant manipulation of the precious metals market because the Central Bank does not want the middle class having any safe harbor. They want them tied to the fiat paper currencies now and forever.

Anonymous said...

Nazi Rasmussen: resistance is futile
September 8, 2011

“Gaddafi and the remains of his machine must realise that there is nothing to be gained from more fighting.”

In other words “all resistance will be crushed”. What do we learn from this “bravado” from Nazi Rasmussen. Firstly, there is still resistance and NATO plan to continue there illegal and bloody activities in Libya. So all the claims of the pundits, the obligatory “Gaddafi is finished’ stuff is so much nonsense. As Libyan traitor Mahmoud Jibril put it ”The battle of liberation is not finished.”. This is cheeky but true in a sense complete opposed to that which Jibril is trying to give. Far from being futile resistance is both necessary and possible. Necessary, because NATO have put power into hands of criminal gangs who have shown themselves only capable of killing. Who would surrender to them if there was any other option? Possible, because these same groups are incapable of uniting and governing Libya and their rule can only destroy Libya, NATO’s preferred outcome: therefore the overwhelming majority of Libyans have a strong motive to resist. Even the removal 0f Gaddafi from the scene cannot change this logic. Militarily the TNC is completely dependent on NATO and even then can only expect to control limited areas of the country. NATO will be obliged to escalate because Libya is too big to bomb every square inch and they will need more boots on the ground. Soon we will see NATO bogged down in another hopeless and criminal little war. As the Western economies implode the time will come soon enough when the people in West realize that this madness has to be stopped and the wars brought to an end.

Please to note as well that now Algeria has formed its own TNC and that the Libyan TNC has issued threats against the legitimate Algerian government. NATO must be stopped and the only ones who can stop them are the forces of Gadhafi, his army and his tribes.

Anonymous said...

Canada surprises with job losses in August: Canada's economy unexpectedly lost jobs in August, overshadowing other signs the economy was making a comeback after a bleak second quarter and keeping central bank rate hikes off the table. (9.9.11)

Anonymous said...

Egyptians on the march again (9.9.11)

- Egyptians demolish Israel embassy wall at protest: Egyptian activists demolished a wall around the Israeli embassy in Cairo Friday after thousands demonstrated at Tahrir Square to push for a timetable for transition to democracy and an end to military trials for civilians.

- Egyptians protest against military rule: Rally in Cairo to press generals to keep their promises of political reform ends with attack on Israeli embassy wall.

- Run Out Of Town: Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Lands in Israel

September 10, 2011 --Israeli Ambassador to Cairo Yitzhak Levanon, members of the diplomatic staff and their family members have returned to Israel on a special Air Force flight after being evacuated from Cairo under tight security.

Anonymous said...

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow. MSM is preparing us for another engineered event. Be careful everyone, be very, very careful. False Flag in the air.

Anonymous said...

No Government, No Problem - Belgium Celebrates 450 Days Without Government But With Growth

Belgium has not had a government in over 15 months, a record for modern economies. Yet their economy somehow managed to outperform those of the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, and Switzerland in the most recent quarter.

Let's take a closer look at how Belgium managed, folks. Perhaps that's the solution, after all. No more governments required in any country.

Anonymous said...

TOKYO (AP) — Japan's new trade minister resigned Saturday over a remark seen as insensitive to nuclear evacuees, dealing a blow to a government that took office just eight days ago in the hopes it could better tackle the daunting tsunami recovery. "A series of my remarks caused serious distrust among the poeple, especially the people of Fukushima," Yoshio Hachiro said at a late-night news conference. "I seriously reflected on my remarks, and I made the decision to step down."(10.9.11)

Anonymous said...

FLASH NEWS: Dow crashing! Greece defaulting NOW?! September 9, 2011

Is Greece going to default right now — THIS weekend?!The Greek finance ministry has given its officials instructions to deny, deny, deny!But Bloomberg reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is making contingency plans for possible 50% wipeout losses that could sink German banks if Greece defaults — even as soon as the next 72 hours.Whether it happens now or later is uncertain. But no matter when, the repercussions will undoubtedly be devastating — a global credit freeze that could dwarf the Lehman Brothers disaster of 2008.

That’s why the Dow, the Nasdaq and the S&P crashed yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Markets tumble after ECB's Jurgen Stark resigns
World stock markets tumbled after the shock resignation of Jurgen Stark, a key member of the European Central Bank (ECB), provided an unwelcome backdrop to the crucial G7 meeting in Marseilles. (10.9.11)

The FTSE 100 closed down 2.35pc, the Dax in Frankfurt fell 4.04pc, and the CAC in Paris was down 3.6pc following the news that Mr Stark, the top German official at the ECB, was leaving due to "personal reasons".

Sources said his departure reflected a deep rift at the heart of the ECB, with Mr Stark opposed to the bank's policy of buying eurozone bonds to support highly indebted countries like Italy and Spain. Mr Stark was considered to be a hawk at the bank, favouring looser monetary policy including higher interest rates.

The news came amid clear divisions in the G7 ahead of the two-day meeting, which began on Friday. Before arriving in Marseilles, Chancellor George Osborne was adamant that he would not waver from his austerity plan. "Britain will stick to the deficit plan we've set out," he said.

However, Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, said that policymakers in advanced economies should use all available tools to boost growth as the world economy entered a "dangerous new phase".

Speaking alongside the Chancellor at Chatham House, she said that while Britain's £110bn deficit reduction plan was "appropriate", policymakers should be "nimble."

Mr Stark's departure underlined the challenges facing the G7 finance ministers as they attempt to find a unified approach to dealing with a stalling global recovery, with some backing a policy shift to avert a double-dip recession.

Anonymous said...

- Israel faces serious crisis with Egypt as diplomats flee
Attack on embassy in Cairo is latest storm to engulf Jewish state as relations with Turkey also deteriorate. Turkey-Egypt talks stoke Israeli fears.

- President Obama warns of more attacks and says citizens should remain vigilant in 9/11 anniversary message. US prepares for the 9/11 anniversary Lockdown as NYC prepares to mark fateful day. Blair knew 9/11 'changed everything' Dick Cheney defends use of torture. Twitter hackers spread Ground Zero attack scare.

- Gaddafi's diehard secret police dig in
Fierce resistance from fighters loyal to the Leader have stopped rebels in their tracks near Bani Walid.


Anonymous said...

Let me update you on what is happening in Libya today, September 11, 2001.

Well, for one thing, IMF has recongised the TNC as the "legitimate government of Libya", more power to its corrupt head Christine Lagarde.

On the ground, as even MSM acknowledges, the "rebels" were given a sound hiding in Bani Walid today. One thinks some 1.000 rebels were killed. The majority of Libyan towns, and not just Syrte, Bani Walid and Sebha, are in the hands of the loyalists. As for Khamis Kadhafi, returned to life for the fifth time now, he is leading many of the troops.

NATO, then, seems to have taken to bombing the petrol-rich regions, now claiming the Libyan leader is being protected by the Tuaregs. Soon to be seven months already and NATO still hasn't got its own way yet. One thing is clear: Muammar Kadhafi has turned out to be NATO's worst nightmare

Anonymous said...

French Banks Poised for Moody’s Downgrade
September 11, 2011

BNP Paribas (BNP) SA, Societe Generale SA and Credit Agricole SA (ACA), France’s largest banks by market value, may have their credit ratings cut by Moody’s Investors Service as soon as this week because of their Greek holdings, two people with knowledge of the matter said.

Moody’s placed the three banks’ ratings on review in June to examine “the potential for inconsistency between the impact of a possible Greek default or restructuring and current rating levels,” the rating company said at the time. Cuts are likely as the review period concludes, said the people, who declined to be identified because the matter is confidential.

Group of Seven finance chiefs vowed on Sept. 9 to support banks and buoy slowing economic growth as Europe’s debt crisis roiled financial markets and threatened a global recession. Renewed fears that European policy makers are failing to prevent a Greek default and contain their debt woes prompted investors to sell stocks and push the euro to a six-month low against the dollar. European bank and sovereign credit risk reached all-time highs as 10-year Treasury and German bund yields fell to record lows on demand for a haven.

(No wonder, NATO has gone insane in Libya and has taken to genociding the population without compunction, including through the use of mustard gas.)

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Germany in Hot Water over EU Bailouts (12.9.11)

Juergen Stark's premature departure from the European Central Bank because of his opposition to its controversial bond-buying program was described by German policymakers and editorial writers as a "wake-up call" for Germany.

It comes roughly seven months after Axel Weber, another monetary hawk in the post-war German tradition, abruptly resigned his post as head of the Bundesbank and withdrew his candidacy for the top post at the ECB.

The resignation of Stark, a loyal, dedicated central banker who had kept his doubts about ECB policies to himself, tells a very different story, and has unleashed a wave of anxiety across Germany about the direction of 12-year-old single currency bloc.

Taken together, the departures are seen by many as indications of a southern European takeover of the ECB's policy-setting council, a worry sharpened by the looming presidency of Italian Mario Draghi, who takes Trichet's place in November.

Former Bundesbanker Edgar Meister called at the weekend for changes to the ECB's one-country, one-vote rule, saying it was "unbelievable" that a country such as Germany that was shouldering the biggest burden in the crisis could be overruled by central bankers from smaller countries that have already been rescued or are at risk of a bailout.

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Well, well, what do you know? That Arab Spring has come and gone. Now it's time for the Revolution. Specially in light of what is now happening in Egypt. For instance, the emergency laws declared by the army, curtailing any freedom of press and banning labour strikes. Add to which the following threat:

Egypt threatens to use live rounds in protest crackdown. Interim military regime says it will fire on demonstrators to protect buildings.

and we've come full circle.

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'Eurozone will unquestionably split'
Wed Sep 14, 2011

Max Keiser, a prominent financial journalist, says in an exclusive interview that the eurozone is definitely going to split due to the financial crisis in Europe, Press TV reports.

“The eurozone is going to split, there's no question about that. It's just a matter of how it will split, whether there'll be a Southern Euro or a Northern Euro, whether Germany will split itself off or remain in the Euro,” Keiser, an American analyst based in Paris, told Press TV reporter on Tuesday.

He added that the only powerful member of the eurozone is right now Germany and it is planning to turn into the sole superpower in the European continent.

“Spain looks very weak. Italy looks very, very weak. And Portugal is weak. Ireland is weak. France itself is weak. This is a game that is being orchestrated, to a large degree, by Germany because they stand to result as a big winner in all of this,” he said.

The analyst also mentioned that Greece is certainly headed for a default and there are rumors in Paris that Société Générale -- a large European Bank and a major Financial Services company -- and BNP Paribas -- France's largest bank -- are going to be nationalized “to deal with their exposure to the Greek debt.”

In the foreseeable future, “all balance sheets and administration of the eurozone will be administered by Germany,” which, Keiser said, is a great step ahead toward the federation of the eurozone.

He predicted that Germany will be competing with Asia's superpower China after it succeeds in becoming the sole power in Europe's economy.

Anonymous said...

French banks downgraded as Europe's debt crisis deepens - Moody's cuts Société Générale and Credit Agricole's credit ratings, blaming worsening conditions in Greece. The results are:

• Bank shares fall, as Bank of France governor rules out nationalisation
• Crucial talks between Germany, France and Greece due later
• EC president calls for "Un nouveau moment fédérateur"

Also, Max Keiser, clever bloke though he is, may have got that last bit wrong above: No economic competition ever possible again between Germany and China, I'd say.

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Well, here we go again. Floods again in Pakistan's Sindh region and for Japan, this:

Strong earthquake hits northeast Japan, no tsunami - 14.9.11

A magnitude-6.2 earthquake struck off Japan's battered northeastern coast Thursday, but there was no risk of a tsunami and there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

Japan's Meteorological Agency said the quake was centered off the coast of Ibaraki, about 140 miles (220 kilometers) east of Tokyo, at a depth of 6 miles (10 kilometers). The agency said there was no danger of a tsunami from the quake.

Is there never going to be any end to the natural woes of Japan, Somalia and Pakistan?

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Bits and pieces from the state of the European economy - 14.9.11

Vote on austerity plan sparks clash in Italy: Demonstrators, some armed with smoke bombs, clashed with police in Rome near Parliament on Wednesday night as Italian lawmakers prepared to cast a final vote on a package of new taxes and spending cuts designed to fend off a financial crisis threatening much of Europe.

Greeks Vow to Rebel Against New 'Monster Tax': The Greek government's new real estate tax, a desperate bid to meet its budget goals and secure fresh foreign aid, will hit the population hard. Greeks have almost their entire wealth invested in property -- and are more worried about the tax than about the prospect of a national insolvency or leaving the euro.

UK unemployment increases to 2.51m: According to the official figures published on Wednesday, the rate of unemployment in Britain has faced its largest increase in nearly two years.

UK Unions Plot a Winter of Discontent: Unions Ballot More Than a Million Workers for Biggest General Strike Since 1926

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A New "Facebook uprising" to begin in Algeria this Saturday? - 15.9.11

Facebook page calling for a Day of Anger in Algeria on September 17th, Algerian Government reacts with some very interesting points.....

"The Algerian Minister of Interior and Local Government, Dahou Ould Kablia said that foreign parties are involved in order to cause unrest in Algeria September 17. The survey conducted by security services, confirmed a general reluctance on these malicious calls from foreign parties whose purpose is to destabilize the country.

In a statement to Ennahar, Ould Kablia said that the authorities, who surveyed the streets of Algeria, through social networking sites, like Facebook, have concluded that there was no impact of these nuisance calls on the Algerians. On the contrary, many people, especially youth, organize to combat these ideas by calling for wisdom and mobilization in order to bar the way to any attempt to destabilize the country.
According to the Minister of Interior, “the appeals find no echo and there will be no demonstrations or disturbances at that precise date.”

Responding to a question as to the results of the survey which was conducted by the security services, to reach the authors of this appeal, Ould Kablia said that they were foreign parties, given the date chosen which coincides with the Camp David and also with the events of Sabra and Shatila. It is, in his view, a Zionist plan against Algeria. “If it was the work of people inside the country, we would have unmasked and arrested them, but the clues point us to foreign parties in relation to the Zionist entity.”

Anonymous said...

Israeli Embassy Evacuated in Jordan, ahead of Anti-Zionist "Million Man March" - 15.9.11

Israel closed its embassy in Amman, Jordan, Thursday morning and brought the staff home a day early in anticipation of mass demonstrations organized on Facebook under the banner, "No Zionist embassy on Jordanian territory."

(Well here we go again, false flag or genuine for once?)

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Protesters return to Tahrir Square - 16.0.11

Egyptians rally against military rulers' reactivation of Mubarak-era emergency laws after clashes at Israeli embassy in Cairo.

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China to 'liquidate' US Treasuries, not dollars

The debt markets have been warned.

A key rate setter-for China's central bank let slip – or was it a slip? – that Beijing aims to run down its portfolio of US debt as soon as safely possible.

"The incremental parts of our of our foreign reserve holdings should be invested in physical assets," said Li Daokui at the World Economic Forum in the very rainy city of Dalian – former Port Arthur from Russian colonial days.

"We would like to buy stakes in Boeing, Intel, and Apple, and maybe we should invest in these types of companies in a proactive way."

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On September 23, the Palestinians will probably be making their bid for statehood at the UN General Assembly. If they do, the two questions remaining to be asked would be: Will the outcome be favourable and if yes, will it really help to solve the Palestinian "problem"?

Well, we'll soon find out which way the wind blows.

Anonymous said...

Belize and El Salvador, two of the latest countries to have agreed to vote for Palestinian statehood have promptly been put on the list of places serving as transit points for drug dealers! Go figure.

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Bahrainis hold massive anti-govt. rally

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Bahrain to condemn the killing of another peaceful anti-government protester by the Saudi-backed Bahraini regime forces, Press TV reports.

The protesters voiced their anger at the regime's killing of Seyyed Saleh Al-Hallai, who died on Friday after suffering tear gas inhalation one day earlier during a massive anti-government demonstration.

Anonymous said...

29 years after the Massacre at Sabra Shatila…
let us remember it once more - 17.9.11

Israel supplied bulldozers, paid for my American taxpayers, to their allies, the right wing Christian militia that committed the slaughter with Israeli facilitation.On Saturday morning, September 18, 1982 Israeli Mossad agents inside the camp actually were observeddriving three of the bulldozers in a frantic attempt to assist the Christian militia in covering up evidence of the crime.

But Sabra and Chatila, who will ever forget? Not the Palestinians, not you, not me and nor our children and their children after them.

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Americans protest on 'US Day of Rage'
Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:15PM GMT

Hundreds of people across the United States protested against corporatism in the country on Saturday, which has been dubbed the "Day of Rage," Press TV reports.

Activists said the protests were held in New York, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. The gatherings are inspired by the Tahrir Square protests in Egypt during the Arab Spring, when former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak was toppled in the February revolution.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV's US Desk on Saturday, freelance American writer Anna Lekas Miller said the US Day of Rage "could be a day where we see a paradigm shift or at least a major uprising and consciousness raising in New York City and across the United States."

The demonstration "is inspired by a lot of the protests from the Arab Spring," Miller added.

She also noted that "there's so much corporate influence over politics, our politics that are really no longer for the people, although we're technically a democracy, it's very difficult to accept."

"If you look at history and you look at recent history, ancient history, even the middle road, this is what creates revolution and this is what causes everything," she said.

The US is grappling with a harsh economic uncertainty and high unemployment rate.

The jobless rates in 20 states were above the national rate of 9.1 percent last month, according to the US Labor Department.

On Friday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned that there would be riots in the US streets if the Washington would not resolve the unemployment issue in the country.

Anonymous said...

For New York, at the moment, the figures we've been given so far are in the range of some 50.000 protestors.

BTW: There was also a bailout protest in Belgium yesterday, complete with water cannons and baton-wielding riot police.

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