Jewish Communism and Neo-Conservativism

The Jewish Communists

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A topic and facts rarely discussed in the Jewish-Zionists dominated media and academia Western society.

It’s incredible how the descendants of Bolshevism and Communism became the vanguard and proselytizers of Neo-Conservativism. Not only was Neo-Conservativism’s ideological father and scion Leo Strauss a Bolshevik-Marxist but he was also an ardent Zionists to boot.




James Wolfe said...

Madoff's boy decided to do the honourable thing.

Bernard Madoff son 'found hanged in New York'

One of convicted US fraudster Bernard Madoff's sons has been found dead in New York in an apparent suicide, media reports say.

Mark Madoff, 46, was found hanged in his Manhattan apartment on the second anniversary of his father's arrest.

Mark Madoff and his brother Andrew were both being investigated in the case but have not been charged.

Bernard Madoff admitted last year defrauding thousands of investors through a $65bn (£41bn) Ponzi scheme.

The scheme pays out using new investors' money rather than from any profits.

Bernard Madoff, 72, is serving a 150-year prison term.

James Wolfe said...

Jordan probe as football stampede and clash injures 250

An investigation has been launched in Jordan after violence at a football match left 250 people injured.

Police said some fans were hit by stones as they tried to leave the Qawasmeh stadium in the capital, Amman, sparking a stampede that caused a metal rail to collapse.

The match was between fierce rivals al-Wehdat and al-Feisali.

Supporters of the latter mainly come from Bedouin clans, while the former is backed by Palestinian refugees.

Most of those hurt were injured when the metal fence separating them from the playing field collapsed.

Anonymous said...

James, I loved the Jordan story. See, fierce though the rivalry between Bedouins and Palestinians, at least no deaths resulted. Football, by all accounts, is a serious matter. Never to be taken lightly. As witness the lamentations of the Brits, that the World Cup was awarded to Russia (2014) and then Qatar of all places (2022) rather than to themselves. Insatiable greed after getting to host the Olympics in 2012. BTW: South Africa has still to recuperate any substantial part of the monex they invested for their own World Cup Venture. Germany said the same thing after they had hosted the games, stolen from S.Africa. So perhaps it's a pity that Britain didn't get it after all. Still, there'll be enough losses after the Olympics to the hosts food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, mistake above. 2014, the Football World Cup will be held in Brazil. Russia gets it in 2018.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, they did get around quite a bit, didn't they, the Chosen, the Elect? Watching them soemwhat in action in the first video, one realised where the Israeli killer instinct actually came from. All those stories about the poor, peace-loving Jews in their ghettoes were probably mostly mythical. A pity, Stalin failed to put them all away in Birobidjan, their natural homeland. The world would have been a better and safer place today.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the J Soviet "Communists" became the West Neocons. There is one thing I'll say for the Js. They are excellent actors and good musicians, that is to say they have a good ear for music, but they are not necessarily creative. Just as they do not figure among the best world writers.

So as actors, passing from one ideology to another is no big deal for them, I suppose. Where they excel beyond all others, however, is usury, blackmail and PR. They are not good politicians and, in spite of the first video, I somehow doubt they make specially good soldiers. The distinction of the best fighters belongs wholly and solely to the Afghan Resistance, I imagine.

BTW: I hope all of you here have read their blueprint for world power: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the possession of which carried the death penalty in the Soviet Union.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with a bit of time, try this video as well: I liked Bernard Shaw's comment best.

Anonymous said...

Market alarm as US fails to control biggest debt in history - 11.12.10

US Treasuries last week suffered their biggest two-day sell-off since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. The borrowing costs of the government of the world’s largest economy have now risen by a quarter over the past four weeks.

Such a sharp rise in US benchmark market interest rates matters a lot – and it matters way beyond America. The US government is now servicing $13.8 trillion (£8.7 trilion) in declared liabilities – making it, by a long way, the world’s largest debtor. Around $414bn of US taxpayers’ money went on sovereign interest payments last year – around 4.5 times the budget of America’s Department of Education.

Debt service costs have reached such astronomical levels even though, over the past year and more, yields have been kept historically and artificially low by “quantitative easing (QE)” – in other words, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s virtual printing press. Now borrowing costs are 28pc higher than a month ago, with the 10-year Treasury yield reaching 3.33pc last week, an already eye-watering debt service burden can only go up.

Few on this side of the Atlantic should feel smug. The eurozone’s ongoing sovereign debt debacle has pushed up Germany’s borrowing costs by 27pc over the last month – to 3.03pc. The market has judged that if Europe’s Teutonic powerhouse wants the single currency to survive, it will ultimately need to raise wads of cash to absorb the mess caused by other member states’ fiscal incontinence.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Mark Madoff's untimely death, suicide or apparent suicide. But if one lives dangerously, an unexpected end is not surprising.

James gave him the epitaph he deserved: He did the honourable thing. It will go a long way to mitigating some of the crimes that were committed.

Anonymous said...

The Latest False Flag - 13.12.10

Friends, here goes. Unlikely place, but so be it: Stockholm, yes Stockholm, where it is claimed a man blew himself on one of the main streets in a "terrorist" attempt. Two shoppers were slightly injured.

About the man in question, we seem to know this. Just before he blew himself up, he said something in Arabic. Witnesses passing by at the time said so. First question: How the hell should a Swede know Arabic from another language? The best they could have come out with was: a foreign language. But no: Most definitely Arabic.

Then the news started coming in loud and fast. The man in question is apparently an Iraqi and a graduate from some UK university. Good. We next hear, someone in Sweden's armed forces phones a friend to tell him to stay away from that particular street yesterday. How did he know? And finally, RT released a video where we see a man lying on the ground quickly covered over with a blanket by a policeman. Was that man even dead?

So the Mossad hand? Sweden has seen many anti Israel demos recently following the flotilla massacre. An attempt to win back the hearts of the Swedes? Hope the whole damn thing backfires as never before.

Anonymous said...

FINANCE - 13.12.10 (Telegraph Online)

- Low rates fail to rescue indebted Britain

Bank of England warns over I£1.45 trillion of UK household debt.

- The eurozone is in bad need of an undertaker

Why all plausible solutions to the debt crisis have been ruled out.

Euro has 'one in five chance' of collapse

- House prices slide 3pc in past four weeks

Rightmove warns the near £7,000 drop will get worse next year.

Anonymous said...

Swedish Military Had Prior Knowledge Of Suicide Blast by Paul Joseph Watson - December 13, 2010

The Swedish military had prior knowledge of the suicide blast which hit a busy shopping street in central Stockholm on Saturday, suggesting the attack was allowed to go ahead in order to bolster the flagging global war on terror.

“A Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) employee warned an acquaintance to stay clear of an area in central Stockholm on Saturday where, several hours later, two explosions went off in what is being called a terrorist attack,” reports The Local, an English-language Swedish newspaper.

The TT news agency obtained a copy of a text message sent to the military staffer. “If you can, avoid Drottninggatan today. A lot can happen there…just so you know,” it read.

Armed Forces spokesperson Jonas Svensson initially said he was unaware of the message but would be checking into its origins. Swedish military sources later acknowledged the authenticity of the message and said they were “preparing how the issue will be dealt with”.

Intelligence analysis professor Wilhelm Agrell said that Swedish authorities may have known in advance of the suicide bombing, but military spokesperson Erik Lagersten denied any prior knowledge in a statement.

“The Swedish Armed Forces did not know ahead of time about the plans or the circumstances surrounding the events which have taken place. If that had been the case, (Swedish security service) Säpo, which is the responsible agency in these types of cases, would have been informed immediately,” he said.

Middle East-born Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly has been blamed for the bombing. Al-Abdaly was killed as he tried to set off the car bomb and two others were injured. Repots say that he was also wearing a bomb belt, though the cause of a second explosion 300 meters away from the car are murky given the fact that Al-Abdaly died in the initial blast.

Al-Abdaly’s motivation for the attack has already been identified as his grievance against occupying troops in Afghanistan, making the story readily exploitable for propaganda to bolster the global war on terror.

Fresh food that lasts from eFoods Direct (Ad)

The attack is very similar in nature to that attempted by so-called “Times Square bomber” Faisal Shahzad, who was a member of the CIA-controlled Jaish-e-Muhammad terrorist organization. Shahzad was directed by Al-Qaeda terror mastermind Anwar Al-Awlaki, the man who helped plot the aborted Christmas Day bombing, the Fort Hood shooting, and who also preached to the alleged September 11 hijackers.

As we have documented, Al-Awlaki is the CIA’s foremost patsy handler, having dined at the Pentagon just months after 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Australian Banking system may not make it to Christmas - 10.12.10
The troubles that have hit Australia's banking system in recent weeks reflect the deepening crisis in the global banking system, especially the eurozone, which prompted Lyndon LaRouche to warn on 8th December that the banks may not make it to Christmas.

The National Australia Bank's so-called "technical glitches", which threw Australia's financial payments system into disarray, coincided with revelations that NAB, along with Westpac, joined the rush of panicked banks in 2008 that borrowed desperately-needed emergency funds from the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Problems for Australia coincided with the shockwaves in European bond markets set off by the Irish crisis—Australia's banks were estimated back in May to have a $56 billion exposure to the eurozone, and NAB was until recently directly involved in two Irish banks and also had a sizeable exposure to the steadily collapsing Italian government bonds. (To top it off, NAB's exposure to the toxic derivatives bubble skyrocketed in the last year to $3.476 trillion, up $457 billion in just the last year!—by far the most exposure of any Australian bank.)

Anonymous said...

More US Foreclosures Expected in 2011

The number of foreclosures is expected to increase in 2011 as more troubled mortgages work their way through the pipeline.

Next year will be a peak year for foreclosures. The US market is expected to tally about 1.2 million bank repossessions in 2010, up from 900,000 in 2009. Foreclosure Figures will top both of those numbers in 2011."

How those mad USans can possibly use the words "economy recovery", looking at projected numbers like this, boggles the imagination. But then who can expect sane behaviour from the genetically?

Anonymous said...

Please to add the word "deformed" after genetically above. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Over the past 24 hours or so (14.12.10):

- Richard Holbrooke dead.

- S Korea's army chief dismissed.

- Iran's FM fired.

Now if similar changes could occur elsewhere as well, the world might temporarily turn into a better place.

Anonymous said...

North Korea threatens South with nuclear war

North Korea warned today that US-South Korean co-operation could bring nuclear war to the region.

The warning came as the South began artillery drills amid lingering tension nearly three weeks after the North's deadly shelling of a South Korean island.

The South's naval live-fire drills are due to run until Friday at 27 sites.

Anonymous said...

US Economic Woes: 14.12.10

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington, D.C.-based think-tank, at least 46 states face huge budget shortfalls for 2011, on top of the deficits they still haven't completely figured out for 2010.

The center reports that the total state budget shortfall could reach $160 billion.

And although many states got federal help over the past year, that aid is now gone.

So what are these desperate governments trying to do?

You probably won't believe their proposals...
* SELL EVERYTHING: The state of Arizona, for example, announced earlier this year that it is selling $735 million worth of government-owned buildings, but will still occupy them by paying a 20-year lease. The government is selling the legislative buildings, the House and Senate, the State Capitol Executive Tower, the state fairgrounds, even prisons.

* RELEASE PRISONERS: In California, the state has taken the radical step of opening its prison doors and releasing thousands of inmates. About 11% of the state budget ($8 billion) goes to the penal system (more than they spend on higher education).

So California is slashing the number of inmates by 6,500 next year. In other words, they are cutting loose about 4% of the prison population.

Incredibly, other states, including New York, may soon do the same thing.

* LIFE INSURANCE: In Georgia, the government is proposing taking out "dead peasant" policies on state employees. When these folks die, the money won't go to the dead person's family... but to the state coffers, to help pay for more programs, insurance, and pension liabilities!
It's simply incredible, isn't it?

State and municipal governments are so broke, and so desperate, that they are taking unprecedented steps to at least temporarily avoid bankruptcy. Nearly every state in the union is talking about legalizing some form of gambling, to boost tax revenue. California still wants to legalize marijuana, even though it was defeated in the recent election.

Of course, none of these ridiculous steps will work on the long run.

And the truly amazing thing is that the U.S. Federal government is in even worse shape than the local governments! The only reason we haven't seen the full brunt of this crisis yet on the federal level is because we've just continued to pile on more and more debt.

The states can't print money... but the Federal government can (at least for now). And for the moment, this is all that is preventing a currency collapse of unprecedented proportions.
And this is the important point: What most people don't realize is that the U.S. government can only continue printing dollars... as long as the U.S. dollar remains the world's reserve currency.
In other words, this is all going to fall apart much sooner than people think. In fact, it's already happening...

The first steps are already well underway. It is happening right now... before our very eyes.

Anonymous said...

Riots as Berlusconi survives vote

Hooded protesters set up flaming barricades in Rome after motion against PM failed by three votes.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. The latest bid by Talmudist Zionists to regain control over Russia.

Day of judgment for Putin rival (15.12.10)

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who has been in jail since 2003, has emerged as an unlikely figurehead for opposition in Russia.

First Kasparov and now Khodorkovsky. Putin, be on your guard.

Anonymous said...

Day's Prolapse News (15.12.10)

- US will lose its AAA rating within the next two years, think many fund managers as its debts are downgraded by various agencies.

- And in the Eurozone, look who's new on the list: Yes, Belgium (Holland to follow?), teethering on the brink with debts equalling 100 per cent of GDP. Listen to the IMF's words of "wisdom":

The IMF said Belgium does not have the luxury of cutting its budget deficit slowly, tightening to 4pc of GDP this year instead of 4.7pc to send a "strong signal" to markets.

Belgium has an oversized banking system with assets equal to 340pc of GDP and big state guarantees. Belgian banks, led by Dexia and KBC, have $54bn of exposure to Ireland alone, according to the Bank for International Settlements.

Belgium has a current account surplus and large private savings. However, the IMF said suffered a big erosion of labour competitiveness against Germany since 2000, and now faces a major aging shock.

Please to remember all: the whole of the west is broke beyond repair. The only thing they now know how to do is to make war.

Anonymous said...

Anti-austerity riots erupt amid Greece strike

ATHENS, Greece — Protesters clashed with riot police across Athens on Wednesday, torching cars, hurling gasoline bombs and sending Christmas shoppers fleeing in panic during a general strike against the government's latest austerity measures.

Anonymous said...

Whether it be the Jewish Left of the Jew Right, ultimately, all these Jewish groups serve one thing: Jewish supremacy and power.

Like their allies the Anglo-Americans, the Jews will try to control BOTH sides of an issue, and ALL sides of the political spectrum.

That way they can never lose.

This is how Jewish Imperialism works.

Anonymous said...

The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements

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