Wikileaks exposes Zionist Treachery No profanity, epithets or threatening language allowed in comments! You will be blocked! -- This video concerns some of the Wikileaks documents and specifically refers to references to the Zionist State. It shows how Mossad Chief Dagan is trying to effect regime change by increasing ethnic identities of minorities in Iran. That is the Zionist divide and conquer strategy in a nutshell and it has already in place in America as a means of Zionist divide and conquer politics and influence.


anarchore said...

David Duke is there to lead the chickens with the chicken feed, but bats for the official lie about 9/11!

Warmongering Zionist LIberals suck and so do warmongering Zionist Conservatives... you aren't fooling anyone with your shifty tactics... why don't you Jews realize that the Zionists are your enemies too, they aren't even acting in your interests, or Israhell's interests for that matter, but are controlled from higher above the political chain -something the stupid 'antisemites' like Daffy Duke share in common with you Zio-rabble is your abysmal(willful?) ignorance of geo-political reality.

Anonymous said...

One small correction:

Divide and rule is Roman, destabilize and rule is David.

@anachore - You sound very interesting, blogger. How about you giving us a better insight into your knowledge of geo-political reality. We promise you a very fair hearing, indeed. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

James W., your final comment to the last video was very much to the point. They have the hardware (though not the human qualities to match), a fading currency and then a set of the most vicious slogans available: terrorist”, “anti-American”, “islamo-fascist”, “communist”, “liberal”, “socialist”. I'd add "anti-semite" to that, though why the Jews should need to turn the whole concept of racialism to one special word for themselves no one will ever understand.

Sloganeering, more often than not, is what passes for thought in the West. Perhaps we deserve no better.

Anonymous said...

Demonizing Iran was one of the aims of the latest WikiLeaks nonsense, says Duke. And he's not wrong there. The point is, however, if Israel does strike Iran, does it think Iran will not strike back? Iran is not Gaza, nor even Lebanon. So, from where we stand, we believe they'll try and push US to attack Iran, if anything. And that will put paid to relative peace in the world.

I can well imagine, the Korea wars might break out simultaneously. Whatever, I wonder who could be even higher up above the political chain as the first blogger put it. Whether he's right, whether we are, the end result will be the same: time out for the Zio-West.

Anonymous said...

China Blocks UN Action Against North Korea, AFP Reports - November 30, 2010

Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) — China is blocking attempts by the UN Security Council to condemn North Korea over its attack on the South and its nuclear activities, Agence France-Presse reported today, citing unnamed diplomats.

“It is unacceptable to ‘condemn’ or even ‘express concern’ over North Korea,” the agency quoted a diplomat as saying.

Security Council contacts on North Korea since its artillery attack on November 22 were not held yesterday, the report said

anarchore said...

Hi Anonymous! The comment above I left at David Dukes Youtube page in response to a Zio...

I see the Zionists as the Vanguard for the New World Order, and they are for sure a deleterious force in the world.

But.. they are not the inception of the New World Order.

But wouldn't it be convenient for the powers that are above the Zionists, to frighten us into totalitarian fascist forms of government, as Natanael Kapner is now openly calling for.

We'd think we were free from the Zionists, but in reality the orchestrators of Israel(the Zionits had help right?) would be sitting back safely having a laugh at how stupid we are, as they continue to oppress us.

Anonymous said...

anarchore, thanks. That was good and fast. That the "Zionits" as you so rightly term them are being manipulated by a higher body is a fascinating idea. Are you perhaps referring to NWO bankers here? They are the only other organised entity I can see at work presently. When you speak of the "orchestrators of Israel", you can't mean the West in general and the US in particular, can you? Or does the NWO lot also include China, Russia, etc.?

Anyway, it^s fascinating how you seem to have turned on its head everything we held for a given so far. The more you tell us, the more we wish to hear.

Anonymous said...

Prolapse continues...

Portugal's borrowing costs jump - 1.12.10

Buyers at auction of government debt demand much higher rate of return – 5.3% from 4.8% two weeks ago.

ECB head calms down markets by claiming they'll step in and buy more bonds, we are told. Seems to me this isn't going to do the trick either. But then what do I know? I'm just an ignorant blogger waiting for poiuytr to return and make sense of all this mess.

anarchore said...

Check this out my friend, the Balfour declaration is written to "Dear Rothschild"

Anonymous said...

Thank you, anarchore, you're a star. Shall get back to you after reading the links.

Anonymous said...

I have problems with D. Duke myself, a flawed hero at best. On the one hand, we can't but applaud his anti-war stance, on the other, we must shrink away from him when he defends 9/11 against all logic and evidence.

Similarly, we wholly side with him when he exposes Jewish-Zionist plots and plans, but we can hardly be on his side when he speaks in the voice of a White Supremacist.

Does anyone else have the credibility problems with D.D. I'm facing?

Anonymous said...

Finance Telegraph Online - 2.12.1010

- UK banks borrowed $1trillion from US Fed

British lenders received more than a third of US financial crisis funding.

- Spain turns to privatisation

Spain and Ireland to auction off state businesss in bid to calm markets.

Anonymous said...

One of Dr Duke's best known videos. What I missed it in was any clear reference to the Z Agents. These are even more numerous than the Zionists themselves.

Anonymous said...


I had a look at the links you provided. Now correct me if I'm wrong: On the one hand, we have Balfour, i.e. Britain, on the other, Rotschild, i.e. Bankers, Jewish and non. I gather from that the NWO is the work of these two groups?

Your first link gave us a lot of other interesting possibilities: The Catholic Zionist Church, the Jesuit Illuminati, Bilderberg didn't come into the equation, The Rotschild Family, Britain, the Khazars and then a whole host of Jewish seers telling us how the future of the Jews will be.

Well, all this is to complex for us on this blog. We simplified matters considerably by refusing to "scapegoat" the Jews specially. We called our enemy the West in which everyone is included and we believe they are on their way out simply for economic reasons. The Terminal Economic Prolapse of the West could well be the subtitle of this blog.

And to conceal nothing from you, our thinking here is based on the fact that economy is simply the monopoly game. So long as US held the reserve currency monopoly, all was more or less well with the west. Now that is a thing of the past, downfall is ineluctable.

anarchore said...

Oh Anonymous, you are an author of this blog?

"The West", now that is a good idea because the Zionists aren't all Jews and of course those above the Zionists are steering the course of the West. Bilderberg seems to be where they recruit, all Canada's recent Prime Ministers where Bilderberg attendees.

I have read this blog/website since about a year ago, and I really loved the barbed comments about the West, love the Nation by Nation format, and of course love the criticism of Zio-North Canada.

Check out this fantastic video:

Anonymous said...

anarchore, hi. Great video. And yes we do know that Harper behaves as though without him to defend it, Israel would disappear off the world map in a jiffy. But at least Canada has slightly more freedom of speech left it than anything to be found in US.

No, Dear, I'm not an author of this blog in the strict sense of the term. Just it's first and oldest blogger. And therefore I know much of its thinking inside out and agree with it, too. We did have a visionary as blogmaster, after all.
Who could disagree with him, when all's said and done?

We have another Canadian blogger here occasionally. He'll love your video link, I guarantee.

anarchore, take care and keep giving us the benefit of your views whenever you can. Thanks. Your arrival here however it came about was a lifesaver.

Anonymous said...

Turkish official: Israel initiated massive leak

Further deterioration in ties: The Israeli government initiated the massive WikiLeaks disclosure this week in the aims of pushing Turkey into a corner, a senior official in Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan charged Wednesday.

"We should look at the countries that are satisfied by the leak, and Israel is very satisfied," said Huseyin Celik, the deputy chairman of Turkey's ruling party.

(Given that there was absolutely zero criticism of Israel represented in these leaks, and everything seemed to fit the agenda Israel's government is backing, one can see how DC Celik might have come to this conclusion.)

Anonymous said...

Please to note there is more than one currency war. Even if US bailouts have included huge sums paid out to the bigger European banks like Deutche Bank and Crédit suisse, that is only one side of the matter.

The other is the EU Stability Pact. US has now said it would be willing to assist there as well through the IMF. At this point it gets interesting. The more the euro goes down, the higher the dollar goes. So that puts paid to any chances the euro might have had to become the new reserve currency of the world. Both US and ally Europe a playing a game to the outcome of which they are for some reason blind.

Anonymous said...

US job woe

Unemployment rate unexpectedly rises, hitting recovery hopes.

Anonymous said...

Brazil just recognized the Palestinian State pre-1967 borders !!!


President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Friday (3 Dec) to the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, that Brazil recognizes the existence of a Palestinian state, with the borders of June 4, 1967, before the War of Six Days between Arab and Israeli.

O reconhecimento, segundo o Ministério de Relações Exteriores, foi feito em uma carta pessoal de Lula a Abbas, enviada nesta quarta (1º). The recognition, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was made in a personal letter from Lula to Abbas, sent on Wednesday (1st Dec).

Anonymous said...

Maybe, former Ku Klux Klan supremo David Duke is just a bit wrong about Wikileaks:

Everything you wanted to know about Wikileaks but didn't know to ask

WikiLeaks 'struck a deal with Israel' over diplomatic cables leaks

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